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My Biggest Complaint About Webkinz

Quick primer for the non-parents: A Webkinz is a stuffed animal for kids that has a code that unlocks a web world for the stuffed animal online where kids supposedly learn to take care of their virtual pet.

My biggest complaint about Webkinz? It’s passed off as an online educational experience for my kid but it’s teaching them everything I don’t want them to know about being online.

So far, in two weeks of Webkinz, my kids have learned how to do the following:

  • Purchase things like clothes for virtual pets online and check out in with a web shopping cart
  • How to get more money or Webkinz cash to be able to purchase more things for the virtual pet online and use the shopping cart some more
  • What a 10 minute per day time limit feels like

Webkinz has helped me find my favorite feature on my iPhone - the timer. I set the timer, walk away and when the iPhone goes off, the kids know it’s time to close up shop.

I say “close up shop” because that’s all Webkinz is - a shop. In all seriousness, my daughter spent the last five minutes trying to decide if it was a good deal or not to sell an aqua gem for 48 Webkinz cash thingys to this gem dealing dog guy that tries to swindle the kids out of gems they find while playing games.

Oh yeah, the games. That’s the other thing it teaches kids - how to play games online. It doesn’t teach them anything within the game, only that the point of the game is to get more Webkinz cash. My son (4 years old) actually said, “I don’t have much money left, I need to go play some more games so I can get some money.”

He’s right. That’s the shame of it.

Contrast if you will Webkinz and the mindless online shopping cart experience with something like GCompris, the free educational software suite bundle with Ubuntu. Things my kids learned using GCompris:

  • How to pick out the shape of French Guiana
  • How to place French Guiana and every other country in South America in the proper place on a map
  • How to spell French Guiana and the capitol of French of Guiana
  • How to do simple math like Papillion when he was stuck in a penal colony off the coast of French Guiana

Thank you GCompris, and thank you Webkinz. For what? For helping decide early what the kids are not getting for Christmas - more Webkinz.

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  1. what a stupid idea to not let the lil kinz pet of the month not get credit .i just think that hurts boys and girls feelings.

  2. i can not load the loading page it says it is done although it still says loading with a zero HELP!!!!!

  3. […] I say “close up shop” because that’s all Webkinz is - a shop. In all seriousness, my daughter spent the last five minutes trying to decide if it was a good deal or not to sell an aqua gem for 48 Webkinz cash thingys to this gem dealing …Find out more about this great item here […]

  4. Well web kinz is what is is and I thimk it okay, If you have your child go ont quizzy’s cornor, they answer questions about math, spelling ect.
    I still think the mining game is STUPID! my little kid is getting persuaded to sell his personal items all for that stupid little dog.
    he tried to sell my notebook laptop at our last garage sale for 25$

  5. Hi, I was just surfing the net (Haven’t used that phrase in years, haha) and I have to applaud your blog. I agree that Webkinz is a terrible idea that has swept children off of their feet. Sure it can be interesting to kids, but it does not teach them about anything but to get more. I can say that my cousins have about 25 webkinz and I only know of 4 cousins who have them. It’s sad because once they get one webkinz they want more. When I was their age I remember I would get money for making the honor roll. I’d get $20 for first honors and $10 for second honors. I’d usually save the money but these kids just take and take.

    Anyway I think that your decision is admirable. My cousins’ parents keep buying their kids the webkinz when they task. At least you’ve noticed that webkinz isn’t a good idea.

  6. My biggest complaint is that since they upgraded their site before Thanksgiving my daughter can’t get on the Web site at all. We’ve checked all the things they indicate in their help pages to check and have checked with our provider (we didn’t have trouble before they upgraded). She can adopt new pets, but can’t get on to play at all. She isn’t getting anymore Webkinz.

  7. The idiots want give my daughters pet of the month it’s benefits and they don’t have any support questions that cover it. No number to call or anything. The month is half over and when she has the pet online and tries to reep benefits it says you have to adopt the pet. Well we did. That’s why it looks like a xxxxxxxxxxx. I wish I could report them or ask for money back. I’m ticked off.

  8. MY biggest complaint about Webkinz is whenever I try to adopt a Webkinz it keeps saying the security letters are wrong then it says I may try again tomorrow but it won’t let me try again the next day! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr >:(

  9. At school me and my friends love to play on webkinz but this a complaint because we were wondering if the webkinz didn’t exspiers because it’s awaste and I wanted one and I got it then my friends told me that they expier.

    from all 29 kids in Mrs.Merry’s class

  10. Webkinz is fun and educational. It teaches kids how to take care of an animal and not spend all your money on fun things but on food and healthy things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There are problems with the webkinz website and the company appears to be refusing to contact me back, per my request. This company apparently takes the money and run. I would strongly advise against purchasing this product for your children as they will only receive extreme disappointment in the end over it, and the company doesn’t care considering it isn’t their kids crying. Their not the ones who have to look into my kids faces and explain concepts of a deceitful company that ultimately in the end only teaches how to rip off the consumer.

  12. I got a Chihuahua Webkinz and when I tried to put it on, the servers didn’t work and it closed. I tried it again but the username was already used. So I used another username and I put in the secret code. But, it said that the secret code was already being used. I kept trying, but it wouldn’t work.

  13. Rachel

    The webkinz website is a pain to navigate. They don’t make the information easy for parents to find. I ended up going to http://www.ganz.com to find the phone number to contact them and personally gripe to them. What I found out is that if a code doesn’t work due to whatever reason, you have to take it back to the store you bought it from. They refuse to issue a new code due to “re-gifting” is the word they used.

    They don’t respond to e-mail, and you have to call the company more than once before you get a response. Overall, I have no respect for this company due to their lack of response. I would have to say customer support is spotty at best.

    Funny thing is I even told them I was going to warn everyone I could about thier company and they could have cared less.

    You may want to go to your favorite search engine and do a search for ‘free virtual online pets’. There seems to be alot of them out there, and I intend to try them next for my other children, instead of watching them get disappointed like my son did.

    I wish you the best of luck in dealing with this company. The webkinz I bought my son for his birthday this year, will be the last ganz product I EVER purchase as a result of my conversation with this company.

    A much wiser Mom now.

  14. Very funny to find others having the same problems!! Dear old santa gave my girls broke Webkinz for Xmas. Seem they might have pulled an AOL on us all selling more products than they were ready for. Not only was I burned once but looks like I fell for it again after trying to explain to my kids why their first pet didnt work. I bought them replacement and now I am getting the good old codes already in use. This is where the world is heading, companies giving two shiets about the customer and all out to get your money and run, sounds like to me with all the mony they are making of their broke arss crap a band of parrent should get together and sue thier asses off!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!


  16. Ok so my son gets a webkinz and he signs it up. That part worked he goes to log in and it will not let him in. And when he he did get in he could not go to his room.


  18. My daughter has been on Webkinz since it came out, she has 34 of them. I have to say that at times it gets frustrating but she knows that when something goes wrong when she is on it, to get out and go back in. when you adopt them and you get kicked off, what you have to do is wait and when you can get back on site, you will find your new oet is there, that has happened to us a few times. As for the pet of the month, it depends if it is a Lil Kinz, or Webkinz, they alternate them, so if you have a LilKinz Pet, and the same pet is pet of the Month but the big one, that does not count and it explains it all. It will show you what is the pet of the month for the next month. I think Webkinz has taught my daughter alot, she likes to earn Kinz Cash, but she sure does not like to spend i, she knows when to feed it, take care of it, change it etc. She is better at the games then me. This happens all the time around the Holidays, with the system, just be patient and that is what i have taught my child, and she understands, so she will use another toy she got at Christmas, as she did not only get Webkinz. She likes Webkins, but it is not her life. I SUGGEST THAT WHEN WEBKINZ IS UP, THAT ALL PARENTS READ EVERYTHING ON THE SITE, AND THE WEBKINZ GUIDE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE AND NAVIGATE THE WEB SITE. I know well enough that the parents are more upset then the children when the site does not work, as i’m in the category as well.

  19. Because the Webkinz site is down… again… my 8 year old son and I decided to poke around the net and see who else is frustrated. We only go on the site a few times a week, never more than an hour and we actually play on the site together. But for the last week (vacation week of course), the site has been “unavailable” every single time we’ve tried to log in. And of course, Santa brought us a new Reindeer Webkinz (very cute on his own anyway) and the frustration level here is getting quite high.

    Just venting. Thanks!

  20. I HATE WEBKINZ SO MUCH…because they are always shuting dowm to make webkinz a beeter place ya right


  22. I don’t like the fact that there is no customer service, and if you have a problem all of the advice on the website points to the customer being at fault. They assume that it is our computer causing the problem or that we gave out our code or password to someone else. The messages we get on the site are generic “we logged you out. try again later” over and over but I don’t know why or when or anything–all the troubleshooting “answers” point to it being a problem on our end, and no we did not give our code to someone else and no it is not our computer–we’ve tried it on both computers and my other kids’ webkinz work fine. We also tried to reset, and wouldn’t you know it says the account info doesn’t match their records, but we are able to log in (for a minute or two) and haven’t seen our “room” at all. It’s just a giant circle of crap. And no I am not going to pay more money for a replacement bunch of crap. If they are going to make money on overselling, then they need to be accountable and responsible to their customers. It is frustrating for parents and upsetting for the kids.

  23. I purchased two macbooks for my kids for xmas…in addition to several webkinz they received from Santa…the browser, safari, does not seem to work. My Sony uses firefox…and we can intermittently access this account. Very frustrated here…try to contact someone…Good Luck!

  24. Wonder if anyone is considering a class action lawsuit against GANZ.

    I would like to be included in that.

  25. I was reading online last night that Ganz has issued a bulletin regarding the trouble with new accounts getting stuck and not working properly. Apparently it will be fixed soon. They said a few days but I don’t think it will be that soon. They will be issuing extra kinzcash and an extra month for those having trouble accessing their rooms etc. So we’ll see what happens! I hope they get it fixed soon.

  26. Kinzchat plus (at the clubhouse) has been closed since last summer. Last summer they said it would be open the fall of 2007. And it is still is closed. This buisness is cheap, lying and non-cutomer caring.

  27. Please bombard Ganz support email at:


    I spoke to someone who gave me that address…because Ganz so rudely took it off their webkinz homepage, a sure sign they are in deep doodoo. This is unexcusable for them to not even communicate in some form what is wrong..and when it could be fixed.

  28. Same problems here as everyone else. Our main problem though is even though we registered under EST, one of our account times in Webkinz World is off by 14 hours, so my son is unable to use the daily activities since he started Webkinz. Other accounts are fine- but Ganz refuses to help. I keep getting their canned answers which points back to their website which of course has NO support at all. I’m not an idiot, and I know how to read, yet Ganz treats me like I am a 6 year old looking for help. I doubt I’ll be buying any more Webkinz. I’ll try to get my kids away from it so when they expire in a year they won’t care so much. This is the support form for Webkinz if anyone wants it. http://customerservice.webkinz.com/cs/csg.php
    Good luck to everyone. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and there will be a class action suit so we can at the very least get our money back.

  29. all you people are just a bunch of idiots, if you have problems you go to support@webkinz.com, sure there have been some problems but if you send them a problem they fix it, I have always gotten a response from them, and for not teaching your child anything, about the value of money, there are also educational games on there math Booger gets an A is new and quite challenging, you have to go to the right place to get your issues fixed and be PATIENT they will fix it if its something you did, if you read the newspaper they were having problems with codes, I got mine resolved. My Daughter LOVES it and I will continue to buy them, actually I make her save her money for the one she wants. You have to be smarter than the web site.

  30. First of all, no-I am not an idiot, and unlike Vanessa I do NOT think most here are idiots, however; it’s not hard to be smarter than their website. Support@webkinz.com is the address that the URL will send the message to. It goes to the same place. Secondly, when I sent Ganz an email directly, they didn’t give me the email address for support (even though I already knew it and the URL) they sent the URL again, which they know I already knew. Lastly, what I didn’t state before is that I am an IT Manager and my husband a Network Engineer. It’s our professional opinion that the constant problems on their site is a sure sign of poor network management, planning, staff issues, as well as, uh, “budgeting problems” (basically being cheap).

    Webkinz has potential to be a number one site. I can’t say it’s as educational as Scholastic Graph Club Software, but that cost me a lot of money, not $12 per kid per year, and hey-they get a stuffed animal, right? Obviously everyone here purchased one or more Webkinz, (we have 8 total) with high hopes that it would be wonderful. Webkinz is not a new product, and Ganz knew the holidays would impact their site- but remained unprepared, and continue to operate at sub-standard for a product of this magnitude. This company is privately held, which I’m sure is another one of their problems. There is nobody to please but their own. If there is ever an IPO for this company, you can count me out. I am still hoping for a class action suit honestly. Other companies have jumped on the band wagon so I foresee a problem for Ganz in the future if they don’t get their act together.

    We still have no real help from Ganz/Webkinz, and the time is still off, and it’s been a month now since I started seeking help. Unacceptable. I’d like some of the magic that Vanessa seems to experience in regard to receiving assistance. Could it be that her “issues” are just part of their many common ones so it’s easy for them to answer?

    Ganz/Webkinz has done what we would call DROPPING THE BALL.

  31. No they are not common problems I adopted aan animal and the code was no good, if you take it back to where you bought it your right they wont give you a new one, I wrote to the support, they in turn e-mailed me back asked for more info, and told me they would contact me in two to three days and guess what my phone rang and they fixed the code and I know have the webkinz on line, I perrsonally think the support is fine, maybe your not sending the right info, also try going to the section on the website that says “my question is not listed” that works too., and for being in the IT business you should know everything is not PERFECT in the real world

  32. I take offense to you name calling users on this thread “idiots”.

    It’s not hard to say or understand “The Webkinz time isn’t appearing correctly therefore the daily and hourly activities are not work properly”. Like I said, it’s been a month and they have not given me any help other than the constant loop of sending me back to the website, which does not address this issue. Of course I tried the “our question isn’t listed here”… that was the first thing we did.

    Things may not be perfect in IT, but this is really a paid service that they are not giving much effort in regard to support of. People have had the problem that you experienced and it was corrected. Your problem of the code not working is what we would call a “known bug” that has a “fix”. I also have a problem of not being able to rename our rooms; we get an error each time. That exists on every account we have. Just another problem that they have not addressed for us, but that has only been going on for a week or so, not a month yet. Also, one account can get into the tournament area no problem, one account says the tournament area is closed. That has also been going on for only a few weeks. Still waiting for assistance on that too. I won’t be holding my breath for a phone call. Yesterday part of the “code” (programming code, not secret code) was showing on the daily activities area, another sign they don’t know exactly what they are doing. It actually made me laugh when my daughter showed me. Hopefully you’ll never experience a quirk because it will not be addressed.

    You have been duped by them. The bottom line is that Ganz is quick to help if there is an easy fix. If the problem involves people not being able to get into their account, especially if it is the initial sign-up, the retailers would be taking the hit. Without the retailer orders, the profitability of Webkinz would be over. There is a retailer here that now sells them for “buy 4 get one free”. When I asked why they have this promo they told me because their sales have dropped so much since all the problems with the website appeared. What we are reading here is just the tip of the iceberg.

    If Ganz ever has an IPO, go for it. Good luck, I wouldn’t put too much of your retirement money into that stock though.

    While your responses are a fun read, I am removing myself from this thread at this time. No replies will be viewed or responded to.

  33. I have bought 2 Webkinz in the past month because my grandchildren have them. I have had trouble twice and it is frustrating for me I can only imagine how a child would feel. People say they are only toys but when you can’t feed them,dress them, buy them things and play with them it’s upsetting. You become attached to them and when my grandchildren come over we have fun with them. I guess I’m hoping things change with the website because I enjoy the time with my grandchildren.

  34. webkinz is a good and educational place. if you go to to quizzies corner you can answer educational questions for your age group. even my mom has a webkinz.if you dont have one then get one and play it and then reread this whole page and see if its stupid.

  35. Our two girls got ripkinz for christmas. One had fun and no problems for about a day. Then her room wouldn’t load the next day. She can still go play games on the site. But the thought of her horse dying from lack of attention is killing her. The other one went thru the setup process clicked lets play and the screen went white. X’ed it out, tried to log back on, it said her password wasn’t right, tried to change the password it didn’t recognize the user. I e-mailed ripkinz, 13 days later they e-mailed back saing yes our information corresponded with the secret code and everything with the account was fine. Still doesn’t work. I wish i’d seen this site earlier ..

  36. “RipKinz” That’s great! LOL

    It’s such a shame, there was real potential with this product.

  37. i tried to put in the names to my new webkinz i got for xmas a reindeer and a yellow lab.their names are goldielocks and rudolph.when i tried to name their room “goldie locks room”and “rudolphs room” it says i used a bad word!!!!! what am i supossed to do?!?! i cant chage their names and now there rooms are 903751783 and 640274837 ???!!!!!!!!!! what the heck!!!!!!!!! i hate webkinz !@#$%^&

  38. They over sold the product and now the Tournament Center doesn’t work…
    They should offer refunds to all the parents who purchase them this holiday season and can’t use the tournament games!!

    The Chinese love doing this to us Americans…

  39. I had the same problem with the tournament area but I found a way in so read on. I thought they closed it becuase I played (as an adult) for my kids and I thought my scores might be too high. I found a “back-door” to the tournament area though. I go into the Code Shop (NOT the W Shop) and toward the bottom is an advertisement for the trading card game. If you click on that link, it will take you into the tournament area. There are obviously a LOT of problems with Webkinz World…

  40. Forgot to mention that Ganz is a privately held Canadian Company, they are only made in China. I don’t believe the company is Asian.

  41. webkinz are fun but big RIPOFFS ONLINE.huge RIPOFFS.

  42. webkinz are fun but they will rip you off.my friend and i love webkinz.but i have lost all of my exclusive items,meaning i lost items i will never get back again.i am so mad.i suggest you careful if you have a webkinz to watch out with what you do with your rare items because it is rare for you to get it back.

    a much smarter person now

  43. Thanks for sharing

  44. reading all these posts makes me sad. My son got his first Webkinz last month. We now have 14. We really did not have any problems with the site except for getting kicked off which was not a big deal we would just log back in. When he was at school I would play the games and win him money. We would play online together and had a lot of fun. Until my son kicked me off and was going to change his password. I bought two for myself and created an account of my own.

    I got the Cow and the duck. I adopted them last night. I cannot decorate there rooms. My duck is very sad and there is nothing I can do. This makes me very mad because I am a stay at home mom and we live very tight for week to week but we have spent money on these stupid animals and now they don’t work! I am going to contact the news companies today so we can make it know this company from Canada is not living up to there end of the bargain. I spent all my babysitting money this week on Webkinz and the stuff that goes with them and I am very mad about this!

  45. Ok so I figured out the problem with the rooms! If you use Mozilla Firefox this causes problems on many sites. Try using Internet Explorer. I was a poweseller on Ebay for many years and when they did there upgrades I was not able to list my items when using Firefox.

  46. I would also like to add that there is a game on Webkinz that teaches your children, MY CHILDREN, that eating PILLS is good and eating BROCCOLI is bad!



  47. I have to disagree. I think the fact that it is teaching them to weigh the pros and cons of blowing money is great! When my daughter first started playing she blew all her webkinz money on junk. Then she couldn’t decorate her rooms, feed her pets etc. While my son was gardening and building more rooms- she was stuck.

    She then learned that she had to “work” for the money. And the fastest way to make money is the quiz section (educational..). So now she has figured out that things cost money and she has to work to replace that money. I have seen this cross over out of the cyber world into the real world. She is becoming more practical in what she wants to purchase and really looks for the value in her purchases.

    BUT- Ganz has about the worst customer support this side of eBay and 50% of the time there are technical issues. On a funny note- webkinz has taught my kids that they are not a good value. The other day- each had $15 to spend. They wanted webkinz but chose computer games instead because they decided that webkinz were a waste of money since they can never get on the site.

  48. Cheri- your comments are 100% right on. Webkinz can be educational, and they do teach kids to spend money wisely. Their customer support is horrendous. We have been unable to rename our rooms, and they just keep telling us to use words from the dictionary when we try to get support. The time keeps changing on another account, and this is just a few examples of what is wrong. they need to get their act together. My children also no longer want Webkinz because of the constant problems. It’s very disappointing to them.

  49. Well I just got my webkinz the other day and it is working ok. But I am having trouble opening the phone to add my friends. My friend Elley has a webkinz and she has had hers a long time and has no problems yet. So i am not having any problems except for the phone

  50. Just like for most everyone else, this has been a huge disappointment in our family. I originally bought one for my five year old daughter, but once my twin 12 year old sons saw her playing on the website they HAD to have one of their own. Well, when the website is working properly…they all love it. When it isn’t (which is most of the time) they become extremely frustrated. What could be a very entertaining website for kids of all ages has turned out to be such a disappointment because of the HORRIBLE customer service and the never-ending problems with the website.

  51. it wont let me play. it is to hard to get started

  52. Is anyone else having trouble with their meters? My daughter has 2 webkinz and both have been at 100% for about 2 weeks. She is frustrated that she can’t feed them. I did email but have not gotten a response.

  53. Someone sounds insane! Webkinz is highly educational and teahces children to save up money, instead of blowing it on items they don’t need. The site works terrific, and very rarely is slow moving. It is safe, and much more fun than all of the other cheap websites like clubpenguin, neopets, and definately ty 2.0 (which is a big rip off) You don’t realize how imature you sound. You also sound very unintelligent, calling webkinz a shop??? What! It’s a worth while game. I honestly feel terrible for your children, you sound like the mother from hell! No offense but i’ve never heard of something so imature! Oh! and thanks for telling everyone on the internet that you have an iphone! We all care! I’m glad you care more about that than you do about your child having fun, and learning. Honestly, what’s your iq it couldn’t possibly be above 100!

  54. Our meters have all been at 100% for a while now too. My kids are happy though, becuase they’ve been able to buy items for their rooms, rather than food, with their kinzcash. I’m sure Ganz knows all about it, they have so many problems they don’t know what to do first. My kids lost out on the Valentines day “gift” because their time is off. Still waiting for a reply on that one and Valentine’s Day was how many days ago?

  55. Thanks Sue! At least I’m not alone and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Now I know too why we lost out on our Valentine’s gift as well.

  56. Since 2 weeks ago it has become very disapointing because since they did all the upgrades and crap We cant get on the site. It is very frustrating spending the money and for the kids. It seemed like it was a good thing now its crazy. If they are not going to get it fixed then pull them off. Cause why spend money for something you cant get.
    Its a rip off. Fix it. We did every thing we was instructed to do. How crediable is a Company that you can not contact or have any contact with to tell them that we are having problems that they can get feed back to fix it. Need to think ahead next time. This was unexpected I guess that they would be so popular.

  57. Ok , now that i have read all the comments and heard a few different sides of the story, it all basically boils down to this, Webkinz had a hard time at christmas, servers went down and it was a bad scene. We have had webkinz for over a year now and have 100 between us. We know that there will be down time for upgrades and tech issues… but christmas timed sucked, my kids were sad but it wasnt that bad, it logged us out a few times and we couldnt adopt. Since then, my son had a backyard go missing with items in it, my daughter had items missing from her dock, We emailed customer support and eventually all problems were fixed, all items were back and everyone is happy. Webkinz is huge, way bigger than you may think, imagine how many people sign in everyday and how many webkinz are adopted everyday!! there are bound to be problems. If your time zone is off , it is because you choose a differnet time zone when you adopted your first pet, open a new account and make sure you pick the right time zone. People actually like having the early time zone cause you can access special stuff the day before it happens in north america. We have 5 accounts between us and its great for kinzposting to the kids, sending special items to them makes them very happy.

    I am suprised to hear all the complaining, webkinz wasnt down for long and the problems were only for a few days at christmas, if you are still having problems im guessing its your computer or your internet service. Webkinz will be around for a long time, so either get use to it or just dont buy them, its that easy, i think the parents here are just mad cause they couldnt have a turn when they wanted to!!

    Another thing, i read about arte the curio shop dog, give the dog a break, he offers you money on gems to sell which is good if you have doubles. It takes 30 gems to get the crown of wonder but you will find about 75-100 before you get it. Sell the doubles. If you tip arte everyday he eventually tells you what and when the rare item of the day is!

    I have blabbed on long enough, we love webkinz, check out our videos at www.youtube.com/lunawater

  58. Lunawater, Just so you know, I have confirmed with Webkinz customer support that there are issues with the time being off, nothing to do with what time zone was entered at sign up. We don’t think it’s great because if you are actually experiencing this you actually never know if the time is going to be correct or not until you log in, hence my children missing their valentine’s day on Webkinz. Another exmaple- you’ll see there is a chance to spin the wheel of cash coming tomorrow, so you log in the next day only to find it’s now the following day and you missed your chance. They also can’t participate in most of the hourly events because the time can be off sometimes by 12 hours, so it’s thinks it’s the middle of the night and chances were all missed. They also miss the chance to say I love my wekinz daily, based on whatever time it decides it is. Surely you can see how this might be frustrating to a 6 and 8 year old.

    Not being able to rename a room ANY name at all is also a known issue per customer support, and if you are experiencing this it’s also very frustrating. My daughter has around 10 rooms but has no idea which one is which on the map because they are all numbers assigned by Webkinz that we can’t change.

    The customer support is one of the worst I have ever expereinced. No fault of the employees though. I’m sure they are flooded with problems and requests, and the company hasn’t provided enough reps to handle the problems. I’m sure the development staff is equally as taxed.

  59. Webkinz is very annoing when you buy something and put it on a table YOU CANT GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I log on every time it says sorry we can not CONNECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only get your webkinz one year on the internet and the days that we miss we should get extra days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  60. A poster complained that all Webkinz “taught” their kids to do was shop and try to make more money to shop some more well that isn’t Webkinz fault its YOUR fault.

    You are the one that allows your child to play online endlessly and YOU are the one that bought the stuffed animal BEFORE you did your research….maybe the kid learned the shopping habits from mommy and not the online GAME….Its a game not real life.

    Show your kid Quizzy’s corner it is a game but it makes learning and brushing up on real educational questions, fun….a game which it is intended to be.

  61. Sorry about the time zone thing, its not my fault ;) but it is true , if you sign up a brand new account, you can pick the asian account and have access to tomorrows webkinz at 10 pm kt here! Kinda cool if your addicted like me and my family!! Well maybe not addicted, obsessed!! We really like webkinz and wouldnt have a problem if the site went down cause we make up our own fun webkinz games with the plush! Ever play with a 100 webkinz? Its fun!! lol. we have our youtube, listen to webkinzwebcast.com but Webkinz insider is the place to get all your webkinz info.

    The naming rooms thing is a huge pain, we really never had a problem for our first 10 pets, but after that you dont get anymore rooms with adoption, so we buy rooms and have to rename them, ya right, out of 20 tries, one word might work, but it usually says not allowed or whatever, i really wish they would fix it, so my kids can namee a room something and be happy about it and not all sad that they cant call it Duckys Room , for example. But i do find if you call the room , room, it should work, and then you can try to add a word to that one!!

    My new headache with webkinz world? Last night we adopted the himalayan cat, and it didnt come with an exclusive, my daughter yet again was a little upset, but i found out last night that 1-866-webkinz and push zero, will bring you to a voice mail, leave a message and they should call you back. I called this morning and have yet to hear back!

    Did i mention we are getting close to 1 million views on our webkinz videos on youtube?

  62. OK I totally hate the customer support from this web site. I get the most stupid responses to my questions and they don’t ever fix the problem. They totally suck.

  63. Cheri what is your problem?

  64. What do you mean? I can’t complain about Webkinz here???????
    I clearly stated my problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for asking though.

  65. No not at all! I was just asking what is wrong. What is the problem on Webkinzs that you need customer support. I was not being rude at all just wanted to know what was wrong.

  66. My complaint is that there customer support is like talking to a brick wall. For instance my daughter 8 and my son both used their cash to buy new web kinz. When we got home she started loading her information. Well she must have misspelled the username and now if won’t let us access the account at all. I then email coustomer support and give them a page of information username what we think it is, password, secret code date of birth etc.. They then sent back an email that says well we can’t just hand out username information who knows whom you really are. We must go back to the store where you bought it and investigate. It’s been a month still nothing. I have written several more emails no help. My son 5 goes on the other day and his password not working. I retype it for him it comes back must be spelled incorrectly. I try 5 times. I then find out how to change the password. Still not working. Well after an hour I email customer support. I give my name all the details. They send me back an email. That says I must be 18 to sent them mail and that I should get a parent to email them. I clearly stated my 5 year old son is having difficulty. I emailed them back and they said they will look into it and they are not sure they will be able to help.

  67. I understand your frustrations! I have similar issues. Why they think every time I email them, clearly stating MY DAUGHTER or MY SON is having difficulty with …. they send back that same email stating I must be over 18, etc. Finding a code in a bag full of them and more than once, is a major pain to get something fixed, IF it EVER gets fixed that is. We still can’t name rooms, the time is different each time we log in, and things come and go from our dock. This has been going on for 6 MONTHS, still waiting for a fix, they say to be patient, but serisouly! 6 MONTHS?? Their support is obvisouly overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the problems going on. They are wasting time having their development staff crate things like the “wish wheel” and new room themes. They need to dedicate tme to correcting the issues at hand before adding new items to create more problems and generate more support calls.

  68. my checkers game is broken and im mad. i cant even place stuff down.
    so please help me get my stuff right.

  69. Gotta love the online gambling aspect of the webkinz games. Each day you get three scrach off tickets and the wishing well thing is just a slot machine for the little ones. Both are under the todays activites tab on things to do. Gotta get at them when their young, those little sponges they have for brains just soak this stuff right up.

  70. Sometimes if you clear your cookies on your computer that helps with some of the problems on Webkinz site. Try that first. Also clear out your history on your computer too! As for the gambling part of it, it is only gambling if you pay money to play. They are loosing nothing if they play so I would have to disagree on that one.

  71. everytime my daughter i on webkinz she say to me that the stuff in the W shop are too much money and i said well save it up and she said that it was hard to save up money to do that

  72. who ever thinks that webkinz is wrong amd bad to teach kids these things you should you to hell it helps kids learn how to take care of an animal and keeping it healthy think its just like rasing a child dipwits

  73. I think webkinz are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! why do u say that????????

  74. The ONLY way things can move in or from your dock is if someone knows your secret code or password.It is not webkinz fault if something does not load. You have to have high speed inernet.If you do try updating your adobe flash player. Also if you have a comment about webkinz go to the newspaper then click on contact us in the bottom right corner. Click on coments and suggestion and type it in.

    -webkinz support.

  75. Our problem is that we can’t log in. All we get is a white screen.. I have followed all of the directions listed in cusomer support; spent an hour and a half on the phone with our local ISP trying to figure out the problem. According to them the problem is with the webkinz site, not us. Our kids are upset because they can’t get on, but all of their friends can (they are not having any problems). The kids were on one night, tried to go back on the next afternoon- not able to log on. Appreciate any help on this.

  76. Kelly,
    To log in when they have this problem, click on customer support at the bottom of the main screen, and then click the log in link on the upper left corner. It always works for me, it seems to be a “back door”, so to speak. They have this problem each time they change the main screens background, for insance this time it’s for Easter.

    Good luck!

  77. webkinz,,,


  78. Tried logging in from the customer support screen. We still get a blank white screen. This problem started on March 8th.

  79. My complaint is that my daughter went to play her webkinz and a it says sorry account expired. Be aware that they are only good for a year. My daughter is sitting hear crying thinking her webkinz died. Not nice, I think once purchased, should be allowed to play forever. But since this company is not going to let that happen. They should at least let you renew the pet, so your children don’t think their pets died!!!

  80. Again Try a different web browser. Sometimes it has to do with the web browser you use. Firefox is one that does not work well with the Webkinz site. I find that internet explorer works the best.

  81. We use Internet Explorer 7

  82. Christina, You can “re-activate” your account, so to speak, by purchasing another webkinz. I know they are not inexpensive, but she will be able to get her pet back, they don’t “die” until the account has unactive for something like 90 days. At least she’ll get her pet back and have another. Maybe get a lil kinz, they are a few dollars less and the kids don’t seem to mind that they are a little smaller.

  83. my little siseer wanted a webkinz acount so i bought her her first webkinz and when i make her acount she goes to tipe in the code for the webkinz and it says sorry this code has ben yoused already and i even tride it can you tell me what to do i spent 17 dollers on it but it was like 2 months ago i got it for her so she never got a webkinz and i lost all my money for a webkinz to be used. tell me what to do

  84. Dear people,
    As some of you said from above, my daughter got a white screen when she tried to get on too. So i spent 3 hours on the computer! I was not working so I called DELL and told them the problem. The problem was our computer not webkinz! Are enternet was down. All her friendswere on webkinz . Don’t blame webkinz even though it shut down now and my daughter is sceaming and crying.

  85. Madeline,
    What can be done to fix it? How did they diagnose the problem?

  86. Madeline,
    We have a Dell, but we have had it for 5+ years, so I am not sure if we are able to contact support anymore without paying for it. I would appreciate any info they gave you about the problem you were having.

  87. spent time with dell chat-reset IE settings. able to log into site now

  88. i like webkinz and i have ten and anyone that thinks they dont teack kids something are rong because you can go to quizzys and answer real life stuff(that are questions)and they make realalistic prices on things in the w shop like theey have an apple for 5 kinzcash and thats how much they are at my grociery so webkinz.com does teach kids stuff and for the record,im ten yrs old

  89. ewww. i went to webkinz.
    i have a counter and a sandwicher that won’t move out of the way.
    i want them to move and i need to sell it .
    but when i click on it, it doesn’t do anything.
    even when i’m on edit.
    GAHHHH!!!!! EFF!!

  90. my only complaint about webkinz is that you have to BUY the stuffies… but in other news, I LOVE IT! I have fell in love with them just like my kids. I do have a couple myself… but on a different account. My favorite part of webkinz is Quizzy’s. My kids tell me what they learned after they finish their 50 questions.

  91. Rants about WebKinz:
    1. High price
    2. Quality - seams come undone
    3. Site down during periods of high usage
    4. Clubhouse capacity is limited
    5. Timers are too fast
    6. Tedium of trying to earn points

    Raves about WebKinz:
    1. Quizzy’s Corner
    2. Teaches kids to take care of their pets, even though virtual

  92. just wondering if everyone is having any problems today

  93. Yes we are too. We always have trouble when they add something or change something whether on the main screen subsequent screens.

  94. The customer support/service is horrible. Every couple of months they ” update” their page and then my daugher cant access it. The problem is if you don’t login on a daily basis you potentially miss out on contests, prizes, and kinzcash. I was having trouble getting on after the Thanksgiving “update” and it took me a couple of days to get answers and a positive result. No cominsation was given to my daughters account for missing out on things. I currently haven’t been able to login for a couple of days and today I’ve sent 5 emails. The first two were to customer service who gave me no help then finally told me to email support who as been sent 3 email with as of yet not received any response on. My daughter is 7 and it’s difficult to explain to her what the issue is. She owns 8 of these annoyances thanks to various family members. Let me tell you after this latest disaster there will be no more entering my home and I don’t know if I will anylonger allow my daughter on this site (that is if it ever will work).

  95. We’re also done with them. No more thank you. I will wean the kids off so in a year when the account is over they just won’t care.

  96. and their doing it to us canadians too!!!!!

  97. webkinz has been down . for ….
    a couple of days.
    when i put in www.webkinz.com
    it goes to
    www.webkinz.com/htlaw… something like that

  98. stupied webkinz the dumb line. my little girl 4 years old went on with her brand new pet of the month and it said that the seceret code wasn’t correct! Also that chat room, so you can tipe things in and my 8 year old leart 4 swaers

  99. I’ve been having problems with the webkinz site for the past few days. A blank screen and an error report everytime my kids have been logging into the site. Webkinz are cute stuffed animals but I am dissappointed in the website. Does anyone have any ideas how to get back onto the site or what is wrong? My kids are very sad that they can not play with their animals.

  100. ever since webkinz came out i wanted one , everybody wanted webkinz.me and my friends got 2 each on march 23 ,08, now i go on webkinz and the webkkinz page is blue but then it turns white !!!!!!!
    I am so obsessed with webkinz but now that i heard so much things

  101. We haven’t been able to log onto Webkinz at all this week yet have been signed on since August without any problems. When we type in webkinz.com it jumps to the following:


    and the screen goes white. The error report states that there is a problem with the web page that might prevent it from displaying properly. We haven’t been doing anything differently so can’t imagine what the problem is.

  102. Wendy,
    That is the same thing that is happening to us. Do you think that they have upgraded their website and now it won’t accept us on? I wish I had an answer my kids are so disappointed.

  103. Try to delete your cookies from your computer. Also if you use an internet browser other then internet explorer sometimes the other browsers don’t work right with the site.

  104. We have not been able to get on site since last Thursday. Blue screen , then turns white. We have not changed anything. Help!!! My daughter has 10 Plus trading cards. This sucks!!!!

  105. Kathy,

    Did you clear out your cookies from your computer?

  106. Webkinz site is awful & I’m not getting the help I need from the company. Someone hacked into my daugthers account and every time she logs in her stuff is sold, changed & even her user name & password are changed. She ends up in tears every time. I am so tired of this. I will not waste anymore money on these when someone else can do this for free. I am very disappointed in the company. And it obviously isn’t safe if it is possible for someone to get in and change your personal information as well.

  107. I love playing to get things for my daughter when she can’t but it does get really frustrating when you can’t get on the site or you are in the middle of something and it freezes up or logs you out. I have not been able to get onto the site since yesterday afternoon. I was on it until about lunch yesterday and went out for a while. When I got home it would not let me log in. I type in my username and password and when I click begin playing it just does not do anything. It just stays on the loggin page. Is anyone else having this problem now? I have done everything I can think of to fix it but nothing has worked.

  108. Glad its not just me, I’ve spent hours trying to fix this but nothing has worked. I read on an older blog to delete your Realplayer and even tried that (yikes). It did not work so I would not recommend trying that. I will NEVER buy another Webkinz again.

  109. I tried to fix this problem too but only get to username and password and then nothing else

  110. I can’t type in stuff like Coco and Gracie’s room.

  111. about the webkinz page not loading. I have tried un-installing flashplayer 9 and re-installing 8. did not work. i have tried un-installing the latest java. did not work. i was thinkin’ about real player, but from the above post maybe i will not try that one. anyone got any ideas?

  112. today when i went to the webkinz statium, there was an errer mesage that kept saying sorry can’t connect to webkinz world, but when i finally was able to get to the place where i could enter my pet, the webkinz website would not let me enter my pet and i have been waiting to enter my pet in the statium for 4 weeks. 4/13/08
    from, hannah myers

  113. i went on webkinz.com and i clicked log in but it is not logging in:(
    what do i do?

  114. Fix webkinz home page. In order to make the page stop flashing from blue to white; you must click on tools in internet explorer, then internet options, then security tab, then click on the green check mark “trusted sites”, then click the sites button, then uncheck the require server verification for all sites, then type www.webkinz.com to the add line and click the add button. Then close and apply changes. Close internet explorer window and reopen. Now webkinz will work.

    “We haven’t been able to log onto Webkinz at all this week yet have been signed on since August without any problems. When we type in webkinz.com it jumps to the following:


    and the screen goes white. The error report states that there is a problem with the web page that might prevent it from displaying properly. We haven’t been doing anything differently so can’t imagine what the problem is.”

  115. For those of you who click the log in and it does not work, you may have a virus. I could not get on webkinz for a while. I would sign in and click the begin playing and it would not go anywhere. Everything else on my computer was fine. The only thing it seemed to affect was webkinz. I don’t know if the virus had anything to do with webkinz or not but my husband went into our hard drive and did a virus scan. It was doppler something for the virus name. So look on your virus scans for something that says doppler in it. He deleted the virus and webkinz has worked like a charm for me ever since. Hope this helps some of you…

  116. Thank you joey for posting your solution to the Internet Explorer error that caused Webkinz to load a blank white page. It works!

  117. I won Bingoz on the 2 and 3 ball games. It keeps telling me come back tomorrow for a new card. This has been over a month now and it still tells me the same thing. There’s no place to check. Webkinz does not have an answer on their answer board. How do I find out about what to do in order to play BINGOZ again?

  118. If you click on the bingoz logo at the top of the page it will pop up a box that will let you know what is going on with bingoz. It is broken right now and Ganz says they are working on it and have it fixed in a couple of weeks. That is why you are having problems with it. If you want more info on it there is always helpful info on www.elubin.com and www. webkinzinsider.com. Hope this helps!

  119. sorry, the link to the second one is here…


  120. I don’t think that webkinz should revolve around money, but doesn’t live as we know it revolve around money? Don’t you want to prepare your kids for what the world has come to? I don’t think it should be all about money, just take a little ( or a lot) of money out of the website and it should be alright! Right? Right!

  121. I love webkinz! You people are idiots its fun and educational! My friends have them and so do i. I am not addicted and as to you parents with the children that are addicted, STOP buying them! All ypou have to do is say the two letters NO! Webkinz is so fun and for those that cant log on, its because you need to uninstall real player of your computer! I

  122. Ok. Calling people here idiots is just uncalled for JENNY. No one here are idiots. You will feel the same way when you can’t log in and have fun on your webkinz account. Not all problems are with real player. Mine sure was not! Don’t go around calling people idiots and acting childish until you have been in the other person’s shoes and know for sure what you are talking about. Didn’t your mama ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. We are all here for help and support to fix webkinz problems and to vent our concerns about the technical difficulties. If you don’t have a problem with webkinz or any help to offer then this is not the place for you!!

  123. Gee Ms or Mr. “You don’t know my name” Maybe you should play on Webkinz a little more and soak up some of that educational benefit! Because it hasn’t taught you diddley. How dare you come and attack others, calling them idiots when you can’t spell, use proper punctuation or capitalization? (oh wait- were those too big of words for you? Punctuation is the periods, commas etc at the end of sentences- capitalization is when you make the first letter big when it is a proper name or at the beginning of the sentence.. any other questions?)

    Why don’t you go play little one? The grown-ups are trying to talk.

  124. Kayla.

    Very well put. However I can’t be a nice as you have been concerning the sheer stupidity displayed by others.

    Webkinz doesn’t work the way it was supposed/advertised to. People are attempting to find solutions, not listen to immature garbage from someone who has no clue what they are talking about. Frankly, if all the name calling pitiful excuses for a life form would shut thier mouthes and open their eyes and ears they might actually learn something. However that is too close to doing the right thing, so I seriously doubt if that would ever happen.

    It really isn’t that hard to use your brain. Simplistic directions………shut your mouth, think it thru, then shut your mouth again, and think it thru again. If you wouldn’t want someone to say the foul trash to you, then don’t say it to someone else. Eventually you will run your mouth to the wrong person, who will retailiate in a nasty way. Sadly, you can’t do a blasted thing legally to anyone until they have broken the law. By then you will either be in the hospital, the grave, or severe financial trouble. You end up losing no matter how much you win in the end after court, if you are that lucky. Time to get a clue and grow up.

    Now I wonder how many evil twisted little monsters will come crawling out of the woodworks just to be foul because they can’t handle the truth?

    Truth………Webkinz advertized a product and didn’t deliver what was promised. Simple solution, seek legal counsel for services not rendered, and file a class action lawsuit. Watch it drag out for years, and maybe you will get lucky enough to recoup a couple bucks. In the meantime Webkinz aka Ganz continues to rip off unsuspecting parents from money they were going to spend one direction or another on thier kids anyway. Now there is the real education.

  125. The fix for the Webkinz white screen log in was done by Tony not Joey!

  126. Hm. I’m not so sure what you are talking about.
    I got a webkinz 2 days ago, a hippo to be exact.
    I’m 10 years old and I’ve been having tons of fun.
    Go to Quizzy’s Corner. Ok your comment about
    the shop.. Well listen up in all online games you
    have money and/or points”score”,gold. Whatever.
    So yeah there will obviously be some moments
    where you have to decide what’s the better deal,
    and not to spend all your money on junk. Also,
    not every part of a website has to be about learning
    things. This makes me very irritated that you
    think games have to be educational. Besides
    if you bother look at some of the games before
    insulting it, you’ll see “letter lunch” “booger gets
    an a” and so. Letter lunch teaches typing, and
    booger gets an a teaches math. So yes, it IS
    in fact educational. You need to learn how to
    stop centering everything around the downs
    of a website and focuse on the ups. Seriously.

    Webkinz fans add me:

  127. Ok. This whole thing is for the “Adults” here. We are trying to figure out how to fix webkinz log in’s for those of us who have kids who can’t get into their webkinz accounts to play. It is great that those of you like Elizabeth are able to play and have fun and yes the site is educational. No one has said otherwise. But there are those of us who at this time can’t enjoy the things you are because we are having issues getting in to play. The kids here need to just go play and have fun and let the adults discuss ways to help one another out and be done with it! Simple as that. No more need for the stupid posts about us downing webkinz. That is all I have to say about that!

  128. it doest only teach that lady. on two games it will teach them how to type.on another game it teaches how to add.on another game it teaches how to match.on another game it teaches problem solving. on another game it teaches how to spell.so if you havent taken a look at webkinz and all it has to offer then maybe you should.because now you can see that webkinz is not just some big old shop its actuall something that will help with real world things.

  129. Try this URL if you’re still having trouble:


    (Found it at Yahoo Answers.)

  130. thats stupid.. so what if its a fun website with games and learning? cant you see that theres games that you learn math, typing, spelling, reading, just look some more.. gosh and its a good thing about the shopping because when they’re older they will understand how to save their money and a smart way to spend it. arite ( the guy with the gems ) is just asking if your child would not want another gem and if you could sell it to him. i sell my gems to him when i get doubles. i have 44 webkinz and im very happy. LEAVE WEBKINZ ALONE! YOU’RE STUPID TO ONLY LET THEM ON FOR 10 MINUTES!!!!

  131. Haven’t been able log into the webkinz account for over 2 months!! I know
    others are having trouble with the website too so I have found the contact
    information including PHONE NUMBER. Please blow it up if you are having
    problems too!!!

    60 Industrial Parkway
    Cheektowaga NY 14227-9903


    One Pearce Rd.
    Woodbridge, Ont.
    L4L 3T2


  132. I’ve played on webkinz for two years and only recently have I noticed the problems. Once I had a santa outfit, and then when it required a code that you had to buy to get it, they took my outfit away! It Also freezes my computer so when I’m playing on it sometimes it just freezes my mac, which makes me have to log out, log back on, and get my safari back onto webkinz!!! Plus, I remember when webkinz used to cost five dollars for a little kinz, and 10 for a big kinz! Now the price has risen 5 more dollars, and have you known that when you renew your account it doesen’t add a year to the time left, it just resets the time to 1 year! Now you have to buy codes for clothes, shops, and cards!!! I haven’t played it for a while now, but I’m amazed about how blind I was about this rip off game! I’ll NEVER play it again!!!

  133. what a buncha whiners n crybabys over a kidz toy

    grow up or get a life

  134. I have always had success with playing on webkinz, however 2 days when I hit the begin playing button it does not allow me to get on. Could someone please offer some suggestions, my daughter enjoys playing on webkinz. thanks

  135. you guys over exsagerate lil kinz r what 10 bucks the bigger ones costm15 so pay that extra 5 bucks and get the pet of the month

  136. There is a differnet concept here that many parents are missing. Webkinz does more than teach shopping. It teaches kids the concept of working. If you do not earn money, you cannot feed your webkinz. You cannot furnish it’s home. If you don’t take care of it in general you have to take it too the doctor. You earn coins by playing games which is an appropiate for the kids that are playing at this site. I think it helps the kids to understand that work earns you money. That they just can’t have anything they want at.

  137. @Ginger, does the game my daughter plays on webkinz where they throw flying chickens at her and then she hits them with a baseball bat over a fence to get points count as work? God, I hope so because I want that chicken batting job so bad.

    I definitely do not want the job where I have to throw cream pies at the scary clowns on webkinz because… well, because clowns are just so freaking scary it’s not worth the kinz cash.

  138. Since webkinz is currently having sooooooooooo many problems I will recomend some websites here they are:

    -www.poptropica.com (free adventure game)

    -www.shiningstars.com (must buy a toy at your local gift shop)

    -http://schools.alcdsb.on.ca/engweblinks/default.aspx (weblinks)

    -www.kerproof.com (make movies, pictures, avatars, ext)

    -www.applejacks.com (an active site)

    Remember you must copy and paste the websites in your toolbar. And there are many other sites so please dont worry about webkinz these are alot more funner!

  139. I am complaining that on webkinz it said that we could play on webkinz at 2:00 pm and we can’t play

  140. does anyone else have problems playing in the tournament area? Everytime i hit find me an opponant it takes a few minutes and then says i timed out waiting for another player. i know you have to have your phone on and mine is on but it turns itself off after it sends me the timed out message. i am so disgusted with this company. they have no problem taking in millions of dollars but they seem to have a huge problem using those millions to hire developers who can keep their site up and running. i won’t be buying anymore and neither will santa but i try to teach my kids the value of a dollar by letting them spend thier money how they like. i just hate seeing them upset when their money is wasted on a product like webkinz

  141. With all due respect, if you actually spent more time researching webkinz you would find that it is, infact, educational. The quickest way to make money is to answer educational questions at Quizzie’s Corner. As for the shopping coment, it doesn’t teach them how to actually buy something online, I like the aspect of shoping becaus eit teaches the kids how to save and earn money. As for the gem hunting, the dog is not stealing anything. He is making a completly fair offer. The comman gems sell for less and the kid can say that they want to keep it and not sell it. Ganz has always answered any questions or complaints I have. The only thing I will say is that they are a money sucker. They recently came out with an eShop were you pay $9 for a virtual bed. In the future pleas do more research before wrongly accusing a perfectly fine site.

  142. why do they have to close down today online? I was going to invite a friend there, and they were doing work on my day. That wasn’t cool because my webkinz are starving. I am scared that they will die and I won’t be able to get back on.

  143. HI everybody,
    I’m like all the rest of you. Webkinz is closing down the Clubhouse for “some days” which makes me think it could be weeks before its back up. I was just starting to like the trade room too. Hioefully their “major improvemts” will be worth the wait and not cause more problems, ir looks to me like they would have all the updates and improvemts already finished and ready for upload to the server and only be down for maybe 1 day,but instead they shut down and then start working on improvemts. Makes no sense to me. just my 2 cents for the day.

  144. Oh my gosh! just let your kids have some fun!!!! everyday kids go to school and learn for 6 to 7 hours and when they get home they go straight to the computer to get on webkinz! DUH! thats what i do! Parents: LET YOUR KIDS HAVE SOME FUN!!!!! If they are enjoying it dont get angry with the fact that they didnt learn anything educational. thats what school is for not some completely mindless game!

    -anna owner of 49

  145. Webkinz is just teaching the kids greed…that’s all it is….greed. We gave the children in my daughters first grade class Webkinz for Christmas. Big mistake. Some kids hate how complicated it is to figure out, and others can’t answer half the questiond for a 6 year old. The site is always having problems. Some of the parents have forbidden the childern to log on, as they keep calling the parents when things don’t work, which is every day. I think Webkinz is operating on a shoestring budget and the string is about to break. Then it will break the hearts of some that have worked so hard to build their houses and furnish them.

  146. You should look into Webkinz more. On the “things to do list” the is a place called Quizzys corner. It is a very educational fun game. You pick your age, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13+, or everyone. The you pick a category, The Arts, Social Studies, Health, Math, Language, and Science. The he asks you questions until you leave quizzys corner and you get 5 points for every question you answer correctly. So before you totally dis a website you should look into it. This really pisses me off.

  147. oh my god! this is really pissing me off!?!? whenever i try to put in a room name it always says ” oops,you used a word thats not allowed” and i didnt! it is really ticking me off,i am sending an e-mail to them but i dont think they will help me after all the terrible things i hear about customer support

  148. Look into nothing….bottom line is points convert into money. All over the entire site is how to earn more money. What pisses me off is the greedy bastsrds that own webking are screwing up the minds of children. And the ass holes have things like “find me an opponant” so they don’t even know how to speak proper English. There are plenty of screw up’s like that so it makes me wonder how they got their computer skills…..from an ad inside a matchbook cover?

  149. Altight webkinz is being crap! It won’t let me go in the club house it will let my sister! I MEAN HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?

    Dear Webkinz Ganz,

    If you don’t let children play in webkinz world.. If you don’t let them in the clubhouse or anything else it’s not fair for them and soon enough you’ll have no more children buying webkinz and adding them to their accounts. So you people better try hard to get the problem fixed it even bugs me.



  150. What a joke….Club House down for weeks, and the first day up it doesn’t work. The Webkinz gang of idiots showing just how dumb they really are once again. Since my daughter first went on Webkinz World, there hasn’t been one day without some problems. You would think they could get one thing right….but NO!

  151. The webkinidiots are at it again….nothing works…..I actually talked to one of their flunkies today….he said we know that we have problems….but we are working hard to resolve them. Same thing it was last year….same problems, same stale answer.

  152. i just got a freakin webkinz and i forgot my password and username but it didnt even remeber me ugh i so want my money back

  153. You people are absolutely ridiculous. Ganz always needs money to keep it going, just like any other company. Webkinz can be educational, but most of you don’t realize that because you won’t even take the time to look through the site for FIVE FREAKING MINUTES! Most of the technical problems were probably caused by something harebrained that YOU DID anyway. What would I expect from people who can’t even type one sentence without making a typo. For goodness’ sake, I’m only twelve and I type better than you do!

    P.S. g. girl– You forgot your username AND your password and you expect webkinz to remember(not remeber, moron) you? How smart…

  154. You little brat. You don’t know the first thing about life yet. Webkinz depends on little pukes like you to fall victim to it’s plan. At your age you have all the answers. I bet you think you are smarter than your parents. Maybe you are. But if you are so smart, and you think webkinz is so perfect, why are you writing on a complaint board?
    BIG DUH!!!!!!!!!

  155. Hi, my child complains about her webkinz names not being accepted in her room name, it said the “Noelle’s room” has a bad name or word in it. It hurt her feelings because she thought she was being bad and thought that they were gonig to abandon her account and wont ever let her on again. I am concerned and want to know more. Is it just something that they have to update?


  156. lol haterz

  157. yeah webkinz sucks! Neopets is waaaay better and its free www.neopets.com

  158. i am a kid but the reson i dont like webkinz is because I AM BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. when I am playing on webkinz every 15 minutes or less the screen turns green then blue and it stops what I am doing and it looks like it is trying to bring me to the club house and if I’m playing a game it stops it and i am getting sick and tired of it and i want it to stop!


    HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  160. The same thing is happening to us, except when my daughter is in her rooms, it will turn blue and kick her out! She is having all kind of problem, to the point she doesn’t even want to play it anymore! half the time it kick her out, example, I was just signed in and I was selling some of her food from her garden and it went to a blue screen and then kicked me out! Webkinz is way to overloaded! They need more servers or there is something wrong with there program writer! What ever one it is I hope they fix it SOON!!!

    I have not found a place to email in complaint but I have found somewhere to email them! if I could find it again I would tell you where it is! I know it is there, I just wrote in 2 days ago! It was not for complaint but it was to webkinz and thats all I cared about! know of course I had to give them her screen name and what not so they know who wrote in and since then it has only gotten worse!

  161. where to email your complaint to webkinz……. webkinzsupport@ganz.com

    here you all go! ENJOY, I know i will be!! lol

  162. My opinion is that Webkins needs to have a beta site where parents can sign up if they wish and try the features before they are offered to the kids. then after a feature is in “beta” for a specified period of time, the parents could vote for or against the incorporation of the feature into the program. This would keep parents involved if they wanted to be and provide the required de-bugging of new features before kids get ahold of them.

    As it is, it is becoming a “good thing gone bad” as more gambling games and addictive activities are incorporated into the site.


  163. I love webkinz. I have grandchildren that are here daily. We play with webkinz daily I have three accounts .Thats about 23 pets.Each grandchild has a account.Theirs is working fine right know.but my three accounts is having trouble with daily activities.Wishing well works but spin the wheel,gem hunt,bingoz says YOU HAD YOUR TURN TODAY! IIt keeps telling me that each day.We haven,t done anything wrong we just play every day on one or all accounts.Please tell me how to fix this!I have tried this on 2 computers and it does,nt work on either. Waiting for your repley.

  164. How late are you doing your daliy activities because the same thing happened to me and I couldn’t do any daily activities. Try to do your Daily Activities in the Morning about after breakfast or so. Then your problem should be fixed

    Reply if it works!

  165. I am having the same problem today, all the daliy’s activties day we have done them already! And the hour activites are all from yesterday but I can still do most of them, except the Wheel of Wow! I just hope it is fixed soon before my daughter grows out of it! She had 26 now and more to come!

  166. this site is for kidz not adults

  167. FOR KIDS?????? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT??!?!?!?!?! Thanks Lexie for the insight, I might have never of known that!

  168. The site works fine for the kids except when they are playing gaes, then it logs them out and any webkinz points they have accumulated go “POUF”. Have uninstalled and reinstalled flash player several times, didn’t help. Also reset all network connections. Is anyone else having problems like this. Might add it does it on all pc’s on our net work…..5 laptops and 2 desktops…including 1 Mac but other webistes they are on work fine and do not log them out. Could this be a server problems on their end.

  169. Fannie….I do believe that is the problem! I think their do have too many people trying to play so their servers are being overloaded!

    Our current problems: My daughter has been getting kicked out a lot after school; so I have started logging in while at work and I am able to finish her 2 room garden but I still get kicked out often enough to get frustrating. Also we where unable to get into her garden (I do a lot of the work for it because she was always getting kick out after school) I believe about 2 weeks ago we where unable to get into her garden for 4 days! So I ended up making a new account to see if she just had too much stuff in her storage (249 items) and/or their was too many Webkinz (26)….The new account only has the one Webkinz w/ one room and about 10 items in her storage! So I am wondering if she just has too much for their servers right now?!?!? I just hope this STOP soon so she doesn’t loose interest being she cant play with all them like she does with the stuffed animals instead now! She even has 2 more Webkinz she has been unable to get logged in!

  170. Hey,
    the ptoblem lies with Ganz/Webkinz. and not your PC’s or networks. Ganz is probably 99% automated. meaning absolutely no human intervention. I think they might have one tiny server and one unskilled person attemting to operate it with very limited success. they need professional help! LOL we have 6 PC’s I custom built on a network and dont have any problems until i do something stupid like type in www.webkinz.com then everything goes down the toilet. But to those who think it might be your network or PC,I can almost promise you its not. mine are very high end and I get the same problems everybody else does so dont feel bad or alone.

  171. this is just a side note,not really about Webkinz.

    As some of you may know I have mentioned in previous posts about my computers,I custom built them all. I know what your thinking “how much?” prices start at $699 complete if you want to see pics i have them available,i’m in the process of building my website ro better illustrate my work. I can pretty much build anything you like in about 1-2 weeks. and It will outrun,outperform anything you can find on any store shelf,email me if you want specs and I’ll prove it too you. but generally here’s what they come with:

    AMD Athlon 64×2 phenom dual core processor 6000+
    500 gig sata hard drive
    4 gig of ram (expandable to 16)
    windows vista sp1 or XP if you prefer
    10/100 lan ethernet
    DVD/CD burner(s)
    plenty of lighting red,green,blue,red whatever you want

    all you have to do is pick out a case, I like www.xoxide.com for cases

    if you want to add more the price will ve adjusted to reflect the additions or subtractions


    I will be here quite often if you want further info

  172. Ugh. I bet it took you hours to TRY(I say try because you STILL didn’t get it right; it’s its, not it’s.) not to make a typo. You want to know why I’m writng on a complaint board? Because I had a complaint. Imbeciles like you trying to have an IQ higher than 70. In your ineloquent words, BIG DUH.

    P.S. My dad is a lawyer and I am TWELVE. Get it through your tiny brain. I think I’m smarter than he is? No, I don’t. You think you are smarter than me, which I probably would’ve thought too, if your reply had not been, well, I don’t know……Stupid?

  173. Oh, and Sarah. Don’t you think it’s( at least I’M using it correctly, unlike SOME people I know.) wrong to pick on a twelve-year-old? There are a ton of people on this site who agree with me and are probably adults. Pick on someone your own size!

  174. I am so glad I came to this site. Webkinz keeps on reloading on it’s own and I thought it was our pc. My daughter gets so frustrated when she’s playing the tournament or Kinzville academy and she loses all of her points because the game resets to a blue screen. I kept working on my system because I figured something was wrong with it. Now I know it’s them. Very unprofessional customer service. It’s been doing this for almost a month.

  175. I HATE webkinz I have purchased these stupid things for my child and I ONLY allow so many minutes a day for her to play and half the time the darn thing kicks off OR like now it says Webkins is full come back later WHATEVER I hope the company goes under WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT

  176. I wanted to come on here to see if other people are still having problems too! Since my last post (Nov. 1st)…It has been working better than it was. Now I buy another room just to clear out her storage. That did seam to help…while it lasted! Then on Friday 7th she got a new webkinz (27) so she bought a lot of furniture and that has been sitting in her docking station since then. I have be able to get in my her 2 room garden everyday this week (that was the one of her biggest problem before). All week it was fine except when 2 morning when the server was down and the other day they where making updates. She has not been on at night this week and I have not been able to check it either until tonight. Now tonight I was in the middle of playing the new game in the arcade area and I got kicked out in the middle of making a pizza. So then I went to the other webkinz account that I made a few weeks ago which it doesn’t have much in the room or docking/storage area. I got the daily stuff done so I went into the out/ garden room and right when I finished (24 plant) watering them I got kicked out!

    I think they are trying to work on the problem and/or at least aware of it now. The good things about this problems are it is teaching my daughter NOTHING IS PERFECT and PATIENCE (something we have been working on with her for 4-5 yrs and she’s only 7!) Now it just need to work during the prime time around 4-11pm CT

  177. I gave1 person my password and username. Now I can’t log in because I asked my friend if she changed my password and username.She said that she did’t changed it and now I can’t get in.Now i’m scared that my webkinz will died.

  178. I am getting logged off like everyone else it seems. I have sent comments to Webkinz and haven’t seen any changes yet. I hope it gets better soon. Try calling your retailer and let them know what is happening. If they start complaining then maybe something will get done about it quicker.

  179. webkinz is awsome all you idiots can shutup webkinz is the best thing for your kids because the way you think and teach them is retarted

  180. all you stupid webkinz non likers shutup don’t be blaming webkinz for you kids mistakes because the way you teach them is what there gona do online ~WEBKINZ RULE~ HATER SUCK

  181. To the two little girls who posted above:

    Webkinz is a failed website. I don’t expect children to understand this concept since its’s not taught in elementary school. I DO have many,many Webkinz (75) but no more. I am dumping them and moving on to a better managed,maintained website. Webkinz/GANZ only wants one thing your mom and dad’s hard earned money. Now go do your homework before you you have to go to bed and stay off the internet without mommy and daddy supervising you.

  182. RetarTed? Brilliant! Glad to see our education dollars are working well. But then again those of you who are being educated by the web and stuffed toys like webkinz.. well I guess that is what we should expect. For crying out loud little baby- there is no reason to attack us, we are talking about a toy, not your best friend. Or maybe it is??

  183. today on webkinz i made my cat get off a chair in the back yard i made go to her room so she could go to bed and she wouldn’t move wha happened???

  184. THOSE DUMB PEOPLE AT WEBKINZ DON’T FIX THE PROBLEM AT HAND!! The system freezes and takes you back to the main screen, so whatever you were doing is lost. If they have a problem with too many users on the servers, they should block users until there is room rather than frustrating 100% of the users. WEBKINZ get a clue!

  185. Webkinz is Ripkinz, a bad copy of Nintendo Animal Crossing, atleast i had the game cube and the disc to play, the internet has turned these kind of shady operations in a big money makers, sell stupid stuffed cheap chinese made toys in big stores, spend on computer graphics and commercials to bait the kids, get money from the parents and the website is perpetually under development. The pages that work go slower and slower each day, support is non existant. Won’t reply to emails, call centre probably somewhere in India or south america doubt if they got paid ! i wish i could punch someone from webkinz sales team so they don’t promise BS and have such poor website.

  186. Hey parents interested in punching the Webkinz team for having hooked our kids on a dozens of Ripkinz, we should institute a class action law suite, lets put them out of their misery. Such a bunch of nitwits, getting a sucessful business model is such a hit and miss and when they get one, they can’t even run it proper.

  187. I love the Law suite idea, I wonder if that would really work! I think something needs to be done! I like the idea of telling the retail store what you think of the website! Maybe if enough people tell Hall-mark something would be done about this site!

  188. I just added my polar bear and I got the loot bag I opened it then I it said I got 0 kinzcash and it had NO PRIZES

  189. you got RIPPED out Alex!!! Webkinz is a bad site, they are more than willing to make more/different “pet” but will not take any of the profit to fix what’s not working

  190. ripped off Alex…. lol oops

  191. I have read all of these stories,and wow,can I agree with the massive headaches! I am so mad @ the fact that my kids can’t enjoy what they earned,and spent their money on.
    Anyways… Just wondering what website has the “pet society” that I read about. If anyone can help, would really appreciate it.Thanks!

  192. Hi Gina

    I think the website your looking for is on Facebook,you’ll need to set up a free Facebook account if you dont have one. to get to it just search for “facebook pet society” there should be some results that take you straight to it.


  193. Try to log in:

    “Sorry, but we’re full at the moment. Please come back later.”

    No thanks…

  194. I just got the same message… “Sorry, but we’re full at the moment. Please come back later.”

    It looks like they are FINIAL catching on with how mad their customer are, maybe they will FINIAL fix this problem instead of adding new ****! So I hope they are planning on adding an other server so our kids and play on the internet with them! Until them I’m not buying anymore….I already have about 20 I got from E-Bay about 6 months ago that I can’t / want use for gift for anyone until this problem is resolved!

  195. If Webkinz logged me out suddenly and I can’t get back in…same thing as above “…too full…” will they “heal” my pet? Last time I was in the pool swimming and they tried to kill my pet! Took medicine special diet and a week in bed, some fun Ganz!

  196. hey, hey, hey. i know your mad at webkinz world but do not sue them!

  197. do not sue webkinz!

  198. boo!boo!boo!boo!

  199. look i have this idea for a website, but i do not know how to publish it! so if anyone would like to hear my idea and try it, let me know!

  200. p.s a virtual pet website!

  201. i agree with marissa!and marissa i sell my gems to when i get doubles!

  202. ok, these solutions do not work for everyone but,try these! instead of typing in www.webkinz.com try www.webkinz.com/us_en/ . or try typing in www2.webkinz.com . try one of them if that does not work let me know!

  203. Hi,
    I am well versed in Web design,publishing and construction. let me know your ideas and we’ll go from there.

  204. ok, but first i have to know you do not require any personal info!

  205. oh yeah, and i can not go anywhere like to any buildings or nanything.now all i need you to do is set up what i tell you to. i will be the one who comes up with the ideas and you set up the page. if you would like to add anything to it let me know and i will let you know whether i think it is something i would like to add to the page. heck, if you liked after you created the website, you could take the whole thing! and do not send me any money unless i tell you to, i mean money that comes from profit. you can keep the income from the company. all i want is for there to be another website for pets. we need for there to be websites to grow with kids. but i try to keep my identidy a secret so, even with a fake name, well, i guess i just want to be normal. not none as the one who created a website! you can take all the money and everything!

  206. i am a very low profile person!

  207. ok, the thing is i want no part in the company because if somthing happens the company is in your name not mine! so i do not have to worry about losing my house.LOL!

  208. i am a strange person!

  209. i have a wierd sense of what is funney and what is not!

  210. ok, the truth is, i am a child. i really, really wanted a new website, and everybody said i had cool ideas so i went crazy. please do not tell my parents! my name is lilly. lilly smith. my e-mail is monkeypants@verizon.net.my phone number is 610-926-6447.goodbye everyone! 4ever!

  211. hello everybody! i am lisa!

  212. well, this whole thing was a joke really! the thing about the website everything! ha ha ha! i wondered if my notes were not very childish notes! but seriosly i am a child! oh yeah, and the email and stuff was a joke to! i am really sorry though poppy! no hard feelings?

  213. did not mean to upset any body but do not report me! if you would like me to leave this very sight, then just say so!

  214. after all, i am just a kid!

  215. i would understand if anyone would want to get rid of me, but i will not play anymore jokes!

  216. hey it is me again lisa! my mom talked to the headmaster, and mad at webkinz, has been band! we do not have to worry about her anymore! isn’t that great!

  217. here, let me give you a recipe website! www.webkinzinsider.com

  218. that is a webkinz recipe website!

  219. yeah, I know its all a big joke. but here’s something to think about,

    1383 River Rd

    Mohrsville, PA 19541-8721

    (610) 926-6447

    sound familiat?

  220. weird!

  221. what do you think? i think it is a cute joke!

  222. ok, i am confused! i thought that webkinz exp, if you bought a new one within thirty days all the item were saved, do the pets get saved to?

  223. oh dear! i thought ganz said nothing can kill your webkinz! i thought that page about killing webkinz was a joke! what are we going to do?!it is not kids amaginations?!we half to tell ganz! before it is to late! i cannot let anything kill my dolphin webkinz! or any of them! oh no! isn’t there a way to terminate the box?!

  224. everybody, i do not think anybody from ganz knows about this website! ganz, if you are reading this, please look at this website! just look under the note that says weird! it will have a link to the website!are you sure are webkinz are safe?! please tell me it is a joke!

  225. ok, everybody, here is what i want you to do e-mail ganz, tell them about the website! i will feel a lot safer!

  226. oh my god people. chill out. if you dont like webkinz; dont buy it and shut up already. yes it has a lot of glitches and i hate that it expires. but did you ever think about how it is on their end? they have only been here three years and are already very popular and more and more accounts are being created. which slows down their servers meaning they have to keep buying more and more. and where does that money come from? oh yeah thats right the “over priced” stuffed animals. im fourteen and i still go on webkinz. my lil bro is five. he has a webkinz too. and my sis is seven and she does also. just becuase they are young doesnt mean they cant do some of the stuff on their own. i mean just stick em at the comp and let them figure things out on their own…its called learning! and thats another thing. it is very educational for any age group an i dont care what you say. becuase they make goals and achieve them; socialization and how to make friends; teaches them patiences; the todays activities gives them a schedule and teaches time; the game help hand eye cooridination; the trivia helps on a wide variety of facts; most of the games help on real life experiences and role play; it teaches kids responsiblity and finances; and most of the games like the card ones and tile and all those deal with math; theres a typing game which improves typing skills needed later on in life; and i could go on if you would like me too. but you need to step out of the box and think about what is learning in early childhood. becuase its not just on the acedmic level. learn a little bit about early childhood before you start getting mad at a KIDS game. not a PARENTS game. becuase if you dont youre the one hurting your kid; not ganz. they need to be kids and you need to let them be kids. just becuase somethings not perfect and doesnt fit eveyrone of your needs does not mean its a bad thing. there are other things in life besides just school. and webkinz helps teach them those things in all aspects if you begin to think about it. and you want an example of how its helpful to a five year old: learns to feed the animals name it and begin reading skills; to a seven year old: learns how to use the computer and navigate it, read, type, spell, and begin gaming skills; to a fourteen year old (like me) patience, random helpful trivia knowledge, meeting goals

    heres an example of what happened the other day to me:

    i was sitting in my hope class [health and physical education] and some seniors were making fun of the size of this freshmans head. and the freshman goes i wonder how much the average head weighs. and i wasnt in the conversation or near him or anything and it was a medium sized class room not too loud you could still hear everyones conversations and i was tlaking ot my friend nicole and when he asked that i (without even thinkning) went eight pounds. the whole class looked at me and were like how did you know that!?!?!? and it took me a while to figure it out and i was liek WEBKINZ!!!

  227. I agree with nicole- im thirteen and i was just looking through all the comments and i noticed a lot of people that need to get over this big deal and realize that they dont have to make a big deal over something like a website!!!!! I luv webkins and so what? theres glitches and stuff -WHO CARES????

  228. i spent over 40 bucks on webkiz and then i found out that u have to have high speed internet to get on them and i live in the country and i cant get high speed internet in the country:*(

  229. if you have a problem with the site, don’t let your kids on it. its that simple. my brother has actually improved his hand-eye cordination playing the games on there, and he saves the money on that game as much as he can. That teaches kids to spend wisely. If you want your kids to be chocked full of information about a country that they will never even learn about in school,why dont you just sit their little butts down in front of the discovery Channel, like my parents did, and then they would learn something. and i agree that if you would send them to the Quizzy’s game, they will learn more relavent facts to their world. There are age settings to where they will only answer questions easy enough for them. they’ll like playing it too, because as they grow smarter, they earn more Webkinz cash.

  230. Wow, you’re a nazi. If you actually watched what your child does on the computer instead of walking away like an irresponsible parent (if your child needs a ten minute time limit, you shouldn’t let them be on the internet by them self)

    There’s this place called Quizzy’s… it actually is a quiz game and low and he hold… they the subjects such as science, health, social studies and so on…

    Also.. what is wrong with your child learning the value of money… is it so bad that your child has to learn to work (in this place play games, but still the same concept) for what they want…

    My god…. maybe you should be more concerned about what your child is actually doing on the computer instead of the “coolest feature on your iphone, not to mention.. none of us care you have an iphone… go flaunt elsewhere… a kitchen timer would have been cheaper and your child can actually see the minutes counting down . Also what the heck are you so pre-occupied with that you can’t keep track of 10 minutes (the kitchen timer theory is a totally different concept… you should take a parenting class.)

    Yours truly…

  231. I think webkinz is a fun experience for kids, and webkinz do help children for their education in some ways; you just point all the bad things out in the article, making webkinz look like it isn’t a good thing to play. Webkinz teaches kid on how to take care, feed, and wash their webkinz…They’re also making kids prepare themselves for the future.

  232. Hate to say it, but knowing how to find French Guiana on a map is about as useful as knowing how to play games on the internet. You don’t make a very good case.

    And frankly, kids learning how to avoid getting swindled in trades is a very useful skill. Seems to me Webkinz teaches economics pretty well.

  233. I don’t have a problem with the my daughter playing the games to earn money because she really enjoys it. I do have a complaint though. She has been unsucessfully trying to add a new webkinz to the site since Christmas day. It lets us enter the secret code, but when she types in the security letters it says there is a problem with the server. She’s tried everyday and still the same message. I have emailed them twice and called them three times and left messages (you can’t get a real person on the phone), and I have not gotten any response. It’s really frustrating. Here’s the Webkinz phone # 866-932-5469.

  234. i cant enter my webkinz at all and im getting very mad

  235. Just a note: My daughter’s account has been terminated because someone’s parent didn’t recognize her username that was on her daughter’s friends list and asked for the account to be closed which Webkinz DID. My daughter has done nothing wrong! No violations of the user agreement or privacy policy she was simply not recognized by her friend’s mom and now has no account!! Webkinz will not respond. I have emailed and called repeatedly and so has the friend’s mother after recognizing her mistake and now my daughter has lost EVERYTHING. Please think about that!! All that time and money!! I am very ready to join ANY class action suit against them!! So be warned; ANYONE can close your child’s account by calling customer support and requesting that it be closed even if there is NO merit to their complaint. Webkinz is refusing to respond. I will not spend another dime on this and I encourage you to think about doing the same.

  236. This webkinz is stupid little kids stuff. I can’t believe I spent some of my christmas money on a retarded pet that gets 20 kinzcash on the stupid wheel of crap. Some grumpy old dude at the curio shop that probably has bad breath and no life, and a little stupid fairy that is so slow you can fall asleep waiting for her to say anything. The old bag at the employment is sitting on a tack, and the wish token witch looks like she already died. So all you little fools that think this is so great, you can have this little kid stuff, because I’m giving my webkinz to the dog to play with.

  237. Sally…..WOW, Although I am not shocked that Webkinz would do that…get ride of an account to make more room on there servers, but that a parent would do that! I am sorry to hear your child lose EVERYTHING!!! I am sure she is heartbroken! I have already stopped prising there product since the summer! I have been very disappointed with how it will never work for my daughter or myself during school hours! Please let me know if anything is being done for you or any lawsuit going on…as we have already spent over a few hundred on there stuff animals!

  238. Terry, I couldn’t agree with you more. It took me 11 months to get enough gems for the crown of wonder. Nine times out of ten I get 20 kinzkash on the wheel of wow. Big rotten deal. I was so mad during Christmas break and I couldn’t get on, so I threw my Webkinz in the trash. I told my mother that I couldn’t find it and she said she would replace it. I told her that I was getting tired of Webkinz anyways so I think she was relieved. My little sister talked my dad into giving all her classmates Webkinz pets as a Christmas present last year. Out of the 17 classmates, only a few were all right with them. The rest learned to hate them because nothing ever works for long on Webkinz.Webkinz people if you are reading this, I hate you. You cheat little kids. Greedy pigs.

  239. i hate the webkinz site. i spend so much time every day with the please wait thing so i just give up. thats what the creepy people that own webkinz want you to do. they have your money so you can go to heck. my dad is rightyou get nothing for nothing and with webkinz you get nothing. my brother had a webkinz and when his acount was going to expire he started winning so much cool stuff that he talked my mom into getting him another webkinz. now he is like me sitting there with the please wait thing going on all day. we have to share a computer so it sucks just like the people that own the webkinz site do they suck.

  240. I am ten I love webkinz you are dum. webkinz is so educational!

  241. Just about everytime we try to log onto the webkinz site, it claims to be unavailable and down for maintenance. Very annoying!!!
    The one shop we buy webkinz at has placed them behind the service counter because people were writing down the secret codes and not buying the pet. They use the code to set up an account and play games, and when someone buys that pet and tries to use the code, it won’t allow them to because the code it already in use.

  242. Mary you are dum (dumb) I am 10 also and i don’t see anything educational. Webtrash likes people like you that don’t know any better.

  243. shut up!

  244. I just love these kids that get on here and think they know EVERYTHING!!

    New update for PARENTS….I am still having a lot of the same problems at night! During the day I could be on my daughter Webkinz all day but once we get home and she want to go do the daily stuff we can’t get on!! This is VERY annoying and very sad Webkinz is not doing anything about it!

  245. Webkinz is a awesome place……so what about the games and four yearold son it does actually teach him the value of the dollar…….see say i have $400…. should i buy a tv , a arcade game or take my webkinz to the kinzville academy…. it is educational wether you like it not stop trying to brain wash people into thinkin your right that webkinz is dumb! PLUS it teaches you how take care of animals I came home the other day and daughert (5 years old) bathed the dog by her self i asked her where she learnd it from “webkinz mommy i bought a bathtub and gave mr squirrl a bath.” was her reply… and quizzy corner IS VEY EDUCATIONJAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. WEBKINZ is so STUPID!
    its annoying because the things are TOO EXPENSIVE!
    thats a BIG problem.
    i spend all day earning money to just create one room
    all i do is play games and get hardly anything back.
    its a WASTE of time to buy a webkinz!
    i will NEVER buy one again.
    all my friends say the same thing we are all going to spend our money on better things.

  247. the stupid magical forest is retarded. they should call it miss forest because all you get is misses there. and the stupid little fairy is so slow. you little morons just tell me what is educational about the stupid fairy or the gem hunt. you are just dumb suckers and the retards at webkinz just love people like you without a brain. oh big deal to the mom with the 400 and what to spend it on and your little kid bathing her dog. wow i am so impressed. that will help her to go to college wont it. and just look what you said. you came home and your daughter was bathing her dog. what is a five year old doing on the computer and being home when you were gone. what will she be doing when she is 10?

  248. I love webkinz and so does my best friend Q,but there are many webkinz that have not been made like:Girrafe,shark,crab,zebra, anteater,lynx/fox,aligator,bugs,hamster,leopord,cheatah,hiena,
    slug,lizard,cricket,grasshoper and platpus.And also when my friend Q goes online to Webkinz,normaly some things are gone and she
    says”Webkinz should be every interesting animal in the world and when it snows and whenever she gets rid of a plant a sign show and says the following Wait….,and it is driving me mad.”.

  249. who cares

  250. Wow, what a bunch of angry people……
    I’m just wondering when the site will be back up, it seems to be closed down for maintenance. I went to a website called webkinz insider (not an official site) but people were reporting their activity for the past week. I was just wondering if it is closed down regionally or nationally? Because we havn’t been able to get on for a couple of weeks.
    I really think everyone is over-reacting. I actually think the company should charge more for the service provided. I got the webkin for $13.00. I was just wondering how that cost covers 12 months of website usage and the cost of the stuffed animal?
    My son loves webkinz. Whether or not it’s educational is not really an issue for me. It’s entertainment. I balance his educational needs. He looks forward to playing with his webkin after his homework and chores are done. So it is both a reward and a motivator. By the way, it is educational. He loves the Pizza Parlour game. The other day, we went out to eat and our waitress was overwhelmed, they were obviously short staffed. My son surprised me with his awareness of her situation, and compassion.
    It is frustrating when you have “technical difficulty”. But a class action lawsuit? It’s a stuffed animal, you sound very silly. I have to admit, I’m addicted. After my son goes to bed, sometimes I play with them. Anyone else?

  251. I have a big complaint, and it is that when a new thing on webkinz comes it says “Surver upgrade test in progress,webkinz will return shortly” AND IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!IT ALWAYS TAKES 5 HOURS TO TEST A STUPID DUMB THING ON WEBKINZ!

  252. I have a question does any of the coments get sent to webkinz or do the people who own this site just scrool through just staring and drooling like a dog judge witch one is boring and anthusiastic because half of all these complaints are reasnable and need to be sent to webkinz or the people who own My Biggest Complaint will pay, not in money but hard work!!

  253. I am not an adult and I still play it even if it has problems. First, I lost an exclusivee refridgerator. A year later people somehow guess my crazy passwords. I fixed that by changing my password. So far it has worked yesterday my friend and I went on our webkinz accounts do you know how much money and time it takes to feed a pet?! My friend has 42 pets. She takes care of each one everyday. Yesterday, they somehow became starved completely and unhappy. My pets all got hungrier too, but not as much as my friend’s. My friend decided to let them starve. It is so unfair that webkinz does stuff like that! By the way, kinz chat plus, my page, anything like that has worked for me right on time. My friend also lost a 500 kinzcash ticket in webkinz world to go on a vacation and it wasn’t used. our computers work perfectly. Can someone sue them!!!!!!!

  254. hi! i really need someone to help me and i didn’t know where else to go so i came here, but it doesn’t have anything to do with webkinz! i am just so agervated and i don’t know wut to do!


  255. oh yeah, and here are a whole bunch of other websites.


  256. iwantavirtualpetwebsite,

    Are you wanting to create your own website or just make a virtual pet?

  257. I think they are wanting a complete website constructed and virtual pets too. I think its just a kid messing around. nobody serious

  258. My daughter can’ get onto her Webkinz account any more. She can adopt pets, (she just got 2 for her birthday last week) but when she goes to play with them she gets an “Oops, try again later message.” This has been happening now for 3 days. Her sister and brother, as well as 2 friends, are not having any problems accessing their accounts on the same computer. Any one have a solution? I e-mailed them, but have not received a response.

  259. Jody,

    You will NOT get a response from any email you send….from what I have experienced! I did find after about a week from when I sent my complaint into Webkinz my daughter site was working much better, she still has missing items….a fence missing in an out door room… etc. but she was able to get into her gardens witch has been one of the main problems!

    If I was you I would try calling! Here’s the Webkinz phone # 866-932-5469 …. posted by Valerie on January 2nd, 2009 at 11:50 am | Link

  260. i got this new webkinz and now i have 44 so i got it i put it online then i played in the morning then i logged out and then i wanted to play in the afternoon it wouldn’t let me in it said the site is currently down for maintenence it will be back up soon and i’m worried about my new webkinz the cotten candy bunny and i’m so worried about my first webkinz the brown arabian named lucky and i’m worried about all my other webkinz! i just hope while it won’t let us online i hope the webkinz company is feeding our webkinz beacause i’m worried about my webkinz cotten candy bunny its a boy its named Easter i’m just……………. worried!

  261. I HATE WEBKINZ THE SWICHED MY DAUGHTER’S PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW SHE CAN’T GET ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NOW SHE HAS NOTHING , BUT BUG ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Guys if you send 1 elusiv item to hben (the sister of a person who makes webkinz,) shel give you3 elusiv items in return. hope s this helps if you need elusiv items

  263. hben? that’s strange.

  264. i need to what you do if you remember your password but not your user name and i think that this is very good way for your kids to take care of a pet and some of you people out there need to calm down because god will see you kussin and you’ll pay and also maby webkinz isnt working because you have a cheap computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. guys, you should try what suisie said! it really works! ps.you have to add hben to your friendlist before doing that trick.it took me awile to find that out

  266. Ok i have 2 webkinz and it’s been 3 months that i cant play with them because the page won’t load ive tried on any computers and it doesent load AT ALL!!!!! so we called a technical dude and he said it’s not are computers it’s the website….So ya webkinz is cool and all that but sometimes the freaking site is SSOOOOOOOOOO GETO!!!!!!
    So if that happend’s to you dont waste money on a technical dude ok
    so have you herd there is a webkinz jr. hope that one will work!

  267. When we were last logged in last night, my daughter had 9 wish tokens in her wish factory., This morning we did the wheel of wishes, received one additional token, she went to the wish machine to put it in and all her other saved tokens are gone! I called the “866″ number I found on here, left a message and actually received a call back the next day.

    I was told basically…tough. Not their problem. Its not their policy to add or remove items from accounts.

    I said “but You removed 9 tokens from my childs account and YOU arent the one seeing her cry over the fact that it took her months to earn these tokens and for no reason they have dissapeared.” and they said “sorry. We cant do naythign …we dont know what happened”.

    After fuming, and then calming down, I called back to speak to a supervisor. I was told there wasnt one there…they left for the day (at approx 4:30 pm on 4/13)…was told they would call me back the next business day…which is today and I have not received a call.

    I am shocked at the lack of customer service. Not sure what we are going to do, but I know I wont be running out to buy any more webkinz in the near future! If its not their policy or problem to help us, Im not going to help them make any more profits.

  268. i know how you can put the webkinz on without hearing the security numbers are wrong send me the code and your password and username and ill do it for you send me it at kaylajeanne@hotmail.com

  269. Have you ever had a little fun in your life. Have you ever wanted to do anything but learn in your life? The Gem dealing dog offers you money so that you can sell extra gems. What good is 10 of the same gem? You don’t have to sell any of them. A little note: also we live in American does GCompli teach anything other than French GUYANA yes it’s GUYANA I guess it doesn’t teach you the proper spelling. How would you have felt at that age if for christmas you opened up a history book…..not a cute stuffed animal….but a history book!!!!

  270. Sydney…no worries. The webkinz only get hungrier when you are online…if you don’t play for weeks or months there hunger will be the same as when you left.

  271. Only get hungry when you are on webkinz.

  272. I think webkinz cost WAY to much i mean $15 for one and $10 for a lil kinz i could find a stuffed animal the size of a lil kinz for $3. and now there r these signature webkinz that cost $30 OUTRAGOUS!!!!!!! i think ill stick with not buying anymore unless its a gift and besides the website gets: boring the games: boring the excitement: none

  273. Well Webkinz is what you make out of it –like school or any learning experience. I stay in the room with my daughter while she plays and when she feeds her webkinz she is learning compassion & taking care of a pet –even if it is virtual. The other day her webkinz need to “see the doctor.”
    When she goes shopping, it is an excellent time to teach about money. There is a “job” section, so you can earn Kinzcash to “work.” What is wrong with instilling a work ethic — if she wants more things for her pet, she needs to work for it.
    There are games that test basic math knowledge, spelling and hand eye coordination. My daughter has also learned increased patience to play some of the games. She is 4 and has recently tested 1st grade level on some computer skills.
    Everything from a walk in the park to Webkinz can be a learning experience — if you take the time.


  275. Webkinz Suckz big time. Sold all my pets at a yard sale. I won’t miss the Webkinz Nazi’s.

  276. are you nice

  277. i love webkinz and if you be meen to them agan i hirered a perfeshanol resalor to beat you up

  278. you guys are idiots i love webkinz and it is awesome does not teach kids bad stuff you guys are just fools and Gcompris sucks

    BTW kids hate educational stuff

  279. i did’nt know webinz expiere so one day I got on & it would’nt let me inless I bought a new 1 I hate webkinz! @#$%

  280. can anyone help me i have a prob. too whenever i log in it thinks theres no connection but there is

  281. My little sister learns alot because she goes to quizzys corner every day and some games on there are educatinal like the spelling games


  283. webkinz is a waste of

    a. energy
    b. time
    c. money (electricity and plushies)
    d. showing off
    e. patience
    f. complaining

  284. WEBKINZ ARE NOT WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are YOU CRAZY???!!!!!!!!!! i love webkinz there so much fun!!! add me my username is dottie9707 or dottie9708 check out my page awesome right?

  285. I’ll say it again…

    webkinz is a waste of

    a. energy
    b. time
    c. money (electricity and plushies)
    d. showing off
    e. patience
    f. complaining

    1.webkinz has low reliability
    2.slow as heck
    3.support sucks

    Even being 9 years old with this huge war going on sucks


  286. some more..

    Would you have a virtual pet? Or a REAL pet?

    Well I’d say that you would like a freaking virtual pet because is costs less money, right? Get a real one indeed because there are dogs and cats that could DIE out there because of hunger. Give a piece of life to the lonely pets out there, Webkinz lovers!!!!!

  287. oh my ****ing god
    why are you bitches makeing such a big deal
    webkinz is not a bad website like you whores proboly watch porn
    it not like it turns your kids in to killers! ! !
    go let them play grand theft auto

  288. i am the person with go watch porn if yah have a problem with my comment email me at

  289. webkinz is ****ed up!!! NEVERRRR BUY 1 K?!!!!! UGHHHH


  291. It looks good, but because of some reliability issues, a 1 year limit, and MONEY, I won’t get one.

    I don’t even get why people always show them off. Soon, it might be a war between who has more Webkinz…… =.=… It’s only a pet. A real dog or something would suffice. Actually, real pets woud be far better than a Webkinz because IT’S THE REAL DEAL. YOU LEARN A LOT MORE OF A PET’S EXPERIENCE THAN WITH A WEBKINZ. BESIDES, STUDIES SHOW THAT YOU GET HEALTHIER IN MANY WAYS. YOU FIGURE THEM YOURSELF.

    One doesn’t have to get 520 Webkinz unless they want to spend over $450 in waste.


  292. Personally, Quizzies, the place where you do trivia, is bogus. I was around 10 when I played and I never did the questions for in my age group beacuse if you do 5-6 year old questions you earn the same as 13+ questions. The categories do not make sense. I mean here is a question i got when i did Social Studies ages 5-6
    Q: Ladybugs eat____
    I got the question right but I was totally guessing! I am now 12 and had to guess how would a 5 year old know that?

    I did encounter some problems with the site including their thousands of glitches. Once on top of my chalkboard was one of my pets sleeping and when i clicked on it it took me back to where it really was. In her room! I logged off and back on and she was still there. Also my blender and sandwich maker sunk into my counter.

  293. people keepsteeling my stuff

  294. i love webkinz but in the eager beaver game i have 2 complaints it has beavers and there is no webkinz beaver what are you doing hurting kids there eager about geting a beaver webkinz and also in eager retard beaver i put real words like sud or fizz or lid and it says there not words quizy’s to. and in the dart thing kids are on the game not people in there 20s how can kids know this stuff who are you geniuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(dont mind my spelling)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is all

  295. I think your wrong about webkinz because im 11 and i think that webkinz has tought me how to save money because i use to spend money on anything i see and now i think about it

  296. i had to wait an hour for those stupid please waits and then it goes
    ……… right in my face i hate it and i have to log in and out in and
    out ERG

  297. Today I bought a webkinz and as it turns out the code was stolen and now I can’t get in. and they said i might get a new code, but i probably won’t.


  299. jobs on webkinz mess up

  300. My daughter is so upset. Webkinz site hardly ever works. She will try for a half hour and finally give up. It won’t load or allow her play time. What a waste of money. I have read that even the Deluxe version (which you pay for monthly) even does this. I guess Webkinz finally got to big for their server and it’s time to quit selling any more.

  301. WOW you all are so oldfashioned and can’t accept change. OK so sometimes your servers dont work but have you ever thought that maybe…its YOUR computer?? didnt think so. and for the woman who posted this blog… if i were your kids id be diggin my way to china now! you guys can give your kids the benefit of the doubt and let them play on webkinz for 20 min a day… its required by doctors that they arent on for more than one hour, so by doing this you are waaaaay under the limit. plus nobody ever said you have to let them get tons of webkinz….. its ultimately up to you as parents… you have the final say
    1. if you have cheked out Quizzys corner, there are thousands of questions and fun facts that involve learning.
    2. webkinz helps kids learn how to take care of him/herself. it teaches them the value of money and if you need something like food clothes a toy or a piece of furniture for your home, work for it (play a game and earn the money)
    3. plus…there are much worse things your kids can get obsessed with and i think we all kno what im talking about… so give webkinz a break! they are people too…imagine having to run a world wide internet game….lots of pressure! and its not fair to be freaking out over things like glitches!(which are probably because your computer isnt updated) and relax and consider the things ive said

  302. it never loads stupid game!! WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  303. you see how you have so many complaints.it because your people who are not fair. today i way playin’ pool. and i never even got a chance to make a proper hit. i made 199 shots and never made a goal i dont care about webkinz.got that.and today this girl was gonna send me a caring valley whatever tree and it said you could not send it and she also tried to sell it because her webkinz are poor with no money and she could not sell it.and today i was moving around things in my room and i couldn’t my tv out balloon out and that vending machine thing out eather and the eager beaver thing you dont even have a beaver webkinz and speaking of your unfair games on checkers i was playing and 5 of my pieces coudn’t move.i lost.i hate you for making webkinz COMPLETELY UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. You see how you have 305 complaints i bet in another 5 minutes you wil have 300,005 complaints it takes soooooooooooooooooooooo long for webkinz to load a DEAD turtle could go from one half of the earth to the other faster I HATE WEBKINZ KINDA.

  305. You dang webkinz gfame on ho[pscotch i almost one 1000 dollars but no you morons had to make me loose it u fatties i hate webkinbz and u so unfair you should be sewed whats the point of the game to upset children,it seems like you idiot goosh

  306. penguins are my fav animal you should not of retired it i will sue you if you don’t mack it come back i live close to the police stachin thank you not

  307. I cant get on webkniz
    every time i click onlog in it says err on page

  308. i think webkinz is completely retarted.it stinks. on the kinzville park thing i left that thing to load when i went to a 5 hour party at a friends house then on a boat and when i came back it was still loading. why dont you get a life and try to be smart…oh wait you cant you LOSERS

  309. I am 8 years old and I think webkinz IS a good idea because it helps kids learn to interact and play with their friends online. BOO TO YOU!

  310. if webkinz got a review from the president he would say it SUCKS it akes and retarded hour just to load you retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DIE!!!!!!!!!!

  311. I HATE WEBKINZ DANG GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. ON WEBKINZ WHEN I GO ON THE CLUBHOUSE THING WHEN I CLICK QUIET ROOM IT SAYS 9 WEBKINZ IN ROOM AND I SHOWS EVERY WEBKINZ BUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! who invented webkinz..oh i know an over grown retard ugly butface

  313. I have Webkinz and I think they are very fun! But yesterday I adopted a fox and ended up getting two! Two exact same foxes with the same name, but diffirent profiles, which annoys the crap out of me. I sent a messege to the webkinz people asking them to fix it. Does anyone know how long it will take them to answer????

  314. I am 9 years old. You really think webkinz does not teach anything? You are wrong.

  315. why dont they have a customer service number for assistance? We got it yesterday, set it up yesterday. Now my son cant login. APparently something was misspelled and we are totally locked out. We cant reset anything unless we have the information correct. This sux what a waste of money! They should stand behind their product and customers who make them money!

  316. webkinz takes to long to load
    they should be sewed


  318. Wow, never realized that THIS many people like probably the most bugged up, money-consuming, time-wasting game on the planet. The name really gets you going doesn’t it? CRAP-KINS.

  319. webkinz is like a slug loads too slow
    they dont even try there such retards

  320. i bout some retarted thing on ganz estore and you know what i wasted 15,000 points on crap. it never even sent it to my account sooo that means webkinz is dumb i tell u dumb i’m so mad i’ll give up my acount
    user name:

  321. I am sorry but im just telling you right now that you are wrong about webkinz being a non learning website!

    the game that earns you more kinzcash is the bird test question thing…the children have to answer 50 questions that are in their age group , they will earn $5 each time they get a question wrong.
    and also they time you on each question!

    4 yr. olds are not alloud on webkinz OR webkinz JR.
    so the little kid shouldnt be on their in the first place!

    if you DO NOT like how webkinz runs their site then sign the child up for webkinz JR. please do not take webkinz or webkinz JR. away from children for good.
    it causes them to have serious depression because of thefact that they poured there heart and I must admit their money too.

    I am sorry I had to tell you this.

  322. All this stuff about customer service sucking is crap. I posted a comment earlier about my fox. I got an email a couple hours later, and the webkinz people were very polite and fixed my problem in a matter of days. They even let me keep the extra gift and money!


  324. In all due respect to the first person who wrote that, I am so thrilled I am not your child. That other website you suggested, sorry, but its boring! Webkinz is fun and educatinal so there.
    Kids dont want to learn about French Guinea! Loosen up! Let your poor children have fun.

  325. Yes, you all have a point. BUT! Webkinz has given me something to spend my money on. Before, I was broke. I didn’t do chores because I had no reason to buy anything! Now I have around $100 and 34 pets. I also do chores. YAAAAY for Ganz!!! Yes, I am VERY TICKED OFF about the eStore. They make you buy point packs…:(

  326. Web Kinz…kid friendly…you expect 3 to9 year olds to keep up with little inch square codes and remember passwords. My seven year old just spent 30 dollars to buy three webkinz, his money. He was so excited. But he tore up his secret codes after setting up his account so nobody else could get on, and now he has forgotten his password. What a scam. Kid friendly…right.

  327. I am sorry where is it advertised that Webkinz is an educational toy? First my son received his first webkinz for his fifth birthday, I went online and set it up. I played on the site first to see what the site was all about, and if infact it was safe. I was impessed that it was a safe place my son could go online and play and meet other children. There are educational games on the site, my son had Developmental Delays and was really struggling with math. There are several games on Webkinz that require you to do addition and subtraction in order to play. This helped him with his math, I have to admit today children spend more tme play video games then anything else. When I was growing up we had atrai, and Ninetino something. I never spent the entire day in front of a computer or tv playing games but todays children do, so if it comes down to being a matter of which I prefer this site is the best.None of the games are violent, no foul language and my son can play safely. Further more, it is a fun play site, and it is a safe site. I went into the clubhouse and wanted to see what happens in this room, I was very surprised. While in the clubhouse I noticed a pet seemed to be a little rude, I was fixing to him the report button when all of a sudden a pop up appeared. It notifed everyone that the rooms are being monitored and the current behavoir was not acceptable and needed to stop. I has noticed that several of the other children made it very clear that if you break the rules they get blocked. When I asked what that meant, I was told that if you break the rules you will get a lock on the clubhouse door and will not be allowed to reenter. I love that it as a panic button for children if they feel someone is saying something wrong or if they are just nervous. I do not understand why there are so many comments about how the flaws or short cummings that some feel is occuring. Webkinz is a fun and safe place children can play and even meet other children and play. If you are having issues with your account call customer service, yes they were having growing pains but and it is a BIG BUT Webkinz has improved 100 pecent since they started out,and if my child is going to play onlne I prefer him to have a safe place where there is no blood, or killing, in order to have fun. So if you feel you made a mistake or if you feel you should have a entire 100percent educational website then you need to step back and do research first. I will not say webkinz is 100 percnt educational but I will also not say that it doesnt have any educational value because it does.

  328. I do think that webkinz is going downhill. The main purpose of the toy that kids were originally addicted to, was the stuffed animals. The stuffed animals influenced the kids to do something else, other than staying on the computer with the code. Now Ganz is releasing just online pets, that you can pay money for through paypal. They obviously aren’t putting as much time and effort as they used to, because now they’re mainly selling virtual things through the internet, in the “eStore”.

  329. I am 12 years old. I did the 13+ math questions on Quizzy’s and they are SO easy!!!!!!

  330. omg you are all @$$es i love webkinz imakid

  331. I Think This is stupid I Can Imagine A Little Girl Or Boys Sad face When Their Account expires and they cant get it back! Those Jerks!

  332. These comments are stupid!!! Webkinz is very educational! Just because of the gem thing your screwing off about the whole website? My daughter (7 years old) told me that she learned many things such as… subtraction, addition, interesting facts from Quizzy, and a visual sense because of designing the rooms. It doesn’t make a website wrong if there is some fun involved.



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  336. You really think that Webkinz is that bad? You should really look at it in a different light. It isn’t all junk, as you throughly suggested. It is a kid’s website after all, you shoulden’t expect it to make your kids memorize the capitals of Europe.

  337. Well, it shouldn’t be A LOAD OF CRAP AND BLOAT!

  338. you know webkinz do expire but all your stuff is just locked up.i know that it is kinda stupid for webkinz to have your webkinz expire but if you buy a webkinz then buy another and it is renewed for another year. but when it is expired and locked up just let it sit in jail and storage units or buy your licenses back with another webkinz and please don,t gang up on me because I’m only eleven.

  339. It’s fun website. But, I do understand what some of ya’ll mean.

  340. baka you are so mean but i dont like webkinz that stuff



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  353. Alexis, also get a life.

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    Facebook? I hate it
    Going against an 11 year old?
    Figure this out:



    What is random access memory?
    What hosts the horrible Webkinz website?

    THERE, am I 1-1/2 years of age NOW?


  354. Baka your comments got to me, I am not the one you are making fun of spelling issues but I hope you are not an adult! Because if you are then you have a hugh problem and I wouldnt take it as a parent the comments you made were to an 8 year old child. you went as far as to make fun of the child being fat. I do not understand why you have not been bannd from making comments because by pulling up every comment you have made on this site it is nothing but foul language. Maybe that is why you do not use mircrosoft because it is a program for an adult. I can not believe you attacked a chid because she loves a webkinz. Is it you that plays webkinz? Because if it is your children how would you feel if someone treated them the way you did an eight year old? Why dont you throw your webkinz away and just leave it alone then you dont have to curse children. I CAN NOT BELIEVE ANOTHER ADULT DIDNT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE WAY YOU TREATED A CHILD, A CHILD YOU ARE TRUELY STUPID. JUST IN CASE YOU WERE NOT TOLD BY YOUR MOTHER : IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY THEN SAY NOTHING. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HELP THAT IS DIFFERENT BUT YOU ARE DOING NOTHING BUT SLAMMING THE PEOPLE WHO DO ENJOY WEBKINZ. GROW UP.

  355. I know what you are talking about, I usually purchased my webkinz from Cracker Barrel, I stared to notice that they put those alarms like you see on clothes to prevent stealing. It seems Walgreens is doing the same thing, I asked and it seems that people are either taking the code, or getting the code out writing it down and using them. However if you call customer service and tell them you have the ticket and that the store you purchased it from may have had a problem with theft they will ask for you to fax a copy of the code and they should replace it. If you have trouble with it please let me know I will do what I can to help, also you can write over the heads of customer serivce and call Ganz corp. ask for legal department and explain issue they will resolve it. I know this happen a while back sorry I was in a accident and didnt get the comment till toda when I received a comment meant for an 11 year old child being yelled at and cursed at by someone named baka. Sorry for the delay hope this helps.

  356. Alexis, sorry for the horrible comments made by baka, just ignore them and keep enjoying life.

    I know the horrible thing about the party paks are that I keep planning the parties but
    I always forget to attend my own party funny. If we were friends in webkinz I would send you one for free, my mom felt so sorry for you when she read what baka said but the best this is to look over stupid people. I hope your next party goes better.

  357. I totally DISAGREE
    My thoughts on Webkinz is better.
    Sure you don’t learn that much but they learn to take responsibility.
    If you go to a place for Quizzy’s Corner you pick an age group, then a happy bear named Quizzy asks you learning questions, and sure they earn money. You can have a Garden in your backyard, you learn to come back every day or every few days to water it and take care of your pets. And also to get the gems. The Kids go to the mine and pick a rock to click open and you see if you find a gem and then you can sell it for kinzcash and use that money to buy it in the small store. Everything is also at a small resonable price there.
    Sure we all have fun on webkinz and I bet your kids do too.
    But listen people who wrote this or are reading this, Gcompris sounds pretty educational but not as fun as looking for gems.

  358. Me and my freind love webkinz……..at least we did before it upgraded. What’s with the deluxe membership? Not to mention that now there are over 20 pages of webkinz to choose from? Webkinz is making changes to their site every couple days. I like the old webkinz world. Don’t get me wrong I love change but not like this. It’s all happening too fast and there’s too much.

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  369. Im really upset coz i got a myepets toy 4 christmas and i really enjoyed
    playin’ on it. But just 3 weeks l8r, i tried loggin’ in again but it said i woz not in thier reccords!!! Stupid website! :c

  370. I really dont know what all the fuss is about

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