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My Biggest Complaint About Unhelpful People In Service Positions

On my way home from work, I stopped at the 24 hour deli near my house, because it’s the middle of the night, it’s so damn close, and I’m frickin’ starving.

There are:
2 cars in the parking lot (mine and another)
1 couple inside the store
4 people on staff
1 woman behind the counter staring blankly at me

I look at her. I look at another employee who’s involved with something else, and then I look back at the woman who’s still staring at me. So I proceed with my order. I’m halfway through my sentence when she interrupts me by speaking over me and waving her hand.

“You gotta tell him”, she says as she points to the young guy already working on the previous order. The other two employees are elsewhere behind the counter keeping themselves busy. I spin on my heel and turn away from her dismissively to go peruse the beverages in the refrigerator. I hear her say “sorry” to my backside.

Lady, not only are you staring at me and making eye contact (which is often understood as the sign to begin speaking) but you’re not doing jack squat. You work 3 feet from the guy who will take my order, and you’ve taken my order many other times that I’ve stopped in when you were not by the register. So take my damn order now.

Fortunately, the young guy who does have “order taking” in his job description is not a lazy turd and he finishes up very quickly to take my order. As he makes my order, I grab a yoohoo chocolate drink. It’s not chocolate milk, it’s a chocolate drink. Read the ingredients and you’ll understand. I put the yoohoo on the counter, the woman stares apathetically at it and I stand there waiting.

Before my sandwich is completed, the woman turns to the man making my order and says, “what is he having?” The man replies, reciting my order to her. Wow. Here’s an idea. Hear me out. This might be a good one. Instead of creating an assembly line production out of my sandwich order, why don’t you just take my order in the beginning. The order will be declared once, you’ll have the monetary transaction completed right then and there and then you can go back to leaning your trailer trash ass on the counter thinking about the 15 cats you share a house with and how they still can’t distinguish between the litter box and your mouth.

I work at a luxury hotel, and this sort of laziness doesn’t fly there. Everyone who works with me knows that we serve the customer. Not because we’re submissive twerps, but because it’s our f*cking job and we like to get sh*t done. If you’re in a service position and you’d rather not be serving the customer, maybe you should be looking for a new job or a double barreled shotgun to blow a hole in your face.

It blows my mind that she was right there when I made the order. She was as close to me as was the guy who took my order. She also was already involved with my order because she heard part of it before I got cut off. If I read in the paper tomorrow that she died from suffocating on a lump of fur balls and cat sh*t, I might be able to forgive her.

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  1. I live in a high tourist area with lots of seasonal jobs. The best thing that ever happened to customer service in this area was the influx of eastern european college students on temporary work visas who fill these types of jobs and are as nice as they can be.

    When the “euros” are in town and working these customer service jobs, I try to go the places that I know they are working as opposed to going somewhere else where I would be subjected to the idiocy and bad manners you describe.

  2. It’s just this simple, DBlock - you get it. They don’t. I’ve seen this in your other posts here, too.

    You get it and it sounds like Zack and Cody and everybody else leading the suite life back at the Tipton gets it too. You guys were probably hired because you have something remotely resembling people skills.

    The poor souls at the Olympia Cafe have no clue. They probably never will.

    It’s a very depressing thing really when you realize that unless those folks at the choke n’ puke win the lottery, they’ve peaked.

  3. Wow, You seem to have a very strong reaction because the woman asked you to give your order to the other guy. You could have asked her why she didn’t take your order . I am really concerned about you and your reaction to this encounter. So you work in the hotel industry, doesn’t that mean that YOU know how to handle a situation better than wishing death to someone who doesn’t bow to you. You also could have called that deli the next day and inquired about the woman who was not helping you. Maybe she didn’t pass her food handlers program. Or she was ill and couln’t make sanwiches . If I were your employer and read this post, I would have second thoughts about you.

  4. Sharon, grab a spoon and eat my ass.

  5. I see no further need to comment.

  6. Nice!!!!! Dblock i totally know where you are coming from. It’s obvious Sharon must be one of these “service” people who are rude ****, probably works at McDonalds.

  7. I am actually just a lesbian busy body.

  8. LOL!

  9. Yes, and it’s only getting worse… and worse and worse. My complaint is HOW DO I GET GOV’T SERVICE AGENCIES TO ANSWER A BLEEPING QUESTION? There has to be a methodology or technique. Increasingly I am more and more dependent on getting my business done with or around government, and, as you may have observed, they are less than helpful. It is causing me anxiety knowing that these people are slowly and increasingly becomeing my ‘keepers’.

    I would welcome your thoughts or comments.


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