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My Biggest Complaint About Toilet Paper Getting Smaller

Just about every toilet paper producer has decreased the width of a roll from 4.5 inches to 4.2 inches during the past few months. The type of dispenser I have in my home no longer works. The rolls just fall out. I complained and the CSR sent me a complimentary package of TP.

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  1. I have the same problem, but it’s not consistant. Sometime they fit and sometimes they fall thru. I’m afraid it is a way of keeping prices down and I don’t expect anyone will change back just for us.

    I went to a hardware store and found a piece of PVC plastic pipe used under a sink called a 6″ “tailstock” that fits into a toilet paper roll. I cut it down to just a little longer than an older roll I had. Now if a roll keeps falling out, I just insert this prostetic, and then put both back onto the holder.

    It isn’t as convenient as just being able to slip a new roll in, but it doesn’t look too much different and it does keep the roll from falling out of the holder.

    I feel your pain, keep the faith, and let’s hope they don’t get even smaller.

  2. Paper is getting smaller, while America is getting fatter.

  3. What is Sheryl “just use one square” Crow going to do. I mean if she’s only using one square and it keeps getting smaller she’s gonna get funk on her fingers. Of course on those “pesky occasions,” Crow claims 2 or 3 are necessary and acceptable.

  4. TP is the one thing I would spend more on…

  5. For the past 12 years I have exclusively bought Cottonelle Toilet Paper. I have recently noticed that the regular toilet paper has changed (the paper pattern now has ridges that are closer together) and the quality has been adversely effected. Specifically it shreds and pills immediately upon becoming moist, thereby leaving behind irritating pieces in the body. I am now looking for another brand.

    I do not like the Ultra Cottonelle because it feels too thick and is used up faster.

    Whenever I can I will be sure to share my opinion about how Cottonelle toilet paper has changed and is deceiving in its promise to consumers by advertising “soft sheets that last & last” when in fact it disintegrates almost instantly. I am sure there are people who are going to their doctors thinking they have yeast infections or urinary tract infections when in fact they are being irritated by Cottonelle product changes.

    Please urge Cottonelle (part of Kleenex) to revert to their previous manufacturing process.

  6. I agree. I would gladly pay a little more to get full size (4.5″ x 4.5″)TP. But the only TP I can find that size is 1 ply. Anyone know of full size 2 ply TP??

  7. I am upset about all the narrow toilet paper also. When I realized it was shrinking, I was buying Northern Soft and Supple and liked it.
    I noticed the latest TP from Northern was called Ultra Plush which I tried just to realize it was not as wide so I called Proctor and Gamble about that. They told me Soft and Supple would be phased out so I bought about a year’s worth (early last year or so). I see it hasn’t phased out but has now also gone narrower. It burns me up as less than 4.5 inches is not wide enough, not even to blow one’s nose. I am keeping my eyes out for a quality 4.5 inches wide paper. Charge me more, but don’t shrink the paper, I say.

  8. I’ve been looking myself for the 4.5 inch wide TP. I found this:


    However, if you decide to try it let me know because it’s too expensive to pay for bulk without trying it first. ;)

  9. I hope enough people pay attention to the fact that the paper makers have decided to RIP us OFF and stop buying it.

    I will buy NOTHING from Georgia Pacific since they have taken 20% away from the 24 double roll pack I bought 3 weeks ago.
    I will search long and hard to find TP that costs what I am WILLING to pay for it.
    When I can no longer find any, I will resort to other methods. I always thought bidets were cool anyway.

  10. First they shrunk the number squares now they are shrinking the width, how else can they screw the public? It’s too bad we need the toilet paper isn’t it?

  11. I visited this site a while ago with the same complaints as everyone else. The toilet paper rolls will not fit my toilet paper dispenser at home because it’s not a roller bar type. So I’ve been on the hunt for some TP that would work. I found that Scotts Natural TP is a slight bit wider and works for me. I like the thickness also. It is more expensive, of course, but worth it to me. However, I’m still waiting for them to cut the width which will probably come in time since it is fairly new to the market. But I will hope for the best…..good luck to all of you still looking…you might want to try the product I found.

  12. If the TP doesn’t work with the holder, why not just get a new holder? Probably costs less than a package of TP.

    But that doesn’t stop the problem of the TP makers trying to swindle us out of paper! BTW, I found 2 ply TP that’s 4.5″ wide at Sams Club. It’s called POM. Made by Georgia Pacific. 4.5 x 4″ squares and it’s pretty cheap. Comes in a large package - 48 rolls, I think.

  13. I have the kind of roller that has tension prongs from the side and need that 4.5 paper to work, but I found that I could shove an empty tube through the new roll to hold it, but it doesn’t look so nice on the holder.
    I don’t want to buy a new holder because I like how fast it is to change
    the tp rolls out with my old holder. Two weeks ago, I did find the Big Lots had the wider Northern Soft and Supple. I have meant to go back and buy a bunch up as I am sure they got hold of the discontinued lots.
    We should all copy this posts and send them to our former favorite
    TP companies that shrank their rolls.

  14. I have also been unable to find 4.5 width toilet paper rolls. So the new size rolls sit on the counter in the bathroom.
    I would like to buy a large supply of 4.5 width if I could find it.

  15. Try Sams Club - Georgia Pacific Model: GEP1984101

    Item #: 415481

    40 rolls/case for $35.17. It says 4.5″ wide.


  16. Please someone…give me the contact information to complain. I have very expensive toilet paper holders that have tension ends and the new narrower rolls won’t fit. I’m ticked!

  17. When I first realized the width had shrunk, I contacted the TP company and tried to get my friends to complain although they probably didn’t.
    Just sitting on our hinies complaining to each other won’t widen the TP
    roll. I am going to see if I can copy off these complaints and send them to a few companies.

    Sharon Beasley

  18. It’s not just the width of the toilet paper roll that’s shrunk, it’s also the size of the cardboard roll in the middle getting bigger! I just compared some that I’d saved for the kids to do projects with and found quite a difference. And that’s not something you can compare in the store! I’d rather the companies just told us it was going to cost more to get the same old size than that they use cheating to keep the cost the same. Of course, then they raise the price anyway.

  19. Stop whining people, just use both sides! ;-)

  20. I read a few years back that the TP Companies were going to shorten the width of TP to help prevent waste (sorry, I couldn’t resist). I mean overuse. However, to keep it square, they also had to shorten the length. And, don’t the cylinders look a tad Larger? I was buying the Charmin Ultra Soft’s Mega Size: however, in order to use it I had to buy a special spool replacement that could handle the larger rolls. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it for the last 3-4 months. Now I buy the Double size–Really? It look like what used to be a normal size to me. I live alone and go through 1 roll a day! I can’t imagine what a family of 4 must go through. Of course, females will use more than males. And what’s so bad is they’re charging us more for less for something we literally flush down the toilet!

  21. This is just another back handed attempt at a price increase and all manufactures are doing it nested of an outright price increase,like people won,t catch on.

  22. It seems that there’s no true savings by making the rolls narrower, it just means you have to fan out more folds thereby actually use more using more paper length than you’d use with a full width TP paper. There is no paper savings for the consumer, it’s a money maker for the TP companies as you’ll use more rolls than ever. I’m sure the TP companies are well aware of this but continue to rip off the consumer by not making the wider widths available. How does one protest this? The old SearsRoebuck catalog days are long gone. I’d be happy as I’m sure many others would be to pay the higher proportionate cost for the wider (original) width, You’d think one of the TP companies would recognize this market opportunity. Eventually one of them will and I can already visualize the advertising offering a new wider width. Wow, this is ridiculous, now one can’t even find a decent size roll of toilet paper. Oh, I checked at Sam’s earlier today and could not find the wider Georgia Pacific paper others have said was available. Anyway, the Packers won yesterday so I’m happy. Signed PackmanJim

  23. Yep, the toilet paper companies have caught us with our pants down. I just went shopping for toilet tissue at one of the local big box stores. Couldn’t find anything larger than 4″x4″. What? Should the size of TP sheets really be inversely proportional to the size of our duffs? Better buy some hand sanitizer along with that potty paper. You’re gonna need it. Last time I checked you could get authentic 4.5″x4.5″ butt buffer on Amazon. The price wasn’t bad, but you do have to buy a case. Might as well get one or two. Your friends and relatives are gonna be begging you for some once they find out you’ve got the real deal.

  24. Cut baby dipers into 4.5″ strips by however long, surge the edges. Put in two containers one clean one dirty. Wash as needed. Go green go cheep.F___ the but wipe makers.

  25. Get a life! Europeans have been using smaller toilet peper forever and they seem to do just fine. Of course American butts are bigger than European butts, but that is no excuse. Can anyone explain why they need wider toilet paper, most of which does not even come close to the spot being serviced?

  26. I haven’t even noticed the size changing. I just googled Cottonelle quality and found this. It’s the paper quality I noticed. My husband thinks it’s my imagination, but the paper definately pills and stays on your body.

  27. I wrote in a while ago with the suggestion to use Scotts Naturals TP since it’s a little wider at 4.2 X 4.0. I don’t have a roller bar type dispenser so I need the extra width. The Scotts Natural stayed in place until the end of the roll which is better than not at all. I loved the texture, it feels soft without clogging the toilet like some of the other soft products. However, the only store I could find it in has discontinued carrying it. Surprise…surprise. I looked on the web for it and found that the reason they are not carrying it anymore is because Scotts Natural is trying a new product which is the same product only tubeless. I really don’t know how that is supposed to work. Just a little more inconvenience for the so-called sake of the environment which translates to less money to produce it. LOL Now I’m on the look out for another brand. I have found TP that is larger but it’s sold in bulk for restaurants and you must buy huge amounts so that lets me out because if I can’t try it out first I won’t buy it. I’ll just keep looking until I find something. Someone told me to try Trader Joes or Whole Food 365 Brands. But I don’t live near either of them but maybe some of you might. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would one day be writing about toilet paper problems. ;0)

  28. Perhaps I’ve been somewhat oblivious, but only today when changing a roll of TP did I notice something different, it appeared to be narrower. Just on a lark I googled my question and found this. I think it’s hilarious finding all these comments. Just another way manufacturers are saving money after some MBA type analyzes the books. As always the consumer pays the bill and corporate America pays huge bonuses to reward those who continue to screw us.

  29. If you live in the Buffalo NY area, you can still get full-size toilet paper at the grocery chain Tops Friendly Markets. It’s a little on the flimsy side, but at least it fits the holder. I bought Scott for decades, but when they “went small” I said see ya.

  30. What is really funny , is that the TP is being made smaller and they are still charging us for the old size. But in a while they will start making the “new larger size” and charge us more for the same size TP we use to get for less! Just like coffee and ice cream . . no more 3 lb can, no more 1/2 gallons now it’s 1.75 quarts! Why don’t they just leave the size alone and charge us more and stop acting like we are all illiterate fools!!

  31. You can buy Boardwalk 6150 (4.5×3.75) at Sam’s Club or several sites online. Alternatively, Precious (4.5×4.5) or Feather Soft (4.5×3.7) are available at

  32. Royale Bathroom Tissue just got smaller from 300 sheets to 280 sheets per double roll, go figure.

  33. I use shop towels so I’ve never run into this problem.

  34. Dick, I don’t think shop towels are good for any plumbing, but especially for those of us with septic tanks. Unique solution though.

  35. I was in Costco today and noticed one of the Charmin types of toilet paper they carry had words on the wrapper that indicated the toilet paper was of a larger size. That is when I realized what had gone wrong with the toilet paper I was using. That and the fact that the previous brand I used (Northern) had gone from a good quality to a very poor quality. I am going to try the one at Costco.

  36. Boardwalk makes a 2-ply roll that is almost full size, 4.4″ x 3.75″. I had to order a case of 96, $38.85 plus $8.99 S&H, which comes to less than $0.50 a roll. I got it from Wares Direct, a restaurant supply business. Each roll is individually wrapped and the quality is very good, better than the Scott I had been using.


  37. To BARB: That just means the rolls are larger, not the squares themselves. I’m pretty sure the reason they shortened the squares length & width was to keep the square a sqaure. Otherwise they would be rectangles. And GENERALZOD–You’re right, and it’s too bad, as we need more TP to wipe our fat behinds.

  38. Or…you could just buy a new toilet paper holder that has the spring loaded tube on it instead of just the sides holding it.

  39. Buying a new holder isn’t an option for us in older houses that have built-in dispensers. These new rolls don’t fit…period.

  40. Hello. I bought 96 rolls of 2 Ply 4.5 x 4.5 toilet paper on Oct 2011 and I still have some left. Will probably last me a full year. It’s not plushy like Cottonelle or Angel Soft (they clog my toilet anyway) and is not thin like the inexpensive brands. It’s kind of like an in-between type. I really love it and it comes out cheaper than buying it in the store including the shipping fee.
    Here’s the link to check it out:


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  42. I can’t believe its only a difference of 4.5 to 4.2. My tp dispenser is built into the wall of my bathroom , The tp holder is the same type for 50 years. It sure seems to me that over time the paper is shorter in width by almost a half an inch or more. Also because it sits in a recess in the wall it can tell the paper isn’t as thick as it used to be. When I would put on a new roll it would be hard to turn without getting one sheet at a time. Not anymore. Some of you are right they think we are idiots by making products smaller and charging the same price. I noticed it with a can of pedigree dog food. They made them smaller about a year ago. I just don’t understand how with everything getting smaller we keep getting bigger.

  43. Have you noticed the cardboard roll on the inside of paper is getting larger. Also paper two years ago it was on sale for $3.99, then it went to $4.99, now you are lucky to find it for $5.99 for less paper. I hate being tricked. I noticed the trick have you?

  44. ain’t that the truth i dislike the fact that over the years to save a nickle they have made the one piece of paper you can’t live without less wide over the years and id love to know what is up with all the commercials balancing quarters to show how strong their product is when wiping is what the important motion is unless you use it to weigh each piece of poo and at what age is one square of paper ever going to clean a bottom 1 ?

  45. i was appaled when i got toilet paper this moth. when i put it on the roller it was about an inch shorter than normally. the squares are so much shorter. now we have to use twice as much. i don’t know what idiot decided to do that. it cost a fortune to buy and now you cut it down. i really don’t believe you people. every company waants to screw the people over. i have used your charmin for years because i thought it was reasonable priced and was a good product, but now i guess i may as well go to the dollar store and get it for a dollar if it is going to be cut down. good luck with your cheap products. you are losing a good customer.

  46. I believe that my toilet tissue roll has shrunk again. I live in an apartment and have a toilet roll holder that is over 30 yrs old. I now have a 3 in gap on my holder. I haven’t noticed that my price is smaller. What is up? How big are the rolls in Europe? I want to know when it will stop.

  47. The bottom line is the out of control inflation. Twizzlers used to cost $1 for a 1 pound bag 5 years ago. Now its $2.50. And reading through al the old posts here, toilet paper has done the same thing. Smaller packs and higher cost. Why don’( the people get the source and understand the Oboma administration is causing this out of control dollar shrink and put a stop to it. Inflation during the Jimmy Carter years was the same way.

  48. The amazing thing to me is that we got all the way to Jeff’s comment before someone blamed Obama. You guys are slipping.

    Anyway, Jeff, it’s not Obama’s fault. It’s corporate America doing this to us; those guys are mostly Republican, but let’s just leave that out of it. If you want to place blame, let’s blame the corporate profit entitlement mentality. I remember back in the day, a high profit was something a business hoped to make. Now they seem to think high profit is something due them, and lower profits are a sort of violation of their rights. On one end of this we get swindled into buying skinny, loosely wound toilet paper that’s mostly air and promises, and on the other end of the scale we get insurance companies actively creating loopholes that allow them to let people die instead of paying for lifesaving treatment. It’s the same mentality expressed in different ways.

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