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My Biggest Complaint About Timothy Whaley Photographic Artists

I don’t know where to begin. When my wife and decided to go with TW we knew we were paying a lot of money for their services(over $4,000.00). We figured if we pay a little extra we should be getting the better service and product. We were dead wrong. The product was excellent and our photography was fabulous, but the service was God awful.

After our wedding we had to meet with TW numerous times and at those meetings we had a different “Consultant”, and every time we went in these “Consultants” said that they were our “Consultants”. Every consultant we had never knew what we wanted. We had to explain ourselves and everything we wanted and what we were suppose to get to each consultant. They always seemed confused. No one took notes. No one seemed to know what was going on. Here’s a small list of things they did wrong: Lost our personal check, got a picture wrong in our promotional 5×7 set and did not offer to mail it to us once it was completed (they wanted us to drive out there to get-25 miles-for a 5×7), put a wrong picture into our album that suspiciously is whited-out on our proof sheet and the number that is written over it doesn’t match my wife’s hand writing, misspelled my wife’s name after numerous attempts telling them not to spell it wrong, and finally, telling us they are going to deliver our wedding album and not; three times.

It was an overall hassle and would not recommend using them.

Every time we went there I found myself saying, “What can go wrong next?”. It also seemed the more we complained about the service the more things went wrong. I was tired of hearing apologies and truly believe that they really don’t give a damn. I’ve asked to have to speak with the owner of the company and I was spun off with, “He comes in and out. You can E-mail him.”. I guess the owner doesn’t care. In conclusion, they are too expensive and the service is the worst.

I would never recommend anyone to use TW. As far as I’m concerned we never did business with them.

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  1. First Id like to express my sympathy for your ordeal. Second Id like to clearify a few things about wedding photography. $4000.00 is really a bargin for wedding photography specially if you are getting a good product. Now why is photography so expensive? Well why is surgery so expensive?

    Let me give you this example. The photos you yourself take at home of your kids and your family may be ok but are they stellar like a professionals work? Would you do surgery on your kids at home as a hobby or to save money? Even if you beleive you can rip the tonsils out your probably not going to do it! the closest thing to home surger you may get is removeing a splinter or helping your child pull a loose baby tooth. So why would you expect results any better that from home photography?

    The tools used by professionals are professional equipment desinged to function in different than home environments desinged to give professional results. The lens you have for you SLR camera at home may cost $200. The one the professional shows up with may cost over $2000.00 and in many case $5000 or $6000. The on camera built in flash you use is desinged to light a small subject in a small home where as the one the professional shows up which is desinged to light large churches and cost far more than the one you got a service mechandise or even wolf camera.

    Iv heard of people calling their photographer and suggesting they get the prints made for them becuase they can get the prints from thier professional lab cheaper than they can get them the corner one hour photo. Typically wrong!! professinals pay more for professional printing. Thats why they get so much better images and such a variety of high quality professional papers.

    The amount of work a photographer typically does for a wedding goes far beyond the doors of the church and reception hall. most photographers will spend at least 40 to 80 ;hours on your wedding project not including onsite time. Take out the expenses and your photographer is not really making a whole lot of money!

    Now with the 40 - 80 hour time investment and considering the peek wedding season most photogrpahers shoot at least one wedding a weekend for at least 4 months of the year and has a portrait business they must maintain as well, it is easy to see why it takes so long for the photographers to get your finished products to you.

    This however is no ecuse for how you were treated. Even if you were a horrible customer with both a bridzilla and a groomzilla and all the inlawzillas to go along. Why wouldn’t they want to get you taken care of even sooner and get you out of their business and lives. So I say no excuses for TW.

  2. I could not agree more with this complaint! Timothy Whaley was the worst experience of my wedding. I was married over 11 months ago and am still trying to get my album from them. Their service is HORRIBLE. Both me and my friend used them for weddings last year and have come to completely regret it. In the meantime, I have had numerous friends spend much less and get 1000 times better service. Everytime, you deal with a different person making minimum wage who is probably going to work there for less than 3 weeks - then it starts all over again with someone else. They definitely seem to think that people are going to come out to Lisle to pick up photos all the time - someone might want to tell them it is ridiculously far. Please whatever you do - don’t use them for your wedding. It isn’t worth all the free promotions they promise you because in the end it is such a hassle to even get them - if you do. Stay away from Timothy Whaley!!!!

  3. I also had the worst experience with Timothy Whaley!!!!!!! With many of the same complaints wrong pictures, never the same consultant, over a year since my wedding and I still don’t have my wedding album except that I didn’t like my pictures that much either. I didn’t mind the time frame or the money when I thought they were editing my pictures and I was going to get a good product but my brothers $300 vegas pictures turned out nicer than my “bargain” $6000 photos.

  4. we are getting nickled and dimed as I speak! our consultant quotes 1 price and the billing department is billing us a couple of more dollars. cause she messed up. now they are relentless about their money that is less than 15 dollars.

  5. You all need to stop your complaining. I had a wonderful experience with Timothy Whaley. Not only was their photography wonderful, but the customer service was great too. Who cares that you have a different consultant every time? I think that is the silliest complaint. You’re being offered their service; wouldn’t it be more annoying if you had to reschedule an appointment because your consultant wasn’t in the office that day? I think this company goes above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy. Everyone I have spoken with at the company was very polite. As far as the time frame, I think it is very reasonable. You people realize that it not only your wedding they’re working on, right? Stop being bridezillas

  6. I could not agree more with all of these complaints…when all was said and done we spent close to $10,000 on our photography with Timothy Whaley and Associates. Their work is “sloppy” and the customer service is absolutely horrible! I have driven there over 5 times now to try and correct problems with our photos and our album still is not complete. We too have ended up with a different “consultant” each time…none of whom seemed to have any knowledge of photography. The problem with working with different consultants is that when you’re dealing with correcting problems (which believe me, there will be plenty of….everything from red eyes in photos to the wrong photos being printed….) you’ll explain everything to one person…then when you come back and things are supposed to be fixed, but they aren’t, the person you are meeting with has no clue what you are talking about….and so you have to explain the problem again….they say they’ll fix it….then you come back a couple of months later to approve the “fixed” pictures, and they still have problems. I seriously wonder whether we will ever get our album!!! And these problems are on top of problems with the photographers themselves. Our main photographer was nowhere to be seen following our ceremony, there were no full body shots taken of the bride walking down the aisle, and many of the shots we specifically asked to have taken were never shot. It was just an overall horrible experience….I would highly recommend considering other photographers.

  7. STAY AWAY from Timothy Whaley…….. Our photog actually took some good pictures but left early and missed some of the best shots of the reception!!, Also, the customer service is terrible and actually ruined the whole experience. They suck! Avoid at all cost! For the amount of money spent, no one should be treated so poorly. Always meeting with someone new and never knowing what the hell was going on, giving incomplete or wrong information.

  8. I don’t want to reveal how much we paid because it’s completely ridiculous - and the pictures were not worth it! Their proofing system is HORRIBLE - nobody even looked at half the pictures because it was so slow and clunky. They gave us a printed proof book that completely fell apart, and they still required that we drive down not once, but twice to Lisle at 8pm on a week night from up near Wisconsin (they aren’t open on weekends) or else they would charge us $1800 for keeping the book.


    The photographer FORGOT to take the one picture I requested OF MY DRESS!!!!!

    They will put you on a payment plan to pay for your outrageously expensive bridal album, but they won’t let you design the album (YES, you have to design your own album) until you pay it off. So, it takes about a year AT THE LEAST to get your album.

    There are tons of photographers and companies in Chicago - STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

  9. I was surprised to see that this company has any complaints. I know of several people (close friends and family) that absolutely LOVE them and the pictures they took. The albums that I have seen are just amazing. I really wished I had used them for my wedding!

  10. When I came across this site, I was surprised to see these comments as I have found no indication of them in our client records. If you are a customer with a concern please feel free contact me directly at photographic_artists@twaphoto.com. I am personally committed to customer satisfaction, so if my company has let you down even in the smallest way I want to know about it and do my very best to fix it.

    We are a great company, but by no means are we perfect (although this is exactly what we strive for). We have been awarded the “Best of Weddings” photographer for the entire Chicagoland area by theknot.com for the last three years (only one other studio besides us has ever done this).

    Also, if you are reading these posts, please keep in mind that they are not verified by anyone and could easily be fake reviews posted by our competitors.

    Thank You – Tim Whaley

  11. I agree. they are just out for your money. and the photographer wasn’t that amazing and somewhat annoying. There are all these deals so that you are forced to spend more money. you can find a better place for less money.

  12. I agree 100 percent we are having this same issue with them. Our wedding was last year and still we are fighting to just get the simpliest things needed. Every single time you meet with some one new and all they want is for us to spend more money. DO NOT USE THEM they are terrible.

  13. My name is also Jim Smith because if you read the very fine print it says that you can not discuss any complaint about Timothy Whaley. My guess is because there are so many he would never get any busingess. Hope this helps some people in there decision. Do not be taken by there propaganda they are great scammers and are easily trustable. Do not fall victim like so many of us have.

  14. Also this is not fake Timothy Whaley himself is the biggest one of them all please do not be fooled by his little remarks he really only cares about getting that green in your pocket.

  15. Look around he is not a bargain the items he makes you pay extra for most other places do throw in for nothing. In the long run they will be so much more time consuming and expensive than any one else. Just so it is not all bad the photographers were very nice and professional it is the office and greed of this vendor that makes them so bad.

  16. Timothy Whaley did our wedding in 2005 and they flat out stole money from us. In fact, their collections law firm partner is part of the extortion. This all started when my cousin, who stood up in the wedding, died in a car crash a few months after the wedding. We needed more time for families and friends to review the proofs and my wife asked TW for an extension. The idiot on the phone (there are no professionals in that office, just a bunch of high school dropouts including the office manager) told my wife that was fine and granted a 3 month extension. Our biggest mistake was not getting that in writing. 3 months go by and we find out they sent us to collections. I emailed TW himself to find out what was happening and he told me they had called us numerous times. Not only did they completely “forget” they gave us the extension, but they never called us and flat out lied about this. I had T-mobile send us 5 months of line item usage reports and found no calls from TW. They are liars and thieves, DO NOT USE THEM. In the end, what could we do but pay the extra costs to their collections dogs? Taking this to court would cost us much more. Our pictures were average at best as well. It was a horrible experience and I pray they go out of business so other people don’t have to make the mistake of using them for their wedding.

  17. Our experience at Timothy Whaley was not only a bad wedding planning experience thus far, but also one of the worst customer service experiences I ever experienced. The sales consultant claimed to be a photographer for Timothy Whaley and was extremely unprofessional, insincere, impersonal and would not stop talking to allow us to state our opinions or ask questions. The only way we could give our input or ask for clarification was when the consultant took a breath or swallowed. What was even more strange, is that the consultant wouldn’t even acknowledge both of us. We are planning on investing a lot of money into our photography but if we are not treated with respect by a consultant who is trying to “sell” services and “buy” our business, we do not believe Timothy Whaley deserves our money or our time.

  18. Timothy Whaley did our wedding in 2009 and they didn’t take a picture of the front of my dress which was a really disappointment. They also took a lot of duplicate pictures so in my proof book there are a lot of the same pictures from the before and after. Then at the reception they didn’t let anyone know about the backdrop until the end of the evening which was another disappointment. Now it has been 11 months since our wedding and I’m still waiting on our album, the CD, and the incentive pictures that they wanted me to pay a fee for them to have them mailed to me. STAY AWAY FROM TIMOTHY WHALEY!!!!

  19. The company called me and we got everything resolved. Thank you very much.

  20. filling the name as Jon Doe because this company has a policy that prevents your from complaint about them otherwise it’s a breach of contract. Absolutly the most inconsiderate people to deal with. This company has time after time gone out of their way to nckel and dime us out of every last penny of wedding money that we reicived. This company comes up with excuse after excuse as to why they cannot start our album or why they need more money for the album. In my life I have never wanted a company to go out of bussiness so badly!!! Wheither you choose to belive these comments or not you have been far warned that you will be stressed and frustrated and truely aggravatied in the two to three years in total that you may be dealing with this overpriced undertalented so called company!

  21. The comment by Jon Doe was someone who had hacked into my account leaving this false comment. Timothy Whaley & Associates gave me a generous offer on my album as a good gesture of goodwill. Thank you so much Timothy Whaley & Associates!

  22. Couldn’t agree with these complaints more! We’ve had so many problems since the minute we signed (actually minutes before) with them, and it hasn’t ended over 5 months after the wedding. Photos are terrible, service is horrendous, all of our complaints are ignored. All they care about is that we buy an album, and give them even more money. Have been told by numerous people to tell them we want our money back (yea right, good luck with that), and to report them to the Better Business Bureau; definitely going ahead with that one. I doubt we’ll ever see our digital negatives anyway! Waste of money; nothing but bad associations when I think of our wedding now.

  23. Synopsis:

    Photos = Was expecting much better.

    Customer Service = Horrible.

    Price = Too high for the quality.

  24. I am not sure whether TWA has a clause in their contract that prohibits a client from complaining about their service or products because wouldn’t such a complain be covered by the 1st amendment freedom of speech?

  25. Stay away from TWA. We were endlessly disappointed.

  26. TIMOTHY WHALEY PHOTOGRAPHY are the biggest cheats I have ever encountered.

    To date they are our worst wedding decision. The marketing guy will show you packages that seem too good to be true. After signing up (and looking at the fine print you realize that you have been completely ripped off and there is no way out other than forgetting about your wedding pictures altogether. For example one package includes a parent album for parents on both sides of the family. You think “great deal” right, except what they mean is that you get an empty album and your parents pay per photograph to have pictures in there.

    We got married in the summer of 2011 and are still waiting on our album and the digital negatives. However if we coughed up $5000 for the ultimate package after already spending $2700 on the service, they will give you the digital negatives instantly. At this point we don’t give a damn about the photos so you can imagine how many guests care to see it at this point. Basically use this company if you want your wedding album as a gift for your first wedding anniversary.

    Also the company has the equivalent of a “conflict resolution manager”. As soon as she sensed tension with us, she quickly emailed us to remind us that in our contract it clearly states that all conflict needs to be resolved in house or as per the contract or else they will find no need to give us our album or the negatives. In other words its a form of blackmail. Hence I need to post under a fake name.

    You will be sorry if you use their service. They will nickel and dime you until you give up. They have a way of keeping their KNOT ratings and BBB rating high. They operate no differently than a back who knows you will not read the fine print and so that is how they get you.

    At the end of the day I realize that it might be fair to say I should have read the contract but the truth is as fellow human beings they should be ashamed at how unethical they have been. I sincerely hope that there is a lawsuit brought against them and that they are disgraced through bankruptcy. ( I would do it if I had any money. Unfortunately they money was spent paying for a wedding album)

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