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My Biggest Complaint About The “Slow Drivers In The Right Lane” Rule

Most states have a rule that slow drivers are supposed to stay in the right lane and let people pass. I know my state has this rule, the only problem with the rule is that I’m considered a slow driver because I go the speed limit.

If I drive 55 and I’m in the left lane, by , I’m supposed to defer to the jackass who are doing 90. I have to move over so they can get burn on down the road. Why?

Don’t say “Safety”. Bullcrap. Safety is not driving 90 in the first place. Do you think the speeder will swerve into the right lane to try to get around me? Sometimes, but the speeder can’t get around me if there are other people in the right lane also obeying the law and doing the speed limit.

My biggest complaint about having to move over for speeders by law is that this encourages speeding. It gives a free lane to anyone who is daring enough to break the law. People like me who obey the speed limit are the ones who will abide by the slow drivers in the right lane rule anyway.

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  1. The law is not that it is a “speeding lane” but rather that it is a “passing lane.” The reason far more people are pissed off at you than vice versa is that while you self-righteously drive 55 in the left lane you cause back ups of traffic behind you, and yes, force people - even those doing 56 mph - to pass on the right. Everyone - 90 mph’ers included - should travel in the right lane. And when you slow-poke 55 mph’ers need to pass someone who is going even slower, it is permitted by law for you to exceed the speed limit briefly while passing. By staying to the right as a rule you permit the flow of traffic at whatever average speed it happens to be going, whether 55mph or 70mph.

    Instead of smelling your obviously delicious farts and dreaming of a world filled with only you, maybe you could think of someone besides yourself and move the hell over so traffic can flow properly.

    Driving fast doesn’t cause accidents; driving carelessly - at any speed - most certainly does.
    And for the record, I generally drive 60 mph on my daily commute. In the right lane.

  2. I would add this to Matt’s comment: in most places it is legal to drive a speed that is “reasonable and prudent.” The posted “speed limit” is presumed to be reasonable and prudent, but higher speeds can be legal as well, depending on the circumstances. On most posted 55mph stretches of highway in clear weather, 70 is a reasonable and prudent speed for an alert driver in a functioning car. So when you’re self-righteously occupying the left-hand land lane at 55 mph, you’re impeding people who are obeying the law.

    Driving slower than the flow of traffic is about as dangerous as driving faster. If you’re never exceeding the posted speed limit, you’re probably a crappy driver. But, since the accidents you cause will be behind you, you may never know it.

  3. I need to side mostly with Matt and Mark on this one. The policy I’ve adopted after awhile is simply one of “avoiding the conflict with each other.” What this means for me is that if somebody is going slower than I’d like, I’ll do my very best to stay a reasonable distance from his bumper for a reasonable amount of time.

    HOWEVER, I think it’s quite fair for me to expect that this driver should show the same respect in that after a short period of time in which a car is traveling right along behind him (and in MANY cases, an increasingly growing length of cars), he would pull over (or move into the right lane, if on a multi-lane road), and allow the car(s) to pass.

    By doing this, we all can simply avoid bubbling up with anger inside. Even you must admit that when you are riding in the left lane at 55, and cars build up behind you, becoming increasingly more impatient with you, you become angry. Wouldn’t you rather avoid this? If you would move over and let them pass, I think it’s safe to assume that they might be a little less impatient with the next “righteous 55 driver” in the left lane that they approach… and even less impatient if they knew it was likely he or she would also move over. Ultimately, that means that you wouldn’t have people up your bumper all the time.

    I’ll make this simpler for you. By pulling over, you will actually decrease the amount of rudeness displayed to you by the “speeders.” It’s a macro-social effect.

  4. Most accidents have 2 of 3 elements: 1, excessive speed; 2, distraction or impairment; 3, an unexpected or hampering road condition (a swerving vehicle or icy-patch for example). The combination of #1 and #2 are responsible for most motor vehicle accidents. It may surprise you to know that #1 in and of itself causes quite few motor vehicle accidents. It is actually the number of maneuvers required to circumvent slow left-lane drivers that contribute to more dangerous road conditions than simply exceeding the posted limit by 20-30 MPH. Now, I’m not talking about people who drive 90 in crowded conditions or >100 in moderate conditions…these are extreme speeders who cause tremendous jeopardy to those on the road. But most of the time, it is actually slower moving vehicles that lead to the perfect brew of road conditions that can cause accidents.

    Now, we the people decided long ago that we are going to live in a society where slow drivers get out of the way of fast drivers. It has always been a courtesy (again I am not talking about the super speeders). Whether codified (as in quoted statutes in many states which permit “prudent and reasonable” speeds to keep up with traffic flow, or not, many people follow a reasonable speed which will take them to 70 MPH on a freeway with 55 limit or to 85-90 MPH (in open [not rushour] driving conditions on 65MPH roads. There is a bell curve, like there is with most continuous variables, with the average driver slightly exceeding the posted limit (say 65 in a 55 zone, or 70-75 in a 65 zone). These folks should occupy the second-to-left or middle lane. Folks traveling at speeds below these should occupy the R lane. The left lane is for faster traffic. A good rule of thumb is that you should expect to be passing other cars if you are in the L lane.

    If you find that traffic is passing you on the right, that is a signal to get over. This will decrease the chances of an accident (b/c everyone is not going to start driving 55 b/c you do, honey).

    Most people sort of understand this by osmosis, but others need a more direct and literal explanation….

  5. it would be nice if the impatient speeders behind me who think i’m a slowpoke going 75 while i’m passing a vehicle would actually keep their briefs on a moment while I move back into the right lane, instead of jerking over to the right lane to pass ME as soon as they see enough room to squeeze 6 inches past my bumper………..remember what your teachers taught you standing in line in kindergarten…..don’t PUSH.

  6. D: Agree wholeheartedly, as I am, in fact, in your camp. Those people are probably the most dangerous drivers on the road. Out of the non-intoxicated ones, anyway.
    Speaking of dangerous…All you impatient assholes who go one step further and use the breakdown lane: up here in my neck of the woods (southern CT) someone was killed recently as they sat in/near their car in the breakdown lane and were struck by someone “avoiding traffic.” Completely senseless tragedy.


  7. Listen all you slow drivers need to move the hell over. You know there are 20 cars behind you and about 15 passing you on the right so unless you are an inbred asshole. MOVE THE HELL OVER and do your slow speed in the right lane and stop trying to regulate the speed of traffic to your slow ass speed.

  8. Or it’s the Liberal wackos in the hybrid pieces of crap, those things can’t do over 45 but they jump on over in the left lane anyway.

  9. How about the morons that jump in front of you in the left lane then slow down. They suck, then when you go to pass them they speed up. That is why once I get a chance to pass, I cut them off withing inches of their bumpers. They are just trying to regulate the speed of other drivers and one day they will get what is coming to them.

  10. The original poster is a JA. Just move over and enjoy your drive. Why let it bother you? Why waste time writing about it. Just move the F over and get out of my way.

  11. Number 1, You have a issue with control.
    Number 2, You are WAY to concerned with that other driver that wants to go faster than you.

    And we both know it’s not always some idiot that wants to go 90. It could be someone that just wants to go a little fast than you. Someone that knows their exit is coming up and they need to move over and you are stopping them cause you are so concerned with your so called right to go the speed limit in what ever lane you’re in. And it could be someone who’s loved one was just taken to the hospital and they are trying to get there. Or they have a sick animal they need to get to the vet. Or their child is sick….. You have no idea. You just assume that everyone that wants to go faster than you is WRONG and you are RIGHT and you DON’T CARE!

    Why don’t you be more concerned about what YOU’RE doing, not why that guy is trying to get by you. Be a little courteous and move over. Isn’t that what you would want someone to do for you if you had to go a little faster for whatever reason, then the person in front of you? And if it is a jerk and there are a lot of them out there. Why get so upset? Once they are by you and gone you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Why do you feel the need to be the one to teach them a lesson. You are just as bad as the idiots.

  12. Get a life Mr. I drive 55 mph and want to hold up traffic acting like an 80 yr old driver. Get the hell out of the way idiot.
    If u want to drive slow…. the speed limit…Get the hell out of the way-Jerk & get a life.
    I hate people like u in the mornings.

  13. Agreed… Slow drivers need to get over for people going at a reasonable speed. We don’t have all day to get across town. If the speed is 55 (first off that is sooo slow) you should try going about 70… besides it is not like some kid is going to pop out in front of you on the highway…DUH!!! Just wait for the faster driver to pass you then pass the driver slower than you.

  14. I just drive the speed limit. Don’t get mad at me if I’m going the speed limit and you’re late. That’s you’re problem.


  15. Yes, I’m going to get mad at you. The law says that slower traffic must keep right. I know you’ve seen those signs. Why is that you choose to abide by only the signs that are convenient for you?

    It is because of you, Mr. I-am-better-than-everyone-else, that I am late. I follow the rules of the road. I move over when someone driving faster than me is behind me. If you are driving the speed limit and not a mile over (which is crazy- who does that?!), then that is your prerogative. You are not the police, so who are you to force me to drive your speed? Your complaint is that I am breaking the law by speeding, yes? Well, you are breaking the law by remaining in the left lane when you are the slower driver. It must be nice to have crap that smells like roses.

    As a bit of a tangent, I’d like to moan a bit about the slow drivers that feel the need to run a stop sign, cut me off, and then drive a couple miles below the speed limit. It’s like only some laws apply to these people. You run a stop sign (dangerous), and cut me off (very dangerous), but then drive slow (cause that is the law and you are a safe driver). Get the hell out of my way!!

  16. My only question is this: if you are driving the speed limit, and only the speed limit, then why are you out of the right lane anyway? If you are the slow person, you should never have a reason to be in the fast lane to begin with. Common sense should tell you this. If you know the law (as you seem to) then you should realize that without people like you, we wouldn’t need those signs.

  17. Hi, I’m a freelance writer writing a story on the increasingly heated conflicts over left-lane driving.

    I’ve spoken to folks who get frustrated over left-lane ‘campers,’ but I’ve had trouble tracking down someone from the other perspective. I would like to speak to someone like you, Piper, or the original post-er.

    It’s Friday, 7/18 and I’d like to catch up w/ someone ASAP to add another perspective to my story. I’ll explain. I can be emailed at: csolomon3837 @ yahoo dot com .
    thanks Chris

  18. Chris,

    I would be interested in reading your article when it’s finished/published. Please come back and provide us a link or information about how we can read it. Thanks.

  19. Why is it if I’m going way over the speed limit that people are mad at me for not pulling over?….. why should I have to pull over if Im over the speed limit and the right lane is wide open?

  20. You should read the National Motorist Association’s page on the subject of lane discipline. In most states, the left is for passing only. That is the law. Don’t try enforcing your own version of the law yourself.

  21. Rick G, Piper, and original Poster,

    The right lane is where you belong. The left lane is a PASSING lane. Meaning (since you apparently don’t seem to grasp the concept) PASSING. If you are not passing other cars, you need to be in the right lane so that you can coast. You can actually get a ticket for obstructing traffic if you are caught holding up the flow in the fast lane. So you can legally be cited for what you are doing.
    I communte in the mornings, what I do is put the car on cruise control for 65-70 and coast in the slow lane. When I am approaching a vehicle that is driving slower, I switch lanes by waiting until traffic is clear in the left lane, using my blinker and PASSING not mathing the driver in the slow lanes (even more dangerous) speed, and when it is safe, I return to the slow lane. If you guys could cooperate, we would actually have less aggressive drivers, and safer roads.

    When I was younger, I was driving actually three miles over the speed limit, but it was my right away. This older women in an exploer who were impatiently waiting at a stop sign (they kept creeping closer to the road as I was approaching the intersection, however just as I passed for some reason the driver decided to try to cut me off. Clearly, it was not safe and we ended up having an accident.
    The first thing I hear when I got out of the car was “well you were speeding” You know what? Yes, I was going over the limit by three miles. But I was not cited, they were. The accident was their fault for not yielding to the right of way.
    They thought they were right and learned the hard way, you think you are right. Don’t be the ones to learn the hard way.
    I agree with everyone else’s comment to you on here. They said it just like it is. It is not up to you to regulate the speed of traffic.
    Based on your postings, I bet you are the people that mosey on over into the fast lane with out even to check if it’s safe. You must really piss people off on the road. You should really really be careful doing dangerous things like. You can really piss the wrong person off.

    Just cruise in the slow lane, listen to music and for God’s Sake don’t be on the phone too you f-ing JackAsses!

  22. Jesucita has said it all. The left lane is for passing NOT cruising.
    I have this problem almost every morning on my way to work. Neither one of the drivers ahead of me are even going the speed limit (50mph) and I have my cruise control set and I have to hit the brakes because there’s someone in the PASSING LANE going under the posted limit!
    It is one of the most annoying things to me!
    I was taught in driver’s ed that the left lane was for passing. I don’t know where all these other drivers went to school.
    And whoever the original post was, I would run your ass over. If someone wants to fly past me that’s their problem. You need to worry about yourself and not about anyone else. And STAY OUT OF THE LEFT LANE!!!

  23. i agree with the the side of this argument that is AGAINST the OP. however, i can see both sides.

    i’ll do the OP’s side first. the OP see’s the speed limit as a law that needs to be obeyed for people safety, just like laws prohibiting murder (though not as extreme, duh). now, take into account that not all left lanes are passing only…there’s a difference between a LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING ONLY sign, and a SLOWER CARS KEEP RIGHT sign. now, if the speed limit is 55, and someone is going 55 in the left lane in an are where the left lane is for passing only, they only have the right to be there when passing someone. now, if they are going 55 in the left lane in a zone where it says slower cars keep right, then they do, technically, by law, have the right to be there. no one has to move over for speeders…technically. it sucks, i know. i hate it, too. the slower cars are the ones that want to go slower than the posted speed limit. like going 50 in a 55 or something. no cop is going to (or at least they shouldn’t, technically) pull over someone going the speed limit, 55, in the left lane because they were holding back traffic that wanted to BREAK THE LAW and go 65.

    now, onto the side that i actually agree with. the speed limits that are posted in any given area are OBVIOUSLY slower than what is safe to go on a dry, sunny day. the limits are there as actually a general guide of what speed to travel when it’s rainy and foggy. if you are on I-90 going 85 in a 70, especially in a pack of cars, you’re totally safe. if you get into a wreck going 70 or 85 (as long as no tailgating is involved), either way you’re screwed. so might as well save time. now, when you decide to go into the left lane and “hold hands” with the car next to you, both going the speed limit, and cars start to back up behind you, why do you think it’s your job to play COP and stay parallel with the car next to you? does it make your penis feel bigger or your vagina feel tighter? if you’re gonna go the same exact speed as the car next to you, just GO in that lane. YOU are the ones who cause road rage and accidents. and just imagine if someone who is rushing a friend or pregnant wife to the hospital gets stuck behind your self righteous ass, and because of you playing COP, the extra time it takes them to get to the hospital costs a human life…just imagine! and if i’m going 65 in a 60, and i’m in the left lane, about to pass you (you’re in the right lane) and you switch into the left lane to pass the guy in front of you who is going 59, just so you can go 60. just wait for me to pass first! i hate waiting for somebody to pass another car, just to see that they are only going SLIGHTLY faster than the car they are passing.

  24. so what if I drive the speed liimit in the right side lane, its the posted amount, and its usually the safest speed to be going “in good weather” with ‘good conditions” The problem is that people drive too fast for road conditions, and people who are late-and then drive fast to try and compensate. Yes you may pass me, but you and I will meet up at the next turn signal. I stay in the right side and never get into the left lane, unless I have to turn left. Speeders just be aware that your desire to go fast and there there in a hurry is also increasing your blood pressure, and not in a good way. Leave early enough, slow down a little and you will feel much better when you arrive at your intended destination

  25. go ahead…drive the speed limit in the right lane…but STAY in the left lane. the speed limit is what is “safe” in MOST bad conditions…not extreme like snow, ice or massive fog. on a dry, sunny day at noon, it’s safe to 10-15 over.

    and countless times i have driven fast…and watched as the slow drivers i just passed have to STOP for the red light, that i made it thru…HAHA sucka!!

    i feel GREAT when i get to my destination and i have just gotten there in record time…i feel EFFICIENT!

  26. It is definately true that if slow drivers were a little more polite to those going a little faster that the roadways would end up feeling like a battlefeild.

    I have no problem with someone going the 55 mile limit because they dont feel safe going over it as long as they stay in the right lane or atleast make an attempt to not hold up the traffic and make assumptions about the drivers that are going faster, the truth is i feel that it is safe to drive 65 or so in the same conditions, and ive never once had a wreck doing it, its actually quite safe, the safe speed depends on the driver, if gramps who cant see clearly is goin 70 in a 55 that is completely unsafe, but however someone who is fully aware of the road and pays attention (not on the phone etc) can drive much faster safely.

    So in short i definately agree that slow drivers should stop trying to police the road because they think that just because someone says the speed limit is x that is the only safe way to drive and that simply is untrue.

    I think most accidents are not caused by excessive speed, nor going slower, they are caused by people who dont pay attention, so yes thats you mrs soccer mom on the phone trying to figure out if the game is canceld and make out your grocery list on the way to dropping your kids off at karate practice. go ahead and drive slower if you cant safely drive any faster, i know you need the roads too, just please pull over for me if i need to pass! and everyone should lay off the phones and such that should be one of the highest fines as it surely causes the most accidents. in other words, PAY ATTENTION! or hire a driver or take a cab etc. atleast from what ive seen here the most wrecks are from drunk driving and not paying attention regardless of the speed.

    while slow drivers get the tention hot on the freeway I think the real cause of road rage is not the slow guy even if they are rude, and its not the fast guy even if it does tick us off it doesnt mean there is something wrong with us, just remember that there are deadlines hanging all over most of us that drive fast, people expect us to be on the ball and effecient and thats just what we are trying to do, not everyone has the luxury of not having to work, being retired or a housewife etc, some of us have to get on the ball to be able to survive.

    no the real cause is poorly designed roadways, many of these towns we lived in were constucted under a tenth the traffic we now have and our system is just inadequate. its like being at disney world on its worst day every morning, lines , backups , lights out, road work, tractors that cant wait until after rush hour, its just gotten bad so that it doesnt matter the day, something will always be wrong. we need larger roads and better design of our towns, for instance, there is no reason to have every office in one lil patch

  27. The speed limit is the maximum speed limit you can go in any lane including during the act of passing.

    I totally agree with the author on this. If I am going the speed limit then I have the legal and moral right to drive in any lane. If I am going the posted speed limit then I am NOT slower traffic by definition of law. Period, no arguments. The speed limit is the law.

    I can drive anywhere I want and if I am going 60 in 60 then I can drive in any lane I choose AND I can NEVER be told I am slow because I am driving the Maximum speed limit.

  28. Here’s the unwritten rule. If you are driving the speed limit or have a car approaching from behind in the left lane, MOVE OVER. Drive with some common sense and courtesy which I know is basically non existent in New England. Actually, Rhode Island has the distinct honor of having the most clueless drivers in the country which I certainly agree with (not that I am one of them - I’m a New Yorker by birth!!). Massachusetts is not far behind as most are Massholes. Can’t tell for the other New England states but I’m sure the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    So, move over, use your directionals, and go to common sense school - you idiots.

  29. You, sir, are a inconsiderate jackass. You drive 55, so there is no reason for you to be in the left lane other than some self-righteous decision that no one else should be going faster than you. Proof? “My biggest complaint about having to move over for speeders by law is that this encourages speeding.” So you’re staying in the left lane to discourage speeding? Who appointed you judge, jury, and executioner?

    Do you also block jaywalking pedestrians from reaching the sidewalk?

    Those of us that choose to drive safely over the speed-limit will use that lane for it’s intended purpose, passing. With you in the left lane we are forced to slow down and create a dangerous backup, or pass you on the right, equally dangerous.

    People driving 90 in a 55 are going to be unsafe no matter what YOU do. Quit being a primadonna and move over for the rest of us Grandma.

  30. The speed limit is the law however it is not absolute. In case of an emergency, drivers in all of the states expect for Alaska and Ohio are permitted to drive above the posted speed limit in a manner within the safe conditions of the road and traffic (I had to paraphrase because each state’s wording is different). It is also permissible to exceed the posted limit when passing traffic on the right again within safe conditions.

    This area gets very gray once you change the type of road you are commuting on. A two lane undivided “highway” (two lanes for each side of opposing traffic) restricts the left lane to passing only. Why? To provide the maximum amount of reaction time and protection for the drivers of on-coming traffic. What about a six lane, divided Interstate highway like those found in L.A.? If an HOV lane has not been established, all lanes are open to traffic (Semis not included) however slower traffic, by law, shall yield to the right for faster traffic. Why? The blind spot on the left side on any vehicle is on average 35% to 45% smaller than the right side. Many studies have been performed by the NTSB and IHS that show that drivers that cause traffic to divert around them because they are travelling at or below the posted speed limit account for 9.7% - 11.6% of the fatal accidents nationally. With DUI related accidents accounting for 37% for all fatal accidents nationally, slow driving is the third most deadly cause of accidents on the road.

    I so many words, what I am trying to say is “Get the F over”. I do not need you to tell me I am driving too fast. I have made a decision to break the law by driving 10 MPH faster than the posted limit but you are may be breaking the law by not yielding to me. You do not know my need to drive fast yet you will impose your will upon me to drive slower. If you choose to ignore the law, you are as guilty as me for driving to fast.

  31. I have an issue with the people here criticizing the original poster. There are several comments that presume the poster is an “inconsiderate jacka$$,” “self-centered,” or simply “WRONG.” Who do you think you are to call him these names? You’re criticizing him for believing he owns the road when you’re the ones who are violating the law.

    Whether you believe in speed limits or not, they are the law and the people of this country are responsible for them, not God or some dictator. If you don’t like the way things are, then go vote for someone tomorrow who will change the speed limits instead of taking matters into your own hands or attempting to put down those who actually make an effort to follow the law.

  32. just stay in the right lane and stop freakin comlaining. i yell at people like you almost everyday. and really man, whats the difference between doing 55 in the left lane and 55 in the right lane. chances are people will always be driving faster than you…so just stay outta the way.

    have a nice day

  33. Steve - driving faster than the posted speed should (theoretically) help the gov’t in deciding to increase posted speeds. When considering changing a roads speed, they look at the speed 85% of drivers go. So if a majority of people drive faster than the posted limit, then they should (again, theoretically) increase the limit.

    Of course in reality, they seem much more likely to DECREASE limits because this causes more people to speed (most ignore limits and drive what they feel is prudent for the conditions) and thus gain additional ticket-revenue. See also: implementing red-light cameras (and the magically-shortened-yellow-light) instead of increasing yellow and all-red times.

  34. To the OP. I just happened to find this site and registered just to suggest you simply move to the right lane. It’s that easy. Otherwise I think your problem runs deeper than drivers who go faster than 55.

  35. Who the heck gives the right to someone to give a speed limit second to be frank you slow pokes out there deseve to get rammed up the rear end by a speeding car . the same way i would **** the **** out of your nasty cun’t snatch after i took a **** inside your pussy i would eat the ozzing **** and throw it up into your asshole then fist **** your asshole like a plunger.

  36. Why are there two sides to this argument? Why are people agreeing with the original poster? Common sense, people!. Common sense!! And people wonder why we have traffic jams and accidents. If you’re not passing anybody and somebody wants to pass you, get your ass over! Once I’m simply astounded that some people are actually agreeing with the original poster. Amazing.

  37. Slow drivers are THE cause of accidents, not fast drivers. Those who are daring to drive fast knows what’s they are in for. It’s the slow drivers that caused traffic to build up and someone behind will have to hit the brakes, and that’s when accidents can happen.

    So yea, slow drivers should never, never ever be on the fast lane.

  38. Wow, lots of speeders seem to think that they are great drivers!

    The law is that all vehicles are prohibited from exceeding the speed limit. So, if you’re over the limit, you’re breaking the law regardless what lane you are driving in. But, there’s no law against driving below the limit, unless there’s a posted minimum.

    The so-called “passing lane” is for passing a vehicle that is driving below the limit, like wide load or a tractor, or some who decides to drive slow. But the speed limit still applies when you are passing. As a matter of fact, the standard driving curriculum explains that you’re not even supposed to accelerate when you pass.

    So regardless of who’s passing who, the fastest anyone should drive is the posted speed limit. And anyone can drive slower. Once you are done passing, regardless of your speed, you should return to the right lane.

    I just don’t see what speeders are complaining about. You should only be driving the speed limit anyway.

  39. Kevin, do you follow everything as blindly as you follow the government? you’re really going to let them tell you what is safe for you? who are they to say that they know better than you? and who are you to say you know better for other people?

    the speed limit follows the rule of “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. what i mean by this is that the speed limit is designed so that the absolute most dangerous vehicle to drive can still safely go at the posted limit. for example, on a road posted at 40mph, a semi-truck can safely go 40…but most cars could probably be doing 55. most suv’s 50 and bigger pickup trucks that are hauling stuff 45.

    so when you’re driving along in the left lane, looking at your speedometer every 2 seconds to make sure the needle is EXACTLY on the 60mph mark, and feeling all good and proper about yourself…just remember that not everyone drives your way…and that you should just MOVE.

    also…you really think that the only safe speeds are in multiples of 5? i’m sure it’s just a coincidence that in nature the only safe speeds are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 etc…

  40. Kevin,

    Be careful with your absolutes. Some states allow drivers to legally exceed the speed limit while passing. See:


    Even more importantly, many states have laws that make it an enforceable offense to drive in the left-lane for more than a certain distance (typically 1/8 mile) without passing. There is a fine AND license points associated with this offense.

  41. To sum it all up:

    The people who are going the speed limit feel that they can legally drive in any lane no matter what, despite the fact that they may be breaking the law in doing so.

    The people who are moving along at traffic speeds feel that they are doing so safely, despite breaking the speed limit.

    In my opinion:

    I agree that we should do our best to make the roads safe. However, if the majority of traffic is running at a certain speed, even if it is over the speed limit, then the person in the fast lane who is going against the flow is the one making the road dangerous for everyone else, not safer.

    So, if you are in the left lane and traffic gains on you, you aren’t passing inside traffic, or you have to fiddle with something, please make someones day and just move over. I promise that I will do the same for you one day when you just have to get somewhere.


  42. Everyone on both sides of this argument seems to know the law. I would prefer we adopt the driving laws of Germany. Somehow they seem to “get it” when comes to freeway driving.

  43. The LEFT lane IS the PASSING LANE - If you’re slow be courteous and move over please… Less Accidents with common sense!!

  44. Sammy Hagar would not approve of your speed/driving habit.

  45. Rechts fahren!!!!

  46. The reason there are written laws is as you can see from the above posts everyone has their “own” version of the law. There has to be one law that everyone needs to obey and there is. It’s called the speed limit. Now, maybe you don’t like it but that’s the way it is. You can use every excuse in the book why you need to drive over it but that is just what it is an excuse.
    Stop cursing those people who are obeying it YOU are the one disobeying the law. The law is there to control people from going whatever speed they want - those people don’t care how many accidents or people get killed by speeding they just want to do waht they want to do. Very selfish. I’m with the poster. Call me all the names you want.

  47. OK Becky, I’ll bite. You are a self-righteous dimwit. If traveling in the left lane at any speed is also a traffic violation, then you, too, are disobeying the law. Not to mention that it is permissible to keep pace with traffic even if everyone is going over the speed limit.

    By traveling in the left lane at a slower - albeit strictly legal - speed you create an unsafe situation. And I would argue it is more unsafe than left-lane speeders. Drivers like you create bottlenecks when you take 5 minutes to pass an even slower vehicle in the right lane, causing tempers to flare and multiple lane changes once people can finally pass you on the right.

  48. If you’re obeying the speed limit, why do you need to be in the left lane? Also if you know that you’re blocking traffic, why would you insist on staying the left lane, now you’re being asshole. Are you an asshole? I’m not saying get over for speeders or whatnot, but goddamnit stop holding up traffic! And yes people will try to pass you the first chance they get because if you don’t get over once you (finally) pass that truck, you’re an asshole or you’re oblivious to the outside environment and both of them are very likely.

  49. There is some obvious lack of logic being used here. The people speeding in the left lane are the ones saying that the drivers doing the speed limit should be in the right lane because the left lane is for passing? How does that make sense? So people speeding are in a constant state of passing other cars? That doesnt make sense. If this is true, then the people going the speed limit are also in a constant state of passing cars because no one in the right lane ever goes the speed limit, they go much slower. In essence, forcing the people going the speed limit to go slowed than they want to.

    This whole argument doesnt make any sense. The person doing 60 in a 55 will call the 55′er a slow poke, then a person doing 70 will call the person doing 60 a slow poke, and someone doing 75 will want the 70′er to move over. This is why there is a speed limit. The left lane isn’t open to the person willing to drive the fastest.

  50. The argument is not all fast drivers stay in the left lane and slow drivers the right. Everyone should travel in the right lane and pass in the left. And when passing a driver going only slightly faster than oneself, increase speed appropriately so as to not inhibit faster drivers in the left lane.
    Simple, safe, logical. And most of all, lawful.

  51. Simple enough. Yet, just as complicated as merging: it’ll go right over people’s heads

  52. Stablecannon, you’ve hit it right on the head. Clearly, it went over Logic’s head, as he/she completely missed the entire point of the discussion - which Matt reiterated nicely. Pass on the left, then return to the right. Heck, I take an interstate to work everyday, and even if I’m in a hurry and passing at 75 or so, I STILL GET IN THE RIGHT LANE WHEN NOT PASSING. It’s the law. Oh, and for those of you who are on the verge of responding as to the legality of my speed, it is legal in my state to exceed the speed limit temporarily while passing. Hmm… wonder why that is? Oh! Perhaps, it’s to keep people from moving incredibly slowly in the left lane and creating clusters of angry drivers behind them.

  53. The OP and his supporters are just incredible. Why do you people feel that you are so important and better than everyone else? Why do you feel that it is necessary to tell everyone else how to drive? Here are the 2 arguments that I’ve seen so far. Driving over the speed limit is illegal, and driving in the passing lane is illegal. You know what? Agreed! So if you are such a stickler for following the laws, follow ALL of them, not just the ones that are convenient for you. You’re calling me out because I speed by saying that I’m breaking the law, so you shouldn’t move over for me. You’re also breaking the law, you dimwit. How else do we need to explain this to you. You’re. Not. Following. The. Law. You’re the law abider, so abide them. Moreso, what you’re doing is dangerous and rude. Be a saint and move over to the right lane if it is empty. I do. Other drivers pass me all the time, and that is their prerogative. If a cop pulls them over, that’s fine because it’s his job. It’s not my, yours, or anyone else’s job to be a regulator of the road.

    And for the record, I drive only 10 miles over the limit. I’ve spoken with a few cops and an attorney about this, and cops will not hassle anyone for driving only 10 over the limit. I have been going down the interstate (in the right lane I might add) with other people flying by me only to see them slam on their breaks because a cop is also driving on the road. I keep plowing along at my 10+ the speed limit speed and pass them and the cop. Not once has he pulled me over or even bothered to give me a look.

  54. I’d like to add to my comment above. Yesterday, I drove into Atlanta to go to the zoo with my wife and daughter. We we using the HOV lane. Numerous times, I had to pull off the HOV lane because some joker was driving the speed limit on it and refused to pull aside and allow faster traffic to pass. What is the point of that? You’re not a safe driver if you do this; you are causing traffic and annoying other drivers. YOU, Mr. Speed limit in the HOV, are 1 out of 30 drivers to be driving exactly the speed limit in the HOV lane. You are at fault, not the other 29 drivers.

    Why do these people feel the need to drive in the HOV lane? They could be going their merry way at the same speed in one of the middle lanes, but no, they have to camp out in the HOV lane because, dammit, they have a passenger in their car, and they damn well are entitled to using that lane. Just because you CAN use the HOV lane, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to. Like I said in my post above, I move over for faster traffic. If I noticed that when I was driving in the HOV lane that I had a caravan of cars behind me and some were passing me on the right, my first thought would be, “Damn, I’m in the way. Let me move over before I become too much of a jackass.” But not these people. Why even think of how you could be inconveniencing everyone else on the road? It’s easier to just stare straight ahead and ignore them. Better yet, why don’t you just stick a cell phone up to your ear, then you can really tune out the rest of the world.

  55. It’s simple folks- if you’re in the left lane, regardless of what speed you are traveling, if someone behind you is going faster and wants to get by, if the space is available on the right side, you move over. You have no idea what is going on in their lives or why they need to go fast, nor should you care- you should show courtesy and just move over. Even if you’re going 75mph- if it’s safe and there’s room in the right lane, you should move over. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to try to control other people’s behavior.

    I was listening to an expert on news radio that stated that statistics show that it’s not SPEED that is the major cause of accidents. Speeding in and of itself does not cause accidents, but rather it is other road hazards, such as people who drive slow and refuse to yield to faster traffic, thereby causing people to pass on the right side which is dangerous, and it also causes tailgating as a result of traffic being so backed up behind the slow driver. Add to this the road rage caused by one inconsiderate person, and you have the recipe for an accident.

    Not moving over for your fellow man shows a lack of consideration, period. You are just being a jerk.

  56. fufufufufufuf fu fuf fufufufufu I just got an agressive driving ticket because of one of you aholes. I was going around someone going 10 under the speed limit in the fast lane now I got a ticket a real bad one agressive driving, I have to get a lawyer even.

  57. Left-lane-passing-only advocates are hiding their aggression under the auspice of the law. I view competition on roads as something very bad. I’m more interested in traffic efficiency. Too many people race forward at breakneck speed then lock brakes. Then the fun of inching forward a little, followed by braking routine begins. The left lane should be designated a travel lane.


  58. That’s good to hear that you are interested in traffic efficiency. That is exactly what yielding the passing lane to faster traffic will do. What you don’t seem to understand is that it is not a competition for me or many of the other faster drivers out there. We just drive faster than you. You’re car isn’t even a blip on my radar until I find that you are cruising about in the leftmost lane backing up traffic. If there is an open space to your right that you can safely pull over to, why would you not do that? If the roles were reversed, I would do exactly that for you to let you pass. You see? Not a competition, just common courtesy to my fellow drivers on the road.

    I feel the most aggressiveness (albeit passive) from the left lane hogs that refuse to budge from the lane that they have deemed theirs. It is those drivers that cause traffic and cause tempers to flair. In the future, think of your fellow drivers instead of just yourself.

  59. Some good comments here. from both sides of the fence.
    I tend to drive in the middle or left lanes on freeways, and ALWAYS yield (when I’m safely able to) if someone driving faster wishes to pass me.
    Sometimes this means that I’m not going to immediately move right and slam on my brakes because the guy over there is doing 10mph less than I am.
    So the guy doing 10mph faster than I am may have to wait until I can get over- but I will, so please be patient.

    I have one question for the folks who assert that it’s their right to drive in the left lane at the speed limit and NEVER yield:
    Imagine that you have in your car: a wife getting ready to deliver/a child with appendicitis/a very sick pet/etc. - so you’d NEVER exceed the speed limit?? How do you know the person behind you isn’t in that situation? Be considerate, one day you may be the one having the emergency….

  60. Don’t you people know that I own the roads, Damm it I pay taxes too.
    I do not ever want to see one of you ever again going over 40 mph in any lane. If I cause you to have an accident because you wanted to pass me. Well, you deserved it.

    I mean how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat you meat…

    Most of you won’t . get it….

    but for those who do….

    all and all, I’m going to hunt down a brick. what I do with that brick. You’ll never know… Unless you are driving in the left lane.

  61. the rule is the left lane is the passing lane so once you pass you get back in the right lane if u gonna complain dont fail and have the wrong facts dumbass

  62. ok here’s the deal people don’t always go “90 miles per hour” in the left lane they tend to go 70 or 75. I do agree that slow drivers should be in the right lane but do not assume that you are being safe. You cause people to end up tailgating you, road rage and truthfully I do not think that you are being fair to the other drivers on the road.

  63. Where I live the speed limit is 70 mph. It f*cking pisses me off when people are driving 90mph in the left lane!!!!!!!!! You 90mph people need to get to the f*cking right lane!!!!!! Do not get me started about those 70mph drivers. You 70mph drivers do us all a favor and get the f*ck off the highway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to open up my corvette to 120mph. It gives me the best performance for my money. Nothing makes me more f*cking pissed off than to slow down to below 100mph. It makes me so pissed off. I want to take a tire iron and smash up someone’s car. I have had about enough of this f*cking sh*t. I think I will start carrying my f*cking 9mm handgun.

  64. To the Original Poster:
    Move over and let them pass. If you have been reading the posts, you can get a sense of where most of the “speeders” heads are at. They have stated that they possess the skills required in order to go however fast they wish to go. Their reasons are many and varied but try to understand the underlying message: “I am the judge of how fast I can drive and I am very angry at anyone who gets in my way!”

    When you see then coming up in your mirror, do not hesitate in moving over. If you do not, they will tailgate you, or worse.

    Move over and let the law of natural selection eventually weed the gene-pool.

  65. You totally missed the point, Cal. The two main points are:
    -Move over, it is the law
    -Move over, you are blocking the flow of traffic

    Self-righteous people such as you and the original poster fail to understand that other people exist in the universe, and while you may give yourself a warm, fuzzy feeling by driving the speed limit in any lane, you in fact create a hazardous situation for the rest of us. Yes, there are douche bags who tail gate and swerve and pass on the right, and it is doubtful that any of us move over fast enough for them. And while they create even more dangerous situations than the rest of us, right behind them are people like you who restrict traffic flow and force people to pass on the right, and make otherwise safe drivers - though not by your 55MPH standard - into tailgaters and “swervers.”

    Without turning this into an anthropology dissertation, I would argue that the prehistoric analogue to people like you were selected out of the population. Ever since humans became civilized us “speeders” have been pulling you through the ages with our more developed instincts, faster reflexes, and keener minds, though more importantly it is our awareness of our surroundings that keeps us on top. You and your kind are so wrapped up in your pretentious adherence to the speed limit that you fail to either recognize the dangerous situation you are causing, or you cast the blame on others. 100,000 years ago while people like me were running away from large things that wanted to turn them into dinner, the last thought your kind had before becoming dinner was, “my running posture is so efficient!”

  66. Yes MAtt, your “more developed instincts” are obvious to all. You have reinforced my point rather than refuted it.

  67. No. Once again, Cal, you have demonstrated your dazzling lack of reading comprehension. Either that or you haven’t actually read the majority of the posts.

  68. Matt, I can tell by your posts that this really gets to you. I cannot say that I am sorry for your misplaced obsession. I feel safer knowing that you are sitting at home, assiduously constructing replies to whoever disagrees with your infantile ideas rather than out driving the streets.
    I do not disagree with you over the heart of this thread. Slower drivers should move over and allow people to pass on the left.
    What I object to is you, Matt. Your attitude is representative of too many drivers. You have an undeveloped personality and obviously have never been taught how to exercise patience as an adult. Your individual posts reflect your anger and sociopathic behavior. You know what “Sociopathic” is Matt? Let me help you:
    “Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
    Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.”
    You would not recognize these qualities in yourself, Matt, nor would you admit to them if you did.
    If you would be honest and drive the way you usually drive when taking a DMV driving test you would fail. You know it as well as I.
    If I drive the way I usually drive when taking a driving test I would pass no problem.
    I urge everyone reading this thread to consider how dangerous drivers risk us all. The next time you see a speeder passing in the left lane, get out your cell and call the Highway Patrol. Give them the location and license number of the car. You might want to mention you thought you saw them throw a beer can out of the window.
    Matt, I am sure you will pour over this message. Read and re-read it as much as your heart’s desire. It should send your already high blood pressure up a notch.
    However, you might just be a “troll”, saying outrageous things in threads just to elicit responses, sort of an internet “Shock Jock”. I cannot tell which. Your responses are on the border of being too outrageous to believe, or just the machinations of an immature adult.
    Have fun composing your scathing reply. It won’t change the fact that you just got spanked!

  69. Really? Please read my comments (every one but “Matt on September 10th, 2008 at 3:18 am,” which is not me). I’m pretty sure I don’t come off as you say. I stand up for that which I hold to be true, and if that makes you uncomfortable then so be it.

    You are probably correct in your assertion that I would not pass the DMV driving test, based solely on the fact that I drive a few miles per hour over the speed limit. On the other hand, I stop at stop signs, I turn right on red only where allowed, and I use my turn signals. I drive with only one hand on the steering wheel, but I drive a manual transmission so I think it is allowed.

    As to the rest of your post: I am not a sociopath; I am not an internet troll; I am very fit and have excellent blood pressure and other vitals; and I am appalled at the notion of you providing false information to the police.

  70. One more thing: After twenty years of driving I have zero tickets and zero accidents.

  71. Cal, I find it interesting that you intentionally opt for a “higher level” (read “more difficult/assanine) explanation, definition, or choice of word in every bit of your response to Matt. It seems to me that your insatiable need to notch yourself out as superior to him is quite fitting of the very definition of sociopath that you chose to share with us. Notably the part where you said “You would not recognize these qualities in yourself, […], nor would you admit to them if you did.” Guess that about rules out any possibility of you agreeing with me on this. Have a nice day, and be good to your fellow drivers, even when you find it difficult to do so.

  72. Well, I feel as if on a 5 lane highway, like here in St. Louis that a-holes didn’t get on my bumper regardless of my speed as there are plenty of other lanes to speed in! I have gotten countless tickets because I had to speed up and get over so I could let some a hole go ahead of me and I am sick of it! I generally do 5 over the speed limit which is 65 in a 60 around here. there are generally 5 lanes on each of our highways and I think it unneeded that somebody be on my tail.
    I am guilty of going around someone doing less than the limit, however, I don’t hover on their rear end waiting for them to speed up and get over so I can pass. That’s just rude.
    If everyone just did the speed limit there would NOT be any congestion and probably less accidents. The fact that so many people are in a hurry to go and sit and wait somewhere (which we all know is what normally happens) makes it ridiculous and unsafe to drive on the roads. The fact that most of those people who are in such a hurry are also text messaging and talking on their cells is another matter.

  73. @Traci:

    we’re not talking about being in, say, the middle lane, of a 5-lane road, going 65 in a 60. we’re talking about being IN THE LEFT LANE, on a 5-lane road, going exactly 60mph. and not moving over because “technically” it’s against the rules. they are playing COP. you remind me of the kid who would always call fouls while playing basketball for the most ridiculous things. “oh, your finger barely grazed my arm, THAT’S A FOUL!”. TECHNICALLY, you’d be right. but you’d also be an annoying douche bag who is so caught up following the rules that you forgot why the rule is there. don’t focus on the rule, focus on the goal that the rule is trying to accomplish. take speed limits for example…the goal behind those is to have people travel safely. and when everyone around/behind you is going 70 in a 60, or OBVIOUSLY WANTS to go 70 in a 60…YOU’RE the one causing a more dangerous situation by being so damn persistent on going whatever speed you personally have decided is safe/ok to go.

    if everyone did the speed limit, then yes, there would be LESS congestion. and if everyone went 5 over, there’d be even less.

    i’m usually in a hurry when i drive. why? because the quicker i get from point A to point B, the longer i have to enjoy myself at point B. why spend an extra 5-10 minutes on a travel just doing nothing but sitting behind a steering wheel, when i could use those extra 10 minutes to spend with my friends? or get something done? the whole “speeding doesn’t save you time” argument that so many people use is such crap. i would know, because it’s amazing how much faster i get around town than the people i know who religiously obey the speed limit. sometimes going just SLIGHTLY faster is the difference between making a missing a light. or a ferry. and if you miss that one light…you might also get stuck behind a super slow driver…or stuck behind an accident.

    here’s a great example. the other day, my friend and i were hanging out, throwing a frisbee at a park. we both were hungry, so we decided to go get in our cars and drive to the local teriyaki restaurant. i’m a fast driver. he is not. we both left the park at the same time. i was in front. because of my fast driving, i made it thru a light while it was still green…by the time he got to the light, it was yellow and then red. he had to wait. i got to the place, ordered my food, and sat down and started to eat it. THEN he showed up. he spent an extra 5 minutes behind the wheel of a car…doing NOTHING.

    also, i’d like to know what percentage “most” is when you say “the FACT that most of those people who are in such a hurry are also text messaging and talking on their cells is another matter.” i’d say, at most, 1/10 people i see driving on the freeway are on their cell phones. and how can they be texting and talking on the phone at the same time? unless they are using speaker phone…

  74. Matt, I have 3 words that will explain the above: least common denominator. Unfortunately, traffic law has been simplified as much as acceptably possible, so that it’s easy to understand and interpret for those who are incapable of developing a logical pattern of reasoning behind their own behavior (let alone that of a group or a “process” such as traffic pattern flow/logic). These people have a very stringent and simple guideline that, if followed, will generally lead to their safe arrival. Unfortunately, they’re not going to ever expand their thought process around traffic to understand the larger laws at play and realize there are ways to improve the efficiency of that system. One of those ways is to have a standard flow (read it as “speed” if that is clearer for this example), combined with a means by which to introduce variations into an individual’s pattern/rate of flow/speed without changing the base pattern of flow. This means of variation is more commonly known as a left lane. If you introduce a standardization into the left lane that is equal to that of the right lane, then there is no room for variation, and any change in the base flow/speed is propagated indefinitely backwards.

    Sorry, Traci. What I mean to say was “Left lane go fast bad. Bad people go fast. Laws good, people bad.”

  75. I drive 33 and always I’m in the right line i have read: that
    the biggest book sail in U K is “code de la route” trafic rule régulation best seller
    the people english know now they drive at right line no left
    it is a the better book for the english people hihi

  76. I know the MAtt and Cal argument is about a month old, but I’d just like to comment that MAtt gave a masterful smackdown on Cal. It truly was applause-worthy, and got me chuckling a few times during the read. So, MAtt, thank you for that.

    Cal, what made me laugh so much in your argument is calling down MAtt on his intellect when it is blatently obvious that you are mile inferior to him. Not even bringing up the fact that you don’t quite “get” why you should keep to the right if there is faster traffic than yourself, he argues better than you, has better grammar and an overall stronger grasp of the English language, and he doesn’t make pendantic copy and paste comments from an online dictionary. Epic fail, Cal, epic.

    Oh, and since this can’t be repeated enough, people. Be a saint and just yield to faster traffic. It’ll be less stress for you, and less stress for the drivers behind you. Everytime you cause a car to pass you on the right, baby, zombie Jesus cries.

  77. Driving in the left lane under the speed of the flow of traffic is a major cause of trafic congestion, road rage and accidents. It is also illegal.
    I think it is due to a lack of education, willful selfinesses and also drivers from cultures and regions that are clueless of the rules of the road.
    My approach is to flash my high beams and toot my horn. If they don’t move I pass with 6 inches to spare while laying on the horn.

  78. In Europe (parts of it anyway) the passing lane concept is the only way people drive. The left lane is only for the fastest traffic. If people drove in Europe the way they do in the US, not yielding to faster cars, they would be arrested, lose their licenses or at least be run off the road.

  79. A technique I use with slow drivers (frequently elderly, female or Asian-go figure) in the fast lane when they tap their brakes because I’m tailgating them, is to pass them with inches to spare, flipping them off and laying in the horn, swerve in front of them and then slam on my brakes. If they hit me they get to buy me a new car cause the law says that you always must stop in time to avoid hitting the car in front of you. Gotta love that almighty law! F**K you slow drivers, get the F**K off the road!

  80. haha nice Tom! i don’t usually take it that far, however. i don’t know the law in Europe, but here, if you cut someone off and then *immediately* brake-check them, you would still be held accountable. why? because you essentially forced them to tailgate you instantaneously when you cut them off. now…if you brake-checked them when they were tailgating you of their own accord…that’s another story…*cough* *cough* ;)

  81. I just want to point out that lowercase “tom” and I aren’t the same people. Cutting people off and brake checking them is just as bad as ignorant left lane drivers. There are more than one way to be a douche.

  82. @Tom (capital Tom, not lower-case tom): my favorite thing to do when someone is tailgating me is to drop my car down a few gears (say, from 5th to 3rd), take my left foot and gently press the brake pedal just enough to get my brake lights to come on, then hold my foot there, then floor my gas pedal.

    what happens is my brake lights come on, but i speed up…AND they slow down. it makes a pretty nice gap, pretty quickly

  83. Capital Offence….

    We are talking left lane campers here. tailgating is in the other complaints site.

    Thank you. :-)

  84. The two (left lane campers and tailgaters) are so closely related that it’s hardly off topic to talk about one, especially seeing as the topic has gradually and smoothly shifted towards this direction.

    Left lane campers lead to tailgaters, so it’s only natural that a discussion about left lane campers would include/lead-to discussing tailgaters.

  85. If someone is tailgating you, you are the left lane camper. Do me a favor, get the hell out of the way. Move over to the right lane please.

  86. ummm, if you read my earlier posts, you’d realize i HATE left lane campers. i’m on your side here, man. i’m referring to being tailgated either on a 1 lane road, or in the right lane. and usually, when i’m being tailgated, i’m ALREADY speeding.


  88. Tailgaters suck, unless of course they are driving behind someone in the left lane, then I feel it is justified. It doesn’t matter how fast the left lane driver is going, if there is an opportunity for him to safely yield the left lane to the driver behind him, then he needs to get over. Speed isn’t relevant. That’s the exact argument the left lane squatters are using to justify remaining in the left lane.

    There is always going to be somebody that drives faster than you, and you must yield the lane to them if they approach. I’m comfortable driving 10 miles over the limit. If someone approaches going 15 or even 20 over, I will get out of the lane when it is safe to do so and let them pass. Why? Well, mostly because I’m not a douche, but also because I’d hope they’d do the same for me if I happened to be going faster than them.

    That said, you’ve got to give the guy in front of you a resonable amount of time to pull out of the left lane before you start tailgating. I’ll follow from behind without any frustration for miles if the traffic is bad and there isn’t any way for him to move over. But as soon as there is an available space in the lane to the right, and the person I’m following doesn’t move over to let me pass, then I’m pissed. I’ll ride his ass. I’m well aware these actions are a little childish, but screw it. Tit for tat sometimes.

  89. Ugh, the most annoying part of this is that I can completely understand the left lane slow driver thing when there are TWO lanes, but when there are 5? come on people, use your brains! it does not apply on a highway with more than TWO lanes. and i’ve hit TWO people in my life because i was in a left lane on a 5 lane highway, they tailgated, i break checked them, they swerved around and slammed on THEIR brakes, guess what? My car got f’d up, but THEY were fined, THEIR insurance had to cover MY car, once I got a completely new car. HA! So, the moral of this story is that being an asshole will get you back in KARMA. Just being a responsible driver is the important thing regardless of how fast you are driving. I used to be a real speed demon and an angry driver who needed to get from point A to point B at the fastest rate because I was like the a-hole Matt who was selfish. You know what? I don’t think the 5 minutes really matters. Matt, do you have children? or have you had someone who works on roads get hit by a speeding vehicle who was in a hurry and passed a car but didn’t pay attention to a road worker? Surely not since you still insist on being an a-hole. I’m waiting for someone to hit me with my child in the car or hit another family of mine because of their being so in a hurry to play some frisbee with a friend for an extra 10 minutes or get a sandwich cause he couldn’t wait at the light. So help me, I’ll probably take matters into my own hands. it’s cool though, go ahead, be a-holes. You’ll get what you deserve in the end one way or another. :)have a great day!

  90. excuse me, Traci? i’m an asshole? for not driving the same way you do? your logic is ASTOUNDINGLY solid! wow, how can i even debate or reason with such an intellectually superior person like you?!

    you say the 5 minutes doesn’t matter. i hear this argument all the time. “the TINY bit of time you gain by driving quicker doesn’t really matter in the long run. it’s more important to drive slow and be safe, like me!” it’s funny, because usually i can also get these SAME PEOPLE to say the phrase “it’s the small things that count”. which i will then inform them that i use that mentality when driving fast…because it’s all those “small amounts” of time that i save that add up in the long run. i can’t tell you how many HOURS, possibly DAYS of my life i have saved by driving “fast” (by the standards of people like you).

    you see, Traci, i’d rather be doing something with my life, instead of sitting behind a wheel. so the less time behind with wheel, the better.

    also, i find it ironic that you called me and asshole, but willing and openly admit to brake-checking people (which i actually agree with you doing). because many people will consider brake-checking to be an asshole-ish thing to do.

    so let me ask you this, how fast of a driver does someone have to be in order for them to fall into your “asshole” category? is anyone who drives faster than you an asshole? lemme guess, you have found the magical fastness at which to drive where if you were to drive ANY faster, you’d be an asshole? you’re just the perfect little driver, aren’t you?

    or is it my reasons for driving the way i do? am i an asshole in your eyes because i put my priorities on different things than you do when it comes to driving? let me guess, you think i don’t know how to stop and smell the roses in life, right? i’ll clue you in on something, then. the whole reason i drive fast is so that i can have just THAT MUCH MORE time to smell the roses! i’ll be getting high on rose pedals by the time you finally pull up in your car to take your first sniff. and then i will bitch you out, telling you how much you’re missing out on life…by not living exactly the same why i do, which is like OMG OBVIOUSLY RIGHT!

    get your head screwed on straight, Traci.

  91. I am not “Matt.”

    Traveling in the left lane - not passing - at any speed, regardless of the number of lanes, is ill-advised. There is so much idiocy on both sides of this discussion. Brake checking? Are you people nuts? What kind of self-righteous asshole brake checks just to prove a point about who is speeding, who is tailgating, who is “correct,” whatever that means?

    Tailgating is retarded. Brake checking is retarded. Making false reports to the police is a felony. And everyone, not just the two people in the accident, pay the price. Traffic, high insurance rates, blood-sucking lawyers, road rage, etc.

    Why don’t we all grow the **** up, be the better person, and drive courteously? If speeders didn’t tailgate and slowpokes moved over, we’d all be delayed by traffic less often, our insurance rates would be lower as a whole, and in rare instances we wouldn’t be mourning the loss of life over something that is taught in kindergarten: sharing (as in, sharing the road).

  92. I completely agree with you, MAtt. However, how else do I clue in the road regulator in front of me that they should move over? Flashing lights is hit or miss. They will either ignore me, get pissed and brake check me, or get a clue and move over (this is the rarest of the three).

    I can try to make an illegal right lane pass that may either work or not. A lot of times, the road is fairly congested except for the miles of open space in front of a left lane squatter. Trying to pull in the right lane to pass may be futile even if they don’t act like a prick by speeding up and blocking me in (I’ve never understood this asshole maneuver, btw. If you are happy going your own speed, why would you block someone trying to pass?). Not to mention, that even in the best of times, passing on the right is considerably more dangerous than passing on the left.

    I’ve found the only thing with even a 50% success rate is tailgating, and I only use this as a last resort. I give the driver ahead of me plenty of time to move to the right and let me pass. I accomplish this feat painlessly numerous times in the day when others wish to pass me, and I only ask for the same courtesy. I will patiently wait behind the driver in front of me for them to move over once they can safely do so. I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt more than not.

    “Hmm, I think I could moved over to let someone pass back there, but maybe he’s not as good a driver as me. Ah, there’s another spot; surely he’ll let me pass up there.”

    It’s only when it’s become bleedingly obvious that the person in front of me is a douchebag and feels that he owns the left lane, if not the whole road, that I will tailgate him. Yes, I know that it’s childish, and risky. I’ve got excellent reaction skills, and have never come close to an accident when someone attempted to brake-check me. Does it make it right? Absolutely not. But does it make me feel a little better? Hell yes! And you know what? Sometimes, the jerkoff will feel uncomfortable and will move over for me and let me pass. Bonus!

  93. brake checking is not a problem. at least, not the kind i’m talking about. when i “brake check”, i brake semi-quickly for a half second just to get their attention…i don’t actually brake hard enough to allow them to hit me (i don’t want my car smashed!). i am “checking” them. to see if they’re paying attention. and to also get them to BACK OFF.

    but like i said, my favorite way to deal with tailgaters is the “press the brake pedal gently and hold it while i floor the gas” move.

    there would be one instance i can think of where if someone was tailgating me they would be justified: if i was camping in the left lane. like Tom said, sometimes the ONLY thing that will wake these people up is having someone ride their ass. and, like Tom, i have lightning fast reflexes, as well as the know-how of what to do with those lightning fast reflexes.

    in short: me tailgating someone is still safer than having 90% of drivers out there behind you at a “safe” distance. not to mention my car can stop on a dime.

  94. `To all you left lane campers. I was the guy behind you. I was the one that followed you home and kicked your ass in front of your wife and kids. I have done this while you pulled into Wendy’s looking for a Burger. You see some of us, just want to get down the highway. but I will take the time to educate you

  95. Left lane = Passing lane on MULTI-LANE highways (this includes 3 or more lanes for those with limited reading comprehension).

    This is one of the primary reasons behind the success of the German autobahn, even at speeds of +150mph. There are, of course, many other reasons… but we could at least start by getting this right.

  96. @ Wild Bill:

    there is a 2 lane freeway that goes through where i live. i can not remember which sign says it, but it says either “left lane is for passing only” or “slower traffic stay right”. i think it’s the first. 85% sure.

    however, even if there wasn’t a sign, on a 2 lane road the logic should apply. there aren’t too many things more frustrating when it comes to driving than being stuck behind 2 cars that are “holding hands” with each other…preventing you from passing/getting around.

  97. Ah, Matt you failed to answer my questions. I think the majority of people who have children and realize the preciousness of life realize that getting somewhere quicker, possibly injuring or God forbid killing them (which has happened to 2 members of my family, a 2 year old nephew and my step father). The people were speeding and not paying as much attention as they should have. Perhaps they too had “lightening fast reflexes” or their cars could “stop on a dime” however 2 people were left dead. I don’t so much care if people speed (within a reasonable limit, I don’t think that 20 over is reasonable, but that’s just MY opinion). And I am not self righteous or think my ideas are any better or more right than anyone elses. And when I’ve brake checked people, its been more like a quick 2 second brake check as to say “get off my ass” not an actual like slam on my brakes and cause the accident. If that person insists on getting in front of ME and brake checking me back and causing an accident, that is THEIR perogative. I do believe in “stopping to smell the roses, and the little things are what count” however, I don’t have to risk driving in excess speeds or tailgating, etc. It’s a never ending battle between people who go a reasonable speed and those who tailgate and swerve around aimlessly, don’t check their blind spots, don’t use turn signals, etc. But I know one thing, the person I was when I was 19 and speeding, tailgating etc, is long gone. No good can come of it. if you get through life that way and nothing bad happens to you or anyone else, good for you. But guaranteed those of you who are always in a hurry have probably caused an accident that you never even knew about. Oh well. I’m not the best driver by any means, but I try my best to be responsible and courteous to other drivers. You don know what’s going on with the person in the car in front of you, behind you, beside you. But I guess all you tailgaters and people always in a hurry are the ones who never let people turn on a busy road, get over when there’s a closed lane or wave a pedestrian across the street.
    and matt, I’m definitely not missing out on life. Lucky for me, I get all the time in the world with my family in friends, lucky enough not to have to work and be in a rush all the time. Guess that’s what living simply gets me.

  98. @ Matt:

    The area that I travel recently put up signs that say: “KEEP RIGHT except to pass.”

    Signs previously posted read: “slower traffic keep right.”

    The newer signs do a much better job at getting the message across judging by the way drivers have reacted to them. We need more of these signs EVERYWHERE!

    You might be interested in a quote that I just ran across: “I felt safer on the Autobahn at 120 mph than any interstate at any speed.”

    I want that.

  99. there’s a reason i didn’t answer your “do you have kids” question, Traci. because it’s a loaded question. and it isn’t relevant. you’re trying to play the age card on me…but you better be careful, because eventually the age card will be played on you in a few decades time. also, it is incredibly arrogant to assume that if someone does not have kids, that that person is incapable of understanding just how precious life is. i have utmost respect and reverence for life. the lives of others. my life.

    “It’s a never ending battle between people who go a reasonable speed and those who tailgate and swerve around aimlessly, don’t check their blind spots, don’t use turn signals, etc.” wrong. it’s a battle between slow-pokes, medium speed drivers, and fast drivers. or, as George Carlin said, “why is it that anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot, and anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac?”

    to some people, i am a maniac. to others, i am an idiot. guess what? to some people, YOU’RE a maniac.

    also, i think you should know i have a spotless record. no tickets, no accidents. you see, the faster i drive, the MORE attention i pay. very observant of my surroundings, my speed, brake lights, animals, etc. when i drive slow…i zone out. i’ve noticed that the drivers i feel safest riding passenger with are the fast ones. (not the 100mph in a school zone fast) the slow ones seem…unconfident. worried. unsure. doubtful of their abilities.

  100. I agree with Matt in that I feel safer driving behind faster drivers. I’ve noticed faster drivers tend to use their signals, stop at stop signs, and for the most part, be more aware of their surroundings. That’s not to say there aren’t jerkoffs out there that weave in and out of traffic endangering all of us without a care in the world, because we all know those people exist also. I hold them in as much contempt as I do a left lane camper. They are both driving dangerously.

    But back to faster drivers tending to be safer drivers, there have been countless times that I’ve been driving behind one of those speed limit sticklers to find they have no clue what the hell is going on on the road. They stick to the speed limit because it’s the LAW!!! but then when they get to a stop sign, they pull a rolling stop, and make a left turn without a signal. These people have no clue, and they are out in droves. Sure, there are fast drivers who do the same, but in my experience, I’ve found faster driver = more aware = stops at stop signs and uses turn signals. And with slower drivers, I prepare myself to be frustrated with everything they do on the road.

  101. just to end this never ending argument, as I am sure it can and will go on forever, matt, I was not getting at age for any reason. As a matter of fact, i am probably younger than you. It’s not age that matters to me on this issue as I have a grandmother who drives probably as fast if not faster than you, she neither has been in an accident. Spotless record, but she is a maniac. And as I had said before, even if you haven’t been in an accident, doesn’t mean you haven’t caused one, doesn’t mean you have either. I was just trying to get a point across. But I see the majority of people on here seem to be of the men species and therefore this is an endless battle as men seem to be “right” all the time and the “superior” of the 2 genders. I guess that’s why myself as a female care so much. And I guess that’s why most of you don’t. Men don’t understand much, I completely get that, it’s in your DNA. That’s a whole other matter at hand. However, keep on keepin on and for all your sakes, I hope you don’t get in or cause any accidents. I’ll keep goin at things the way I do and you’ll keep goin at things the way you men do.

  102. Traci, gender has nothing to do with this. you just severely generalized a whole 50% of the population. if a guy walked into a conversation that was made up of mainly women and said something this harsh about women, he would get ripped to shreds in a second! we never said we’re right simply because we’re men, nor did we indicate that we are superior because we’re men. we do “care”. and even if we didn’t, again, it wouldn’t have anything to do with our gender. and how dare you say that men don’t understand much. have you looked at ANY of the most influential people in the world? the majority of the doctors, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and social-leaders have been men. and you say men don’t understand much??

  103. Traci writes a whole bunch of sexist bull****. For the record, anything that she types on here from now on will be viewed by me similarly to feces on a lawn.

  104. Wow, I love this argument. Why is it so hard to understand that we use the left lane for passing? There are signs here in jersey that say stay right except to pass and slower traffic stay right. I also understand that there is a speed limit but if you are in the left lane going the same speed as the car next to you then why are you in it? I do go faster than the speed limit as do most people. But when I get the chance to be in the right lane I move. I also move over for people driving faster than me. I really hate the people that stay in the right lane doing the speed limit knowing I want to go faster so when I attempt to pass right because they refuse to move they speed up. What the f is that? Who is the dangerous one here? Or is the I am first attitude? You can’t cut me in line, I’m first.
    There may be rules but you also have to adapt to your surroundings and the area you live in. I am sure it’s a lot different in say Indiana then where I am from. People aren’t going to change the way they drive just for you, especially where I am from. Try driving on the Garden State Parkway Traci or on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, you would be killed with your driving. How about we stick you in the middle of Manhattan and see what happens. You have to drive aggressively. You can’t just pretend your the only one who matters on the road. People need to be to work or whatever.
    And those idiots on here that are bitching about speeders and saying they shouldn’t have to move over really need to shut up. I am sure they do other things like talk on their phones, not use a blinker, not yield properly, run a yellow light too late and so on. But I guess they are perfect drivers and follow all the rules. Most of the ones bitching about speeders are women I noticed. And women tend to bitch the most, Traci/Cal. Yea I noticed men are aggressive drivers but women are usaully idiots when they drive. La la la I am the only one on the road, lets check my hair and text. Maybe I should switch lanes without looking while I am doing this.
    And for that comment on the whole “do you have kids”. If you want your kids to be safe why are you in the left lane knowing that there are speeders and aggressive drivers? Makes so much sense to me. (sarcastic) Let’s piss off the speeders with your kids in the backseat and then post about it online.
    I guess I just drive like a man in Traci’s eyes because I totally agree with everything Matt says. Which by the way I think I am in love with lol
    I know this whole post is old but I had to put my two cents in. I HATE people in the left lane who shouldn’t. If the cars on the right are passing you, move over grandma.
    Oh and there is this cute little example on this site that all you complainers should check out: http://www.slowertraffickeepright.com/
    And by the Cal, I hate people that try to out wit others. Just because you used words that most humans don’t use in everyday conversation and just because you may be able to place those words in just the rights places to make you feel like your sooo much better than the other “idiots” on here doesn’t mean you won the argument. I bet you were so proud of yourself after that post. Trying to make Matt seem like some psychopath who is out trying to run over other drivers. I’m sure you are miss perfect when you drive. Check me out with my awesome driving skills and my awesome debating skills. I am just so awesome. And yes they can decide how fast they can drive. They are grown up and big boys. It seems to me it’s not them deciding how fast they can drive but you regulating how fast they can drive. Miss I am the left lane monitor.
    And the ones who don’t follow the rules the most when driving are the police. Why don’t you go and complain to them for tailgating and flying down the left lane? On the GSPW They go over 90. I just do as my superiors do.

  105. a female that drives like me? i love you too :) pass on the knowledge, Abby. pass it on.

  106. Again, just for the record, “Matt” != “MAtt.” (”!=” means “does not equal”. Congratulations, you are all now programmers.) While I generally fall on Matt’s side of the argument, I feel it is worth noting.

    @Matt, if Traci were a more gifted debater your “men are understanding because they are the majority of the doctors, scientists, etc.,” would suffer a swift and certain death. While I agree with the rest of the post (Matt on February 11th, 2010 at 2:06 am), I think men and women really do take very different approaches when analyzing a problem. Something akin to “the glass is half empty” versus “the glass is not half full.” Men and women can argue even when they agree.

  107. @MAtt, i am curious about how my argument would suffer a quick death? i did nothing wrong (at least from how i see things). i referenced facts, which point toward an obvious trend. now, yes, you could argue that up until the past few years, women have been walked all over and pushed down and restricted in society, so that could play a role in them having not been as prevalent at inventing, practicing medicine, etc.

    and besides, i only used that point as a counter-point to her point of “men aren’t intelligent.” truthfully, i meant it as a half-witty, half-sarcastic reply (with some truth thrown in there)

  108. Men don’t have a majority of anything due to their ability to understand other peoples’ points of view. And it doesn’t take a degree in “women’s studies” to know there are people alive today who were alive when women didn’t even have full voting rights.

    Regardless, I shouldn’t have taken the comment so literally. That is such a “chick” thing to do…

  109. well, in the “list of inventors” and things of that nature, we do hold a majority. again, i’m aware that that’s the past and that the fact is evidence of an old trend, and is *not* indicative of present truths.

    i’m very well aware that there are people alive right now that were alive when women were treated like dogs.

  110. The 2 Matts lost me lol. But I am a women and do agree that women are catty. I prefer not to be friends with them, mainly because of that or they are out of their minds. And I always said I would rather be a house wife than working. I do not care what other women think, I believe I can make babies for a reason and that is to care for and raise them. I am 27 and getting married to a great guy and can not wait to be a wife and mother. He just has to finish his computer courses(he is younger than me and has a BA in law and society)
    I know that was off topic but I saw the whole men/women thing going on

  111. Try driving in new jersey, 6 lanes, bumper to bumper, everyone is doing 70+, while the speedlimits 55. If you don’t either move over or stay the same speed as them, you’ll cause an accident and risk lives or a massive pile up.

    Even if there was no traffic, you’re in the left lane doing 55 and taking your sweet @$$ time passing another guy doing 53 in the right lane, and a guy comes up behind you doing 130, think he’ll have enough time to slam on his brakes? without losing control? Also, think about emergency vehicles, this keeps most people in the right lane, so it will mean there will be alot less cars and less panic when they come flying by.

  112. @MiDi
    if there was no traffic, then a guy going 55 in the right lane, who comes up on someone going 53 in the right lane has every right to get into the left lane to pass him. as the guy doing 130, that is NOT with the flow of traffic, and i think we could all agree that a speed THAT HIGH is maniacal.

  113. Agreed. 130 is an insane speed to be driving. That said, if he came flying up behind him, I would yield the lane to him anyway, because 1) it’s the right thing to do, and 2) I don’t want him to kill me. But back to what Matt said, the guy going 55 has every right to be in the left lane to pass the guy going 53. But here’s the thing, you left lane regulators, he needs to get his ass back into the right lane after he completes his pass, so those people going faster than 55 can pass him. We all have people that drive faster than us, and we all should yield the passing lane to those people. If I drive 65 in a 55, I have every right to be in the passing lane to pass those slower than me. But then I get right the hell out so that people faster than me can pass me. How do people still not understand this argument? It’s pretty basic to me.

  114. There are times that 130mph is perfectly reasonable… given the right conditions (car, road, weather, traffic, etc.). People in Germany do it all of the time, and they aren’t dying any more quickly that we are over here in the USA.

    I will agree, however, that the instances in which 130mph is reasonable are limited (unfortunately) due to the unaware/complacent drivers that we have here. This can be fixed.

  115. sure, if you’re on I-90 and there’s NO traffic around and it’s on a dry road, straight road in the middle of the day…130 could be very safe. you’re only risk is a FAT speeding ticket.

    and yes, Tom, of course the guy going 55 who is passing the guy going 53 should immediately get back in the right lane. that’s common sense.

  116. @ Matt

    I disagree… there can be some degree of traffic.

    The drivers just need to be aware of what is going on around them. As of now that is not the case.

    I feel like a broken record on the Germany thing, but it is a great example of how a highway system should work. They take driving seriously, as everyone should everywhere.

  117. I think MiDi is just exaggerating. I know what he means because I live in Jersey and the traffic here is crazy. You have to follow unspoken rules while driving

  118. Traci, just two things. 1) You aren’t protecting your kids by driving stagnant in the left lane. You’re encouraging traffic build-up, close proximity of vehicles, and road rage. The roads are SAFER WHEN TRAFFIC FLOWS SMOOTHLY. And TRAFFIC FLOWS MORE SMOOTHLY WHEN THERE IS A CONSTANT WITH THE MEANS BY WHICH A VARIABLE CAN OPERATE INDEPENDENTLY OF THAT CONSTANT. Now, 2) don’t put all fast drivers or left-lane passers into a category known as “drivers who do every single thing wrong” as you did in your earlier post regarding turn signals, allowing others into traffic, etc. I pass vastly more cars than pass me, yet I use my signal for every single change of direction (INCLUDING lane changes), I signal 100ft before a turn. I stop completely at every stop sign and at every red light before I make a right on red (ONLY if it’s legal). I turn into side roads and driveways to turn around rather than making U-turns. I allow other drivers out into traffic as long as I can safely do so. I put my headlights on as soon as ANY precipitation falls or if visibility is even slightly lowered by nightfall or any other condition. I pass on the left and then immediately get back to the right so that others can get by me, encouraging smooth flow of traffic. I check my mirrors constantly and am always aware of every vehicle that is within roughly 100 feet of my car in front, back, and both sides. I use my mirrors instead of my neck, and I check my blind spot before merging. I merge AT THE SPEED of traffic, and I plan ahead when doing so, so that I won’t have to slam my brakes at the end of a ramp. Oh, and I tip 20 ****ing percent. So get off your high horse and consider the fact that you might possibly be the one in the wrong on this ONE SINGLE ITEM.

  119. That was fantastic, Sub1ime14.


  120. The biggest reason for driving in the right lane when going slower than traffic is for your saftey and your families saftey. Some people have this road rage thing. I’ve know people to follow people home and wether they confront them personally or not. They get their revenge. Ever wondered who slit you tires or broke your windshield, or even worse. Left lane campers are a brave lot. More power to them.

  121. There seems to be quite the debate going on over this topic lately. And although I can see both sides of the argument, I tend to agree with those saying that you should never be in the left lane unless you are actively engaged in passing another vehicle. So I disagree with the original poster. However, I also disagree with some of the people on our side of the argument. Some people are saying that if you are driving the speed limit you should never, ever be in the left lane. I beg to differ. Even if you are driving the speed limit in the right lane, there will always be someone who is driving slower. At this point, you will obviously need to pass this slower vehicle if you are the speed limit driver. Passing this vehicle would require the speed limit driver to enter the passing lane and pass. Once they complete the pass and it’s safe to move back over to the right, they should move back over to the right. Just because they are going the speed limit doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to use the passing lane to pass a vehicle going below the speed limit. However, it might be a good idea for the speed limit driver to speed up a little bit (3-5 mph) while passing in order to complete the pass in a somewhat timely manner. I would say it should take no more than 15 seconds max.

  122. To add to my above comment, I am a speed limit driver. But when I have to pass, I try to do it in a timely manner and take no more than 15 seconds max. Once I complete the pass, I always move back to the right when it’s safe to do so. So would you consider this being a “left lane hog” too?

    Fast drivers don’t bother me. Fast drivers who tailgate me while I’m trying to complete the pass and move out of their way DO BOTHER ME. This is one of my biggest complaints. If you choose to drive faster than the flow of traffic, you will have to expect to come across some slower drivers in the passing lane while they are trying to complete their passing maneuver. This is just common sense. When you come across these drivers, why can’t you just back off and give them the time they need to complete the pass without tailgating them? Tailgating is the most dangerous thing you can do, if you ask me. So if safety is really your concern, you wouldn’t be tailgating these people while they are trying to complete their passing. Give them time to pass, then once they move back over you can go on your merry way. Simple as that. No stress, no sweat, no problem.

    The bottom line is STAY RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS, REGARDLESS OF SPEED. It doesn’t matter if you are going 90 in a 65 zone or 60 in a 65 zone. Either way, you should not be in the passing lane unless you are actively engaged in passing another vehicle. Once you pass them, leave the passing lane when it’s safe to do so.

    Some people seem to have this idea in their head that as long as they are speeding by a certain amount, this gives them the right to ride the passing lane for as long as they want to. Well, this isn’t the case. No matter how fast you are going, you shouldn’t ever be in the left lane unless you are passing a slower vehicle at the time. Simple as that. These speeders who think they have the right to ride the passing lane as long as they want just because they are speeding by a certain margin are commiting the same fallacy as the slow drivers in the left lane. No matter how fast you are going, there will always be someone who wants to go faster.

    So it’s not just the slow drivers who are the left lane hogs, it’s the fast drivers too sometimes. Bottom line: Stay right except to pass, regardless of speed.

  123. @Wild Bill

    I’m getting sick of this Germany argument though. Geez Wild Bill, why don’t you just unzip the Germans and blow them while you’re at it? You seem to think they are so great.

    Let’s look at the facts though:

    Popluation of Germany: 82 million
    Popluation of US: 300 million

    So, Germany has not even 1/3 the population of the US. It’s safe to assume that as a result of this population difference, they probably also have about 1/3 the number of vehicles on their roadways that the US has.

    Simple probability and statistics would tell you that with only 1/3 the number of vehicles on the roads in Germany, naturally they will have less accidents that in the US. Single car accidents aren’t that common, and speed by itself on an emply, open stretch of road is rarely the sole cause of any accident. My point is that if there are that many less vehicles on the roads in Germany, there is that less of a chance of a collision. So since Germany has many less people and many less cars on their roads, 130 mph speeds might be safer there than in the US. This is simply because there are less vehicles on the roads in Germany to collide with. It’s not because all Americans are idiots and Germans are just superior drivers than them.

    If there are less vehicles on the roads to collide with in Germany, of course there will be less accidents, and of course it would be safer to drive faster there if there are less vehicles on the roads. So if you want to blame anything for the slower speed limits in the US, blame overpopulation.

  124. @Bob Easy

    If you would have done any amount of research instead of pulling figures out of your ass then you would have found that Germany has a higher traffic volume than the USA.

    Try again.

  125. Hmmmmm, Germany is roughly the size of Ohio. So 300,000,000 divided by Fifty states = 6,000,000. So 82,000,000 in a country the size of Ohio, give or take a few acres. hmmmm.

  126. The area of Ohio is 116,096 km2. The area of Germany is 357,021 km2. (from Wikipedia)

  127. Thanks for that really. But I said give or take a few acres. So. Multiply Ohio by three. Or divided 82,000,000 by three that’s still 27,333,333 milion people per acerage. More than the four times the average of cars on the road then in the states in good ole USA.. Anyhoo. It was just to agree with Bob Easy.

    Were you about ten feet behind him, or was it twenty feet? Well officer, maybe it was fifteen. But anyway he put on his brakes and then #%&* it just happened !

  128. By the way. thanks for putting the size of Germany in porprtion for me. I always wondered how a small country like that could take over three quarters of the world. Now I know it was a little bit bigger. LOL

  129. @ Wild Bill

    You are so far up the Germans’ asses that you should be the one pulling things out of someone’s ass, not me. Since apparently all Americans are losers and suck at life compared to the Krauts in your opinion, why don’t you just move to Germany? That would be one less asshole I would have to worry about tailgating me while I’m trying to pass a tractor trailer while already going 10 mph over the speed limit.

    First of all, so we can verify if you are right about the traffic volume or not, what is your source for this information?

    And besides, the Autobaun is just one road in Germany. It is the only one I know of without a speed limit on certain parts of it. So that would be like us having no speed limit on an interstate in the middle of nowhere, such as Wyoming. Which would probably work fine. Not every road in Germany has no speed limit, it is only one part of one road. And you are basing the “less accidents” thing based on that one part of one road with no speed limit?

  130. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone out there thinks they are the best driver in the world. I read some study that was done, and I don’t remember the exact figures, but it said something like “90 percent of people say they are a good driver”. Obviously, this is impossible for 90 percent of people to be good at anything. By definition, half of everyone is below average, no matter what we are talking about. I’m enough of a man to admit I’m below average, so why can’t other people do the same? Driving is such a touchy subject to people. Why don’t we all start focusing on making ourselves safer rather than bitching about what other people have done wrong? If you take this non-biased view of your driving skills, you may just realize that you are below average at it too.

  131. Let me also say this. I agree with the majority here, as I’ve stated before. If you are not passing, you shouldn’t be in the passing lane, regardless of how fast you are going. However, there are a few misconceptions of this. First off, there are the people who think that because they are daring enough to go 90 in a 65 zone, this gives them the right to ride the passing lane for 20 miles straight. WRONG! No matter how fast you are going, if you aren’t currently actively engaged in passing another vehicle, you have no business being in the left lane. Stay right except to pass, regardless of speed. Agree/disagree?

    Secondly, we have the people who think that just because someone is driving the speed limit, they should never have to use the passing lane for any reason whatsoever. WRONG! If the speed limit is 65 and the speed limit driver comes up on someone doing 62 in the right lane, what do you expect them to do? They obviously aren’t going to slow down to 62 mph and follow the slower vehicle at that speed for the next 100 miles. Saying they should do this is no different from saying speeders should have to slow down to the speed that the left lane hog is driving. Instead, obviously, this speed limit driver is going to have to pass the slower vehicle, which requires use of the PASSING LANE. They should try to speed up a little and pass in a timely manner, then move back to the right when they are done. It shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds max. Someone going the speed limit has every right to use the passing lane to pass someone going slower than them. Agree/disagree?

    Finally, fast drivers don’t bother many people. Fast drivers who tailgate and try to intimidate others into driving their speed DO BOTHER PEOPLE. I can second that. So if you are a fast driver, that’s fine. But to expect to be on a public roadway and never ever ever have to slow down a little bit and be patient with another driver while they are in the passing lane trying to complete a passing maneuver is a completely unrealistic expectation. Common sense and probability tells you that the faster you drive, the more likely you are to come across slower vehicles in the passing lane while they are trying to pass. So, what comes with driving fast on a public roadway is the requirement for more patience. That’s the cost of driving significantly faster than the flow of traffic. Please, please, please fast drivers…….. just give speed limit drivers time to complete their passing maneuvers and move out of your way without tailgating them or making gestures. This makes you look like an asshole, and could be why many fail to see your point of view in this argument. Give people the time they need to pass, then once they are out of your way, you can go on your merry way. Agree/disagree?

  132. @ Wild Bill

    My figures are spot on. They weren’t pulled out of anyone’s ass. Look up the populations if you don’t believe me. You are accusing me of giving false figures? Try again.

    Also, from http://germany.usembassy.gov/acs/driving_in_germany.html

    “In a country renowned for its high performance cars, high speed Autobahns, and frustrated drivers, Germany hosts more traffic volume than any nation in Europe and, as a result, suffers the Continent’s highest injury-accident rate.”

    So while you may be right about them having the highest traffic volume in Europe, along with this comes the highest injury-accident rate, according to this website. Hmmm, maybe those Krauts aren’t as good as you think Bill. Seriously, go to that link I posted. It also talks about German drivers being very impatient and frustrated. If the Germans are so good at driving, what would other German drivers have to be impatient and frustrated about?

  133. Let’s put this to rest. Drive in the right lane. If you come upon someone going slower than you, pull over into the left lane and pass them. Then get back into the right lane.

    Did I say Right Lane, am I right?
    Who is Right?
    Or do you think they call it the ( right lane ) for no reason.

    Get out of the left lane, and be right. You won’t believe how much happier you’ll be.
    And everyone else.

  134. They call it being…


    My Bothers and sisters.

  135. Damn, am I that old? been bitchin about left lane campers since the 60’s. But I have an illeagle smile, don’t cost that much. But last’s a long while.

  136. @canihaveabite

    I would also love to put this to rest. But I can’t quit getting fed up with the speeders riding the left lane and tailgating me while I’m passing a vehicle or line of vehicles. Please, please, please just keep your pants on and give me a minute to get past the vehicles I’m passing and I will move out of your way! That is all us speed limit drivers ask! Why is it so hard for people to wait a whole 3 seconds until we are out of your way?

    Besides, these “left lane tailgaters” are committing the same fallacy as the “left lane hogs”, but in a different way. Left lane hogs that go below the speed limit in the left lane are trying to force everyone behind them to go their speed, and this is wrong. HOWEVER, left lane tailgaters are doing the exact same thing, but to the people in front of them. By tailgating a slower vehicle while they are trying to complete a passing maneuver, you are basically trying to force the person in front of you to go your speed, and this is also wrong. So we have the left lane hogs trying to force the people behind them to go their speed, and we have the left lane tailgaters trying to force the people in front of them to go their speed. In other words, both parties are in the wrong.

    So, if you are a left lane tailgater, next time you see yourself complaining about a left lane hog acting as a “speed regulator” or “road vigilante”, take a good look at yourself. You are doing the exact same thing by tailgating people in front of you in the passing lane! Bottom line is the left lane hog is trying to force people to go their speed, and the left lane tailgater is trying to force people to go their speed. BOTH ARE WRONG, AND BOTH ARE UNSAFE.

    This argument isn’t always as one-sided as some people make it sound.

  137. Both the left lane hogs and the left lane tailgaters are what are making driving a completely painful, frustrating experience. Why can’t we all just be patient with eachother?

  138. Guess so, I give others the benifit of the doubt. nod my head. Blink my lights when it is safe for them to move back into the left lane. It is a long hard road we travel. I for one appreciate other like minded people. But for the life of me, I still don’t unerstand it. Why would anyone insist that they must drive in the left lane. I am old and met with these people though out my life. I have found there is only one way to deal with them..

    Follow them until the run out of gas…

    Then just kick the living **** out of them.

    One less left lane camper at a time. They breed you know.
    So make sure the wife and kids are watching. They might learn something.

  139. @ Bob Easy

    Please, do us a favor, and post once. Include all your thoughts in one post. It’s especially annoying when your second post pretty much repeats the last paragraph of your first post.

    Now, Bob, how about this:

    You are going along at the speed limit (65mph) in the right lane and you come up on someone going 60mph. You want to pass, right? Well, before you do, how about you check your mirror and see if there is someone in the left lane trying to pass *YOU* (they want to go 70mph). Then let them pass the whole line of cars first, THEN you can pass.

    You want to pass, they want to pass faster. Let them pass first, then pull into the left lane behind them. Yay!

  140. @ Matt

    Sorry about the double/triple posting. Sometimes I just type away and forget one point I meant to make, so I feel I have to add it on afterwards in a different post. I wish there was an “edit post” function on here. I guess this is what I get for walking away from the computer then coming back without reading what I typed last time. Sorry again.

    And you are right, you should let any faster traffic trying to pass you go first, then follow them while passing. I totally agree. This is always what I try to do. However, there are times when you misjudge the speed and distance of someone behind you in the left lane and end up pulling into the left lane in front of them when you really should have maybe waited. I know I’m guilty of this, and it was an honest mistake. No need to make gestures at me when I already realize I ****ed up, you know?

    Either way, I still will always get someone tailgating me while trying to pass a line of vehicles, even if I pull into the left lane to pass well before anyone behind me in the left lane is even close to passing me. They are just going so ridiculously fast that they are on your ass before you know it. All I ask is “just give me a few seconds here, I’ll be out of your way shortly, so please just back off my bumper”.

    As I said in a previous post (not sure if you read it or not), left lane hogs and left lane tailgaters are committing the same fallacy in their actions. They are both trying to force someone else to drive their speed, and both of them are in the wrong.

    But Matt, I agree with you as I said. It’s just that I don’t think there is really any good reason to get as mad over this as people do. There are much better things to get mad at in this country, such as the government and your asshole boss at work. Those things are more worthy of our deepest anger than some people driving in the left lane.

  141. @ Bob Easy:

    I did read your “same fallacy” post. The problem with this, is that slow drivers actually CAN and DO force fast drivers to drive THEIR way. Fast drivers do not have this ability. They only power they get is coercion or persuasion (tailgating).

    What stopping you from speeding up even more when passing that line of cars? Not that you…have to…but why won’t you? Speeding ticket? Safety? Just curious.

    Also, if you are on a single lane road, and someone behind you obviously wants to go faster…do you pull off for them? Or do you force them to go your speed. If you pull off, then there will be 2 happy campers: you and the fast driver. If you don’t pull off, you will be happy but he will be grinding his teeth at you.

  142. @ Matt

    It’s not about whether the left lane tailgaters are limited to coercian or persuasion. It’s the principle of the matter. Both parties (the left lane hogs and the left lane tailgaters) have the same hostile objective: To force someone to drive at their speed. In my opinion it doesn’t matter who is successful at it and who isn’t, it’s the common attitude I was referring to.

    In response to your question of what is keeping me from speeding up more than 5 mph while passing a line of cars………. it’s mostly because of the risk of a speeding ticket. I don’t know about you, but I think getting pulled over for speeding would not only be embarassing, but it requires you to hand about $200 of your hard earned money over to an incompetent state government. Not to mention your insurance rates going up on top of that. So, being the cheapskate that I am, I don’t want to have too much of a risk of a speeding ticket. Safety is also a factor, but I agree I could probably safely speed up a little more than 5 mph. However, when you do, your risk of a speeding ticket becomes that much higher. So, yes, speeding ticket risk is my main reason I guess.

    As for the two lane road, I have pulled off the road to let a tailgater go by quite a few times. And when I do, I’m still the one that gets the gestures made at me, so the “two happy campers” thing isn’t always the case from my experience. That’s pretty ass backwards, isn’t it? I should be the one pissed at them for tailgating me when I’m already a little bit over the speed limit. Anyways, I have pulled over to let them go by, and I will continue to as long as safety permits. How about you? What is your whole take on the risk of a speeding ticket?

  143. I use to refer to them as Johnny Law, now they are just

    Revenue Collecters.

    Any police officer that writes traffic tickets. Most communities use revenue collectors and traffic court judges to shakedown motorists for money. It is not about enforcing the law, but collecting revenue for the city or town where the ticket was issued.
    Any state that has passed passed the seatbelt law. This law allows revenue collectors to write more traffic tickets thus generating more revenue for there communities.

  144. In other words it is a holdup.I have a gun. My boss man wants your money. I will shoot you if you resist. Don’t believe me… Try it. See how far you can run before lead flies.

  145. If you know it causes road rage, tailgating, traffic and other aggressive driving techniques (pass in the right lane), why do you still insist on blocking the left lane!? Once people get in their cars they feel a sense of empowerment…which is exactly why people follow others home (”…not so tough outside your car, huh?”) Stop camping in the left lane.

  146. Exactlyoto Quasimodo, stay in the left lane. And we will both have a nice day.

    Why is it only Truckers and Bikers know the rules of the road?

  147. God help me. I didn’t really mean anything I said. It’s just when I am driving down the road, it’s hard to remember you are my neighbors and friends I’d be more likely to buy you a beer than get in a fight or argument with you over something this stupid.

  148. @ Stablecannon

    Ummmm buddy, who ever said I was the one blocking the left lane? How is using the left lane to pass blocking the left lane?

    As I’ve explained before, I am a speed limit driver, but when I have to pass I wait until it’s clear and once I get in the passing lane, I speed up to about 5 mph over the speed limit so I can pass quickly and get out of that hell on earth you people call the passing lane, back into the right lane. If anything I’m a right lane hog.

    Where are you getting the idea I’m one of the people blocking the left lane?

    And you say slow drivers in the left lane cause road rage, but road rage only happens to those who allow it to happen to them. No one causes road rage in anyone except for themselves. You have to learn to handle your own emotions, and if you can’t you shouldn’t be allowed to operate a vehicle.

    I’m against left lane driving, and I have made that clear. However, I’m here to try to get people to realize there are two sides to the argument, and that this is such a stupid thing to losing your ****ing minds over!! Get mad at something worthwhile. Left lane hogs piss me off too, but I don’t lose my mind over them. I just take a deep breath, stay back off their bumper, and say to myself, “It’s ok, they will be out of my way shortly.” Why is this so hard for other people to do? I’m not even a good driver, but at least I can handle my anger behind the wheel. That’s apparently more than most people on this thread can do.

  149. @ Bob Easy:

    My whole take on the issue is that I want to avoid the speeding ticket. I know I can drive quickly safely. I also know that cops know that speeding up to pass is something that must be done. So, I’ll speed up when I pass, and if I notice a car that wants to pass even faster coming up behind me, unless they are going ridiculously fast, I will speed up to match their speed so that they don’t have to slow down.

    Also, if you feel safe from getting a speeding ticket by passing at 5 over the limit…why not stay at 5 over the limit?

    Now, technically what you say about road rage is true. It’s the fault of the person getting mad. Now, let’s say I was a female. I know that if I go out in public dressed like a skank, that I will get harassed by certain types of guys. Is this right? No. But I know it happens so I’m egging it on. It’s entrapment.

  150. It’s all up to the guy with the badge and gun. he makes that call. No matter how hard you try. They will find a way to say you were wrong. Entrapment? yes. Job secruity for them yes. We all gota eat. Even cops. It’s a way of life. You have to look out for rain. snow. earthquakes. whatever. Law enforcment is the lowest life out there. but they bite big. They have to. They wouldn’t want to have to work in the real world like I have to. God… Doughnuts make me gag…

  151. @ Matt

    What you describe is exactly what I try to do also, except I won’t speed up to more than 5 mph over the speed limit. So why are people calling me a left lane hog for trying to get out of their way quicker without putting myself at greater risk for a speeding ticket?

    And to your other question, I really don’t feel safe from a speeding ticket at 5 mph over. I have a friend and a cousin who have gotten pulled over for 5 mph over. Fortunately for them, both got off with warnings. But if I were to always go 5 over, then when I come up on a vehicle going 2 mph slower than me, I would then have to speed up to 10 mph over the limit to pass quickly. If you are going 10 over constantly and come up on someone going 2 mph slower, you would then have to speed up to 15 over the limit to pass quickly. See what I’m saying? I drive the speed limit and pass at 5 over to kinda find that “happy medium” where I can pass somewhat quickly and hopefully keep the tailgating assholes from getting pissed at me, but yet not be at TOO high a risk for a speeding ticket. If I were to always go 5 over, I would always be at risk for getting stopped by a cop. If I only go 5 over while passing, that is less time to get spotted by a cop. But I think anything over 5 mph over the limit is really pressing your luck.

    And yes, in your example the woman wearing the skanky clothes does ‘provoke’ people, but it’s still up to the people to not let themselves be provoked, and to not let her dress induce an inappropriate reaction out of them. In other words, for anything wrong to take place in this situation, the guys would have to let it happen. It’s not any more the woman’s fault than the guys.

  152. The cops are now the bad guys? Do you get ready for work each morning wondering whether you will either be shot at by scum or bitched at by the very people you have sworn to protect?

    We speed, tailgate, pass on the right, travel in the left, and mostly we get away with it. The cops could pull over most drivers for something if they so desired.

  153. Sorry for the double post, but what canihaveabite said made me think of something. I may have alluded to it earlier, but I want to restate it and add to it.

    You know, the fact that we have such a vast majority of people constantly and knowingly breaking traffic laws such as tailgating, speeding, improper lane usage, not using turn signals, and talking on the phone/texting while driving to name a few, is an indication of a failure of law enforcement. Since we have a vast majority of people breaking these traffic laws on a very normal basis, this shows how big of a joke law enforcement really is. People aren’t even afraid of them. If you have laws in place that a vast majority of people break all the time without punishment, chaos follows. And ‘chaos’ is a good word to describe what we have on our roads today in this country.

    Cops need to quit playing their little games, and quit pulling people over for going 5 mph over the speed limit while letting the left lane hogs and tailgaters continue to do their things without consequence or punishment. Cops need to quit playing the “speeding game”, where they say, “Well, we’ll give you 5 mph, except for at the end of the month when we need to reach our quota. Then we’ll just pull over whoever the hell we feel like”. It’s pathetic and ridiculous. The cops aren’t nailing the dangerous ones out there such as the tailgaters, left lane hogs, and EXCESSIVE speeders; instead they are just getting whoever is the most convenient for them to get at that time so they can still make it to the donut shop on time to meet their buddies.

    To sum it up, if safety is really what law enforcement is concerned with, they would start ticketing tailgaters, left lane hogs, speeders, and people who don’t use turn signals. The fact that so many people do these things on a normal basis without consequence is what makes them not afraid of law enforcement. When you have that many people not afraid of the consequences of their actions, you get chaos, and that is exactly what we have.

  154. Sorry for double post again, but I forgot to add this to my above post:

    I know the cops can’t be everywhere, and they can’t get every tailgater, left lane hog, speeder, etc. But they certainly aren’t getting enough of them, because if they were, tailgaters and left lane hogs and speeders wouldn’t be in the majority like they are right now.

    Law enforcement isn’t perfect, but they sure as hell could be doing a lot better job than they are right now. Go drive on the interstate for an hour and observe peoples’ driving habits. THAT is my proof.

  155. @Bob Easy

    I agree with most of the things you’ve said. I appreciate that you actively return to the right lane. I also never tailgate immediately. If somebody is actively passing, I give them the room and time to do so. If, however, they lose their pace, and continue to play a little tit-for-tat pass/notpass game, then they need some coercion. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case with you, however.

    Regarding German roadways, I don’t really care to reference them, but on the point, they only have 4 major cities (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich). I would venture to say we have nearly 50 or more in the US. Certainly, cities and their surrounding interstates are the most dense roadways. Obviously, the larger population here proportionally spread across these cities, so it’s not a fair point to say that Germany has fewer people and therefore has an easier time solving their traffic woes, because they certainly have just a many if not more people per capita than we do here.

    Regarding your point on the failure of law enforcement to actually make our roadways safer, I could not agree more. I actually told an officer this once. I had a ticket for speeding (sure, I don’t mind admitting this. I was going 51 in a 40 zone. For those of you who want to use this as ammo, don’t bother). I asked him if he saw the person change lanes without a signal RIGHT IN FRONT OF US while we were pulling over, which resulted in the person already in the right lane literally driving off the shoulder of the road. He didn’t notice it (!!!!). Speeding generates not only hefty fines but also a plethora of fees to go with the actual fine. Turn signal misuse, failure to stop/yield, left-lane camping (yes, there is a law against it in most states) do not generate this level of revenue. THIS is why the system fails. The traffic officers are told to generate revenue, so they’ll enforce the offenses that do so. The traffic code and ticketing system needs to be rewritten to punish these offenses equally. As far as I’m concerned, misuse (usually “non-use”) of turn signals is the single most dangerous thing on the road. Slam, into another lane, into a vehicle, and not only have you caused a pile-up in your own direction of traffic, but if there’s no median, you’ve pushed that person into the other direction for a head-on collision, followed by a pile-up in that direction. Can you name something more dangerous?

    It’s nonsense. Pure B.S. And I told the officer that I’m watching, and I’d better see him enforcing those offenses equally. Of course, I don’t get to carry a gun around and force all of society to bend to my will. So I suppose my threat doesn’t carry much weight…

  156. @ Sub1ime14

    Thanks for your reply, and thanks for seeing my side of the story.

    As for the German argument, I realize that I may have tried to generalize it a bit with the population statistics, but that was mostly out of frustration to get people to shut the hell up and quit kissing the German’s asses already. I was just sick of the argument, because the comparison can’t be fairly made, and I think this is what you were referring to. So I agree I was a little out of line there. However, Germany does have the highest injury/accident rate in Europe, so they pay a hefty price for the way they drive there. If we want to worship another country’s “driving skills” as some have done on here with the Germans, I don’t think the Germans are really worthy of any recognition seeing how they have the highest accident/injury rate in Europe. Anyways, enough with that argument.

    And your story of getting stopped by that cop in that situation is exactly what I was talking about. They only enforce the laws they want to enforce, when they want to enforce them. I agree, the whole ticket system needs to be scrapped and redone. For Example: Tailgating is much more dangerous than speeding by 5 mph, therefore tailgating should be enforced more often, more strictly, and should cost the offender more money. But it is ass backwards. Instead, they just go after people who are slightly speeding while trying to pass (like I do), and tend to ignore tailgaters. This is evident, because if tailgating was enforced the way it should be, less people would do it. The fact that so many people tailgate, hog the left lane, speed by a good margin, and not use turn signals is an indication that these people are not afraid of law enforcement. And I don’t know about you, but if you are a cop and you are off duty driving around in your personal car, you would HAVE to notice this kind of driving behavior taking place. And when you did, it should register that “Hey, this stuff is dangerous, we really need to prevent people from driving like that from now on”. So it’s not that the cops don’t know that many people break that many traffic laws on a normal basis; it’s that deep down, they really don’t care about safety. If they did, they would enforce tailgating and left lane driving as much as they do for speeding by 5 mph.

    I guess it’s just easier for the cops to go after the pimple-faced teenage punk with 1/8 oz of weed rather than actually do something that will make everyone safer and better off. Quit worrying about where you are going to go for coffee and donuts and start enforcing the REAL dangers out there on the road: Tailgating, left lane driving, excessive speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and not using turn signals, to name a few.

  157. @ Bob Easy:

    No one is calling you a left lane hog, Bob.

    As for the skank example, again, you are technically correct. The people should learn how to not get riled up. However, anyone with a standard IQ will realize that everyone is not perfect. So, if I know that my actions will piss someone off to the point of them breaking the law, I’m partially to blame…at least morally, perhaps not legally. Although, it’s against the law for cops to, say, tailgate you and then give you a speeding ticket when you speed up. It’s called entrapment.

    So sure, slow drivers who cause fast drivers to get raged are *technically* not at fault, but if they know that what they’re doing is going to piss people off, it’s logically better to not do it.

  158. @ canihaveabite

    I wasn’t talking to you specifically, or more specifically I wasn’t talking to you since you don’t camp out in the left lane, but to those who aren’t passing and just want to be self righteous pricks, yeah I’m talking to you

  159. @ Matt

    I’m not disagreeing with you, Matt. If it sounds like I was, sorry. But I agree with most of what you said in your skank example.

    My point is that both parties are at fault. The skank is at fault for provoking, and takes on that risk of getting harassed by certain types of guys. However, the guys are at fault for letting themselves be persuaded by the skank into doing things that are either immoral, or wrong. Even though the skank came first, the guys had the chance to stop any incident from taking place. So both parties are at fault to some degree.

    Same with the left lane hogs. Sure, their actions are something that could provoke anger in some people. So they are partially at fault for bringing it on in the first place. However, it’s not a guarantee. The people stuck behind them briefly still have the responsibility to not let the left lane driver’s actions get under their skin. And if they do, they are at fault also.

    Road rage is a two way street in this case. It takes someone to provoke, and if they do, they share part of the blame. But it also takes someone to act on it, and if they do, they take the other part of the blame. No one person alone causes road rage. Both parties are usually at fault.

  160. @ Bob Easy:

    You just agreed with me/repeated me in a very long winded version. Nothing you just said was new, or something that I didn’t already say. No one here needs to tell me that “both parties are at fault.”

    I wonder if someone could really read my previous post and not realize that I’m already aware of this…

  161. @ Matt

    The problem is that I wasn’t sure you were understanding my side of the story completely, so I reiterated it. You said you agreed with most of what I said, then went on to make it sound like the slow driver was the one completely at fault (even though I know now you didn’t mean it that way). So from that, I thought I needed to make my position a little more clear, and I guess that was unnecessary. No need to get testy……

    One thing I will say that is new here, while we’re on the topic of road rage, is that road rage is probably the most irrational thing in the world. It affects even the most unexpected people. Some people I know are nice, easy going people when you talk to them face to face, but then when they get behind the wheel they transform into some kind of ultimate road warrior, in which they feel they need to point out to everyone else when they may have made a mistake or did something that they didn’t approve of. Who the hell do these ragers think they are? Do they think they are just perfect or something and that they never make mistakes or simple misjudgments? Do they honestly think that they’ve never done anything before which someone else might have perceived as “stupid”? These people are irrational, and tend to ‘remember the hits and forget the misses’. In other words, they remember each and every time someone turns out in front of them or does something else to make them mad, and when this happens they feel they need to let the other person know they aren’t pleased with them by making gestures, blowing the horn, or yelling at them. However, I can 100 percent guarantee you the rager has done things in the past to make other drivers mad at them, but they don’t remember these. They only focus on others’ mistakes.

    If you can’t control your anger to the point where you are flipping out every time something doesn’t go your way while driving, you have some serious problems which should be taken care of before you even think about getting behind the wheel. What do you guys think of these people?

  162. @ Bob Easy,
    Exactly right…. too many people tend to see the glass as half-empty, and are prone to cry foul whenever their perception of their “rights” are violated, but are blissfully ignorant when they trample on someone else’s.

    That’s aside from the core issue here, it’s just addressing a personality type, who probably inhabit both sides of this issue…

    I’ll admit to being on the end of the scale that drives faster, and I get annoyed by “left lane sitters”, but annoyance does not approach “road rage”, and people who wantonly risk others’ lives and health by engaging in “road rage behaviour” deserve imprisonment.
    I’m not talking about tailgating or aggressive honking, I’m talking about abusive habits like cutting others off or getting in front of them and standing on the brakes.
    Over-the-top reactions, but they seem to be characteristic of the “My sh** doesn’t stink” type mentioned above.

    Oh well, sorry, that’s another subject & probably another thread.
    Just my $0.02


  163. @ Bob Easy:

    I wasn’t being testy in my last response; rather I just didn’t see how anyone could have missed my point in my previous comment.

    As for the road rage, I’m semi-in agreement with you. For me, any time people do something stupid, not just once, but CONTINUE to do it, I get SO mad. For example, if someone cuts me off, that’s one thing, one time. I can get over that. Now, if they CONTINUE for miles and miles to go 10 under the speed limit without pulling over, THIS I can not tolerate.

    Also, whenever I do something that I know would piss me off, I feel really bad. I will say to myself, or out loud in my car, “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Ahhh I’m such a douche!” I feel bad when I cause other drivers annoyance. Luckily, this doesn’t happen often.

    The only people I tend to annoy are old people who are walking on the road. They hear my loud car, then hear me downshift from 3rd to 2nd, which makes a lot of noise, and they yell at me to “SLOW DOWN!”, even though I’m going the speed limit. A silent Lexus could drive by at 10 mph OVER the limit and they wouldn’t say anything. They judge based on sound rather than velocity. ARG!

  164. @Bob Easy, I agree with Matt and while I understand what you’re saying, I think you’ll find that the people who consistently make mistakes themselves and yet are judging other people aren’t synonymous with the people who drive fast or pass often. In other words, I don’t think most of the people who are on the “get in the right lane” side of this discussion fit into the category you’ve described. Like Matt, when I make a mistake, don’t see somebody and cut it too close, etc. (which, yes, happens to everybody SOMEtimes), I feel awful, and I clearly apologize to the person, wave, etc. and then try to do something extra courteous for them to make it up.

    I certainly can’t remember the last time a left lane camper or turn signal non-user acknowledged the fault and did some courteous for me to make it up.

  165. @ Matt and Sub1ime

    It’s good to see that at least you guys admit you make mistakes from time to time. After all, we are all human and our brain functions are never perfect, and we misperceive things from time to time, which leads us to do things that end up being potentially dangerous. I’m definitely guilty of this also, and when I make a mistake like this it makes me feel horrible for a good while. I always feel like I have to fix it somehow, but that isn’t always possible to do. However, there are some people I’ve actually had this discussion with who seem to think they are perfect and everyone else is just an idiot. This kind of thinking is evidence that these people who have this mentality are actually the ones who are the idiots.

    Sub1ime, I wasn’t really trying to relate this to left lane drivers too much, I meant it in more of a general sense. People who drive fast or pass often aren’t necessarily road ragers, you’re right. It’s not the fact that they drive fast or pass often that makes them a road rager, it’s how they react when confronted with something that doesn’t go the way they wanted or expected that possibly makes them a road rager. If someone drives fast and passes often, that’s fine with me. Just accept the fact that I’m going a little slower than you, and when I finish passing I’ll be out of your way. Don’t tailgate me while I’m trying to complete the passing, because that could constitute a road rage attitude.

    But as for the left lane drivers, you have to try to see their side of the story. Maybe no one ever taught them proper lane usage, or they didn’t emphasize it much. Since this isn’t a part of most driving exams, people could very easily get a license without knowing about proper lane usage, and it isn’t their fault as much as it is the state’s for not emphasizing this issue more and for handing out a license to someone who hasn’t demonstrated they know proper lane usage.

    This was the case with me. No one ever emphasized lane usage to me much, but I remembered reading in the manual that the right lane is the travel lane and the left lane is the passing lane. Over the years, I’ve learned that improper lane usage can really piss people off, so now I’m here trying to figure out how I can avoid getting people pissed at me when I’m passing at a speed that is slower than what they want.

    Sub1ime, it isn’t always possible to make up for these mistakes right away. If the left lane camper finally gets the hint and moves out of your way, you will pass them and be on your way, leaving them very little chance to do anything to ‘make it up to you’. So what would you suggest they do to make up for it?

    Also, let me throw this question out there. As I’ve said before, I’m a speed limit driver who speeds up to 5 mph over the speed limit when passing to try to pass quickly and get back over as soon as I complete the pass. Since I only go 5 mph over the speed limit while passing, would you consider this being a “left lane hog”? If so, what would you suggest I do differenly without speeding by too much?

  166. @ Bob Easy:

    No one here has ever called you a left lane hog. Passing 5mph over the limit in the left lane doesn’t make you a hog. Is that clear now? You remind me of this time I posted a note on my facebook about how certain vegetarians are really pushy with their lifestyle and are hypocrites. I HEADED the note with a disclaimer that said “If you are a kind, non-pushy type of vegetarian, then disregard this note because it is not about you.” Yet, I still had a few vegetarians comment saying how they were offended because they’re “totally not like the people I described in my note.” I had to then tell them AGAIN that this note wasn’t about people like them! Do you see my point, Bob? You’re acting as though we’re calling people like you left-lane-hogs. We’re not. We’re calling people who drive and STAY in the left lane a left-lane-hog. Get it? Got it? Good.

  167. @ Matt

    Yes, I get it. Sorry. I just want to make sure we are all on the same page once and for all. That’s just the kind of person I am I guess. I always feel like I need to make sure everyone completely understands my point of view and also that I completely understand theirs.

    It’s just that you seem to be the only one who actually defined “left lane hog”. Everyone else is just throwing the term around, and I wanted to make sure I don’t fall into that camp, so I can understand which side I’m on here. I’m definitely on the majority side.

  168. The one thing that sucks ass is that, for slow drivers, they never have to worry about not getting to drive the way they want. They can just drive as slow as they want (unless they go so slow that cops pull them over). However, fast drivers are forced to accommodate ANYONE slower than them.

    Take an intersection for example. Let’s say this intersection will get about 20 cars through on a typical green light length. If ANYONE in front of you is a slow-accelerating kind of person, you are screwed. You have to accelerate the same speed as them. Now, this is so selfish of them, because if they are the first car in line when the light turns green, 20 people are not going to make it through. Only, say, 15 will. That is 5 cars that now have to idle and waste their gas which was paid for with their hard-earned money, as well as wasting about 2 minutes of their time. All because some asshole didn’t want to push too hard on his gas pedal because it’s “bad for the car!!!!”. Idiots.

  169. @ Matt

    I agree, it is the slow drivers who usually get to drive like they want. But man, that’s life……… that’s just how some things work out. I mean, it’s kinda common sense to realize that fast drivers will eventually have to accomodate slower drivers. It’s simply impossible and unrealistic to expect to be able to cruise along at any speed we want without ever coming upon someone going slower, who is currently standing in our way.

    It’s just like walking down the sidewalk. I tend to walk very fast compared to most other people, and I do get frustrated when people walk really slow and take up the whole sidewalk. So I understand the frustration. When this happens, I usually have to wait for an opening where I can get around these slow walkers, then when it’s there I take it. I’m the one that has to go out of my way to get around them, not vice versa, because I’m the one walking faster. Sure, it gets me some rude looks from other pedestrians, but I just can’t stand to walk as slow as they do. It’s just how things work out, man. Plus, there is no law saying I can’t walk as fast as I want to, like there is with driving.

    Someone is always going to get screwed, and in this case it’s the people who want to go faster than the slow driver. There really is nothing anyone can do about it except just trying to not let it bother us as much.

    This kinda goes back to what we were talking about before, how both left lane hogs and left lane tailgaters are both doing the same thing: trying to force others to drive THEIR speed. You are right that the slow drivers are the ones who have the upper hand, since the people behind them want to go faster and they can’t. But the left lane hog and the left lane tailgater have exactly the same attitudes. And it is these hostile, aggressive attitudes that need to be eliminated from our roadways. I think it all goes back to law enforcement. Maybe if they were actually doing their job, more people would know about proper lane usage and the dangers of tailgating, for example, once they were stopped, lectured, and ticketed for it.

  170. @ Matt

    Sorry for the double post, but I just had another question I wanted to ask a fast driver (you) to get a better understanding of your position.

    If there are 3 lanes in each direction on a freeway (near a city, for example), would you say it is ok for a speed limit driver to cruise in the middle lane and only use the leftmost lane to pass?

    I usually drive in the rightmost lane, and use the middle lane to pass. However, I will run into problems in heavy traffic at on-ramps, when many vehicles are fixing to merge onto the highway at once. You can’t always move into the middle lane to make room for them, but I try to when I can. Sometimes, I’m forced to slow down and let one or two of them in, then proceed. Some people think this could be dangerous to slow down like this, as it might cause the guy behind you yapping on his cell phone to rear end you if you are forced to slow suddenly, and it also might confuse drivers on the on-ramp, leading them to think you are making room for them when in reality you were only intending to make room for the two cars ahead of them. You see the dilemma here?

    So let me ask you, would it piss a fast driver like yourself off if speed limit drivers (or people who drive a little over the limit) were to cruise in the middle lane on these kinds of freeways? I mean, if you have to pass us, there is still an open lane to the left, correct? So what is your suggestion here?

  171. @ Bob Easy:

    It only bothers me when a car in the middle lane holds hands with a car in the right lane. Each lane further to the left should be a “faster” lane. I do understand that the far right lane needs to deal with mergers, so it’s okay with me when a few slower drivers move to the middle lane to avoid the mergers. However, it’s nice to be able to pass people who are in the right lane by using the middle lane, instead of having to hop into the left lane, which is usually filled with someone passing even faster.

    By the way, I define myself as a fast driver not by the average speed I travel at. I usually go 5-7 over the speed limit. That’s not what makes me a “fast” driver. I’m a fast driver because of how I accelerate, brake and turn. I accelerate really fast, brake really quickly, and take corners much faster than most people.

  172. There is no single answer. You need to adjust your driving to the conditions.

    Traveling in the middle lane on a three lane highway is fine, but if you come across a left lane slowpoke and it looks like speeders will need to double lane change to pass both of you on the right, move over to the far right lane. One of the three of you has to do the right thing, and don’t expect it to be one of the other guys.

    Drive unto others as you would have them drive unto you.

  173. @ MAtt:

    haha problem with that is that the way i would have them drive unto me is to have them all pull over out of my way! but if i did that, as well, to them…then that’d make the whole thing pointless!

    it’d be kinda like an ambulance who pulls over because his own sirens/lights are on

  174. @ Matt

    The reason I ask is that I usually drive in the far right lane, and use the middle lane to pass but I’m sick of running into trouble with merging traffic, or to have the rightmost lane suddenly turn into an Exit Only lane, etc. I would like to be able to cruise at or near (within 5 mph) of the speed limit in the middle lane to avoid all this trouble, so I wanted to see if you knew whether or not this pisses people off to have speed limit drivers in the middle lane.

    I agree a middle lane driver shouldn’t “hold hands” with a driver to their right. But this only seems to be a problem for me near cities, where there is obviously more traffic. Around cities, I would like to be able to cruise in the middle lane at or near the speed limit without people getting pissed off and having to do dangerous things to get around me. This would allow me to avoid the problems of merging traffic and the Exit Only lanes. However, in an area where there isn’t as much traffic but there are still 3 lanes (further out of a city), I’m perfectly willing to drive in the rightmost lane then, since those problems won’t exist in the magnitude that they do near the city.

    Or maybe I could start out driving in the rightmost lane, and get a feel for what the traffic is like. If I’m running into problems with merging traffic and having to change lanes to get out of an Exit Only lane, maybe then I could say screw it and just get into the middle lane and stay there? What do you guys think?

  175. @ Bob Easy:

    Sounds good to me. The only frustrating thing would be if you were driving at the speed limit in the middle lane, and someone wanted to pass you because they wanted to go 3 mph faster. This would require them to get into the far left lane, which is usually composed of drivers going 10+ over the limit. This means they have to merge into fast traffic just to pass you.

    My rule of thumb is - if there is a lane to my right, I better be passing people in that lane. Or at least avoiding mergers/exiters. Exceptions come into play when it’s a 5 lane road or something and everyone in all lanes is going the same rate.

  176. @ Matt

    “The only frustrating thing would be if you were driving at the speed limit in the middle lane, and someone wanted to pass you because they wanted to go 3 mph faster. This would require them to get into the far left lane, which is usually composed of drivers going 10+ over the limit. This means they have to merge into fast traffic just to pass you.”

    I agree, and this is the exact problem I always run into on highways with 2 lanes in each direction. There will be someone in front of me in the right lane going 2 mph slower than me, so I will still need to pass them. When I go to pass them I speed up a bit, but still will get people tailgating me and making gestures at me because I guess speeding up 5 mph to pass still wasn’t fast enough for them. I guess they expect everyone to drive the exact same speed as them, and anyone who doesn’t is automatically an idiot.

    How can I avoid this? I still have to pass the slower vehicle, so how can I avoid having people on my ass trying to push me to go their speed while I pass? I mean, I try to wait for a reasonably large gap in traffic before attempting to pass. This is the same thing the person behind the speed limit driver in the middle lane in your example would have to deal with too, so what would you suggest they do?

  177. @ Bob Easy:

    I’d suggest they do the same thing you do. The people giving you gestures and getting upset are the ones at fault. At some point, you’ve gotta just say, “Screw ‘em! If they’re mad, that’s their fault.”

  178. @Bob Easy

    I’m a 10 over the limit driver. I’ve driven this way for years, and I have yet to get a ticket since I’ve returned to the US in 2004. To answer some of your questions, I always drive in the right lane when possible. I don’t care if it’s a 10 lane road (I live near Atlanta), I will be in the right lane if the traffic is thin enough.

    But your example was a 6 lane road, so let’s use that. Let’s say that on this road, the right lane has the most drivers since they are likely exiting and entering the highway, and they are driving a little slow. The middle lane is moving at or around the speed limit, and the left lane has an average speed of 5 miles over the limit.

    I would probably be driving in the middle lane, but that’s only because the right lane would be too backed up for me to be in it. Remember, I drive 10 over the limit, so it would be futile for me to enter the right lane with that much traffic. When I come upon another car driving slower than me in the middle lane, then I’d pass on the left. No problem. And if a row of cars built up in the middle lane, then I’d probably find myself driving in the left lane for a while. Here’s the deal though. Once an opening appeared for me to get back in the middle lane, I’d do so. Or if another driver that speeds worse than me came up behind me, then I’d really hustle to getting out of his/her way. Just as I’d hope other drivers would do for me.

    It doesn’t matter how fast you’re driving, or how slow you’re driving, one should always yield to faster traffic. So if I drive 5 miles under the limit, I’ve got every right to do so. But I sure as hell should move to the right to let faster traffic pass. And the same thing goes if I drive an absurd 25 miles over the limit. If there is some idiot out there that wants to go 30 miles over, I need to get the hell over. The fact that he’s driving like a lunatic doesn’t negate that it’s still my responsibility to yield the lane to him.

    As for you driving in the middle lane, just like MAtt and Matt said, there isn’t any real clear cut answer to your question. I know personally that I can tell when I’m holding up a driver behind me, and I get over as quick as possible. So I guess the best I can answer is that even though you like to drive the speed limit, get in the middle lane if the right lane is moving to slow. Hell, get in the left lane if you find someone driving even slower than you in the middle lane. But get back over once you’ve completed your pass. And if someone is behind you and you know they want to go faster, put a little hustle into it.

  179. Driving fast is definitely not a problem.

    Recently, most of the remaining speed limits on the motorways in Germany were removed entirely as surveys showed that this actually resulted in less accidents.
    You have to realise that the 55MPH which you are referring to is almost considered stand still in Germany.
    I tend to drive around 110MPH on my daily commute to work.

    Just to add: In the USA 14.2 people in 1,000 die every year in car crashes, in Germany this figure is much lower, just 8.75

  180. @ CB

    Germany also has the highest accident-injury rate in Europe. They aren’t exactly good role models for auto safety.

    In the US the problem is that there are several more large cities than in Germany. In large cities, there are obviously more people close together, so there are more vehicles close together also. Having many vehicles close together in these large cities leads to more accidents happening in and around cities than on rural roads. Since the US has many many many more big cities than Germany, a fair comparison between the two cannot be made. The results will be skewed if one country has so many more heavily populated areas with a lot of vehicles in close proximity to one another all the time. I wish people would quit trying to make this connection where one doesn’t exist.

    And you say driving fast isn’t the problem, and I agree with you to some extent. Driving fast on a road without many vehicles around you isn’t dangerous. Driving ridiculously fast on a freeway with many other cars around you certainly is dangerous. And driving too slow on that freeway can be dangerous at times as well.

  181. It is not up to you to hold the rest of us hostage as you mis-use lanes and bottle up traffic flow. The MOST unsafe driving situation is driving in packs: cars close together at high speeds. Differentials in speed with good lane usage keeps cars farther apart and, thus safer. By hogging the left lane and by driving slowly in it, you are making the driving environment highly unsafe, more so than anyone doing 5-10 over the politically-madated speed limit.

    You are not the gatekeeper for the rest of us. If you want to drive slowly, fine. But don’t impose your schedule on us…not all of us have the time to mosey along and sightsee.

    Follow the law: keep right unless you’re passing.

  182. @ Mike

    I agree completely. The most unsafe driving situation is, as you stated, when many vehicles are close together at high speeds. This is why I think they should enforce left lane driving and tailgating more than they enforce speeding by 5 or 10 mph. If the cops were really concerned with safety, they would enforce left lane driving and tailgating rather than sitting at the side of the road with a radar gun while waiting to nail that unlucky person who was going 5 mph over the speed limit while trying to pass someone.

  183. Driving slower it the Left Lane, is rude, selfish, illogical, and dangerous. There’s no point to doing so.

    As long as you are passing cars that are on your right, then you are properly in the left lane. As soon as there are no cars in the right lane, or as soon as your speed matches theirs, then you have the moral and logical duty to move over.

    Traffic flows best, when everyone knows their place. Blindly adhering to the “posted limit” while ignoring the dynamics of natural traffic flow… is just incredibly simplistic and stupid.

  184. Happy 4/20, everyone!

    BTW, drive on the right and pass on the left.

  185. pass TO the left ;)

  186. Heh, I thought the exact same thing after I posted, but didn’t want to spam by double posting. Good catch!

  187. I am almost never moved to comment on blog posts, but oh my god you are just so ****ing obnoxious

  188. @ Joe,

    Who is obnoxious?

  189. Matt, I think he was referring to the original poster.

    I’ve been paying attention to the traffic flow for the past several weeks, trying to see if the “slow driver in the left lane” incident happens a lot when I’m around. I haven’t seen it happen that often in those few weeks. I think its because I don’t drive too fast. I usually drive right around the speed limit. So maybe if people didn’t drive so much faster than the speed of traffic, they wouldn’t run into these slow drivers in the left lane as often? I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’m just throwing the idea out there!

    Most people who I see riding the passing lane are the people who are driving fast. And as I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter one damn bit whethere you are driving 15 mph under the speed limit, or 15 mph over the speed limit…………stay right except to pass, regardless of speed. Some people seem to have this idea that as long as they are speeding by a certain amount, that it makes it ok for them to stay in the left lane as long as they want to……….WRONG! The left lane is only for passing, as everyone has already said. I consider these “left lane speeders” just as big of idiots as the “slow drivers in the left lane”, because in both instances we have people who are very oblivious to the whole drive right/pass left thing.

    But it seems its only the slow drivers who take all the heat, because they are the ones who are more likely to hold up traffic. Either way, I think we should acknowledge that ‘left lane speeders’ are just as clueless as slow drivers in the left lane because neither of them is practicing proper lane usage.

  190. @ Bob Easy

    I know for a fact that you’re right about those left lane speeders. There are many occasions that I’ll catch up to a person driving in the left lane driving about 8-9 miles over the limit. I pretty much stick to 10 over the limit, so naturally I drive faster than them. On many occasions these drivers will refuse to yield the left lane to me. I assume they feel that their speed is the appropriate maximum to speeding, and shame on me for having a different speed that I’m comfortable with. They usually force me to pass them on the right, but never fear, I always pull back into the left lane (I do not cut them off!!!) and then slow down to 5 miles slower than they were driving. Eventually they get frustrated and move into the right lane to pass me. At this point I return to my normal 10 over the limit speed and go about my business. I’ve returned the frustration that they gave me for not moving out of the way, and hopefully they have learned a lesson. I doubt it, but if I happen to be driving past one of those “slower traffic keep right” signs, I’ll roll down my window and point at it. One of those idiots behind me moved into the right lane immediately after I did that, and I thought to myself that perhaps that guy really did get it.

  191. @ Tom,

    It makes no sense to me to speed at 10 over, but then slow down in front of someone just to “send them a message”. Isn’t the reason that you’re speeding to save time? So why would you slow down?

    You realize that by doing that, he wins. If you drive behind him, he wins, because he’s slowed you down. If you let him anger you, and then you pass him and VOLUNTARILY slow down to “send him a message”, then he *still* wins, because he’s slowed you down. Why not just pass him and keep driving?

    Also, if you “get back into the left lane”, aren’t YOU guilty of being in the left lane when you shouldn’t be?

    Do signs say, “Stay right except to pass or teach someone a lesson”?

  192. @ Matt

    Obviously I’m doing it because he annoyed me, but I really am trying to make a point to the other driver that what he’s doing is wrong. Once I’ve forced him to move into the right lane, I go about my way and move back into the right lane once it’s safe to do so. I separate the drivers that camp in the right lane into two categories.

    There are those that are jerks and feel entitled to the lane. With those people there’s nothing to teach. You might as well go on your way because you’d just be wasting your time otherwise.

    But the other group is the people that don’t know that what they are doing is wrong. Turning the tables on them might just snap them into reality. They could be a new driver, a foreign driver, or maybe someone with their head up their ass who just doesn’t know any better. Anyway, there they are in the left lane and they’ve forced me to pass on the right. My hope is that when I pull back into the left lane and slow down, maybe just maybe, they’ll think, “Woah, why the hell did he do that? Was it something I did wrong?” Who knows? Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but I think I taught that one guy when I pointed at the ‘Slower Traffic Keep Right” sign.

    Also, I try to further the cause by continuing to follow the law by yielding the lane immediately after I’ve forced them out of it. It’s fantastic if faster traffic has caught up behind the guy because of my slowing down. Once he moves over, they catch up to me, and then I move out of the lane to let them pass. Maybe the guy will learn by watching that I too will move over for faster traffic.

  193. Typo in my post above. It should be “I separate the drivers that camp in the *left* lane into two categories.”

  194. The problem is that now you’ve become guilty of the same thing the left lane hogs are: you’re taking it upon yourself to police the roads.

    The left lane hog says to himself, “I’m going the speed limit, so no one better try and drive faster than me! I’ll prevent them from breaking the LAW!”

    You’re saying, “I’m yielding the left lane properly, so no one better try and hog it! I’ll teach them not to break the LAW by slowing down in front of them!”

  195. I guess in a way. But it’s also a bit of payback. These left lane hogs have no repercussions for the crap that they do. They aren’t ticketed for blocking the lane, so they drive about ruining traffic and irritating everyone without any fear that they’ll be punished for it. They drive about with this holier than thou complex that they need to police the roads, and I’m of the opinion that turnabout is fair play. I don’t usually presume to tell other people how they need to do things. I’m not their mother, so it’s not my business. I mind my own business until someone brings their business to me. I have to share the roads with these idiots.

    I’m courteous to my fellow drivers, and I only ask for the same in return. I don’t tailgate, I don’t cut people off, I don’t run red lights or stop signs, I yield right of way at the appropriate times, I stay in the right lane except to pass and if I ever catch myself not doing so for some reason, I get the hell over for faster traffic immediately. If someone else doesn’t want to follow the rules, that’s on them, UNLESS their ignorance causes me trouble. If I’m driving through a red light and a guy runs it cutting me off, I’m pissed. I’ll probably honk my horn and flash my lights at him. If a guy is tailgating me on a 2 lane road, I’ll slow down to piss him off. And if a guy is hogging the left lane causing me to pass on the right, I’ll do what I said a few posts above.

    You know what else? If I’m walking down the street and somebody just walks up and punches me in the face, I am going to be knocking the ever loving piss out of him. I’m a nice person and I get along with almost everyone, but I don’t back down to jerks. I treat people how they deserve to be treated. For most people I’m very polite, but for jerks, they get to see me go New Jersey on them. That’s just the way I was brought up. I suppose I may come across as a hypocrite to some, but I can tell you that if you and I ever crossed paths on the road, you’d probably never even notice me. You sound like you are respectful of your fellow drivers, so I’d just be another blip along the road. We’d both go about our ways not knowing the other existed because neither of us would be doing anything to draw attention to ourselves.

  196. @ Tom,

    In your example about someone walking up to you and punching you, that is an aggressive, conscious offense. The left lane hogs, I’m sure, are 99% passive, unconscious offenses. They don’t do it to purposely piss people off. So responding to a non-aggressive offense with an aggressive one isn’t helpful.

    Also, there’s the chance that their mother just died, or they’ve been fired from their job, or something else that is so emotionally draining that they don’t even realize they’re doing something annoying.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that as much as left lane hogs annoy you (and me), speeders probably annoy left lane hogs.

    It all boils down to “He doesn’t drive the way I’d like him to be driving! I’m pissed about this and I’m going to try and police him!”

  197. @ Matt

    I agree with you completely. People seem to take driving way too seriously. I mean, you need to take it serious enough to remain safe out there, but not so serious to the point of trying to “teach someone a lesson”, or yelling, or making gestures at them. That’s just uncalled for, and it makes you look like an asshole if you do those things.

    As for what Tom was talking about, I don’t think his method would work if it was me he did it to. I would just think the person was a self-rightous asshole. And they would probably think the same thing about the left lane hog. So no one wins here.

    Matt you are right about left lane hogs annoying speeders just as much as speeders annoy left lane hogs. I know excessive speeders annoy me just as much as left lane hogs do. No one wins. It’s a complete catch-22, and it comes down to everyone having a big ego and expecting everyone else to drive exactly like they do. And anyone who doesn’t drive exactly like they do is automatically an “idiot” or a “moron”. How irrational is that?

    Why is driving such a touchy subject to people? Loosen up a bit and quit getting so pissed at other people (whether they are a speeder or a left lane hog) out there. Just enjoy the ride.

    Matt, I forgot, I wanted to ask your opinon on one more thing. What is the longest amount of time (in your opinion) someone should be in the left lane while trying to pass, from the time then enter the left lane to the time they move back to the right? Assume just an average pass of just one vehicle. How long would you have to take to pass that one vehicle to be considered a left lane hog in your opinion? What is your recommended time it should take from the time you enter the left lane to the time you move back to the right? Thanks.

  198. @ Matt

    This is going to be long, so bear with me.

    What you said may be so sometimes, but in the past I’d attempt to flash my light to coax them into yielding the lane. I’ve had these left lane hogs start pointing to the right lane basically telling me to pass on the right. I’ve had them brake check me (which is pretty pointless because I’m not tailgating, so I have plenty of time to react). And I’ve had them just flat ignore me.

    I remember when I was a kid, probably around 17 years old, and I was driving with my uncle out of state on the highway. I was in the left lane going about my way, and I imagine I was driving relatively slow because of my inexperience, probably exactly the speed limit. Anyway, a driver behind me flashed his lights at me, and I had no clue why he had done so. I asked my uncle and he told me that the driver wanted me to yield the lane because he was driving faster and wanted to pass. I had no idea before that, but I got over for the other driver immediately. I would never think of getting angry for a driver flashing his lights at me to tell me to move, and I’m thankful it happened while my uncle was in the car to tell me what I was doing wrong, or it likely would have taken a few years for me to learn.

    I bring this up because when I first started driving, I was one of those clueless drivers. I was fortunate that my uncle was there to tell me what I was doing wrong, but I have a good head on my shoulders and imagine that I’d have figured it out for myself eventually. There are those signs that say “slower traffic keep right” for instance. But my point is that when the guy flashed with his headlights and I found out from my uncle what the guy wanted, I immediately felt like a tool. My first thought wasn’t, “Screw that guy! He can pass me on the right.” No, I felt like an idiot, because it was just common sense that I was in the wrong and I was inconveniencing the drivers behind me. The only thing I hate more than be inconvenienced myself, is when I do it to somebody else. I get so embarrassed, and I hate that feeling (unless of course the person is a jerk, and I’m intentionally irritating them).

    So why is it that there is nearly a 100% chance that the other driver will either react aggressively or just plain ignore me when I flash my lights at them? If someone honks at me or flashes their lights at me, my first question to myself is what I have done wrong, but these people get angry first. It’s gotten to the point that I never bother to flash my lights to ask for these people to move. All I’m doing is asking them to get irate and possibly brake check me.

    Perhaps it’s Georgia drivers, which is very likely because I don’t recall this type of driving when I lived in NJ, and driving to my grandmother’s house in TN is painless once I get off of I-85. In my experience here in GA, these drivers ARE aware of what they’re doing and they are intentionally being passive aggressive about it. It’s gotten so bad that the House recently passed a Slow Poke bill here in GA and we are just waiting on the Senate to push it through. We’ve had the law that drivers that block traffic in the left lane are breaking the law, but there was never a monetary value for this violation. With this bill, these drivers will be ticketed for $75 for refusing to yield the left lane. It’s about time and I only wish the Senate would get to voting quicker. Google “slow poke GA” if you’re interested. You might find some forums concerning the bill, and I encourage you to read the reaction of some of these idiot drivers here in GA. Even after having it explained to them, they still feel entitled to the left lane. I deal with these people every day.

  199. @ Bob Easy:

    However long it takes. Even if you’re moving only a few MPH faster than the other vehicle, if you are actively in the act of passing, then you are not hogging the left lane; you are using it. Properly.

    Heck, I don’t even have a problem with someone cruising in the left lane if there is ZERO traffic around…but the moment someone faster starts coming up on them, they better move their ass over.

    @ Tom:

    I’m like you, man. I flash my lights at drivers as if to say “Hey, I’d like to go faster, could you please switch lanes?”. Many of them treat me like I’m being an aggressive asshole, instead. I try to flash my lights as we’re coming up to a speed limit sign if they are going under the limit.

    I’m also like you in that when someone flashes me, I immediately see check to see if I’m doing something wrong or annoying. If I am, I mentally smack myself and correct the problem. If I’m not, then I’ll tap my brake lights. It’s almost like a little conversation.

  200. @ Matt

    Yeah, same here. I definitely wouldn’t have any issues with you on the road. You sound like you know what you’re doing, and you have zero entitlement issues. And like you, I have no problem with people driving whatever speed they feel comfortable with, but it has to be in the proper lane. Drive 50 in a 65, but get your butt to the right. And if another driver wants to go 95, that’s cool too, but don’t be a jerk about it. He needs to use his signals, and understand that not everyone else is going that speed. And he certainly shouldn’t tailgate or weave in and out of lanes.

    My number one rule of the road is don’t be a douche. If you think what you did might be douche-ish, it probably was. Don’t do it again.

    And rule number two is if you’ve ever been passed on the right for whatever reason, you’re in the wrong lane. I don’t care if it’s a 10 lane road and you’re in the very middle lane.

  201. I wish I could edit my posts. Anyway, I’d like to add that I know that my pulling in front of left lane hogs and slowing down on them is very very douche-ish. I know. No reason to tell me I’m a hypocrite on that one. My biggest fault as a person is that I have a big problem looking the other way when someone is a jerk. I just have to respond. I just have to. This is in all aspects of life for me, not just driving. I don’t work with customers anymore, because I treat people exactly the same way they treat me. I can’t stop myself.

  202. WOW, I had NO idea there were so many moralists out there trying to control what other people do. I drive 50 miles to work and back everyday, 100 miles total, and travel on an 8 lane tollroad in the Chicago area. Probably my BIGGEST pet peeve are the people who drive slower than the flow of traffic in the left lane (speed limit is incidental when 90% of the drivers are driving above the limit especially during rush hour). It is you people who refuse to move over to let the other drivers drive faster than you who cause the accidents or potential accidents. I see it everyday.

    And I assumed it was mostly people who were clueless about how the slower traffic was supposed to stay to the right. I knew some of them were self-righteous ass-holes who felt they had a moral right to force everyone else to drive whatever limit they felt was appropriate. BUT until reading these posts I never knew there were so many moralists on the roads.

    It is common during rush hour for most drivers on the road I drive to be doing 75-80 depending on the circumstances. What is most important for safety, as others have said, is the smooth flow of traffic. And from my observations it’s the slow pokes in the left lane who cause most of the problems with the flow of traffic.
    I could not believe one morning recently, when I came upon a man driving in the far left lane, doing the speed limit of 55 while he was holding up everyone else in the left lane. He refused to move to the right lane to let us pass. As people were able, they passed him on the right. You would think he would have gotten a clue. But, imagine my surprise, when I was directly behind him, NOT tailgating, but simply waiting for my opportunity to get around him, when he started waiving his hands wildly motioning for ME to move to the right lane rather than moving there himself to let me pass. I was stunned and it was all I could do not to respond to him likewise with my own hand gesture.

    My philosophy is that no matter how fast I am driving, and I admit I drive fast, but am a safe driver and drive at a speed based on circumstances…if someone is coming up behind me doing 85 or 90 to my 75-80 I will move over and let them pass. It is not for me to say how fast someone should go. Simply put, all of you who think you have a right to control how fast others drive, I say mind your own damn business. If someone wants to break the law it is their business. I cannot stand self-righteous idiots who try to impose their beliefs on anyone anywhere.

  203. @Matt

    Thanks for clarifying that. As I said before, I will usually get someone who will come up on my bumper while I’m trying to pass (and I always try to pass in a timely manner, even if there is no other traffic around), and they will get pissed because I’m not passing as fast as they think I should be. This is what pisses me off the most, are these people who fail to realize that I’m actively engaged in passing and will be out of their way in a few seconds. They will then pass me and yell, flick me off, or make other gestures like I did something wrong. I can tell you aren’t one of these assholes, so thank you for that. If you like to drive fast, that’s fine. It’s not my responsibility to stop people from driving the speed they want to. However, when someone gets pissed at another driver who is passing at a speed slower than what they want to drive, that is just stupid. Of course there are going to be people out there who drive slower than others. These “left lane tailgaters” need to realize this and learn to have patience until the slower car finishes passing and moves back over. Do you agree?


    You say you go 10 over consistently, and that doesn’t bother me. While I probably wouldn’t do the things to “get back at the left lane hogs” that you described, I still agree with almost everything else you said. I wouldn’t have a problem with someone like you out there. Would you get impatient with someone like me?


    I guess it’s just kinda hard for me to understand that left lane hogs pissed people off this much, because I never really see anyone hogging the left lane at a speed below the speed limit in my area. So I can’t say I’ve really ever got pissed at them, because I’ve never had an encounter with many of them. You are right, no matter how fast someone is going, you should move over when you are done passing, and you shouldn’t be in the left lane if you aren’t passing. But this brings up the question, if you are the person getting stuck behind these slow drivers in the left lane, what were you doing in the left lane to begin with? Why didn’t you just stay in the lane to the right and continue in that lane when you saw there was an idiot in the left lane? You would have then been able to blow right past them on the right without ever having to change lanes, right? Or am I missing something here?

    And if what you say is true, its good to see you weren’t tailgating the idiot, because just like left lane hogs are your biggest pet peeve out there, tailgaters are my biggest pet peeve.

  204. @Bob, I don’t know where you’re from, but you must not be from my area. And yes you are missing something. The roads I’m talking about have a LOT of traffic especially during rush hour. The situation I described was such that those of us stuck behind behind the slowpoke in the left lane couldn’t move over to the right and pass because there were other cars in the lane to the right of him. The point being, in front this idiot was a loooong stretch of road with no one in front of him so we were boxed in more or less. This idiot should have been in the lane to the right but he purposely drove in the far left lane cuz he was a ignorant jerk. And I can tell you that on the suburban highways in Chicago, the left lane as a passing only lane is never enforced especially during rush hour because it is not practical due to the amount of traffic and I would bet it is the same around most major metropolitan cities.
    I also have been the victim of a tailgater which I don’t like either when I am in one of the right hand lanes during particularly heavy traffic or when the conditions are bad especially in the winter. However, I have never been tailgated in the far left lane, because as I said before, if someone wants to go faster than me, I move out of the way and let them. Anyone who is regularly tailgated in the far left lane is probably being a jerk purposely holding those up who want to go faster.

  205. @Bob Easy

    No, I’d have no problem with you whatsoever. I always give the guy in front of me ample time to move out of the way, especially if he’s in the process of passing someone. I only get frustrated once they pass the car in the right lane and then still refuse to budge from the left lane. You said you don’t do this, so we’d be totally cool.

    I would like to comment on what you said about Lynn driving in the right lane and passing there. I assume that she caught up to other traffic in the middle and right lanes and had to get over to the left. Even if this weren’t so, passing someone on the right is always dangerous. It should never be done, but unfortunately is commonplace because of ignorant drivers like the example in Lynn’s post. That driver was causing a huge traffic jam, and in my opinion should be pulled over a fined heavily by the police. He was more dangerous than any speeder on the road. His refusal to budge from the left lane not only slowed down the flow of traffic, but also forced people to pass on the right, which I mentioned above is highly dangerous, but also caused irritation if not road rage. He was a catalyst for everything that is crappy on highways nowadays, and should be punished accordingly for that.

  206. @Tom

    I’d like to give you a clear cut answer from my perspective regarding timeliness of passing. If it takes you more than roughly 15 seconds to pass a full 18-wheeler, you’re probably barely passing. I sincerely mean nothing personal by this, but if you’re only going 1-3 MPH faster than the truck, it’s a bit annoying. More important than the amount of time taken is the consistency of the pass. I’m not really bothered by a slow-passer, AS LONG as he/she consistently is passing. It’s when somebody’s passing maneuver turns into a “passing, no wait, pacing… no wait, losing ground, ok passing again, etc” situation that it becomes irritating. I get the feeling from the simple fact that you’re so conscious of your maneuver that this doesn’t apply to you.

    @Tom (and all who responded to him)

    I’ll also be honest in admitting that on occasion I’ve done the very same thing, with giving the person a chance to get over, realizing he/she simply won’t (whether it’s oblivion or jack-assery as the cause), and then passing on the right, getting back to the left, slowing down, and when he/she moves over, going back to my speed and safely back to the right lane. I also find this really only is useful as a teaching tool when there is somebody approaching who then can nicely and safely pass, hopefully showing the point of the operation to the driver. I don’t often do it, because I don’t expect it does much good, but I’d be lying if I said I never do it.

    Truth be told, we need state governments (and budgets) that take traffic flow education more seriously. It’s something that should be tested more thoroughly in the written and driving exams. It’s also something that should be enforced FINANCIALLY in the same way that speeding is (kudos to Georgia for taking a stand on this!). Until people are properly taught and then enforced for their behavior on things like this, oblivion and self-righteousness will simply continue to exist at large like they do today.

  207. To all you old people and slow drivers out there:

    I will tailgate you, I will try to overtake you (whether it be practical or not) and, if because of this I happen to kill you, you will thoroughly deserve it.

    **** off and keep at least to the speed limit. ****s.

  208. @David.

    Wow, I was almost going to take you seriously until I saw your last line. “at least keep to the speed limit”
    Where I live, in the Chicago area, driving only the speed limit even in the far right lane, you would be holding up traffic. I am only speaking of the expressways and mostly during rush hour, but the fact is, most people on their way to and from work are going at least 5 miles over the limit in the far right lane. However, most people respect those who are doing the limit in the far right lane because at least they understand they need to keep in the right lane, unlike the clueless and the jerks who drive in the far left lane holding up others.

    I have a story some might find amusing. I was on my way home from work one day last week and it was late…around 8 pm. It was a long day and I was tired and anxious to get home. I was on the 8-lane tollway I normally take, and there was not a whole lot of traffic so it was moving at a quick pace. Up ahead, I could see 4 cars in the far left lane kind of clustered together that were moving at a good pace but not quite fast enough for me. So I moved over to the right lane when could and as I started to pass them going around 80 mph to their 75, I glanced over slightly at the first car and noticed that it looked like an unmarked police car that appeared to have a computer near the dashboard. It was getting dark so I didn’t notice much about the cars until I was passing them. Sure enough, within seconds, the sirens came on and I realized my luck had run out and I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to get a ticket. The first car started to move over to the right, so I also started to move over thinking they were going to stop me as anyone would. But just as soon as the sirens came on, they went off. And the 4 unmarked police cars (yes there were 4 in a row!!) flew past me and kept going. I realized then that the sirens were a warning to me but I couldn’t believe they didn’t stop me. I imagined them radioing each other saying “can you believe that dumb biach speeding past 4 police cars!!”. Even tho they passed me I wasn’t going to take any chances so I stayed right and slowed way down, meanwhile EVERYONE else was flying past me, which was totally foreign to me. Long story short, about 3 miles up ahead, I realized why I didn’t get pulled over. I saw all 4 police cars pull over someone in an SUV, so I guess the police had bigger fish to fry that night.

  209. @ Lynn,

    Why not just match the speed of the 4 cop cars? They’re speeding too, and if they gave you a ticket for going the same speed they were (seeing as they were NOT currently in pursuit of someone), they wouldn’t be able to hold up their case in court.

  210. Whether or not it encourages speeding is not for you to decide. The only thing you need to do is move to the right. Don’t question it. Just. Move. Over.

  211. @ Matt,

    I know what you’re saying and I have done that before. Even marked police cars often go at least 10-15 miles over the limit. And in the left lane at that. So I, and many others, figure if they are doing it so can we (and in case anyone is thinking they are only speeding when in pursuit of someone, the answer is no).

    Anway, that particular night in question, as I said, I was anxious to get home. I am not saying it was the smartest thing to do, I just did what I did. And as I also said, I did not even realize they were police until after passing them and the sirens came on.

  212. I don’t know about other states, but here in Georgia it is extremely rare to get a ticket for anything less than 10 miles over the limit. Back when I was a stupid college student and tended to get ticketed quite often for speeding like an idiot, I drove to the no name town somewhere between where I lived and where my school was to go pay for one of those numerous tickets.

    The kind lady who took my money struck up a conversation with me and as I was paying for a ticket it happened to be about safe speeds to travel. She went and showed me a copy of the form that the cops in her precinct filled out when they wrote a ticket to drivers, and it had list of little boxes with speed ranges next to them and the cop was supposed to check the box for the range that the driver was driving over the limit. If I can recall they were 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, and 30+ over the limit. She pointed out to me that there wasn’t even an option on the form for the cop to check if the driver was speeding at just 10 over the limit and she told me that if I kept it to 10 over the speed limit that I would not get ticketed in the state of Georgia.

    Now it wouldn’t surprise me if all towns were different, but I took her advice to heart and have kept it to 10 over the limit since and have never gotten a ticket again in my life. I graduated back in 2000, and I think that was back in 1998. 12 years is a pretty good gauge to see that her advice was sound. I’ve even been traveling down the highway at my 10 over the limit and had cars speeding faster than me slam on their brakes when they see a cop car ahead. I don’t bat an eye and just keep moving along at 10 over the limit and pass the cop. None of them have ever pulled me over either. Again, I’m sure other states are different, but here in Georgia I have zero fear of getting a ticket when traveling at the speeds that I’m comfortable.

  213. Tom, good to know. Very helpful, indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  214. I’ve got a fairly amusing story about how I was able to turn the tables on an ignorant left lane driver. Read on.

    A few months ago I was driving north on I-85 in Georgia. On this stretch of road, there is a left lane exit for I-985. This can cause a little confusion because I’m never sure if a person approaching that area is a left lane camper or is just preparing miles in advance to take the exit.

    Regardless of which, these people are idiots. Nobody should ever camp in the left just because they’ve got an exit a few miles up. Surely a half a mile, or if you’re really that paranoid, a mile, is plenty of time to give yourself. And besides, the road has 4 lanes with the left most an exit only, and the lane to it’s right that splits with the option of taking the exit or remaining on I-85.

    Anyway, I’ve been driving behind some idiot for about a mile hoping he’ll show some courtesy and yield the left lane to me. Alas, this joker was having none of it and truly intended to hinder traffic. This was about 3 miles until the exit. Well, I had a hunch that he wasn’t planning on taking that exit, and had a great plan to get back at him for being a tool.

    So I hopped in the lane to his right (the one where I could either exit off onto I-985 or remain on I-85). I then matched his speed for then next 2 miles. By this time, signs started announcing that I-985 was a left lane exit and if you wanted to stay on I-85, you’d better move to the right. Sure enough, I was spot on with my prediction as this douche put on his blinker and tried to speed up so he could pass me and get out of the lane. I was having none of it and sped up too. So he tries to slow down, and I match him again. He started honking desperately as he tried to speed up and slow down so he could get out of the lane. Alas, we’ve already established this guy wasn’t very intelligent since he was camping out in the left lane to begin with, so it was rather easy for me to anticipate his movements and keep him blocked in the left lane. I was delighted when another car pulled up behind me and we successfully blocked him in the left lane and forced him to take the exit.

    I made sure to give him a grin and wave goodbye as he glared at me, still laying down on the horn. The next exit on I-985 is about 4 miles down, so I imagine I wasted about 10 minutes of his time for him to make it to that exit, hop back onto I-985 southbound, and backtrack to I-85. Mission accomplished!

    Slower traffic keep right. I move over for traffic faster than me, why can’t you?

  215. @Tom,

    Oh, that’s mean, but I’d say he deserved it. I still deal with these idiots everyday to and from work who camp in the left lane knowing full well they’re holding people up behind them. It’s infuriating. Unfortunately, I could never try that on the expressway I take since almost all exit lanes are to the right.
    Hopefully, your satisfaction at your perfectly executed plan stayed with you a while, but I have a feeling that idiot that was forced to exit will not change his ways, cuz they just don’t seem to get it…that slower drivers should stay to the right.

  216. @ Lynn

    Agreed. I’m sure he had no idea why that would happen to him, and would never bother to think how he could prevent it from happening again. To him, I’m just a rude, ignorant driver, and I’m okay with that. You have no idea the satisfaction I got as the lanes separated and he went off to the left, but wanted to be where I was. Man, that was great.

  217. You are not in charge of what speed other people go!

  218. If you are in the Left lane, and you are going the Same or Slower, as the cars in the lane next to you…. then you’re just being an ignorant impediment… and for no good reason.

    I realize some speeders are rude, and they push behind you even though you are already going faster than the lane next to you. They shouldn’t do that.

    But you should NEVER drive in the left lane at a speed that is less so or same as the next to you. There’s NO REASON for that.

    If everyone understood this, traffic would flow. Everyone has a place on the road.

    And your place, sir, is NOT the left lane.

  219. It does not matter what you or anyone thinks or feels is safe speed, the law says the speed limit is 55 so NO ONE can drive over that, that is why you mother****ers get ticketed, and think you have the right to honk at people that are going at speed limit. And no, not even in so called “FAST LANE” or when passing you can drive over speed limit, there is even a question on VA DMV exam “When passing, it is legal to go over speed limit - True or False”. Well guess what, it is false, for you stupids the white sign with black letters on it is THE LAW.

  220. Speed limit is NOT a “general guide” as some people here mentioned, it is a speed limit, like it or not, it is illegal to go over it.

  221. @Slow Driver…LOLOLOLOL..YOU will get a ticket if you drive 55 in the far left lane..the law says SLOW traffic keep to the right. that means YOU idiot. See the sign in black and white letters?????? And by the way, most police officers would consider YOU a hazard to the highways with your dimwitted…..i mean slow…mentality. By the way, what country are you from? I can tell by the way your letter is composed that you are not from this country. I say this because you are one of those morons who can’t read between the lines and believe that every single rule is meant to be followed to the letter. It sounds like you just got your license. And if you are from another country did you enter legally??? Just asking…
    All I can say is, stay the hell out of my way or suffer the consequences.

  222. @Slow Driver…one more thing. My drive to work is 50 miles each way. That’s 500 miles a week, almost all of it driven on a highway. Unless there is a lot of traffic due to rush hour, I routinely drive minimum 70 miles per hour like many of my fellow drivers…..and if I have to drive in left lane I do. And yes, if someone wants to go faster than me, I move to the right, like any decent citizen would do. Not once in over 3 years of going to this job have I ever gotten stopped for speeding let alone a ticket. In fact, many times I’m driving right behind a state police car who is also driving 70 miles or more per hour. LOL

  223. *SLOW DRIVER writes a long, run-on sentence with numerous grammatical and spelling errors, not to mention filled with complete and utter nonsense.*

    *It occurs to Tom that SLOW DRIVER is very unintelligent, so Tom grows bored and doesn’t bother to finish reading it. He decides to go to sleep instead.*

  224. @Tom,

    hahaha…I should have done the same.

  225. @SLOW DRIVER - Thank you for reinforcing my belief that many of the people who do 55 in the left lane simply don’t have the cognitive capability to even finish the first sentence of a study about traffic flow. A damn shame, because this whole place could flow a lot more smoothly if the driver’s exam actually tested people for traffic flow understanding. By the way, PA DOT state laws state explicitly that it is legal for a driver to exceed the posted speed limit reasonably and temporarily in order to pass another vehicle. Most states’ laws are similar or identical. Welcome to reality.

  226. @ Lynn

    Sorry for the long delay in reply, but I did have more questions I wanted to ask you regarding your response to my question above.

    So say traffic is heavy as you describe. You are sticking to one of the right or middle lanes as you cruise along, like you are supposed to be. I still don’t understand why you would have gotten in the left lane to begin with. Unless there is slower traffic in all lanes to your right, what reason would someone have to get in the left lane? My simple solution to never getting stuck behind a left lane hog in heavy traffic is to never get in the left lane. Could you please explain this further? I’m not challenging you, because I agree with everything you say. But I guess I just don’t understand the situation you describe.

    But this brings up my further point. If left lane hogs are just driving along in the left lane like idiots while not passing anyone (which they do), and you are cruising along in the right lane like you are supposed to be doing, how would you ever get stuck behind them? I’m not talking about heavy traffic here anymore, I just mean on any rural highway. If you are in the right lane like you are supposed to be and you continue at your speed while someone rides the left lane ahead while they aren’t passing anyone, why don’t you just stay in the right lane and blow past them to their right? What reason is there to ever get behind them in the first place?

    Now, if they are driving side by side with someone in the right lane, that’s a different story. But if there is no one to their right and you are in the right lane, I don’t see how you could ever possibly get stuck behind them.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve done just this. I’ll be in the right lane going at my speed and there is some jackass driving along in the left lane while not passing. So I just hold the right lane and continue at my speed and get past them. What is keeping anyone else from doing the same if traffic isn’t heavy?

    And there still seems to be this HUGE misconception out there that as long as you are speeding my a certain margin, then the “drive right, pass left” rule doesn’t apply to you. These idiots piss me off just as much as the slow drivers in the left lane, because both of them are completely ignorant to the rules. It doesn’t matter how fast you are driving. If you are not currently passing someone, you have no valid reason to be in the left lane. None. These “left lane speeders” are just as big of idiots as the left lane hogs, because their understanding of the law is just as poor as the left lane hogs’ understanding of it.

  227. @ Harlowe

    Well said. Someone who is speeding doesn’t bother me. It’s the rude speeders who tailgate and drive aggressively that bother me. Some speeders seem to think that just because they are speeding by a certain amount, everyone else on the road should too. This is just an irrational point of view.

    So if you consistently drive faster than the flow of traffic, that’s fine with me. Just don’t tailgate me while I’m taking the 5 seconds it takes me to pass the slower vehicle to my right. This behavior pisses me off just as much as left lane hogs do.

    But I agree with everything you said. If you are going to pass, commit to it and get it done in a timely manner. Then, move over once you are done.

  228. My English is better than yours, Lynn.. Pick up a grammar book for once in your lifetime. The language that you grew up speaking in your ‘hood is not the pure, grammatically correct English, it’s a bastardized version of British English. Besides, you suck, and you WILL get your ticket. I’ve seen people getting tickets for 5mph over speed limit.

  229. Actually, what do I care. Speed as much as you want, I will meet you at the next light anyways. Just don’t forget that you pose a threat to other people on the road, and act accordingly. Accidents are irreversible, ask parents of those who died on the road due to someone’s reckless and selfish driving.

  230. I saw something today that goes along with what I was complaining about regarding left lane tailgaters.

    In front of me, there was a left lane hog riding the passing lane going about 5 mph over the speed limit. Shortly after I noticed them, a guy in a black Ford Focus comes up the left lane and gets right on their bumper, tailgating them severely. The right lane (where I was the whole time) in front of me was COMPLETELY open. This was all taking place about 75 yards in front of me.

    Anyways, the left lane tailgater in the black Ford Focus continued to tailgate the left lane hog for roughly 3 miles, until they got out of my sight at that point and I got off at the next exit.

    Notice how I said the whole time, the right lane in front of me was WIDE OPEN. Why, why, why did this guy in the Focus insist on following the left lane hog right on their bumper in the left lane for 3+ miles? What is that going to solve? The left lane hog is obviously clueless to your presence and they haven’t moved over after you have been on their bumper. The right lane is completely clear. Why don’t you just go around them on the right when you get a safe opportunity to do so? Why is this so hard for these left lane tailgaters to comprehend?

    Sure, passing on the right isn’t always the safest thing to do. But how is it any less safe than following a left lane hog idiot on their bumper for miles at a time? It isn’t any less safe. Why didn’t the guy just pass them on the right and go on his way? I don’t get it.

    In my opinion, when you come across a clueless left lane hog like the one I described above, since they are a big hazard, the best thing you can do is to get them out of your ‘picture’. The longer you keep a hazard in your ‘picture’, the better the chance of something bad happening. If this guy would have just passed the left lane hog on the right (he had 3+ miles of open right lane to do so), he would have got them out of the picture and been able to move on safely. Instead he chose to tailgate them in the left lane for over 3 miles. Why? WHY?

    It’s frustrating to watch, really. I’m just sitting there in the right lane saying, “Just go around them on the right! You will get them out of the picture that way so they can no longer be a hazard to you!” Anyways, this is the problem I have with people who drive fast AND aggressively. I don’t have a problem with people who drive fast. It’s the ones who drive fast AND aggressively (like the guy in the black Ford Focus) who bother me. They are just as clueless as the left lane hogs for not realizing that a simple pass on the right when it’s safe to do so would eliminate this hazardous left lane hog from their ‘picture’.

    If you aren’t willing to pass a left lane hog on the right when it’s safe to do so, then quit complaining about them. The safest thing to do is to get away from the left lane hog. The easiest way to do that is to wait for a safe opportunity to pass on the right, and take it. What do you guys think?

  231. If someone is doing 5 to ten miles over the speed limit in the left lane dont assume that they are driving slower then you to be an ass. If there are no cars in the right lane do yourselfs a faver and go the hell around if you want to speed.. No issue with speeding, I do it myself.. I think its really funny how pissed off people get about it when the fing right lane open.. I go around people all the time using the right lane> My blood pressure doesnt go out the roof over it.. And no the world/road doesnt revolve around you either.. And no I dont bend to assholes who get on my ass for even going 15 to 20 miles over the speed limit in the left lane. Its not your right to judge those people either just like people think anyone going slower then you are trying to teach you a lesson for speeding. Dont assume and take responsability for yourself if you want to speed, and no that were ever you drive there will always be someone doing the speed limit or maybe just above.. Your not the law either so dont take it so personaly..

  232. I lived on long island for a while, and there people mind there on business and just went on there way. Not paying attention to how the other people were driving. Just went with there own flow. The big focus, get to were you gotta be, honk if someone almost hits you or cuts you off. No one really cared that you werent 3 car links behind or half a car behind.. You know why? We have better things to worry about then talk to other drivers using our cars. It sucks that the highlight of some peoples day is while they are driving..Must be a boring life to live… Boo hoo., and left lane hogs is a poor way to discribe people going slower than you even if they are going that 10 miles over the speed limit.. I would have to call you a left lane hog as well only because you want to stay in the left lane to try and push people over when there is not a single car next to you..What the f.. I just came on here to see if there was a law about this nonsense.

  233. @Bob Easy

    Yes, I’ll probably drive behind the left lane hog for about a mile or so and then get fed up and pass on the right. At the same time, it’s still really irritating how ignorant some of these drivers are. If I’m not in any rush to get where I’m going, I might go back into the left lane and then slowly reduce my speed forcing the left lane camper to have to either drive at my reduced speed or pull over to the right lane. Once they move over, I’ll resume my original cruising speed. I’m not sure if it teaches them anything, but maybe, just maybe, 1% of the people might figure out that they should be driving in the right lane and not the left.


    You see I’m not a left lane camper because you’ll find me in the right lane nearly 90% of the time. I drive pretty fast, but I am also aware of my surroundings and get out of the way of drivers that drive even faster than I do. I’ll only move into the left lane if I have to pass someone and then I immediately get my butt back into the right lane. See how that works? It’s so easy. Although you don’t sound very intelligent to me, so I don’t know why I’m trying to explain myself to you.

  234. Get over yourself Tom.. The world does not revolve around you, and I wasnt talking about your dumb A**.You might live were you have to get back in the right lane.. I DONT. See how easy THAT was.. Again I wasnt talking to you!!!!! Anyone speeding is in the wrong bottom line. So dont get your panties in a bunch over others who dont go your speed and bend to your driving….Oh and just try a degrade someone you dont know.. I think thats funny as hell. You havn’t pissed me off.. Sorry! Let me spell it out.. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU>

  235. Yep, rachel, your post explains loud and clear how unintelligent you are. Explaining why you should get back in the left lane would be a waste of my time because of your low IQ, so I will do something much more interesting for myself and that is point out all the grammatical and spelling mistakes you made in your post. My comments will be in parentheses after your sentences:

    Get over yourself Tom.. (Okay, you need a comma to separate your sentence and my name since you are directing the comment to me. Also, an ellipsis is not a substitute for proper punctuation.)

    The world does not revolve around you, and I wasnt talking about your dumb A**. (You need an apostrophe in the word “wasn’t”, and Ass shouldn’t be capitalized unless it is a proper noun.)

    You might live were you have to get back in the right lane.. I DONT. (lol, I believe the spelling you’re looking for is “where”. How can I take you seriously when you make such an elementary English mistake? You’ve also got that ellipsis again; try a comma next time. Oh, and you’re missing an apostrophe again.)

    See how easy THAT was.. (Gah! Don’t shout out me. And I know I’m going to have to beat this dead horse, but your ellipsis should be a question mark here. I imagine you just use ellipses because you’re so god awfully unintelligent and don’t know the correct punctuation, so you try to hide it behind an ambiguous (and overused by pre-teens) punctuation tool.)

    Again I wasnt talking to you!!!!! (I know that a lot of people don’t bother to use apostrophes because they like to save time. My guess is you don’t because you’re a mouth breather and don’t know the difference between “were” and “where”.)

    Anyone speeding is in the wrong bottom line. (”in the wrong bottom line”? Your sentence makes absolutely no sense. This is why punctuation is a good thing. Please learn how to use commas and semi-colons correctly.)

    So dont get your panties in a bunch over others who dont go your speed and bend to your driving…. (You’ve got two missing apostrophes here, and that notorious ellipsis again. At least your mistakes are consistent.)

    Oh and just try a degrade someone you dont know.. (lol, I do it because you’re really really dumb. Your argument proves it, and your lack of knowledge of the English language enforces what I already knew. Now to get back on track, in addition to your usual missing apostrophe and overuse of ellipses, you’ve now rewarded us with a sentence fragment. Please, finish your thought before you end your sentence.)

    I think thats funny as hell. (”That’s” needs an apostrophe. Are you going to have a single mistake-free sentence in this train-wreck of a post?)

    You havn’t pissed me off.. (Hooray! you remembered the apostrophe, but then ruined the moment by misspelling the word. Pay attention to those wiggly red lines underneath what I imagine is half the words in your posts. They are to draw your attention to the spelling mistake you made. The fact that you don’t correct them tells me that not only are you unintelligent but you are also lazy. But I already knew that since you admitted that you camp in the left lane.)

    Sorry! (Well, I guess even you can’t make a mistake in a one word sentence. Here’s your star.)

    Let me spell it out.. (Ellipsis - please stop it.)

    THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU> (So shouting at me in caps is how you spell something out? Please get back on the short bus; I bet it stays in the right lane.)

  236. LOL you 60 year old english teacher with spell cheak on his computer >>>>>…..Sorry that doesnt piss me off either.. and yes i ride the short bus everyday.. damn those windows are so shiny i have to where sunshades….Your wright i didnt make it past the 3rd grade..? I think im going to sit in my bed and cry myself to sleep now because i been told all these bad things about myself.. Maybe i should believe them..What to do with myself.. Oh I know i will go think about it in the left lane . Seems like you have got all this time on you’re hands to sit on here and right novels mabe you should try and help me out with this one too. Thank you tom I will now go eat lots of food or just kill myself…..

  237. Heh, I’m 32 and am an accountant. I did teach ESL for a few years when I was living in Japan, however that’s not why I am able to grasp the English language. I can speak and write English correctly because I’m educated. What has been proven to me time and time again is that people who camp in the left lane are just less intelligent than the rest of us. I’ve never heard a valid argument from any of you people. You all remind me of Corky from “Life Goes On”. I’ve grown tired of trying to argue my point on why driving in the left lane is ignorant. You’re too stupid to understand, and I don’t have the patience to deal with dumb people. That’s why I never made a good teacher and had to make a career change to accounting.

    rachel, I do like you’re last sentence though. Please follow through with that.

  238. @Tom,

    You have to be the funniest accountant I have ever known. We’ll never be able to change the mindset of idiots like rachel, but I so enjoy your responses to people like her none the less. I never had aspirations to be a teacher and the reason you gave as to why you aren’t one now is exactly why I didn’t want to be one.

  239. Hand clap to you Tom, and L ynn we’ll never be able to change the mindset of idiots like yourself.. I would like to think that you think the same way about your point as I do about mine.. Really, get over yourselfs..

  240. @ Lynn

    Thanks. :)

    @ rachel

    *snore* You’ve written yet another post that I have to struggle to understand. If you’re not going to write proper English and make your posts less confusing, I’m just going to skim over them and mentally grade them as an F. I repeat, how can anyone take you seriously when you write worse than an elementary school child? This is not an exaggeration on my part. You really suck at English.

  241. my point exactly..nuff said

  242. @ Tom

    While I agree with almost everything you said (although I don’t drive as fast as you do), I did want to ask you something about your response to my earlier question. You said you will follow a left lane hog in the passing lane for about a mile and if they don’t move over by then, you pass them on the right, then get in front of them at a reduced speed to try to get the point across to them. I agree with the part about passing them on the right. I will never for the life of me understand why people will choose to tailgate a left lane hog in the passing lane for miles while the right lane is completely open, and they could easily and safely pass the idiot on the right and get them out of the picture.

    However, I wanted to ask you about the second part of your statement. If you get back in front of the left lane hog in the passing lane at a reduced speed, aren’t you afraid you will be seen by others as the left lane hog then? I know if I came up from behind and saw you driving at a reduced speed ahead of the idiot in the passing lane, I would assume you were the left lane hog. That is why I would say to just pass them on the right and be done with them. Get them out of your picture completely. Don’t bother trying to get your point across to them, because as you pointed out rather humorously above, none of them will ever get the point.

    So, you have pointed out that you will pass them on the right, and I commend you for that. Now, can you come up with any possible reasons why others choose not to pass them on the right and will tailgate them for miles and miles instead? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Pass the idiot on the right when you get a safe chance to do so and get the hell away from them! If you want to go faster than them, do it by passing them on the right, not by waiting for them to get the hint. Can you please try to explain what these left lane tailgaters’ logic may be here?

    And not just Tom either. Can anyone else here explain why someone would choose to tailgate a left lane hog in the passing lane for miles while the right lane is completely open, rather than just passing them on the right and getting the hell away from them?

  243. @BOB

  244. I get the point people… I am not a left lane hog.. Just wanted to point out that if I or anyone else is going over the speed limit in the left lane. Lets just say by 15 miles or so.. I believe the other drivers doing, lets say 20 miles or so over the speed limit should go around if know one is in the right lane.. Dont get your panties twisted over it.. There isnt a sign that says.”Left lane for people going over the speed limit.” Just says right lane is for slower traffic.. I could not agree with you more bob.. People who slow down in front of left lane hogs are ass holes, because they want to prove a point.. Guess what, another one will come along. Then back to square one again…I dont get why people like tom are so stupid and have to always tell people who they are or try and teach them a leason.. 9 times out of 10 they know exactly what you are doing, when you slow down, and they just dont give a F***. Again lower your blood pressure tom. Maybe trying to correct my grammer will help..

  245. @Bob

    Passing on the right is an unsafe practice. I try not to do so, but will if I have no other choice. If I’m behind a left lane camper, and I want to get anywhere at a decent time, then I have to pass on the right. But I try to give them a certain amount of time to figure out that I’m behind them and that they should move over. I figure a mile is a decent amount of time and if they still haven’t moved over, I get fed up and pass on the right. If I’m not in a rush, then I’ll slow down in front of them.

    As for others thinking that I, myself, am a left lane bandit, yes, it has occurred to me that might happen. Fortunately, these idiots usually get frustrated even faster than I do and move over to the right lane to pass me. Then I’ll speed back up to my cruising speed and be about my way. I find it funny that they get annoyed by others driving slow in the left lane but don’t see the irony that they also annoy others doing the same thing. It’s unreal. This idiot, Rachel, doesn’t seem to understand that “slow drivers keep left” applies to everyone. There is always someone who drives faster than you do, and when that happens you need to move over for them. Who’s to say that 15 miles over the limit is the acceptable amount to speed over the limit and not 20? I drive 10 over and move out of the way for everyone who goes faster than me. Rachel is a retard because she doesn’t understand this.

  246. Lol, you are the retard.. There are speed limits posted.That is who says how fast you should go.( Dumb ass) Thats the point. If you want to go over that then you should go around.. Why dont you understand?? Why should someone merge to idiots that get all up on peoples butts, that are going over the speed limit.When it would take them 2 sec. to go around them.. Thats all I’m saying. The same as idiots who get over, then jump back into the left lane just to slow down to try and prove a point… Stop using your cars to talk.. I Do agree when someone is going under the speed limit, the should get over. I just move right on around them. Gets me to were im going alot faster then playing stupid car games with the person going slow. Maybe you should try being the bigger person.. Again your the idiot.

  247. P.s. I just said “Lets say 15 miles” just as an example.. Idiot. Learn to read english…

  248. Oh rachel, please stop. You’re killing me with your inane logic. If people want to go faster than the speed limit that is their prerogative. You are incredibly ignorant if you truly believe that no one should ever go faster than the posted limit.

    I don’t know if you saw any of my previous posts but I will tell you again that even the police in my area routinely go faster than the limit on the highways. And no, they do not stop others who are doing the same thing unless it is excessively beyond the posted limit and then it is up to the individual police officer to make the call as to what is considered excessive. In Chicago, during rush hours, the average speed limit is 10 over the limit, with many, many others going 15-20 or more over. So please stop using that as a moral argument for being a left lane hog and expecting everyone else to go around you on the right. The fact is, it is dangerous to pass on the right. The fact is, all highways have signs posted that say “slower traffic keep to the right”. The fact is, any police officer will tell you that the smooth flow of traffic is important for safety, and if you are going slower than others in the left lane, you are impeding the flow of traffic.

    I’m sure nothing I have said nor that others have said will make you understand…I think it is too complicated for your brain to process. But, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you don’t live and drive in the Chicago area.

    P.S. Notice I didn’t use any name-calling…I bet you can’t do the same.

  249. lol, Rachel, nobody can understand your English. That was the whole point when I made that huge block of text correcting your English. The onus is on the writer to get his/her point across. If I don’t understand your meaning because you write like an elementary school child, who’s fault is that? It’s not my job to decipher the true meaning out of your crappy English. Write clearer and with less mistakes, and there won’t be any confusion. I speak two languages and am very experienced in translating non-native English to true English, and I get the same feeling when I read your English as I did my old students in Japan. That’s sad, very very sad. You write like an elementary school Japanese student who is still learning the English language. I repeat, you’re a retard. Fact.

  250. Lynn, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo! Unfortunately, I blew my cool and resorted to some name calling with Rachel, but you know what? Who cares? She’s and idiot and she should know it. Sure, it was pretty childish of me, but like I said way above, I have a short temper with dumb people. I know that’s a shortcoming of mine.

    I especially like how you mentioned that it is not other drivers’ jobs to police the roads. If you’re not a cop, then why do you care if others speed? I speed sure, and if someone wants to speed faster than me, then who am I to stop them? I get my butt over and let them go about their way. What gets me about left lane bandits is how they contradict themselves with their follow the law logic.

    They claim that they drive the speed limit and refuse to budge out of the left lane because they respect the laws and want everyone else to do so as well. However, they are breaking the law by not moving over to the right lane for faster traffic. “Slower drivers keep right” does not mean keep right if you drive below the speed limit. It means that if EVER you are slower than the person behind you, then move over if it is safe to do so. Sure, if there is a ton of traffic, nobody expects you to get out of the lane and get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. But if there is some space to the right, get over. Why would you not do that? What kind of holier than thou jerk does such a thing? Actually I know the answer to that–Rachel. And we can all see her logic and her intelligence right here in text. You can’t argue with someone like that. They are too dumb to know that they are dumb, and refuse to hear any argument that contradicts their own. So I just resort to name calling and talking down to them because it amuses me. Yes, I know it’s very childish, but it also just gets me a giggling.

    *I’d like to add that I spoke to a cop buddy of mine just last week about this, and he told me that if he caught someone camping in the left lane and holding of traffic, no matter how much that traffic was speeding, then he’d give that left lane bandit a ticket. And if he could be in more than one place at the same time, he’d also give all those speeders a ticket if they were going more than 10 miles over the limit. Those were his words, not mine, and without any prompting from me. I was so tickled by what he said, I actually started clapping until it occurred to me how much of an idiot I must look clapping like a seal.

  251. Gah, I made a few grammatical mistakes in those two posts. Either Rachel’s English is contagious, or I shouldn’t be posting when it’s 3am and I’m sleepy. Off to bed with me.

  252. Lol. Lynn you are stupid, and not even a part of this post.. Go back and read.. I might not type up to your standards, but I know its is very understandable.. I go over the speed limit all the time.. Just saying, if I choose to do so then I dont make an ass out of myself by trying to talk with my car.. I understand everything that is being said.. I choose to believe different then you stupid ass holes.. Again just because I dont bend to you guys doesnt mean I’m an idiot, and do not understand.. About the name calling I believe Both of you guys are just as gulity as me.. Tom you have some real probablems when you feel like you have to say sorry for your grammatical mistakes.. Thats pretty sad. Maybe if you would get your ass out of your head you would see that not everyone is you. Again I agree with slower traffic stay right if you are going under the speed limit, or holding hands with the right lane car. The cops should give tickets for speeding in the left lane, before the ones going slower then traffic.(only if you are going under speed limit.)You know why? Thats the law, and I dont make the law, and cops should go by it.. Again I speed all the time so I’m not sayin you shouldnt speed(idiots).. Just to be clear I get it.. Who is to say whats what. I think the ass holes who make up there own laws are stupid. Like the ones who try and teach you some sort of lesson on the road by uses there cars. Or the ones who, when they choose to go fast, speed up on speeders and think they are being left lane hogs.. Get over yourselfs. Really learn to understand english before you open your mouths.. You say you have a hard time reading what I right. Look past the grammer mistakes and actually understand my point, instead of assume I dont know what I’m talking about..

  253. @rachel,

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I KNEW you would not be able to resist the name calling, but I didn’t expect it in the very first sentence. But it’s okay, because obviously you are too crass and ignorant of a person for anyone in their right mind to take seriously. And just so you know…I did not bother to read past your comment about how you don’t talk with your car. Maybe if you did we would all be able to understand you better. Thanks for the laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. *Rolls eyes at Rachel and decides that there really isn’t any point speaking with her anymore.*

    She’s too dumb to debate anything because she’s one of those “know it all” idiots. You can never argue your point against her, because she feels she knows everything. It’s clear to everyone else that she’s stupid because she makes comments like “get your ass out of your head”, but I guess I should just bless her ignorance, because if she were actually aware of how dumb she is, she would have opened her veins a long time ago. I will for now on just skip everything written by Rachel because reading her dribble actually kills brain cells quicker than sniffing paint thinner.

  255. @Tom, I couldn’t agree with you more. But I sense it’s rachel that has been sniffing paint thinner. I never could understand what her point was…it was hard enough trying to decipher her butchered english to get any meaning out of it.
    See you on the roads, Tom, and if I happen to be in the left lane and you want to go faster, I promise to move to the right to let you pass. I am not a princess (hey, it’s the kindest thing I could think of) like rachel and I know the written…..and unwritten rules of the road.
    So it’s goodbye forever, rachel. ~waves goodbye~

  256. Same here, Lynn. I’ll likely not be in the left lane, but same goes for you if I happen to see you in my rear-view mirror. What Rachel doesn’t understand is that I’d offer the same courtesy to her, not just because it’s the law, but also because I’m not an ignorant, holier than thou asshole. It’s just the right thing to do.

    Why would I ever want to irritate someone (who doesn’t deserve it) or force them to make an unsafe pass on the right? It’s very little effort for me to put on my indicator and move over so they can pass. Traffic flows smoothly, and we both go about our happy ways. I guess what confuses me most is that I can’t think of a single reason why doing this would bother people, but Rachel stands firm that she will never do such a thing. I bet she also lets doors swing shut in peoples faces and plants her shopping cart in the middle of shopping aisles. She probably also parks in the fire lane and then goes through the express shopping lane with about 30 items in her cart and pays with a check. She’s just that type of self absorbed person. I repeat, I’ll never respond to another Rachel post again. She might as well be on ignore from here on out. She’s a lost cause.

  257. Lol you guys are so so funny. maybe you should meet up and have a little tea together

  258. Slow Drivers stay to the right and shut your faces up before i run you over!

  259. I think the center of the argument is really the apparent paradox of one law against another.

    The OP and those who sympathize with him/her believe that the posted speeding limit is absolute and cannot be violated no matter what, so that gives speeders no legal grounds to utilize the “slower drivers to the right” rule for they cannot presumbly exceed the posted speed limit. Some posters even argue that everyone has the right to drive in any lanes at max speed limit without needing to yield to those who attempt to pass by exceeding the speeding.

    The ones who oppose the OP obviously claim that left lane is for PASSING only so cars need to move to the right even when driving at the posted max speed limit. Furthermore, it is more absolute that cars need to yield to faster cars than cars need to follow posted speed limit.

    I would like to use California law as an example to explain how the laws do not really conflict each other, reason why we are having a paradox is lack of understanding of the laws relevant to the discussion.

    In state of CA, it is stated in VC 21650 ” Upon all highways, a vehicle shall be driven upon the right half of the roadway, except as follows:

    (a) When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction under the rules governing that movement.

    (f) When the vehicle is necessarily traveling so slowly as to impede the normal movement of traffic, that portion of the highway adjacent to the right edge of the roadway may be utilized temporarily when in a condition permitting safe operation. ”

    This law here states that EVERYONE needs to be on the right lane, yes, including the OP or those who think they can drive on any lane forever. You can ONLY occupy the LEFT lane if you are PASSING someone who is driving below NORMAL MOVEMENT OF TRAFFIC(if everyone is going 70mph on a 55mph prima facie freeway, then 70mph is the “normal” traffic speed)). With that being said, we now know that not everyone can drive on the left lane and certainly stay there indefinitely thinking by following max speed limit can give them the right to even if they are slower than the normal movement of traffic.

    Next, in state of CA, it is stated in VC 21654-”.
    (a) Notwithstanding the prima facie speed limits, any vehicle proceeding upon a highway at a speed less than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction at such time shall be driven in the right-hand lane for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand edge or curb, except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.

    (b) If a vehicle is being driven at a speed less than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction at such time, and is not being driven in the right-hand lane for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand edge or curb, it shall constitute prima facie evidence that the driver is operating the vehicle in violation of subdivision (a) of this section.

    (c) The Department of Transportation, with respect to state highways, and local authorities, with respect to highways under their jurisdiction, may place and maintain upon highways official signs directing slow-moving traffic to use the right-hand traffic lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle or preparing for a left turn. ”

    Right here, the law states that EVEN with prima facie speed limit(posted speed limit), if you are driving slower than the NORMAL TRAFFIC SPEED, then you are REQUIRED to yield or you are in violation of the law. So, that bust the misconception that OP had that everyone needs to follow posted speed limit and he can occupy left lane for as long as he maintain max speed posted.

    With that, it is very easy to see that the law, at least in state of CA, requires OP to yield if he is driving slower than the flow of the traffic.

  260. @c_pailer

    Thank you for that very thoughtful and well cited post. It explains what those of us opposing the OP have been arguing very well. The only problem is that left lane campers aren’t interested in the facts of the laws, logic, or even dialogue for that matter.

    They feel entitled to the left lane and use the speed limit as a blanket argument for why they are correct. They claim that by any of us driving over the speed limit, we forfeit any right to argue about someone else breaking any other law.

    They claim that it is because that they are law abiding drivers that they refuse to move from the left lane, but are completely ignorant of the hypocrisy of honoring one law while lamenting another. My argument is that it is not up to the drivers to enforce any laws on the road. That job belongs to the police. So just drive in a safe and unobtrusively and stop worrying about what other drivers are doing.

    Speeding is not necessarily a bad thing. The posted speed limits are too low in many areas. So long as the person isn’t weaving through traffic or tailgating other drivers, what does anyone care that he’s driving a few miles over the limit? Now, granted, if a driver is going some absurd speed over the limit (and yes, I’m aware that defining what speed is absurd is subjective) then perhaps one should have a beef with what that driver is doing. But except for a very small minority of speeders, most of us are just going about 10 miles over the limit, and we should be left at the whims of the police. Unless you have blue lights on the roof of your car, leave it be and mind your business.

    So how is it that I can argue that slower drivers should mind their business about speeders, yet argue that speeders are entitled to bemoan slower drivers for camping in the left lane? Easy. Speeders are not disrupting traffic or hindering other drivers in any way. Unless of course they are tailgaters or weavers, and those people are a whole different breed and held in equal contempt to left lane campers.

    To get back to the point, most speeders are just going about their business, will pass you, and will just keep on trucking. Leave them be. If they exceed the limit too much, a cop will get them, and the driver will just shake his head and after a bit of grumbling accept his ticket. He knew the risks of speeding so he doesn’t really have an argument for being ticketed. Leave him be.

    As for slow drivers, so long as they are in the right lane, then they have every right to be on the road trying and get to their destination. Leave them be. I’m not even arguing that they shouldn’t get in the left lane if they happen upon an even slower driver and want to pass them. That’s what the left lane is there for. But they should get their butts back in the right lane after completing the pass. It’s the drivers (read: both slow drivers and speeders) that camp in the left lane that I have a problem with. Those people are disrupting traffic and forcing other drivers to make unsafe passes on the right. That’s not cool. That’s just as dangerous as tailgaters and weavers. These people should have their licenses revoked.

    And as I said above, it’s not just slow drivers that are at fault on this. I’ve seen many speeders who feel entitled to the left lane because they figure that they’re speeding so they have the right to the left lane. This is wrong. There’s always someone who drives faster than you, and if that person approaches from behind, then it is the slower driver’s duty to yield the lane to him. Deciding what speed is safe for you is subjective, and I believe it was George Carlin that said, “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” That is so true. We’ve all got to wake up and understand that we don’t own the road. If I happen to be driving a speed over the limit that I consider acceptable and someone else comes flying up behind me driving even faster, who am I to begrudge them for wanting to drive faster than me? If I camp myself in the left lane and force them to pass on the right, then I’m wrong and am an asshole. It doesn’t matter that I’m speeding and think he’s crazy for wanting to drive even faster than I’m already going. So what? The guy going the speed limit probably thinks I’m going too fast, yet I’d still want him to move over for me. It’s the same exact thing.

    Anyway, if you’ve read this far of my massive post, I applaud you. Let me just wrap this up by summarizing the 2 points I wanted to get across.

    1) Speeding isn’t necessarily bad. Let the cops deal with it. The only speeders we need to worry about are tailgaters and weavers.

    2) No matter what speed you’re going, yield the left lane to faster drivers. In fact, just stay out of the left lane all together unless you have to pass or if the roads are so congested that you have no choice. But be aware of your surroundings. You should be glancing in your rear-view often and be ready to move over if someone else wants to pass you.

  261. A-holes like you are what causes accidents ! What gives you the right to congest traffic driving in the “passing lane” AKA the “fast lane” doing 55.
    In CA there are signs all along the freeway stating “slower traffic stay right” but all these West Coast idiots & Mexicans will not move over to let traffic go by. Then they freak out when they are cut off or break checked.
    If I am driving 80 in the fast lane & someone rolls up behind me doing 85, I MOVE OVER !
    PS just got back from NY and 99% of people moved to the right when I rolled up behind them. I’m moving back East !!

  262. Joey, stay up north though if you want common decency. I’m originally from NJ and drivers will move over for faster traffic up there too. But down here in Georgia where I live now, I’d say it’s only 1 out of 20 drivers that are willing to move out of the passing lane and they usually have license plates from up north.

  263. Ok, I have looked through these comments, and I have one question for the speeders. Why is it that you feel the need to go so fast? Is it really necessary? I don’t think so. Eveyone needs to learn to slow down and relax. You will get to your destination.

  264. LDdriver, that isnt really relevant though, because it is very relative. What may constitute as “speeding” may not be so to another driver or even majority of the drivers on the road. Thats why most traffic laws stress on the “normal speed of traffic”, and it is a lot more flexible than prima facie speed limit, the posted sign. See my post on Sep 20th.

  265. @LDriver, why do some people like to walk and others like to run? It just is. Why do people feel it necessary to be concerned with what others are doing? It seems most of the people who post comments about how we’re all supposed to be doing the speed limit are hell bent on dictating their moral views on others. You all do what you think is right and leave others to do the same without interference. If we’re breaking the law, then it is up to law enforcement to make that determination, not the self-righteous.

  266. Lynn is stupid.. And pretty much said what I was saying the whole time.. ” Do what you do, and leave others be..” . What a way to contridict your self.. Get all in my ass, and then say that ****.. You just like starting ****.. Your a dumb bitch.. Peace

  267. Rachel, what the Hell are you talking about ! You sound like the DUMB BITCH ! No one understands what you are saying.
    Tom, thanks for the input. We are thinking of moving to the Buffalo area, can’t wait to leave CA, it’s full of Rachel’s……

  268. @rachel, rachel, rachel, Geez, I thought you were out of my life forever. Didn’t realize you missed me so much. I see you haven’t had time to learn English yet.
    @Tom, wherever you are, allow me: “contridict” should be: contradict. “your a dumb bitch” should be: you’re a dumb bitch. “get all in my ass”, hmm, don’t know that phrase. However, if you’re ever driving in my area, and you’re holding me up in the left lane, get the hell out of my way or I will be “all in your ass” with my car. Oh, and rachel, **** off. (sorry everyone, that is, everyone but rachel)

  269. @Lynn

    *huge grin*

    Thank you. I said I wouldn’t reply to anything that rachel wrote, and I’m going to stick with it. But your grammar smack down in my absence is much appreciated.


    Speeds that drivers choose to drive is relative. What might be speeding to me isn’t necessarily speeding to another driver. Just live and let live and make sure to be courteous to your fellow drivers. If someone wants to go faster, move over. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to drive a little slower, but just pick the correct lane to do it in. That’s all anybody wants, to just be able to drive without slower drivers clogging the passing lane or idiot speeders weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating. See? I can admit that there are extremes for both types. We’ve got bad speeders and they should be shot, and we’ve got bad slow drivers and they should be kneeling right next to the speeders for the next bullet.

  270. @Tom I get what you’re saying, however, I don’t go in the left lane. I drive on I-79 which in some places is three lanes wide in the right lane going the speed limit in the far right lane like I’m supposed to do, and some idiot comes speeding up behind me, then I see them gesturing at me. It’s like they think the right lane is for passing, which it isn’t.

    However, this is my main problem, and forgot about all that move over for someone to go faster, drive in the correct lane “rules”…. why do people want to go so fast in the first place and be in a hurry all the time, no matter if it’s day or night, weekday or weekend, all the time? In my years of driving I see it becoming worse, drivers going even faster than ever before. Why don’t drivers quit being in such a hurry and raising their blood pressure and stress level, and just take it easy. It’s not hurting anything, and they’ll still get to their destination.

    @Matt, you said ” the speed limits that are posted in any given area are OBVIOUSLY slower than what is safe to go on a dry, sunny day. the limits are there as actually a general guide of what speed to travel when it’s rainy and foggy.” That is definitely incorrect! Straight from the Driver’s Manual it states that the speed limit is the safe speed for the BEST conditions, not the WORST conditions.

  271. @LDriver

    Since you’re not in the left lane, then you and I have no problem. And I agree with you, and anybody that comes flying behind you when you are in the right most lane and expects you to speed up for him is a jerk off. Not all of us speeders are like him, and I think I can speak for most of us that we hate those people just as much as you do.

    As to your question on why do we want to speed, allow me to answer with a couple questions of my own. Why do you want to drive the speed you want to drive? Why does the little, old lady want to drive 10 miles below the limit? Because each of us is comfortable driving at that speed. I reiterate, it’s all relative. If I’m cool with going my speed, and you’re cool with going your speed, and neither of us are doing douche-like maneuvers or trying to dictate what speed the other wants to go, then all is well on the road. If a cop wants to pull me over, so be it. I know the chance I’m risking and will pay the ticket if my time comes. I’d like to add that I haven’t been pulled over for speeding since 2001 and I consistently drive 10 miles over the limit, even if it means passing a cop.

    LDriver, you sound like you’re a reasonable guy, so I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. I just want to go at my comfortable speed (which happens to be faster than yours and slower than others). I respect that you drive your speed and would never presume to tailgate you in the right lane to hurry up to my speed. At the same time, I expect that slower drivers yield the left lane to me if they see me approaching, just as I do for cars that drive even faster than I do.

  272. Gotcha thought you werent going to talk to me.. And you lynn are so hell bent on letting people be, but then you wright nonsence. Why should I get the hell out of your way one min. and the next you wright this(.”@LDriver, why do some people like to walk and others like to run? It just is. Why do people feel it necessary to be concerned with what others are doing? It seems most of the people who post comments about how we’re all supposed to be doing the speed limit are hell bent on dictating their moral views on others. You all do what you think is right and leave others to do the same without interference. If we’re breaking the law, then it is up to law enforcement to make that determination, not the self-righteous.. “) Shut the fck up.. At least I do me, and if I am driving slower then the speed limit I do get over.. And when I’m going over by 10 to 15, and you get on my ass and start wanting me to get over. You can go the fuk around. Dont get me wrong if someone gets on my ass while im doing 10 to 15 over, and the car in the right lane is next to me I will speed up and get over for them. People like you and tom have high blood pressure and need to relax a little.. @Tom If you live in Ga there is no law that states” left lane is for passing only” so move somewhere were it is and stop being a jerk to people that ride in the left lane period. Maybe you should buy your own road and ride so we can have one less penis on the road.. Again missed spelled words are not the end of the world, nor am am I wrighting for anyone I give a fck about.. (Did you guys understand that?)

  273. @LDriver:

    That’s what the books will tell you. But really, they KNOW that people are going to go the speed limit in the rainiest of conditions, so they make the speed limit low enough to compensate for that.

    Realistically, you could go 15% over the posted limit and be just fine. Especially if you’re in a good car, versus being in a big truck on bald tires.

    But no, I have obey the same limits that big trucks have to (in most cases). If a semi-truck is safe going 50 on a rural highway, than my car is DEFINITELY safe doing 65.

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