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Subway Sandwiches | My Biggest Complaint
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Random: Isaiah Leggett Ignoring Citizen Complaints
File your complaint now

My Biggest Complaint About Subway Sandwiches

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The Subway Sandwich franchise could learn a lot from other sandwich chains like Jimmy John’s, Quiznos, Zero’s, Sub Station, practically everybody.

Subway sandwiches are a rip off. After eating one, I’m still hungry. And it’s not because I’m a pig, it’s because Subway skimps on everything they put on their sandwiches. I swear Subway trains their “sandwich artists” on exactly how many veggies to put on them. On an average foot-long sub, they put about 6 olive pieces, a few strands of lettuce, a couple of bits of onions, and a tomato here and there. Honestly, how much does lettuces cost? The employees count the pickles as if they are quarters and they are coming out of their paychecks. They put about 3 strings of green peppers on a large sub.

And the cheese….there is no other sandwich or fast food chain that puts less cheese on their foot long hoagies. Subway puts exactly 4 small 1/4 pieces of paper thin cheese on a foot-long sub. It’s not even equivalent to one piece of normal cheese when put side by side. How can a “veggies and cheese” foot-long have one piece of cheese on it?

The whole Subway marketing campaign, where Subway preaches about how you can lose weight by eating at Subway, is a farce. You’re not going to lose weight because Subway’s food is more nutritious- if it was more nutrition it would be LOADED with vegetables. No, you are going to lose weight because they have smaller subs than the other places. Jared, who probably made millions on those Subway commercials, lost weight because of Subway’s “portion control” (and the huge monetary incentive he had to do it). Subway has figured out that they can sell EVERYBODY (not just the people who want to lose weight) smaller subs than the competition and if they market it the right way people will associate their sandwiches as being healthier than the competition.

If you want to lose weight, try eating less food and exercising more, not by paying Subway more money to give you less food.

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  1. Yes! A thousand times - Yes!

    Subway is a ripoff. You said it, I live it.

    I stopped in a Subway with Mrs. Bacca and the little Bacca’s to get a quick lunch and wound up spending 27.00 on lunch for a family of four. I could have gone across the parking lot and had fun at BK for half the price and a playzone. Sure, I would be consuming twice as much fat as Subway but the kids are young, they can handle it. Hell, burn it off in the playzone.

  2. Yes, a billion times over.

    Have you ever seen them working in the back of a subway. they wiegh out everything to the microscopic miligram. They even pull the peices of chicken apart to make the correct wieght.

    Hell they are even so skimpy they dole out the napkins as if they are made of gold. Have you ever spilt something at a subway and had to ask for extra napkins? Its like goint to the gates of fort knox and asking for a gold brick.

    One time after buying a sandwich for my wife and myself I went out to the car to get a soda since they didn’t sell my flavor in the cheap a$$ subway. They promptly asked me to leave….. I havn’t been back!!!!

    yep one of the worst examples of a business plan I can think of but how do they succeed????

  3. Ok I have 2 stores in tampa Florida and guys I know what you’re saying….THERE IS in fact a formula that ALL SUBWAYS are to foollow for meats and veggies….HOWEVER we are told by corporate that these are ony guidelines (the veggie formulae) - the meats are set unless u get double meat - BUT the CUSTOMER gets the final say on how much veggies go on the sub. Think about it…instead of complaining on here how about if the next time youre @ SUBWAY when the guy has not placed a satisfactory amount of toppings on your sandwich….you say “Can I have more ________ on there ?” YOU DON’T even have to pay more for however much be veggies you want…..I MAKE SANDWICHES every day and I have many people who ask for extra olives etc . It is never and SHOULD NEVER be an issue….trust me at the prices I have I DEFINITELY make money even if it’s loaded with veggies! As for the comment above about WEIGHING the meats (chicken/steak etc) that goes on sandwiches….WHAT DO YOU THINK other chains are doing???? THEY DO THE EXACT SAME THING! McDonald’s,Blimpie’s,QUIZNOS,they all portion their meat. Anybody who is in the restaurant business will agree with me that there HAS TO BE portion control in place to control food costs so the prices of the sandwiches don’t get too high out of hand….also so that ONE SUBWAY FRANCHISE does not have a competitive advantage over another as far as customers thinking they’re getting MORE FOR THEIR MONEY.

    So I hope this clarifies things a little on here

  4. Nah not really, subway is just cheap a$$.I mean why dole out the napkins, just to piss off your customers? And I have never seen any other restaurant with a scale set up to weight bits of chicken. yes protion control, like 3 pieces not 3.68454394Grams. And believe me I have been in a lot of restaurants. Now don’t get me wrong I realize the retail food bus is very hard and thankless job. You get it from all sies when everything is not just perfect and never really get the praise when you do ok. It does not however take an expert to see what cheap a$$ practices subway implements. And if the veggies are free why not post a sign to such? Why you ask? Well don’t you know? I mean what are we talking about here? Yeah subway being cheapa$$! Yes that’s it and that’s why they don’t post the sign saying extra veggies no extra charge so people will not know and people will not ask for extra veggies, save 3 napkins and 3 olive slices = 4 cents savings…. times how many million served = how many 40 thousands of dollars saved? Don’t think we don’t understand the economics here. It really is all about the bottom line and as long as poor business practices can be overcome by some other facet such as the alleged good nutrition of the subway sandwich which subway sandwiches certainly are not.

  5. I SO AGREE with everyone. I don’t eat out much, but remembered recently how great a Subway sub used to taste, so went to get one. Well, knock me over, but the sandwiches today are NOT what they were a few years ago. I remember, as a teen, going into Subway and getting a sub that was so packed with filling that you couldn’t even keep it in the sandwich, it would just be falling out everywhere. Tons of meat, cheese and vegetables. And for way cheaper, too! The sandwich I recently had was laughable. As someone already mentioned, there was barely any cheese or meat at all, and as for vegies- HA! The bread actually sunk in when you grabbed the sandwich because there was NOTHING INSIDE. Okay, so not wanting to be too judgemental, I thought, hey, maybe it was just a fluke. A new worker or something. Tried it again today- same or worse. So that is it for me with Subway. I have heard pretty good things about Quizno’s, so from now on, I’ll give them my business.

  6. wow you guys are a bunch of complainers with no life. i work at subway and we do follow formulas because it is a standard. if you guys want subway to give out more veggies, all the chains across the world will have to give out more veggies. if you are complaining about gettin 6 olives, maybe you should just ask nicely for EXTRA olvies for free, they will double it for you. So maybe you should stop complaning

  7. Do you know how much money your franchise owner is making off your counting the olives? Maybe you should think about just why you are working at subway before suggesting others have no life!!!

    And Ye know why I don’t ask for extra olives at subway its cuz I don’t eat at subway cuz I have to beg for napkins to wipe the slop of my face oh yeah but I forgot they wont put enough of it on your sandwich for you to get it on your face!!!! Hence no need for napkins now is there?

  8. Oh yeah and JR did yo by chance stop to look at the title of this forum? It Called my biggest complaint. Of course your going to find complainers on here.

  9. Subway like all other restaurants have portion control. Just ask for more veggies, they don’t cost extra. If you want more meat, just say double meat and pay it. It’s still comes out cheaper than quiznos.

    Napkins are made of natural resources, and should be conserved to be environmentally friendly and aware. Yes, the franchisee will make more money if you use less napkins. This is not a non-profit business, these franchisees have put in their own money, commitment and time. They deserve to make money off you. Most people tend to waste if you put all you can eat or all you can use. You can always ask for more or just get over it.

  10. Has anyone noticed that their meat has no taste. I just ate there today, and I got a BMT. I pulled a piece of salami off the sandwich to eat it separately, and it tasted like nothing. It had zero flavor. I doubt the sandwich would have tasted much different if all I got were the bread, veges, and oil/vinegar with no meat.

    The napkin comment above made me laugh. I didn’t realize until now that they don’t have any napkin dispensers. They give you 2 napkins in the sandwich bag. You guys are right about measuring everything to the milligram. I suggest trying Firehouse subs. Their meat is tasty and they put a lot of meat on their sandwiches. They have napkin dispensers, cut lemons for iced tea, and other things that make them seem less stingy.

  11. @subway if you truly are a rep of subway then wow suck to be you hey? Not by any means saying you have no right to make money from your customers I’m just saying if you don’t start treating your customers as the reason your I’m business then you will no longer have customers and will no longer have a privilege to dole out the napkins. So you say your doing this for the environment well quit serving beef if thats your goal after all they are the #1 contributor to global warming so say some.

    Ok as for asking for more I once spilled my soda in a subway and proceeded to the checkout to ask for napkins to clean up and was greeted with a very rude your napkins are in your bag! The clerk literally had to pull the cork out of her ass to release a few extra napkins.

    So my comment to you Mr. subway (who by the way continues on here to show the rude pompous attitude your chain displays). Let us have our napkins and extra olives or go out of business. (you have already lost mine!!!!)

  12. i am a subway employee. yes, we weigh everything out. it’s subway policy to follow the formula. “how much does lettuce cost? how much does a more olives cost? etc, etc” with as many sandwiches that are made, if each person has lots of extras, food cost sky-rockets. many workers’ jobs hang on the line if they do not follow protocol. so stop complaining about the workers and how much they are putting on your sanwiches. complain to corprate. every restaurant weighs their food, you just don’t usually see it.

  13. My complaint was not about Subway workers. The Subway employees that have chimed in here all have supported my original post.

    Of course all restaurants weigh food, and of course putting more on decreases profit margins. Subway trains their sandwich artists according to what corporate wants. My complaint was about the quantity of food that Subway provides and how they market it so that it seems like not getting enough food on the normal sandwich is a benefit to the consumer. Subway has made a choice about their business model and I was pointing out how this affects the consumer.

    I have no beef with Subway employees. My recommendation is to chose another sandwich provider if you want real nutrition and real value for you money.

  14. Sorry Subway–my nephew was an “artist”….

    Other restaurants may measure, too, but no one skimps on sandwiches like Subway. I refuse to go there anymore. All you get is bread.

    Is it true that they’re refusing to let elementary-aged Homeschoolers enter a writing contest? How lame is that?

  15. Although I can’t argue on the cheese, I do have to speak up for my place of employment.

    In case you intelligent folk haven’t noticed, you can pile on the veggies as much as you like. We ARE trained on how many to start with, but if you ask for more we’ll keep piling them on until you say to stop. We’ve had people put entire containers of pickles on their subs, and they’re more than allowed. Although I do agree that stuff like cheese and bacon could be piled more (without the extra cost), those ingredients are costly to the franchise. And look at a Subway Club… there’s 18 pieces of meat on a footlong! And that’s just in Canada, I hear the states have higher portions.

    I get what you’re saying for sure, and can’t argue that they could be healthier in their portions. But if your subs are really that “skimpy” it’s really not entirely Subway to blame. If you want the extra pickle, all you have to do is ask…

  16. Katie,

    Its not the portion size so much as it is the general attitude of the shop that bothers me. I think the subway business model is one which drives people away and they will ultimately suffer their demise as a result.

  17. SUBWAY SANDWICHES ARE A TOTAL JOKE.Have you ever seen one that looks like the comercials? NOT.No meat at all.My buisness goes to a local family run buisness where one sub can feed two people there is so much meat in them and they apprieciate the buisness.Ive been going there for 10 years.When will the american people realize big chain store no matter what type are a total rip off!!!They give you nothing and we pay a ton

  18. I have to agree, a couple tiny triangles of cheese is not enought for a 6-inch sandwich. I didn’t know I could ask for more.

    If you REALLY want to go to a great sandwich shop. A relative of mine owns GENEROUS JOE’S in Greenbelt, Maryland (near Washington, D.C.) It is a family run business - Dad’s name is Joe and son’s name is Joe. They are Italians and Italians like to EAT. Hence the name Generous Joe’s. The restaurant is not much to look at (it needs a major renovation) however, when it comes to good, large sandwiches and TONS of good food - they are very good!!! My favorite is the steak and cheese sandwhich - melts in my mouth!

  19. “I swear Subway trains their “sandwich artists” on exactly how many veggies to put on them.”

    That is correct. I currently work at Subway and we are trained to put a certain amount of vegetables on a sandwich unless directed otherwise by the customer. Sometimes I can barely tell if two slices of cheese are stuck together because of how thin the slices are.. If a customer says something about the amount I’ll throw on extra cheese/meat at no charge.. the manager frequently gets upset that I’m throwing on an extra piece of ham on the club.. (Two slices of roast beef that are even thinner than the cheese, two slices of turkey, and one piece of ham) just doesn’t seem right. Subways alter the amounts from store to store, though..

    I get a free 6 inch sub at the end of my shift, but rarely take it. Why? I see how the food is prepared. Enough said.

    Also, the new double stacker peppered crusted turkey is also a rip off. It’s the regular turkey you would normally be served except the edges are rolled in a peppered spice. You get charged the full amount whether you want the 6 pieces or not. It’s not pepper crusted, it’s pepper rolled. Watch the bread as well.. I’m always pulling out a piece of bread that has a little mold or questionable specs. I would not recommend eating at Subway. Though I’m only 17, I’m not oblivious to the way they’re running the store..

    If you want convicts making your sandwich, Subway is the place to go!

  20. I have worked at Subway for three years, and I have heard people complain about the lack of vegetables for…three years. But most people (the ones with common sense) politely (or sometimes impolitely) ask for more veggies. And guess what! We don’t charge for extra veggies. If you don’t like veggies on your sandwich, it’s not a good deal, but if you do, I highly recommend Subway. The store I work at is much cleaner than what seems to be described in the above post…We don’t serve moldy bread or anything. And we are trained to put a certain about of veggies on a sandwich (three of everything on a six inch, doubled on a footlong). But you can always ask for more! Yay for being assertive!

  21. The corporation is the one making the $$$$ not the franchise owner. The mom and pop stores can give you more because they dont have to pay for expensive advertising. If you want something better and cheaper, pack your lunch. I am a little ticked because they wouldnt take my last card that I put all those stamps on.

  22. Vickie, im not sure what you are talking about its the copr not the franchise owner making the money? The franchise owner simply buys from the corp. The more stuff they put on the sandwich the more they have to buy and therefore the corp makes more money. Owell, subway sucks that all that can really be said and is the entire point of the post.

  23. How fat are you!? A foot long sandwich and you’re still hungry! I’m an active 180 pound man, and a six inch plus a small carton of milk is plenty when I have subway for lunch.

  24. Hobart,

    6′1″ 178lbs. I don’t really eat that much, either, which is a testament to how skimpy subway Sandwiches are. When I eat at any of the other restaurants I mentioned, I am stuffed.

  25. Mark,
    I am saying as with any corporation that is franchised out, the corporation is making the lions share most of the money. I looked into buying into a Subway francise in the 1990’s. A mom and pop store doesnt have to buy the subway brand meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and specially marked salt packets, napkins, etc from the corporation. So, the mom and pop can get their inventory much cheaper and give you more to eat for the same price.

    Everytime I go to subway I feel like I have been ripped off and don’t even get me started about their employees.

  26. @ vickie, Ok sorry i totally misunderstood your post. However I would question wheather franchise pdts are not cheaper than the typical sysco pdt as they produce and buy in great voumes. At least they would be cheaper to corp even further screwing the franchise owner.

  27. I agree about the undesirables who work at Subway. I got a job there between semester breaks and was humiliated for the customers to see me in the line with those women. They didn’t care who heard them speak of their children being arrested or their husbands being on parole. One woman talked constantly about a coworker who was over weight. If I ever went into a business and heard that sort of vile filth I would leave. I worked one day and politely told them it wasn’t for me. I’m still waiting for my pay which they said was in the mail six weeks ago. Isn’t that illegal?

  28. I work at a Subway and totally agree except would have to say my store is much worse thanks to my boss. He is so cheap he rips people off. You think the meat portion is bad elsewhere, well he knocks off more weight than required by Subway. He also cuts back how many slices of meat you are supposed to get trying to pinch pennies. He won’t accept all coupons and only allows you to pick from a small list of subs when using coupons(i.e. the cheapest subs!). If you ask for extra veggies he gets pissed and without customers knowing he adds a $0.30 extra cheese charge to your bill to make up for his losses. He uses meats that are out of date, rotten veggies, and food that has fallen on the floor, all to avoid wasting money!

    He totally disgusts me and should not own a business. However he is very clever and avoids being caught because he is the bggest liar I have ever met. He is also not even paying most of his employees minimum wage. As of 7/08 min. wage went up to $6.55 and he’s still paying some of them $6.15. Which I thought is illegal???

    I would not recommend anyone to go to Subway it is a huge rip off. They charge way too much for nothing! They are obviously not a good company anyway because they let people like my boss run a franchise and screw people out of their hard earned cash!

  29. subway (where the beef) ??? waste of money and time

  30. I agree that Subway is way to cheap with toppings for the money paid. Heres a good story: One time I went into a subway that had only been open a couple of weeks. The “sandwich artist” making a sandwich for the guy ahead of me realized he put an extra piece of meat on the sandwich so he actually picked it off and put it back in the meat bin for the next sandwich! That really spoiled me on the subway experience. I quit going there to eat. The staff is either scurvy or gangster with their asscracks hanging out. One sandwich artist was making a sandwich and actually yelled at her kids while they stood in line fighting. They do very nicely put extra veggies on their sandwich if you ask them. I always ask for extra pickles and they are generous when asking for extra. But the staff is horribly nasty, there is never a clean table,and I would feed a family of four for the cost of one of their skimpy sandwiches so now I give my money to Jimmy John’s. If you want a good sandwich and napkins that flow freely go to Jimmy John’s!

  31. Im 14 years old and my favourite place WAS subway. Now that i’ve grown up into a young lady i need more food to fufill my hunger.
    Im not one to eat alot, im like 7 stone. But whenever i go into a Subway store i just get like 2 strips of bacon and some cheese. When i eat subway all i can taste is the bread as its got so little inside.
    And, some people saying they work from subway say you just have to ask for a bit more and they’ll give it to you. Well… I asked for some more in a polite manor, and what do they do? They start screaming at me, eventually they gave me two bits of extra cheese and charged me £1!!!! Long gone those days i eat from subway!

  32. Hi all.
    im from australia. and yes the same as every other country we weigh the portions. yet no one that has ever complained about our portions, and we done need signs to say we can ask for more. and in regards to tem not looking the same as the ads, i have never had a perfect big mac! get over it or dont eat it. i had a subway diet and exercised and i lost 11kg in 2 weeks. you guys are more pathetic and ridiculous then what your complaining about!

  33. yeah they do train their employees to do that I work @ a subway and their stuff is expensive and plus they already add up the calories on each sandwich do you really think you would lose weight if you’re piling on so much stuff ? but thats besides the fact my complaint is that subway over works their employees and they are under payed with no breaks half of the time you can’t even fit in time to eat cuz so many customers come in and I’m 7months pregnant!!!!!!!

  34. Hello! I actually am a manager of a Subway Store in Washington State. I agree with some of the things you say. But I can tell you for a fact, our Subway is one of the best in Vancouver. We have regular customers from 3 years ago still coming in. And I just had a guy yesterday come in and say he will never go to another Subway again. So I think we’re doing something right. Yeah Subway Corporate inspects every Subway store ATLEAST once a month. So when there is a Subway inspector there, you HAVE to do all the formulas right, or you will get marked down. You have to say “HI WELCOME TO SUBWAY” every time a customer walks in! And we can’t wrap the sandwich in the white deli papers; have to ask if people want “The Works” on their sandwich. Ahh the things Subway Corporation does. I can’t lie though, when we train people, we tell him to try to stick to the formula which is 6 of each veggie on the footlong and 3 of each of a 6″. But If I got 3 pickles or 3 olives on a 6′ I would **** a brick! But I know for a fact, our Subway is not like it. Our food cast is a little high because of it..but it brings the customers back and it makes them happy, and that is the mission of the day (At least at my store). Always make the customer happy. :) We always try to start with the Subway Formula..but of course people always ask for more…so we give it to them. I don’t see nothing wrong in that. And another thing, as a customer. you don’t even pay for veggies. That is NOT included in the price of your sandwich. so you can tell all those other Subways to screw off lol. And I read about your comments about losing weight from Subway. We have over 8 different sandwiches that are 6 grams of fat or less. so that is how people lose weight. And what makes those subs 6 grams of fat or less is the bread (Wheat or Honey Oat) the meat (which has a menu board that has them listed), no cheese, no olives, no mayo, or no olive oil. So that is how you lose weight from Subway Sandwiches! I know people who eat 3 meals of Subway a day and lose weight. You have to eat the healthier sandwiches by those guidelines! But I know what you’re talking about. I am not really a sandwich eater..I like making mine at home. But when I do go to other Subway feels like I am standing in line forever even though there is only 2 people in front of me and I am just looking and watching the employees and they don’t wash their hands half the time, and they seriously do count of the veggies. I NEVER have once done that, and I have worked at Subway for over 3 years now. It is just crazy how so many Subway shops are different. .Anyway..haha I am done! Have a nice day!

  35. You idiots the weight on meats have to be around 2.5oz(chicken) 4 oz(steak), you dont want less do you, no? And do we want to lose money by giving more. 4oz is a guidline we approximate on it, not weigh it out to the miligram. Stop ****ing complaining about BS like this, and pay more attention than sitting on your couch and watching FOX for an hour, and calling it the ‘NEWS’

  36. I work at a Subway store and I think it is very dishonest to say that the store that I work at is not ridiculously chintsy.

    True enough, customers are allowed to have as much veggies as they like on a sub. But I have noticed more than a few things about Subway that should convince everyone of its ridiculously chintsy attitude. For one thing, the ham slices are much thinner than they were a year ago (probably about half as thick). So are the white processed cheddar cheese slices, not too surprisingly, since the processed white cheddar is the cheese that we employees are trained to grab before the customer notices and requests either the natural cheddar, the swiss, or the grated cheese.

    Also, you can’t imagine how frustrating it is for me to attempt separating those almost paper-thin slices and placing them on a sandwich. I am probably taking twice as long to take them apart as I used to when they were thcker. I am sure that whatever Subway is making on the thinner slices is being lost in labour.

    Do the people at headquarters have a brain cell in their heads? I wonder!

    Also, it would seem as if Subway headquarters, with regards to its prescribed methods for operating a store, are the methods of some of the most wasteful & inefficient minds on earth. One of many cases in point: McDonald’s keeps its sauces in disposable containers and this alone eliminates the time it takes to do what Subway’s method of sauce containment demands (i.e., cut a bag of sauce open, unscrew the lid of the emptied sauce container, pour some of the bag’s sauce into that container, screw the lid back on, find a container for the remaing sauce in the bag, put the bag in that container, seal that container with seran wrap, find a lid for that container, and take that container to the walk-in fridge to be stored for next use). But Subway still manages to make money.

    Another case in point, the store that I work in puts one person on the closing shift alone. That person is responsible for doing all of the following and more and doing a good job everyday and not getting paid for any work done beyond the time that person was scheduled to work for on that day:

    serving the customers whenever they come in and being nice to them, no matter how rude and mean they might be;

    giving only two napkins per footlong or 1 per six-inch sub, providing them with paper towels only if they as for more;

    telling customers that they can’t bring outside food into the store;

    dealing with drug pushers and hoodlums and drunks, etc.;

    calling cabs for people and deciding whether or not to let them use the store phone;

    making quick wise judgements when people say or do things that can take the employee by surprise;

    keeping an eye on everything at the same time to make sure no one steals cookies, chips or pop (items that are all within the customer’s easy reach);

    panning the bread;

    proofing the bread;

    baking the bread;

    baking the cookies;

    restocking the bread and cookie cabinet and display;

    restocking the huge drink fridge & chip rack;

    slicing the different vegetables, putting them in bins and covering them with seran wrap and a lid;

    measuring the meat in grams (to the exact gram);

    sweeping the entire floor (including the hallway and both restrooms) with a ridiculously tiny broom

    scrubbing the entire floor, including the washrooms, especially the grout in between the tiles with a long-handled scrub brush (built with bristles that are too ridiculously stiff to make any noticeable difference on the largest surface, which is obviously smoother than the grout);

    mopping the entire floor;

    srubbing the toilets and sinks in both washrooms;

    wiping all used equipment;

    washing all dishes by hand;

    counting every loaf of bread,every wrap, every salad bowl, every Subway card that is still in use, and counting the cash and putting all the figures in the computer;

    cleaning out the entire cold-table display, the sneeze guard, etc.

    In other words, Subway has made sure that every twenty-first century employee works as hard as or harder than everyone who had the privilege of working in a restaurant 5,000 years ago.

  37. you should complain they can’t make you work more hours than scheduled and not pay you for it. They can not only get in trouble but you can get your money they owe you and probably more as damages.

  38. I can never get all the work done on my shift, without staying past my shift, unless I make fewer than10 sandwiches per hour. But the manager and everyone else tells me that I should be able to do it. I can’t do it, no matter how hard I try and no matter how fast I go, even though I never sit down or take breaks. They tell me that they all sit down and take breaks and still get everything done, although I am never with them, especially throughout their entire shifts, to see what they do or do not do to prove it to myself.

    I have seen things online that confirm my suspicion that human multitasking is actually self defeating or counterproductive. If multitasking is what Subway work is all about, then I guess I need to develop my multitasking skills if I am going to be any good at it. If it’s all about time management, then I need to develop my time management skills to get all the work done on time and still make 10 to 60 subs an hour.

  39. I worked at a subway for 2 years and all of the comments on here about them being cheap are very true. I up until today liked subway but am not getting too frustrated with the way they treat their customers. Here is a letter I sent to their corporate about the problem. If you would like to change the way subway does business copy my letter change the minor details and send it via their online customer service page.

    I have been a loyal customer of your store for many years.’ I enjoy the sandwiches that subway makes and have tried over a dozen locations in Rhode Island. The price is the lowest of all the sandwich shops and the quality and customer service is usually good.
    I understand that locations that deal with a high volume of people are usually less customer oriented and attempt to keep the line moving. Unfortunately this location is one of the most unprofessional and disrespectful places I have ever had lunch. I have eaten here before and it seems that the location gets worst every time I go. Some of the most common deviation from the rules I have notices are the lack of a full uniform, rarely do the employees wear a hat or apron or pants instead of shorts. I have personally seen an employee wear their gloves, push down the trash, then come to the counter and use the same gloves to handle a person’s sandwich. The employees are very impatient and rude; they never smile or say may I help you. At one point I was the only one in line and I had the employee shout “NEXT PERSON!!!” before looking up and seeing that I was the only one there. The worst part of the whole process is that no one on the staff knows how to make a neat sandwich with the correct portions and heat it properly. The majority of the time the sandwich will be falling apart before I even eat it, there will be 4 tomatoes on one half and none on the other, the sauce is always dripping, due to the unnecessary amount that they put on there. Over all there is nothing good about this location. Granted it is set on a college campus, it does not give the location the right to behave in this manner.
    I would like to continue to eat at this location and subway in general, but things need to change first. I have much expertise in this matter since I not only have been eating subway for over eight years I also worked at one for two. Please take this matter seriously I speak for the whole Bryant community in saying that this location needs to adjust the way it does business. I am confident that this matter will be looked in to further and the problems mentions will be professionally dealt with. Thank you for your time and hope to see changes in the near future.

  40. I just went to subway for lunch and came back here to look up info on google to see if anyone else had the same problems as I do.

    Did you know they are limited to three thin slices of meat on a 6 inch sub? WOW! Three thin slices, or you have to pay extra. Since I do not get lettuce (the miracle sandwhich filler) my sandwhich looks like it was ran over by a truck and all I taste is bread. Yuck. I will never eat there again. =(

  41. just to add to the above. I did get 6 napkins. =) Maybe I should have put them in my sandwhich to make it bigger?

  42. i work at subway and its called FOOD COST there is a STANDARD amount of veggies meet and cheese we put on a sandwhich… if you want more than standard veggies its called asking…. and if you worked there you would probably know why they only put three slices of meat on a sandwich… because subway is trying to have less fat on their sandwiches. The more meet and cheese the more fat in the sandwich.

  43. Art - if you want more, its called “paying” not asking. And last time I checked, bread was just as fattening as meat. And next time, you post on a public web site, use spellcheck.

  44. Hmm I’m in Australia and there’s always heaps of salad and enough meat on the subs I get, and I asked for extra napkins once and no trouble at all! And subs are pretty cheap, heaps cheaper than the McDonalds ones. Anyway that’s all =)

  45. I aint complaining about the quality or quantity of food at my local Subway cos it was lovely, its just a shame that the staffs attitude had to let it down. I visited on three occassions and it seems that they just dont want to be there so why not just try to find another job rather than being rude to your customers. On a more positive note I found a nice friendly sandwich bar nearby which is just as good but with a friendly atmosphere.

  46. I had bought a party sub for my daughter Birthday. I Did’nt want the veggies on the sub I wanted them on the side.Subway told me all I Can get is to sides you should of seen the dinky bowls they were going to give me. It was a joke. So that gave me no choice i had to buy a veggie platter. I think thats a bunch of crap if you ask me . So never go to Subway in holly michigan

  47. Wow is,nt everyone in this world trying to make a buck. the reason you get less at the way is the food they order is more than what the other places so they can give more crap meat for the same price. so if you like dog food on a bun go eat at there stores.

  48. I went to Subway for lunch today, ready to eat a
    ” Feast” but instead of having it on a 6 inch sub i wanted mine on a wrap….The woman taking my order refused to make me a “Feast” on a wrap…Her argument there is too much meat,….too much meat… I was furious and told her that a few days ago I ate at this particular store and had a “Feast” on a wrap…she looked disturbed and almost accused me of lying….In my defense the guy that made my wrap was there today…when she asked him if he had he didn’t even answer…. What’s the big deal I want a
    ” Feast ” on a wrap….it’s not Brain surgery! VERY BAD SERVICE

  49. well, sorry for you americans
    theres loads of subways in london
    they pile the bacon , lettuce and cheese like more tomorrow
    they just get a handful and sprinkle it all on
    Infact,they ask you for the number of olives, jalpenos etc you want

    but, everything in london maybe expensive in america

    half of a foot sub is £2.70 about 5.50dollars

  50. I work at a subway restaurant in morden, manitoba, canada. and i must say its the ****tiest place to work ever! i usually have to work completely on my own for about three hours. last time, i was also making bread cause we were almost out. it got really busy with customers and i only got a ten minute break spread over forty five minutes for a six hour shift. about an hour and a half after i got off work, my boss called me bitching about how i didn’t get everything done. and told me she was taking time off what i worked because of it. she can’t do that. its illegal. and there should never be only one person working either. what if the employee got injured or something? nobody there to help. and they just have to take my word for it that it was really busy and it just wasn’t possible to do bread, customers, veggie prep, AND dishes in that time. bread and customers are obviously first priority. also, you have absolutely no change of a raise unless you become an assistant manager or manager. also, im the only person at my subway location who doesn’t smoke. so everybody else will go out for ten minute smoke breaks and end up with a half hour break altogether withing three hours whereas i get ten minutes within six hours. needless to say, im looking for a new job. id even go back to one of my past employers cause ANYTHING would be better than subway. also, im out of school and can work days, and i end up with 2-4 shifts a week, all of them at the most six hours but usually only two or three hours. DON’T EVER WORK AT SUBWAY!!!!

  51. to all the people who agree with this blogg no subway is not cheap one bit. they use this formula so people are limited to how much fat they are taking in and how many calories they are eating. they go by a formula that the corps. set and its for a good cause. if youd rather go to bk and eat for half the price but quadruple the fat be my guest it just means you get to die faster than everyone else :)

    seriously for all the fat asses out there putting down subway for being skimpy on the meats cheese and veggies should really get a life. where else can you get a fresh healthy sub for about 5 bucks?

    i hope all the fatass people who put down subway die slowly as their fat ass bodies keeps them from moving. :)

  52. Its not only the fat asses its us skinny ones too. Subway just has a very bad business model and thats really what we are talking about. How many people died from using and extra napkin or even god forbid wasted one!

  53. While most of the criticism is correct, the thing that the critics miss, is that their desire to have a loaded sub while paying very little is rather irreconciliable. You want a cheap sandwich, you can’t expect loads of meat and cheese.

    My friend owns 5 Subways and he does not participate in the $5 footlong or other low price programs. What he does do is charge a buck or two more than other Subways do, but put in more meat and cheese than the corp formulas. And guess what, his Subways (all in one county in S. Georgia) are doing great business, with a lot of repeat business from locals who like the service and the sandwiches.

    The other thing that people need to realize is that EVERYTHING has a cost. Even one measly napkin has a cost that must be paid. People in the US have just become so spoiled rotten with freebies thrown in by restaurants that they think everything is free or should be.

    The fact is, its not possible to build a sandwich like they show in the ads and not charge $10 or more. At which point you idiots would be complaining “what a rip off , $10 for a six inch sub?” !!!

  54. I went to a Subway 16 years ago and tried to get an Italian Sub. All I got was a lettuce sandwich with the two slices of meat and cheese so bloody thin that they are borderline nanotech thin. I never went to a Subway since. Seems the song remains the same or is even worse.

    It’s hard to have 6 grams of fat where there’s only 6 grams of meat and fat total! The franchisees are getting screwed because the stores are nearly as ubiquitous as ATMs. If you want VALUE for your money go to a ma and pop sub sandwich place - which are rare.

    subway’s formula has limits. if you want extra you have to pay for it. you can get fired for putting too much on thte sandwich. food is expensive these days. especially the tuna! the napkins are expensive too. we don’t give you alot bc you shouldn’t be such a messy eater. and we measure the chicken out because if our weights are even 1 oz off, we get terminated. yall just don’t understand. ****ing dumbasses. calm the **** down. why are you complaining. go to walmart and make yr OWN SANDWICH. **** mannnn. we work our asses off to keep yalls food clean and sanitary. and WHOEVER THE **** SAID I ****ING SLOBBERED ON THEIR FOOD WHEN I MADE THEIR SANDWICH IS GETING AN ASS WHOOPEN. people these days. yr really ****ing cool, bc you sat right in front of me and ate yr sandwich. dumbassssss.

  56. Hey Audra,

    My point exactly. Subway has thier formula and it shows dramaticly to thier customers! Their formula is one which is not conducive to good business practices. Ever hear the concept the customer is allways right? Well that goes a long ways to acutally keeping your cutomers. I have not been into a subway for well over a year now and it is becuse of that precious formula. The napkin thing really pisses me off. Hope you enjoy your job Audra!

  57. k i went to subway yesterday
    everyone tell me if this is wrong
    i ordered a turkey bacon foot long
    they put 4 slices on turkey on it barly covered the footlong
    and when i said isnt there more that should be on there they acted like no and i was wrong when ive been there befor and im positive they put mroe then 4 on

  58. Hey Kent I think your right. I actually went to subay two days ago. I didn’t want to give em my business but had to go along with a coworker. I got a six inche with double meat. they put 6 peices on my 6″ which Is less than it used to be. it used to be more. so if they are putting 4 meats on a 12″ and I got 6 on a a 6″ double meat would mean 3 on a regular 6″. And they only distributed 1 napkin as well. They are not getting any better!

  59. Okay I had been working at a subway for the past 4 years… The turkey bacon sandwich formula is 6 pieces of turkey and 4 pieces of bacon… Yes you are being ripped off… Sorry But I know all the formulas have a question just ask…. Thanks corrina Banks

  60. If Subway wants to sell cheap sandwiches, that is their right. I actually prefer to have someting more than bread and lettuce with my sandwich and that’s why I only eat at Quiznos. However, Subway is wrong to misrepresent their sandwiches in pictures and ads they use showing their sandwiches loaded with meat and cheese. This just makes them out to be dishonest in what they actually sell for “$5″. And for any Subway worker that has posted here in defense of their business…next time you make someone’s sub, turn around when you are done and look at the picture behind. Congratulations! You’ve ripped off another consumer.

  61. I am not working at subway anymore… I know the the picture of the sandwich does look like more then it does when the finished product is done… I think that they do this so that you can actually see what is inside of the sandwich… When I worked there the owner always was wanting us to follow what the portion is.. On footlong sandwiches it is 6 items each… 6 tomatos 6 olives.. So when you ask for more we are to give you more.. But if you do not ask then you do not receive.. I like to make the sandwiches with more fixings also.. Most of mine you could hardly close.. I was trying to make the customer happy not the owner.. He always complained about his food cost.. I got tired of that also.. I did my best to please but my best just wasn’t good enough…. Sorry that you are ripped off but the pictures are deceiving.. Thanks again an x subway employee… Corrina Banks

  62. Quiznos is way better than Subway. Anyone with taste buds knows that. I’d rather pay a little more for my sub and actually enjoy it.

  63. Is there anyone who works at Subway who can verify for me how many slices of ham there is supposed to be on an Italian BMT… Seems like it was 3 a few years back then went down to two… Today I only received one slice of ham on my sandwich!

  64. Re the above.. it was a six inch BMT. Thanks!

  65. First of all, Have any of you people ever ran a subway. Or even been in management. I have and i do run a subway. It cost money to build a sandwicha and you have no idea how much. Dont even start complaining about it cause like she said you can ask for more veggies and not half to pay for it. Everytime someone asks for more veggies there goes money. FREE MONEY. Employees half to stick to the formulas because we cant run out of food for the week, we can go over budget, we only have so much food for a week. and so on. But including all, we as managers half to maintain a strict and thrivig store which means we cannot have a **** load of veggies for everyone. Yes you get you occasional costumer wh want extra oive or something like that but the more you put the more we should actually charge you for. Your lucky to get more veggies for free. Oh our cheese is the same thikness as regular cheese u get in a grocery store and you get two ful pices on your sub.Each piece is cut in half and seperated out on your sub. If your not full after eating a footlong sub then you are overweight… No arguement there. ask any of my customers that walk into m store. Its the 5 dollar footlong that subway came up with to please its customers that is honestly killing our food costs. And yes we do make more money with them but i tell u what i wount miss them when there gone thats for sure. So if you ever have anything negative o say about subway try being a manager at ANY store. Its all the same. Mc donalds, BK, Hardees, pizza joints. ect……… Stop being so stupid and greedy!

  66. Subway sandwiches have 4 pices of ham on the BMT

  67. Thanks Krystle. I knew it was more than one. I think the underlying complaint is that the ingredients get skimpier and skimpier but prices either go up or stay the same. I think when I pay 6 or 7 dollars for lunch, I deserve more than one slice of ham. I like the food and the people who wait on me are friendly. I eat there once or twice a week and will continue to but I will complain about the ham.

  68. I worked at a Subway store in New Zealand for a year.

    You obviously need to have a standard amount of salads, meat, cheese etc that goes into a sandwich - if there wasn’t a standard, there would be no formula, no way to teach how to make sandwiches, or way of determining how much product you will need each week/month etc. It is silly to say that a company is stingy for having a standard amount of salad that goes on a sandwich.

    I do agree on the napkins thing, and there probably need to be more olives in the standard.. YES the meat is very thin, it’s pretty stupid, and hard to peel apart if it’s sliced meat like ham - same applies to cheese. We don’t weigh all the meat products in NZ but they’re all aroundabout the same.

    Hygiene was always good - bread fresh etc, so the comment up there about poor hygiene probably just applied to that store.

    I wouldn’t say that NZ stores are stingy with the salads… as aforementioned in other posts, you can ask for extra anyway.

    Mind you, sounds like USA Subways are alot worse - sandwiches here definitely aren’t as thin as they’ve been described.

    Had an ABOMINABLE experience at a Subway I don’t usually visit today which is why I was googling this stuff in the first place… But it was more the service of the individual store than problems with Subway as a corporation.

  69. Ive been eating at Subway every lunch for the past 3 years. I have noticed that different employees put different amount of topics and in my last visit the cheap a$$ women put 2 pieces of turkey breast on my sandwich….I’ve been getting 3 and sometimes 4 on 6 inch subs and 7 or 8 on12inch subs. This time when i got 2 pieces i got so angry that i wrote a complaint letter and waiting for response. By the way does anybody know what the policy is for a 12 inch and 6 inch sandwiches on how many pieces of meat should they put for cold sandwiches.

  70. 3 on 6 inch, 6 on 12 inch. for most. ham gets 8 on 12 inch, 4 on 6inch, and then there are some other combos, but 2 is deff not enough.

  71. Went to the local subway today for lunch today (Carson and Norse, Lakewood), the first time in probably a year, and it has changed. instead of getting plenty of veggies like in the past, the employee picked up veggies with their gloved fingers, handling them individually, and counting them as they were gingerly placed on the sandwich. My 6 inch got three olive slices and three pickles and was quickly wrapped up before I could speak up. The dude behind me had a foot long and got the equivalent of a single slice of onion, a single slice of green pepper, and six olive slices with about a half ounce of lettuce. When he asked for more veggies, the lady scornfully replied, “sir, if you wanted extra veggies you need to say ‘extra veggies’ at the time of your order, they cost extra.” Now, I have always had problems with the pathetic amount of meat and cheese they put on their sandwiches, now they are doling out the veggies as if that is the same as the meat and cheese. Sorry Subway, you’ve lost my business forever now. Almost everyone I know already forgoes Subway for Quiznos or Togos, where you get a much better product.

  72. I went in to a subway today to get a sub. Snce they have been advertising footlongs for a buck.
    My girlfriend ordered a turkey sub and I onered a raost beef sub. I asked they lady ecplicitely are they still five dollars. They even had there sign still up. The lasdy was incompetent and my girlfriend and I had to keep repeating what we wanted on our sandwiches. Even then she still screwed them up. I mean really how hard can it be ” NO TOMATOS PLEASE” had to repeat it several times. When we were through she had the gall to charge me 14.00 bucks for 2 sandwiches. I told her twice I wanted to do the 5 dollar deal. I’m sorry I’m sure not everyone that works at Subway is incompetent just the ones I run into. For That price we could have went out to a nice restaurant and at least got something to drink. In the end she still didn’t get our sandwiches right. I will refrain from getting jacked at that place again. There are a lot better places in Portland, Oregon to eat.
    If your in Portland avoid the Subway near S.E. 52nd and Woodstock unless you have enough patience to deal with stupidity.

  73. Excuse the typos from above I’m still upset at the way My girlfriend and I were treated in there. I’m sure that if I were to try and file a complaint with the company it would fall and deaf ears. The employees would probably get an “atta boy” for screwing me out of four bucks.

  74. “OH” and to the manager up top I wasn’t asking for any extra anything just what you advertise and the employees couldn’t even get that right. I’ll stick to places where they actually adhere to the prices on there menu. Not try to rip you off. What a joke.

  75. Standard guidelines are 6 of each veggie on 12 inch, 3 on 6 inch. Depending on the sub, the meat ranges from 6/6/4 (Italian) to 8 (Turkey) for 12 inch, 3/3/2 to 4 on 6 inch. I usually put a bit more on of the smaller veggies - like jalapenos, olives, banana peppers, etc. And lettuce - we go through a lot of that.

    I echo what all the managers/employees have said, though. We have to have things measured out so we don’t run out or come up with unaccounted for food.

    Feel bad for you people with bad experiences - if you came to our subway you’d be appeased. :)

  76. i work at subway as well, and we always have the options of double meat or cheese. and you get as many veggies as you want, all you have to do is ask.

  77. I think the employees at Subway are rude, and give attitude because they’re not entitled to a break. So basically, were getting some really picky customers, having our mangers hover over us to make sure we put the,”correct amount” of items in the sandwiches(yes, we accually DO count the olives, my manager lectured me before saying i put was too many olives on a sub , i only put on like 6.) and were running around like chickens with our heads cutt off trying to save money for an employer that won’t even allow breaks, or in my case, even a 2minute smoke break. I accually have to say im going to the washroom, then run out the back door when no one is looking to sneak a cigarette. Its ****ing embarasing. And- I constanly get in trouble for giving out extra napkins, even to messy children.

    I think its time for a new job.

  78. I am reading all the complaints on-line so that I can be a better manager for my store.(SUBWAY) I am so sick of people complaining about how much is on a sandwich. We are told as managers and artist how much to put on each sandwich. It is not our choice on how much to put on each. Our society is so full of obess people! Subway is a place to help you lose weight and stay healthy not act like a pig. As far as toppings people need to realize that each topping has a price and olives aren’t cheap! I have had customer get hateful with my employees over being charged extra for 3 cups of pickles on a sandwich. We have a formula for each type of sandwich and it is not our fault we don’t pile them up. We are doing a job and we are not ignorant people that need to be treated unfairly. I am a high school graduate, mother of 2, a military veteran, and wife.

  79. if you wanna be better at your job, just go find a new one. you stand little chance in changing a company that basically survives due to the fact of false advertisement(starting with the sub on display in every menu) which the customer will never get one of, due to many reasons starting with company policies all the way down to owners/managers who would rather keep profit levels up regardless of how bad the customers are cheated. i would rather risk the chances of bad health from the burger industries than to have to deal with the mental frustrations of being cheated by a company who sells hope to the public as if they actually care if its healthy. how could they when they are so worried about loosing 10 to 20 cents on meats and cheese. last time i checked those were part of the basic food groups needed for a healthy diet. heck the extra lettuce is like giving them a drink of water and a heck throw in the few extra olives as well. pointless pointless pointless…topic, replies, complaints. just more publicity for subway regardless good or bad your getting free advertising form your unhappy customers so now we are are cheated again while helping your company’s name be said a thousand times.


  80. 1 6-inch philly steak sandwich and a drink cost me $6.77! May as well be $7.00 (what am I to do with $.33?). When you go to Subway, buy a sandwhich only. The drinks, chips and cookies just seem like a ploy to boost charges way up after the total is taxed. Best believe that I will tell everyone I know NOT to go to Subway to get ripped-off!

  81. I used to love subway until today, I dont think I will ever be able to eat at a subway again…I got a breakfest wrap this morning and the lady making our sub looked horrible i dont mean to use this expression but she looked like a “homeless person” she was dirty and rude and she threw my food together like it was a toy, when i went to pay she took off her plastic gloves and looked at her nails took a paper towel and started cleaning under nails rightinfront of us she didnt even ring in our food than she sniffed her fingers!!!! GROSSSSS!!! I couldnt eat my food after that i couldnt get the thought of her finger breaking through the glove or something and whatever the heck was on and under her finger nails went on my getting sick just thinking of it now….when i worked at subway our boss was a real witch and if you came to work looking gross or dirty or messy she sent you home, because you are dealing with peoples food, i still cant get over it and i am done with subway for good!!

  82. All you people are retarded complaining about what goes on a sandwhich. If you want more meat then be prepared to pay a buck or two for it. As for veggies, don’t keep your mouth shut if you want more. It’s free, really, so don’t bitch and moan because you wanted to to pile digusting amounts of olives on your sandwhich. Seriously, the veggies expire within 3 days so of course there is no problem putting more on a sandwhich.
    Want more cheese?… well guess what? Ask for more. .25 cen for a six ince and .50 for a footlong. Or here’s a thought… take the sub home and add ur own cheese. People do that for McDonald’s and Burger King and don’t complain.
    As for napkins, just ask for more. The standard is 2 for a footlong, 1 for a six inch. It’s not much, we know but just ask for more and you’ll get them.
    It’s not that hard people and instead of bitching to a website that can’t help you get what you want, just open up your freaking mouth and tell the sandwich artist what you want.
    Easy enough for ya?

  83. This is very very true… I have worked at subway for the past three months and they do train you to put 6 of everything on… I have been lectured many times about “food costs” and “secret shoppers” and “headquarters” and blah blah blah. My coworkers and I know that people are not satisfied with with only 6 olives, 6 banana peppers, and 4 half slices of cheese. I ask people if they want extra stuff, because we dont charge for extra veggies unless it is some ridiculously large amount. I have to ask because 1) a “secret shopper” could come in and ask for a sub and if it isnt up to subway standards, i WILL be fired (not that it matters because i only have two weeks left) and 2) my boss will pretty much rip my head off because i put extra stuff on there without the customer asking.

    … and as for the people that say subway workers are rude and disrespectful, this is only because people like you come in and have a rude and disrespectful attitude toward us, we are trying to be nice and all you want to do is complain about a stupid piece of bread that is perfectly fine and freshly made, you get what you give. I am always polite to customers, even when they do scream at me when we are making the bread they want, i’m sorry that its a popular type of bread and we cant keep it on the racks because everyone wants it, but i guess we just can “do our jobs well enough.” We do use excellent hygiene we wash our hands all the time and always wear gloves! Our bread doesnt stay on the rack long enough to get old so it is NEVER stale!

    So the next time you come in to subway think to yourself, this person can be fired for placing extra stuff on the sub… so ask for it. And remember that we arent all piece-of-**** low lifes, we are here because we needs a job to make money for college or a car or other expenses we have. we’re the ones making your food, we can spit in it if you would like.

  84. Okay. I had never been and had never seen how bad people hated subway before… i mean gees thats a lot of complainin. anywho the point is i work for subway ive been working there for about oh roughly 4 months. i know its a lil bit but its enough to know the workers and mangers. I eat subway cus they give it to me free but if they didnt i wouldnt even buy it.. they areee way to pricy and the only thing thats good is the premium sandwiches… wel my manager hasnt been there in a couple days because shes out in a new store but the assistant manager has been there and she is just a meannnnn lady like seriously shes cool i have respect for her and all that stuff.. im just saying the lady doesnt know how to do her job The other day i worked a 4 hr shift and after 2 hrs i asked her if i could eat or go on my break in other words… she simply said no its too early go do this this and that and then take ur break, i was upset! well she did it again today but this time i asked her after about 3 hrs. im so mad i dont wanna talk about it.. maybe other subway locations are nice but this one has just given me a bad first job experience.

  85. you guys are dumb as ****

  86. shut up dude.. u dont know

  87. Um that’s bc when we over portion it does come out of our paychecks…and it never hurts to ask for more…And really… Quiznos?????? also it’s that big a deal DON”T EAT THERE! B/c it’s obvious subway’s not going out of buisness anytime soon.

  88. I just started working at Subway. It’s unholy chaos…employees are running around trying to do five things at once, then stopping to run out front and wait on customers. They don’t have people assigned to certain tasks or stations…we’re all running around doing stuff in the back and stuff out front and waiting on customers at the same time and it’s actually counterproductive. The training is insanely lacking. It’s unfair to the customers to have a new person making subs who has not received any training. Every single slice and piece of everything is accounted for…if a tomato isn’t sliced because it’s too badly bruise, it gets written on a list and accounted for. The owners are constantly threatened to account for every single ounce of food in fear of being audited by Subway so that’s why Subway is so manic on precise portions of everything. I think the subs are skimpy, the meat and cheese slices are miniature. The employees wouldn’t dare put extra of anything on unless told to do so because we’d be in BIG trouble.

    The employees are worked like dogs, and not allowed to ever sit down during a six hour shift of constant running around. I was told the only time I was allowed to sit down was if I felt like I was going to pass out. Needless to say, it’s been good incentive for me to find another job.

  89. Ariana, your manager is violating federal law you need to seek advice from the labor board or a local attorney.

  90. Sarah

    Two words … Circuit City!!!!!!

    ring any bells.
    Don’t be so sure about your assumptions!

    Go find a negative discussion about sonic or mcdonalds!


    Yeah thought so!

  91. I was actually recently fired from a Subway. I understand what you guys are saying. You can always ask for extra veggies, but I think its apsuloutly ridiculas that we were suposed to only put 6 olives on a sub. Whats the point of putting olives on your sub if you only get 6? I use to never put only 6 of anything but tomatoes and cucumbers on a sub because I did find it ridiculas. Want to hear something hilarious though? I got fired because I told our Subway inspector the truth about our manager, about how I hadnt been trained to prep any food so I was constantly running out. The official writing on my termination slip was that it was because I hadnt properly rotated the chips (funny, cuz, uh, I hadnt been the one to mess up the chips), but my manager specifically told me it was because I told the inspector I hadnt been train properly. Isnt that hilarious (in a very angry kind of way). My manager was mad I tattled on her and had to make up a reason to fire me. She basically admitted it! So yeah, I agree with you guys. I was the only person in the damn place who actually cared about getting things done and cared about customer service and I got fired for it.

  92. SUBWAY SALADS ARE BY FAR THE WORST!! I went to Subway today and paid $5.58 for what was the WORST salad and biggest rip-off EVER! There was NOTHING on it….it was soooo overpriced and had less than a sandwich has. I just don’t get Subway. I eat super healthy which is why I go there not because I enjoy the value I get. the VALUE SUCKS! I agree too, Quizno’s does fill you up. I eat a sandwich from Subway and am not full AT ALL!!! I’d be better off going to Wendy’s at eating a baked potato off their dollar menu. I’d sure as hell be a lot more filled!

  93. To all the morons saying you can ask for extra veggies for free who gives a f-u-c-k about extra veggies? Gimme more meat you retarded losers

  94. Subways new Buffalo Chicken sandwich looks good right? wrong. I basically just ate a lettuce and bread sandwich. They put NO meat on the sub. Literally 4 pieces of chicken.. for $6! That is a rip off!!!

  95. i work at a Subway and i know, it’s ridiculous how little food you get on your sub. but it’s not the emloyees that you should be blaming. we have our managers brething down our necks the entire time, and when they’re not at the store watching us, they have a live camera feed to their house to watch us. ive actually been written up and have had my shifts taken away for giving customers too many vegetables. so please, dont get mad at the employees, we’re already scared enough, knowing that our bosses are watching our every move.

  96. UGH…I’m still working at Subway…it’s been one month and I can’t believe my head hasn’t exploded. I can’t believe they work their employees like dogs (actually, dogs have more rights) and never allow them to take even a 10 minute break if they’ve worked for 7 or 8 hours straight. How can they live with themselves? It’s all about the money. They have to realize that if you give your employees a break, it will actually increase their productivity. Instead, we’re exhausted, stressed and overworked. Disgruntled employees start doing things like giving customers EXTRA NAPKINS!!! Horrors!!!

  97. oh man! ive been working there for about 5 months now. i understand you about the whole breaks and lunch things. it sucks ass! i got in a big-o fight with my managers just last week about it and about not giving me sufficient hourss… and now my schedule is full … you just gotta talk and stand up for yourself thats the way to do it.. =)

  98. I worked at a Subway back in the early 80’s an things reallly have changed scence then, I actually gained wiegth working thiere by eating the crab salid subs on a daily basis, and yea we used real crab back then, we had shirm[ salid with real ship too, the sadwiches had more meat on them as well even if we had to preportion them to the comapany specs, we could be really geneous with the veggies too corporate did’nt set limits on most of them and we could just pile them on.
    Move to today and Subway seems to have gotten to ne really cheap and stingy in it’s ways, it’s gotten big now and the bean counters at corporate call the shots so every thing has to be as cheap as possible.

  99. I too am a Subway employee. However, I suppose I am the only Subway employee/representative here who dares to complain about Subway. In fact I have a significant number of complaints about the chain. And pretty much every one of my complaints can be considered my biggest (or most oustanding) complaint, for the simple reason that, at some point during each and every day I work at a Subway restaurant, one of those complaints becomes my biggest complaint. That is why I will drop the job like a hot potatoe as soon as something better comes along.

    Most of the customers I serve prefer to come to me, rather than any other sandwich artist in any of the Subway stores for their sandwiches, primarily because, according to them, I make the neatest and tastiest subs, but the reason I make the neatest and tastiest subs is because I place the tomatoes on first, the cucumbers on second, the pickles on third, everything other than lettuce (including sauces) on fourth, and the lettuce on last. The only exceptions (and such are few and far between) to this would be when the customer suggests that he/she intends to save the sandwich for the next day, wants the lettuce on the bottom, or is not at all concerned about wearing (as opposed to eating) the ingredients.

    However, ironically, it is this very practice that puts me out of compliance with Subway.

    Subway’s laimebrained compliance standards contribute a lot to my need to look for something better and this is one of those compliance standards that I am referring to. Subway sandwiches are notorious for their messiness and Subway’s sandwich-making formula guarentees that messiness. At the same time, however, Subway employees and franchisees are often scolded, at least in writing, for making messy subs and told that they are out of compliance with Subway for doing so.

    You see, putting the lettuce on first, especially if lots of it is asked for and especialy if tomatoes/cucumbers/thick sauces are included in the order, guarentees a messy sub and a messy sub is not what most customers want, not to mention the fact that a messy sub is out of compliance with Subway’s policies and, technically speaking, I could get fired if I continue to be out of compliance in any single area that is a compliance issue with Subway. But the ironic/lamebrained part of Subway’s policy on sandwich-making is this: I will be out of compliance with Subway if I do not put the lettuce on first. Ultimately this would mean, if I am going to get technical about it, that I could get fired if I don’t put the toppings on in a way that guarentees I will get fired for making a messy sub, even though I am fully in compliance when I make the neatest and tastiest of subs for Subway’s customers. In short, Subway expects me to make a neat sub by putting the toppings on in a way that guarentees I will make a messy sub.

    I refuse to pussy-foot around Subway like all the other Subway reps whose posts I have read in this forum have done, because I know better and because I hope that in being honest about the image that Subway has created in my mind of its business model, by some slim chance, Subway headquarters will see the error in its ways and begin to make changes that will improve the tarnished image that its significantly unreasonable policies are responsible for creating in the minds of a significant number of its consumers, franchisees, and employees.

    Some stores may be more lenient than others in upholding Subway’s policies. They may even be implementing more reasonable policies than Subway’s. I don’t really know. But they have sufficient reason to fear losing their franchises in so doing if their anti-Subway practices are ever brought Subway’s attention. This observable phenomenon alone convinces me that Subway franchisees are not real business owners at all. In fact, Subway franchisees demonstrate far too little knowledge in the areas of starting a business from scratch, developing a good business plan, and operating a business to convince me that they are more capable of starting and running a busiiness than any successful multi-level marketing agent might be. I think a more accurate or fitting title for Subway franchisees might be “Glorified managers/executives/employees” or “Super managers/executives/employees”.

    Highly inefficient is how I would describe Subway’s sauce-dispensing methods if I compare it with other fast-food restaraunts. Istead of disposable sauce containers, like McDonald’s, Subway uses refillables,which require finding and opening boxes of plastic bags full of sauce, opening a corner of a bag with a knife (scissors are out of compliance), unscrewing the top of a sauce holder, carefully pouring the sauce from the bag into the holder, scraping the remaining sauce to avoid waste or storing the partially full bag in a bin, covering the big with seran wrap, then storing the bin in the fridge.

    I could name numerous other inefficiencies. But I will save them for future posts.

  100. Subway is just insane. My boss, who is the owner of the store, has only been a franchisee for 5 months. All he does is run around in circles in an absolute PANIC that he’s going to get audited by Subway and that Subway will find out that the employees (well…mainly ME) aren’t adding enough mayo to the tuna. One pound, 9 ounces of mayo into the tuna is WAY WAY too much. It’s disgusting. When I mentioned this, he flipped out and said he could get into trouble if I don’t put 1 lb/8 ou of mayo in the tuna because Subway will audit him and find out he’s not using ENOUGH mayo. OMG. The tuna is swimming in high-fat mayo and is disgusting. Then there’s the whole napkin thing…god forbid someone get an extra napkin…the Subway Nazi’s will decend upon my poor boss and yank his franchisee license (for real…I’m not being sarcastic). UGH…I hate working at Subway. I hate this stupid recession/ depression because it’s the reason I’m working at this ridiculous place. I have yet to meet the “inspector” from Subway who visits our store once a month. I’m going to ask her why it is that Subway employees have less rights than dogs. I got to work another glorious shift this past Friday for 7 hours straight on me feet running the entire time and never sat down once to take a break. Why? Because it’s not allowed…there’s too much work to be done.

  101. I just quit my job at Subway…I worked there for six weeks and my back is majorly screwed up from it. I would work anywhere from 4 - 8 hour shifts, with no break. What the above posters said about never being allowed to ever sit down is true. My lower back got so strained from work that I’ve been in severe pain. Screw Subway. I didn’t even give two weeks notice. Any place that treats their employees this bad does not deserve the courtesy of two weeks notice. DO NOT WORK FOR SUBWAY!!!

  102. Good luck getting any hours

  103. I also have to agree that you’re lucky if you can even get a break to inhale the 6″ sub you get. I am having trouble with my legs because of standing all the time. IF I GET HOURS. Also the amount of food they put on the sub is disgraceful. You pay way too much for way to little. It is unbelievable how the portions are figured out. “Job security” means nothing to Subway or their managers. Subway is a lousy place to work.

  104. As an employee from subway I do understand your concerns, however in a way it does come out of our check…If the food cost is high then they have to cut our hours to make up the cost…

  105. The issue is with Subway corporate. See this article.

  106. I hate subway, they take advantage of customers money by charging unauthorized from debit cards. Plus, I hate the rude employees who have no respect for the customers. They all get angry all sudden, and treat you rude in inhumane way. I don’t care about subway employees hating their job but please don’t step over the line between employees and customers buying sandwiches. Some of the employees acting low life scums who won’t show you respect, and it does piss me off. I have my own problems but I control myself working for other companies such as tele-marking which is a lot more frustrating job than subway, and still earn money. I will take legal actions sooner or later with any lawyers I will hire to shut down this unprofessional behaviors in subway. I did not mention I experience questioning myself, was it because I have different skin color?

  107. I have read the above comments & would like to address some topics as well as set the record straight for all the comments made by employees who really had no clue what they were talking about as well as some who obviously practiced poor work habits and commented as if it is the norm.

    Subway Recipe: Most complaints on this site are about the lack of veggies on a sub. It is true that the recipe calls for 6 on a footlong and 3 on a 6″ sub. For the customers that choose to build their sub with every available topping offered it is a nice amount. To be honest much more & the sub wouldn’t shut. However for the customers who only want lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & olives for example, it is a bit skimpy. Subway Corp. doesn’t have a policy for extra veggies, they leave it up to the owners. Some give as many extra as the customer desires without a charge while others charge for every additional 6/3 they put on. Every food establishment has a recipe they are required to follow for a couple of obvious reason 1- Portion Control 2- Product Uniformity 3- Food Costs and Subway isn’t an exception. I’m not sure what your local Subway’s extra veggie policy is however I do agree that as the customer it’s up to you to ask for more if you’d like more. The person making your sub isn’t a mind reader. They are only doing their job by following a recipe that was put in place by Subway Corp. They are not at liberty to change the recipe however are allowed to honar customers requests (depending on the stores policy for free or little cost) to add more.

    Others commented about the amount of meat &/or cheese on a sub. Just like the veggies there is a recipe for each sub. I’ve been involved in Subway since 1996 & can honestly say not much has really changed. Most recipes as well as the cut of meat has remained the same in this time. I do know customers who request less meat as well as ones who request double meat & customers who order extra cheese as well as those who order no cheese. I can honestly say I’ve seen it all & it does depend on the individual customer. Personally I feel the meat portion is enough however I always add extra cheese when I eat at a Subway. The reason it looks like it is lacking slices of meat is due to the way we are required to fold them (2 by 2) in order to cut down on time. Usually in the pictures the meat is “fluffed” however that would take longer to make each sub so that’s the reason why the meat is put down flat. And yes the chicken strips, steak and chicken teriyaki are all weighed out prior to being served. Yes sometimes employees will need to “break” a piece to reach the desired wight, but you are only kidding yourself if you don’t believe that everything is weighed out (& not only at Subway). The slice of salami cut elsewhere and delivered to your local store was weighed before it was packaged. The cheeseburger from the McDonalds was weighed at location before it was packaged, shipped, delivered, cooked & served to you. You can order double meat on anything offered at Subway except for the Feast or Big Philly Cheese Steak because they are already double meat subs for an additional cost of $1 or $2, but it’s worth it if you desire all that meat. Cheese is 25 cents or 50 cents if you desire extra.

    Employees are expected to do a lot and aren’t given breaks because of the way owners are forced to staff to maintain Subways productivity requirements. We are under constant supervision and do have random inspections. The owner can watch everything while at his/her home. He/She can zoom in on the subs their employees are making as well as see the register while it’s getting rung up which then is logged as to what type of sub was made and allows the owner to bring up for example all BMTs made and watch to ensure they were all made correctly. In addition to the owner being able to watch so can Subway Corp at any random time. There are monthly inspections by a field consultant. They inspect everything from making the subs with the right recipes to putting the toppings on in a certain order to employees uniforms, hand washing & glove usage. They check dates, weights and scrap. If marked out of compliance by them it could depending on what the issue was &/or how many times the issue has been marked out of compliance result in the owner losing his/her store. Also in a given month we can be secret shopped by the chip company Frito Lays, a regular secret shopper or an inspector inspecting the feild consultant.

    For those of you who think the owner has controll over his/her store your wrong. They have to buy Subway approved items from a Subway approved supplier. They have to pay Subway weekly for the use of the name, marketing as well as a few other things. They have to carry whatever their market selects and can only run specials that are approved by their market (they can’t honor another markets special). They have to be open whatever hours Subway tells them they have to be open and can only close for a holiday if Subway approves it. So for the people who commented about the napkins, maybe now you’ll understand why…they too have a cost. Subway Corp does say 1 or 2 depending on what you order. If the employee hands out more than that to each customer than the owner can be audited because the projected usage will not match the actual usage and if it continues they could actually take back the store and the owner will be left with nothing.

    I know there are a lot of stores out there not doing what is considered good customer service (& that’s not just at Subway). It’s a shame! Employees anywhere need to realize that the customer counts, without the customer the establishment wouldn’t make money therefore wouldn’t be able to pay the employee which would result in them losing their job. It’s not hard to figure out. In the same breath customers need to realize that the person behind the counter is trying & deserves to be treated with respect. Sure sometimes you have a bad day, but to the employee…the customer doesn’t care, just make their food right and quick and don’t take whatever is going on in your personal world out on the customer. Same goes for the customer who thinks it’s acceptable to treat the employee making their sub like crap because they are having a bad day. It’s called respect people!

    The problem for those of you who expressed hate for Subway isn’t because of the employee, the manager or the owner…they are just trying to do their job the way it’s expected of them. It’s Subway Corp that sets the rules, standards and recipes. It’s the big shots sitting in Conn behind their desks collecting the money from the individuals actually busting their butts daily in store who make the rules and controll everything we do. Please don’t take it out on the people at the store level because we honestly have no controll and are just trying to be good at our jobs (well most of us).

    What makes me qualified to comment…I have worked at Subway since 1996. I became the manager in 1999. My father is an owner of a Subway. I attend the Subway Territory Meetings, Market Meeting and have access to Subway’s Policy Book. I am certified in food Sanitation. If you would like to comment on what I wrote or ask me any questions I’d be happy to answer them. Please know I am not defending Subway, I honestly never really liked the Subway sub I prefer a harder roll, however I will defend the people just trying to do their jobs.

  108. Although, all of what you stated is correct and understandable you should know something else…. If you know so much about subway and are very dedicated which is great i mean you have to love what you work at if not it wont be pleasant…. But you forgot to add that if you know so much then you would know that it is the LAW that after a 5 hr shift it is ILLEGAL to not give the employee a 30 MIN lunch… I know that some shifts dont even get to 8 hrs unless you open the restaurant, but even for 4 hrs you are entitled to a break. But some of us that work the 8 hr shift sometimes dont even get that break.. and it is DEFINETLY ILLEGAL to not give two 10min breaks and a half hour lunch…. So you might want to correct that if you want to make your subway a better place… READ THE LAW! BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT TO GET IN TROUBLE LATER FOR NOT DOING SO…. IT DOESNT HURT TO GIVE YOUR EMPLOYEES A BREAK OR A LUNCH YOU HAVE PLENTY OF EMPLOYEES TO COVER THE SHIFT YOU ARE NEVER ALONE THERE IS ALWAYS ATLEAST THREE EMPLOYEES ON THE CLOCK!!!!!

  109. That may be true about breaks…I’m not sure, but I believe you. At my location employees usually don’t work long enough to earn a break. Most shifts are 2-3 hours long. The supervisors work longer shifts anywhere from 4-7 hours and I work up to 12 hours some days. We do not staff our store with extra people. The only time there is more than 1 person behind the counter is during “lunch” (1130-2) and dinner (5-630), other than that we are alone. Formal breaks do not happen however during a slow time my employees (and myself) have cigarette breaks and even find time to sit down…sometimes we even eat out lunch/dinner.

  110. P.S sometimes we are interrupted by an entering customer when we are attempting to eat/sit/smoke however at my store we just accept that. There are times when we are busy and work very hard but there are other times that we are so slow and have NOTHING to do, so I think it’s an even trade off. I guess that’s why no one has ever reported the lack of breaks, because they understand that this is the way it is and are okay with it as I am. I’m sure as the manager I would have heard by now if someone was unhappy. All my employees have been there for years and seem to be happy.

  111. Kari, you are correct in that the owners of the Subways are basically slaves to corporate and have very little control. However, it seems the only inconsistency with Subway are the shifts…seems like the store owner can set the schedule/hours as they please.

    At the Subway where I was formerly employed, my coworker and myself worked 6 - 8 hour days, four days a week, and we were not allowed to take a break, unless we felt we were going to pass out. There was too much work to be done to warrant a break. We were constantly running to try to get everything prepped, and constantly stopping what we were doing to wait on customers.

    At my Subway location, the new owner decided to NOT work the 40 - 50 hours per week in an employee capacity like the previous owner did. So…we were basically 40 - 50 hours short on manpower when it came to help. PLUS, he decided to add a lot of catering business for local schools that we did not have with the previous owner. So, he decreased the manpower by 50 hours, and increased the workload. Someone had to open the store, prep enough food for the day in addition to all the sub orders being taken to schools. Then, had to start making subs that the school ordered. Meanwhile, customers would start coming in and we’d be trying to fill an order of 40 or more subs.

    It was horrible. That’s why I quit. I hated that place, will never set foot in another Subway and tell everyone I know what a horrible place it was to work.

  112. Well, I just went to Subway for lunch today. I have gone several times over the last few months only because it’s relatively quick and located conveniently nearby. When I “eat out” I usually like to get stuff I wouldn’t normall do myself - so subs/sandwiches are rare and are a last resort.

    Most of the employees at this downtown Subway are very fast and courteous. I rarely ask for the extra olives as I just hate asking - however, I did today and ended up with maybe 3 or 4 more - not worth the effort (since I feel like I am somehow being a porker for asking for extra). I know I did ask for a couple of extra napkins on one occasion. It’s just like how a few others here have experienced, I was shocked to see the annoyed look on that employee’s face. Then, since she just stared at me without any response perhaps thinking I’d just leave if she ignored me, I reached over and took two extra napkins - she wasn’t too happy about that! Geez!

    Also, I don’t like how the fillings (meat/veggies) are piled high at the open/cut side of the bun. I suspect it’s to make it look more substantial than it really is. I wish they would push it more evenly between the bun so when I pick it up or try to eat it, the fillings don’t all fall out on me (without enough napkins to wipe up). Then, the rest of the bun is empty!

    Anyways, I do want to say I think the workers at this Subway work hard and are just following rules; however, I sure wish I could get a few more olives (say 12 or 15) on my footlong without have to ask all the time. I am fine with the amounts of other stuff I ask for: lettuce, tomato, cucumbers. In my experience, I feel when I actually ask for extras of something like olives, I expect a small handful to be automatically given - I will say just only a few if I only wanted 3 extra olives and if it was that little bit I wouldn’t even bother to ask. I know it’s a business, but I wish businesses wouldn’t make the customers feel so awkward and such a chore to ask for stuff being advertised as free, or all you eat.

  113. I have looked into breaks. Pennsylvania (where I live) employers are required to provide break periods of at least 30 minutes for minors ages 14 through 17 who work five or more consecutive hours. Employers are not required to give breaks for employees 18 and over. If your employer allows breaks, and they last less than 20 minutes, you must be paid for the break. If your employer allows meal periods, the employer is not required to pay you for your meal period if you do not work during your meal period and it lasts more than 20 minutes. A collective bargaining agreement may also govern this issue. On the sites I was on there was also NO federal law that the employer was responsible to give breaks. I am not sure where y’all live or if your state does have a law, but in Pennsylvania there is not. If you live in PA and get breaks from your employer consider yourself lucky, because it’s not a right as so many people have said it was, but instead a perk. In my personal opinion I still believe an empolyer should allow breaks (without interuption) for the employees so they can a change to regroup and come back to work refreshed and ready to work. But I don’t see that happening.

    The website I included is where I found the break law information for Pennsylvania.

  114. (typo)
    …so they can have a chance to regroup and come back to work refreshed and ready to work.

  115. Wake up pinheads! Friggin’ get a clue! To ask is not to know so get those choppers choppin’ and ask! Ask! Ask! Ask! Don’t forget to leave a tip! Cheapskates.

  116. If I want to order something and eat it there I’ll go out of my way to avoid Subway–and Quizno’s–just because of the napkin thing. Look, just sitting in the icy draught of an over-active air conditioner and drinking a cold soda is enough to start my nose to running. It’s a given that I’ll have to blow my nose at least once, and there goes my one napkin. It’s not like they won’t give me a couple more when I ask, but why should I have to ask?

  117. Blowing your nose at the table while you and others are eating is the problem…not Subway/Quizno’s for the amount of napkins they gave you. Not only is it offensive, why should people have to hear/see you get rid of your bodily waste while they eat, but it’s very unsanitary. Do you get up and dispose of your waste as well as wash your hands before you touch anything (including the handle to the bathroom door) directly following your action or don’t you mind spreading germs to everyone around you? If you do go to the bathroom to wash your hands than the better practice would be to excuess yourself before the action, in which case you could use the paper (toilet or towels) in there instead of your napkin. If you don’t go to the bathroom to wash your hands, do you actually continue eating with your contaminated hands?…eww! Growing up I was taught it to be good mannors to excuess yourself from the “dinner” table anytime you needed to do a bodily function like burp, fart and blow your nose because it was curtious to everyone else around you. Now I realize that sometimes it’s uncontrollable and that’s where “excuess me” comes into play. As a food server I am always grossed out and surprized when I see (usually a grown man) blow his nose at the table as though it is okay and then continue eating their food. As your server would you think it was acceptable for me to blow my nose out in the eye of customers, not wash my hands after the action and then make your sub for you to eat (oh…without putting the gloves on)? I don’t know anyone who would say yes…of corse it’s not acceptable. Why is it okay then for you to do it. Think about it. It’s gross hygenically and socially and I urge you to change you bad habit.

    Back to the napkins. I totally agree, I think they should basically double the amount they give. I usually eat a 6″ (that’s 1 napkin). I use a napkin while I eat and would like a fresh one for the conclusion of my meal. Now my husband usually eats a 12″ (that’s 2 napkins) however he never uses both his napkins. I guess it depends on the person as well as the type of sub ordered. It all goes back to proper recipe. Considering the napkin policy hasn’t changed since Subway first began I don’t think it’ll change anytime soon. Besides corp wanting to make sure all stores are alike they also want to cut down on unnecessary waste so I guess it’s a good thing. Whenever I’m eating at a help yourself napkin restaurant I see customers grab a stack which they don’t use and throw them away or leave them on the table (which when it is cleaned they get thrown away because they are no longer able to be used after a customer touches them due to sanitation purposes). We as a society are wasteful and although you’d like to say we are smart enough to take only what we need of things, the truth is we’re not. To be honest, the 1 or 2 napkins are enough for most our customers. I’d say only 5% (if even that) of the people ask for extra napkins. I don’t know I guess I don’t think it’s that big a deal. It goes back to if you want it make it known and the artist waiting on you will be more than happy to help you.

  118. I live in Australia and my local Subway is not too bad. They generally add a lot of vegetables to the sandwich. The cheese isn’t paper thin and it tastes reasonably nice.

    Still, I don’t have meat on a sandwich if I go to Subway. The meat looks suspicious and tastes like melted plastic.

    But really. Do you know what’s a better idea than buying sandwiches? Making your own. I do it, I control the portions and it tastes much nicer.

  119. Kara, I’m in PA as well…yes…by law, no employee breaks required. We worked 8 hours straight sometimes, on our feet running constantly. I’m so glad I quit.

  120. Pam, I’m not sure why you addressed a comment to me. If you read my comment I simply stated the law. I also said “In my personal opinion I still believe an empolyer should allow breaks (without interuption) for the employees so they can have a chance to regroup and come back to work refreshed and ready to work. But I don’t see that happening.”

    To be an employee at Subway is a lot harder than people imagine. There is a lot of work to do and it’s not for everyone. Alot of people can’t handle the amount of work that is required from this job. It’s deffinitly not for everyone!

  121. Lying boss, abusive boss, stealing tips, losing hours to welfare recipients are just a few complaints about Subway. I can’t believe the crap that goes on in that place.

  122. Hey,

    This is just for everyone who is complaining about the amount of veges the artists put on a sub. I am the Store Manager of a Subway in Blenheim and we have a Formula for meat, cheese and veges. 3 of each vege on a 6 inch and 6 of each vege on a ft.

  123. My complaint. I work for a subway. I have worked for many subway restaurants. Breaks are welcome “if you need one”. Yes it’s a lot of work and it’s not for everyone. But, It’s a JOB none the less.
    I hear complaints everyday. The payout…… Loyal customers. And don’t forget a check every two weeks. Sauces…..?
    Cry about McDonalds. Or BKing. Not enough Katchup? Cry cry cry.
    Grease made me fat….cry cry cry. Eating healthy is a choice. NOT something you can buy. Eating at a restaurant is a choice as well. So is which one to eat at. Go somewhere else if your not satisfied. Cry to your parents for not raising you to make GOOD choices. Tack on to that the raising you to complain. You get what you ask for. We the sandwich artist can’t make your mind up for you.
    The main slogan is : EAT FRESH. baked everyday. Prepped everyday. SOLD EVERYDAY!
    My complaint is you whiny customers that can’t make your choice to your desire. Weird to think… how you want it isn’t how you told someone to prepare it ???? And YES!!! If you wanted it on a silver platter…. Your going to pay more.

  124. I’m not going to hear from a Subway owner how things are done across the board. You want customers, obviously you’re going to feed bull-**** to people on this board. The fact is, I have gone to Subway for years and I will admit, it’s one branch in particular, REFUSES to put extra olives on. They count out six olives.
    I said ‘I wanted extra.’
    ‘That is extra, I put on like 10.’
    ‘No, extra, a lot of olives.’
    ‘I can’t do that, we have to follow inventory.’
    ‘I don’t care about your inventory. I will pay extra for it if I have to.’
    ‘There’s no way for me to charge for that.’
    ‘Yes there is, you charge for extra meat.’
    ‘We’re not allowed to charge this.’
    ‘Where’s your manager?’ (knowing already the manager was right next to him as I’ve dealt with the jackass before).
    The manager: ‘We put what we’re told to put on there.’
    ‘I don’t care what you’re told. I’m paying for this. I told you I’ll pay extra for extra olives.’
    ‘Can’t do that.’
    ‘This is the third time I’ve had a problem with you guys. Why is it always this branch I wonder?’
    ‘Don’t like it, there’s the door. Leave.’
    ‘Done. I won’t ever be back.’

    Of course this jackass couldn’t care less if I come back. He’s a low-life manager of a sub shop. He means nothing in the world, but the fact is, Subway is going to lose customers left and right if they keep this trash running their stores.

  125. The footlong club seems to the best choice as far as being able to actually taste the meat. I havent had problems with any Subway staff.

  126. What happened to me at subway was that I lost all of my hours to someone who was on welfare and less competent because they can work them cheaper. I scrounged to feed my family for weeks and my family had no Christmas because I was “let go with possibility of calling after the kids got back from break possibly.” What a load of crap! I have nothing but hard feelings against the subway franchise and would love to see them go belly up!!

  127. How about the manager stealing tips!! Lying to your face why you can’t get hours? Hiring someone else who she gives your hours to when he is not trained and has to constantly ask how to make different subs? Managers like that should be FIRED!

  128. Lately Subway sandwiches have been causing me to have diarrhea. I wont be going back, the last few trips have been bad and I’m a regular go once a day to the bathroom kind of guy. Not sure whats ingredient/s could be causing it but just seems sketchy..

  129. I know all about the “formula”, it’s a load of crap, there is no way veggies cost too much to let you have more than four pieces of pickle on a six inch. Subway is nothing but a bunch of thieves and should be boycotted.

  130. yeah I know it’s three pickles on a six inch, again, utterly ridiculous and highway robbery!!

  131. I went to a Subway in Bernice,la - located inside a gas station and ordered a salad. This Subway claims they can no longer cut up my meat or vegetables for the salads. The worker then places 3 pieces of whole ham on top of the salad. When asked the worker said her manager told her “it would not be fast food if they stopped what they were doing to cut up stuff” to me it is not fast food if it is not ready to eat when i get it. when i told her every other subway cuts up the meat she said said that her manager told her she would be fired if she done it. When i asked for a manager there was no one available. This subway needs new workers and managers. they are horrible.

  132. Actually for me they try and load on cheap lettuce,and I have to halt them in their tracks, and tell them I don’t want the majority of my sandwiche to be lettuce! I hold my ground cause I don’t always have the sandwiches. So when they strt moving on to the next item I say excuse could you please put more on of that on my sandwiche. I am very picky about that because I KNOW for a fact they are robotic about skimping on the items. If they wanna do that then then should promote as they’ll assemble your sandwiche THEIR way ! There should be a warning ..Maybe everyday people that can’t make decisions on their own can live with it. But I can’t! I think if I opt for NOT having a tomato and save them money that way,then I think I should be able to ask for extra this or that to substitute the tomato. ( afterall isn’t tomatos expensive in the stores hmmm?) I can understand extra for Avacado (it does mention that) but I think it is cheesy trying to rush me as much as they do. I understand they got bosses,but I am the customer,and if there is a policy restricting certain things then post it! I don’t think IN-N-OUT would ever charge me extra for tons of onions like I ask for… I should not have to have anxiety when I go to a Subway,and have to deal with a robotic server that speeds pasts my requests…

  133. $5 footlong? How about coming down on the price of a six-inch? Coercing people into buying footlongs by charging $4.50 for a six-inch is outrageous. Claiming to promote eating healthy, and at the same time encouraging people to overeat. Shame on Subway!

  134. I don’t think most of you people realize that you get what you pay for. A restaurant makes about 3 to 5% profit after all their overhead, food and wages is paid for. If they gave you more of the expensive stuff like meat and cheese, you wouldn’t want to pay the price. Most people don’t realize how small the profit margin is for a Subway so they can even pay the rent and wages. More meat means more cost and then people like you would complain about the cost being outrageous. If any food seller can’t make a profit, they won’t be there next time you’re hungry. And going to BK and McD is a time bomb of unhealthy eating. What are you feeding yourselves and your children? Shame on all of you. No wonder America is the fattest nation and the unhealthiest people in the world. And you all complain about not enough meat and cheese. Look in the mirrors dodos. What do you see?

  135. SUBWAY SUCKS, PERIOD!! I HATED WORKING THERE AND MY BOSS WAS NOTHING BUT A JERK TO ME. Do not give me the crap about how healthy the food is. Bologna! I will never eat there because they are thieves and their food tastes like cardboard!! All you get there is the calories from the bread!

  136. Yes and quiznos puts more on their sandwich and they are going out of business in droves………..there are more liquidation sales of quiznos stores than I can keep up with on the liquidation website so go figure……we want more but obviously we are more comfortable bitching about how little meat is on a sub than we are willing to pay more for it. plain and simple ……

  137. You know, all of you people who work for Subway and say that the extra veggies are free, ARE WRONG! My wife likes a lot of olives on her sandwiches and when she asks for more than the required 6 olives, the employees give her a dirty look and place six more olives on. She then asks for more, and they get more upset and place 3 more on. When she finally says “Please put a lot of olives on my sandwhich”, the employee huffs and states that they will have to charge her for extra portions. Every Subway I have ever been to has had the same practice as stated above. If the veggies are free, then why do the employees get so upset when asked to put extras on the sandwhich? And regardng the meat portions……Quizno’s places much more meat on a sandwhich than Subway, AND, their food is about the same price, which means “Quizno’s = more for your money, Subway = gouging the ol’ pocket book for a profit. If you are a subway “Culinary Artist” then you are just a food jockey and have no idea what is really happening in the upper ranks. There is a reason why you do what you do, and that is to rip off customers, put money in the boss’ pocket and take the heat from angry customers. Think about it………. maybe time for a career move bud!

  138. LOL…my daughter used to work at Subway. Thay had her punch out and still stay to close. Kids pay for thier own uniforms as if the SUBWAY logo was PRADA. The workers even have to pay for thier own food if they get hungry while at work.

    Each bread is counted for or deducted from the kids pay. Cameras are on workers at all times.

    If the cash drawer is shot deductions are taken out of the pay checks or the tip jar. If the drawer is over Subway keeps the overage. Unlike WalMart, Walgreens or similar Subway can get away with this because they hire young who do not know better. Employees of WalMart and Walgress do not have a tip jar so any shortage is nevr made up…usually overage and shortages balance each other out in the long run.

    The problem……East Indians went from owning gas stations and cabs to buying up Subways.

    Next time you have a complaint and call Subway corporate…do noot be surprised if your call ends up in India.

    FYI…they also have OUTDATED products in the cooler, so check the dates on the bottled products.

    So Subway you can eat cheap but you get little and if you ever wonder why there is such a big turn over in staff or staqff does not do a good job…..tell the manager they oay 8.50 and hour to manage that you know why things are the way they are.

  139. well I am a subway manager and just to let you know, we do have a certain formula that goes on sandwhichs. But we also don’t charge for extra veggies and that is why we have formulas. I have worked at mcdonalds and sonic, they also have formulas. I am sure every resteraunt does. If they didn’t they would go out of buisness. maybe you should look at a truck order for produce and see how much that stuff costs before you make assumptions. and fyi i know for a fact that if you go to sonic or mcdonalds that they charge for extras. so I am pretty sure that every resteraunt does

  140. Liars for managers, thieves for employees that everyone has to pay for. Giving jobs to people on welfare because Subway gets tax write-off and take jobs away from people who rely on their checks to fed their family and are not on welfare. Yeah great place to work. NOT! What a joke that franchise is. Rotten food and rotten people to work for!!!

  141. ex-employee
    “Liars for managers, thieves for employees that everyone has to pay for. Giving jobs to people on welfare because Subway gets tax write-off and take jobs away from people who rely on their checks to fed their family and are not on welfare. Yeah great place to work. NOT! What a joke that franchise is. Rotten food and rotten people to work for!!!”

    What store location did you work at that gave jobs to people on welfare for a tax write off?

  142. I dont know what subway you all go to, but i work for a subway and anytime anybody asks for extra I seriously pile a handful on. As does everybody else that works there. We never charge for extra vegetables/sauce so i dont know why all you guys are saying some places do? Ive never been to one that charged, and we definately would never charge. And when some people get extra, they even want more, so basically we continue to put more till thats what they want. I always smile when I do this, I honestly dont care, they are paying 6 to 7 dollars for a sandwhich, they deserve as many vegetables as they want. ive made sandwhiches that were seriously overflowing with vegetables I couldnt even close the bread. and whenever people get the meatball, or pizza sub, or chicken teryaki ( basically anything messy) i would always throw in a few extra napkins. it all just depended on what they got.
    but anyways, i dont know what kind of subways you guys have in your towns, but not all are the same

  143. subway have portion control because if they didn’t then you lot who complain would over do it and leave us with no stock. if you want more. ask for more. we at subway measure portions to suit the majority. so if you’re that disgusting person who’d like mounts of meat piled upon ‘flat’ bread to feed your gut hungry stomach then ask for more. good quality food will cost but if you’re not happy then **** off to mc donalds.

  144. Kaydee, you really are one sorry human being. I suggest that you go back to school and TRY and obtain your high school diploma or GED. I understand that Subway is your only means of obtaining a pitiful income with your limited intelligence, but remember you cannot live with your Grandma for the rest of your life! You are going to have to pay rent eventually!

  145. I just ate a Subway sandwich and as usual, when ordering my standard 6-inch veggie sandwich, I requested extra pickles and olives. When the person only gave me about 6 pickles and about 6 olives, I asked why they were so chintzy with the olives. The lady told me that according to the formula, they were only supposed to put on three olive slices on a 6-inch sandwich. Shocked, I told her that didn’t even add up to a single olive. Since I only order the veggie sandwiches, I foolishly expect there to be veggies on it. Silly me! Then girl went on to say that there are supposed to be three tomato slices on a 6-inch. I told her they they only put two on mine. She then backtracked and said that sometimes, when tomatoes are in short supply, they are supposed to be only two. Since I always ask for extra pickles and olives, and the girls at the Subway across from my office obviously resent my asking, I find it rather ironic that the girl went on to tell me that they were told they would have to begin charging 50 cents for extra pickles and olives and that she was now letting her customers know. I’m confident that the new rules were made only for me. If I ever planned to go back I would watch for extra pickles and onions for the person in front of me and then call them on it when they attempted to charge me for them. But I don’t do business with dishonest people. Liars!

  146. I don’t understand what is hard to understand…most complaints seem to be about the recipe. Every food establishment has a preset recipe to follow and if they dont they wont make it. Subway does have a standard recipe. It may not be the recipe you want but it is a business and the owners do want to make money. Sure sometimes you may get “lucky” and visit a location where the employees are not trained well, dont care or the owner hasn’t yet discovered how detrimental that person is to his/her store and they will “load” on whatever it is your seeking. But once the owner notices their projected usage is not their actual usage and they are in a position where Subway Corp is insisting something isn’t right and if the owner can’t solve the problem they will…things change. I think it’s BS that Subway Corp requires and demands a store to follow so many rules including proper recipe but has issued no policy on how to handle extra toppings. That in my opinion is where the problem is. If each and every store were told to handle it a certain way it would eliminate any confuesion or sence of being ripped off by you, the customer. Currently the policy is each location can handle it however they feel fit.

    To the lady above (Sherri)…I cant say if the location you visit didn’t start charging for extra veggies to piss you off but in my opinion I doubt it. First off…every customer counts…in today’s economy especially and I cant see a person whos lively hood depends on serving customers attempting to lose any customer over a few extra veggies. Second…and what I see more probable…the owner either on his own or with the help of Subway Corp realized that the usage of items were too high and needed to be cut. From there he/she probably retrained the employees in proper recipe and then had to decide how to handle requests for extra. And although he/she most likely didn’t want to have to charge for the extras he realized how much money he was losing by not and since he/she is there to make money the new policy went into effect. I find it very professional that he/she has the employees informing the customers that there will be a change in how extras will be handled and charged. You could have gotten up to the register and had the person behind the counter just charge you for them which would have resulted in a conflict. Maybe instead of thinking it’s all about you and meant to screw you, you should take a step back an see the bigger picture. We are all people just trying to make it in this world. Just like you want a good deal an owner can’t give stuff away for nothing…

    I agree. The amount of most veggies when by themselves are not enough…but if you get “the works” it is a very full sub. Olives always seem skimpy but like everything there is a reason…olives change the nutritional information when added to a sub and they are more expensive then other veggies. It’s not that they are cheap but why not start with the recipe (which is acceptable to most people) and if the customer wants more add them accordingly and charge based on the stores policy.

    I just want all you people complaining about recipe to realize it is not the person making your subs fault…thay are only doing what they are required to in order to keep their job. Sure some of them are complete idiots and/or rude and dont deserve to keep their job but others (i’d like to hope most) are not. The person behind the counter equally hates having to explain the owners extra veggie policy just like you all hate having to ask for extra veggies because although more than 1/2 the customers are more than fine about it you get the ones who are not. The ones who want to fight or start a sceen and as the employee you dread that because you are only trying to do your job! So next time you want to complain and yell over a couple of veggies or accuse the employee of purposely trying to piss you off please try to realize they are just human and just trying to keep their job and honestly have no control over anything…if they get caught giving you extra of anything they can be fired and charged with theft…it’s not worth it to most for 3 more olives.

  147. I Love Subway. I’m actually eating a $5 Spicy Italian right now at my desk.

    Whenever Quiznos comes out with something new I might try it, but always, always am disappointed. And promise myself never to go back.

    I’m not afraid to ask for extra veg, like lettuce & pickles I’ve always done it.

    For $5, really the best deal by weight. A Carl’s $6 Burger is $5, and I never get as filled up as a Footlong.

  148. For all the napkin complainers…it makes sense to give one napkin/6inch. How many times have you grabbed a bunch of napkins at McDonald’s just to throw 1/2 of them away. I have plenty of times. Our “loyal’ customers know this and ask for more. Subway has a minimum for veggies on a sandwich, which if followed by all Subway’s then we wouldn’t have people complaining about how much another Subway gives them…another reason for counting and weighing what goes on a sandwich. As said in above comments…more meat equals more fat and more money. If you want more meat buy a sandwich that has more meat on it or just ask for extra. I usually get 1/2 of what normally comes on it because there’s too much. Another reason Subway puts the amount of veggies they do is so your sandwiches aren’t too messy and you can’t say we just throw everything on there. You can decide on your own if you want a big messy sandwich with everything falling out of it, which it does. Same for the sauces you get 3 lines of sauce on top of your cheese. If every Subway does this then you know to ask for more if that’s it’s not enough or for less if it’s too little. McDonald’s does this. One pickle on a cheeseburger, 2 pickles on a Quarter Pounder, etc, etc…….. If you have so many problems eating out, maybe you should just eat at home…OH and don’t take it out on the employee, we’re just doing our job. Thank you to all the “happy” customers who come with a smile, politely ask for extras, and even leave a tip every once in a while. As a human being, I also have a job of being a respectful customer, not that I am all the time, because true, you do run into that undeserving one every now and then. I always said I wanted to write a book on, How NOT to be a customer.

  149. Found out why they are so skimpy! See A store manager responded to similar complaints and explained that all store owners are independent franchises, and they purchase their supplies from independent sources, some local. So EVERY bit of content they save on by restricting the amount served is money in their pockets. You pay Subway, Inc.s prices, and get Joe-Smoes servings. No wonder Jason lost weight, he was underfed!!! All Subways are different. Avoid the ones run by Indians! Not the feather wearing type. They talk about you and giggle behind the counter.

  150. @ Dave White…you are correct in you findings that Subway is a franchise which does mean they are indepentently owned. However you are incorrect in your findings about each store being aloud to purchase their supplies from a source of choice. I am not sure why a store manager would say that when it is not the truth. Maybe about 8 (and more) years ago we were given a list of acceptable suppliers for produce as well as everything else but that has changed. Subway realized they need to control the items coming into its stores more in order to ensure safety and uniformity. You, as a store, must order Subway approved items and produce from the distribution center that Subway uses in your area…you have no choice or say in the matter. Since Subway is such a big name…and we buy in great volume and bulk we actually avoid over priced supplies like another resturant may have to endure. So your theory of Subway “skimping” on it’s veggies because it’s owners are frugal and attempting to put more money in their pocket rather that satisfying their customers is not only wrong but also absured. A recipe was created by Subway HQ to try and uniform its stores as well as for advertising its health content properly…any variation to the recipe changes the health information. It is important to follow the recipe because customers should know what they are going to get no matter which Subway they walk into but unfortunitly that doesn’t always happen and the insepctors whos job it is to make sure each Subway is running properly and following the rules/standard recipe still have alot of work ahead of him.

    And the spokes persons name is Jared not Jason…the reason Jared lost the weight he did had nothing to do with being underfed…he changed his eating habits and ideas and got off his @ss! He educated himself that he didn’t need to stuff his face until he couldn’t move any more…that a balanced diet (the food groups) will actually help your body burn off the calories and fat quicker than a nonbalanced one… and that working out combinded with eating right works everytime. Its not rocket science…we Americans have lost sight of this though…bigger=better…more=better…and that’s why as a nation we are grossly over weight.

    As far as the Indians running Subway locations…I personally agree with you for other reasons than them giggling about me behind the counter…

  151. All Subways are required to follow Subway Company guidelines. The guidlines require them to put aa certain quantity of food on the sub. It is not like the employees are cheap nor the owners, it is simply Subway rules. So before you go and accuse Subway owners and employees research your facts.

  152. I just walked out of a subway in Oakville, Ontario because the sandwich(rip-off)artist tried to set me up with a club with 2 pieces of roast beef, I asked when they started that she says ‘2 pieces yes for club’
    I said for 10 dollars you can keep it, and I left.

    Also, the default language on for Canada is french, even tho 80+ percent of Canadians speak English (as they should)
    so subway can lick my nuts. lick em.

  153. I understand that thereis a formula for subway’s andwiches. My problem is that there isn’t any flexibility for even unusual circumstances. I stopped at a subway today and ordered a flatbread sub with cheese, tomatoes, and a little bit of lettuce. I realize that most subs only have two slices of cheese. However, to me, I would be willing to give extra cheese to a customer if the only thing they wanted was cheese on their sub. It isn’t costing more since the other food offered isn’t taken advantage of. I realize it is my voice that I didn’t get a lot of veggies on the sub. It just seems to me that each customer should be valued and that at times, an exception is the logical thing to do.

  154. Forgive the spelling mistakes above…i am on my phone so I have a harder time typing. And I meant choice not voice.

  155. That’s why subway sells a veggie delight for customers who don’t want meat…like all customers that want extra cheese….there is a charge.

  156. Meat and cheese also cost more than veggies..that’s why there’s a charge for extra…you can put all the veggies you want for no extra charge…with the exception of charging for extra tomatoes (occasionaly) when there is a crop shortage (hurricane season, etc)

  157. I’m not asking for a sub full of cheese - just one more slice of cheese. I am aware that it costs more for cheese than veggies. But it still doesn’t sit right with me - it still doesn’t even out as much as you say that it does. There still should be the consideration of the individual customer. But I do know that they are corporate - and that probably is a by product of that. I have friends that own Subway franchises - and I know they are not trying to rip people off. I just think that this is one flaw in the Subway chain. Having a ‘formula’ has benefits to the company, but it also has drawbacks to the consumer. Yes, it keeps everything the same - which in some cases is good; however, no matter what you say, there are times where having everything be ‘the same’ isn’t necessarily the right thing.

    But I digress - Subway is a restaurant that I will probably still go to for certain foods. However, I will bypass their veggie delight subs - and will go for local sub places when they are available.

  158. My son is the biggest pain to take out to eat…he is VERY picky…so I have to go to most places..some give us a break…but i order hamburgers with no meat…just extra cheese…and i still have to pay for the meat. I wouldn’t expect any less either, can’t expect their menu to change just for me. Nice when it does…but it usually doesn’t. But you’re not ordering a sandwich from off the menu with no meat…you’re actually ordering a veggie sandwich. If subway didn’t have a veggie sandwich, and you wanted a turkey, but no turkey..I am sure they would replace the turkey with some extra cheese…just like when customers don’t want ham on their club…i would personally give them an extra couple slices of turkey or roast beef…but this is stupid. Then there is the subway $5 menu that has the veggie plus some other sandwiches on there with meat..which you could say…why is the veggie $5 when there is no meat on it, I might as well get the one with meat. But the $5 sandwiches were actually higher priced sandwiches that were actually lowered…for the customer during this so called recession….well anyway…maybe you will get a break every now and then and be honored some free extra cheese.

  159. Stupid asin Subway or my concern? I was not trying to be unreasonable, but feel free to think what you want. I wasn’t planning inverting into a big discussion about this.

  160. Ach…I keep having typos…I meant ‘getting’ not ‘inverted’.

  161. No..not you….the discussion about it.

  162. My daughter works at a Subway and they are required to put a certain amount of pickles, olives, tomatos, etc on each sandwich. If the store uses too much, the workers loose money on their paychecks. If the store keeps the stock in check then they will get extra money on their paychecks. You can’t blame the kids that are working there for doing it that way when that’s what they are told to do. Nowadays, you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to keep your job, ya know?

  163. to the subway employee here that says they count out napkins because of the environment, i will say to him shut the f**k up and get the f**k out of here you lying little b**tard.


  164. Is MORE environmentally friendly to give me that extra napkin than me having subway sh**t all over my face , needing to use the hot water at work to wash the sh*t off, just give me my damn napkin!

  165. Well, maybe you should go on a diet and stop eating salty filled junk food. If you want more salad in your sub, make your own and stop wasting your money. I was once fat like you, now I am super fit as I spent time sleeping with beautiful people rather than writing about sandwiches on a website. I am only on here now as I am in Iraq, in a hospital, as I just ran over a road side mine whilst excercising. I know what your thinking, shows me huh? Well eat fresh!

  166. 1) Subway is cheaper than other sandwich joints. Spend 2-3 bucks more at another place if you hate Subway so much, or spend a couple bucks more at Subway to have them double the meat for you. I know it sucks that the sub places are more expensive than other fast food places…. but apparently that’s just how it is. Subway is by far the cheapest of all sandwich shops, so you get what you pay for.

    2) Complaining about the service you receive? Hellloooo, you’re going to a fast food joint dealing with people whose paychecks probably aren’t too much affected by how they treat you. This is not just Subway, this is everywhere. I have had horrible experiences with service at almost every chain restaurant I’ve been to, and even some ma and pop restaurants. I’ve also had amazing service at fast food places; it’s really just the luck of the draw.

    3) Napkins. If you know that you are a messy eater, or that you bought a messy sub, then ask for extra napkins. Problem solved! I’ve worked for many restaurants, fast food and higher end places, and I’ve noticed so much paper waste. I would rather give you two napkins (half the time people don’t even use those two napkins), than give you five and have to throw them all away even if you didn’t use them. Once that napkin gets handed to you, it has to be thrown away. It seems like all of the napkin users have posted on here… but I really can’t even count the number of people who don’t even use half the napkins they ask for.


  168. Hey, I am not eating at subway again …. I just came from subway ( I havnt been there in a while) … I asked for a pizza sub …they only gave me 1 thin line of meat … In the past they usually gave 2 lines of meat… But while the cat was making my sub some indian employee looked at my sandwhich and spoke in her language to the guy ….. I figure she was saying make sure you only give one line of meat …. Subway is garbage… They just lost a customer …..

  169. To be honest I have never had a problem with any of the subways around my home. There are sometimes they don’t put enough olives or something but I will ask them for more and *knock on wood* I have never had an employee tell me no or give me attitude. Maybe you should try to ask the employee for more veggies if you want them. As for the meat, I can’t really comment because I don’t eat meat, but as far as veggie subs go, I like them.

  170. Wow, lots of complaints about portion control. I want to complain about the taste. Subway’s subs have Pop Tart-grade flavor. The rolls are bland. Even the italian-oat-cheese-herb-garlic-whatever rolls are nothing to write home about. The meat is bland. The proportions (not portions) of roll (high) to lettuce (high) to veg (low) to razor-thin meat (low) to cheese (nearly absent) add up to a flavor grade of C-. There is just way too much roll and lettuce that act as filler. The meats are really dull. There is just no zing, even if you let them drown the sandwich in one of the heavily-flavored oils/sauces. Like I said… Pop Tarts…

    The best Subway subs I ever had were at a local gas station with a mini-Subway where the two gals there didn’t follow the BS Subway formula. They had Miracle Whip for people who like that, sweet red peppers, romaine lettuce, white onions instead of those crap red/purple onions - they’re far too strong for a sandwich. Bite into one and that’s all you taste. They also used regular round provolone cheese. Sadly, the owner of the place was a dick, stole money, didn’t pay creditors and… you know the rest.

  171. You guys are stupid. I’d rather have my meat weighed out than in terms of pieces. Not all pieces are uniform in size, shape, volume and weight. If you don’t put it in uniform, measurable units you know what could happen? YOU MIGHT GET SHORTED WITH SMALL PIECES. Its not like your body goes “oh thats 3 pieces of meat, I am now full.” No, your body gets full when you ingest a certain number of grams of food.

    Chicken bacon with ranch and Chicken teriyaki on Italian herbs and cheese rules. Don’t go to subway and get cold cuts or whatever, get subs with chicken/steak on it and make sure you get it toasted you hurp durps!

  172. you ****s. Who wants to rap battle?

  173. you guys are dumb. quit bitching. you all sound like fags. if you have a problem with subway then dont go there. There are plenty of other people that go so loosing you wont matter to anyone.

    i will rap battle.

    my niggs turn hattas into mashed potatas

  174. IMA ****ING KILL YOU

  175. im just saying. i dont get why all you keep bitching. no one gives a **** about what you say except for all the children that have posted a comment


  177. hahah. subway is way better than any of the resturaunts that any of you have mentioned. Omsfsmf…. your right. everyone in here is a child

  178. wow. i think its funny that people get so angry and argue over comments on the internet. grow up nicca and Omsfsmf

  179. check out Which wich. great food. worse that subway. subway gives so much meat and veggies. and cheese. where i get a BMT i get lots of meat and cheese. yayuh. all of you suck

  180. u guys are MEXICANS

  181. i like azz

  182. I work at subway and I agree with you that they are way too cheap with all their extras and such. We have to measure everything out using a scale and are instructed to charge extra for countless things. IF someone wanted extra dressing we are to charge. If someone wants cheese with their pretzel ( because at mine we serve snack items) we are required to charge for the cheese. ITs CRAZY! In addition the employees are treated by crap by the management…. and yeah we do get sick of people asking which ones are the 5 dollar subs.. but by and large if you are nice to us we try to be nice to you.

  183. The REAL problem with Subway are these dirty and smelly Indians that are taking over the franchise. They treat the place like their damn living room, never speaking English, talking smack about the customers, and cooking smelly curry in the back room.
    And they are CHEAP as hell, never hestitating to give you a stale loaf of bread to make ur sandwich.


  184. I hate to break from the traditional like of this little rant chain you have going here, but I don’t want MORE veggies on my subway. I don’t like going there simply because no matter how little veggie you ask them to put on your sandwich, that is all you can taste. I want to taste the meat in the sandwich. Those onions they use.. once you bite into it, all you can taste is that for hours. And as for the little amount of meat that they place on their subs to stay within the calorie guidelines, that’s a lie. If you look at the menu, it states that calorie counts are with a standard meat, veggies, no cheese or sauce added. Once you add cheese or one of their super heavy dressings, it’s over. I used to manage a Subway a few years ago. I quit over the portion control - food cost issues. Owners that have to keep costs down calling and cutting food orders to keep costs down, then I run out of things through the week. Having to use my car and gas to run to one of our other stores to get product to keep stocked because they wouldn’t let me order enough in the first place. Simply a poor customer service model - great business model for the corporation and the owners profit margin. All in all it’s the customer that is lied to - and is getting screwed over. I go to Quiznos when I can - but prefer the local sub shop that has 3 times as much meat for a little extra $$. And before someone calls me a fat @ss for enjoying food - I’m not! 6-2 187lbs, I run every day in the morning and night, and work out when I can to stay in shape… I just LOVE food! Cheers Everyone!

  185. Typo - ‘Run everyday in the morning and work out at night when I can to stay in shape’ Apparently, my fingers are faster than my brain - Ha Ha

  186. ok now i have not read all of the above posts but what a bunch of whinning tits!!!!! seriously you all need to get a life. if you don’t like subway then don’t go their if you do than go!! at the subway i work at is clean and the people are very curtious. we don’t count out olives,banana peppers, or anything like that because we only make the sandwhich like you want it. all you have to do is open your mouth and tell the employee what it is that you would like and it will be done. don’t go to subway and disapprove of how the sandwich is being made and not say anything… that is soooo stupid open your mouth and you wouldn’t have much to bitch about. i agree about the meat and cheese thing though.

  187. So I wanted to make a complaint regarding the subway in a small town NW of Edmonton Alberta called Westlock AB. I googles while sitting here at the subway a complaint line, and this forum came up. I found the service, food quality, and cleanliness of this small town subway is ridiculous. First off my lettuce was brown, second off the banana peppers were crunchy, and third the tuna was also old and brown. I did not eat it, as I did not want to get food poison. The restaurant was dirty and smelt like a cattle feed lot very disgusting. The window that protects the food was also covered in finger prints and dust. The customer service was also not good. Very rude, and ignorant people that can barley speak English. I’m not at all racist but feel if your gonna be working in a restaurant that all customers speak English at least the person serving you could speak English I will be emailing pictures if this sub to the head office and requesting someone investigate these dirty, rude store owners. I am a restaurant owner in Calgary Alberta and do very well, I am aware if the type of stree in a restaurant but feel there is no need for this behavior. Do not eat at the Subway in Westlock AB. Canada.

  188. The above are suppose to be “of”. my iPod corrects te spelling but makes it worse than it already was. Anyways don’t eat at te subway in Westlock AB.

  189. This may not seem a big deal to some but here is my biggest compliant about Subway: I like my sandwiches dry, no condiments at all. Mustard and Mayo make me gag!!! Why is it that the “sandwich artists” cut my dry, non-mustard, non-mayo sandwich with the dirty a$$ knife they just cut a mustard, mayo, chipotle sandwich with? I have asked Subway stores before to please clean the knife off and they get all offended.

  190. Subway isn’t like burger king.. you can’t “have it your way” its “eat fresh” there’s formulas that have to be followed for people wanting to get fit and eat right based on a diet. Subway, aside from the gluten in the bread, is a diet store. Yes the olives and pickles and cheese have to be counted, but you can always just ask for more, Subway workers aren’t allowed to deny more vegetables. If everyone wanted the whole bam of olives or lettuce or pickles do you know how much food would be stored in the back?

  191. I love Subway, and no I am not an employee! I used to go there for lunch every Saturday from 2007-2009. Honestly the only reason I stopped eating there so frequently is because I now have to support my sibling, and I do not have the luxury of eating out a few times a week.

    To the people complaining about the amount of veggies, I have to say that is not accurate. I love all the vegetables, and I always tell the person making my sandwiches to put on everything. Actually whenever I get a foot long it is often hard for the person making the sandwich to close and cut it in half because I ask for all veggies. What I like about Subway is they make the sandwich to your specifications. For instance, I like the chicken breast sandwich with a little bit of ranch dresses, all the veggies, salt, oil, and vinegar. Since I am not a picky eater I end up getting a sandwich that is very filling, and with the five dollar footlong, chips, and soda, I really do not have to eat for the rest of the day.

    I am not sure what others are ordering exactly complaining on this blog, but what I do know is there are a lot of picky people. They only want certain veggies, and that is just not me. I love every single vegetable, even if these include fresh cucumbers. Of course I notice I never really get sick, so my penchant for eating onions, hot peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and all my veggies has really paid off.

    To those complaining about the price of a sandwich, have you ever tried making one yourself? No a days I might go to Del Taco at lunch or making my own sandwich, which is cheaper. When I was growing up my mom would actually make picnic lunches for us and take us out to have a picnic and go on a hike. If I was a parent with kids there is no way I would be eating out at Subway as that would add up. I probably would be doing more home cooked meals anyway because honestly, how can people with kids actually afford to eat out anywhere? I ate out more during the few years of my early twenties than I did during my entire childhood. I when I mean eating out, I only mean going to Subway once a week or so. My family was frugal and we did not believe in spending lots of money to eat out. it is not the job or a restaurant to entertain your kids, and I think that is one of the mistakes parents are making thinking they were ripped off because a restaurant charges too much. No one made you take your kids there. Honestly, I just cannot afford to eat out anymore, but this is not Subway’s fault. There sandwiches are great in my book, and often people end up with a skimpy sandwich because they are a picky eater. Think about it: do you want every single veggie they have? If you do not like certain veggies, or sandwich will probably be skimpier than the person who ask for all the veggies.

  192. Sorry, I meant their sandwiches are great in my book. I should have proof read my post.

  193. Yes! A thousand times - Yes!

    Subway is a ripoff.

    In Singapore the stores in the CBD area are quite Ok, when compared to the stores in the non CBD area.

    Especially, the stores in Tampines. :-(

  194. I don’t understand what everyone is complaining about. You all complain b/c you get to WATCH the worker MAKE your sub, and you get to SEE the worker put the amount of toppings on your sub. Go get a sub w/ everything on it, and a burger on the menu, and open it up and see which has more for your money. The burger? Or the sub? So everyone of you are the cheap penny pinching idiot hogs who, just b/c you can SEE the person making your food feel you have the right to complain over some one who sits and wait at a table for your food. So if you don’t like Subway? Well, McDonalds is right around the corner. If ‘FILLED UP’ is all you want when you go to a restaurant? Those wads of grease will definitely do the trick!

  195. subway sucks, they spend millions advertising Philly cheese steak sandwiches,and will not hire anyone who knows how to make one.i have eaten Philly cheese steak sandwiches all over the united states and have never been asked any more than what size do you want until i made the mistake of going in a subway sandwich shop[a play on words] they started asking me everything you could think of about this sandwich ,i told him i never made one but i have eaten a lot of them and want one just like you advertise on tv and show on the wall right behind you,what a joke you still have to tell them everything that is put on the bread which is the first thing you have to tell them.i think my money will go to a real sanwich shop from now on.BOTTOM LINE THEY WANT YOU TO TELL THEM HOW SO THEY ARE NOT AT FAULT FOR ANYTHING. PS i forgot to tell them to heat the frozen meat

  196. Oh shut the **** up. I work at subway and the reason we are so “stingy” with our veggies is so you ****s can have your meal for $5. If we put to little, you complain, if we put to much, you’ll complain. Most of you are probably niggers or beaners who eat subway every damn day. You complain about our attitudes but we cant help but to be rude when you pieces of **** walk in at the wrong times, we have other things to do rather than serve your fat ass’s. If you don’t like it, take your fat ass’s somewhere else.

  197. meh. get over it

  198. If you’re not happy, don’t ****ing go there. Stop your whining

  199. this is the 3rd time i’m typing as it erases your comment if you error!
    the bread is way too big. it looks like just bread when you unwrap your sandwich! i couldn’t see the meat or veggies in my sandwich today

  200. I worked at Subway for years. Love their food.
    The attitude of the store, how much food, etc…
    is dictated by Subway Corporation and the Owner/Manager.

    If you have a bitch manager on your ass about every pickle, the attitude and sandwich will suck

    You would not believe the stipulations put on the owners of
    Subway Franchises. Your basically working for them.
    You don’t have much say about your store, your product, or how much money you make.
    They even tell you how many people you can work, and how much to pay them.

    Subway is a great place to work, if your in management.

  201. Of course there is a formula for the subs, ANY restaurant/cafe/fast food joint/pub you go to will give the same amount of food for everything. They have it portion controlled because if they didnt people would complain that one time they got more than this time and this person got more than they did.

    Macdonalds, Burger King and any other fast food place you go to will have the same amount of pickles on the burgers. The patties will all weigh the same. They would have to.

    And with the napkins, they give you two for a foot long and 1 for a six inch, this helps keep a track when the do stock taking, but if you want more napkins, salads, cheese or anything then all you have to do is ASK.


  202. Hey Ms. Know It All, I work at Subway, and about the Philly cheese steak sandwich (as well as every other sandwich), we always ask what kind of bread, what kind of cheese, if you want it toasted, what vegetables you want, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper etc.. because not EVERY person in the world wants their sandwich made the same way, or made like “dat pitcher on da wall over dere.”

    Be thankful that your sandwich will be made exactly how you want it instead of complaining about having options. Not everything in the world automatically comes exactly as it appears on television.

  203. Sorry Ms. Know It All, I meant to direct that to Harry. I just now noticed how the comments are formatted like little speech balloons. (first time on the site)

  204. by the way. i work at a subway. and we get our asses ripped if we dont COUNT EACH pickle, black olive, etc. there is only to be 1.5 oz of lettuce on a sub to. but just so you know. you can ALWAYS ask for more free of charge. so quit bitching..jeez.

  205. As far as the thing about the vegetables goes, you’re dead on- there *is* a set amount of vegetables we can put on the sandwich. I just started working there to get some money over the summer before I start school again, and I was surprised about the amount of stuff we can put on. In a footlong, it’s pretty much six of everything, even olives; I didn’t know that until I was told that I was putting on way too many olives on the footlong the other day. I looked down and saw a skimpy amount; maybe fifteen?

    I guess the good thing about Subway is that now I can make a damn good sammich at home.

  206. Did you know there is currently 1 in 6 people on this planet who can not even afford a loaf of bread as they are in poverty?

    Did you also know that my great Grandad (and many others like him) used to cycle 7 miles to work, 12 hours down a coal mine then 7 miles back home yo put food on the table and a roof over his head and if he was lucky (like many others) have a black and white TV.

    But hey if people want to complain about a lack of napkins they are getting then be my guest.

  207. I agree that Subway rips their customers and their employees off. I am currently an employee there. I agree that the meat doesn’t have any taste, the sandwhiches are over priced, they don’t pay their employees enough, and most of the the people that I work with are just plain A$$ holes to the customers. We even charge extra for extra veggies. We are allowed to put 3 olives, 2 tomatoes, 3 bannana peppers, and 3 jalepenos on a six inch sub- if our customers want more than they have to pay for them. Subway over works their employees and underpays them. I’ve had 4 years experience at Subway and I still make min wage, which is less than 7.30 per hour and the store manager makes less than 9.50 per hour with no benifits. Subway has a high turnover rate because it’s a dead end job, and the good employees are always called into work any time they have time off because of the employees who don’t give a S*it about their jobs or that steal money from the register. I have already put in my notice there. I read a post eairlier that Subway in the states loads up their meats and the club sandwhich. i can tell you first hand that this is not true. On a six inch club we are allowed to put on 2 turkey, 1 ham, and 2 roast beef slices for a six inch that costs around $6.00 for just the sandwhich. Our new Turkey bacon avacado is one of the biggest rips. You get 4 turkey, 2 bacon, and 1 very small scoop of this green goop that looks like baby S*it for $6.00 and if you order the footlong it’s over $8.00 for the sandwhich alone. I understand that it’s important to have food portion control and labor costs down for a restaurant to be successful, but customers should not have to pay $11.00 for a sub, drink, and a 5 oz bag of chips- when they could go to a full service restaraunt and eat for less with their meal and tip. This is my 3rd time giving Subway a chance.. Strike 3- your out!

  208. Just in a way,you’re wrong. Not because you get a loaded veggie sub, you will loose weight. I used to work for the franchise,and the reason they go by quantities. Is because the amount they put on their subs, has specific number of carbs,calories, fat and others. If they go over the amount seen on their subs, they’re manipulating those nutrition Facts. So they try to respect that balance for their servings. But, is upto you to ask for any extra portion. Specially if you’re under a Diet workout. The amout of ingredients,including dressings. Has a nutritional value. For example if you go to Mc Donalds,and you eat a Double Quarter,instead of a single. Gets what?. You are putting more calories in your body, more saturated fat and others. The same with their fries. At subway.. keep in mind this menus are supposed to have water as the fluid source. Not a soda. And not even diet coke, because the coca-cola company adds aspartame in it and other artificial junk.

  209. Just in a way,you’re wrong. Not because you get a loaded veggie sub, you will loose weight. I used to work for the franchise,and the reason they go by quantities. Is because the amount they put on their subs, has specific number of carbs,calories, fat and others. If they go over the amount seen on their subs, they’re manipulating those nutrition Facts. So they try to respect that balance for their servings. But, is upto you to ask for any extra portion. Specially if you’re under a Diet workout. The amout of ingredients,including dressings. Has a nutritional value. For example if you go to Mc Donalds,and you eat a Double Quarter,instead of a single. Gets what?. You are putting more calories in your body, more saturated fat and others. The same with their fries. At subway.. keep in mind this menus are supposed to have water as the fluid source. Not a soda. And not even diet coke, because the coca-cola company, adds aspartame in it and other artificial junk.

  210. LMAO I am sorry but I have to agree with every one hating SUBWAY I have worked for Subway since I was 14 years old and now I am 23 years old and let me tell you my first boss grabbed my a$$ so I quit my second boss was great and it was way back when the employer didn’t care if you used measurement or not. back then we would load veggies and meat and even double it if a customer was not satisfied with out any other charge but I moved from that state now two (2) years ago I worked as a temp for a subway because they needed help or they were going to get shut down and let me tell you it was nasty they faked there temp log, changed the date and time when the meat got old (With Subway Rules 2 days is enough for meat then it is Called Old) Time to throw it out. But these people didn’t it was nasty really nasty I just left that place as is and went to and made a complaint. Now I work for a Subway that is a little better cleaning is a must meat dates are not being changed and yes we do as employees get yelled at if we do not follow the rules like 2 napkins for a ft. long and 1 for a 6in. also I don’t know if it goes for all Subways but where I am at for a ft. long we put 8 pieces of meat such as turkey ham roast beef ect. and half of that for a 6in. and things do have to be weighted out in oz. like 2.5oz for strips 3.0oz for steak on and on…
    I sometimes don’t understand Subway employees like I said I work for Subway at the moment again and if I am making a Sub and I see that the customer is not happy and I am not even done with the Sub why not throw a extra piece of meat hear and there and not charge the .25-.50 cent more. I’m sure if every one did from time to time we would all come out happy… and hey you might even get a big tip and the customer will come back and then there friends and family members will and sooner or later it will be how you treat the customer not how much food is going on the bread….

  211. I WENT TO SUBWAY IN ACWORTH GA. ON BAKER RD. 7/25/2011 i ORDERED A FOOT LONG TURKEY SANDWICH WITH EVERYTHING BUT OLIVES. WTF!!! I had a clear broken plastic knife in my food! This location where Troy is the manager has black plastic ware. I have been going in this store for years ( so i know this). I told the manager of my experience and he was acting as if i was lying (jerk) did not man up and try to have an understanding attitude! He acted as if i was scamming him! This really has me pissed! I contacted Mrs. Frazier at the Environmental Department and i have not heard anything yet! I will not allow it to ride because i do not like the way this was handled! IWILL NEVER EAT AT A SUBWAY AGAIN!

  212. Subway once was a great place to eat, and a great value. They aren’t either to me, any longer. While early posters on this thread noted the minimal veggie formula, and some even suggested to simply ask for more, I can attest that asking does not mean you’ll receive. My wife, who loves more than 6 olives per sandwich, regularly asks for extra olives. She gets three more pieces per half. When she asks for more, she’s most often told that they can’t do it–that they’ll lose their jobs if they violate the formula. In our local Subway, they pointed us toward a webcam and told us that the owner watches from home, insisting that they will be fired if they put on too many toppings.

    It never used to be that way. I remember getting sandwiches that were stuffed with veggies. They were cheap and filling! Now they are just /cheap/ in the way they are made. Subway is a chain I really loved over the years. I had dreams of getting my own franchise. Now, however, I wouldn’t want to own a Subway. They now represent everything I never want to be (as an entrepreneur).

  213. This bull**** about not being healthy is the biggest load of **** I have ever heard! I have been working at subway for the past 11months and have eaten subway every day in those 11 months. Since I have started eating subway more and more I have lost 37.47 pounds and I am as healthy as ever, so shut up with this “Oh no I got 2 napkins” and the “Wahh I didn’t get much salad” and just ask for more!! How many pickles do you get on a cheese burger at McDonalds? One that’s right one, but dont worry its not cause they care about your health its only so it’s not classified as confectionary, and you think subway is stingy!

  214. I am currently working at subway and I’ve done so for 5 years now. We do have a formula that we have to go by and as mentioned above, we have to be extra strict when inspections comes. Yes, the slices of meat have become smaller and thinner, same thing with the wraps. And yes the food is super expensive. I for one usually add extra meat or cheese depending on the costumers attitude. I really don’t mind it, specially since I know that Subway is pretty stiff on the amount of food. 2 extra triangles of cheese is .60 cents, the bacon is also extra, the mozzarella cheese and the Monterrey cheese are also extra. I agree with some of the complaints, but however and this is an example: I had a lady ask for all the meats on her sandwich she wanted it in the $5ft long special. I’ve also had people ask me for more then five handfuls of olives and jalapeño and nothing else, although I understand your not getting all the veggies, I cannot give anybody handfuls of veggies and give it free. We get **** from costumers on a daily basis, is not our fault, is the corporation, so the complains should be for the corporation.I’ve had people ask for a sandwich and when I say the amount they just walk out…I think part of it does depend on how the client asks and this is coming for someone that usually makes big sandwiches to keep the costumer happy. Hey, I got people that don’t want any veggies on their sandwiches so I can be flexible when somebody else wants more, same thing goes for the cheese. I usually give 2 napkins for a 6inch, though I been warned not to. Everything is counted so when the food cost goes up and inspection checks, then that becomes a problem and they will give us as employee a warning for giving “too much”. Complain to the corporation, if not then don’t go eat at Subway, I am an employee but I am a realist, I don’t eat at subway unless I have to work and I have to pay a 50% discount that really doesn’t do much because of the prices. But we’re not forcing you to eat our sandwished or anything. Our water cost almost $2!! When I was working next to a dollar store I would tell my costumers to go next door and buy .50cents water, some actually thanked me and others just wanted me to charge them the food and get it over with. I hope my post helped a bit

  215. I work at subway in it is ridiculous how we have to weigh little portion of meat out it’s not enough for the people bucks seriously if i wasn’t working at subway i would never go give the people wat they want more meat

  216. I am so sorry you guys have had such **** luck with subway, really I am dudes. D:

    This is going to sound like one of those retarded ass plant comments, but whatever. >.>;

    Most subways are franchised; not owned by subway themselves, but ‘rented’ through name by other persons or companies.

    I work at a subway in a small town, and I dunno if that counts for or against anything- but we’re a highway/freeway town, whatever it is. We see tons of people running in and out and through all day long. After about the first four months, you get to understand what someone says when they say ‘lots of olives’ or ‘light lettuce’. Yeah, we have a formula, but I’m guessing your experiences aren’t with people, but mindless drones out to irritate people because their lives suck.

  217. First of I don’t give a **** u fat ****s secondly it’s subway not your way dumb asses they put 6 n 3 on it cuz that’s how u lose wait ****ing idiots go pack a ****ing cheese burger if your still hungry subway is like the best place to lose wait walk ur fat asses n quit complaining cuz u stuff cheeseburgers down ur ass hole cavities n the other thing is if half u ****s didn’t come in with n attitude maybe wed pack ur subs full of **** like I do I put extra on everything cuz I don’t give a **** bout ur health if ur not satisfied don’t eat there go **** selfs

  218. I love Subway, but I do have some gripes. The taste is superb. The best tasting subs around. I seriously had no idea you could ask for more veggies. I have never known anyone that did know that. It is ridiculous that you neecd to ask, and the original amount they put is awful. I will have to ask next time, but I feel like a pig to do so. The worst is the cheese. You can not go to Subway without getting the extra cheese because the cheese is so scarce. But even then you haven’t enough cheese. I wish I could get more by paying more, but that is not in the cards. As for the service, I have never had a problem until today. When I go to Subway I got to get 2 footlongs or it’s not enough. So I got the subs and everything was going good, but then I got constipated. I had to use the restroom twice, and the waittress asked me to leave. She said I since I used the restroom twice and bought 2 subs I was eating so much I was gonna puke. I felt ashamed to admit to her I was constipated and there was no way I would puke. I always get 2 subs. She kicked me out for being constipated. I have never been so embarressed in my life! I never have been treated like this before at Subway. In fact, I have even given them compliments in their suggestion boxes about their great service. I just had to get stuck with a bad waitress.
    P.S.-No I did not smell after the bathroom visits either, so it wasn’t that. She expilitely said I had to leave bcause she thought I’d get sick and require hospital treatment.

  219. “The taste is superb. The best tasting subs around.”

    Seriously? Oh dear, you need to try some different sub shops.

  220. I just realized I forgot to say in my last post. I read all the posts and there were a few comments on how the subs don’t look as good as the advertisements. Welcome to the world of marketing. Every restraunts ad looks better than their actual food. That is just a fact of life. What you do not realise is that the “food” in the ads are fake. You cannot even eat them. They’re props. the only ads I have seen that used real food, and looked like it, was a few of the new Domino’s commercials. Although they tell you so on the commercial that the pizza is real, you already know that because it doesn’t look very appealing. Undoctored pizza will look that way though. They basically had people send in pics of their pizza, but they don’t really look that nice to me.

  221. One more thing: they may skimp on everything else, but they do give you alot of lettuce. It literally falls eveerywhere, your lap, the table the floor. You get an entire salad basically. I wish that it was cjheese instead.

  222. I went to a subway and got a veggie sandwich. The bread was so dry and awful, I realized after several bites, I was going to have to do something (It is not something I do usually). I asked politely for a new piece fo bread, as mine was not edible. The woman claimed she could not “just hand me” another piece of the bread, and asked to see my sandwich. She commented that as I’d taken some bites, there was nothing she could do. I told her the bites were awful, and abeing out 4 bucks, for the half-lettuce sandwich, I was going to write a letter of some kind. She then balked, made another sanwich (the bread still was dry as sand..BUT used the stuff that was one the first sandwich…no cheese. I am sticking with Togos, where a typical response to my request fro extra cheese is “how many slices and what kind?’ Subway is cheap and deserve to fail.

  223. In general I like subway. I ask them to put more veggies on all the time because if you don’t they will skimp. It’s yer own fault if you feel hungry from not asking for more.

    My gripe is the price of. A lot of Subways in cities will do the sub of the day which will be like 2.50 I think which is reasonable for a small 6 in sandwich ,esp when the special subs are 5 for a footlong. If it’s not the sub of the day then it can range from 3.75 and up for a 6in ,so like 4 bucks with tax or more just for the sandwich. I dont like eating foot longs at one sitting anymore but when your paying 4 bucks for a 6in and the footlong is a buck or so more - whats the point of getting a 6in? of course if yo uget the cheese steak or the feast its like almost 8 or 9 bucks for a foot long ..Getting a bit ridiculous for the money , cheaper to buy the meats and cheese and bread at home and make your own

  224. Listen to all u fat greedy people u bitch about veggies why would I give u fat greedy people more if you cant keep it in your mouths you make more of a mess then a 4 year old it sad to see that there a people out there that would love a thin piece of a onion and would pick it up off the floor after it fell out your fat dirty mouth you all ate greedy and careless and worse of all you bitch about the employees its not our fault. Ive worked at Subway for over 7 years and never give what im told to give I even give the homeless guy extra meatballs when he has enough money to come eat and not charge him for it. But I have come to my sences after watching this site for a few months no more extras no more then 6 veggies per sub its time you fat greedy peoplestop bitching

  225. I am a senior sandwich artist at subway. And your statements are incorrect, for vegetables, we start with the formula amount on a footlong, and if you ask for more, we add more. A lot of people will bitch at me saying “OH THATS TOO MANY PICKLES!, thats way too overpowering” well you ****ers are never happy, either I’m bring stingy, or putting on too many. We are allowed to give you as many veggies as you want so ASK instead on complaining on here you baby. As for cheese and meats, yes they are portioned, i do the stock so its how we make money, if you want more? pay extra for double meat or cheese you cheap bastard. subway is awesome. and very fattening yes, well **** if you get a sub with double cheese and a **** ton of mayo and say “oh i go to subway cuz its healthier” that makes no sense, you are what you eat and YOU choose what goes in your mouth, not subway

  226. My complaint is that they have reduced the amount of meat over time. The sandwiches I got as recently as a few years ago had more meat than they do now. Do they update their nutritional information every time they short you another pepperoni? I understand they are in business to make money, but the employee at the store in my home town told me tonight (as she placed 12 slices of pepperoni on my DOUBLE MEAT PIZZA SUB and thought was enough)that she had never made a pizza sub. Just how many slices go on a pizza sub anyway?

  227. forgot to mention it was a footlong double meat pizza sub.

  228. I know a few workers from Subway have just posted recently on here saying that they do not, in fact, charge extra for extra veggies, and this may well be true at their particular establishments, but I was just now, and by now I mean thirty minutes ago, in a Subway in Washington D.C., near Farragut North, and was charged extra for olives. I’ve never had this happen before, and I always get extra olives. I mean, I don’t go wild or anything; typically, I just want the equivalent of a handful of olives (and to have to say “more please!” about ten times as they add a measly amount of olive slices at a time). I saw that people said there are guidelines but workers are allowed to give customers extra veggies for free, but that was not the case at this particular Subway. Not sure if it was just the policy of the franchise owner or what, but it seemed pretty ridiculous. Definitely won’t be visiting that Subway again!

  229. your a dumb ass. Im a subway employee. Yea we do count out 6 pickle, olives, yellow, green, and hot peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, Thats what the nutritional guidelines are “ie” look at the back of the napkins.If we put more than the required amount on, without the customer asking, we get bitched at. So if you want more veggies, just ask there FREE!!! Cheese is .30 cents for a 6 inch, and .60 cents for a footlong, and actually a lot of places charge for extra veggies, and if you want any kind of dressing you gota pay extra pal! Get a life dumb ass

  230. Actually Subway sandwich really used to look as advertised. They used to have this thick bread , that after all the ham and veges were added, could hardly hold together. I didn’t even have to ask for extra veges. The lettuce, tomatoes, onions would fall out as you ate. I had to hold on to the sandwich with both hands and one end of the sandwich would have to be securely wrapped in its wrapper to prevent the veges and ham from falling out all over the tray. And the sub was so thick, I had to take a bite from the top, then a bite from the bottom half. It was quite the jaw exercise. I used to visit the outlet near my workplace twice a week, and would have the 6inch sub cut in half as its too filling for lunch to have the whole 6 inch. That was in 2006. The good old days.

    Subway has a price hike every year, but if the quality and quantity is the same, I don’t mind paying more, since all fast food joints are doing the same thing. Inflation, I understand. But I noticed from 2008 that the bread has shrunken in quantity. The same 6 inch, but it was thin, flat. I don’t visit as frequent now, more like once every few months , but I received a discount coupon today, so decided to visit. And quite frankly, I don’t know if the 6inch today is really 6 inches. The bread looked so small. I asked for extra veges of all kinds but even then, I could hold the sub in one hand, with nothing falling out. The bread was flat and thin, thus not as filling. And today I noticed that the ham is so thinly sliced it almost translucent as the sub artist hold a slice up. The cheese triangle has also gotten smaller, and thinner. I could hardly taste it. And I got only one napkin. I ate a full 6 inch sub and 2 hours later, now, I am hungry again.

    Quite frankly, they can skim on everything, but if they still have a thick bread, one that look like the one on their advertisements, which they used to serve, then at least they won’t have unsatisfied and hungry customers!

  231. There are more Subway restaurants than McDonalds. They must be doing something right!

  232. That may be true in your neighborhood Jenmo. But worldwide, McD’s has more.

  233. Masterlee, check again!
    Worldwide Subway passed Mcdonalds earlier this year.

  234. surprising. i bet ol’ ron mcd is wallowing in his own tears right now. you can bet mcds wont stay idle. doesn’t matter tho. if the # of resteraunts makes it good then chinese is the tops. there are more chinese resteraunts then there are burger kings, mcds, artic circles and wendys combined

  235. Not saying that I don’t agree that subway is skimpy, but I have worked there for over a year, even though i’m only 18. It’s not our fault when we just do as we’re told to do.. yes the 6 olive thing is true.
    6 tomato
    6 cucumber
    6 olives for the rest of the veggies, it’s not really measured, just kind of depends how much you say you want. I don’t always follow the formula. I never do for the silly things like the olives.

    the meat formula does need to be followed tho.
    for every sub, there’s a set amount of pieces of meat that go on it.
    cheese, 4 pieces (that are actually each half sheets, not fourths)
    if you want extra, all you have to do is ask.

    some customers that get upset with the workers who do follow the rules; instead of getting an attitude with us, all you have to do is say you want “extra” or “a lot” of something on your sub. it’s not difficult, just use your words..

    the main reason we follow a formula is so that when people check the nutrional facts, they know exactly what they are getting. some people have to know these things, for various health reasons, and if not followed properly could result in serious health decisions that subway does not want to be held responsible for. also, we follow these simply because if we don’t, our inventory gets thrown way off over time, leading to our money being off as well. which means we get in trouble, and have to pay it all back out of our paychecks.

    if people really want to see a change in subway, they would need to do so through corporate, and not a certain subway or even subway chain.

  236. serious health problems*

  237. First of all everyone on here bitching is retarded. I am a subway manager myself and I see my sales majorly affected when my employees simply don’t ring in their 6 inch subs daily or give out too many veggies. Just because it doesn’t affect you as a customer doesn’t mean you get to badmouth us. ESP mark way up your a douche nozzle dude get over it. Go elsewhere if u don’t like it. Portion control is huge and I hate to break it to you but everywhere portions their meat. What do you think they just pick it up and guess its the right amount everytime? You stupid ass

  238. Subway is not skimpy… Subway has been doing what they do for years and years… it is the other chains that are over loading their sandwiches. AND GUESS WHAT?? In my area alone 10 Quiznos have shut down along with Poor Boys and other sandwhich chains. Why? Because they do not portion their subs for the cost therefore they either barely break even or lose money.

    Not to mention… IF YOU WANT EXTRA VEGGIES….. ASK!!!!!!!! Restaurant owners are recommended not to charge for extra veggies. You can even ask for extra extra.. we don’t care! But don’t complain after you have gotten a sandwich and not spoken up about how you want it.

    Another thing to think about… See how many olives you like on your sandwich? Now compare that to a can of olives you get at a grocery store.. and then add how much it would cost you to buy the pickles.. mayo.. jalopenos.. sweet peppers.. green pepper.. cucumbers.. How much does your sandwich cost now? I bet you it is about $10 for a 6 inch sandwich should you have made it yourself.

    With that being said where is the forum where we can complain about customers and how they order? LMAO

  239. Also.. masterlee….

    Subway surpassed McDs a few years ago worldwide.

  240. I am not a big fan of Subway Sandwiches either. All of their special chicken sandwiches are ridiculously skimpy. The only thing that had significant meat for the price is the $5 footlong cold cut. Seems to have more meat than the other footlongs. I am fortunate to have a very good shop nearby where they do not skimp too much on veggies. Basically I always ask for all the veggies, including cucumber, and I always get them to throw in a couple extra slices of tomato. Now Quizno,s, I have not been there since they skimped on a BLT. I ordered a BLT, and when I got home, opened the wrapper ALL I SAW was BREAD. Called them, said they could have at least faked it with a few more tomato slices and lettuce. ‘oh but we put 4 tomoto slices’. Yeah, 4 TINY tomato slices. LOL, whatever

  241. That’s interesting.. the “special” Chicken sandwiches and the “regular” priced Chicken sandwiches should have the same amount of meat. Stores are not supposed to alter the formula when they are running specials.. in fact we have to take courses in exactly how much meat belongs on a footlong and how much on a six inch.

    The only way to remedy the situation is if your neighborhood store is skimping or if you think they are then contact Corporate, (the number you can find on your napkin or menu) and let them know. Owners do get disciplined by corporate if they do not do things right and if it happens regularly they stand to lose their store all together.

    FYI - The cold cut has 12 pieces of meat.. bologna, ham and salami (turkey based).. but it all tastes like bologna! the BMT has 16 pieces of real salami, real pepperoni and real ham. It is $1 more. Personally I think it is worth it! :)

  242. you guys have No idea what subway employees go through ! i get paid $14.00 p/h casual and im supposed to be on full time. I am also an assistant manager and no one gets overtime pay . I get told to go home early because i cost to much money! . we weigh everything we even have to weigh our waste for example our capsicum ends before we chuck it out. we wrighte prep labels on everything so we dont sell out date product. we get money taken out of our pay for our break ,everyday we work ,even though i have not had had a break in 3 months and if i ask for one they get the ****s . The other day i got a customer complaint because i had to walked away from a sandwich to help a new employee how to work the till . got told i will loss my job next time it happens??? even though my job is to “manage” and help staff. I am casual and i ask for a weekend off they say to me no im not aloud?. say if someone calls up sick and we get a phone call to work it and we cant , we get our hours cut. i do not do rosters or banking or invoices. i got told my job is basically to boss and help staff and we i tell a staff member to do a job and they dob on me for being to bossy ? i get in trouble . i also get into trouble if i do not boss enough? i would just like to know is this right what they are doing? i am only young and feel a bit like im used ?

  243. to anon.. if that is $14 us dollars that is pretty good for a Subway.. however the owners constantly threatening your job like that is not good. I would not work there if they treated me like that..

    For everyone that thinks we are skimpy we can make the bread smaller if you want so you feel like you are getting more?

    To Joy.. I have worked at the store I am in for almost 8 years and we are in a tourist hot spot.. Our menu prices have gone down since I started!! Plus we get compliments on our stores day in and day out.. and we do everything the way Subway corporate asks us. Hmm.. makes me think that the stores you are going to are personally being skimpy and NOT the entire Subway chain.

    In fact there is a store near my house that cuts the meatballs in half so you get four per footlong instead of eight. There is also one that charges double meat if you want 4 slices of turkey on instead of the ham for the BMT. Like I said if you have a problem with one store tell them or tell Corporate don’t think it is every store and make the rest of the franchisees pay for another’s wrongdoing.

    The only way to make a franchise better is submitting your complaint to corporate. If there are enough complaints change will be made but if you want more meat in your sandwich get ready for a higher priced sandwich!!

  244. its australian dollars =( it is **** all lol

  245. I see they are saying buy one get one on the flatbread, and in the picture it is a 6 inch. When you ask for it they say o.k. buy one 3 inch and get the other free. What is that, I thought it was buy one 6 inch get one of equal or lesser value, but it changes to a 3 inch buy one get one, What??? So, is it false advertising? Can they show a full 6 inch flatbread, in the commercials and in pictures, but when you order it gets split up so you only get a 3 inch, but they never tell you buy one 3 inch get one, just buy one flatbread and get one, why is this so unclear. Just so you know, I stopped buying anything discounted from them because of that, I go in and just say, “I want no part of it, just give me a sandwhich, forget the so called lying adds.” I do not want two 6 inch flatbreads but I also see the confusion, and they never say no steak allowed, but everytime steak is not apart of the deal, wonder about that too. anyone know what this means let me know.

  246. Hey Clint - Flatbreads come in a Footlong size and get cut in half for a six inch same as a regular bread. If the store you go to is cutting the six inch in half again they need to be reported to corporate. And once again remember… Subway is franchisee owned. Subway inspectors come in and inspect the store to ensure they are operating per the Subway Manual however, many owners make the store look good that day and go back to their own ways once the inspector leaves. You must continue to complain to corporate.

    If steak is not allowed it might be because they only serve the Philly steak which is a premium sandwich. Premium sandwiches are almost never included in any specials because they are double meat sandwiches or specially priced.

  247. Wow thought it was odd, they even did it for the .50 Thursday deal, you only got a 3 inch for .50 cents. Thank you

  248. I work at Subway and yes we are trained to do it this way but at my work, we break the rules a lot. I never understood why we are only supposed to put 6 of the veggies on the subs. Personally, i load them up. I do know however that dairy prices have increased so we have tried to go by what the actual “Subway franchise” recommends. Also Subway is supposed to be a healthy restaurant and cheese is not considered healthy. Therefore, cheese is not one of the main highlights. I guess you guys have just had bad experiences or something because i have yet to have an unhappy customer at my work.

  249. Has anyone ever had a problem with the 6 inch or footlongs sandwiches being shorter?

  250. I have the same beef with only a few subways it depends on where you go. And who is workng at the time.there. is one employee that works at the Caldwell, Id. Stores that refuse to put anything more then what sub basic. Says to do so don’t let the girl with blonde hair and glasses and slender serve you. She refuses to fix it the way you want !!!!!!!!!! Pattie from CALDWELL ID

  251. I’m not a big fan of subway but they are the number one franchise. I belive most of these posts are from people who never owned there own business. If subway were to be great you would never buy there subs or anyone elses subs because of the high price to produce it.
    Roll- .40
    Meat-1.50 (4oz @ $6.00 per lb wholesale)
    Cheese- .40 (.10×4)
    Assorted veg (lett,tom,onion,etc, and condiments
    So you see the cost would be around 3.00
    So would all you exsperts be willing to pay 9.00 for a great sub,I don’t think so. I dont like subway sandwiches but alot of people do, Their business plan is great. I am currently selling subs, please exsperts give me the perfect business plan.

  252. No lie folks after my last two trips to skimpway I mean Subway I finally had to see if I was the only one who feels like they were getting ripped off. So I googled complaints and low and behold I am far from the only one who thinks Subway has become nothing more than a rip off. I don’t get a MEAT sandwich for veggies I get it for MEAT. While the owner was making my sandwich he almost looked embarrassed on the amount of meat he put on the sandwich. As I sat down and was looking at the pics of sandwiches on the front door and menu I just laughed to myself and made up my mind to never step foot in the bread and veggie sandwich rip off chain ever again. I am sure every other sub shop has portion control but their portions are not at the rip off level. I have never felt ripped off at local sub shops or any of the other sandwich chains. No wonder Subway has to advertise so much the have to constantly replace pissed customers unlike other sandwich chains who actually focus on making a quality product at a fair price.
    Subway cant see the forest throught the trees and I cant wait to see them implode.

  253. wow all you air heads dont know anything. Been eating subway for 20 years you cheap asses have to realize that is you want more meat since your a fat cow then stop cheaping out spend an extra 2.50 and they will double your meat. there is 6 oz of meat on pretty much every sandwich 12″ which is 2 oz short of a Hp of meat.172grams of protien you dumb fat unhealthy americans need to realize that you only need a gram per lb of body wieght so thats your whole days allowence.. which makes it a great deal.. 5 bucks ya cheapasses do to mcdonals so all the healthy people can live on an eat subway and you fat dumb asses can die off.. also for that dumb kid with the moldy bread.. yeah right subway has inspectors they send out and the inspector would sort out the bread problem and if it wasnt solved the store would be taken back by subway corp. as subway owns all the stores franchises own only franchise.. peace losers! going to do eat a sub.. from delicious subway.. HELLA MEAT..

  254. ^^This dude is right all you fools who dont like subway are airheads..

  255. Ask for more veggies from now on…. and extra cheese is only 60 cents for a footlong. Subway employees are trained to put on a certain amount of veggies on a sandwich. If you want more veggies just ask… Subways don’t charge extras for veggies.

  256. Oh, and you only get one pickle on a McDouble. Seriously. They Portion everything out too. The only difference all of their stuff comes frozen in patty for or whatever so they don’t have to take the time ro actually measure things out.

  257. I agree that Subway skimps on the “veggie” sandwich. The meat sandwiches pile on the meat, but the veggie sandwich has 2 tiny triangles of cheese (less than 1 normal slice), and if you want more, you have to pay extra!

  258. no offense but you are a pig your asking too much for a $5 footlong i used to work for a subway franchise they cant afford too much stuff and talking about 6 pieces of olives no we put way more then 15 pieces a foot long and if you want more cheese pay extra you pay 10$ for a foot long at a blimpies or quiznos and $5 at subway you cant complain.

  259. ****ing losers i swear

  260. k who ever wrot this yes ur still hungry after eating a subway sandwich because ur a pig those subway sandwiches are huge threre gigantic and if they dont fill u up u must be gigantic and have the bigest stomic in the world cuz those thing r good huge and helthy and you know what there good so shut ur big fat mouth k

  261. it really depends on location. i go to the one at my school because it gets really busy during the afternoon when all the students are on break getting lunch and they don’t count the veggies. its so annoying when i go to a subway and the damn worker is counting the vegetables. and they should teach their workers to greet their customers. i never feel good when i order from subway.

  262. YES THEY DO CHARGE EXTRA FOR VEGGIES!!! I was told at our local Subway @ Carrabelle Florida….6 olives (slices) per footlong. when asking for the second time a extra charge is made!!!!
    Somebody needs to clue them in on Free Veggies. I have complained to…..Apparently they don’t give a rip……

  263. This Subway in Feltham they are cheater.Make sure you get what you order, I order Foot long Subway veggie petty & they give me without petty.
    They are so busy that they even don”t check what they are giving.

    #another big problem with this subway, if you are vegetarian check they will not even change gloves.


  264. I work at Subway. I have worked here for way too long. I hate the job, I honestly want to shoot myself after work each day. The sad part is, I have a frickin degree and haven’t found another job yet. Subway is one is one of the worst places to work for, they are mostly owned by East Indians who slave drive you and don’t give anything but a ten minute break for an eight hour shift. They want business but don’t know how to please their customers. If anyone out there is pissed about skimpy portions…here is the best advice you’ll get: Be polite and respectful! Treat the sandwich artist like a human being and they will “Hook it up!”

  265. You’re so ****ing stupid you don’t realize you can get extra veggies for no extra charge? if you want extra cheese its a quarter on a 6 inch and 50 cents on a footlong, u so cheap you gotta count the extra charge out your paycheck? btw, cheese packs in extra calories like a mo fo, maybe if people gave more of a **** about doing sit ups instead of counting the number of cheese slices on their sandwich, america wouldn’t be so god damn fat. also, jimmy johns doesnt offer as much veggies on their ****ing sandwiches, a sandwich from jj is like 8 bucks and all you get are ****ing sprouts. so stop bitching punk ass.

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  267. If you wana eat at a fatty fat restaurant that takes a serving size and doubles it, then yes, eat there… Subway is THE ONLY “FAST FOOD CHAIN’ that actually doesn’t kill it’s costumers. Don’t believe me… Look at the serving size for Delli Turkey (about 2.5). It’s the only pace to go if you really need a meal on the go thats not fatty fat boy. If you wana eat like a idiot, then go get your itialia sub with a fat boy helping of processed meat, cheese and mayo at blimpies. The ONLY place to go if you want something thats not junk is Subway. THERE HONEST AND THAT”S RARE!!! Tell me another place that gives you a pamphlet of EXACTLY what your eating for lunch on your tray? Your choice FAT ASSES!

  268. The only thing Subway has that could be wrong is the Sodium intake. Comparably, it’s much better then others would gladly take your money for (i.e. heart attacks, high closetrol, 100+ extra pounds, DIABETES!!!)

  269. Really insightful info,thanks!

  270. well if you are going to subway you know its corporate so you pretty much know that your getting with a skimp-dog sandwhich but what i am shocked about on these follow up comments is how loyal these people are to subway? jesus for those who work at subway, what have they truely done for you? no worker of subway should ever be that loyal to a company unless you own multiple franchises and truely depend on it. These people, defending it like you just insulted thier family, bunch of weirdos

  271. I enjoy subway because I have to…I’m trying to get in the pants of the girl who makes my sandwich for lunch everyday.

  272. To the original poster and those in similar situations.. where are you eating???? 1/4 pieces of cheese.. wrong… 3 pieces of green pepper?? Wrong. The subway you get your sandwiches should be reported to corporate as they are giving the rest of them a bad name.

  273. the reason we are loyal is because the stores we work at do it right.. the stores you go to and complain about on this sight are poorly run and it is frustrating to see that. We just want you to realize that not all stores are run this way and complaining about it in a forum like this does nothing to fix your particular experience.

  274. I work at subway, & yeah we weigh our chicken but we weigh it so EVERY CUSTOMER gets the same amount. & no, we dont rip the chicken apart, it never has to be exact, it usually has to be 2.5 but we won’t make it exact. & secondly, i cant speak for other subways but the one i work at, we PACK as many vegetables in as we can. But, you cant always blame people for messing up. Subway doesn’t seem hard but it is. You have so much to memorize, & nobody gives us the props for putting up with rude, ungrateful people like you. We cut our own veggies, we make our own bread & cookies, we have to change the dressings ALL DAY LONG, we have to cut up vegetables whenever we can, & We never usually get a break cause there is always something to do. So, please…. don’t complain so much until you see what we go through all damn day.

  275. I didn’t read all the comments but in case it wasn’t addessed..all you quiznos supporters should get to quiznos sooner rather than later.. those franchises are going out of business so fast I can’t even find one out here anymore. Their operational costs are too high and they can no longer afford to keep their doors open.

  276. Same thing happened to me today. I asked the sandwich artist to put a few more black olives on a Chicken Teriyaki sub. She did it but said, she’s not supposed to, only 6 olives per sub! Ridiculous, as if black olives will make or break the Subway chain! lol

  277. I don’t mean to write this to everyone who complaints about the Subway - I mean only for the people who complaints without reasonable thoughfullness.
    Would you, the people I mentioned stop complaining and be realistic about customer services - Spending $5 to buy a sanwich does not give you the right to be King / Queen and absolutely, does not make Subway workers your maids. First of all, if you look down on the employees and give them no respect (at least for Customers Workers perspective), in fairness, don’t expect them to respect you either - this is just common sense. At least, they work hard to earn their money and as everyone, they have to follow their company rules. If you want extra olive or whatever, just ask them - They will surely give it to you. If you want extra meat / cheese, same thing, just ask but please don’t expect that it’s free. You go to Subway because you want healthy fast food, they give you what you want based on their Fat/Cal chart posted next to the menu items. You - the customers always have your choices - to eat there or somewhere else. I bet you won’t come back to the place that give you more piss than pleasant. Balance these two out and you will feel much better and less bitter - not only Subway but for every other aspects of life. Just think, if Subway brings in less money than their operating expenses, I am sure they don’t care to open their doors. So overall, if going to Subway gine you more upset than please - then if it’s me - I’ll go somewhere else. Again, the employees are only doing their job and we all should respect them because they earn it the old fashion way.

  278. I just bought a foot long SUBWAY sandwich and noticed the girl behind the counter counting pieces of veggies to go on top of it. This was the first time I noticed this. When I asked, she pointed out the sticker on the glass that says how many pieces of olives, pickles, etc for each size sandwich. I don’t blamed her for following the rules.
    But, I can say this would be the last time I go to SUBWAY. With a couple of bucks more, I can buy go to Chipotle which provides healthy choices of food, much cleaner and much much better ambiance than SUBWAY stores. In addition, the sandwich pictures they have for their advertising purposes - of course - no longer accurate and can be considered misleading - because their sandwiches in reality are nothing like the pictures! Keep your rotten veggies, SUBWAY. I’ll take my business somewhere else!

  279. wefw

  280. Why don’t you american pussies close your mouths for five seconds and realize that you can ASK for more veggies on your precious ****ing sub? Of COURSE they portion out the initial serving, you stupid ****s. ALL RESTAURANTS DO. So you ask for more. Duh-uhhhhhh

    ****en americans. No wonder your country is bankrupt, given your level of ****ing stupidity. Thanks for playing!

  281. Tried them. Won’t give em my money anymore.
    Don’t care if they cease to exist. Their sandwiches cannot compare
    To the ones at my local mom and pop sandwich
    Shop that’s been in town a lot of years now.

  282. I just finished my Subway sandwich and can honestly say that I am very disappointed! Our subway is in a gas station mini mart down the road from an Army installation. Needless to say the Soldiers and civilian employees who work at the Army base are the main customers. They are very skimpy with their meat and veggies. Used to be they would give you your money’s worth, but not anymore. I buy Quiznos any change I get but while working at the base there are no other choices. The gas station is the ONLY place to buy food if you dont’ want to eat at the base’s club. All I’ve seen lately is how much Subway has raised prices on most sandwiches and yet they are still skimping. It’s a shame. And by the way - some of you previous posters that are trying to judge someone for speaking up and acusing them of being fat - it’s not your business to monitor what another person puts in their mouths. Just give them what they pay for!!!!!

  283. This will rub a lot of people the wrong way: Every few years I’ll try out Subway again just to seen if it has improved their sandwiches. Unfortunately last week I found out that they still have NOT improved the food. The subs are made with very soft bread that falls apart easily,…as though the rolls have been one a steam table. The rolls need to have a bit more crunch. (In reference; try out the German rolls called “brochen”,…they are all superior rolls!) If young also buy the Meatball Sub, you’ll notice that the meat has the consistancy of oatmeal. They are NOT worthy of even a second bite. Throw the sandwiches in the trash!

  284. “Lettuces”?

  285. First let me admit I have not read all the posts here. I have never been bothered by the taste of the sandwiches; I have always found them to be adequate. And I have enjoyed the value. However I wish to complain about a growing trend I have noticed at Subway’s in my area. I live in the West Atlanta, GA area and have been to three different stores where the sandwich artist has attempted to build my sandwich using !!HALF!! of the prescribed meat!! In the latest case I ordered a Roast Beef footlong, and they put 4 pieces of meat on it, it is my understanding that it should have 8. I complained and they added more but I have decided to stop frequenting a franchise that tries to cheat their customers!!

  286. as a Subway operator, I can say that the stores owned by (some) foreigners are primarily the ones who give the franchise a bad name. in my hometown there are at least a hundred of my regular customers that complain about portions and not enough meat and four tomatos on tomatoes footlong instead of six, etc… I always ask, “which store” and IT IS ALWAYS someone not from this country. I can’t tell them how to run their business but subway corp. can and my best advice is to send in complaints. often. these poorly run and bad stores make blogs like this true and inevitable. for them, I apologize. all of us aren’t bad.

  287. also, Mike, the new roast beef formula calls for 4 rolls of pre portioned RB per footlong. And by new, I mean three years ago. when the RB was put on by slice, (like turkey) the footlong formula used 6 slices. the store that gave you 8 was wrong. OR the store you frequented before didn’t portion out the RB before and are now starting. the pre portions are in fact approximately 8 peices but they are just portioned out by ounces instead of slices.

  288. So I don’t know what Subway you guys are eating at. The Subway I work at is clean, and we don’t tolerate inappropriate conversations between employees. It’s strictly business up font, and yes, you are allowed to ask for more veggies. In fact, the Subway I work at doesn’t even count them out! We just take a pinch, and put it on the sandwich. Employees are supposed to ask the customer if they want anything else on their sandwich, or if they want more. I can hardly close mine sometimes because of all the vegetables. I do agree that Subway cuts back on the meat. The Philly Cheese Steak? Yeah, don’t order it. You’d get more if you just doubled the meat for a normal Steak and Cheese.

  289. I work at subway…and the only thing we charge extra for is double meat …extra cheese and bacon if it doesnt come on the sandwich….yes we are told to follow a guideline of veggies on top but it isnt an issue when you ask for extra veggies and doesnt even cost you….as far as wieghing the steak and chicken etc….just last month our store went to using measured scoops we scoop directly onto your sandwich…we dont even measure it on the scales anymore…all this is done to do portion control to follow nutrional guidelines….its really not as bad as you think

  290. Food at subway in easton pa. Downtown located at 16 n third street owned by chirag petal. Surves post dated foods. As a former employ who was canned,i can tell this. All food in containers are marked with the current date, even though they could have sitting for weeks. I was fired becuase my mom walked in, who had theonly form of transportation between both parents, need to leave. Well CHIRAG PATEL!OWNER OF THIS SUBWAY, didnt like it. My bank is right down the streets, i recieved six texts back to back, i didnt even read the first text. These text when i did read said the same thing each getting a bit more harsh. Heres where it gets worse. Threating to call police if i didnt hand in my uniform by noon the next day. When i asked for a writen reason why he fired me. He told me that he’ll say i quit to any future employer. For those looking to vacate at the crayola exerierce in easton center square. For the health of your children, do not eat at that subway. There are to other subways in easton. Both 5 minute drive that serves better quality food. 1 on philidelphia drive in southside. And one on 15 th street and northhampton street.

  291. I keep seeing comments about the Veggies being free….so why is the cheese EXTRA? Its more expensive for subway to give me ONE more piece of cheese than it is to load up on veggies?

    I dont even eat Veggies but the wife does..
    So my sandwiches were always double meat and double cheese(both extra)…. I now have stopped going to subway and found other places.

    Subway is CHEAP!

  292. Les- you’re retarded.
    Mike- you did quit, you left. That constitutes job abandonment.
    Brandy- you are correct, everywhere uses portion controls.
    Datgak-” foreigners”, you my ignorant friend give the company a bad name! You racist piece of trash! You disgust me, and are a discredit to mankind in general!
    AS FOR THE REST OF YOU BAWL-BABIES- holy f*ck! #yourlifemustsuck

  293. ^Poster above me: You will have my babies. You are now supreme ruler of all things wonderful and right in the world.

  294. Alice- I would if I weren’t gay! Lol. Thanks though!

  295. For all you MFs that don’t like to hear or read complaints, then stop reading! The fact is, we can all complain about whatever the f*** we want As the name of the F***ing website might indicate, posters are hear to complain, becaus they visitied the store and for whatever reason did not like it….so they are telling others about it because it makes them FEEL better. Fact is nothing said here will make a difference because most people are still too stupid to realize they are pauing more for less, and most will continue to visit the restaurant like dumb cows grazing. The only way to get more meat on your sub is to stop buying it…everybody has to stop buying it. Enough people do this, and corporate feels the pinch…they will start advertising “we now give more meat and veggies”. But again…this won’t happen becaust there is a Subway at every corner, in every gas station, and every airpoert and mall. People are too dumb and lazy to stop going. Soon they will be serving sandwiches with two pices of paper on the bread with the words, “meat” and “veggies” on them and charge $8.00. And folks will keep buying. Send the ultimate complaint…stop buying. Put ‘em out of business for all I care. Those that work there need to get a real job anyway.

  296. Just as you are free to complain, I am free to point out how silly your complaints are. I do not work for a subway, nor do I have that big of a deal with their food. The fact is you get what you’re given, and if you’re so superior, you should be able to afford to pay for your extras! You are clearly not overly educated, I’ll site your spelling and grammar as my example. As for your comment on them getting a real job… What is it that you do for a living? Who are you to condem people that actually go out and work for a living??? Look into a mirror, and speak again of a grazing cow! Thanks for your input!

  297. In fact they do train us employees to count what goes on the sub and if we put more we get yelled at and threaten to be fired. Subway is not only a ripoff but a sweat shop. I have worked at one for over two years, doing all the managers chores, and only get paid .75 cents over the minimum wage. They won’t allow us to take breaks and most of the time we pull 9 hours shifts without a bite of food, running all over the place because the owners and managers are too cheap to pay for enough employees to work. To make it worst they are racist, they have all their family members and some friends working the cash register or other easy chores, even if they don’t speak English at all, while the very few American employees get to do all the hard work. My advice: Don’t support Subway, in fact avoid it altogether, you might get sick from their lack of hygiene. There’s plenty of other decent places, why waste your money there?

  298. Anyone who says that Subway is the only sandwich joint to weigh their meats has clearly never been to another sandwich shop. Every sandwich joint I’ve been to, including the highly praised (on here) Quiznos does it. Hell, they don’t even have the class to measure it out before hand like Subway does, they do it right in front of your face with their small scales.

  299. Stop complaining! I love going to subway! I don’t know how it’s like on the Mainland but I live in Hawaii and go there EVERY Sunday!!!!! The sandwiches I get are STUFFED with Veggies and meat!!! The BLT footlong it one my favorites and I have to share it with a friend because it’s so much! The cheese I get are reasonable and I feel a lot better after eating subway than Mc Donalds! I been to Quizno’s and I know the cheese and meat is more so it might taste better to you guys but I think Quiznos is expensive-er and subway is also heathier! SO STOP YOUR USELESS COMPLAINING!! IF YOU REALLY DON’T LIKE SUBWAY THEN JUST DON’T GO!!!


  301. By the way, when the get the Cold Cut Trio it has more meat than on the picture on the website! You can always ask for extra veggies or be like me and get All of the veggies! And whats with your napkins? They give me plenty! At my subway they give me four at first (with a foot long) and if you want more ( like when my sister gets the Meatball sandwich and gets all messy) they give you three more! If you mainland-ders don’t like there come to Hawaii! Houses might be priced Sky-high but Subway it great!


  303. And again, about the counting the olives and pickels for you guys, all they do for me is grab a TWO small handfuls and put them on. All together it’s about ten! So, IDK whats wrong about the main land subways but Mine it great! All in all, I in it for subway! :)

  304. I love subway, i always purchase the six inch turkey breast sub and i love it!! I dont mind the turkey pirtion size but i have to loaded with all the veggies, it trully is fullfilling!!
    Idk what the fuss is about!! The place where i go the people are very nice!

  305. C’mon people…all indians are not bad….its just few of them who are stingy and just want to earn more profits….If i am not wrong…..u all mst have good indian friends from school or work place….tell me if i m wrong ?

  306. i work for them they due train you a limit for sandwichies and salads i loction i work for just terminated me becuase i was going to sue them on several things but there a loser franchise

  307. I work at Subway and it’s a decent place to work. I am not a convict, nor do I work with any convicts. As a matter of fact, I hold a Bachelors degree in Astrophysics & Computer Science and am about to graduate with my M.B.A. Each employee I work with is extremely nice and we are all law abiding citizens. The owner is a great guy as well, who is also very well educated.

    If you want more veggies on your sandwich, just ask. We’ll be more than happy to add more vegetables to your sandwich of choice.

    Please be careful when grouping and stereotyping people. You really never know the background of the people you come in contact with at different places, especially these days.

  308. Everything you said is soo true!! Couldn’t agree more. Subway is so overrated..the fact that they make it seem like their subs are healthier than other places is ridiculous.. Like you mentioned it’s because they skimp in everything! Honestly you get more bread than you do meat and veggies. If I want a sub I’m going to go to a REAL sub shop, not some commercialized chain place!

  309. I don’t like all the comments asserting, “If you’re still hungry after eating one of their subs, you’re a fat pig.” You don’t know that. I’m a 5′6″, 130lb girl who gets a lot of compliments on her figure, but Subway food tends to make me ravenous in a few hours! It freaks my family out because normally my appetite is so small I forget to eat without reminders. We actually stopped going there because my mother was so worried about what kind of weird ingredients it must take to get such an out-of-character effect.

  310. I work at subway and Icannot stand the way they act. They get in water fights and this kid held me against my will while the assistan manager sprayed me, needless 2 say we were soggy n wet the rest of the day and it was freezing in the store, uugh. and the boss doesnt kno its her golden boy so shes wanting 2 promote him while im the one who pulled doubles cuz people quit and call off last second… uuughghgh

  311. Heh let me begin by saying if you’re going to full out complain get you’re facts straight. You’re saying that Subway doesn’t put enough stuff on their sandwhiches like say Quizno’s? You’re an idiot for 4 reasons:

    SUBWAY: Spicy Italian=6inch-3.82/ Footlong-5.45
    QUIZNOS: Classic Italian=5inch-5-6/Footlong-11-12

    Yes you get less meat and cheese than a Quizno’s or Jimmy Johns sub but the universal rule is- You GET what you PAY for. If you want 3 pounds of meat on a sub thats great- don’t mind paying 10 bucks for it. It’s ridiculous to compare to places with entirely different methods of portioning and pricing.

    Subway gives you four pieces of cheese per normal sandwhich and yes they are halved so its like getting 2 whole pieces of cheese save for the Philly and Chicken Bacon which gets double cheese. Guess what? You can get double that for an extra .25 cents a 6 inch or an extra .50 cents a footlong. Also SUBWAY does portion everything and theres a reason for it.
    SUBWAY is known for being a healthier place to go for sandwhiches than its competitors and they are diet friendly BECAUSE they portion everything. If a man is on a diet and is getting a Chicken Breast sub he can look at a chart and see that all amounts have been portioned and how many caloires are in each portion of, well anything. It makes dieting and counting calories easier and also as stated above gives the SUBWAY an easy way of keeping Food Cost.

    You will NOT lose weight at subway its a farce you lose wheight because you don’t get much. And man they can learn alot from other sub places because they give out more than subway.
    I just about fell off my chair laughing. Dude you’re the most redundant and hypocritical person I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing! You complain about how people won’t lose weight and then complain that they have to small portions WTF?
    Customers come through and get flatbread footlongs Phillys with extra cheese extra bacon and ask for 6 lines of mayo and think….Its flatbread its subway its healthy no matter what I get.
    More like fatbread. You can’t expect to get a double meat chicken breast with bacon etc etc and expect to lose weight. Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean you should eat loads of it. It amazes me how bad people want to feel better about being obese and eating to much with the excuse that since a food is healthy they can eat alot of it and be fine. Exercise is important but eating healthy in conjunction is too. If you eat according to the guidelines Subway gives you can lose weight but DONT for a second think that you can get both a HUGE sub and losepounds by doing so- thats ridiculous.

    SUBWAY as a franchise and a store has a list of things they do for you the customer. But there are some things the customer as a general citizens of society needs to do. If you have a question ASK! What idiot says….I’m gonna complain that I got a handful of olives when I wanted more. You’re not deaf blind or dumb. Ask for more. This isn’t rocket science- If you want more sauce ask for more- you may get charged for extra bacon but you can always ask. Don’t sit there and act like you’re a retard who can’t speak up and feel that justbecause I’m making you’re sandwhich you don’t have to do diddly in the regards to what you want on it.

    So yeah man check you’re facts cuz man this is crap at best as far as you’re complaint. If however you have an earnest and reasonable complaint about Subway call them (the number for corporate is on every napkin and in every store) don’t b—th like a whiny little girl on a website.

    Credits and resources- Subway employee for 3 years, general graduate in buiness and managment, overall common sense.

  312. All of these complaints and such little content to them. Most of you are probably just like the rude customers I serve at my subway. When I make a sandwitch, I don’t give them 6 olives etc, I give them what I’d want on my sandwitch minus a little since people have different tastes. Yes we weigh our portions, don’t act like it’s a crime, how would you do this differently if you owned a sandwich shop? I have aspirations to move beyond my assistant manager position and even strike up friendly small talk with every single customer. I do my best to make YOUR experience great when you walk in the door. I swear to god, I could die while making the average customer’s sandwich and you know what the reaction would be? It would probably be “well now who is going to make my sandwich”. It’s pathetic that I try to make customers like most of you happy that you came here, but I put on that fake smile for those of you who are assholes and make your sandwich like you were my friend. And we don’t try to rip you off, hell some woman came in and wanted a BMT with extra ham today, do you know that it could have cost 8.50 for the footlong? I wasn’t happy to charge her that, and realized I could ring it up as a ham add peperoni and salami. That 8.50 sandwitch charged that way only cost 6.00. You all treat us like sandwich making robots with no aspirations and you all think you’re better than us working behind the counter. You have no idea how hard most of us work, how much work is involved, or even why we do what we do. You could do everyone a service by educating yourself instead of blaming the sandwich artists for getting something wrong in your eyes. Hell you don’t even have to educate yourself it all, all you have to do is ask. I can’t believe how you displace your frustrations with the corporation by blaming the “stupid lowlifes” behind the counter making your sandwich. Open your eyes, we are people too and most of these “problems” you have with subway are your own doing. Speak up, get what you want. We’re not going to **** you over on purpose, we’re just trying to do our job the best we can. So before you go ranting like a child whos parrents wont buy some ice cream, get your own act together.

  313. AMEN to that Bill! Amen!

  314. 32% Food Cost
    20% Employee Cost
    12.5% Franchise and Advertising Fees

    Notice that the cost listed above account for 64.5 cents of every dollar we take in at a Subway Store so yes we count and weigh however we are all trained to give MORE to those who ask for it wtih a smile.

    National Average Store sales are $9K per week. You do the math. A store that does $9K per week has $3195 per week to pay rent, electric, water, telephone, supplies, internet, security cameras, alarm security, corporate taxes, county taxes, insurance, repairs, remodel every 7 years, local marketing, etc. etc. etc.

    When eating from a compeitor how many times do you get home and have a stack of napkins left over? Just ask…

    Do us all a favor when you go to a Subway: Stay off the phone and order. We are not your doctor or your priest. The young Subway worker who cant get the work done by himself is having problems due to time management probably. Customers come in and want to talk and talk, especially evening customers. We make 70 sandiwches a hour with a skilled 3 man team during a lunch rush which is over a sandiwch a minute. If a evening worker takes 3 minutes per unit then he can make 10 x 3 = 30 units per hour by himself and still have 30 minutes to do other task. 3 minutes is a long time and stil allows for casual conversation and customer service.

    In the last years I have seen food cost go up and up. Subway is going up on their prices in 2012 as they should. Food is going up everywhere. I go to eat at Taco Bell or Wendys and cant get out the door for less then $9. I can remember less then $5. Of course as I ring out customers everyday I am always suprised. For some, i think wow, how can you afford to eat that way, $15 for lunch for one person. Then I check out the next person and I think wow, where else can two people eat for that price, less then $10. It all has to do with what you order and sometimes even how you order it.

    Good luck to you complainers as it looks like you need it! Look at the bottom of this page as it list what the Readers who viewed this page also viewed; “Lousy friends” and “Skinny White Women from a Balck Man’s Perspective”. REALLY?

    I wonder how some of you came to this thread. I was doing research on how to manage food cost and inventory control and next thing i knew i am reading the clueless thoughts listed by many. I also noticed people trying to explain common sense.

    Well, now I know why there will be some customers you will never be able to please!

  315. I completely agree with the complaints. Subway has gone from one of my top choices to the bottom of the barrel.

    For the managers/owners defending the practices, I don’t think they have been eating at ones outside of the one they own/operate. I can understand weighing has to be done for training and cost control, but if you eat at multiple subways you will soon find out that it is not consistent. It is consistently skimpy but some are a lot worst offenders then others. I understand that you get what you pay for but because of lack of consistency it is extremely difficult to make your choice in food. Who wants to play the subway lottery where in the best case scenario you get the franchise minimum.

  316. “I swear Subway trains their “sandwich artists” on exactly how many veggies to put on them. ”

    No **** Sherlock, it’s called COST CONTROL. If you want more stuff on the sub you have to pay extra. Your rant is full of complaints, so just stop going there DUHHHHH.

  317. All you complainers out there…get off the phone while you ordering your food unless you are trying to save someones life. That is disreceptful and RUDE. Dont assume that all employee or workers are behind the counter making sandwiches are stupid. Treat people with respect and you will be treated same and you may get those extra vegetables without paying extra ! as far as meats on the sandwiches there is a formula to follow like any other food chain out there. That also goes for all the vegetables. If you want extras offer to pay extra they will be glad to give it to also get what you pay for. Go to any other food chains everyone charges for any extra toppings or whatever extra you ask for.

    All you vegetarians out there, asking to put on new pair of gloves ( not because they are dirty or anything) is going to give you all the
    Vegetables that are touched by a previous customers meat sandwiches.

    Get a life ! All you complainers can do it better all power to you. Do something meaningful with your life rather than spending time on computer.

  318. You got that right.Subway sandwiches are a joke.barely enough meat or chesse.just a sandwich full of lettuce.the food is blah and not worth any penny out of your pocket.Quiznos and Jimmy Johns is the way to go if you want a real sandwich worth your money.

  319. THEY DO COUNT THE VEH THEY PUT EVEN IN THE SALAD! i always ask if i can have more, cause the salad bowl or sandwich looks very poor, and eveb then they put 2 pieces more. As a resuld of plenty questoning bout the veg i even knoe how many tomatos they put on what; garden salad 3 slices, salad bowl 6, small sub 2 big sub 5 … this is rediculouse!!

  320. What is ridiculous my friend, is your spelling! I recommend you first finish school, before posting comments in public forums for all to see. For the record, the put 6 tomatoes on a foot long, and 3 on a 6″, as a policy! If you are to challenged to as for more tomatoes, I recommend having your mom order your sandwich for you!! :). Have a good day!

  321. Hey “Rather annoyed by stupidity” check your own spelling before ragging on others!

  322. You are correct! While I do that, please edit yours for grammar.

  323. I was not complaining about grammar, so pull your head out of your ass. You are an uptight naysayer.

  324. My apologies, it was hard to tell what you were complaining about. An excellent command of the English language will get you everywhere in life! :)

  325. No, actually, “respect” will get you further. You typically get what you give, no matter how poorly you speak/write. Live by your own words and find something better to do with your time.

  326. I’m glad to see you’re learning! Now in keeping with your own scripture, it would be wrong to call someone uptight. So now that you’ve been educated, please find friends of your own to speak with. I have nothing more to say to you, have a great day! :)

  327. You get what you give. Obviously you did not catch that. You must be in your early to late 50’s. Only someone of that age group would act like you do.

  328. The complaints are killing me……LOL No one is being forced to eat at Subway! The complainers are acting as if they do not have a choice where to buy their sub.

    And insulting each other over spelling and/or grammar….isn’t life difficult enough? Do you really have to be attacking someone because they don’t spell well, or use proper grammar? Seriously? Isn’t there enough BS in this world that we can’t all get along on a f’ing message board? Where is the brotherly love?! Who’s going to sing Koombaya My Love with me, come on, group hug!!!

  329. “ha ha”, I hope your job requires little to no profiling on your part. You see, it is possible to be young, intelligent, and uncompromising! I just have no time for your heroism. As for you “kristin”, who are you to cast stones? You complain about other complainers? How hypocritical! Then you want a sing-a-long… behold the self-righteous!!

  330. You have time, or you would not keep replying. You are old, retired and bored.

  331. I see where I’ve made my mistake! You’re not yet old enough to work! I bet you’re using a spell checker just to type here! Have a good day “ha ha”, my old age doesn’t afford you any more of my time. :)

  332. I am 39. I own three companies so I have the luxury of spending time bantering and I bet you will respond to this because all you have is time. That is, until the reaper gets you.

  333. You people make me laugh.A footlong ham gets 8 peices of ham four peices of cheese, any and as many veggies as you want.Not to mention a FOOT LONG of bread.If that does not feel you up you might be a pig.And really being a cry baby over napkins is that hard to ask for extra napkins? People are so fat and lazy. You miss the greese running down your arm you get from fast food don’t you. Petty whinning panzies.:)

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  335. Yes,,, i trully agreed infinite time that Subway is worst place to go for your meal… especially its a big NO NO NO NO NO and absolutely NO for veggie lovers….and also health / higin consious folks…

    I have worked my hard days @ subway and yes they do train us on putting x number of veggies/meat slices /cheese on a sandwich… can you imagin few strings of lattus on a veggie delight sandwitch…. Hello…. its a veggi sandwich and you put barely any veggies in it… what the poor customer is going to eat….

    For cleaniness its worst… its not the employees but when i worked i was told not to clean containers individually….. they’ll fill the sink half with water and few drops of soap… soak the container in that water and put it aside for air drying…. next day they use the same container to put veggies and other stuff in them…. can you imagine putting veggies in a pervious day tuna container that is still sticky and stinky sometimes…. ewwwwwwww..

    not so good in storing and cleaning their sauce containers as welll……

    i am to the point that will die of hunger but will not step my food at the place call subway…

  336. Simply said. I’ve had no complaints here with the Subway restaurants. Maybe most of you are under 50? under 40? Once you hit 40, you ask for everything and typically get it. You don’t just take what people give you and passively complain. I ask for extra mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese. No problem.

    Sanitation grades (given here) are usually 100 or 100.1 no matter which Subway you visit about 5 in a 8 mile range.

    I’ve eaten Quizno’s here. Not better, but no worse than expected. Didn’t get any more portions than Subway — for the price.

    Changes since 1988: Portions are less. As in all restaurant - keep the price same just make portions smaller for as long as you can. Prices go up. Portions go down. That’s everywhere.

    Subway’s used to be considered a healthy alternative. In that, you had a culture of “collegiate” or “health conscious” managers or owners of the franchises. Now it’s often owned by anyone trying to earn a living or make a profit. That converts into less attention to courtesy, conversation, and fellowship atmosphere there was in the 80’s.

    In the 80’s, when you ask for extra toppings staff used to guesstimate, then look at you and ask “is that enough?” . Now they put a small added portion and if you don’t ask for even more, they stop. I ask for more. Problem solved.

    I always ask for the chicken “breast” and not the pieced chicken. You know your portion then (even if the others are portioned out - you get gristle and fat in the pieces that you don’t get in the “breasts”) They always will substitute one for the other if you ask.

    I don’t buy drinks often. Cuts my expense by 30%. Truly, you don’t need drinks with meals if you get veggies, soup, or other water laden-ed foods. Otherwise, keep water bottles in your car. Subway doesn’t care. As far as I can see, they encourage good health. So bringing in water is never a problem.

    Now that’s MY area. I’ve hit Subways elsewhere and I can agree, some really suck. Went to one in Nashville, Tennessee and really couldn’t tell the line between their sandwich line and the bathroom. Seem line there was mold everywhere. Staff was friendly of course, afterall it WAS Nashville. So if you’re in the Triad area of North Carolina, you should be welcomed to “Have it Your Way” (something Burger King no longer honors.. hahaa)

    Lastly, given my druther’s I’ve always liked ” Substation II ” sub shops. But they are only in the Southeast US area most South Carolina. Oh well.

  337. I work at Subway and this is the protocol for making sandwiches. A six inch sandwich should have four pieces of meat (bacon is extra unless it is a BLT), two pieces of cheese, and a small amount of veggies unless the customer asks for more. On a footlong, there are eight pieces of meat and four pieces of cheese We charge for extra meat and cheese, but veggies are free.
    We have to weigh out the portions of chicken strips so that the customer gets what they pay for. If we gave out too little, the customer would be unhappy, but if we gave out too much, the manager would be up our butts threatening to fire us.
    I don’t know if any of you realize, but you can always ask for extra napkins. We aren’t Napkin Nazis… Just ask!
    If employees are rude, by all means, complain. Employees are supposed to be friendly. If an employee refuses to give you extra napkins, take it to the manager or owner, because that is not okay by any means.
    I only have three complaints about Subway. 1) We do not get any breaks whatsoever. 2) My manager is extremely rude to me and expects me to be a pro and know everything there is to know even though I am new and she hasn’t bothered to train me herself. 3) A lot of the customers are extremely rude despite the fact that I always greet them with a smile and I am very careful to make their sandwiches exactly how they ask.
    That’s all I have to say. I can’t speak for every Subway in the world, of course. I hope I’ve changed a few minds about Subway and I hope your next Subway experience is great! (:

  338. Oh and also, the Subway that I work at is extremely clean! I am always cleaning tables. The procedure for washing dishes is very efficient and everything has a time and date so nobody gets old food. Yuck! We change our gloves and wash our hands and wear hair nets to keep hair out of the food. That is all… again. (:

  339. Hey Kathy — I think there’s a distinction between providing napkin dispensers and placing two napkins in the bag. Marketing knows that most customers would feel intimidated to ask for more things than are given: being more napkins or extra condiments. If we were given nothing, then we would demand a napkin, but by giving two, we feel we’re receiving our “fair portion” and move on. Yet, at restaurants with dispensers, we comfortably grab however many we like. If eating a meatball sandwich, that can be a half dozen or so sometimes. One hopes we’re all conservative and try to save trees and keep costs down for the business, but I’d be first to say, given the option of a dispenser, I often pull out more than I use.

    But I for one would agree that that attitude of accepting your “fair share” is so 90’s. While at the counter, we the customer are now responsible to ask “May I have several more napkins please. I got a meatball sub”. We dont, and we frustrated ourselves by that. Though very minimal, it’s embarrassing to break back in line to ask for a napkin or even have to get up from a relaxing meal just to get something to wipe sauce off our face. But should Subway or any other place stuff a wad of napkins in the bag? Nope. Should they then offer dispensers?* Too costly to wash and continue refilling. So bottom line - the customers needs to ask. The standard two or so for most, a few napkins for a few customers that ask. All should be happy then. If EVERY customer asked for a few napkins more then Subway would change policy and put 4 napkins in. :) **

    * Problem with dispensers is they should be filled with only a slight tension on the springs to hold the napkins in. [no more do manufacturers make “popup” napkins similar to facial tissue - too costly - now they’re just stacked) But staff gets so tired of refilling that they cram the dispensers as full as possible, thus having napkins that are tightly encased and can’t be dispensed one by one. A customer therefore has to take 5-10 napkins on the first grab (and subsequent grabs - for a few times more) which defeats the purpose of stuffing them full to save time. No time is saved and MORE napkins are wasted. Putting a couple of napkins in the bag solves both customer and staff’s problems with efficiency.

    ** for me to analyze that means I definitely need a life. hahaha

  340. Its weird because subway weighs it out to the ounce not miligram there’s a reason there are over 37,000 subways in the world more than any other restaurant so they must be doin something right every single subway in the world has the same sandwhich formulas if you want more meat ask its $2 veggies are free for as many as you want and ask for some more damn napkins

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  342. You can do double cheese too, like 50 cents I think. The chickens and steak have to fill up these little scoop things, same thing with different scoops for tuna and seafood. On veggies there’s a rule of six, but I only follow it on cucumbers and tomatoes.
    I’ve been told over and over by my manager that “those napkins are expensive” as I try to stuff 5 or 6 in some of the bags with messier sandwiches. You’ll have to just say “Can I have a lot of napkins?” for us to be allowed to give you extra. I promise, those of us who aren’t managers or owners don’t give a **** about how much the stupid napkins or the ****ing olives cost. I’d rather just get back to doing dishes so I can ****ing leave than sit around and wait for you to ask for more napkins.
    Subway is stupid. They need a separate maintenance position so sandwich makers do sandwiches, help customers, cashier, and prep food. There is just too much ****ing **** to do, and it is the biggest pain in the ass being left alone and having to clean bathrooms, and work in the back and try to hear the bell to help someone coming in.

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  344. If you want value get the $5 foot-long, egg salad, or salami:
    by the way the salami tastes the same as store-sought
    salami: if you’re buying $9 subways, yes the value
    is questionable, but you have the choice to buy elsewhere..
    don;t keep going there year after year and complaining about it..
    like if you mouth is full of Subway sandwich don’t complain about it

  345. In addition to being stingy with the veggies, if you stop at a low traffic location you’d better smell the meat before digging in, my last subway gave me the the trots and a heck of a gut ache cause they used ‘old’ meat that should have been thrown out!

  346. I am a manager at a subway and i can tell you most of the complainers are wrong and are just unhappy that they didnt get loads of stuff…but please explain to me how much it would cost you to go buy all the stuff and make one sub with all the “extras” you want on it. I have never been told that napkins are expensive. Yes subway does not use dispensers but the design of the stores does not call for them. We leave ours on the counter for people to grab when needed and how much they want but i have seen people take an inch thick stack and put them in the purse…that is why other locations are stingy about their napkins because our food cost should not get higher because your too cheap to buy your own for home! Who’s cheap now? and yes we have standards but everyone does….ask for double meat you will get charged or even extra meat or cheese but that goes for everywhere. if you asked for more meat at quizznos you will be charged its not just subway.

    as for the hygiene issues the all comes down to the employee or the management. My store is spotless and all times and everything is fresh! We get inspected every month and if things were to be dirty or out of place we would get in trouble. For the comments bout convicts working there or so on…thats also the area. there are many locations with plenty of polite employees.

    As mentioned many times you can ask for as many more veggies as you want. If the customer asks for more…i put more on and ask if thats enough if not I’ll add more. You can always add more when asked to then to have put too much on and have people freak out because it is too much.

    As for the amounts of meat…I believe those of you saying you only recieved 2 pieces of meat on a 6 inch are exaggerating for the story to work in your favor. The amounts depend on the sub. For a footlong: turkey-8 ham-8 spicy italian-20 BMT-16. Any more then that and your no longer eating healthy.

    if you have never worked with food you will never understand food cost and just how much adding extras to everyones sub could ruin a business. That is how those restaurants that dont last longer then a year fail…because they did not watch the portion sizes!

    And its not just subway thats charging more and serving less or thinner meats etc… every opened up a bag of chips and realized its pretty much air with a handfull of chips…hello thats the state of the economy. subway gets their products from trucks just like grocery stores. the price of gas goes up the higher the cost to truck food the more they charge businesses to purchase it the more we have to charge to hopefully break even.

    Stop complaining. start buying all your own ingredients and make your own and put loads on…see how long that jar of olives lasts you.

  347. can everyone just enjoy there food andbe happy that you have money and food to eat. some people are less fortionate to have….. god bless you all….

  348. I love Subway!

  349. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  350. GET OVER IT. If you don’t like Subway, don’t go. Why are any of you wasting time with this post? It’s not like Subway headquarters are going to find this and make changes. They don’t give a ****. Neither should you. It’s all about profit. Government outlying our lives. Do you really think it’s any different at your next fast food place? Our society, our world, it’s all one big ****ed up business sale.

  351. I agree Karly! I can’t believe how long this complaint has gone on. Do you people have lives? I’ve tried to unsubscribe to this thread but these comments keeping popping up in my email

    Since you’re so unhappy with Subway, make your own damn sandwich! lol

  352. I have been going to subway awhile and here is what I see;
    1. We want MEAT sandwiches, not salads with a roll of bread. The meat portion is too skimpy for the grade b meat I see. If it was real steak One could argue. but the steak and chicken is tasteless.
    2. Younger artists put less than older ones. Fear of fired, Want to make more profit thus better security??
    3. Artists have still not learned to quit playing and be at “WORK”. Friends are for AFTER work, not during.
    4. the artist do NOT know correct pricing or formulas. When I order a steak and cheese, I don’t want to get charged for philly steak(often), and a steak and cheese is MEANT to be a warm sandwich, so don’t ask if I want it toasted and keep it in machine few seconds where cheese is barely melted and meat isn’t warm.

  353. Here is what I see.. Your steak sandwich is $ 6!! You don’t like it.. Don’t east there!!! Stop complaining and go somewhere else! A for employees you are right. They shouldn’t be talking to friends. I’ve fired people for that.

  354. Seriously..the veggie sandwich is a dollar more so basically you got meat for a solar..think of it that way huh?

  355. Everytime I go to subway I go away disenchanted. They SKIMP on the fillings on the sandwiches (such as counting the olives and slices of bacon). Their advertisemtnts show full luscious fillings with plenty of meats etc. but really that is only a advertisement gimick…..the fillings are nothing more than dab of this and a dab of that !!!

  356. Pitiful…….horrible…don’t go there and waste your money…go to Publix!!!!

  357. I work at Subway and have been there the past five years and obviously you guys are not going to the right store. Yea we weigh everything out, we do skimp on our napkins, and veggies to start with but you can ask for more. I have people come in and order a Sandwich with extra everything. It will be so big you can barely close it and stuff is falling out all over the place. If you ask for extra napkins, we give them to you. If you spill a drink, we clean it up with a mop and paper towels for you and allow you to move to a different table and get a new drink without you having to touch it. I’m so sick of people like you guys complaining about stuff that you are completely ignorant to. Just like every other fast food chain we charge for extra meat and extra cheese. How else do you think we are going to make money and continue selling 5 dollar footlongs for the millionth year in a row. We don’t even charge extra for all the veggies people pile on their subs either. Burger King and everywhere else charges for veggies. I just think that you guys are really ignorant and completely oblivious to anything! You get what you pay for after all. Stop being a cheap a**. :)

  358. Consumers deserve better. Demand truth in advertising! You can copy, paste, and sign the petition here:

  359. Well…the subway sandwiches do make me feel empty instead of full ^^ But it tastes good and you can ask for extra toppings. i once bought two five foot long sandwiches and asked for extra jalapenos seperately and they filled then up in an extra soup container ^^ it was A LOT :D

  360. You realize that subway employees are trained to count the amount of veggies that go on your sandwich. The employees are also reprimanded fr putting to many veggies because it drives the food cost of the store up and the employees are then scrutinized for giving away product. Something you guys have to understand is your paying for a product and the employee is giving you what you pay for. Why should he/she risk their job and income just to give overly picky customers a few free veggies. In reality if you ask for extra extra veggies the employee should charge you and additional amount. Why complain about something like this, the fact of the matter is your buying a sandwich you can make at home for a lot cheaper. Though instead of doing it yourself you would rather a complete stranger handle it for you… The American downfall at its finest just plain laziness.

  361. Four slices of “processed Turkey on a 12″ Turkey Breast Sub?

    Will never be back…

  362. you can have your sub anyway you want it, speak up and let the person making your sub knwo what you want.

  363. your fatty fat ass can’t manage to ask for more? ya meats and cheeses are limited to what they’re told unless you want to pay for double meat, extra bacon, extra pepperoni, or double cheese.


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    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  365. Seriously, a lot of the owner’s of these subway franchise are hypocrites and go against the model of what subway stands for. If they are going to have their employee be stingy about the veggies, I suggest they go find themselves another franchise business to open up. Almost every time I go to subway, the spinach trays are empty or nearly empty and they don’t bother to stock them. This makes me hesitant to even ask for more veggies.

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  367. To correct you on how jared hapoened… I actually work for the Su way owner of “Jareds” subway. I have work with employees that served jared. Ive worked with the man’s son that present the story to subway. Jared lived above a subway on I.U ’s campus. So subway was a literal hop skip and jump from his home. He ate a footlong veggie everyday. He also did a lot of walking which helped him with his weight loss. Yes we are trained to make sandwhiches a certain way and it is actually two normal sized pieces of chesse eye. Put together. You are more than welcome to ask for more veggies. We just have to start with a certain formula. There is no up charge for extra veggies. And I have personally entered the prices of all of our meats and veggies and there are quite a few thing we sell that we make no profit from. Also if your goal is weight loss than we probably don’t need to be worrying about the amount of cheese on the sandwhich. I agree that the veggie n cheese needs double cheese because I do feel I’m slumping customers. We weigh out our meats to control food cost. If we didn’t then there would be weeks we are paying out 40% of our income to food alone which leaves rent lights salaries and royalties to be paid with on 60% not to mention maintenance. It how most business are ran and you can pay for meat if you’d like just like all the other sub shops except most of them charge by ounce:)

  368. i used to work at subway. terrible place to work. stingy and way too hard on their workers in some ways but not in others. apparently wearing a ring in your face is more insulting to them than actual cases of sexual harassment amongst employees. the meat is sliced paper thin and usually a 6 in only gets about 3 pieces. you get a bit of value with a chicken breast or the strips cheese sucks. but i always made sure when i was on veggies to just automatically add a little more because it was skimpy and i always asked my customers if they wanted more or less specifically. so ya corporate are cheap tight asses, but customer service to make up for that on the creative end is up to the employees. they also have a habit of hiring idiots and are ok with them doing no work and practically slaving out the people that are willing to work for their pay. oh and you are expected to do stuff before and after your shift ended. i refused, you let me leave the sandwich line 10 mins before my shift ends so i can take out the garbage or it doesnt get done. im paid for x amount of hours, not the extra 10 mins i stay and im not making a career out of making sandwiches.

  369. Ok so I work at a Subway. I have for awhile.
    I will tell you that yes Subway is very stingy with the napkins. But honestly that’s the only thing I agree with.
    We do portion meats. But EVERY food business does.
    We can’t just throw on meat without portion.
    If you want more, ask for double meat. It does cost more but it’s worth it.
    And for the vegetables, we have a rule of 6.
    We put little vegetables and if you want more you ask.
    Let’s say you ask for onions, and we load it with lots of onions.
    What if the person doesn’t want it loaded with onions?
    What if they want a few? So we think a normal, standard amount would be 6. More or less, it’s free. So ask for more. Don’t complain.

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  372. Thank god most of you morons don’t eat there anymore. Take your petty 5 dollars and go elsewhere if you do not know how to communicate politely with the people on the other side of the counter.
    To each there own. A majority of people do not want a pile of **** on there sandwiches. Yes there is a guideline, but that is so they don’t over do it for people who don’t want to eat like pigs.

  373. go to burger king and MacDonald to ask for EXTRA PICKLE..they charge 25 cent for two .You think subway is ALL YOU CAN EAT veggie buffet?
    i work at subway, we do give extra few pieces,but people just love to ask ” i want A LOT OF xxx” .COME ON..A LOT? what about GET YOUR OWN SUBWAY KEY TO OPEN SUBWAY STORE!! people just GREEDY!!

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  375. I work at subway and yes, we have a set formula that we are supposed to use for each and every sub. Most employees just say f**k it and put more on a customers sub anyway, because who wants 6 stingy olive pieces on a footlong? I find it annoying though when people complain about not having enough of something on their sub, yet they won’t say it there and then to their sandwich artist. Tell us!! We’ll give you as much as you want!! seriously!! I’m not even kidding. I had one customer come in the other day who wanted a ’**** tonne’ of pickles on his sub. That turned out to be about 30 pieces of pickles. But I gave it to him, BECAUSE WE HAVE TO. THAT’S OUR JOB. SO JUST ASK. JUST ASK INSTEAD OF CONSTANTLY RANTING ON EVERY. FREAKING. SOCIAL. MEDIA. OUTLET.! PLEASE! SERIOUSLY.

    Much love, voicing the opinion of every subway employee in history,

  376. Ok….Subway is not the only ones that weigh their meat….so do the others. And I agree 100% with the owner that said, just ask more veggies! They put them on there with no hesitation if you just ask for it. I also think that people just over do what they want just to try and be a$$e$. Subway doesn’t skimp anyone. I think 8 pieces of turkey and 4 triangles of cheese, which comes out to 2 whole regular slices for the person that was complaining about the cheese portion….is plenty of meat and cheese on a sandwich.

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  378. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who was doing a little research on this.

    And he actually ordered me lunch because I found it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!

    But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this issue here on your
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  379. The first time I ate a Sub was about six years ago. At that time the bun was not only 12″ long, but also the bun was larger over all. By the time I ate the first half I decided to wait half hour before finishing it. Over time I noticed it was becoming smaller and had less product inside. I ask about it, but was told that it hadn’t changed. I’d rather a company leave their products the same in size and charge more if they need to. I haven’t been back for some time now and don’t plan on returning. So not only are they smaller, the price has gone up about 50%.
    Thank You. Richard

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  381. Actually I work at a subway and we don’t just throw a few pieces of vegges on a sandwich. and the portion size for a footlong of olives is 6-12 because a bag of olives to purchase from our vendors costs $40 a bag. do you realize how many people come in everyday and ask for more olives? if we gave as much olives to everyone that asked for more we would run out in less than three days with a case of olives. And for tomatoes we put 6 slices of tomatoes on a foot long. That is a good amount, most of the time if I do put tomatoes on a sandwich they end up falling off anyways. Subway is not trying to rip you off. You people never look at the big picture. We have to pay for those extra napkins we give you or the subway wrapping paper we put your sandwich in, not including our wonderful customer service we give you hen you walk through those doors! the real question Is are you happy when you leave? Because if you would really like to go over to burger king, be my guest!

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