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My Biggest Complaint About Saving Christmas Gift Boxes

Okay, so I’ve spent the holiday at my in-laws who don’t have internet (maybe another complaint??) and it’s taken two me days to get to a Starbucks with an internet connection to be able to post, so just think of this as a time delayed post.

Can we just get new boxes next year? We’re all scrambling around and yelling “Don’t throw the box away! I can use it next year.” Next year was last year and the three years before that. I know how long ago it was because the box the store came from is not in business anymore.

Let’s just get all new boxes next year. Call it a box cleansing year, kind of like the Olympics. Maybe once every four years we should have a grand ceremony where we burn all the old Hecht’s and Belk boxes and look forward to the new year with new boxes.

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  1. I had an Aunt that would unwrap gifts with the intent of preserving the wrapping paper. The environment appreciates your efforts, but that’s about it. Nobody else wants to deal with your pack-rat attitude.

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