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My Biggest Complaint About Roll Your Own Fajitas

It’s not real Mexican food unless you have to order by number and I love number 27 at my Mexican restaurant - “Fajitas for Two”. It’s a great big bunch of peppers, beef, chicken, shrimp and spices on a sizzling plate that looks like it hasn’t been washed since I was born. That’s all part it of the experience - no complaints there. You also get fajita wraps to roll your own fajitas and style them up however you want.

My biggest complaint about roll your own fajitas like “Fajitas for Two” is that every Mexican restaurant I’ve every been in that offers roll your own fajitas gives you a mound of fajita fillings and about 4 fajita wraps. Each wrap only holds about 2 spoonfuls of the fajita fixin’s. Multiply 2 spoonfuls by the 4 wraps they give you and that’s 8 spoonfuls of fajita stuff, divide that by 2 because you’ve got 2 people and you’re left with… well… not enough wraps. Ever.

I could ask for more wraps and I’m sure they would give me some. But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. There must be a reason I’m only issued such a small ration and I don’t think it has anything to do with price because a wrap can’t possibly costs as much as the fajita stuff.

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  1. if you hand me an unrolled fajita, you better accompany that with a fork and a knife cuz homeboy ain’t rolling a damn thing.

  2. They do that intentionally to make sure you pay for extra tortillas. I’ve gotten dinged on my bill for $2 a pop for just 4 more. There’s enough crap on that skillet to feed a small family, and they expect you to not eat it all in the restaurant.

  3. That’s a Mexican for ya! Always out to rip someone off or take advantage of somebody else! Don’t ya just love Mexicans! Sheesh!!!

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