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My Biggest Complaint About Rick Steves

Rick Steves - As boring as travel can get.

This man could make Darfur look boring. The guy writes at a junior high level, squinting into the camera, giving advice like, “wear comfortable shoes”. He ALWAYS plays electronic music, instead of traditional instruments. He once said “Venice is exploding with art”.

I am serious, watch Rick and think about what he is saying. It’s hilarious. O.K. so maybe I enjoy , so my biggest complaint is that carries him more than a much better travel show, .

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  1. I also watch Rick Steves for the entertainment value! I like to see the places he goes, and get a good laugh while watching! He is quite dorky, for lack of a better term. Some of the advice he has is good, but nothing you can’t get from any other show, a travel guice, or just common sense (wear comfrotable shoes…)

  2. Just watching Rick Steves in his show, I get the sense that he is a closeted gay male. Yes, I know has been married to his wife Anne for 25 years, and has two adult children in out-of-state universities. Yes, I know that he is a staunch member of the Lutheran church. But his mannerisms and voice strike me as being somewhat effeminate.

  3. they don’t come much gayer

  4. not that i have problem with that. just an observation. he does have balls, going into iran the way he did. and the show he did from there was ****ing awesome!

  5. Yes..I agree, He seems very gay. I’ve know 4 married men some with 5-6 children come out of the closet in their 50’s and 60’s. The Lutheran Church would not accept this, so he stays in the closet. Tragic.

  6. Someone needs to set a boobie trap for Rick Steves and give him the what-for. I do believe he travels for the sole purpose of eating sweets and especially Cheese. Why does Rick Steves like Cheese so much. Yes I would like my plane ticket with Cheese, thank you. Rick Steves toured the Turkish Baths with a hunk of cheese. His 2 favorite things, he was wearing nothing but his comfortable shoes.

  7. Because Rick Steves _could be_ a closeted gay male doesn’t mean he _is_ a closeted gay male. Yes, I too, sensed by his voice and mannerisms and some of choice words that he could be gay, but he is also married and has kids. So I would not say he is gay but is a straight feminine male. But because our society doesn’t recognize their sexuality, they are assumed to be gay and our society treats them as gay. I believe these men are called “straight fairies” as in this very old article from Salon:

  8. Morons, every last one of you.

  9. Awwww. Well I just have to take a moment to make it clear that I was just giving Rick Steves a hard time. I don’t truely feel that Rick is a closeted gay, and could care less if he was or wasnt. Rick runs a good show, and I watch it every time I am channel flipping and run across it. I give him alot of credit for having the balls to make political statements in places such as Tehran. Very ballzy. Keep up the good work Rick.
    I still do think it is quite funny when Rick invariably runs across the local cuisine, at a cafe, or a kiosk, a restraunt or a shop in a plaza and never fails to sample the cheese. It’s funny. He is a cheese freak.

  10. It was a shame to see Rick Steves be the representative of the american male to the people of Tehran. If he is ‘the norm’ of what they could expect an american male to be, the U.S. is in trouble !

  11. are you insinuating that Iranians have expectations of American males?

  12. This is freaky, I just saw him for the first time and I’m what they call a “fag hag”. If he’s not gay then I don’t speak English. That’s why he travels everywhere, he would be hard press to find a consistent lover here in America. Ask his wife and she would say “my husband would never” lol.

  13. I ended up on this page because I googled “Rick Steves gay” after watching him tour Copenhagen with a Danish pal whose occasional prancing moves pinged my gaydar. What that says about Rick himself I don’t know. It doesn’t matter to me if he’s gay or supports the GLBT culture. I kind of like his dullness - he’s like comfortable shoes.

  14. @ Josh

    Ditto. HIlarious.

  15. Yawn. All I know is he is a little odd in what he chooses to highlight, has a bit of a denasal high voice and a production company called “Backdoor Productions”. Maybe he doesn’t know he is gay.

  16. I also googled rick, steves, and gay, because I just saw an episode in France, and the body language between him and his traveling partner (Steve Smith) put me to mind of a dating couple.

    More power to him. If he is gay, I hope that he will soon be in a position to live his life as he chooses and not as Lutheran bigotry dictates.

  17. OMG (gosh) I just wonder why he does not travel with his wife or one of his grown kids,…or alone. He is very professional and takes you to places “off the beaten paths..”, that is why I watch his show.

  18. His show is interesting and he gives a normal person’s view of travel.
    If you watch his shows carefully, he is always with gay looking men when he sits down and eats. Maybe it’s his crew but they never seem to be the same guys.
    I don’t care but it was just an observation after hearing him talk about his wife and kids. Seems like he is leading a double life.

  19. The dude is a fag. no doubt about. I hate closeted fake gays. His production company is “Backdoor Productions”… I mean he is really stupid, or gay and messing with everyone. He always has some boy toy he is sipping soup with or prancing about with. Notice after his gay interludes the camera always goes to a hot hetero couple to wash away the gay slime he produces. Total jerk clothed as a sweet Mr. Rogers. bet he is a prick (pun intended) to work with. You aint fooling anyone Dick Steves. Fire his squealing butt tomorrow please; the show blows

  20. I don’t think Rick is gay at all, like it really matters anyway. As for comments on Lutheran anti-gay bigotry, there is more than one type of Lutheran church out there. They run the specturm from very conservative to very liberal. The one Rick belongs to is the ELCA Lutheran church, with voted in Aug 2009 to allow Gays and Lesbians in active relationships to become Pastors. They are one of the few churches that will do this.

  21. ugh, this guy.. i don’t know. Why does he talk like he was born and raised in ireland??? He is a total and complete dork, how do guys like this even find a girl and get married? I can’t stop watching his show because i can’t stop making fun of the way he talks, your from washington! This is the kind of guy that gives a tourist a bad name, you just want to beat him and kick him out of your country, lay back and have some cocktails and stop planning every detail of your trip out, watch anthony bourdains show and learn something!!!!

  22. The funniest thing I heard him say was the other day .. “It’s really great to go on a hike with the guy who just last night tossed your pasta ..”

  23. It wasn’t “balls” that got Rick Steves into Iran, it was just his ever so goofy naïveté…it was hilarious watching him giving everyone the “thumbs up” sign which means “**** you” in Iran…anyone who does minimal research knows that. Didn’t anyone notice the leers on some of the faces when they returned his ‘thumbs up’?

    As for being gay who cares…maybe his wife knows…I know a lot of married couples like that…but you can be gay without being prissy.

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