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My Biggest Complaint About Religion - Cause Of Conflict

Ban all religions. There is no God. Religion is the single most cause of conflict on earth. When are you people going to realise you are insane?? And why is Tom Cruise allowed to go round promoting this scientology rubbish… Get a life, become atheist.

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  1. I am sorry you feel this way. I agree that “religion” is a cause of much strife, but it is usually due to a lack of understanding or reason. Also, it seems as though you have a lot of hostility, this is actually the most common. As a Christian I do not look for violence and strife, but I -have- found meaning in my life that is incomparable to anything my unbelieving friends have.

    After much research, both scientifically and personally, I cannot believe God does not exist. If you could say, so easily, “There is no God” and for it to actually be true, do you think people would still be fighting about it? It is very real, even if it you don’t understand why. Believing firmly that there is no God is just as “religious” as firmly believing that there isn’t one.

    I pray for you to have a warmed heart on this matter.

  2. Raymond said:

    [quote]I am sorry you feel this way. I agree that “religion” is a cause of much strife, but it is usually due to a lack of understanding or reason. Also, it seems as though you have a lot of hostility, this is actually the most common. As a Christian I do not look for violence and strife, but I -have- found meaning in my life that is incomparable to anything my unbelieving friends have.

    After much research, both scientifically and personally, I cannot believe God does not exist. If you could say, so easily, “There is no God” and for it to actually be true, do you think people would still be fighting about it? It is very real, even if it you don’t understand why. Believing firmly that there is no God is just as “religious” as firmly believing that there isn’t one.

    I pray for you to have a warmed heart on this matter.[/quote]

    You may want to read Richard Dawkins’s recent work, “The God Delusion,” before you start preaching about God and science, and claiming that atheists are “religious.” It seems like you might not understand what an atheist is. Also, you may want to catch up on some of the past and present history of religious-based wars on this planet. It’s hard to support the argument that religion isn’t a factor (if not the cause) of much strife and many conflicts and wars.

  3. Huh. I never saw religion kill anyone before. Here all along I thought it was just jackasses with a perverted sense of right and wrong that was killing people.

    By the way, you can’t spell.

  4. Atheists piss me off.. Maybe I should write a complaint about you people.

  5. James said:

    [quote]Huh. I never saw religion kill anyone before. Here all along I thought it was just jackasses with a perverted sense of right and wrong that was killing people.

    By the way, you can’t spell.[/quote]

    ‘Realise’ is correct in British English.

    (But I’m neither condoning nor condemning this post. I don’t have the time to get into it.)

  6. You are absolutely right. Religion is absolutely not about me, its all about religious heads. If I intended religion I would have imprinted that behaviour in the people as I have imprinted the basic instincts. Certainly I would not have sent so called prophets.

    But this was a pre plan. I knew that this bound to happen and trust me whatever is happening is because of the fundamental configuration at the beginning of the Universe. Its like a seed.

    Yes I do not monitor people’s activities on a day to day basis. But I do have my basic measure of consciences. And for that you do not require to talk to me thru the pundits of religion. I am right where you are and you can directly talk to me. I will listen. You do not have to pray to me. That’s pure rubbish. And yes I do keep track of people’s Karma’s at the end of each life.

    Wait and watch, your grand children will be born in a land with no religion.


  7. God, I always knew you were British. I think you probably sound like C3PO, too. Not George Burns.

  8. For any argument out there to prove that God doesn’t exist, is an argument that in the end proves He does exist. God is a paradox, and any argument that’s made that’s a paradox, proves He exists. Try reading up on some famous texts about this, or follow some thought of St. Augustine, and then get back to me on that.

    Second, I am a religious person at heart. I pray every night and every day. I pray sometimes, more than that throughout a day. I walk around with a rosary symbolic chain around my neck, to represent my dedication to the Mary Mother of God and to Jesus Christ.

    Although I am all of those things, and although I am not ashamed of my religious beliefs, I do happen to also believe in some forms of scientific acknowledgements that might want to disprove the existence of God, but in the end, yet again proves yet there is a God. Basically, I believe in evolution, to a point of course. I do not believe in the Big Bang theory, but I do believe we evolved eventually into the people we are today.

    Some Orthodox Christians might want to come and say that the words of the Genisis is to be taken literally, but to claim this would to claim that God is limited by time, and which He is not. Time is a construct of man, and nothing more. Man is the one who developed time, for his own structured life. God has no structure, in the sense, He’s not bound by time. The words of the Genisis is to give man, with his limited knowledge and abilities to understand God in his true form, an idea of the creation of the World, in a somewhat mythical story. (at least that’s my point of view).

    Then there’s the story of Adam and Eve, which happen to not be of 2 people, male and female, but happened to be people in multitude. Reason? Adam and Eve literally means mankind and womankind. Look it up, research, do some homework, you’d find the answer.

    Finally, on this complaint in itself, religion isn’t the cause of war, or the cause of conflict, man’s horrible interpretation and lack of tolerance for other religious difference in beliefs of what or who God is, or how to worship this God, is the cause of conflict. Also some of those wars that are seemingly about religion, happens to actually not be of the same cause as they once were, but have evolved over time. It’s a selfish act of man, rather than an instruction of God. Man is to blame not God.

    Also, atheists are the ones who say that they believe in nothing but in actuality they do believe in something. They believe in the non-existence of God, but would always want to run to some high being when they are in time of need. How many atheists out there, who tried to disprove the existence of God, fell into the religion of Christianity?

    Yet again, research. Find out that other people like yourself, actually realized they were living a life of lies, and decided to pick some form of religion, after trying in all methods and efforts to deny an existence of God but find it aboslutely impossible to do so now.

  9. As an atheist, what hope do you hold of anything beyond your set lifespan. Do you sincerely believe that life is as we see it? That there is nothing else we can achieve?

    This presents a very bland future.

    Yes we will enjoy the pleasures of life, but do these last?

    To believe that humans will continue in this cylce of birth, life then death until the sun explodes or the earth runs out of water is, as an under-statement depressing and crushing (to those of substance this is undeniable).

    Where is your hope for something more?

  10. You know what really pisses me off? When people say “Mary Mother of God.” Anyone who says this is a freaking idiot. If you read any Bible (non-satanic), you will see that Mary was the mother of JESUS. NOT GOD. GOD does not have a mother, because, assuming that he/she/it is real, GOD has existed forever, before the earth or any of this. God was not born. JESUS was. and JESUS is NOT GOD! Jesus is the “Lord,” GOD’s son. So if you are going to say that Mary is the mother of someone, say “Mary Mother of Christ”, or “the Lord” or “Jesus” or something besides “God.” thank you

  11. to brandon, im unsure personally where i stand with religion and do take a cynical view towards organized religions (and especially the people involved). i do understand that religion can cause people to have an ‘other’ mindset which when paired with a close mind and intollerance conflict can arrise. however, in the end it is not the religions that are at fault, its is the people who are using the religions as a justification to cause conlflict who are the problems.
    further, your argument about mary being the mother of god is not only irrelvant but also ill-informed. the idea that mary is the mother of god stems from the idea in the belief in the trinity. this belief is hard to explain in few words but if it interests you and you really want to use it agains catholics then you should investigate it properly.
    in summary, the trinity is the belief that god became incarnate and made man while staying wholly god and wholly man at once. which means he had human emotions (such as anger in the temple, love and saddness for the death of lazareth) as well being able to perform miracles (such as water to wine and raising his friend from the dead) its is stating that jesus, god and the holly spirit are all one at any time and all their actions are in unity. it is very hard to understand let alone to explain.
    you should possibly take a less ‘attacking’ and ‘angry’ tone in the future as you are coming across as irrational as it isn’t serving as very persusasive.

  12. I don’t think that life is worthless if there is no God or higher purpose, or even that this is particularly depressing. On the contrary, knowing that my time on Earth, alive, is so short I must make the most of it. I do not believe in God, and I live my life for the people and things that I love and care for.

    Your life is as purposeful and meaningful as you make it.

  13. Religion has caused so much grief over the years, its all pointless saying as most religions are based upon the same idea but different saviours. Religion is for the weak and deluded who need to be guided in order to have some purpose to life

  14. You see? You are all fighting, the same way other people fight and kill each other because you all want to be right. I don’t think religion is the problem. The problem is that everybody thinks his/her beliefs are the TRUTH. Live your life, believe in whatever you want, and let the others do the same. Maybe if we showed more respect towards each other peace could be achieved.

  15. I agree with Claudia’s comment I read all the comments and Claudia’s comment was the most credible and believable, in a short sentence. I believe in god as an energy, as the the energy that does things make a reaction. I believe in life, and respect first of all. I read all this people arguing about religion and I’m pretty sure all these people feel like they’re saying the truth including me, but people tend to believe what’s more convincing isn’t it , is what men are based on. I’m not against religion but religion has been made a lot of mistakes and we have to accept it, please when I’m wrong I accept it. Please think in the future 150,000 years on earth is not enough, let think in the future that we are going to leave to our children….and think about this “RESPECT” let try it….
    Have a grat day guys…

  16. I beleive that religion does cause war, and actually on a lower level, religion causes many conflicts on the streets of our countries, for example may i point out that in England anyway, the youngest Muslim terrorist was found with a homemade bomb made from a manual designed tto encourage young Muslim people to rebel against the Christian faith and there was if i believe the newspaper that i read some time ago that there was a plot to wipe out the Christian faith (even though the Muslim population in England is even less than 5%) and a plan to kill the royal family??
    If religion doesn’t cause conflict, may i just ask where that came from?

  17. what are you talking about??do you want to mean that all the wars that are fought are as a result of God and religion?then why do you fall sick?is it because you have annoyed God or what?go get a life but i do respect your views about religion BUT i do not agree with them

  18. If you have all never heard of religion killing people. learn about the crusades or any of the wars in the middle east fighting over the “holy” land. Believe in God, not religion

  19. Religions that focus on belief are the ones that cause the most problems. It’s really easy to see that religons can gain tons members by threatening the gullible with eternal torture. Why would I want to worship something that is so unbelievably strict. Also I think the wars are not restricted to humans because someone has told me that some religions that i’ll leave unnamed are causing the already small wolf population to diminish further.

  20. Edit: I misunderstood what the person said at the last sentence. Also sorry for being off topic.

  21. It is fine that you fell that way but banning religion is a stupid thing to say. I believe in God very much as he gives guidance and makes you feel like someone is looking over you. There are many bad things in this world and humans are always trying to find someone else to blame. I think you are the one that is insane because you can not respect other peoples views or beliefs. I am a 16 year old Catholic and my religion has helped me a lot. I pray that you gain more understanding and compassion and Tom Cruise is free to believe in anything he wants. Just because your an atheist doesn’t mean that everyone should be subjected to think the same as you.

  22. Being Atheist is a personal decision. You Obviously dont understand other religions or cultures enough to understand the reasons for their decisions. I DONT KNOW WHY YOU ARE MAKING A WEBSITE FOR IT. Who are you to tell people that god is not real. Unless you have proof of this you have no right to say it. Really I think you need to grow up.

  23. If you’re easily offended by swearing, then please ignore my post.

    I’m more biased against religion, but if you continue to read my post, you’ll see that I do throw those who are religious a lot of bones, because of my first point.

    Also, I’m rather contradictory, since there are so many different situations that call for different views and reactions.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being religious per say, as long as you keep it to your own ****ing self unless directly asked by someone, or when amongst people you know to share your own interests.

    No one is asking me, and so I’m about to be hypocritical.

    I acknowledge that, since this turned into some huge discussion, and I don’t really care what people do online, as long as they don’t come to me with that **** in real life.

    I’ve always considered myself borderline, conceding to say, “I have no idea whether God exists or not. I’ll admit that I have no idea.”. It pisses me off that people are like “GOD EXISTS!!!!1111″ just as equally as people say “God doesn’t exist.”

    The point is, we don’t know. Those who tell me they know, for either yay or nay, you’re full of ****. That whole, to believe without seeing and you’ll be rewarded kind of crap is just the **** people put into the Bible because they can’t prove that he does. And just because there’s lack of sufficient proof does not mean he/she doesn’t.

    Now I know I’ll get a ton of **** about putting /she. Get the **** over it, because you don’t know for ****ing sure. He/she could be genderless he/she exists.

    What irks me into not committing myself to religion, is the ****ing sheep, the people that have no clue how to think for themselves because “God will take care of me” and proceed to go about blissfully ignorant, not trying to make anything happen for themselves.

    Also, people who try to justify their wrongdoings with religion, one of which is the treatment of women in the Islamic religion, another of which is the condescending manner and ostracizing of homosexuals, when it’s clear that science and genetics have proven that you cannot help if you are gay, because you’re born that way—if God invented everything, then he invented the capability of science as well. We wouldn’t have cells and research for no damn reason, whether man discovered that or not.

    Then there’s that whole shunning thing in general. Xenophobia much? What’s different is not evil, it’s different. Everyone has different cultures, and different ways of doing things. I’ll admit that because of the culture I come from, I think of the above, about the Islam treatment of women is horrible.

    I met a lady who’s grandchild, or whatever, was a child, trying to stick his fingers on the conveyor belt of a store I worked in. I told him “No sweetie, be careful, your fingers could get caught, and possibly be cut off if that happens. The kids might call you stubby if that happens, you don’t want to be called stubby, do you?” In a rather endearing voice, so I wouldn’t scare them. I took it upon myself to watch out for the kids when the adults were busy so they wouldn’t get hurt. Every single person I said that to laughed, That hardass bitch said “STOP SAYING THAT! WE DON”T BELIEVE IN THAT KIND OF THING!!!111 GOD WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!111″ Now, I just walked away after I finished checking her out, telling her to have a pleasant evening, when in reality, I wanted to tell that bitch that she was abusing her kids with teaching them all that stupid bull****. If your finger gets caught in a ****ing conveyor belt, you’re going to ****ing get hurt. It has nothing to do with what you believe in you sick son of a bitchin’ cow.

    Now, not to say that there are the sweet, open minded people who believe in God. That can save many lives, because it’s a comfort to feel like there’s something more. But then again, those people are probably shunned by the “Real religious” types who adhere to xenophobia.

    And, religion could be one of the most beautiful, inspiring things in the world.

    Something that irritated me for a long time was when someone mentioned the right thing only because it’s how God would want it, I think, “shut the **** up, it’s like you’re mentioning that just to prove how much of a good person you are. If you’re going to do something in the name of God, you don’t have to declare it every single time, it’s like you’re asking for a cookie from him/her (if they exist) when you mention that, like a kid wanting praise and acknowledgment.” I’ve been on the fence for a while, and if I find myself in a remotely similar situation with a remotely similar response for remotely similar reasoning, I don’t announce that I’m doing it for God or anything like that. I just do the nice deed and get over it.

    Ugh, people who eat, drink and breathe religion so much that they’ve begun to **** it from their ass, have an internal backup to the point to where the **** laces their every word, and cannot help but spew from their mouth in a messy spray when they speak, piss me the **** off. They should grab a brain, and think for themselves, and not spew bull**** like “I am thinking for myself, I’m choosing not to believe you.”

    That’s all good and fine. I’m ranting, not trying to persuade others into giving up or taking up religion. I’m far from convincing enough, and I wouldn’t try to convince anyone who would ignore me because their religion told them to. I tend to keep away from those people in real life because I will do nothing but clash with them.

    Yeah. I’ve just shared my **** with the world. Either way, I won’t be coming back, since I just wanted to rant. I’ll probably get responses like “You sould like you need anger management and direction in life!” **** you. :) Bless me you say? God/Jesus love me you say? Sure, and if they do exist, they probably do, even if I’m such a little bitch. If they exist and really are like they’re supposed to be described. I’ll probably get a bunch of “Oh, you think you’re perfect.” type things. Yeah, I come off that way quite a bit, because I act like what I rant about is common sense. I can’t help if it sounds that way. Actually I could, but I would be here all night explaining it in “make nice nice” terms.

    Then there will be an entire crack about the name I chose to give. Vulture I tell you, they tend to pick apart even the smallest details, even ones put in for random effect.

  24. God isn’t real. End of discusiion and people are still fighting over it because of their own selfish needs for a sense of relief in life. if god was real well then a lot of things wouldn’t be happening right now.

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