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My Biggest Complaint About Relatively Simple Words Spelled Wrong In Other People’s Biggest Complaints

The title is pretty self explainatory, aside from the point that if you can’t manage to spell common words correctly it really detracts from your case as an intelligent person with a genuine complaint.

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  1. btw, poster… watch your spelling on “explainatory”. Try “explanatory” next time. We won’t hold it against you :), you seem like an “intelligent person with a genuine complaint” and that’s what we like.

  2. You have got to be kidding. You have nothing better to do than correct someone’s spelling. Do everyone a favor and get a life pal.

  3. It is funny to see complaints with incorrect use of their and there and your and you’re (my personal favorite to read). I wasn’t an English major but nothing sounds more ignorant than when I hear someone use seen and saw incorrectly. “I seen it” reminds me of a line out of the move Deliverance. But PeterRabbit is right; we’re not here to correct grammar or spelling.

  4. It only proves they were class clowns during their school days. Also shows lack of pride. Let’s see those clowns get a real job some day, if there are spelling mistakes in their resumes.

  5. Your retarded.

  6. You’re **

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