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My Biggest Complaint About Referring To Pro Sports Teams As “We”

As the old saying goes, “There is no ‘I’ in team.”

There ain’t no “We” either unless you are on the team or somehow associated with the team in some official capacity. If you don’t play for the Dallas Cowboys, or you’re not employed by the Cowboys organization, it’s not “we”, it’s “they”.

Although, pro sports teams probably don’t have a problem with you thinking in terms of “we” instead of “they” because a franchise is all about money, when you start saying stuff like “We really made a great decision when we traded for Alex Rodriguez” you’ve crossed the fan line and landed in fan-stalkerdom. Again, pro sports teams don’t give a crap and will surely never tell you to your face that you are not actually on the team. If a pro sports team can get you to buy into the group mentality of “we”, you’re probably more likely to think you can have an impact on the game by buying a jersey or two, or ten.

Just because the New York Yankees have “New York” in front of their name, they don’t represent New York in any capacity. Think differently? Two words for ya - “Brooklyn Dodgers”.

Did everybody in Brooklyn get up and head out to Los Angeles? No. “We, the people of Brooklyn” stayed right where we are and “they, the team we used to love” moved and started sucking royally.

Now if you went to a particular school, you have every right to latch onto the collective. It’s perfectly OK to consider yourself as part of the group that is the team because the team actually represents something of which you are a part. If you went to Notre Dame and you’re pissed off at the total lack of offensive production from the football team this season, you can say “We need to get rid of Coach Weis because we are very fickle and we expect entirely too much in the first place.”

Of course once you turn your back on the institution to which you once belonged, you can go back to “they”, no problem, no questions asked.

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  1. I support this article.

    I can say “we” all I want in regard to the UNC Tarheels. My tuition and fees go directly to finance the Athletic Department, Scholarships, among other finances needed for our athletics program. As a current student, as other students and alumni, we have a financially vested interest in said team of the University. We can say “we” or “our” team all we want.

    Walmart fans, however much their enthusiasm is appreciated cannot lay claim to said statement.

    Dont even get me started on NFL teams…

  2. I agree, all except the part about collective pronoun usage for anything that I’m not directly involved in. Just because you pay tuition doesn’t mean you get a special exception to the english language structure, period. We (the humans) need to pay a little more attention to the use our (collective again for humans) words. Oh, and sports are a pretty lame thing to lump yourself in with. If you really want to feel like part of something by weaseling your way in through collective pronouns, try “We have decoded the human genome!” because that is actually impressive. Genetics for the win in O.T.!

  3. I don’t agree.

  4. 6 words. “We will, we will, rock you!”

  5. I totally agree… The way i look at it is no matter if i watch the game or not the Team i root for is gonna win or lose regardless… so there for i dont think that people can use we unless they directly affect the out come of the game!

  6. We think you’re a douche.

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