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My Biggest Complaint About Reckless Bike Cops

I’m not some kind of cop hater or lawless citizen running around screaming “Anarchy, Anarchy!” but bike cops are starting to get to me.

On the way home tonight, I saw a bike cop riding the wrong way down the middle of a four lane road of slow moving traffic, at night, with no bike light, in dark cop clothing, weaving in and out of cars checking inspection stickers to try to find some way to pull someone over to try and have a further excuse to search their entire vehicle.

Although I suppose technically the cop was “protecting the public”, he was breaking about 3 or 4 laws that I can think of right now off the top of my head and actually endangering the public in the process.

My wife even said, “Look at the idiot, oh, it’s a cop.” before she realized what was going on.

This isn’t the first time either. I’ve seen bike cops ride on sidewalks in and out of people while almost hitting a few old people as they buzz by for no apparent reason other than the cops want to ride their bikes on the sidewalk instead of the street. Hell, I can’t blame them. I would want to ride my bike on the sidewalk, too. It’s a lot safer than the street.

Guess what? Riding your bike on the sidewalk is against the law where I live. And for good reason - you might hit some old people as you buzz by them if you ride your bike on the sidewalk.

I understand the idea of the bike cop and, in principle, I agree with it. The bike cop is stealth. You can’t hear them sneaking up on you (as you walk down the sidewalk with the other old people) and they can maneuver in and out of places ordinary police cars can’t (weaving down the middle of a four lane highway of slow moving traffic in the middle of the night).

My biggest complaint about reckless bike cops is that I think they’re just getting off on it! I would be having a hell of a lot of fun riding my bike recklessly, too, but I would get tickets.

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  1. Ha! cops in shorts. Next time a cop on a bicycle gives you attitude, tell him “nice shorts” in a completely non-sarcastic tone of voice. Then ask him how many speeds he has on his bike. After he answers your question tell him “you know how i spend my day? I spend my day NOT giving people obnoxious citations. Your job is to protect and serve, yet you spend your day intruding on my way of life, hmm.” Then go and tape a baseball card to his back wheel. A bike cop is like a chihuahua with no teeth. Sure, you’re vicious as all hell, but I can’t help laughing at you. It’s too bad they canceled that show, Pacific Blue.

  2. ah yes I think it is horrible the laws the cops must break to catch the so quote bad guys. like speeders they many times have to speed at a rate 2 times that of the speeder to catch him. It kinda like saying ok its allright if we have to kill two people to catch a criminal who killed only one person a little extreme of an example but it is the same thing.

  3. Bad cop no donuts!

  4. Don’t you know, if you work for the US Government, The Feds, the State, county or work in politics you are granted immunity these days. Ever heard of the 4th Reich? No. Well now you have.

  5. This is so true but wrong. I have heard of snowplow drivers sideswiping a car nearly killing the occupants and totalling thier car. the snowplow driver didn’t so much as get a ticket and the victum (or his insurance co)had to bear all the expense for medical bills and auto repair/replacement.

  6. Biek Sops are GREAT. You’re a bunch of WHINERS. Grow up and get a life.

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