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My Biggest Complaint About Ranch Dressing

I know what you’re thinking, “How could anyone have a complaint about Ranch dressing?”

First off, I remember when there was no Ranch dressing. Back in the day we had French, Russian, oil and vinegar and some Bleu Cheese. That was all you had. Then one day, there it was. And I mean everywhere.

I swear they didn’t call it “American dressing” because the inventors knew that would only limit plans for world domination of the dressing market.

Here we are so many years after the birth of Ranch dressing and Ranch dressing has become the universal solvent of dressings and dipping sauces but what now?

My biggest complaint about Ranch dressing is that it seems to have made dressing developers somewhat complacent and comfortable with things the way they are.

Sure, you get the occasional variant of Ranch to pop up somewhere like “Peppercorn Ranch” or something stupid like that, but when was the last time any great new sauce came from… wherever they come from?

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  1. I despise ranch dressing/dip/flavored items. Its been overdone on so many things that it has become cliché in a sense. What ever happened to original ideas in food? The last thing I’ve encountered that was original and worthy of improving/marketing was the “experimental” Doritos flavor that was in the black bag (I can’t remember what they actually called it). The flavor reminded me of a cheeseburger loaded with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard. They’re not on the shelves anymore, so hopefully they’ve come up with a name for them and will have them back out again soon.

  2. Those Doritos were Mountain Dew flavored, btw.

    And I likes me Ranch….

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