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My Biggest Complaint About Primatene Mist Being Banned

Major drug companies are taking advantage of asthma sufferers all across the United States. After the so-called FDA banned the sale of the last over-the-counter asthma inhaler (Primatene Mist), asthma sufferers were left to the mercy of Greedy Drug Companies. The substitute rescue inhalers are over priced, need a doctor’s prescription, and are not very effective. This should not be happening. There are too many Americans without health insurance…and without it very few are able to pay over $200.00 for a rescue inhaler. Primatene inhalers were less than $20.00 and were very effective, while these others are not. Insurance companies also limit the number of rescue inhalers one can get in a month to one…as if one has control over an asthma attack. Common sense will tell you that one will use more of a rescue inhaler before and after an asthma attack, but Drug Companies do not care about asthma sufferers…only the bottom line. I plan to write my congressman and senator and ask them to investigate these major drug companies for price gouging and for taking advantage of asthma sufferers.

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