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My Biggest Complaint About “Press One For English”

I live in the USA. I do not understand why I have to press 1 for English for many business calls I make. English is the language of the USA. I resent others thinking their language is number 1.

When my father came to the US he had to learn English to survive. I believe that any foreigner who comes to the US should learn to speak our tongue, no questions asked.

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  1. AMEN!!

  2. Trues words have never been spoken.

  3. I hate this whole thing from the start. I live in the US, we should all speak English, and if you don’t, get the hell out or learn.

    What sucks even more is when you call a company’s service department for a warranty replacement/repair/etc. and you get the “Press 1 for English” horsecrap, and then when you finally get someone on the phone, it’s a speedtalker who says “Thank you for calling (insert company here), my name is Ajawanamabani, but you can call me Joe…” and they can’t understand ANY of the many of the different dialects across the nation, much less speak decent English. So you wind up explaining yourself to them 5 different times, and they still get it wrong, and you wind up getting more pissed off than you started having to deal with this shyte.

  4. I’ve never heard this. What do you get if you don’t press 1?

  5. I agree. Don’t they know that this here is America! We speak American. What is wrong with people speaking something that ain’t American.
    The nerve.

  6. I just left Fry’s food and drug store (a Kroger’s affiliate) in Peoria AZ. I had to choose a language to begin the checkout process. I never began! I left my items – their items – on the conveyer belt and explained that they lost a customer. Some people understand the frustration, but most I feel do not care at all. I really wish I did not feel so powerless to stop this invasion. They do not offer a variety of languages to meet some sort of customer service agenda. They only offer Spanish to appease the influx of illegal Mexican immigrants.


  7. One of the biggest problems in the US is that when we see major problems in our country all we do is bitch about them. WHEN do we bitch to someone who can or will change things. The push one for english is a big complaint, also I am sick and tired of seeing Spanish under everything written in English. I see Spanish Billboards now that I can not understand anything on them. When did Spanish Billboards start in the US. I just got back from Michigan and in every store I went into, WalMarts, Lowes, Home Depot etc, under every sign in English there was Spanish. Why don’t the German, Italian, Chinese and all other immigrants get pissed off and complain that they want their language under English also, and their language after the press one for English. If this started happening then merchants would stop the Spanish because it would be too costly to do all the languages. I do not believe that other languages should stop when in their own homes and churches, but I do think if you are dealing with the public in whatever capacity English should be the chosen language. How can the Mexicans learn so fast about money without learning the language? Majorly confused here.

  8. Please translate all this.

  9. You should see the ATM in a bank in Brooklyn. The opening screen is to choose your languages and there is a list that fills the screen. I never knew there were so many choices.

  10. English is #1 hehe!

  11. I HATE having to “press one for English”. I also hate the fascist term “Homeland Security”, but that’s another topic.

    If enough Americans refuse to deal with companies that force us to do ANYTHING in order to speak the official language of the U.S.A, we might get somewhere on this. BOYCOTT fascist corporations!

  12. So, gang, what can we do to put an end to this Press One for English nonsense? I’m willing to participate in anything that makes sense and has a Chinaman’s chance of actually working. Any ideas?

    (I’ve done some preliminary arithmetic and determined that, if left unabated, because of immigration - both legal and illegal - and of internal birthrates, that in a decade or so Spanish will become the majority language here, hence becoming the de facto “official” language of the U.S.A.)

  13. I AGRE!!!ONE!!OMG

    Baby jebus would want us to speak Americanner.

    Guys, come on, who cares? Your children better be picking up both Spanish and, sometime soon, Madrian Chinese or they’re going to be way behind in their own economy, let alone in the world’s where we in the US are, more or less, the dumbest country in the free market.

  14. Wow, you guys are a bunch of babies. All of you. And to the A-hole that put his groceries down and walked out, they don’t want customers like you anyway.

  15. this is to the user [ Totally ]
    are you ****ing stupid?!?!? “American” is not a language,
    its a country, your language is English, seriously now, America
    doesnt own the world or anything so settle down.

  16. OK..
    The way it is… Since the time of Ellis Island To come to Ameica was.. To Prove who you were..Your intent of being here??.. To get a job or start a business, Everyone was documented and informed that the above would be watched… They would talk English Here..To Become an American Citizen… And if found that they wiere sick or nothing could be documented you GOT SENT BACK TO THAT COUNTRY ..You Came From!!!..DUH

    Get That Illegals No Green Cards… No Amnesty …You Had To Be Dcoumented And Become An American Citizen!!! And Learn English !!!

    No More Crap From You Damn Illegals GOT THAT YET!!! This Land Is NOT YOURS!! DON”T LIKE IT!!! GO BACK TO MEKKICO TIA-JUANA Your all a bunch of freeloading banchees (bringing you damn illnesses into our America!!).. That think you can come here and live like a bunch of SLOBS!!! And Get It All For Free!! “NOT ON MY SHIFT”!!! NO More Push 1 For English (Talk English)!!!! Or GO AWAAAAAAAAY !!!

  17. ‘ I believe that any foreigner who comes to the US should learn to speak our tongue, no questions asked.’

    Soooo, shouldn’t we all be speaking Navajo if that was the case…

  18. Do not press 1 for English. After a couple of requests, it will default to an operator. Also when at a self checkout, just start scannin. You do not have to press English.

  19. After reading this, I think the #1 language of the US might be “dumb@ss”

  20. Well… we have just began to see what the Banshee Invasion has done for us Legal Americans ..Jack NOTHING!!

    We have no jobs left now even for the damn dusty butts river dried up…or aka wet backs..

    We have no damn health care ..They have drained the whole damn system!!!!!!!!!!! With there COCKROACH like birth rates

    The whole place is looking like El-Slobovia because they don’t give a damn where they throw their damn crap!!! NEVER IN A GARBAGE CAN AND THERE CAN BE ONE JUST A FEW FEET AWAY…LAZY JERK OFFS

    Most of the stores look like… They did the running of the bulls through them due to their banshee ways of degradation… Like they just don’t give a rats A**

    Look if you want to live like TIA—-Juana Stay There In TIA———-Juana PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. There should be another complaint for “English as the official language of business in the US” rather than getting too far off topic here.
    As to the original poster’s comment, I had an experience with one of the airline phone numbers. The first announcement was spoken in Spanish (”press one to continue in Spanish”), and the second was “Press two to continue in English,” spoken by the same person as the first announcement, but her English was not well annunciated. Amazing!
    There are perfectly legitimate reasons for an airline to offer foreign language options, but I doubt they would even consider having me speak the Spanish line, so why would they have a clearly non-native English speaker say the English line?
    Anyway, for all the bozos waiting to post something about cultural diversity or some other nonsense, ask yourself, “If I immigrate to France should I expect to integrate into French society without learning their language?” How about, “Should I even expect to be able to get a decent job without learning French?”
    I’m going with a “no” on both counts. In fact, I bet you couldn’t even get a job washing dishes or being a prep cook - two popular non-English speaking positions in this country - with English only.
    Too many people come to America just to take advantage of Social Security* or better pay, and funnel that money back to their families abroad. I’m glad they can make a better life for themselves “back home,” but I bet they would hate it if the tables were turned. I don’t care about the whole “they took our jobs” garbage, but I do care about their money not fully contributing to our economy.

    *from what I have heard (from a foreigner working in the US), once the green card is issued the worker is eligible for the social security into which they have already paid and will continue to pay. Upon reaching retirement age they get the SS benefit regardless of their country of residence.

  22. NAVAJO!!!

  23. The reason you have to press 1 is because most calling centers are located in Canada, where we have two official languages. It’s the law and can’t be stopped. Maybe just complain about outsourcing, instead?

  24. “The reason you have to press 1 is because most calling centers are located in Canada, where we have two official languages.”

    I’m not stupid enough to believe “most calling centers [s/b “centres” if you’re really Canadian] are located in Canada - what kind of facts do you have to back up that ridiculous statement?

    Anyway, the French lost the war, so why is French a second official language in Canada? Makes no sense to me.

  25. I would like to agree with the fact that it is very irritating at times; however, I do have to play devil’s advocate and say that if you really want to get technical there is NO offical language in the United States. Yes, English is the language spoken by the majority, but for those who are using the argument that English is the offical language, I hate to tell you that you are mistaken. It helps to do some research before you start throwing false statements out.

  26. You must understand, while the primary language of the United States is English, not all the people these companies are catering to speak the language. If they stand to lose customers to appease people who are upset about having to press one number, they’re obviously going to ignore your complaints. Any company that eliminated this policy would be subject to a variety of discrimination lawsuits and this action would be construed as an attempt to alienate a large percentage of Spanish speaking individuals.
    In Japan and China they allow people to select English for many business transactions and phone calls as well, and many of their signs read in both major languages even though English is not the official language of the country.
    It’s not going to happen. I understand your nationalistic concerns, but go global here, these companies would be harassed to no end to appease your minor problem. It won’t happen. I suggest you concentrate your discontent on more pertinent issues like our floundering economy.

  27. American’s are so ethnocentric that it really annoys me. I think every American should be forced to live for two years in a multi-cultural, muti-lingual country such as India. Language does not tie a nation, it is shared history. There is nothing wrong in having to press 1 for English.
    If you live in America, you do not have to learn English. I can live in America and speak any language I want. America gives me the freedom to speak Chinese if wanted to. To give you an example, in India there are at least 26 different official languages. If you travel from one state to another state, you may feel lost because the language is different.

    Grow up America, the world is not made of white, English speaking people only.

  28. Yawn. we get it, you hate accessibility for spanish and french speaking people. cry me a river, I find the indian call centers far more obnoxious than pressing a single digit.

  29. I would like to start off by saying Melissa, you are an idiot. English IS the official language of the United States. So do not tell others to research your lies, it kind of contradicts your point.

    I would like to share my point of view and that of my wife. My point being simple. If you come to America, speak English. If I go to Mexico, I will speak Spanish. Don’t come to our soil and expect us to change OUR ways.

    My wife’s point of view is as follows. She is from Ukraine. She was born and raised speaking Russian. She came to America and guess what she did? It is amazing but what she did was speak the local language. She learned English. She is better off in life for doing so. She has a great job that requires English to be spoken, her and I can met and could communicate and we got married and so much more. One thing could of stopped all of that from happening, if she didn’t learn the local language and expected America to speak to her instead of her speaking to America. She does have a strong dislikes with these companies that feel they should translate English into Spanish. Simple question she wonders is “Why do they not translate that to Russian?”. Not that she needs it but why was she not offered the same as Mexicans?

  30. I agree. No one favored the real hardworking foreigners who made this country and helped shape it.
    They were told Learn English or go HOME

  31. People are actually complaining about things such as this? I mean there are better things to complain about, Cancer, Aids, gas prices, the war in Iraq, hell even the stock market not making up its mind. But people if you are going to sit here and complain because you want people to learn how to “speak” english then you better be able to speak it well yourself. Sitting here stating that people who come to our country to live need to learn how to “talk english” or “speak american” need a big lesson on the english language. Yes it sucks that people come to our country and get all the benifits that we cannot get. I mean for myself I cannot even get help with food stamps. I would love to be able to provide for my family but at the end of the day all the bills are paid and I still have to put gas in my car and not have anything left over for groceries? When all it takes is migrating to the USA to get free healthcare and social security when the rest of us who were born here have to suffer and life paycheck to paycheck. I understand that complaint, but again if you are going to bitch, then please bitch in sentances that make sense!

  32. Wether it annoys you or is not fair to your grandpa or those whose learn English to live in the US. The truth is that this people who do not speak English have money to spend and if this companies want it they need to speak the language in options 2, 3 and so on.

  33. Why would companies not provide a Spanish line to the Spanish speakers, do you realize how much money is being spent by the hispanics in this country. If you wanted to kick out people who don’t speak English out of this country than, than companies would lose a lot of money from goods and services. The American economy would be in a worse ****ter than it already is. Do you realize taht there are over 30 million non english speakers in this country…Also, to those **** for brains who are saying “MY AMERICA OR MY LAND” here’s my say to you twits, this is not your land, your german, italian, swedish, viking ass were not here before the poor paleoindians. So, before bashing others for ‘taking over’ your land, go donate some money to the native americans. How patheic and ignorant could you fat, ignorant, obnoxious, childish happy meal engulfing blobs of **** be. Get off the computer chair, wash your fat oily faces and go out and exercise, hell go out and even learn about other culutres before spitting your stupid ignorant hate on the internet. KAPEESH?! Good, now go **** yourselves.

  34. ditto the amen and I raise you a hallelujah

  35. I agree with the complaint, but you do have to realize that there is such a large percentage of people who don’t speak english, so you have to cater to the consumer.

    btw- there is no official language of the USA. English is assumed to be the official language, but do some research and you find that there is no official language.

  36. It all comes down to money…

    Big business secretly encourages the illegals to come here to do the **** work for **** wages. No American will pick apples for $3/hour or whatever they get for it. And no American wants to pay $20 for a bag of apples.

    It’s easier to not invest in the illegals to teach them english, it also keeps them more controlled. But nobody is going to not take there money at the grocery store!

    It’s globalization. It’s unfortunate but unavoidable in this day and age.

  37. Does speaking spanish make you Mexican?

  38. LOL, I am glad that I have the option to chose what language I want to speak. Currently, I am trilingual and just because you redneck ignorant dickheads (for lack of a better word) do not have the brain capacity to learn another language is not our fault. You see, I am rather articulate and am able to speak in 3 languages, in the mean time all the posts I have read are monolingual (that means 1 language) speaking dum fu#$s, lol. I will continue to press 2 or 3 or 1 if I desire. So long, fools. :)

  39. I thought Sioux and Lakota and Navajo were the American tongues. I bet you guys didn’t learn them either.

  40. I’m English and I would like to complain that you are all using my language. The English language belongs to me, so could you please stop using it?
    Many thanks.

  41. Yo no puedo entender esto. Escribir en espanol para poder entender.

  42. Your ranting is ridiculous. This MINOR inconvenience allows PEOPLE to live and participate in America, and have a better life. I know you don’t care at all about other people, but English is only ONE language in America, the majority language for now, and there certainly isn’t any exclusively American language, unless you consider the original inhabitants of this land that have the right to complain about your English speaking ass. When did Americans become so INTOLERANT?

  43. If you come to our country, learn our language! Don’t make our country conform to your FOREIGN language, that is ridiculous! I hate hearing press 1 for english.. How about press 2 for spanish!!

  44. I thought, in a democracy, majority rules, right? The majority of citizens of the United States speak English. So, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect those who do NOT speak English to have to press a number (or whatever) to get to their particular language-driven instructions. But, please, don’t ask the majority to press that number. I believe catering to any other language means there is less incentive for those people to learn English. Let’s continue to make non-English-speaking people do the button pushing to access their information. Make them go the extra mile to be informed. Perhaps they will “get a clue” and make an effort to become part of the majority. If you’re here legally - good for you - America is still a great place to be. If you’re here illegally - regardless of what your country of origin - you need to be deported and forever be denied entry into this country for any reason. And if you’re here illegally and you deliver a child while on Amercian soil, that child does not automatically become a citizen of our country. If you’re here illegally, you should get NO benefits, period. If you show up at the ER with a medical problem - you should be stabilized and then turned over to the INS for transport to the nearest facility in your country. Paying for that little trip is far cheaper than letting you stick around and take advantage of benefits paid for by hard-working Americans who are here legally and have a right to those benefits. If you’re arrested and found to be here illegally - you should be automatically deported. I am not a bigot, I am a patriot. I have many friends of varying ethnicities - but what they all have in common is - they are here legally. Why is this such a difficult thing for our government to understand and act on? They all need to get a clue very soon - or we will suffer greatly for their inaction.

  45. It really gets me when you people start talking about this is your country. Its not your country! Unless you’re a Native American someone in your family was an immigrant at one point and they came here illegally. That’s the way it has been in this country and that’s how it will always be. Also, if a company wants this peoples money they do have to cater to there needs whether you like it or not!

  46. Since nearly everyone* is descended from someone who at some point in the past traveled from a country other than one in which they currently reside, either no country has the right to conduct business in a unified language, or, you are an idiot. I don’t know you, so I am going to assume the latter.
    Regarding the Native American comment:
    1. perhaps if they had a unified language and culture they could have kicked our butts back to England
    2. indigenous peoples don’t get a free pass because they were there first

    *”cradle of civilization” countries notwithstanding

  47. It starts with a minor inconvenience and goes from there. Stick around.

  48. What part of “ELLIS ISLAND” Doesn’t ANYONE GET HERE!!!

    But Getting back To The Deal.. This “IS”:
    The United States Of America… NOT!!! The United States Of Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Thailand, etc etc :P

    GOT IT YET!!!

  49. This is the united states of America! Where the companies are free to offer their services WHEREVER THE **** THEY WANT. You want a dictatorship controlling what you’re allowed to say? WRONG ****ING COUNTRY!

  50. Yeah its the USA where English is spoken love it or leave it! Putting up all these languages for choice only encourages those who don’t speak the language to not learn it! No dictatorship here… English it the language of success lets not let a few foreigners take it away from us!

  51. The language of success? What kind of an idiot are you?

  52. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_the_United_States
    Go this this site above..

    Uh I don’t see other countries… That us English speaking go to..
    Make their things accessible and conforming to OUR ENGLISH!!

    Our Country “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” Being 82% English Speaking.. Which Is The Majority The Last Time I Checked..:P


  53. That’s a good point.
    With 55 million people who don’t speak English at home in the US any company that didn’t accommodate for other languages would just be giving customers to whomever did. Saying that an 82% majority wasn’t significant enough would be like saying that there aren’t enough black people to matter.

  54. I mean, saying that a 1/8th minority wasn’t significant would be like saying that there aren’t enough black people to matter.

  55. Everett3..What Planet Did You Come From?

    Next you’ll want us all to speak Vulcan….And have pointed ears to be not a minority

    I never said minority I said Speak English….

    If Companies go for the GREED With the language you speak..
    Good For Them!!$$$$$$…..They WILL Be Sorry…

  56. Laura,
    I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Perhaps you could work harder on your English.

  57. There are diverging topics from the original comment.
    1. On-topic: Considering there are millions of people with a limited ability to speak English, it makes sense for a large company to offer IVR systems in multiple languages. Maybe it isn’t so bad to press “1″ for English; at least it is on top of the list. But there are counter-examples (see my comment above: http://mybiggestcomplaint.com/press-one-for-english/174/#comment-5756)
    2. Off-topic: English should be required in the US, and we shouldn’t roll over for every new language which washes up on our shore. No, I don’t speak Navajo or Cherokee. But I would bet most regionally dominant languages in the world are different than the indigenous languages of the same region.

  58. WHATEVER You Commenter’s

    I have no more comments… To your comments.

    Live in this country as long as I have.. Maybe you all will be talking a different dialog???? :-\

  59. I don’t know how long you’ve lived here but you haven’t even figured English out, so even the intelligible comments you’ve made are hard to take seriously. I’m not surprise that you have no comments. Go read a book or something.

  60. good gawd almighty….i hate #1 for english, i hate that anyone who gets a green card is elgible for SSI that they tell is obsolete to begin with, i hate that when i was pregnant, i couldn’t get medicaid nor section 8(which at the time was a need, not a “possible option”, and the woman(spanish!) actually told me “at this time we are only accepting applications for aid for migrant workers-or in other words, spanish persons”….HER EXACT COMMENTS!!!!!

    agh, it’ll never change….thats why when i go to mexico, i go to acuna cuidad(spelling?) or TJ….at least there, they TRY to speak english….hell the guy who does my “property management/repair” can’t speak english, nor can my CHINESE landlord, so it’s a cluster f**k in my house…..if i had to push 1 for english to talk to the repair guy, i’d probably just POP him 1 !!!!!

  61. Why couldn’t you just wait until you had money that you earned before you popped out a baby?

  62. I hate 1 for English. I also hate that Mexicans won’t speak English. That’s the main thing that I hate about illegal aliens.

  63. I’m curious, have most of you ever been to a foriegn county?! Most civilized populations are multilingual! You go to Europe not speaking the language and you will still beable to get around. Embracing differences only makes for a stronger society! When i was in the netherlands i felt shafted by american society because I was neves enriched with the ability to speak another language and the dutch my age all spoke 3 languages fluently!

    You are all sickening. I have lived in Colorado and California, both have huge immigrant populations. Every Mexican immigrant I met has learned English. Stop generalizing and spreading lies!!!!

    Bottom line English is NOT the official language of the US and we are a capitalistic society! If it makes money it’s American.

  64. Xenophobia appears to be American as well.

  65. Christin….news flash… yes most populations are civilized look up the definition. Is what you are referring to is most industrialized nations. These people learn multiple languages out of necessity not choice. They have to learn English and french to be able to exist. English is the language of success learn it or suffer the consequences. However in America we seem to think we have to expend billions of dollars to accommodate the Mexican speakers.

    And by the way new flash we are no longer capitalist according to Newsweek. They are not far from wrong with the Marxist Obama in office following the socialist last 2 months of the Bush admin we are soon to be nationalist capitalist just like the Nazis!

    Enjoy the new dictatorship!

  66. Stop complaining about companies that offer services in Spanish. The US is a multicultural and multilingual nation. We always have been. In fact, we have NEVER been linguistically homogeneous. To believe anything of the sort is an absolutely childish and naive fantasy. Think of it this way. The US is made up of lands that were originally inhabited by native populations that spoke THOUSANDS of languages. That land was later divided up amongst the English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and even the Russians. As a matter of fact, only a relatively small portion of what is now the US ever flew the Union Jack. The bulk of the country spent it’s time in French, Spanish, or later Mexican hands.

    Those lands weren’t empty when the US acquired them. They were populated by people who spoke a plethora of native languages as well as a great deal of Spanish and French speakers.

    Have you folks considered the status of Puerto Rico? The Puerto Ricans are another people who did not choose to become US citizens, but instead had that decision IMPOSED upon them only 109 years ago. Have you considered that the Spanish service options are for them? Most of you are selfish, egocentric, petty, and ignorant.

  67. Paul,
    You don’t know what you are talking about! English is NOT the official language here in the United States. Although 30 states have made English there “Offical Language” other states have that pending or states like Louisana has made “French” their official language, so before you go calling someone an idiot, you should check out your facts. I am happy to hear that your wife learned English when she decided to make the US her home. I think ALL immagrants should learn English, it gets them better jobs and higher salaries.

  68. Hey, I’m currently out of the States and I’m thinking that it’s ****tards like the guy who started this that makes us look so bad. Thanks!

  69. hey everett3 English is the language of success. Well maybe now that is why Germany is the world leader and Mexico is the the formost inovative country in the world. That is why venezuala is wining the war on terror that is whay peru has flying lamas, its why they make movies about isbecastan, that is why we have to fight for the rights of iraqis etc. etc. on and on. get it probably not.

    You complain about others grasp on the enlish languge when you yourself have not written a coherent sentence complete sentence yet!

  70. If I remember right the official language of airline pilots talking to inflight services (controllers,air ports etc.) is english and is a requirement sounds pretty official to me.
    My biggest complaint is subcontracters who don’t speak english and can’t communicate with you to move your car before splattering paint all over it or at least get out if their way and the only guy that speakes english has gone for the day?

  71. anyone of u assholes that doesnt think that english should be spoken here as a ****in primary language then u should get the **** out of amerca n take alllllll the other dumbasses with ya. this is not no ****in foreign place this is AMERICA speak ****in english or get the **** out

    now im not sayin this to the people that have side conversion with their buddies in spanish of german or what the **** ever but god dam it u better no fyckin english when ur talkin to me n for the record i do speak spanish n some french n german

    american whiteboy james

  72. hell yea right there with ya

  73. Learn to speak Navajo bitches.

  74. hey paul we did learn to speak navajo in WWII it was so obscure no one could figure it out…..

  75. damn, this is so terrible why the hell should i have to effort with moving my damn finger all the way to the one button and then have to struggle against that buttons microspring to push it in just to have to listen to american. in america we speak american. its the offical language of america and should be the world because more people speak american than any other language. damn, i mean what the hell is this world coming to now with all these marches about gay rights and abortion thats not important, we need to protest the unspeaking of american. i hate these good for nothing tricksters coming here and breathing all the americans air, dang it

  76. o yea and i can relate to a fellow before, i was at walmart and one of the employees looked like maybe she spoke spanish. what the hell is going on with our world? thats unamerican, true americans speak american because thats the first language and we keep it that way. anyway, i told her right there i told here i said, you can tell mr walden yourself that he lost my business, take that, how you think hes gonna handle losin a customer, sure showed him to hire them kinds of people that hate america and kill our citizens

  77. also, white boy james. youre exactly right. we all need to get out if we dont speak american. english is the official language here its not ignorant to think that this country wasnt founded by immigrants damn what the hell everyone knows it wasnt founded by immigrants it was founded by americans, the kind that are native to america, the kind that spoke english, damn yall that like them esl class simple folk is just plain dumb because you obviously gots no idea about america


  79. Apriete justo el joder numera un botón y la parada que actúan como un bebé

  80. I immigrated to the USA, legally. My family and I spoke Polish and Swedish, not English.
    We all learned English here, because it’s basically required, official, or not.
    I don’t have a problem with different language options on the phone (really.. how hard is it to press 1?) because they benefit people who are more comfortable with their native tongue.
    I do have a problem with foreigners who move here and refuse to even attempt to learn the language and expect everyone to adjust to them. Meanwhile, ranting about how their homeland is so much better. Go back, if that’s the case.

    It’s not official, but learn English. The end.

  81. Either way, people who don’t learn English and live in the USA are just screwing themselves over.

  82. I don’t think it’s that far out of line for someone who is not a native of a country to learn a new language. I haven’t lived in the U.S. my entire life. I lived in Austria for several years, guess what, while I was there, I learned and spoke German. After I moved out and went to Croatia, I learned Croatian and spoke that. I learned and now speak (and obviously write) English in the U.S.

    I don’t expect or assume that a culture should bend over backwards to make sure that I am comfortable with my own language when that is not the “natural” language of said country. It’s not just an ethnocentric idea either. By learning a new language you are learning ways to express yourself differently, you open doors to communicate with people.

    In addition, you reduce your risk for degenerative brain diseases; there was a study done recently that suggests you can offset Alzheimer’s by up to 4 years just by being bilingual. You want to be part of a new culture and a new society, you learn customs that define it, it’s as simple as that. If I had moved to the U.S. from Britain, I wouldn’t INSIST on driving on the left side of the road because I’m more comfortable like that.

    Besides that, how can you understand the wealth and breadth of many cultures when you don’t even understand the language? You can’t go see a famous American-produced play on Broadway without having an understanding of English. You can’t read a literary masterpiece like Ulysses if you can’t read English, you can read a translation that may miss the entire point!

    Other cultures have many great pieces of art and writing, I’m not saying English is the only worthwhile language. However, if I want to experience the wonders of French art and language, I’ll learn it!

    The benefits of adapting to a culture far outweigh the stubborn resistance thereof.

    “When in Rome..”

  83. The problem in this country is that we have enablers like the ACLU who use such terms as “discrimination” and “disenfranchisement” (a new favorite since the 2000 presidential election) when discussing the lack of non-English options. Somehow the onus is on us to integrate these people into our society - by changing our society!
    How long before some über-progressive ne’erdowell in congress suggests that the President of the United States need not be a natural citizen? You know, because that’s like discrimination! No, it is not. And by forgetting or misusing history we are doomed to repeat it.

  84. Oh my life is so horrible and awful!! I have to press 1!!! Seriously if thats you biggest problem I am very envious of you.

  85. While I could understand how somebody might be annoyed at having to press 1 (it’s already a pain in the butt navigating those phone menus), what’s the big deal about having bilingual signs in stores?

    For info, in France (and probably other countries), it’s not uncommon to see restaurant menus with English translations. Many signs in the subway are also translated into English and other languages. Even announcements on loudspeakers (like: “Please get off the train on the left”) are often done in several languages. ATM machines often have a choice of several languages. It’s not really about discrimination but more about attracting customers — tourists in particular.

    Of course that changes if you live there. If you have to call up some government agency, there probably won’t be a phone menu in English. :) But I bet you could find an employee who could help you in English, without too much trouble.

    And no, the United States does not have an official language. Not English. Not Spanish. Not even “American” :)

  86. I agree with you, but you didn’t have to learn english as a second language.

  87. My grandfather came here from another country and had to learn to speak English as did his 10 children.
    We have homeless veterans on the streets needing homes, food and medical aid. We have job shortages and water shortages. Where would we be if everyone in our country were only legal residents?
    I believe we would all have water, jobs, housing etc. to provide for all of the citizens of the United States.
    We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing our military veterans to be homeless.
    A lot of people are getting real fed up.
    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to send these people’s countries money to provide for them?

  88. “you come to our country, speak our language” then why aren’t we all speaking Navajo, or Sioux??? and why are we all upset about this? you are a bunch of ignorent close minded a**holes! me, being bilingual don’t give a crap! pressing one is one second out of my life! and if you don’t like the way the buisiness world runs in this country, go to India or Italy or England, and live there!

  89. i agree if you’re going to live in the u.s. you better learn english…but that spanish option is for people who don’t know it yet…trust me, it’s not like people are coming here and never expect to learn the language because it would be impossible to get around without it. while my mom was learning english, that spanish option was very helpful to her.

    there should be no official language for the country being that it is a nation of immigrants but because the first immigrants were english, almost everything is in that language

  90. All nations if you look back far enough are nations of immigrants since last I checked people do not sprout out of the ground. That is a weak argument for not declaring an official language. Additionally, the founders of this country spoke English, wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in English, and conducted all business in English.

    Just because we allow immigration and provide opportunities not-so-readily available elsewhere doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to be a real country. We experience the inverse of “ethnic cleansing”: “Hey everyone! Come to America and force Americans to assimilate into your culture!”

    What are we, Burger King?

  91. BTW - The “Burger King” reference is regarding the “have it your way” campaign.

  92. you americans crack me up, every time

    especially due to the fact, that your ignorant asses, don’t know that the rest of the world are laughing at you

  93. Speak our lanuage…or get out. If I went to Spain I’d speak Spanish!

  94. If we’re such a damn joke ass-o (didn’t leave your title as American) we’ll open the barb wire or better still build you a steady boat to get the hell OUT!

  95. Have you ever tried to go to another country and speak English to the people there? They snub you like you should learn to at least half-a** their language and give some effort to speak it if you’re going to visit. That’s the way it should be here.

  96. marie, this depends. In some countries the people (and this depends on the person as well) are really very friendly and willing to speak to tourists in English. Frankly, if I had to go to China or Japan on a business trip for one week, I wouldn’t invest too much time trying to learn Chinese or Japanese. I’d probably try to learn the words for bathroom though! :)

    When traveling to other countries, tourists are more likely to speak English than any other language. This applies to an Italian tourist traveling to Norway, for example. Given that English is such an “international” language, it’s much more efficient for the tourist to speak to people there in English than in either Italian or Norwegian :)

    Of course this is not really the same situation as when you go to LIVE in another country, which is what this “Dial 1 for English” topic is more about :)

  97. I agree!!!!!!!!!!! I am in america as are you, your primary language SHOULD be english! or you should go back to where everyone speaks your language!!!

    I think everyone should have to learn english to be in america! I hate the fact that I HAVE to teach my children (that I do not have yet) spanish in order for them to be able to live in america!!! which is what we are coming to and it is sad!!! I wanted to teach my children something that I enjoy and they will use on fun vacations and such like french or italian… but hey soon your kids will go to school and they will ask: and what language does your child speak so we know what class to put them in… my answer will be: yea ok!! what country am I in?!?!?

  98. Do not press any buttons!
    Bring up the number with a speaker phone and wait until
    the system rings the operator, then tell the operator
    what you want.
    After all, some people still have dial phones!
    They have to, finally, deal with dial phones.

  99. All I can say about this is that if Spanish, Chinese, Russian or what- ever is so great, why come here in the first place. Stay where you are. We didn’t ask for you. We welcome people that want to be part of our culture. NOT CHANGE IT!

  100. Dude. Ok looky here, Latins, in general, bring in a lot of cash to the united states, just like Americans bring in alot of cash to mexico. Just as you complain that why do i have to press 2 for spanish, i do not see mexicans saying “why do i have to learn english!”. Its an obvious thing. We want to earn as much money as we can, and learning another language means that i have an andvantage that i can speak to another person in that language.

    It works both ways dude. ITs called globalization!

  101. I totally understand. But Americanization, (which is what people seem to love and want and move here for) is not globalization. I don’t mind sharing America at all with anyone as long as it is understood that when you come here, you don’t try to globalize it. This is America. It has become the greatest country that has ever existed on this planet by being America. Not by appeasing every foreigner that crosses it’s borders. If things are so great with an imigrants native tongue then why come here? What’s the point? If America lets everyone change it then it becomes just like Mexico, Japan, Brazil or whever they come from. Kinda defeats the purpose don’t you think? America was created to share, not conform.

  102. BTW, you don’t see Americans flooding the mexican border. Just sayin.

  103. Since when “American” is a language? What a bunch of retarded comments. Step out of your bubble, fellow Americans, and smell reality. We live in a multicultural, multilingual world, like it or not. Change to adapt to reality or keep growing bitter. What is this “This is America” complaint? You really need to go back to school and study history a bit more reflexively. The world is doing YOU a favor by learning English and do business with America. You should be grateful that our American universities receive foreigners, who come here because we have a world-class university education.

    By the way, the point of the phone menu phrase “For English, press 1″ is a customer service device designed by our companies, not by immigrants. You guys get so upset for nothing.

  104. By the way, Robert, please read a bit more about globalization AND americanization before you post such a misinformed and incomplete comment here.

    Just in case you guys missed the news. The rest of the world is rising, there is no more Third World, China is an economic superpower (and our biggest creditor, Wal-Mart shoppers). These countries have risen in quality of life, salaries and democratic ways thanks to America. We exported our way of life…and now we complain? Please.

  105. if i go to mexico.. there arent english translations everywhere… i wouldnt expect them… learn the local language or suffer/go the f*ck home!

  106. .. and another thing.. what the hell is so hard about defaulting to english, without having to press a button. ?

  107. First if all, I happen to be U.S. Native American Indian, so all of you who are posting about being “Native American”, if you aren’t, then you don’t speak for us.
    NONE of our tribes here in the land that is now the United States were ever “Mexican”, or “Spanish”, or “Aztec”, and none of our “native” languages were ever Spanish.
    Spanish is not “native” to this continent, it is as European as English, French, German, etc….

    We are not living in 1409.
    We speak English.

    Without English we would be isolated from the rest of the nation, and unable to function in our working, and personal lives, on a daily basis.

    I too hate the “press one for English”, and I do not press one, I wait for live operator to come on the line.

    There are over 4000 languages spoken on earth, will we have to listen to all of them listed with a number to press, to be politically correct?

    In the area I live, there are 48 languages spoken in our local public school district, and it is causing a huge, and expensive problem with the “bilingual” ESL classes.
    This is because the pandering to Spanish language speakers has set the standard, and having spent a fortune of our tax money on ESL classes for Spanish speakers, they cannot discriminate against students whose first languages are Mandarin, or Vietnamese, or Korean, or any of the other 48 languages being spoken in the schools here now.

    English is the de facto official language in the United States of America; because English is used for most official matters and the most commonly spoken language, it can be considered the official language in practice if not in law.

    English IS the official language of 33 of our 50 states at the current time.

    Spanish will never be the “official language” of the United States, it will always be a foreign language here.
    This nation was founded in documents written in the language of English, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States were all written in English, that will never change.
    Every law written in this country is written in Englishm that is never going to change.
    Our US Congress, and every single state, county, and city,town government scrap of paper is written in the language of English. That is never going to change.
    It may be translated to foreign languages (including the foreign language of Spanish), but the original will always be on file in English, not in Spanish.

    For the person who made the comment about those of us who object to pressing one for English being “ethnocentric”, that is a ridiculous statement.
    The language of English in this nation has nothing to do with “ethnocentric”. ALL Americans speak English as a first, or second language, irregardless of our ethnicity.
    In reality it is the groups who shove their specific foreign language in our face who are ethnocentric, because they know that we speak English in this nation, and their agenda is to make us all speak only THEIR foreign language.

    If we want to learn a foreign language, we have over 4,000 to choose from, we don’t have to speak Spanish to live in this nation.
    But you do need to learn English to live in the United States.

  108. Cheyenne, You are absolutley correct. I am not Native American but I agree with you totally. And for the record, I am a white man that is ashamed of the way Native Americans have been treated from day one.

  109. I’m guessing you white people are pissed off about being the new slave race?

    Tough ****, I see more minorities in college today than whites and Wal-mart shoppers. Get a clue, get a degree (which OMG requires you to learn a second language no matter what school you go to or degree you get), and put on your big boy pants.

    The world is changing, learn to deal with it or mop my floors.

    BTW most people prefer to do business in their native language whenever possible, its just easier that way.

  110. Hahaha. It’s not like mexicans have anything to say. People who can’t speak English don’t matter, they’re stupid.

  111. America is suppose to be the land where you can come in *legally* and better yourself and have a great life. With that being said, English is the primary language of the USA and I think everyone who is in the USA should learn it. We are enabling all of the illegals and immigrants because we do not make them learn our language. We are just sitting back and watching them take over our country.

    To all of the border hoppers out there.. Why is it that you all can’t abide by the rules? If your country is so bad then fix it!! In America when a problem arises.. it is dealt with. Fix your own country instead of coming in with your nasty diseases and ruining ours!!

  112. Just press the f@kin’ #1 and stop complaining about **** like this. Rasist, nazi bastards!

  113. will you people quit picking on the mexicans its obvious they are too lazy & stupid to learn anything but how to get a free ride much less our english

  114. in today economy, imagine the $$ saved not to mention the trees. That are use to print everything in English and Spanish.
    We as American’s, have taken this country from wilderness to the Nation it is now. If these Mexicans want a better life, fix your own country. Make a future for you and the coming generations. Go Home!!! Take care of your own country. We have red-necks,druggies,and the tattoo’d to clean our toilets and pick our grapes. So, head south and go take care for that Mexican Nation you are SO PROUD of…
    And if you work here and send our $$$ to Mexico? You should be tax’d 75%. You are one reason why MY COUNTRY is in the state it is in now.

  115. I am bilingual. I am fluent in German and English, and I live in America.
    I lived in Germany, but I learned German before going there. I am not a monolingual, redneck hick from backwoods West Virginia. America speaks English, and those wishing to live and work here should learn our language. It’s just common decency.

  116. I would never move to another country and expect that country to change it’s language for me. Americans are in for big trouble if they do not change this anchor baby law. If you notice you will see every mexican woman you see is either pregnant or has a gagle of kids following her. If they have a baby born in the USA the law allows them to stay in the country to raise that child. It also gives them rights to all the welfare they can get. By 2020 Mexicans will be the majority in this country. I am sick of it and would like to know of any groups I can join to stop this nonsense.

  117. Sorry, you’re screwed. Democrats will never end welfare because they will lose their voter base, and Republicans will never end welfare because they don’t want to appear as the “party of the rich” as the Democrats claim them to be.

    Isn’t it ironic that pandering to the poor who do little to help the economy (by fault of circumstance or just laziness - I’m not making any accusations there because it goes both ways) will only be an ever-increasing burden on the economy?

    We have to make being on welfare less palatable. Likewise, we have to make not speaking English less of an option. Otherwise, both categories will continue to grow.

    On the other hand, teach your children Spanish (or some other foreign language) from a young age and level the bi-lingual playing field. Fight fire with fire. And learn something in the process.

  118. I hate mexicans! their dirty and i hate their stupid dirty language, here in AMERICA we should be speakin ENGLISH!!! fuk u stupid mexican rats.

  119. If that is your biggest complaint, I think you have a problem! A lesson in history might do you good! Several people have pointed that out already. There are lots of people that live in the southwest that speak Spanish! Most of you that are saying you would learn Spanish if you went to Mexico, Spain etc. are full of bologna. You probably have never been out of the country! I have been to Mexico and I don’t speak Spanish fluently. I think the real problem is that you think all of these people are the illegal Mexican’s that supposedly take jobs from American’s. What you are missing is that some are not illegal and can speak English, but English is their second language. I think we should be giving them credit for actually learning a new language! Further, I fear that it is not only the language that is being sterotyped, but also people in general that look foreign. I am an educated white woman and my children are half Mexican. My husband is not illegal, but it really doesn’t matter. I fear that people, such as those who are writing a bunch of racist crap on here, won’t give my children a chance. We are all people and it shouldn’t matter what color or language we are…please get past the ignorance and stop living in a box. It is like we are going back in time! I am ashamed to be American, if this is what being American is all about….and I don’t think that most American’s agree with this crap!

  120. And what about those so-called “Native Americans”…they should speak English or go back where they came from!

  121. You know this comment was making me very upset just to realize how descriminating individuals can be, not to mention lazy not wanting to push one little button, maybe that’s the cause for the high obesity rate in the US. Anyways, on the other hand reading some of these comments from ignorant people made me realized that you SHOULD go ahead and take the “press 1 for english” away and make yourselves more stupid by limiting your education and limiting your knowledgement. I guarantee you Spanish Speakers will learn the english language better before you learn how to speak any other language in the world. The reason these PAYING CONSUMERS press 2 for spanish is NOT because they don’t know the language, its because they feel more comfortable speaking their native language. If they had no choice but to speak english they would and believe you me it would be understandable!!! Bilingual’s are proven to be quick thinkers and more intellectual individuals, that’s the one reason why US in no longer the leading Country, not in technology, not in fashion, not in industrialization, and most definitely not in education (because we limit our language to one and ONLY ONE language). And for those of you whom do not know - AMERICA does not represent united states, Its a Continent, not a Country. America represents all countries south of US (remember them? we’re not alone in the world) hahaha
    All I can do is laugh in your face!!!

  122. I don’t know what planet some of these people on here come from but it’s obvious they are out there. Why don’t we all move to France, Italy or maybe even Mexico. Then we can demand they change every custom they have to the customs in the US. We can make them speak English and provide press 2 for English when you make a phone call. Hey, we need a US flag at all the government locations and don’t forget, we can all bring our family and friends and not bother to check in when we get there. We can just lie and get all their government benefits and enjoy the wonderful beaches and scenery while the natives work every day to pay for it. Wow, “the American dream.”

  123. There have been studies showing that in 30 to 40 years the majority of citizens will be of the muslim religion. Don’t worry about teaching spanish to your children our nation will have a muslim president and the national language will be switched to arabic.(I am aware we already have one but this one will be in full dress.)

    Go to Mexico and see what happens if you fly the American Flag over the Mexican flag.

    Do they say press 1 for spanish and 2 for english on their phones???

  124. 1. If people who aren’t from out wonderfully tolerant country should have to learn English… shouldn’t we have to learn Native American? Pretty sure they dominated N. America GENERATIONS before we did… but thus, we kicked them out slowly but surely and relegated them to very insignificant ****ty territories throughout the country.

    2. America is a “melting pot” or “salad bowl” if you will… this country doesn’t have a set race or ethnicity and if you don’t believe me ask anyone of their roots… German, French, English, Siberian…chances are somewhere in your blood line there was SOME language other than English because AMERICAN isn’t a race (or really an ethnicity if you ask me but that point could be argued)

    3. 95% of the people I know and go to school with **** up the english language anyway so I think if immigrants have to learn english so should the retards who butcher their own native language. And before you think this doesn’t apply to you, I frequently correct (not always out loud) my PROFESSORS, TEACHERS, and fellow AP ENGLISH students.

    4. We’re one of the only cultures IN THE ****ING WORLD where people speak ONLY one language. Don’t believe me? Go to Canada (literally a 1 1/2 hour plane ride from BWI….) They are bilingual. Mexico? Many of them also speak english. I used to have neighbors who were from Canada who spoke primarily french but also grammatically correct english and bits and pieces of Spanish and Catalan.

    So, before anyone tries to argue against me just know this…. you should probably take a basic American history class and learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before you open your mouth.

  125. Well, well, well, I can tell by your post you are a democrat. You know, I know everything and anyone that has a different opinion is ignorant. When was the last time you were in Mexico? Go to Mexico and try to speak english. If you make a call to a business see if they ask you to press 1 for spanish and 2 for english and don’t try to tell me they are bilingual. Try flying an American flag above the Mexican flag and see where you wind up. Ask for federal assistance or free medical care and see what happens. We have had immagrants coming to our country for years and welcomed them with open arms. They were required to learn about American history and learn to speak english. Why should it be any different now?

  126. I didn’t really have any trouble in Mexico despite knowing very little Spanish.

  127. Chill out, I’m 17, I don’t know jack about politics, democrat/republican all these labels don’t interest me, please don’t throw those words at me because I have no idea what they mean.

    I am surprised that you don’t think Mexico is bilingual, I myself have never been there (have you?), but I assumed that it wouldn’t be such a high tourist area if it’s residents couldn’t accommodate to the other languages.

    Let’s just say we were the immigrants, say living in Mexico. We learn the language (enough to say we’re bilingual), the culture, the history, etc. There are SO many phone calls now that require pressing a button for a language, chances are one of them may be an important message. Wouldn’t you rather hear that in your native tongue? As opposed to another language that you are sufficient in, but may not be 100% comfortable?

    I understand that this is not the case for every immigrant in America, but for those that it applies to, I believe it serves as a ‘comfort’ factor.

  128. Stfu allie. Immgrants are stupid.

  129. Good to know

  130. Can I just say if it weren’t for immigrants I wouldn’t have a job. bless their souls

  131. Nobody cares about your job.

  132. Thx Jim

  133. Let me tell you how bad it is getting …

    My wife was calling the hospital regarding a recent bill. When the automative system answers it tells you to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. She presses one and waits and waits and waits. After10 min on hold she hangs up. This continues two more times and after the third time she calls right back and presses 2. Guess what … they pick up immediately. She askes if they speak English which the person did and she begins to get help … finally.

    Now tell me our country isn’t messed up, where Spanish speaking foreigners get better service then Americans do.

  134. Oh my god Bill, what’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next: death camps.

  135. I assumed that it wouldn’t be such a high tourist area if it’s residents couldn’t accommodate to the other languages.

    You hit the nail on the head with this comment and yes I have been to Mexico. The resort areas are bilingual for a reason, they want to be able to converse with you so you will spend money. Go into the heart of Mexico and see how many people speak english. I have no problem with immagrants…heck even though I am part American Indian, I am also part Irish. My family came over had to be naturalized the proper way. Learn the language, learn the history of our nation and pledge allegiance to the flag and even take a test. Go to Mexico and ask for the same benifits illegals are receiving here and see how they treat you.

  136. How does everyone like those messages that first have a message for callers in English and after their recorded message “this message will repeat in Spanish”. We then have to listen to a three minute spiel in Spanish before you can leave a message or choose any other options? It is aggravating to me and I am sure others have experienced this as well. This is the message I get at my Doctors office. The best part is after listening in both languages it says “in English”, “If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1.” Shouldn’t this have been at the beginning and not after listening to a recording for at least 5-6 minutes? This is amazing…ONLY IN AMERICA!

  137. While I agree 100% with the comment the true answer is simple.

    The United States does not have an official language!

    In Canada, for example there are two official languages, English and French so all government documents must be printed in both and both are taught in school.

    Here, while American English, has become a default language used in everyday life for most Americans, it remains the unofficial language of the United States.

    Note; I say American English because British English is different that American English.

  138. Your social security will no longer be there thanks to the federal government spending it by placing it in the general fund or now we are giving it to Mexicans that have crossed the border. They now get medicaid, free housing and welfare. Our country cannot afford to finance the world who wants to come here for a handout.

    I am 55 years old and have worked since I was old enough to carry a pipewrench for my Dad who was a plumber. I have paid SS in since I was 16 years old(before then the jobs I had I worked under my Dad’s SS#). Now that I have paid in all of this money it may not be there or I may have to take a reduction in benefits so the illegals can have some SS (oboma spread the wealth…no thanks!!!). I say send them all back across the river!!!! Go Arizonia lawmakers!!!!!

  139. You are so right!! Thank you for your post! Please support Arizona in their efforts in stopping illegal immigration. If we didnt cater to them by having everything in spanish for them, they would have to learn to speak English! Check out this website!

  140. Oh, yeah… pressing a button for English. Wow. That’s so hard. We should just speak one language, because, like, monolingualism rocks. Who needs all those other languages and cultures? When we say “out of all, we are one,” we really mean “out of… eh… well not you… or you… but, him… well yes… but her no… we are one.” LOL/// by the way I’m a white guy who learned Spanish… jajaja algo parcial seré sin duda… si podéis leer esto bien por vosotros, si no, pues, qué pena!! idiotas

  141. I wouldnt be so upset with the illegals. Our politicians are the real problem. By the way I commend our state of Arizona. It took a woman to finally take a stand . And sorry Arnold mr . funny man from California you can leave too if you want. I dont give a rats ass what you can bench.

  142. The other day, I received a call from a company trying to sell me
    something. The recordiong sad: “For ENGLISH, please stay on the
    line, (in SPANISH): ‘Press 1 fir SPANISH’”. This message makes
    the “default” language

  143. When I encounter “press 1 for english”, I wait. Almost always, the phone prompts are set up to assume you speak English. The problem comes when I can’t go farther without pressing 1 for english. It infuriates me that I have to push yet another button, particularly when it’s unnecessary. I live in an english speaking country (official or not) where over 90% of us speak english. Today, I’m returning my new cellphone to ATT because I can’t access the voicemail menu without pressing one for english. I refuse to do it. I will NOT press 1 for english. I have no objection to a business’ offering its service in other non-english languages. I do object to having to press one @#$% more button than is absolutely necessary.

  144. one of you said immigrants are stupid… are you so stupid not to realize someone in your family (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, whatever) were at one point immigrants… unless of course you’re native american… america is supposed to be a place where people go for change, a place that’s supposed to be acceptive of others with such a diverse community, yet america has become the fattest and stupidest country in the world where people only what things there way and throw a temper tantrum when someone speaks a different language… and its about time people stopped complained about stupid crap like having to press ONE FREAKING BUTTON to pick a language…. face it, english isn’t the only language people speak in america and i’m not just talking about spanish… there’s french, dutch, portuguese, german, chinese, japanese, italian, etc…. and the sad thing is, in most countries, a majority of the people speak more than one/two language(s)… can you say the same for americans?

  145. Jamie, mexicans are stupid no matter how long of a comment you post.

  146. I believe the system for immigrants is fine if your legal. All the BS started when they gave illegals the right to take anything they want and not have to work for it LIKE REAL AMERICANS. Pressing 1 for English in our country is an insult to the American people past and present. It’s the Government who’s leaders are telling us to press 1 to kiss their ass. We should have a new # to press to say “KISS MY ASS”.

  147. When my family and I moved to Guatemala, we did not expect everybody to learn English to talk to us. We learned Spanish.

    Treat the illegals here the same way the Mexican government treats illegals that are in that country!!!

  148. multiculturalism is not good for america.

  149. Well Arizona’s governor finally got a chance to set down with Obama and discuss how the illegals in the state are bankrupting it and holding its citizens as hostages. Regardless of your race you should not have a problem with profiling when it comes to picking up illegals. Most folks who have entered into this country legally have worked and paid into SS and one day wish to receive a payment on what they have paid in. If you are from Mexico and are here legally then there will not be a problem and you shouldn’t be worried about anything.

  150. “multiculturalism is not good for America,” according to Jim Davis. Okay, Jim. So now who do we send back to their native countries?

  151. I wonder if the Brits are ever going to wake up. Otherwise, their national language is gonna be Arabic.

  152. It’s not just about the inconvenience of having to press “one” for English.

    It’s about the 12 million illegal immigrants, the invaders, who want to change our language, our culture, and above all, our borders.

    I was pretty much clueless until I did a google search for “dont press one for english” (without the quotation marks) and found a link at the very top of the page with all kinds of stories that CNN, Drudgereport and the rest of the media never show.

    Now I get it! We need to get the Invaders out right now, while we still can.

    Remember Maywood!

  153. Now NJ makes it tougher for police to do their jobs:

  154. Get the “invaders” out?
    Wow, Europeans invaded this country to begin with, imposing English.

    Typical white mentality.
    Try going to another country and feeling the incredible relief when there is tiny words under the sign in English. You’d be complaining then that there isn’t enough English abroad even though there are tons of English-speaking tourists.

    What is a slight inconvenience for you is immensely helpful for everyone else. Get over your English superiority.

  155. Kristina, are you white?

  156. America has no official language, English just happens to be the dominant and accepted language.

    America was created on the principles that this nation would be open to everyone. That happens to include people who speak other languages. Though not perfect, we American people should try a little harder to live up to that.

    Just get over it, press one, and thank your lucky stars you live here.

  157. If it weren’t for English speaking countries in WWII we would be speaking German or Japanese right now. If you don’t like speaking English get the F*%K out. English is our language we shouldn’t have to press 1 for it.

  158. Just speak english and thank God that you live here.

  159. Not sure if ya’ll realize it or not but “those people” were “American” before any of us were. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!

  160. @AMH America didn’t exist before it was created. You’re an idiot.

  161. Hence the ” ” around American. Just trying to speak in a way moron’s like you might understand.

  162. Perhaps the mexicans should go back to Spain?

  163. Actually, English is not the language of the United States of America. We actually do not have a language. Please learn your facts before you post online. Thank you; have a nice day.

  164. An official language is irrelevant to this discussion.

  165. All phone messages should sound like this. Hello this is *&%*&. and thank you for calling *&*&##. Press 1 for English, press 2 if you can’t understand this message and either go back to the country you came from or get in line to become a citizen and learn the language. English is not the official language but has been required to be learned by anyone wanting citizenship. Why should we grant citizenship to these illegals(meaning doing something illegal) when there are thousands trying to do it the right way. We are so politically correct pretty soon the messages will say press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for French and the list goes on and on. Learn the language, come to this country legally or leave. A standard has to be set or there will be total destruction from within.

  166. That still requires that you press one and it’s longer, you fail.

  167. Buddy, get over it. We all know Spanish is the 2nd language. Many companies have an automated system that says press 1 for English 2 for spanish. Why because many hispanics are their customers. A company doesnt give a living hell what you think they want to sell. And Hispancs are #2 to the English lanuguage. That shows you how important they are ADIOS AMIGO!!!! HASTA LA VISTA

  168. Understand you have to press 1 for English and 2 for spanish. If you dont like it then take your @ss to the back of the line wait for a customer service rep. Place your racist complaint. And be on the phone for longer. PEOPLE GROW UP SHUT UP.. and move on. HISPANICS WILL stay no matter what. LUCKY WE MAY THE USA BUSINESS.. ever ask your self why there is not an option 3 for any other language.. EXACTLY!!! lol… boooya!!!!

  169. I couldn’t agree more. I moved here from another country (where English is not our primary language) 20 years ago. Like most people here, I learned to speak English. While I truly believe speaking multiple languages is a wonderful thing, English is the primary language here in the Unites States. Let’s keep it that way.

  170. As somebody who moved here from a foreign country I agree with the sentiment that English is the primary language in this country. Sure I speak in my native language when I talk to others here from my country. However, I personally get very offended when I have to press a selection on the phone to hear a message in English. This is an English-speaking country. Let’s keep that the universal language when communicating with the public. Then we can each choose to use our own language when we so choose. There is no denying the benefit of speaking multiple languages. However, I believe we need a universal language when communicating to a broader audience. Here in the USA, that language is still English.

  171. My ancestors learned English & all it got them was smallpox. I’ll stick with Navajo.

  172. A lot of businesses like to serve as many customers as possible. You don’t like it? Go to Cuba.

  173. This is the good ol USA…I don’t have to press “1″ for ENGLISH. It is you flip liberals that start all this crap. Speak ENGLISH or get the HELL out of my country.

  174. AMEN to that !!!

  175. Of course English is the “language” of the U.S. of A. That’s why you press #1 on your phone pad.
    But actually English is NOT the “language” of the U.S. of A. since the founding fathers SPECIFICALLY FORBADE any National Language as well as a National Religion.
    Plus what language do you think the Louisiana Constitution is written in?
    Clue: It’s NOT English. And several other states as well. Keep in mind that each State in the Union has it’s State Constitution.

  176. You people should tell that stuff about “If you refuse to speak English then go back to the country you came from” to the Amish who have been here for almost 400 years yet STILL REFUSE to speak English.
    The Amish refuse to speak English. And not only that, they have their own parking spots at all major stores, etc.. for their horse and buggies. And they ride them buggies on high-ways at like 10 m.p.h. and heaven forbid that you’re behind them and honk your horn. You’ll get a HEFTY ticket by any cop who sees that.
    So tell me, you brainiacs, where should they go since they’ve been here MUCH LONGER than you people? Especially the putz who said that he’s been here for 20 years and that even though he still speaks his “native language” that everyone here should speak English.
    I’ve noticed that the people most adamant about an American “national language” are those who just came off the boat (from Europe or other places) and get mad that since they were forced to speak English then all others must be forced as well. Wimps and cry-babies. Why don’t you people just learn more languages and therefore expand your mind (it’s scientifically proven that those who speak more than one language use many more parts of the brain than those who speak only one) and your understanding of reality.

  177. When my great-grand parents came to America from Western Europe that made it a rule that any language could be spoken at home EXCEPT ENGLISH. They specifically FORBADE English from being spoken at home. They said that English would be learned at school, on the streets, and at work.
    My grandparents followed that example of not allowing English to be spoken at home and my parents as well.
    So how did I and my siblings fare as a result?
    I speak 5 languages fluently besides English.

  178. it’s not press 1 for English it’s 2 for Espanol, who cares? Learning another language isn’t going to kill you. Get used to it!

  179. I think everyone should be required to speak English at work, you can speak Mexican when you’re at home.

  180. Puerto Rico. Look it up. US Territory, they are FULL United States Citizens, and they speak . . . ready for this? Spanish! They are legally allowed to move around the country at will because they are born FULL CITIZENS. Do you want the guy whose kid goes to school with your kid to NOT get/understand the phone message about checking their children for lice, unusual behavior from a teacher, blah blah blah? If YOUR safety or the safety of your child was at risk, and the parents/people didn’t speak good enough English to understand something, you’d be looking for a translator FAST.

    It is VERY unAmerican to bitch about a BUSINESS catering to clientele. Yeah, I”m really sure Jesus would have screamed “LEARN THE LANGUAGE” before helping someone. Nice. Would you want all those Christian Mexicans on your side if there was a battle between Muslims & Christians in this country? Maybe you’d stick ‘em on the front lines? Make ‘em yer pawns? You know, like the early white wealthy landowners did to the poor whites, pitting them against the natives and the . . . wait for it . . . Mexicans. And the Irish. The Catholics. The Jews. THIS IS ABOUT CLASS WARFARE.

  181. God i love being a puerto rican. My culture is beautiful, i wish i could live in pr but the economy there is worse then in the us. America is a melting pot always has been and always will be. Point blank!! All kinds of languages are taught in school, that is great! So some companies have people working there to assist people in there main language SO WHAT!! THATS THERE CHOOSING NOT OURS. Personally i hate pressing any buttons, let me FREAKIN speak to someone!!

  182. I agree. Every time I hear that $#/+, I feel like throwing the phone across the room. I hate it when they refuse to speak or learn English, then we are forced to adapt to them.

  183. I read a lot of these posts and they just crack me up. In the company that I work at, we sell to Mexico, Canada and the USA. And guess what? Our phone menu is in Spanish, French and English. It has to do with the countries we sell to, not immigrants. Wake up people, did you actually think dialing an “800″ numbers is an American thing? It’s not. Mexico and Canada can dial them too. We sell our product in all 3 countries and we service them in THEIR language. Get a grip and just press 1.

  184. Maybe you guys are all looking at this wrong. It’s for English press 1 for Spanish press 2… English is number 1. They say it first because you’re more likely to speak English, it’s the number 1 language here. Maybe you should just be happy with being number 1 and stop pretending that these companies don’t sell stuff to Canada(french) and Mexico (spanish) or that these companies may want to do business with people who speak spanish natively (who may be American citizens anyhow).

  185. English is my native language; I speak French and plan to learn Spanish as well. I LOVE languages and LOVE to hear those foreign languages in my neighborhood. While it’s great that Spanish and sometimes French are offered on customer service lines, I hate pressing buttons! I refuse to press 1 for English in my home country. I NEVER press 1 or any other button for English. Let the minority language speakers press the extra buttons and default to English if no button is pressed. In fact, this is how most of those phone lines work. Every once in a while I encounter one that doesn’t realize how annoying it is to many of us. The only thing worse than being forced to press 1 for English is being forced to talk to a computer before being allowed to talk to a human. THAT really upsets me.

  186. In all fairness Jamie, no one wants to talk to you either.

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