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My Biggest Complaint About Premature Halloween Decorations

I came home tonight, October 1, 30 days away from Halloween, to find my neighbor’s yard littered with tombstones and ghosts hanging from trees.

Mind you, this is 30 days before Halloween. And that’s my biggest complaint about the whole thing. This is totally premature for Halloween.

This kind of thing has been going on for weeks, really. If you are a parent, you know they took the “Back to School” stuff off the shelves last month and replaced it with Halloween costumes and decorations. My kids have been wanting to buy Halloween costumes for 3 weeks.

If this were Christmas, we would thankfully (pun intended) have Thanksgiving to act as a barrier against premature holiday decorating. Yes, some people leave their Christmas lights up all year long, but for the most part, you’re a dork if you put your Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving.

So now we have “Halloween Season”. Just what we needed.

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  1. You should put a giant billboard on your lawn with your neighbors face and the caption, “This guy suffers from Premature Decoration”

  2. hey x-mas stuff is in the stores allready! so whats the deal with that?

  3. Really though. The holidays aren’t for you to get happy over. It’s for the kids. Get over your anxiety and have some fun. How OLD are you…70? These trifling little complaints are why we have so many problems that are that serious.

  4. PD is a real disease and needs to be cured… :)

  5. PD anxiety disorder! LOL!

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