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My Biggest Complaint About Pizza Hut Slow Delivery

To whom it may concern, i didnot believe that pizza hut would want to loose there loyal customers just so eaisly. i ve been pizza hut’s regular customer for more then 15 years now. i placed an home delivery order last night at 10.pm and i was told that it would b delivered to me with in 45 to 50 minutes.i called them back after an hour and 15 mins n i was told that the order is on its way , then i got a call again from the branch and they told me the order is not even ready yet and it wud be delivered in 20 mins. 2 hours passed n there was no sign of it. and when i called back pizza hut they didnt even respond me. this was such an embrassing momments, i had guests waiting for dinner at home. n the dinner wasn;t here. my guest had to leave without dinner. i could not belive such a huge organization like pizza hut would do lyk this to their customers. i would not trust pizza hut ever again. nobody from the management even dare to apologize to me!!! my guests would never even trust pizza hut again!!

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  1. If you hadn’t been to lazy to pick your order up yourself in the first place, you wouldn’t had such a traumatic experience. Maybe you ought to find a grief counselor. Anyway, there’s much better pizza than that around. Try the local pizzerias.

    PS: Since you obviously can’t spell, maybe you have trouble reading a phone book to find another place to go, So I understand.

  2. @nunyabiz: THANK YOU! These poorly constructed complaints can really get on my nerves.

    Really, if you are hosting a party, get off your butt and go get the food AHEAD of time, not after everyone shows up and gets hungry. Plus, I thought all Pizza Huts where franchised anyway, so you can’t really hold the whole company responsible for the laziness of the crew at one particularly bad restaurant.

  3. Thank YOu for posting this helpful Information about “My Biggest Complaint About Pizza Hut Slow Delivery”. I like it. just keep on posting. :)

  4. I am a lead driver at Pizza Hut. I am sorry that this customer had a delivery problem, but in my experience, if a pizza order is late - then it is free. The franchise owners I work for are on top of these things, and every order and delivery time is always tracked by computers. Emergencies do sometimes happen due to any combination of circumstances such as weather, traffic and just plain dumb luck. Pizza Hut, in my experience always responds with an apology and backs it up with a credit for the next purchase. Unfortunately, I have observed that some customers do not handle problems well. They scream and complain and will not listen to reason. We always try to solve each situation with courtesy and to try and find a solution acceptable to each customer. As a driver, it is distressing to go the extra mile for a customer in all conditions and be greeted with hostility and an empty hand for all the miles and time we expend to get the pizza to each address within the tight schedule allowed.

  5. I live in Harlan, Ky Keith Turbyfield is the pizza hut manager and i,ve seen a lot of abuse to his employees. I think he is rude and demeaning to his employees and their familys.

  6. Nick,
    Your comments suggest that something is going on that needs to be addressed. Can I assume you are working there? “Abusing” of employees AND their families is an interesting twist! How are the families of employees involved with the Pizza Hut store manager?
    You state you have “seen a lot of abuse”…what exactly does that mean, Nick?
    Without further information, it is impossible to evaluate a solution for you and your friends.
    I work at a busy Pizza Hut where managers and employees fall into several distinct work ethic characteristics. It has been my sad experience to observe that many employees try to do as little as possible and resent a manager who insists that we are at Pizza Hut to work hard and just not pass the time away.
    Pizza Hut is like any other business. It must have rules and systems in place to serve an increasingly demanding public.
    I watch the different shift managers who are under the store manager…they are under a lot of pressure and employee behavior is not always helpful. Attitudes go a long way in this business. If “abuse” is happening - go up the line and get the
    problems addressed. You deserve a non-abusive workplace - but they deserve passionate, hard-working employees. Which is it, Nick?
    I am not in a management position and I am over 70 years old. I continue to see lazy co-workers take up space and do little but complain. I work hard from the moment I step in the door until the time I leave. I get “respect” because I “earn” it every day.
    What are you doing, Nick? Spell out your complaint, and stop personalizing by naming your manager. That’s so “not” cool!

  7. The Pizza Hut in Harlan does not deliver so this complaint is obviously bogus.

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