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My Biggest Complaint About Pittsburgh Steelers Yellow Helmets

Fearsome - not!

I just turned on the Steelers game and thought for a second they might have a new sponorship deal with French’s or Gulden’s Mustard.

You would be hard pressed to come up with a less intimidating sports color than yellow. Nothing says, “Steel Curtain - I’m gonna smack you all up and donwn the field, better go home now” quite like a yellow helmet.

Now that I’ve had a few seconds to look at the yellow helmets, it looks like a bunch of safety workers came in from the parking lot and took the field.

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  1. My biggest complaint about the Steelers and their new Goulden’s look… I nearly wrecked yesterday afternoon coming around the corner in my neighborhood. I swear, i thought it was either a fall carnival or big bird reunion. My neighbors (who a wack job Steelers fans) had about six or eight six foot long Steelers flags stuck in the ground of their very tiny front yard. Furthermore, yellow and black “birthday party” streamers were thrown everywhere, all in their front yard tree and along the fence. What a hazard… not to mention a total eyesore!

  2. Philadelphia Eagles Throwback HelmetsI think you may have prematurely complained on this one. Did you see the Philadelphia uniforms this weekend?

    Maybe someone should just file a complaint about every NFL throwback uniform. That would probably keep everything in one thread because I’m sure more complaints like this will follow!

  3. umm dude those where throw back jersys

  4. Hey, Today, I watched the Steelers/Ravens game on TV, and my eyes became really sore from watching those ugly and horrible yellow helmets and the throwback jerseys. Those helmets were huge and looked ridiculous. Why must the players be subjected to wearing those horrible outfits?! That’s enough! I am sure many of us like myself never want them to see our players wear them ever again.Please pass my message along to them and management. Thank you.

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