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My Biggest Complaint About Pep Boys Auto Parts And Service

Let me start by saying I have been a loyal Pep Boys customer for a very long time. My father and I have been going to Pep Boys for many years now. I have spent more of my hard earned money with them than I can count. With that being said I have never written an email to a company to tell them about the service I received from my experience at their store until today. I needed to get my car fixed because my car would not start or keep a charge.

My father drove me by early in the mourning to see if the store would be open and saw a sign that said the store would open at 12:00 because of the Easter Holiday. That was fine because I understand that your workers would be with their families in the morning as well as I. I wish I could have the luxury of missing work on Monday to take care of fixing my car but I do not due to the line of work I do. My experience started at 11:55 am when I called the store to find out if the service department would be open to work on my car today. A worker then picked up the phone and said “Pep Boys we open at 12:00 hang on” and I had to wait as I heard in the background a conversation between the person who picked up the phone and another co-worker. After about 45 seconds to a minute later the associate then said, “The system is not up and running yet, we cant look up any part requests yet, call back at 12:00″. I then said but I just need to know if service is going to be open so I can get my car looked at and fixed. The associate then replied, “Nobody from service is here yet I don’t know what to tell you”. I then replied but it is twelve and the associate then replied and said “No, it’s 11:57,were not open yet” and I then said so then I’ll call back in a few minutes when your open ok and hung up the phone. If the store was not open yet why did the associate pick up the phone? Was it just to annoy potential customers? I then told my dad that we just need to go over there now so he gave my car a jump and I was on my way.

Now when I got there I said to the service desk representative that “I was told by friend of mine that if I get a diagnostic on my car and fix what ever the diagnostic tells me that the diagnostic charges would be dropped correct” and the representative laughs in my face and say’s “No”, turned to a co-worker and asked, “Have you ever heard of a diagnostic being waived” and the co-worker says, “Never” and turns back to me and says, “No, the charge for that is like a hundred bucks” and looked at me as If I were just some idiot that was wasting his time. Then he says, “So what are you gonna do?” I just walked out of there because I was insulted.

Now I was pissed! We popped the hood of my car and started the car and my father said take the positive cable off of the battery and we can tell if the alternator needs to be changed. So we did and the car stopped. Now we have an idea of what is needed to fix the car. We called the other store location on Military Trail and Belvedere Road but they were only doing oil changes. I went around with my father looking for some other mechanic to fix my car. After no luck we had to go back the store that offended me anyway. Now this time I walked up to the counter and avoided the worker that insulted me and went up to another associate. Her name is “Arley”. Now let me tell you first of all there was no thank you for coming to Pep Boys. There was no hello how are you. There was no “can I help you.” There was no kind of pleasantry at all! I got a “Next!” and that was it!

I told her what my problem was and that we pretty much know that the alternator needs to be changed. She then replied “The jobs not gonna be guaranteed because other things go wrong with a car, we need to find out what else is wrong with the car.” I felt like I was talking to a robot. No emotion. No, we’re going to take care of you. No reassurance that the job would be done right at all! She said that the battery, the starter and alternator had to be checked and that it was like twenty bucks to do the check or the jobs not guaranteed. So I said “I guess I have to get it done then, my car doesn’t start so you need to jump it” and she replied back and said “Don’t worry we got a way to jump the car” then proceeded to do the paper work and when she was done said that “The job is in so you can sit down now”.

I’m not a third grader and you don’t have to talk down to the customer in a demeaning tone of voice and make the customer feel small. I need my car fixed so I said nothing and walked outside where my car was. After a while someone finally came out and walked toward my car with no cables and just my keys and I told them, “The car is not going to start, I told the girl at the counter that it needs a jump” He the proceeded to try and start the car anyway. The car did not start as I told him and he said that “Your gonna have to wait, we need to charge the battery with our jump kit” and walked away! After waiting and waiting I decided to walk up close to the bay to just tell the guy that “We can just jump the car with my cables I have in the car, That is how I got it here” and looked at me as if I were bothering him and said “We can just push it in the bay”.

I’m thinking to myself, is this guy for real? He then walked up to my car with the keys and put it in neutral and we pushed the car into the bay! I couldn’t believe it. 1) I’m paying for a service, 2) you don’t expect the customer to do your job, and 3) it is just plain unprofessional! Now the car is finally in the bay and is going to get looked at to finally see what the job is. After they do the check on all three components I was told something I already knew. The alternator had to be changed. So there was my time and twenty dollars gone that I wasn’t getting back. Now I had to talk to “Arley” again and nothing has changed. She still had no customer service. She still talked to me with a chip on her shoulder. She still was not treating me like a human being. I have feelings. In my line of work if I were to treat a customer the way I was being treated do you know what would happen? You loose a customer for life!!!

While at the counter I see two displays of signs that said “Book Today! Call our service department to schedule your appointment. Free Pep boys Auto Car Care Check Up”. So I ask “Arley” why did I not get offered this free check up on my car? She then replied in a demeaning voice again “You have to call the number and set it up, it’s not a coupon”. I can’t believe how I was being treated but I still kept my cool. So I call the number to schedule a check up and the phone rings and a guy answers and I explain to him that I wanted to schedule a free check as the flyer says. He said to me, “That was yesterday, you missed it and I don’t know when the next one is” I replied, “But I just got one of these flyers and it says to call and set up your free check up.” He then tells me “Sir, this is the third time I am explaining this to you people and I need to put the phone down and take a deep breath before I start to raise my voice at you”. In my head I’m think I’m in the Twighlight Zone or something. He says “I suggest you let me take a deep breath and then I can help you”. I say, “Sure go ahead do what you have to do or we can talk to the manager or something”. He puts down the phone and takes his deep breath, waits a little bit and picks up the phone and say’s “Ok, now I’m level headed and can help you, the flier you have was for yesterday! It’s over! See the date that’s on it?” I say, “No, there is now date on this flyer”. He then replies to me and says, “Sir do you know how busy the service area is? We don’t have time to take those down. Just call and speak to the managers tomorrow. Their names are Denny and Jeremy but they are out today”. I then reply, “Do you need me to just set them behind the counter for you since you guy’s are too busy and would want this to happen to someone else.” Believe it or not he said YES!!! Unbelievable!!!! This has got to be one of your worst run stores in the country!!!

I then tell “Arley” that I just tried to schedule this free check up on my car and she says ” You just called the store sir, we don’t know when the next one is”. Just minutes before she told me to call the number to set it up. What is going on? I explain to her that it’s misleading to have that display out and it should not be out if the customer can not actually set up this free appointment. She then grabs the displays one by one and slams them underneath the counter!! Wow! Is this really happening? So I go outside to wait for my car to get done and decide to walk to Pollo Tropical, which is in walking distance from the store, and get some food so I can cool off and get out of that environment. On my way to get some food I see a coupon on the ground that says “10% off your next service “. Picked it up a kept walking to get some food. After a while I get a call. It was “Arley”, “Your car is done”. I say, “Ok, I’ll be right there”. I wanted to end my experience with your company as soon as possible.

I get to the counter and “Arley” is working with someone. When she gets done she takes her time does a few things and says to me” That’s $325.18, Cash or Credit?” I don’t know about you but where I’m from most people don’t carry that much cash. When I worked behind the register the question was “And which charge card would you like to pay with today?” assuming that was how the transaction was going to be paid because of the amount of the total. I say “Charge” and she starts to process my sale. As she is doing the transaction I remember I have the coupon in my pocket. I then proceeded to give it to her. She takes it, looks at it and says, “This was for customers who attended our clinic yesterday”.

In my head I’m thinking how does she know if I attended the clinic or not? I say to her “What makes you think that I was not here?” She replies “First of all I would not have had to explain to you earlier about how the check up works and second I heard you calling before trying to set yourself up with the check up”. I then said “I found it in the parking lot, now who’s not to say that a friend of mine was here yesterday and then gave me the coupon to use, you wouldn’t know that”. I say, “So you’re not going to honor the coupon?” She replies “No!” in a nasty voice! And say’s “I could, it only depends on the situation”. I then say, “So if you wanted to you could but your not cause you don’t like me or something?” She then replies “No! I’m just not gonna honor the coupon for you and that’s that!” I even asked to get the coupon back because I did find it on the floor and it should be mine and she said “No!” and kept it!

The coupon was for ten percent! Do you think that the $32.52 would have saved my life? Do you think this amount could make or break me? No. I do think that this young lady has a little power trip with her position, thinks she has a safety net, thinks she knows it all, and gets off on doing things like this! You NEVER tell a customer that you could do something and don’t do it!!!! Don’t say you can do something and don’t deliver! You know what? You have just lost my father and I as a customer for LIFE!!!! I am going to tell everyone I know to boycott and stop spending money with your company! I am paying for a service. Customer Service IS A BIG PART OF WHAT I PAY FOR as well!!!!! If this is the kind of people you want in your organization I am going to do my best not to ever have anyone in my family or any of my friends experience what I have experienced today!!!!! I could not even tell a manager about the incident because THEY BOTH WERE OFF!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! What type of service orientated store gives both managers the day off??? How does it affect the work place? I’ll tell you how, PURE CHAOS!!! Everyone showing his or her true colors!!! The associate you think is a good worker is really a goof off, irresponsible, and not even worth giving a paycheck. Do you even spot-check the service with secret shoppers at this store? I bet if you did, this store would fail every part of the questionnaire!!! The Service was horrible! The people unprofessional! The environment Chaotic! No sense of store pride or even showing that they like their job or what they are doing!!! I love my job and that is why I do it. If I didn’t then I would go find a job that made me happy!

BOTTOM LINE, This was the worst experience I have ever had at any store! I had to write and let someone know about this!

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  1. Holy Cow. That sure is one long complaint! Hope you feel better.

  2. Mr. Squaky, I’m with you… one loooooong complaint. I hope ( and am sure) you feel much better!

  3. Too long!! I stopped reading after the 4th paragraph.

  4. I agree stopped reading after 4th paragraph. You experience didn’t seem so bad up to that point.

  5. I read it ALL. It was a good read!

    I don’t blame you for being upset. I would have been a lot more Vocal at those people.

    My very few experiences with the local Pep Boys (Central CT) have been OK but I think I was swindled out of a hundred bucks on a return I had. No way to prove what happened, but I think incompetence, on my part too (by not checking the refund slip amount), created my loss. I am a lot more careful now.

  6. I work for PepBoys and I am sorry that you were treated that way. Out of curiousity what store number did all this happen at?

    At PepBoys, just like any other retail/service store ALWAYS has a manager on duty. Somebody has to set the alarm, count the tils, consolidate the cash etc. They don’t trust just anybody to do that.

    The store or service manager may not have been there, but an assistant would have been and they have just as much authority to make you satisfied as the store/service manager.

    Additionally, under no circumstance should you have had to push your own car in! That’s just absurd!

    You should get in contact with the district manager. They absolutely HATE to be bothered (especially when there are idiots like this working at the service desk!!) and I’m sure he or she will work with you to make you happy.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on PEP Boys customer service. I was going to have some work done on my P/U and your complaint sure convinced me to try elsewhere. Westerners are arrogant anyway and I pay close attention to Customer service. Thanks.


  9. OOOOOh yea I’ve had bad run in’s with Pep boys also, now I only go to them for tire’s and they all ways screw that up but I have come to expect it.
    Just to get a full set of tire’s always takes at least one week (5 days)
    the worst was 3 weeks to get 4 tire’s, the day I went in they had 3 in
    stock they said they would be getting 3 more the next day and I should come in about 10 am which I did but now they only have 1 the
    other 3 did come in but they sold and installed 5 that morning (no these tire’s were not on special they are regular stock items) to make it short it took 3 weeks (21 days) and the manager himself going to another store to get the tire’s.
    And they always mount them white out I always ask for and get in writing black out.
    Once when I was out of state my wife took her Bronco to them for a state inspection $800.00 later it passed then it developed a bad oil leak, right valve cover gasket they said another $170.00 to fix that then the rear main seal started dumping oil so fast the truck became a fire hazard.
    Please understand that I do most of my own repairs and I keep my vehicals clean, top, bottom, inside and out the Bronco had no oil leaks before they got hold of it and of course they would not repair the rear main seal or pay to have it repaired ” we don’t do that ” but after much anger and loud voices and pointing out that we had been double charged on some parts we did get $270.00 back.
    And my Ford Tarus $1200.00 and then they tell me you’ll have to take it to the dealer to fix the problem.
    I have told my wife to never for any reason take a car again to them.
    And trust me I did’nt have to say it she get’s pissed if we even drive past a Pep boys.
    Gee I’m sorry if you think this is to long obviously you don’t care.

  10. Yes they spoke to you poorly (if acurate) but does everything in your life perfect i bet this happens often to you oh and guess we should make easter work on your car day

  11. They have to charge a diagnostic fee to cover the reason they are replacing the particular part. Even if you think you know it is the bad part, there is also a chance that it was just a terminal connection or a corroded wire underneath the coating (yes, this happens). Going on your logic, they would change the alternator and you could still have a problem. Then I bet you’d complain when they said it’s not their fault, which it wouldn’t be, because you requested just that part changed. If you know so much about what’s wrong, just fix it yourself. The diagnostic fee also is there to pay the mechanic for the time spent looking at your starting/charging system. He or she doesn’t get paid by the hour, but by the job. So should he or she cheerfully just diagnose your car for free instead of being paid to work on another job? I think not. As for the service associates, they are overworked, but that doesn’t give them the right to treat you the way they did. I’m mostly with you on that aspect of your experience.

  12. Cheapskate, just pay the twenty bucks and let them check the vehicle for you! Any problems, its on them. We all have automotive stories, but why whine about for such a long period of time?

  13. i imagine you have these experiences at every store you go to, i bet youre a habitual complainer. it seems that you are the problem, not the people just doing their jobs and following policy…..smarten up and stop giving people such a hard time, Id like to punch you in the face

  14. I used to work for pep boys and in the time that i worked therre i did see that type of treatment to the customer’s and i am not going to complain about spilt milk but i just wanted to say that i agree with you and i only deal with autozone but the only problems there is half the time you have to repeet yourself to the clerk cause they are one track minded and dont listen to you when you tell them what you are looking for but in the end after thirty minutes of debate and “is this what you need” i finally get what i came for so good luck to you on the new place but i personaly fix my own vehicles and i wouldnt trust the pep any further than i could throw them.

  15. If you knew the store did not open until 12 why did you call and bother the employees before 12. Also the diagnostics on the vehicle is a service they are providing to you for a charge, why would they provide the service and then not charge you. Do you go to the car wash, wash your car then get the money back because you went into the store part and bought a soda?
    As far as unhooking the battery to see what might be needed, you proved nothing. Unhook a battery on any late model vehicle and it will stall out because you have an electric fuel pump. LEAVE THE DIAGNOSTICS TO THE PROFESSIONALS!!!!!! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF. Would you try to perform surgery on yourself? Look at the diagnostic like a $20.00 insurance policy that changing the alternator was the correct thing to do. Would you have rather they just replaced the alternator at your request and charged you for it and end up you were wrong? Think about it. You pay for parts and labor and in the end your still in the same boat, car doesn’t start, over a 20 dollar bill. You say $20 will not make you or break you but you sure have done alot of complaining about that 20 bucks.
    My suggestion: Shut your face and let the people who actually know something about automobiles do their jobs and you stick to your little line of work.

  16. After talking to the service member and getting a quote of 125. with tax to change my plugs to my truck. I told him I was going to borrrow some money to get it done.,So I went back later close to closing time and ask if they had time to change the plugs he ask the mach. if he had punch out yet and he said noso he was ask if he had time to do the job, he said is it a humi and they told him yes he said it would take longer time so the man at the desk said while it’s going to take longer your price is going up but they knew everything about the truck earlier when they gave me the quote. I think the worker was mad and didn’t want to stay later so all the bull that comes out on T.V.
    they work until the last customer thats bull thats all I have to say I’ll talk to the super. in the morning.

  17. Pep Boys has a way of grinding down the workers especially in the service department. Starting last Nov 30, 2008, they cut the hourly wage of the service writers and assistant service managers $5.00/hour. They then instituted a commission program for them where they can “earn” back the pay cut. It pays 2.5% on parts and labor dollars that are paid for by the consumers, 2% on tires except the Cornell 1000, and 1% on Cornell 1000 tires. Any discounts cut the commissions paid to the workers. Warranty repairs do not pay any commissions. The customer must pay money for repairs for the worker to get commission. The company has sent out thousands of 10% and 15% off coupons to customers when used cut the commissions to the workers. And with the national economy in a recession heading for a depression, corporate blames the workers in the store for falling revenues since customers don’t have or want to spend money on car repairs now.
    Corporate also set up a way to reduce the already low commission rates based on Net Service Promoter score (NSP), if a workers NSP is below 50, the commission rate is reduced. There is a web site www.pepboyssurvey.com where customers can enter feed back on their last service or visit to a pep boys. Corporate takes the answers and subtracts the negative responses(a 6 or lower) from the positive(a 9 or 10) then divides this by the total responses to get a rate for the NSP and if under 50, then the rate for parts and labor dollars is cut to 1.5%, tires cut to 1% and Cornell tires is cut to 0.5%. Only good thing about this is if the worker gets the score over 50 by end of the quarter the held commission is paid out in a lump sum.

  18. i work at Pep Boys and i can tell you that its hard when your dealing with cars. cars are extremely unpredictable. you fix one thing and another thing goes wrong because of the thing you fixed. custermers are really anal most of the time( im a service advisor i know). i also went to school for automotive technology. people come in to fix things that most of the time dont need fixing but since theyre hearing noises they way to fix it anyways. we fix it and then ur cpu on the car causes something else to go bad. now your back at pep boys yelling at us blaming us for whats wrong with your car. Cars are computers and we all know computers arent perfect. One little change in the system changes the way the car runs. if the CPU sees that the IAC has been changed it sometimes runs different because its not use to the new sensor.

  19. […] online in this site. the last one person that aren’t have some good person are Pep Boys.this Pep Boys will give you some bad services.so ignore this person if you are trying to complain some bad online […]

  20. I work at a pepboys as a technician and I’ll tell you that the person complaining reminds me of a complaint that was made against me once and it was a fabricated lie from top to bottom to create sympathy from corporate and got them exaclty what they wanted. A full refund of hundreds of dollars of services.

    I wonder if there is such a Dr’s office in the world that would take you in and do a checkup and if it turns out you have cancer and need surgery would reduce the price of the check up from your surgery?

    Absurd thought right? So how and why would you think that you should get anything for free when it comes to your car? Mechanics spend thousands of dollars going to school and then getting a job so they can do free checkups? Im sorry but this isnt a sams club where u can take free samples of cheese cake and try it out and if u like then buy.

  21. I am with the original complaintant all the way. In the first place I am so sick of associates talking down to me in a store as if I’m a 5 yr old. Also, it seems everyone in the store was EXTREMELY rude (including the manager or asst mgr if they would not come out to talk to him)!!! Secondly, I have had many cars diagnosed over the years & have “NEVER” had to pay a diagnostic fee IF I had the car repaired by them, then & there. That is a very common policy in just about any auto repair in Ga., where I live & also in San Diego where I recently had my auto diagnosed. All you people who are dissing this guy because he was bold enough to try & let other people know of his problems with them should GO BACK TO SCHOOL & LEARN TO SPELL “or” learn to make sense in what you are posting.

  22. Way to go Lynda you are absolutely correct.
    All you jerks need to understand that in the retail and service industry
    you always treat your customers with respect no matter what, I have spent many years in retail and I have to say that even when I had customers that were totally unreasonable and I had to ask them to
    leave I did it with the utmost respect.
    You folks that work for Pep Boys weather you are a mechanic or whatever need to remember that without your customers you have no
    job, if you have a customer you can not make happy refer them to your manager or supervisor thats what they get paid to do, why do you care if it goes all the way up to the top, let the big dogs deal with it thats why they make the money do.
    If you don’t like the way Pep Boys pays its mechanics or managers then seek work else where dont try to use it as an excuse to treat the customer badly.

  23. I work for pepboys in Northern New Jersey. Paterson to be exact. I need to tell everyone on how pep boys works. first of all their technicians for the most part are hard working, non english speaking people. I am from Puerto Rico and even i cant believe the amount of incompenence of these guys. The service people are the worst. They dont listen to some of the good techs recomendations. And just let cars go. They all dont know anything about cars, chose to not listen to some of the guys who do know. Well in general if you need brake work the price is overpriced. and if you just want pads put on your car be prepared for a pulsation, since the managers do not want to cut rotors or drums. pepboys is the worst. and never ever think they are even close to being a dealer alternative.

  24. Ok, for starters, if this particular branch of Pep Boys did treat you this way, I’d recommend complaining to their district manager. Those particular people you dealt with are definately in need of being fired, or repremanded.

    Now there are always people with a few horror stories about their experiences with certain auto shops, however keep in mind that you shouldn’t associate the entire chain with one branches failures. I would recommend complaining to, if not the store manager, the district manager. If not that person, keep going one up. This usually will get the ball moving on some form of action.

    As far as diagnostic fees go, where I work (one of the larger dealerships in Southern California) diagnostic fees are never waved, however the charge does go towards the labor of the repair, meaning that if you were going to be charged 100 for a diagnosis on why your brakes are making grinding noise, and it turns out that you needed to replace your rotors and needed a complete brake job, instead of being charged the 200 more, totaling a 300 dollar job for the whole job, your 100 goes to the repair needed, and you pay the difference. So I guess you could say that in a way the diagnosis is waved since your not paying 100 more for a 200 dollar job. However if it is found that something was just wedged between your brake caliper and rotor causing the noise, and no need for replacement of parts are necessary your 100 dollars goes to the tech taking apart your brakes and removing the object and so forth, curing your problem. That’s just one example of diagnostic fees and how they work. Diagnostic fee turns into labor fee, and usually do not stack on top of each other… usually. Keep in mind no two shops are run the same. Typically the dealership is the best place for you to take your car for the experience, despite possibly being a bit more expensive. (usually the cost is higher due to use of OEM parts)

    With your particular complaint though, I believe workplace neglect, and worker incompetence were combined for a strange cocktail of jackassery.

  25. I work at kragen auto parts as an ast manger first off that’s terrible cust service and u always treat the cust wit respect they pretty much get u ur paycheck. Sum places will have bad cust service its a fact of life but diagnostic is free here at kragens and I don’t know why its a big deal I do it all the time now if it were checking and engine light to see what error code it was then 20 bucks is cheap for that but to check ur charging system its should have been free and the guy who said that disconecting ur poaitive cable will stall out ur car cause of the electric full pump ur an idiot because the alternator will still be running wich generates the nessary power to keep the car running I still wouldn’t recomend disconecting it thos cause u send a electrical surge thru ur car and can fri ur ecu im sorry u got horrible service but u learn by ur mistakes not saying it was ur fault just don’t go bak to them and be more asurtive and don’t alow ppl to take advantage of u

  26. That is why I only buy parts there, never services

    I have it good and have a mechanical background, but I feel for those that rely on these con-artists to get the job done.

  27. well I have to say I read everyones messages on here and have to say that for those of you that say he is making a big fuss for $20.00.
    He’s not complaining about that he said that he would pay that he is complaining about the way he was treated they would not accept a coupon two different times then he had to push his own car then the guy that ansered the phone should have either one not answered the phone or answer the phone and say thank you for calling pep boys sorry we are closed at the moment if you would like to call back at 12 I would be glad to assist you.
    and as for the lady that he spoke with should have been respectful regardless.
    I do understand that the mechanic charges for diagnostic which is his pay check but these mechanics are getting payed to install the part that is the labor now at my shop if you come and ask for a diagnostic I’ll charge $50.00 to find out the problem if I find there is a problem and a part needs to be replaced then all I charge is price of part and labor to change the part.
    the $50.00 is only if I have to examine to make sure the vehicle is safe and running properly.
    if I replace I’m making money by doing the labor just like mechanics at pep boys.
    and to the person that said taking the battery cable off does not do anything needs to not speak because if you look at any haynes or chiltons that is how it explains to check the alternator I won’t go into detail exept the alternator is designed to keep the car running and recharge the battery the battery does not keep the car running it only makes it start.
    any ways I don’t blame this guy for not wanting to go back.
    and for the mechanics they make a killing considering that an average alternator pep boys charges $200.00 for and it only cost $30.00-$50.00 to get the part pep boys have a 50-70% mark up on all there products and there labor charges are outrageous seeing that they charge 90 an hr.

  28. Do you know how the service technicians at Pep Boys are paid? It is called Flat rate. This means that a tech does not get paid if you are not charged. I am a Pep Boys Master Technician and I own diagnostic equipment that is worth more than most customers spent on their car when it was NEW (over 30 thousand dollars). How do you think that equipment is paid for…doing free diagnostic work?
    Most of the time, when a vehicle charging system is not functioning, it is the alternater at fault, but not always. The start and charge test is only 14.95, and it is there to protect you as a customer as much as it is to make sure that the business can at least break even doing a check of your auto. Just earlier this week, a customer at our store requested replacement of his alternater, and it was not the part at fault…it cost much more to replace the alternater than to check the car (the old chrysler needed a SBEC, or computer for you more common folk). And lastly, on all the stupid cupons out there…I think it should be fair that if you pay 10% under the regular price, that I perform 10% less work; you get what you pay for, isn’t that the saying? Just my 2 cents, but I am making less money now than a decade ago, but I am wiser and faster at my job than before…why is that? Everybody wants a “Deal”. That’s why most products found on the shelves are made in China. That’s what the market has driven retailers to; damn the quality, I want PRICE!
    Associates at Pep Boys are getting screwed to cut costs, and increase profits. I’m leaving the business ASAP because neither Pep Boys nor many of the cheap whiney customers deserve my skill anymore; I’m changing careers. 20 years as a top notch technician and for what? To get paid half price for many of the jobs I do? No thanks, I’m done…I am leaving while I can still stand to work on my own vehicles.

  29. Im sorry but i dont believe that was the first time you sent an email rambling about something so silly LOL. Your one of those people that just constantly need something to complain and cry about. Let people do their jobs and shut the HELL up you little crybaby. Life is awesome and a miracle. Try smiling and enjoying yours once in a while. I stumbled onto this site while searching for a pep boys location. wow! some complaints I see on here are understandable but buddy your isn’t one of em. When you wonder why you have no friends and even your dog doesnt wanna be around you just stop and remember how ignorant and stupid you chip-on-the-shoulder attitude comes off on people. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT!! In my humble opinion just take it as it comes and when somethin gets you down just smile and remember how much worse it could be for you. Us Americans have so much to be thankful 4 but all we do is B&*ch and moan about nothing. Sorry for any offense i might have given you, nothing personal. Its what you represent that I hate, not you in particular.

  30. Hey AJ your a butthead.
    You can’t spell are you really a US born citizin?
    If you don’t want to hear this stuff why did you take the time to read it or did someone read it to you?
    This site is here because we do want to hear it, you twit!
    So get a life and go play on some flowery site.
    Oops I’m sorry this is the US and you do have the right to express your sorry ass self.

  31. Sounds like you know how to run a business. Why dont you open your own store?

  32. I actually read this whole darn thing. My only question is, can any of the people who responded to this guys complaint read or SPELL correctly?

  33. Mr. Andy Valle,please give me a call@817-485-1306 A S.A.P.

  34. Wow! I was actually considering Pep Boys for a diagnostic check here in Austin, Texas, but after reading this I must say that Pep Boys has become a thing of my past. We as customers CHOOSE a company, but not just choose, we TRUST that this company will appreciate our business and treat us respect because w/o customers “Arley” can’t pay bills, etc.. Thank you for taking the time to break the silence of how bad this ONE Pep Boys branch RUINED the BUNCH of other Pep Boys branches for me. I will be sure to advise/inform all of my friends and neighbors and such of your ordeal. We need more people like you and less people like “Arley”. Pep Boys, consider this a milestone of what you need to work on.

  35. I went to a Pep Boys location in Philadelphia to have my battery replaced. The technician put a bad battery in my car and did not tighten all the screw and bolts all the way. Car wouldn’t start right outside the store. The technician told me (with some attitude) I needed a new starter, when I said that it didn’t, he insisted again. I said no again, that I would talk to my normal mechanic (that was on vacation at the time) and drove to work. Had to have my car jump started, drove back to the location. Talked to yet another technician who got everything taken care of for me. Called the manager the next day, who told me that I misunderstood the tech that told me that I needed a new starter (the guy told his boss that I “might” need a new starter). Talked to corporate, they said that they would backup the word of the manager. I know the sound of my starter going, and this instance was not my starter. I don’t like anyone thinking they can take advantage of me because I’m a female in my 20s. And I especially don’t like anyone telling me I “misunderstood” what I most definitely heard. “Might” and “Do” are completely different words, and the word “might” never came out of that guy’s mouth.

  36. To Whom It May Concern:
    Just want to say, what a WONDERFUL experience I had with Mr. Blair Capriotti, III on 9/24/20010. He is a big ASSET to your Company. He is very sincere and helpful to all.

    This is the second time I have encountered Mr.Capriotti and like I said before he is a “BIG PLUS” to your staff. I hope to see that someday soon, he will be Promoted to the next step of his job.

    Thank you.

    Marianne Costello

  37. I like how the original complainer says that he or she has been a loyal customer for many years but is acting like it was their first time there. Anyway, before the store opens, the people who open have to be there at least a half hour earlier to set up. What I mean is, in that half hour, they have to answer the phone in case one of the employees are calling out. I’m not defending anyone here, assuming this isn’t an exaggeration, they should not have treated anyone like that. I know some garages to get you to buy their service, they waive the diag fee. But just because one garage does that doesn’t mean every garage has to. Usually it’s a local mechanics garage that does that. I do find the complaint to be the result of all of those employees getting together earlier that day and agreeing to destroy someone’s day. That’s how absurd I think this complaint is. But at the same time, it’s possible.

    In my experience in retail, I have treated like 80 straight customers very good and have gotten no more than a thank you if that but when that 81st customer gets upset by one thing or another, it’s the end of the freaking world. In conclusion, retail sucks.

    Lastly, I have read many complaint boards with comments following and the funniest constant thing is people making fun of others misspelling words while they misspell just as well in the same comment.

  38. Used to go to Pep Boys in the 70’s. Stopped using their service in the late 80’s. Now it’s a nightmare just to buy simple parts or anything there.
    But, there they are- a testimony to American’s lack of faith in their own ability to hold a tool and use it.

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