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My Biggest Complaint About People With Two First Names Like Ron Paul

How does a person get two first names like Ron Paul? Better yet, how does a family get a first name as its last name (The Paul’s). Did some ancestor, with a name like Paul Wackowitch, just drop his last name and start using his first name as his last name. I know that some slaves took the names of their masters, but I don’t think Ron Paul has any slavery on his branch of the family tree (I might be wrong though).

It’s just difficult to trust somebody with two first names. When you read their name, it makes me wonder if I read it correctly. Is it really Paul Ron? Am I looking at one of those last-name-first things? Did somebody just forget to type the dude’s last name and it’s really “Ron Paul SomethingorOther?”

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  1. idiotdetector, you should turn your detector inwards.

    “It’s hard to trust somebody with two first names.”

    Would two last names be better? How about “Anderson Cooper”? Does that seem more trustworthy?

    Honestly, idiot… detector, try this: base your trust on someone’s actions and not their name, not their color, not their sex, not their religion, not their nationality and most importantly not their political affiliation.

    I suppose your post is really just a shot at Ron Paul so I’m not taking it that seriously. But if you want to take a shot at Ron Paul, come up with something better than not being able to trust him because his parents had a last name that is also a first name.

  2. John Adams … how is that for a patriotic two-first-namer?!? Or Patrick Henry? Or Benjamin Franklin. They all had first names. Could you imagine somebody that had the same name twice, only with an ’s’ at the end of the last name? Well that was William Williams — can you believe that? It’s not fair to any of the Presidential Candidates with odd names such as Mike Huckabee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barrack Obama, Sam Brownback, John Edwards (another first name twice!) or Rudy Giuliani to judge based on goofy name…

  3. You are taking my complaint a bit too seriously.

    As for Anderson Cooper, I don’t really trust him just because he’s on TV, if that’s what your suggesting. And I should point out that one, or both, of his names could be first names, too.

    Actually my comment about not trusting people with two first names was tongue in cheek. It’s really not political, even though you want to frame it as a democrat vs republican. All I’m saying is that people, most likely, do a double-take when they hear the name Ron Paul or names like Ron Paul or Jim Dave, Carol Ann, and Joe John.

    It sounds like you guys are Ron Paul fans. You do realize that you could really pump this for some name recognition, don’t you? Everybody needs name recognition.

  4. Now you seem to be backtracking, mary jane the idiot… dector. Detect this for me, if you will - you went from “difficult to trust” tagged alongside of a presidential candidate name to “tongue in cheek… really not political…” within the span of three comments. Did you pick your name? Did your parents pick their name? And why wouldn’t I take your complaint seriously in the first place? I’ve read a great deal of complaints on this site and most are entertaining and, believe it or not somewhat educational. They offer insight into what pisses people off and I didn’t detect many idiots in any of the ones I read. In fact, the complaints I read seem to have one common bond - each complaint seems to be about something that someone else has control over but has used that control to screw something up. 90% of the complaints I read seem to about manners or poor taste, good, legitimate complaints. And then you complain about someone’s name. Worse yet, you tie it to a political figure and then try to untie it. Maybe you ought to browse this site for some of the manners complaints I was talking about and see what you “detect’.

  5. I never even thought about it lol, Makes me now want to think about my friends names lol.

    cool thread.

  6. i just saw ron paul’s name and that brought up the “can’t trust a guy with two first names” thought…. so I googled “two first names” to see what others felt about a guy with two first names…

    in this day and age, someone like that should always make fun of it,
    like say, please, call me by my last name… or something

    smoke and mirrors 2008

  7. lastnamefirst

    You have some issues to get past. Way too negative and defensive. If I use someone or some people’s name as an example, i.e.Mike Annette who is married to Annett, and don’t trust him or her, it doesn’t mean that I can’t live with them in my life. Hang Loose!

  8. Shut up “lastnamefirst” He was just using Ron Paul’s name as an example of people with first names. You are a bitch trying to put people down with your stupidity! It’s his opinion and let him have it. Don’t be an ass and try to be all smart over the internet and put people down.

  9. Putting all foolishness about trust aside, it’s not hard to figure out how someone got a first name as a family name. Look at names like Johnson. Get it? John’s son. Now think of shortening that to John’s. Okay, there are few people with the family name Johns, but Jones is the same thing (probably a shortening from Jonathan instead of John, but it’s the same difference). Now think about anyone with the family name Peters, Michaels, Edwards or Richards, and it shouldn’t be hard to see how someone could have a first name as a family name.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. For what it’s worth, Rudy Guiliani also has two first names, the second however is Italian. If it were completely English he would be Rudy Julians.

  10. what’s it called when somebody has two first names ie. one as a surname?

  11. like les paul

  12. Jacob Ryan Paul
    Wayne Arthur Paul
    Tryson John
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  13. Look, you NEVER trust a person with two first names; end of story!
    Worse yet are people with their names reversed:
    LeBron James (Should be James LeBron)
    Carmelo Anthony (Anthony Carmelo, you get the picture…)

    Or people with two surnames:
    Wentworth Miller
    LaDainian Tomlinson

  14. […] find a source for it so you are just going to have to trust me. So, that was Minnie’s rule. My Biggest Complaint has some issues with the two-first names thing too, and despite the comments I do not think it is […]

  15. What about superhero secret identities??? Clearly this is a way to hide true identities.
    Bruce Wayne
    Peter Parker
    Clark Kent
    Steve Rogers

  16. What a stupid reason not to trust a person. Ever heard of Anne Frank and her diary?

    How is it more difficult to trust people with two first names, than to trust a person with black hair, or brown eyes, or pink nipples.

    The most and least trustworthy people on the planet didn’t decide their own names anyway; their parents did. So how does it say anything about their character?

    You are a moron, and you should be ashamed by how stupid you are.

  17. I’ve got a feeling poor dave has a first name for a last name hahaha silly Dave way to serious.

    Trust no one.

  18. Chris Paul
    Regina George
    Elton John

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