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My Biggest Complaint About People Who Say “It’s Lonely At The Top”

Managers and administrators use the expression, “it’s lonely at the top,” in several ways. One is to suggest that they are in charge and nobody else is. I really don’t have any problem with that usage, as long as they are really at the top and nobody else is. But administrators and bosses who use it to try to evoke sympathy from their subordinates by implying nobody likes them (or hangs with them, or invites them to parties, or suggests “things have changed” between you and me, stuff like that) really need to do a little self-examination. If you are a manager that regularly says this, I want you to know that there are managers and bosses and leaders out there who are well liked, who’s employees love to work for them, who do get invited to outside social events, and who aren’t filled with lonely self-pity from being at the top. The fact that you are not one of them is quite likely a result of something YOU are doing or have done.

My biggest complaint about managers who use like, it is lonely at the top, is that most of the time they are trying to make the people below them feel guilty for somehow treating them differently because they are at the top. Maybe they are treating you differently because you are a terrible manger, leader, or person, or you have treated them like crap due to your position of authority.

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  1. haha, I bet Bossman uses that expression.

  2. Loney at the top, why is this term used. Well as for manager and such who may use this term to bring other down well they really are not at the top! They are just lackies hoping to convince people they are at the top!
    What does this term really mean? A number fo things truly do happen when you are at the top. Firstly if your at the top you probably have a lot more money and a lot more free time than those who are at the bottom or at least below the top! This means those even who like you or want to like you or you want to be freinds with normally can not participate in your social circle becuase they have neither the time nor money. (how many are at the top? statistically about 3% that leaves a much narrower group or people from which to select your friends.)
    What else could be so lonely at the top? Well it is a well known fact that people who have nothing well they have nothing to loose. This is why theives do not bother hitting poor neighborhoods. So when you are at the top you 1 know things that other want to know, 2 Do things that others want to do and 3 Have things that others want to have. This simply put you are under constant attack by thos at the bottom or at least not at the top. They are trying to take those things you have know and do for themselves.

    So Yes it is lonely at the top, until you get there don’t critisis those who are there. There is a lot of hard work to get to the top but then guess what it is much harder work to stay at the top.

  3. @DBlock, you’re freaking me out. It’s like you’re inside my head or something.

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