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My Biggest Complaint About People Who Don’t Save Their Money

It’s really simple, people. Save your money.

Those who get rich have practiced this and can do it without any trouble. They spend less than they’re worth. Just because you have the cash to make some impulse purchase so you can feel good about yourself for 2 hours doesn’t mean you should do it. You know what makes me feel good about myself? Listening to broke people, who earn more money at their jobs than I do, complain about what they can’t afford while I look at my savings account and watch it earn interest.

There is no way to get rich quick. Sure, some have done it, but you’re not one of them. You work a lame ass job, you have no original ideas, you will only dream of being a millionaire/billionaire. Welcome to my world. What do we do in my world? We save our money. You don’t need $200 jeans with rips in them. “Vintage destroyed denim”. Call it what you will, it’s the lamest fad ever and you fell for it.

Try not dining out 5 times a week and give cooking in your own kitchen a shot. You know what impresses a woman more than a fancy restaurant? A guy who can boil water.

You’ve been in credit card debt for 3 years and you bought a new car? Next, please.

“Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don’t need. Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don’t really need.” ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 19

I think advertising has reached such an uncontrollable level of sophisticated subliminal mind control that it’s completely rid us of our grasp on reality. We have no foresight, we only want to live for the moment. The moment will consist of fashionable clothes that will not be fashionable the next season, overpriced automobiles that will only depreciate, brand new gadgets that will be obsolete in a year, and anything else that gives the impression of the American Dream; Endless Wealth, Pseudo Sex-Appeal, and Not a Care in the World.

When the babies are born, the bills come in, and you wasted all your money on worthless crap, maybe then you’ll realize you should’ve saved your money.

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  1. Funny you should mention the distressed/torn clothing fad. This is one of about 30 complaints I have stored in my phone that I just haven’t found the time to write. If anyone wants to hit it, have at it. You’re right - lots of people fell for it!

  2. While every thing you say is dead on except for one thing. Get rich quick is the real only true way to get rich. If of course your defining rich as having a lot of money. Well if you make 30/hr thats what you make. By saving is what your really saying is your setting yourself into a position where that money can work for you (And it won’t work for you very hard in a savings account). When this money works for you it leverages you income to more than that 30/hr so you are therefor getting rich faster and with more saving the quicker you get rich so really until you make this sort of leverage to get more money to actually get rich quick you will not get rich.

    I say there are to many lazies out there unwilling to pay the price and work hard and take the risk to get rich.

  3. I think the economy has changed in such a way that you can’t always blame the people but you do need to look at HOW and WHY those people are in debt. Let’s start with the day you graduate from high school: Most go to college. How does one pay for college? Loans which should really be called Debt #1. College is expensive no matter where you go. If you want good grades you must concentrate on school (and not working all the time)…then get that $5 an hour a job in the summer. How does one save that? It goes directly to food, apt., a computer and more school bills. So you finally graduate. You need a car to drive to work. Car Debt #2 (plus insurance, gas, etc.) But your new job does not pay enough for an apt, car and student loan. How do you save now? And then it just snowballs and snowballs…medical bills, wedding bills, helping your parents bills, baby bills, and start-your-own business bills… The truth is, our society does not encourage saving. Our society encourages you to borrow money the moment you graduate from high school.

    What needs to happen is we need to educate kids before they walk out in to the world HOW to be thrifty, HOW to budget and make financial plans, and HOW to save and watch your money grow due to compound interest. Parents and schools need to show kids HOW to do this. Otherwise, they will find out too late - when they are already in the debt hole and can not get out.

  4. I am sick and tired of all those who complain about everyone else robbing the system and getting freebies yet they work under the table, collect from the Gov’t whether it’s SSI disability or welfare and don’t pay their bills allowing their credit to go bad.

    They scream they can’t save money yet they have the latest toys and their kids have the latest fads and the nicest cell phones!

    I am still using my old cell phone because it still works great -it’s not fashionable but who cares?

    I pay my bills, save some money and try to live simply. That’s the key- oh and I don’t take from the Gov’t!!

  5. Advertising does play a role in this. Read up on various theories of advertising and sales, it comes to one conclusion: people are stupid and easy to lead. They will want what you tell them to want. The thought of wearing $15 jeans, using a cheapo prepaid cell phone and not trading in that perfectly good car just because it has 130,000 miles on it horrifies people because their TV told them that these things aren’t cool.

    The idea of living below one’s means is so foreign to most people than it seems impossible to even get them started down that road.

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