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My Biggest Complaint About People Who Don’t Keep Jumper Cables In Their Car

You’ve got a spare tire don’t ya? Bet you don’t have a spare battery. The least you could do is spend ten bucks on a set of jumper cables and shove them in the trunk.

Don’t say “I don’t know how to use jumper cables” or “I don’t know anything about ”. That’s not the point. You can find somebody in a parking lot that knows how to use jumper cables easier than you can find someone with jumper cables because . . . you won’t keep jumper cables in your car!

In my day, you didn’t start the car unless you had everything you needed to fix the car with you. Major parts excluded, we carried tools, jumper cables, tires, flashlights, spark plugs, oil, water whatever . . . it was in the car.

I think car manufacturers should put jumper cables in new cars just like they do spare tires. The cables would cost them $10.00, they could charge the dealer $50.00 and the dealer could charge you $100.00 for jumper cables. It’s a win - win situation. Who knows, it might single-handedly save the entire US auto industry from bankruptcy.

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  1. Guilty as charged. To make matters worse.. I’m one of the people who knows HOW to use them and I still don’t keep them with me. Granted, I also never leave the lights on.

    I think it’s a nice idea to offer the cables with the car, but then you have a whole slew of people electrocuting themselves and/or setting their cars on fire because somebody gave cables to a person who has no clue how to use them. Cars, like computers, grow more and more user friendly (and also more artificially intelligent) and it takes much of the work and knowledge out of the human operator’s hands. When a troubleshooting situation arrives, the operator is more dependent on the manufacturer and the specialist and the manufacturers and specialists make more money maintaining their products than they would if the operator could fix it himself.

    Take a look under the hood of a late model mercedes-benz and you’ll see a thick plastic cover hiding the engine as if to say to the owner “you have no business looking here. please avert your eyes and contact your local mercedes-benz certified specialist to handle this oil change”

  2. I am also guilty as charged. I think I will buy myself some jumper cables over the weekend along with a flashlight and first aid kit to keep in my car. I was also told by a reliable person that I work with that there is a device called a “jumpbox” that you can purchase at any auto store for a couple hundred bucks to jumpstart your car with instead of using the jumper cables. Anyway, we all need to be safe out there. I am also a member of Triple A and that really comes in handy when your battery goes dead or you lock your keys inside the car, etc. Have a safe 4th of July everyone!

  3. I USED to keep jumps in my car, til I found out that if you let some asshat use them and their car’s electrical system has already screwed the pooch, therefore taking out yours in conjuction with it (blowing lid off battery, sparks, the whole works). I bought a high-capacity booster pack and keep in my car now, and use it quite frequently (makes good use at a campsite when you need a few extra volts). That way if I need it, I have it, if someone else needs it, they can blow themselves up and leave me out of it.

  4. Hey if you keep the cables in your car when you run across a feral cat you can clip them to his legs then to your battery and use him a flashlight or maybe cook a hamburger on his head!!!

  5. You must work for the jumper cable company.

    I keep them in my garage since the last pair I had was stolen.

  6. also guilty as charged, and i also know how to use them,
    but the thing is, as has already been, in part, said, i absolutely do not trust anyone else to mess with my car, beyond taking the oil out and putting more oil in (and changing the filter), but that is it, literally, it.

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