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My Biggest Complaint About People Camping Out For iPhones

iPhone release party - breadline style.

I just read an article that said Apple stores and AT&T outlets that will be selling on the release date anticipate people camping out for iPhones, possibly days in advance of the initial iPhone release on June 29.

It’s a phone, folks.

My biggest complaint about people camping out for iPhones really isn’t with the stupid people who are willing to do this, I can’t fault ordinary people who have been hypnotized by a year of iPhone hype, skinny fingered mac ads and of course, the P.T. Barnum of computers himself, Mr. Jobs. No I can’t fault you folks for taking the bait.

My biggest complaint is that Apple and AT&T will let this go on without issuing those damned wrist bands that have killed off the fun of sleeping out all night for concert tickets or movie tickets. Apple and AT&T will act like they’ve never heard of issuing wrist bands just to enhance the hype which will no doubt be broadcast by CNN and the likes.

And why release it at 6:00 PM? What a goofy time for a product release, but . . . you guessed it, just something else to add to the hype.

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  1. 1 or 2 nights is ok, but more than that is just pointless.

  2. Don’t forget the losers who queued up for hours/days for WoW’s Burning Crusade (they did that here in Singapore). It’s a bloody game, get a life for god’s sake.

    But I can’t blame Apple for their tactics, I blame the people for buying into it.

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