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My Biggest Complaint About Paying Off My Credit Cards

I finally got so fed up with paying insane interest and doubled-up minimum payments for no apparent reason, I decided to just pay the damn things off.

Surprisingly, my biggest complaint about paying them off was not that I had to deal with some obviously outsourced call center representative in India who I could barely understand (although that would be a good one). Instead, my biggest complaint about paying off my credit cards is that when I called the a-hole credit card companies to pay them off, not a single one of the bastards could tell me what the exact balance through that particular date in the billing cycle.

What’s the big deal you ask? Not being able to tell me the exact balance of the account including accrued interest through the date that I pay off the card means I will get another bill next month for some totally nominal fee.

You can’t tell me for a minute that the credit card company is not able to compute the interest through a given date in a billing cycle. I’m quite sure they display the up-to-the-minute stats printed on the call center screens. But they wouldn’t tell me because that would put a definitive time of death on the credit card account. They would much rather let it linger on for another month and another billing cycle.

I’m a positive thinker, but this chaps my ass. I think these credit card companies are just plain lying so that they can get one more billing cycle out of me.

As I said, I’m a positive thinker - so what’s the solution? Quit bullsh*tting me. How about that?

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  1. What about how they keep your points even when you want to kill the card? Most companies will only let you cash in points to a certain minimum level like say 1,250. You can’t go below that ever. In essence, the credit card company keeps your minimum points balance which could othewise be redeemed for cash. Just one more way they get you coming and going.

  2. I hate to defend money-mongers like credit card companies, but keep in mind that they are not banks. These companies are only built to create profit for themselves. If you use their credit services, somewhere in the fine print, it states that they can **** you in any orifice that they choose. So don’t complain when they catch you bent over. Oops, I don’t think I’m allowed to say “don’t complain” on this site. So instead, I’ll say “don’t be surprised”. Complain all you want. Do be prepared to be treated differently by a credit company than you would by your bank because it’s not your money, it’s their money and you’re spending it.

  3. @DBlock, the reward points are “your points”, not “their points”. If they won’t let you cash out the points all the way, the credit card company is keeping part of what they told you could have.

  4. I’m sure that somewhere else in the fine print, they told you that exactly such a thing was the case. Looking at my AMEX statement right now it says things such as “Points earned may be used as long as all enrolled Card accounts are in good standing”. Nowhere on my statement does it say “We said you could have these points, so you can do whatever you want with them.”

    They are giving you permission to use THEIR money, THEIR points, and THEIR programs and this is all happening on THEIR terms. I don’t like it either, but it’s always been that way. When you signed up for their card, you agreed to play by their rules.

  5. Hey, good news! There is apparently some legislation in congress now that if passed will prevent credit card companies from charging you that one last famous payment and accrual of interest upon account payoff.

  6. so to followup on the compalint at a hand you should have waited a few months 6 or 8 or something till this new law passes and goes into effect, that way you could continue paying those interest fees until then and not just one month.

  7. @Mark, do you have a link to that legislation? That would seem to solve positiveThinker’s complaint.

    @DBlock, on the points… what you quoted seemed to make the point tc3 and suckerfish were making. You said your card boilerplate says that you can use the points as long as your card is in good standing. If the card has a zero balance on it because it has been paid off, that’s obviously in good standing.

    The fact the card companies force you to keep points on account prohibits you from using the points anyway you look at it. Whether or not the points are yours (which they are) or theirs as you seem to imply, you still can’t use all the points you have earned entirely.

    You also keep saying this is “their” money. The scenario presented by tc3 is one where “their” money has been paid back entirely, with interest as provided. But the card company still will not let the card holder use all of the points. If you earn the points and pay back the entire balance of the card, have you somehow un-earned the points?

  8. These credit card companies are so greedy they will do anything to keep you their Customer (really I mean slave). They will not let you use these points and hold them over you to use the card more to gain more points and line their pockets with your money even more. Wake up people credit card companies and banks have a license to steal and until we the people stand up against them and say no more they will continue their loan sharking behaviors with the blessing of our government. Yep the Government somehow believes 30 -45% interest has a place in our society and is providing a valuable service for some people. Oh yeah thats right it is a valuable service for the banks.

  9. sir,

    I got one SBI cardit card free aginst Houseing loan with fillup some application.

    after receiving credit card i am cut the credit card , not using a single time but bank sending bills regularly.

    lot of time i am phone to bank and lock the crdit card facility but bills come regularly

    i am asking to bank bank say this is your insurance bills.

    i am asking show me my insurance policy or documents?

    bank say document to your address.but i am not received.

    hten bank bank say fisrt pay the bill afterword give you policy. you are accept my terms & cond.

    i am say i am not agree. i am not paying the bill.

    afterword bill come almost doubble every month .


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