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My Biggest Complaint About Pawn Shops

I am sick of pawn shops and I don’t even go in them. I swear that they are just places where criminals and drug dealers fence stolen property (I guess there are some musicians who frequent them regularly, too). Does anybody have any legitimate studies about how many of the goods that are pawned are hot?

I wonder who buys items from pawn shops. I bet most pawn shops are forced to sell the products stolen from you and me on ebay and craigslist.

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  1. Everytime I go into a pawn shop, the man behind the counter watches me very closely and when I ask him how much something is, he is cold and distant and just answers with a short 1 syllable answer. Everytime I try to to sell something they say they’re not interested.

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  3. everything a pawn shop does is turned into the police daily. in fact if it wasnt for pawn shops innocent people would not get their stolen objects back because they would be sold to a person in the public and there would be no record of it. it helps for you to know what your talking about before you say it. some people are ignorant

  4. The robber that looted my house via a tv he pawned at a pawn shop.
    He is now doing 5 years at TDC for robbing about 20 homes….not enought time but at least something.

  5. I meant to say he was caught via the tv he pawned at the pawn shop.

  6. Mo Money is a pawn shop in south auckland, clendon to be precise and all the stuff that goes into that shop is stolen and the guy that owns this shop does not do any checks he just takes the goods, makes the person sign a contract and hands over the cash.. and i know this first hand cause last friday my samsung cellphone was stolen and then pawned off at Mo Money and the cops dont want nothing to do with it either

  7. Yes i agree that pawn shps are dangerous , i bought a mini chopper motorbike 2 weeks ago and they said it was fine just charge the battery , WELL … - I got the bike started yesterday and the rings are blown , DISAPOINTING , to say the least , Mo Money gave me a 1 month warenty but now am getting the run arround over a refund ..
    i will update tomorow and let everyone know how i gots on …..

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