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My Biggest Complaint About Parents Who Don’t Know The Names Of Star Wars Characters

I just returned from a halloween party for kids in our neighborhood were 90% of the costumes were from Star Wars.

My biggest complaint about the whole thing is the bunch parental idiots who have to ask “Who’s that supposed to be? Darth Vader?”

No you idiot, it’s Darth Maul.

If I heard it once, I heard it ten times - “I don’t know who any of these ‘Star Wars’ people are.”

Why don’t you know who they are? You bought the f*cking costume for the kid. Don’t you care who your kid is dressed up like for halloween?

You’re an idiot. You’re telling everybody you’re and idiot. You think it’s cute that you’re an idiot.

My biggest complaint about you not knowing the names of the Star Wars characters is that this is only the beginning. Your kid is 5 years old. You don’t care enough to know who your kid is dressed up like for halloween and you bought the costume. You obviously don’t give a crap to watch a movie your child shows some interest in. How are you going to do the important things like protect your child from online predators or discuss drugs and sex with your child in any meaningful way if you don’t even know who Yoda is?

As they’ve said so many times in each of those Star Wars movies you know nothing about but which your child loves so dearly, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

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  1. Yoda is well-known as an online predator.

  2. Yes. It’s true. Us parents do not know the names of all the Star Wars Characters. That’s the domain of sad little anal cases like you. Can you name all of the cars that Ford or Lamborghini have produced? No? I can. Could you name a WW1 aeroplane at a glance? I can. Just because I have no interest in a fictional work does not mean that I am ‘an idiot’. I just have different and ultimately more interesting things occupying my mind - and the welfare of my kids is one of the top ones.

  3. His point is not that your interests are inferior because you’re not into Star Wars. His point is that your child is into Star Wars, so much that he/she wants to emulate the characters in it by dressing up like them. This is important because your child finds the character appealing for a reason, and your ignorance of Star Wars means you cannot understand that appeal.

    Think about this:
    If your child wanted to dress up as Hitler that would perhaps be a cause of concern because of who Hitler was and what he did.
    Now if your child wanted to dress up as Emperor Palpatine you would have no idea if you should be concerned because you don’t know who Emperor Palpatine was and what he did… but your child does.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe that Daft Aida didnt get the point in the posting. I have to agree with Logos 100% on what he said. The point isn’t “star wars” he was using that as an example. But how can your child’s well being be the most important thing to u if you don’t know what you child takes interest in? Not saying YOU in particular, but a person in general…..my kids love spiderman…and because they do, i sit down and watch it with them…and help them to understand what it is that they are watching. Whatever my kids take interest in, i make it a point to know what the hell it is.

  5. *stumbles in* I agree whole-heartedly. my parents did some serious research every time they bought a movie, or video game or even toy for us to play with. I didn’t even get to play Mortal Kombat until I was 18, and I was around 8 or 9 when it came out! my next door neighbor is 7, and his parents bought him GRAND THEFT AUTO! I mean, come on, a game where you kill hookers and cops, and the parents didn’t even care to look on the back of the package?
    parents these days…

    *wanders off*

  6. Okay I am guessing that someone on here might be able to help me. I am not a big star wars fan but I like them and I watch them with my boyfriend because he loves it, I need help finding out a name or a character that is in on a cup at my boyfriends house i really don’t know if he is episode one or three I get a little confused.
    The character is wearing a blue and black out fit, pale skin his head is in the shape of like a guitar pick, darker hair, and like high check bone or sunken in check one of the two. This is a regular human in the episode. Can anyone help me?

  7. hello fellow starwars lovers this is obay and yoda speeking, we order you to learn our names, i mean if you dont kno who we are then your an idiot.. ? wat are you an idiot..? coz you look like an idiot.. and personally i think.. your an idiot. right dark vader? (dark vader.says. right!)
    if you dont let your childran watch us. pedofiles will watch them.. and not meaning just there pretty little faces.. im meaning there genital.. did i mention your an idiot. ? cus u are… no affence or anything you idiot.
    in conclusion you shouold watch us… and LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!
    your senserlly.


    and as we say.. ‘i have a bad feeling about this’

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