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My Biggest Complaint About Non-Standard USB Sockets

Have you ever tried to plug in a device with what you thought was an ordinary USB socket, only to find it was something completely different. This really annoys me and wastes perfectly good gadgets if the cable is lost. I can’t believe that there is any economic justification for doing this. Surely it must cost companies more to develop and manufacture non standard ports?

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  1. I agree 100% wholeheartedly on this one… I used to support 8 different models of PDA’s and they all had different cables. If there were a standardization put in effect, the manufacturers would obviously lose money because you could go buy a cheap knockoff cable at your local biggie-mart instead. FYI, for those of you still using Motorola RAZR or similar phones with the mini-usb plug on them, I found that the $5 PSP cables sold at Wal-Mart are the exact same cable the mobile carriers want to sell you for $29.95. It’s all horsecrap…

  2. Agreed! Standard charging/connection cables for all peripherals!

  3. i don’t agree with this in some parts because not all USB cables/ports/other cables should be the same. What if the device is too small? Size matters. Would it make sense to have a bulging outline of the port from the inside of the device?

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