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My Biggest Complaint About No Coffee At Convenience Stores Or Gas Stations

If you choose to be in the traveler support industry, make some mother flipping coffee.

I am sick and tired of stopping in a travel help spot during a long trip and finding out 3 of the four coffee pots on the burner are empty and the last one has less than 4 ounces of old coffee. What have you been doing all day? Reading the porn mags behind the register I suppose.

To make matters worse, when this happened to me yesterday, I politely left the coffee-less convenience store and headed across the street to the McDonald’s, huffing and puffing under my breath as I got out of my car to run in and grab a cup of coffee from McDonald’s, “That place is gonna end up you know where tomorrow morning when I get back to my computer. I’ll make their asses famous at MyBiggestComplaint”.

Into the McDonald’s… and you guessed it… no coffee at McDonald’s. What in the living hell is going on with this world?

The manager at McDonald’s admitted the ball had been dropped, apologized and offered to make a pot of coffee real fast for me.

You must be kidding.

You get one shot. I don’t have all day. I’m traveling. Make some coffee and keep it hot.

If you open a store on the side of the interstate, you have a duty to have coffee available. Traveler’s need coffee so they don’t fall asleep and kill people. Yes my friends, it is a public nuisance and dangerous practice to let coffee pots at interstate convenience stores and travel stops go empty.

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  1. amen to that man… def true.. cant live without coffee either..and i always get pissed when they run out..!

  2. I know it sucks…..
    I have a convienience store(DAILY NEEDS) in neptune .New Jersey…I have coffee available 6 am to 10 pm.That too fresh.I want customer leave my store happily as far as their dailly needs are concerned.


  3. I dont know but i work at a convenience store and i get busy its not easy for me to get back to check the dam coffee pot that some retarded customer put back empty on a hot burner. All the items needed to make coffee are there on the counter next to the pot, why cant they make some. Most of the time i have a continuous line of customers, i get no breaks at all on a nine hour shift and you are worried about a dam cup of coffee.

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