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My Biggest Complaint About Newscasters With Laptops

Laptops and Newscasters - Just read the news

Now my local news even has laptops for the anchor people. I first saw them pop up on CNN, mostly during election night return broadcasts, but now it’s an everyday thing.

Why? What can they possibly be looking at besides the teleprompter when reading me the news?

Answer: Nothing. It’s total show. Unless they have bad eyesight and suddenly can’t read from the teleprompter, absolutely nothing could possibly be on the computer that would help them read the teleprompter… which is their job in the first place.

Remember, these are anchors, not reporters. It’s not like they’re surfing for the latest news and will bust into some post from some amateur blog breaking news. It’s all just show.

My biggest complaint about anchors and newscasters with laptops is that it is totally distracting. A double anchor setup means two laptops… two laptops side by side means two laptops that are opened at different angles and reflecting back at me with different colors… and … and … it just goes on and on.

Just read the news and shut up when the commercials come on.

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  1. If they were using macs I wouldnt care.

  2. It is so that they can answer “viewer e-mail” right from the desk.

  3. rouschkateer,

    Your probably right. You gotta love it when they are reading their email instead of paying attention to what is going on during the broadcast.

  4. Anyone who relies on TV for correct news is ignorant, anyway. I seek out all kinds of online sources and make a judgment call from what I see. TV news has become 100% showbiz, with talking heads and bimbos.

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