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My Biggest Complaint About New York State Higher Education Loan Repayment

NYSHE is making our lives a living hell.

My husband attended college in NY in 2000. He got a loan, but only stayed a year. He apparently defaulted on this loan.
In 2007 we paid the debt collectors the FULL amount of the loan, and were pleased with ourselves to be paying down debt.

Fast forward to 2009, when I file a FAFSA for my husband, just to see how much aid we might get, since I get full tuition paid with Pell Grants.
He is denied because of a defaulted loan. We call NY to figure out why, turns out they have him as still owing money!
They apparently can tack interest onto a zero balance. We have tried and tried to fix this. We have contacted the debt collector multiple times, to let NY know we paid in full. But that doesn’t seem to be the issue. This money we apparently owe is new, starting after 2007 at some point.
Does this mean we will be paying NYSHE off the rest of our lives?
We have gotten notice we will have our tax refund repossessed if we do not pay. But, I guarantee with their bookkeeping, that even if we pay or figure this out, that we don’t get our tax refund back because of their greedy incompentence.

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  1. It is just a matter of time before NYS get a taste of their own medicine. The people on wall street thought that they were invinable but we know what happened there. Greed brought them down…the same fate is waiting down the road for NYS. I am very patient and look forward to their demize.LOL

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