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My Biggest Complaint About My Husband Who Can’t Open Cereal Boxes Correctly

My husband cannot open a box of cereal without ripping it to shreds to save his life. Racoons could do a better job.

I have watched him open the box many times before and I can’t figure it out. He starts out like he’s supposed to, but somewhere along the line things get torn to hell and we end up with mangled bits and pieces of cardboard barely surrounding the inner plastic bag full of sugary goodness.

Once he has had his way with the box of cereal, we can’t close it properly. Our family might as well just have cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner until the box is empty because it will be stale in a day or two anyway.

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  1. Mr. Solution says, “Tupperware Cereal Containers”

  2. Being a typical male, I have no problems opening cereal boxes. What I don’t like about cereal boxes is the fact that the inner liners do not seal back. Hence the reason I buy bagged cereals. They’re more economical, taste no different and the bags have a zip closure.

  3. @Redneck, not only did you steal what was going to be my next complaint about the inner bags of cereal, but now you’re making me show my cards on the complaint I had ready after that one - my husband must have the box in front of him because he likes to read the box while he’s eating the cereal.

    It doesn’t matter what the box is or that he’s read the box the other 5 times he has eaten cereal from the box. The box must be in front of him while he is eating the cereal. The truly scary part is that our kids seem to be mesmerized by the cereal box during the meal as well.

  4. it’s all bright and colorful! i don’t wanna stare at my kitchen wall or (god forbid) anyone else eating near me. Watching people munch cereal is an ugly occurrence filled with milk dribbling down chins and slurping noises. The box is a defensive barrier and it just happens to be entertaining and/or educational at the same time.

  5. discount shopping for the generic cereal in a plastic bag tends to take the aggravation out of having your man try and prove he can rip open the cardboard and destroy the tab at the top. Plastic bags are all he gets now. And it’s no longer because we are on a budget =)

  6. Haha I look at the box while I eat cereal

  7. Does anyone remember when they used to put a spot of glue between the box and the liner? They stopped doing that in the last few years. My biggest complaint is having the entire liner come out in your bowl when you are trying to pour a bowl of cereal.

  8. I hate the nearly impossible to open inner bag that you can’t pour out of without it sliding out of the box. even the cardboard lid closes in on the bag so that cereal won’t pour.

  9. i guess the morons that need 4 sealing strips on the (kant be torn)plastic cereal bags DONT EAT THEIR OWN PRODUCT ! TWO strips would be fine NO SCISSORS NEEDED! or wax paper worked fine alsoNO PLASTIC (oil) REQUIRED! FLOOD THE TOLL FREE #’S ON THE BOXES

  10. If he’s opening boxes of cereal..then why the hell are you around?

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