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My Biggest Complaint About My Canon PowerShot SD1000 Lens Error Problem

All of a sudden and out of the blue, my Canon PowerShot SD1000 camera lens will not open. One second it opened and the next it did not. Just like that. Nothing happened to it, I did not drop it or smash it or anything. It just quit working.

My biggest complaint about the whole thing is that after searching the “Lens error, restart camera” message that my PowerShot SD1000 keeps spitting out, the troubleshooting suggestions offered by some seemingly reputable camera sites amounts to

  • taking the battery out for a couple of minutes and trying to open the lens again, or
  • banging the living hell out of the thing on a hard surface to see if that will knock some sense into it.

Seriously, the experts at the various camera sites that shall remain unlinked are unanimous in their advice that the best thing to do is to smack the side of the camera repeatedly on a hard surface and hope the lens error goes away and the camera lens opens back up.

Notice none of the experts suggest sending the camera back to Canon for repair. Apparently the issue costs about $200.00 for Canon to fix because Canon will look at the camera and declare that the camera has been “abused” and thus not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

Imagine that - “Abuse”. After following the expert advice on so many camera websites that tell me to pound the tiny SD1000 on a hard surface repeatedly, Canon might think I’ve abused my camera.

I hope this works for you, but if it doesn’t you might want to head over to PixelsAndSuch.com and get some camera buying advice. They have a good recommendations on what companies you should buy your replacement digital cameras from.

Note: We have had so many success stories from the “smacking the crap out of your camera complaint/solution” we decided to put up a donate button to funnel some cash to the author of the complaint. If you fixed your camera by reading this complaint, donate and buy this guy a beer.

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  1. I had the same problem with my Nikon and was about to buy the Canon until I saw this website. I sort of thought the pounding the camera repeatedly on a hard surface was a joke, so I took my dead Nikon and decided to try it as a joke, figuring it couldn’t hurt it anymore.. to my surprise, it worked! thanks :)

  2. I have a canon SD400. My shutter for no apparent reason stopped working. It made a funny noise when opening….then I closed it and couldnt get it opened. I emailed canon and they gave me the same answer they always give no matter the product, no matter the problem. Send it in for repair or buy a new one. Anyway, I was searching for a new camera….I found this site. I banged the heck out of my camera and what do you know, it opened. It still makes a funny noise so I am not sure how much longer it will work…but it is working now. THANKS!!

  3. I got the same problem with Canon SD1000. This is 5th canon camera and got this error for the first time. Guys, first I thought you were joking about the banging. Anyway, Instead of hard surface, I shake the camera several times in the air and it opened up! Thanks.

  4. This happened on a trip to France and Switzerland, preventing me from getting photos of families and friends. I haven’t spoken to the camera shop, except to take it in the first time the issue occurred (and it did not reproduce). My Swiss friends call it the peut-etre-li — the little maybe maybe device, since sometimes it works. I would not buy another. Any suggestions for a different one. Btw, I only got the lens error report once. Sometimes it just doesn’t open or opens just a little bit, shuts, opens m ore, shuts, doesn’t open…you know the drill. Not worth the trouble.

  5. Same problem here. For no apparent rreason, it just stopped working. I tried everything suggested, but no luck.

  6. The lense on my Cannon SD400 suddenly stopped opening while on vacation in June. It has been sitting on my dresser ever since - Canon wanted over $100 just to look at the camera. After finding this site and reading that I should bang the camera against a hard surface, I gave it a try. It tottally worked. Thanks!

  7. I’m glad that everyone is having such great success banging the crap out of their Canon and rubbing the success in my face with a “thanks”.

    My SD1000 still won’t open.

  8. The lens on my Canon Powershot SD1000 is stuck open with a lens error!?

  9. same here! i thought banging the camera on a hard surface was a joke but tried it and it works now! the lens came out fine. great news to save money around the holidays..no new camera needed!

  10. I keep trying to beat my lens open, but it isn’t working! Not happy, but I’m glad to see that it’s worked for so many people. I’m just worried about damaging it further (though … when it won’t open, the damage is pretty much done…)

  11. This error occurred with my last canon camera. I bought a newer version- the SD1000 to replace it. What do you know? Same error after 6 months. Nothing harmful was done to the camera. It is a shame the lack of quality with canons cameras these days. I love the image quality but I am skeptical about dropping another few hundred on something I’ve already had an awful experience with. Maybe I’ll drop/throw/swing/smack/bang my sd1000 one more time. So far though it has not worked and dissecting it looks too painful.

  12. I think I’ve set a record. I got a Canon PowerShot 650A IS for Christmas. I used it for one day and loved the quality of the pictures. I also tried it in movie mode but the sound only worked half-way through the movie and then there was no sound during the second half! I thought maybe I did something wrong or pushed a button I shouldn’t have, so didn’t think any more about it, but I went to take a picture today, and now the lens won’t open! I have done nothing to abuse the camera so I don’t want to bang it on anything. I guess I’ll have to take it back and buy something else, but it sure won’t be a Canon!

  13. Cannon is a joke when it comes to standing behind there products!
    There famous “E18″ error problem and there multiple problems with there Sony-made “CCD’s” they just will not admit they are wrong. I will never spend another penny on any Cannon product. For me it’s been an expensive lesson learned.

  14. Got the same LENS ERROR on my new SD1000. Tried the battery removal and pounding it on the side techniques but they both did not work. I then fixed it by following the following steps:

    Turn off the camera. Place it on the back with the lens facing up and take a look at the spacing between the lens and the lens housing. If you notice that the gap is not even all the way around the lens, the problem should be easy to fix. This type of a problem usually occurs if the camera was dropped while the lens was extended. Simply - VERY GENTLY - press down the lens on the side where the gap is the biggest. You should hear a “click” as it pops back into place. Try powering the camera back on.

    Good luck

  15. I have been using my camera for about a month next week my lense is going out and zooming in but its clicking and when I go to shut it off it will only click and make funny noises so I tried slamming it on a hard surface and now my camera is scratched I tried waving it in the air and it won’t work please if you have any tips leave a comment!

  16. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to tell me the “correct procedure for fixing a lens that’s stuck on my SD1000″. This is my 5th digital camera with similar problems and the ultimate sucess story is when I beat the hell out of it on the table. After only a few very substantial strikes it works perfectly. Canon needs to change their line of bull and list the CONSUMERS proven method for fixing their product. Returning a digital camera to the manufacturer is pointless. These are throw away products in their eyes.

  17. i was so disappointed to learn that so many people are having problems with their cameras…i’ve been in love with my SD1000 since i got it a few months ago. but at least i was able to get some good advice. my lens was stuck open. i thought it froze, as i was taking pictures of ice sculptures. the tapping trick worked for me…i turned it on, and before it could give me the error message i lightly tapped the body a few times against a table. problem solved…for now?

  18. So glad I found this page. I would never have had the guts to bang my Powershot A540 or to push on the lens but I did and it seems the latter solution did the trick. Thanks Don C.!

  19. i think it’s a great camera and i gotta admit it’s my own fault that the lens error occurred. i had it in a little case and threw it around such that the lens would open but get stuck in the case so it was stopped mid-open.

    if it still doesn’t work tc3, place the camera on a flat surface lens up. if the lens area is not 100% level, push gently on it until it is. if you can’t tell which side is unlevel just guess.

    then try turning it on.

    it worked for me. ::shrug:: don’t forget to try the old nintendo method too. just blow on it and bang it on its side a couple times. there could be some dust or something in there jamming it up.

  20. Yes indeed, it also worked for me. I smacked my sd 600 against the table and it now once again works. Note that it only began to work again when I smacked the lens side of the camera against the table. Hitting against the sides and bottom had no results.

  21. brand new G9 just use less than an hour with 20 picture took!!

    suddenly the zoon lever not working any more, camera shows “lens error restart camera” then few seconds later you can switch off the camera the lens can goes back , switch on and off the lens functioning ok but just the zoom lever didn’t work and the msg keeping coming out while i use the zoom

    took it back to the shop the sales req said i should dropped but i didn’t and they wouldn’t swapt another item for me.

    they just send the camera to canon base for a exam…

    Do I have a right to change a goods that i just used for half an hour?

  22. DUDE!!! i went to vegas and on my last night there when for the first time i was sober enough to take really good pics, lo and behold i got the “lens error” crap and my camera would open but couldnt focus and then the screen would go black….i banged the crap out of it since i figure i might as well since i am buying a new model anyways and yipppie!! it works now….sorry to whoevers out ther that this didnt work for…i am elated and i just had to thank this web site for the help!!

  23. SD1000 here - only a few months old. I don’t abuse my camera and have never dropped it. I keep it in a very thick and well cushioned handknit pouch. I think perhaps a stray fiber of yarn from the pouch got caught in the lens.

    I was scared to bang my camera on a table. So I debated it for a while, then I put a thick wool sweater on the table and folded it in half. I banged the bottom of the camera firmly (but not hard) once on the sweater and WHOOSH - the lens popped open!

    Thanks to all the previous comment authors for giving me the nerve to do it!

  24. Totally just banged my sd1000 on a heavy 25 lb dumbell, i just tried banging the camera at every possible angle, and what do you know, after about 50 whacks, she works again!

  25. I have had my SD1000 for 2 months now and my problems started a month after I got it. First lens would be half open then it stuck shut and now its stuck open giving me the LENS ERROR RESTART CAMERA message.

    It really pisses me off as I use my camera daily for work. This will be the last Canon I purchase.

  26. So my camera spazed out and it did the whole “Lens error, please restart.” I stummbled upon this site trying to figure out how to fix it. “Hit it repeatedly on a hard surface” It worked. Thanks.

  27. At first I thought the ‘bang your camera around’ thing was a joke. But it actually worked. And I think that’s scary. Especially considering we haven’t even used our camera much yet (we just bought a memory stick today, so we couldn’t take more than a few pics)…

    I’m thinking of exchanging it, as it hasn’t been a month since we bought it…

  28. Indeed, banging works. Seems sketchy, but hey, it’s fixed (for now)! This is actually my second Canon SD1000. The first one I had for about half a year before it was stolen and never had any problems with it. Whenever I had the lens error on that camera, it only took a restart of the camera to fix it. No such luck this time, hopefully this won’t be a repeating problem.

  29. I was at a wedding over Memorial Day Weekend when the whole “lens-error” thing happened to my SD1000. It went on the fritz just when the blue-grass band started playing, moonshine was being passed around, and all of us LA/San Francisco/Detroit slickers were having a good ol’country time. Came home lamenting to my roommate the lack of documentation of the revelry, and he looked online and found this site. We read the testimonials, shrugged, then slammed the camera onto the desk. Good as new. No ****.

  30. i broke my camera following the instructions given in the internet.
    Kindly do not hit on the hard surface. if u do so, u will get a crack on the display as i got….


    sd 1000 nalan virumbi

  31. I canot thank everyone on this site enough for suggesting hitting the camera when the lens didn’t come out.. When I got the “Lens Error Restart Camera” notice on my camera, I panicked! It just wouldn’t open! I was so frustrated so I came and found the site, tried hitting it a few times (with my hand.. NOT on a hard surface), and IT WORKED!! I LOVE this camera so I was slightly disappointed when that error came up.. but I’m just glad it worked :) I just hope it doesn’t happen again!!

  32. This is the second Powershot A540 I had gotten for my daughter - the first one the lens stuck open and I returned it under warranty - this time the lens was stuck closed. I was a little squeamish about banging it on a hard surface, but I gave it a couple smart whacks on the palm of my hand and it works. Now only if I can teach the technique to her without her smashing it to smithereens! (PS - getting it to work again so simply made me laugh insanely for about 5 minutes. If nothing else, it’s apparently good entertainment and a way to blow of steam when you’re p***ed off at the stupid thing!)

  33. PS - I will probably NOT buy another Canon.

  34. unbelievable….whadya know? a couple of whacks on the couch…and boom…SD750 is ready to go! WOOHOO!

    thanks for the help….i still can’t believe this….


  35. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BANGING TIP! i really thought my camera went to waste!

  36. Had the dreaded lens error on my wife’s Canon SD1000 with the lens stuck in the extended position. Went through the 7-step process and nothing worked until I whacked it (base side down on the palm of my hand. It took four or five whacks before it retracted. Fixed!!!

  37. also, nervous since i’m traveling in mexico now and didn’t want to send it in, i had my friend wrap my SD1000 in a t-shirt, bang it, and it worked–not too surprising after reading all these entries and I decided to contribute as well. (i had dropped my camera and attributed the lens problem to that)–but sure enough it’s fixed. gracias a todos.

  38. same problem here! I am in japan right now and yesterday the lens error happened to me. I has happened before but usually fixes itself after a few minutes and some shaking. yesterday nothing would work so I gave up and bought a new camera. lo and behold today when i woke up i tried it and POOF magically fixed. I lost a day of pictures thanks to that thing, and a lot of money buying a new camera (which it turns out i dont like as much as the quality of the cannon despite the obvious lens issue)…argh i am frustrated

  39. I see im not the only person whose had the lens error on my sd1000….. So the my lens is stuck out and won’t retract…. tried banging it on my palm and all i got was a bruised palm with a lens that won’t retract, but then i shook some sense into it and it worked good as new!…..

  40. I just had the same error on my SD100- camera, knocked it 1ns not too hardly on a hard surface(a book) and it was fixed.

    Thanks for the help

  41. I have the same problem but when I took the back off of my A540 I could get the lens to come out. When I put the back, back on, the lens will not come out….tried it several times and this is what happens. What could be pinching the camera?

  42. Alright, This is ridiculous. I have been trying to fix this piece of s*** for 2 weeks. I took the camera, wrapped it one layer deep in a sweatshirt and pounded it hard on a sofa cushion twice. Works. I hit the side of the camera on the cushion if that helps anyone. GREAT TIP and I really dont think I risked hurting the camera at all.

  43. OMG it worked. My camera was stuck open and making this funny clicking noise and wouldn’t close. (lens error - restart camera).

    I banged it a couple times, tried to turn it on, same thing. Banged it again.. IT WORKED!


  44. My PowerShot SD1000 showed a lens error on the screen. It kept making an odd beeping sound and then lens would not retract. I went to a local camera repair place that told me it would cost $98 plus tax to repair the lense. I rejected the price, did some research online, and found this site. A few forceful taps to the side of the camera fixed the problem! Thanks everyone!

  45. If this method does not work for you, you might not be forceful enough! I couldnt believe it actually worked. I was worried about doing more damage, but trying this was a better deal than sending it to Canon for $100-$200. The glee I experienced from this fix-it yourself technique was better than the glee I experinced when I recieved the camera for Christmas. Hopefully, I will have no other problems.

    Thanks Again!

  46. I tried again and again and again to make my lens error go away - which I got after only two weeks of purchasing my SD1100. Firstly I tried tapping it lightly on the USB side, then I tried pushing in the lens, then I tried taking the batteries out (all suggested repairs on the internet). Tried again and again but nothing worked. So I gradually started whacking it harder (a good form of stress relief when your 2 week old camera won’t work). Only when I whacked it really, really hard, on the front, on to a hard wooden surface, did the lens finally pop out. I had virtually given up hope. How screwed up is this product? I’m happy it is working again, as it takes the most amazing pictures. Just a pity it is so unreliable.

  47. I had the same problem this morning…read this page…gave it a few smacks on the palm of my hand…et voila! it reopens.

  48. i had the same problem two days ago when i *hardly* dropped my canon g9 2 feet away from the ground. After reading through these posts, i thought this whole banging your camera was a total joke, but after 2 unsuccessful attempts at trying to return/exchange it, i figured what the heck - i’m going to have to pay a crazy amount to have it fixed if banging it doesn’t work anyway, so i did. I was a little leery at first, so i started off by shaking it in the air, then banging it on my palm, on the table. When that wasn’t successful, i did what one of the users who posted previously did, i wrapped it in a sweater and bang the living crap out of it on the sofa and VOILA, it worked!!

    I am extremely floored that this method actually works!! Thanks guys!

  49. i had the same prob days ago and i happened to see your solution before i ship it back for fix. It works amazingly! Aften a few dozen side smacks with medium strength, the lens went in. I started the camera and then it issued the same error. After several other bangs, it operates well, and hopefully this will last for a while.

    That is utterly amazing! Thank you!

  50. My Canon Powershot SD 750 Digital Elph lens isn’t coming out. It just keeps saying “lens error. Restart Camera.” I try restarting and it does the same exact thing. I am getting frustrated and it never works. What do I do to turn it back on? This has happened to me many times before, but it starts working again. It has never done it for this long. What should I do? Please help me.

  51. WOW! i tried banging it with my hand and it starting working again!!!!

    Anyone who has this problem just bang it against your hand, it works!!! THANKS!!! :)

  52. My 4 months old Canon Powershot SD 1000 Digital Elph lens stopped coming out today during birthday party. It just kept saying “lens error. Restart Camera.” Great! When I got home I found this thread of messages and tried shaking it. It worked right away without banging against any surface. Thank you very much!

  53. Yes!! Problem solved. I banged the bottom of my camera against the palm of my hand. It didn’t work at first. But since my camera has a full warranty I decided that it didn’t matter how hard I hit it since I was going to have to send it back anyways. A few more hard hits and now it works. All I can do now is hope it doesn’t get stuck again.

  54. canon sd1000 - lens error, restart - i took the technical approached and banged the heck out of it against a wooden desk, tried first on the bottom and no luck, then face first a few times and it opened right up! if anyone does not feel comfortable doing this with their camera, send it to me and I’ll happily do my best to not smash your camera to tiny little bits for $50…

  55. I don’t believe this…… I thought that this site was a joke. This trick ACTUALLY worked. Not at first…and I had to bang the lense of the camera in a bit, but after about 10 minutes of shaking it and slamming it on the dest, the counter, my hand (ouch), and finally the floor, the thing turned on. It doesn’t look like it has been beat up either. We’ll see how long this lasts. Thank you thank you thank you all.

  56. I have 2 of the sd1000 cameras with “lens error” messages. One is here at work in my drawer collecting dust. I fiddled with the lens and centered it as suggested above. Put a fully charged battery in and turned it on. It made a grinding noise and gave me the same error message. I wacked it on muy leg a few times(3-4) and now the camera works again! I turned it off and on many times and feel that it’s resolved! Can’t wait to try the one sitting at home now…

  57. I had the same lens error problem, lens stuck out making funny noise and then telling me (lens error-restart camera)
    After no success with the battery trick, banging the camera and lens push, i simply threw the camera off my table fairly hard and it works again, thank you to the person earlier who suggested the desk trick

  58. My SD1000 was stuck with lens in extended position. No abuse, nothing happened that would have hurt it. I had used it just fine about an hour before.
    After reading all the success stories listed before me, I tried whacking it on my palm. Nothing. Then I whacked it on our kitchen counter a few times on the base with the camera on. I heard a funny, muffled click and was worried, but miraculously IT WORKED! The lens retracted and is now functioning normally.
    Don’t call Canon…. just wham it!

  59. hahahhaha. so i took the battery out of my sd powershot 1000. it was still the lens error. then i hit it against my knee for a while, turned it on and it worked. hah never would’ve thought that’d work. thanks!

  60. Of course like everyone else here my Canon sd1000 lens error. It was stuck in the open position. I too was nervous to bang the camera. My 6 year old son said Dad would be mad if we broke the camera (which he would be). I tried doing the battery thing to no avail but shook the heck out of the camera and now it is working. Phew!!!!!

    Thanks for the advice.

  61. Dropped the camera when i was about to take a picture, hit the ground on the upper right hand corner (near the flash). The lense is stuck out and will not retract. I have noticed that when you look at it from the side, the lense is uneaven: the final ring is slightly more pushed in on the bottom than at the top of the ring. Looking at the bottom of the camera, near the camera-mount slot, you can see that the camera has come apart slightly. I can apply a small amount of pressure to this gap and open it barely see the the inside of the camera.

    When i turn on the camera, it makes a mechanical noise and retracts ever so slightly before it makes the cannon “power on” noise and shows the cannon blue screen on the LCD screen. Immediately after, the screen turnes black and makes a couple of beeps before it shows “lens error, restart” while it goes back to its fully erect and slightly crooked position.

    I tried wiggling the outer ring while turning it on, as stated on another website and the lense retracted more than normal. To my surprise it turned on to the preview screen. So i switched it to the picture taking seting and it worked; however, it was VERY blurry. So I tried to focus by zooming out but it immediately gave me the lense error again. I have tried gently banging the USB pad and hitting against the palm of my hand but i really doubt that physical abuse will fix the slightly crooked 3rd and final part of the lense or whatever else is wrong with the camera.

    Any advice?

  62. Powershot SD850 IS: Dropped the camera when i was about to take a picture, hit the ground on the upper right hand corner (near the flash). The lense is stuck out and will not retract. I have noticed that when you look at it from the side, the lense is uneaven: the final ring is slightly more pushed in on the bottom than at the top of the ring. Looking at the bottom of the camera, near the camera-mount slot, you can see that the camera has come apart slightly. I can apply a small amount of pressure to this gap and open it barely see the the inside of the camera.

    When i turn on the camera, it makes a mechanical noise and retracts ever so slightly before it makes the cannon “power on” noise and shows the cannon blue screen on the LCD screen. Immediately after, the screen turnes black and makes a couple of beeps before it shows “lens error, restart” while it goes back to its fully erect and slightly crooked position.

    I tried wiggling the outer ring while turning it on, as stated on another website and the lense retracted more than normal. To my surprise it turned on to the preview screen. So i switched it to the picture taking seting and it worked; however, it was VERY blurry. So I tried to focus by zooming out but it immediately gave me the lense error again. I have tried gently banging the USB pad and hitting against the palm of my hand but i really doubt that physical abuse will fix the slightly crooked 3rd and final part of the lense or whatever else is wrong with the camera.

    Any advice?

  63. For my birthday one month ago I was given a Cannon Power Shot SD1100 - Just like the rest of the posts my lens froze and stopped working. After banging, at first softly but progressivly more and more hard, it finally opened up. Peice of crap…

  64. Just bang it on your knee a bit.
    Use the same amount of force as you would shuffling a deck of cards, or “packing” a new box of cigarettes.
    Shake a bit in the air.
    But dont bash it about.
    This is still a really great camera.

    Good luck

  65. heyy my lense is stuck open..and ive tried banging it every which way..but no cigar..does anyone know what restart your camera means…? is that even a thing to do..someone from may said they only needed a restart to fix thier camera before..anyone know what that means?

  66. This is probably not the official “restart” method but it worked for me after my camera stopped working altogether after getting a bit damp - not submerged, but enough to short out a brand new battery. Anyway, I remembered reading on a website about opening the entire case and removing the internal battery for a few minutes, then reinserting and reassembling. Sounds scary but it worked! I used one of those eyeglass repair kits with the tiny screwdrivers. This will probably void the warranty but if you’re beyond warranty who cares. Here are the instructions:
    Remove the external battery. Otherwise, you could possibly cause a short.
    Remove 9 screws in total: 2 from the left side, 4 from the right. side, and 3 from the bottom. Keep track of where they went - they are not all the same size and need to go back in the right holes. If you make a mistake it will be obvious, but you’ll save yourself time by being a little organized about it.
    Gently pry open the case.
    The internal battery is small (less than 1/4″ diameter) and round, located in one of the corners. Gently pry it out. After a couple of minutes, replace it and screw the case back together. I’ve actually done this several times with no ill effects. The first time I did it, I was so startled when it actually turned back on that I almost dropped it on a tile floor. Good luck!

  67. oh wow, I had the same error msg with the same camera–slightly banging it really works!!! Thanks.

  68. dont buy canon camera any more because once it fall the lens error will come so if u buy also be carefull

  69. My Canon SD1100 is having the same problem. I wish banging it around a few times would help it, but it doesn’t. Oh well, no more Canons for me!

  70. So not to sound repetitive, but I also got the lens error message, after dropping my camera from maybe 3 feet. I even took it apart because I wanted to fix it so bad. Tried the “banging” method, hit it against my hand 4 or 5 times, and the lens opened up like normal.

  71. Same problem with my S1000 today. Banged to ground for twenty times, finally back to normal! That sounds crazy though!

  72. I have a SD890 IS. I have tried banging the **** out of it to no prevail - the thing says lens error restart camera. Canons troubleshooting on the phone is useless, its only 6 weeks old!!!!
    What a joke! I haven’t dropped the camera, and the lens will not come out. Can anyone suggest anything, the thing takes great pictures but right now all I hear is clicking and then “lens error, restart camera” my email is allye@shaw.ca it would be GREATLY appreciated if someone could toss advice my way, coz right now this thing is a 400 dollar paper weight

  73. as many other people have said on here, I thought the “bang your camera response” was a joke. (I have frequently used that method in the past on other devices, to no avail). I tried banging it but that didn’t work, so I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and dropped it on the floor from about a foot up. Voila! Working. Who knows how long this will last, but at least it’s back for now!

  74. I shook it hard, and the lens retracted! It’s fixed.

  75. Man, whoever is reading this: I wouldn’t buy a Canon. This is a lot of people, myself included, whose cameras are all doing the same thing wrong, the company is not honoring it’s warranties and everybody is resorting to just banging holy hell out of their cameras. Personally, I’m trying the banging of the camera and getting nothing yet. I’m going to try taking out the internal battery as described above, but it shouldn’t be coming to all this. These cameras are obviously all having the same issue and I would look to another brand if you’re in the market for a camera.

  76. Umm wtf… banging on the side totally worked when my Canon SD1000 wouldn’t shut close saying “Lens error, please restart camera”….

  77. I just tried the ‘last resort’ as mentioned below many times to save my Canon SD Powershot by banging the camera on a hard surface. I was not sure at first how the camera was to be hit/ on or off/ or how hard.

    IT WORKED! The way that got it in the end as I slowly increased the impact of each hit, I had the camera (switched on, not sure if this is necessary) but hit the table flat and flush w the surface lens side down.

    This is obviously a recurring mechanical problem that Canon will not spare a moment’s attention in the R&D lab. I took some regular veg oil (I’m sure any will work) and applied very sparingly to the outer rim of the lens, applying and wiping lightly with a tissue.

    The motor still continues to make a ‘gritty’ noise but slowly lessened as I turned the camera on and off…zoom in and out.

    But in the end….who knows how much longer it will last.

    Words of advice: “cameras are like relationships, although inevitably problematic, invest your money in one that won’t drain your wallet in the same area.”

  78. My g9 had the same problem. I had to take it totally apart. I found out it had grit in the lense assembly. I worked it back and forth. Put it back together. Somehow I had extra screws, and i broke a not needed button, But my 400 camera works now.

  79. Here is the fix I found that worked like a champ:
    Turn off the camera. Place it on the back with the lens facing up and take a look at the spacing between the lens and the lens housing. If you notice that the gap is not even all the way around the lens, the problem should be easy to fix. This type of a problem usually occurs if the camera was dropped while the lens was extended. Simply - VERY GENTLY - press down the lens on the side where the gap is the biggest. You should hear a “click” as it pops back into place. Try powering the camera back on.

  80. Get this- my one year old powershot 1000 died a couple months ago, of the “lens error” message. I was sad, but I really HAD abused the camera, and wasn’t surprised (left it in the sand, threw it down a cliff, it is missing some corners). I really liked the image quality, and replaced it with a 1100. Not two months in- lens error. Found this site, and banged the first one (back when I was trying to fix it, I went as far as needlenosed, really making it look bad, nothing to loose). I took 3 good whacks. It works! I’m now going to beat my 1100. Anyone want to buy a camera? Thanks website!!!! I hit it on a wooden dresser lens down 3 times. I also had pressed on one uneven side before the beating. Good luck!

  81. Banging a g9 will damage the 3 rotors. I opened up mine fully. The motor system is different than the sd 1000s. It is controled by 3 plastic teeth. If you bang it may work, but the teeth are cheap and have small teeth, which would strip them, making them too smooth to catch each other. Taking it apart worked, but I think brain surgury would have been easier.

  82. I was way sketched out about trying to hit my camera to get it to work. But it was broken, and I figured, “Hey why not?” so I tried it and it started to work. The camera turned on, but still wouldn’t zoom and the picture was incredibly blurry. I turned it off and then on again, and it worked like new. I’ve been waiting to get it fixed for seven months and I’m SOOOOOO happy I don’t have to spend $170 to take it to a camera shop to get it fixed. I’m way excited!

  83. I have the SD870 IS ELPH and got the LENS ERROR. I was able to fix that with a few gentle bangs - nothing too crazy - but now the picture is super blurry. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  84. Canon Powershot 750, had the same trouble. Tried smacking the side, didn’t work.Hit the front, thought I broke it, and voila!!!! it worked! Thanks

  85. I have a canon sd750 that had the lens stuck out and would not work and kept saying lens error. After reading the post to bang it on something hard I thought what the hell and smacked it on my coffee table and it started working. So thanks for the post I was getting ready to spend 150 dollars on a new camera.

  86. When I turned my Canon Power Shot SD850 camera on to take pictures of my kids with Santa, I got the same lens error. I was apprehensive about banging it because I was told by the clerk at Circuit City if I did that I would end up with a $300 piece of plastic. I guess he was trying to sell me a new one. Not this time, I shook the camera hard (as someone recommended) and the lens retracted. It now works! Thanks for the advice.

  87. ahah this is crazy i went to Henry’s and asked them what i could do, and there like ” oh just send it to canon to get it fixed or you can just get a new camera it will probably be cheaper.. so then i got home not to long ago and tried to see what i could do by searching anything that could help me figure it out , and they said the shutters motor was broken , but then i found this web site and gave my cameras a few hits on the desk ( not too hard of course) and i tuened it on and it worked!
    - Cat

  88. Yup same problem with my sd1000 the lens would not come out. i did the smacking thing several times, it couldn’t get any worse as it did not work as it was, and yup it worked….. Merry Christmas to me!!!!


  89. my canon G9 had the same problem. It wrote ‘lens error. restart camera.’

    I was so frustrated because I only bought the camera 4 months ago. Repairing it will cost a lot of money. I tried to shake it, but nothing happened. Then I banged the lens surface to a smooth surface and sands started to come out. But not all, by the way. I can still hear sands stuck inside when I shake the camera. So maybe next time the lens will be stuck again..

  90. Lens stuck opened? Try this. Hold power button in and see if the lens cycles in and out. If it does, have the battery cover open and when the lens is in the retracted position, pop the battery release and remove the battery. May take a couple tries to time it right Wait 10 seconds or more and then insert battery to reboot camera. Hope this helps, it worked for my canon sd750.

  91. haha LMAO before I found this site I just hit my camera in my hand and it started working. I was actually looking for a way to repair it cuz I figure it will break with no repair before to long

  92. my camera gave the same dreaded error this afternoon and would not open and the 12-mth warranty expired just before Christmas. I admit I was worried about banging in on the table, so I just tapped it into the palm of my hand, lens-side down a few times (not even particularly forcefully) and what do you know, it worked!

    I can’t believe the amount others have written that Canon want even to look at the camera! What a joke!

    Anyway, thank for the advice….we’ll see how much longer it works for!

  93. Me too! Me too! My Canon G9 was working fine and then when I whipped it out of its case at Canterbury Cathedral planning on taking some fab pics…. “Lens error” popped up. Have not been able to get it to work since. A friend has identical camera with identical problem. She took it to a Canon dealer who promptly blamed her for the problem and said it will take some time and a fairly large whack of cash to fix it. Damn them! I will never buy Canon again after buying only Canon till now…

  94. Holy ****! I am thinking you all are nuts for banging your camera but it bloody well worked!! I am shocked!!

  95. I have a cannon SD1000 went to take a picture and the lens opened half way and i got lens error. I just banged the side nothing then banged the lens part flat on the table and holy crab it worked. so try it!!!!

  96. Wish I would have seen this website before I tried to pry the lens open with my knife. A few parts broke off and I still got the lens error message. After reading these posts, I banged it and it works. No longer have the auto lens cap though. It’s Obama’s fault.

  97. I was admiring some video i took at the inauguration when all of a sudden my beloved SD750 made a few strange chirping noises and flashed me the dreaded “lens error, restart camera” message. I thought all was lost until I found this website. a few well placed smacks on a solid book and it’s working (for now) just fine! Thanks!!!

  98. I got the lens error message and panicked. After gently pushing the lens back, it retracted and I was able to see my photos again. But problem — the camera won’t take photos now. I have tried several different settings from menu, but nothing. Any ideas?

  99. I’m about to pee in my pants!!!!!! I just game my camara a good crack on a desk and what do you know, it opened right up.

  100. I have canon SD 850 IS. got lens error restart camera. time after time of restarting. I rapped the camera several times against a book. Wala it now opens and the camera functions!

  101. Kids playing with the Wii one smacked the camera playing golf. Pieces flying. Lens stuck at an angle and you guessed it ‘Lens Error’. Now this is no fault of Canon and I have had my camera for years with NO issues. Tried banging on the side but lens wouldnt go in. Decided to manhandle it back into the case. front third at an angle and jammed. Bent it until str8. still not working. Banged on teh side some more, off on, battery out, battery in. no luck. decided to just push teh lens back in by banging it lens down. Banged it down till lens was flat inside the case. Powered on and its working. Still have to get pieces in, may need new springs. Might cost me all of $5 off ebay, already checked. Stop the Canon bashing and I will suggest my children do the same!!! cheers

  102. I just experience the same problem with my Canon Powershot sd750. I fixed it my laying it flat on a table with the lens pointing up and turned clicked the shutter and power at same time a couple times and it worked!

  103. Yeah, my 580 had the same problem, stuck Open, i thought all was lost! So i banged the hell out of it and it actually worked!!! Thanks!!!

  104. Thank you to Don C. on January 15th, 2008 at 11:01 pm for your comment

    My wife dropped our powershot A560 and the lense would not go back in. I was able to take the batteries out and force it back in firmly but not over forced. popped the batteries back in and camera works fine. thanks again. saved over $200 from canon repair.

  105. Banging the camea defenitely worked for my camera

  106. Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately my SD600 is now a really nice playtoy for my 7 month old. The banging trick didn’t work for me, and neither did attempting to twist the lens back in. My lens was originally fully extended and banging it got it back in, but crooked. Further banging (and I was giving it a good effort) resulted in some dings, and the lens eventually going all the way in, but it still doesn’t work. I am really re-thinking my decision to buy another Canon.

  107. I am currently down in venezuela studaying abroad…. my camera stopped working just as we started to paraglide off the andes mountains. I was sooooooooooo mad. 3 days…. and several shady camera repair shops later i looked online and found this sight.

    I suggest you bang it with your hand until it works. bang it on the lens side with a your hand cupped….

    thank you…. you just saved me 200 dollars and more memories!

  108. Usually the problem with stuck lenses is a few grains of sand have worked their way into the mechanism. Pounding it can dislodge them. Then use a air blower to clean and other tiny pieces of grit out.

    If you return the camera to Canon, the post office will do the pounding for you, and Canon will not see a problem. It it is badly stuck, and they find grit in the lens, then it is not covered under warranty. Keep your camera in a sealed case when you are not using it, cleanliness is absolute essential due to the lens zoom mechanism in them.

  109. No way! My friend’s camera was freaking out, so I looked up solutions and tried the battery thing (which totally didn’t work) and then I tried the smacking the ever living digital crap out of the thing (which of course she was -quite- hesitant about) and…it worked! Haha! I feel so victorious. Well, thanks to all the commenters too, about the advice on keeping it clean. That’s probably…a nice idea…


  110. It worked! I had a Powershot SD1000 and I was testing my batteries. popped the last one in and got a lens error. I freaked. This was the first Google link, and I figured what the hell. Thank you, it worked! I slammed it on the end closest to the lens three times on top of a notebook on my computer desk and voila! If that worked with my credit card I’d buy you a beer, but apparently you don’t get a new pin number if you smack those.

  111. This camera was a gift for my wife. It stopped half way between open and closed and would not budge. After reading this site I started tapping it on the desk. When that didn’t work I started smacking it pretty hard. It took about 20 smacks and it moved a little. I smacked it once more and it started working again. Make sure you have fresh batteries. It might also help if you try it while it’s pulled to the computer to get extra power.

  112. My niece had been playing with my camera turning it on and off and suddenly my lens wouldnt close. An error message came up telling me to restart my camera and when i did it made a weird noise. So after reading these posts and deciding banging my camera was better then paying $200 to get it fixed I began hitting it on the side of my couch. It now works again!!!

  113. We had the same problem–our Canon power shot S50 lens was stuck open just a little, wouldn’t open fully or close, and would beep a few times then turn off. Shaking it didn’t work, but banging it on a carpeted surface sure did! Thanks for the help!

  114. After lots of times beating the camera on my hand, on the floor, on the desk, and on my leg - my last desperate attempt was tossing it down the steps. It worked!!!!! Thanks for the tip. I was on the verge of plopping down $200 for another camera.

  115. After charging the battery fully, I put it in the camera, turned it on and took a couple pictures. As I flipped from view mode to picture mode, the camera simply turned off and the lens was stuck expanded. I removed the battery, charged it again, inserted it later, and the camera still won’t turn on. Help!

    I also tried tapping/smacking/banging it on the counter and nothing happened. This sounds like a different problem than just a “lens error”. Can anyone help me?

  116. Couldn’t zoom and had the lens error but then removed battery and put it back in then tapped it against my hand a bit (on the left corner) and it STARTED WORKING AGAIN!! Thank you!

  117. I have a Canon PowerShot A570 with the same problem, a few good hits on the desk got it to work again, at least for now. It started to work once I hit it on the hand strap end. It makes a grinding noise, like gears striping, but at least it works

  118. oh, one more thing. The ginding is only when the camera is shutting down. If I “assist” the lens in with my hand it doesnt grind

  119. Yeah, hi, wow. At first I found this and loved it because I of how sarcastic the post was. Then, when everyone else was doing it I decided I’d give it a try. It just totally worked. Hit the front, right, top corner. (The side without the flash.) Best solution.

    & yes, if everyone else were jumping off a bridge I would probably do it too. You know, if it were working for them like this was.

  120. hey it does work i guess but can someone give me advise because i pushed my lens in and now it is stuck how do i fix this problem

  121. I have been banging my brothers camera powershot sd600(because it doesnt work) for 2 hours and and nothing works what should i do now.

  122. So this just happened with my canon sd1000, and I was starting to get really pissed. and what do you know? I banged it on the desk, and it’s open..lol. amazing.. thanks.

  123. my canon sd1000 was suffering from black screen syndrome (lens not working). so i just found this and decided to bang it around and turn it on 5 or 10 times and what do you know, now it works! THANKS!

  124. hahahaha I can’t believe it!!! I just banged my camera into the table…(after trying the pushing gently the lens advice) and the camera is working fine now!!! I really think it’s a mix of both advices (pushing the lens and banging the camera…) Try it!

  125. I too had black screen syndrome on my sd1000….banged it off the floow a few times, and it didn’t work…..banged it on the table 4 times, and my screen magically works again! Wow….

  126. i CANNOT believe that banging it actually just worked…..this issue has happened before. i’m glad i now know how to fix it. wish i had known earlier today when i was unable to take pictures at my event………….

  127. I was reading through all these editorials, and thought no way this is going to work - and this is the second time this happened, first with a Sony lens not opening and now with a Cannon not closing! But, then with a lot of banging on a hard surface and turning it off an on repeatedly and it’s working again, ahh! Oh ya, shaking didn’t work!

  128. Wow! Had the error same problem - probably caused by my 4-year old paprazzi with “sticky syrup fingers.” Was about to contact Canon when I searched and found this post. Three wacks on the table later and viola! The camera is working again. Thanks!

  129. This banging method did not work at all, and now my flash is broken. AWFUL. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

  130. I just had my lense stuck out and it would not retract. I banged it on battery door (bottom) side whilst pressing the on button and it works.

  131. Funny…. It really does work. I have the Power Shot A560.
    I loved this camera, used it for a year when I was dropped at a school play. Never worked again. I had it stored in a cabinet for almost 2 years. I messed with it with no luck, Finally found this post… and the rest is history!

  132. My Canon PowerShot SD790IS is less than 3mo old. NEVER dropped or abused. Got the same error everyone else did “Lens error, restart camera”. The lenses was stuck closed. I lightly tapped it on a hard table, flat-rear display side, and it works. Unbelievable… Thanks.

  133. I hate to say it but i tried banging it softly for a while and got no wear but after putting a little more muscle into it, it opened. I just hit the side of the camera against a table with quite a bit of force and wallla

  134. Had a 750 that the lens stuck in the OUT position on, with the error message. Read all the posts……hadn’t paid for the extended warranty so…..
    1) Charged the battery to the max
    2) Turned it on, go the message..
    3) Dropped the camera on it’s side ….from waist high
    a) once on carpet
    b) twice on hardwood floor
    4) Smacked it on the desk about three times, back side flat…(like a gavel)
    5) twisted the lens a little (not too hard)
    6) Repeated (4)….turned it on…and the lens moved just a little
    7) Turned it off, then on again….and


    I was ready to toss the camera until I found this blog…..

    SO…..don’t give up…(don’t hit it with a hammer….) but you can rough it up a bit and may have good results.

    Good Luck.

  135. THANK YOU ALL!! I read how everyone was smackin’ & droppin their cameras. I joined the game!!!! Now my Canon SD400 lens is working perfectly!! Still a little grinding noise, but I think that will get better in time. I had tears running down my checks laughing at Paul’s comments that he left on March 23. I have a 17 & 15 year old boys who were laughing at me thinkin I was gonna psycho by droppin the camera !!! But now they are as proud as peacocks of their Mother !!! Thanks so much !

  136. one quick smack against my palm (didn’t wan’t to go for something to hard right away) and presto!! thanks!

  137. I am GIGGLING to myself, because it really did work. It didnt bang the crap out of it, just tapped it a little and it closed.

  138. I had my Canon SD1100 for a little over two months, didn’t buy the extended warranty, so when the lens stuck I read the banging comments and tried it. It didn’t work. I was soooooo mad for losing almost $200.00 that I banged the heck out of it and now it definitely won’t work again. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN CANON.

  139. i had a lens error in my sd750. Thanks to the bangin advice, it now works!! I tried banging it for the longest time on the bottom of the camera with no success. the I banged the backside with the lcd a few tiems against my hand. I heard some particles mixing around and voila, I turned on my camera and it worked!!! Still can’t believe it. Cannon still sucks though.

  140. Yeah….. banging worked. I banged the sides of the camera while turning it on about 10-15 times and to my suprise it worked……
    thank u ppl for the gr8est solution I have ever seen
    Canon rox. we need not go service centre for these kind of probs.:P

  141. WOW! I was really afraid to bang my camera on something hard, but I figured wth, I haven’t been using it anyway. It WORKED!!!!!
    Thank you!

  142. bang the **** out of it. It works. Seriously. Thanks to all previous 145 posts that gave me the balls to bang my nice camera a while to make it work. Take that Canon!

  143. My 4 year old just brought me my camera and told me it was “broken”…Little bugger.

    lens error.

    After reading this site I thought, what the hell…I bangged it hard on my palm a few times, pressed on the lens and now it works fine!


  144. Canon SD1000, had it about a year. Lens got stuck OUT when I was in the middle of taking a picture. Tried all the battery in/out stuff, that didn’t work. I started reading here about smacking it, which I started doing on the sides and the bottom and shaking it in the air. No good. I read the post about checking to see if there’s a gap around the lens which there was, so I “CLICK”ed the lens back into place and still no results. The lens was just STUCK. More banging, no results. Then I read the one that said to bang it on the lens side. Which I did. After 10 vigorous blows, the camera finally started to sputter and the lens retracted. Then I realized I’d caused additional damage to the telephoto portion of the lens during my banging. SO. Bang on the lens side only if you plan on getting a new camera anyway. It opens and closes and takes pictures now, but it won’t telephoto out all the way w/o getting stuck. This will now be my backup camera. Oh, and it’s my 3rd Canon, never had an issue before.

  145. I have the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS in blue and out of no where, everytime I tried to turn my camera on, it displayed a message saying “Lens Error, Restart Cmera”. I was like great!(the same week i had an issue with my ipodtouch and had to erease everything and restore it). So i tried everything to get it to work. I charged the battery for the camera, I tried “cleaning” it(i live near the beach. maybe sand was the problem????) but what worked was banging the camer really hard on the side. It took several tries cause each time I did it, the lens would gradually open alittle bit more. Thelens fully extended out but the image was beyond blurry. Then i just turned i off and then back on and it was like new again! Thanks for all of those suggestions you all put out there! Although, we are takng it back to Best Buy and getting a new brand of camera Canon seems to have alot of issues with all of their cameras…. :) thanks!!!!!

  146. Same thing is happening with my SD 1000, except it is stuck open. Wish i woulda read this before I got it. I’ll try smacking it harder.

  147. wow thank you so much! i was so worried… today i had a fieldtrip and it would be a waste if i couldnt have a way to keep those memories other than in my long term memory. at first i was a little esceptical about your method, so i tried banging carefully? haha
    later, i started going harder and harder until it went back to normal! xD
    thank you! ( i have a Canon Powershoot A1000)

  148. I found this site on Google after I had the “Lens error, restart camera” happen with my Canon SD850 IS a week ago. Since the warranty expired long ago, I figured whacking the camera on the kitchen counter couldn’t hurt. So I did, lens side down. 16 times. The camera works good as new now, and the error is gone.

  149. Thank you so much. I have Canon SD1000 with same problem” Lens error restart camera.” After looking at this website I tried whacking the camera on my computer table. It started working after that. NO more errors.

  150. my sd750 had the same problem, after reading the comments here, i simply banged it lightly, battery side down and it started working again.

    im gonna donate to the guy and buy him a beer now!

  151. Are you kidding me? I guess NOT!
    Smacking my camera (lightly) repeatedly on a granite counter top fixed the camera!!!! WOW!!!

  152. Never a canon again.
    This is my second canon with lens error a few days after the warranty period.
    Gave it a few smack’s but won’t work.
    Gonna buy something with digital zoom only.
    The worst is that canon says they do not have complants about their lenses.
    It is always the user that is being rough with cleaning the lens.

  153. I too have the “lens error, restart camera” problem, so I did as suggested on this website - banned the camera on hard surface from the usb-side. Now the camera can take pictures, however the pictures are totally out of focus - lens totally messed up.

  154. same problem with my canon pssd750. I have hardly used it and lens just stopped working-

  155. wait……I finally gave it a few good smacks and it worked!!!

  156. Holy crap!! I was online looking for possible way to correct this same problem on my canon powershot 750. I too thought that it was a joke when I read that banging it on a hard surface could solve the problem. Much to my surprise I did it and low and behold it worked…
    But I am kinda worried if it keeps happening I will really damage my camera. :)

  157. Well, SD1000 with the lens stuck out and error message as above … no gentle taps, no blowing on the lens, no pushing on the lens worked, so I tried whacking on the table, first gently, and then so hard my dog ran outside. Still nothing. Finally, I turned it on and dropped it from my hand to the wood kitchen floor, nothing. Next time I turned it on, I heard a click, so I dropped it two more times and turned it off. Finally, after the fourth drop from a height of about four feet, when I turned it on, the lens closed. Thanks for all the posts - I never would have had the guts to do this if I hadn’t read about it first.

  158. my camera for weeks has had the error lense problem, after i searched online for hours on trying to get help to fix it i cam across this and saw the “bag it a few times.”

    i gave it a slight tap and it miraculously worked. wow i payed all that money for that?

  159. Well I was taking pics and i dropped a helmet on my moms camera… i hear snap….. im freaking out… she calls asks what im doing… i said oh putting some stuff up.. im frantically trying to fix it.. she walks in my room… She says you didnt break my camera did you… no no… i just dropped this helmet… i lay the cam flat when she leaves, the leans was leaning like the tower of piza… i give it a push opposite of it leaving.. I hear a snap.. I immediately take a pic of myself smiling… it looks beautiful. Thanks so much for saving my life my mom would have pwned me….

  160. My SD800 did the same thing. Banging is only temporary solution. It will stuck again. Bang, more bang, then you will hear rattling from inside where the banging resulting in breaking parts into pieces. After repeated banging and restarting mine refused to start with banging any more. These cameras have serious engineering flaws. I might use a hammer to finish it. I went to Best Buy and asked for a good camera other than canon. There were several beautiful canon there. Thrust me I don’t even want them for free for now.

    I didn’t actually believe banging the stupid thing would fix it!
    Its a bit out of focus but better than losing $200!

  162. OMG….I could not believe it but it worked…I shoot the crap out of it in the air and the first time it opened. Get this…I had another camera that did the same thing…took it to the “camer expert” store…told me, it would cost over $200 to repair…so what did I do…go and buy this Canon Power Shot SX100….if I had know then to shake the crap out of it, I could have saved me some money…..who would have thought. THANKS!!!

  163. holy hell it worked!

  164. Got the same lens error and after reading all the reviews here, tried smashing on my legs little harder and wow it worked!!! Thanks a lot for the suggetions.

  165. Lovely… I’ve beaten my camera like a sassy stepchild, and nothing. I’ve also sucked, blown, patted, twisted, shoved, jammed, bitten, and plugged everything I can think of. I’m off to a repair shop…

  166. Amazing. Between the “Canon doesn’t stand behind its products” crap and “beat the hell out of it” craziness (unless you’re out of warranty), I’m shocked that no one else had my experience: I went to the support section of Canon’s web site, I answered a few questions about my problem with the lens, they gave me an address to send the camera to, and after sending it I had it back within a week, new lens and related parts, no charge. Within a week of me sending it. That’s actually standing behind your product and making things right.
    If you’re in warranty, send it in. Don’t beat your camera and void your warranty. If you want a camera that will work all of the time, without a battery, get an old rangefinder or SLR. Bang that around instead.

  167. I had an SD750, and after giving it to my girlfriend to replace her old SD100, I bought another SD750 for myself. It was a newer model with a newer firmware, and all seemed well — until I started getting random “Lens Error, Restart Camera” messages! Luckily I have not had to go banging the camera on anything just yet, taking out the battery usually fixes it pretty quickly. I’m surprised to hear this is somewhat common! Thanks for the info.

  168. SD700 same problem. Lens would not open. Had to throw the camera away. Shame…I loved it up until this point. =(

  169. HOLY ****! I read the comment below me about banging the camera so i was like what the hell, why not? so i did it and then it started working again! Thank you everyone! Im happy again. this camera is my baby :)

  170. Sounded a little doubtful — but I gave the camera 2 solid bangs on my mousepad (so that damage would be minimized) and voila! the lens came out again. I just had to burst out laughing!

    This is awesome!

  171. Well, I’ll be! Thanks for all the posts. I would never had tried roughing up my Powershot A540 without the other success stories. I was reluctant but hit it against my cupped hand a couple times with it off, then took the batteries out, smacked it a few more times (moderately hard), then put the batteries in, tried to turn it on (lens error wouldn’t really let me) so I smacked it again, and this time it appears to be working. This is fantastic news! I use it for work and need it tomorrow - wasn’t looking forward to spending $200 to get me buy. Thanks!

  172. How funny SD600 needed a good wack and got it going……..now we know why it is in the protective metal case!

    Thanks much.

  173. wow. I’m so glad i read this. I was about to go get it fixed cuz i had no idea how to get it to work. I had tried several times to bang it against my hand and my legs to soften the hit cuz i dint want to further damage it and have to pay more. And then when i read this I tried it against a hard surface but it didnt seem to work. Then I also read

    I tried that too and then banging it. That did the trick:) I’m so glad I didnt have to spend 100$ + to get it fixed. THANKS!

  174. I had given up hope on my SD1000/Ixus70 with the lens stuck in outer position. After reading this thread I started tapping it quite gently and soon progressed to nothing-to-lose-whacking-it-silly, virtually smashing it on my living room carpet.

    Now works perfectly.


  175. Oh my goodness, I also thought banging the crap out of it would just make it worse or break it, but i desided maybe it would work. It did!!! Crazyyy.

  176. Awesome. Banging my PowerShot SD600 didn’t do the trick, but retracting the lens and just futzing with it made the “lens error” go away. I could see the lens was infinitesimally off center - took an exacto knife blade and just jiggled it a little. I didn’t hear anything, but when I turned it back on, VOILA! a working camera. AMEN and muchos gracias to this website!

  177. I was reluctant to do this until I figured it couldn’t hurt. I banged it before it gave me the error message and surprise! It opened right up! Thank you!

  178. I had a cannon that the lens froze during a trip to Alaska. (SD 600?)
    luckily I was able to use my mom’s cannon for the remainder of the pictures and it was on my last day of Vacation- the camera was eventurally lost as I would still carry it around with me to see if I can get it fixed.
    I ended up buying a new SD1000 a month later, now that lens froze,
    I cannot get it to close, Trust me I tried banging the crap out of both.
    I recently purchased a Cannon SX110 IS and I hope I do not have the same problem, as this camera cost more.
    I will still continue to battle with the SD1000, and hope that I can get the lens to retract, I thought I had sand in it, but apparently this happens alot after reading these posts, what a shame, I really like the cannon camera’s

  179. Just to heap on my own surprised reply: I took my SD600 with a lens that was stuck in the extended position (it happened after the camera fell while the lens was extended), and during the brief period that the power was on (before it gave the lens error and turned back off), I banged the bottom part of the camera a few times hard against the palm of my hand, and then the lens retracted!

    It sounds pretty bad while it’s retracting now, but, for the moment, the camera is working again.

    I suspect it will fall again soon, because it’s so narrow and curvey and slippery. I do dislike the physical design of this camera!

  180. I have a Canon SD750 and within hours of bringing my new baby girl home from the hospital this afternoon, the camera suddenly and unexplicably ceased operating and gave me the “lens error, restart camera” message. After reading through the posts on this site, I removed the battery, closed the case, then gave the bottom of the camera two decent whacks against my desk. To my astonishment, the camera came back to life! Thanks a million and a heartfelt thanks to everyone that has taken the time to post to this site!


  182. Banging it works! Wow, saved me $200 for a new one!

  183. Not getting a Canon again - smacking it didn’t work, ripoff $200 repair. Its in the bin - around a year old. Great timing.

    Timed obsolescence or something? Very angry.

  184. Lens error message out of the blue. Tried battery out - on-offf; prayer etc. Nothing. Went to internet and got to this site. Tried banging it as suggested against my hand and presto - working again! It is a miracle :)

  185. Hola everyone..
    i have a Powershot SD 110 CANON camera. i’ve had it almost a year now. its been great.. but i’m having the problem where it lile turns on, and has the starting pic, then it makes a really weird noise.. and the lens dont open & it says : ” Lens Error.. Restart Camera “…
    i need Help anyone
    i need it fixed in like a week i’m going to FiJi

  186. sorry SD 1100

  187. That was the best advice ever..after one good smash against my hardwood desk, pictures came to life again….THANK YOU!

  188. holy crap thanks for helping me out with this…i just got a free camera im effin ecstatic

  189. I had my powershot sd1000 for about two years and I take a ton of pictures all the time so I was devistated when the lens just would’nt come out at all. When I read all these comments I was like no way is beating it to death going to work with mine when I tried everything else I guess I thought the problem with mine was different cause every now and then I would hit it a few times and shake it a lot but then I gave in and wrapped it in my scarf and just smacked it against my harry potter book like 30 times and when i tried again it sounded like it was about to open but didnt so I decided to hold down the shutter and then open it and it worked both me and me mom cannot believe it. thanks everyone!

  190. Thank you very much! Smacked by camera in the air and now the lens opened. Yeah!

  191. i’ve tried everything, nothing works!
    someone help!! what can i do? i dont want to spend money to get it fixed

  192. i must say thanks for EVERYONE ON TIS WEBSITE!! i have a purple canon powershot sd1100is camera
    alll i really did was messs around with my camera and it worked i just hit it againbst my hand afew times thanks sooooo much!!! now i dont have to worrry about sending my camera to canon!! woooooooo
    seriously try it/!! it works and if it doesent will canon willl just tell u you damaged it even b4 u even hit it b/c the warrenty wont cover it trust me! =) mad props thanks again!

  193. my canon powershot sent (lens error) for over two weeks of trying it. Then i read these comments and gave it three smacks on the table and yes it does work.
    Thankyou people…


  195. It worked! Canon SD1000 - My daughter came to me with camera. Lens stuck in full open position. Lens error… When nothing else worked I took the advice here. I did a lot of banging. Since folks here said bang it on the side, I banged all sides. I first put a towel down, doubled over to make it thicker so as to keep from scratching or denting the case. I banged it 10 times on the right side, then 10 times on the left, then 10 on the bottom, 10 on the top, 10 on the back. Everywhere but the front where the lens was out. After each time I turned it on and got the same message. I went through it all again. When I banged it on the back for another 10 times, I turned it on and it worked. Persistence paid off and I figured it can’t hurt at $200 for a repair. The camera didn’t cost $200.

  196. After taking a picture at the beach my lens wouldn’t retract on my SD630. I tried compressed air around the lens and that didn’t work. I found this site and tried banging the camera on different sides.

    Didn’t work.

    I decided to be a bit more aggressive and bang the actual lens against my desk. It went in, crooked at first, but all three bronze-colored pins on the interior of the lens became lose and now rattle around inside the lens.

    The camera still doesn’t work and I believe I’ve broken it beyond my ability to repair it.


  197. I just smacked my SD1100 against the palm of my hand a few times and … Voila! Lens error GONE! Since you just saved me some time and money, a DONATION will be accompanying my THANKS!

  198. haahahah!!!! it does work!!!! amazing!!! I was really scared at the beiggining but then I really enjoyed the smacking!!! and now it works!!! thanx so much!!!

  199. The banging worked! Sweet!

  200. Accccccccccck!!! Same problem, I just smacked the camera with my hand (not on a hard surface, would never do that to a camera), and guess what? It worked!!! Cannot believe it worked!!!


  201. I can’t BELIEVE the banging actually worked! LOL

  202. Amazing. Face down worked.

    Rio Karma’s had a freeze with the same fix. I was amazed then, and I’m amazed now.

  203. I have always had great success with canon’s elph series…they go through a lot for my job and come out working every time-except for this fickle little camera. The battery life after one year is great-except the lens always seems to get stuck open or shut with a lens error warning. I tried smacking it on my palm and sure enough it is back up and running. I am guessing there is some catch in the lens or the motor is weak and stops if it feels any tension-say by a random piece of dust. Still a great camera for $150.

  204. My SD700 had the same problem. Lens was partially retracted, Banging it on hard surface helped open it completely. It still does not close when I turn it off. Any suggestions.
    Glad I found this site. Thanks.

  205. My SD1000 lens still open, but no image, is there anyone who can help me?

  206. I have had this problem, and bought probably 5 new cameras.. My PS 1100 all of a sudden would not even turn on ..just displayed the lens error (i had not dropped.. had any trouble ever.. with this camera from day one)
    so i took the advice and BANGED THE LIVING HELL OUT of the little girl.. and now she is functioning just fine.. luckily i did not buy another one today.. now i am going to try to fix all my old canons…

    good luck!

  207. I did EXACTLY as you guys suggested d/t the lens not operating and BAM!!! It worked !!!! The lens now works!

    Sorry camera…but great advise!

    I will never again buy a Canon camera

  208. I told my husband (a mechnical engineer) about BANGING, he doesn’t believe and against. I did BANG several times anyway, as your guys said, BANGING worked for my SD1000. Thanks guys for saving my money, I almost finished ordering a new camera.

  209. I just gave a firm bang on the counter top and it opened and worked. Thank you.


  210. That was amazing. It took a couple slams to get it, but it worked. I found that I had to slam it face first into the desk. Thanks for the post!

  211. well exactly the same thing happened to me out of nowhere, I will try the BANGING method now and I really hope it will work…

  212. It’s amazing to see so many people who would rather bang their camera around when in actuality that is what caused the problem in the first place. No one ever admits they dropped it or lent it to someone who dropped it. Camera lenses don’t simply jump off the track, something has to cause it like sand at the beach or some drunk staggering into you at a bar while you try to take a photo. 99.9% of the time it’s user error, but then this is America and no one ever admits they were wrong about anything…just like O.J.

  213. Hi, I have a Canon power shot A540 that the lens just stuck opened everyone has the problem with it staying close, any way I kept taping it lightly on the table with a towel several times and I put the batteries back in turned it on it works like new again. Thanks for the advise! Jim W

  214. I have a brand new Nikon Coolpix S220, and I realize that this is not the greatest camera, but I knocked it off a counter when going to pick it up a week after buying it, and the lens partially retracted - unevenly. After reading to bang it and/or put gentle pressure on the lens, I tried banging first. I had already tried twisting it and so forth. Banging had no effect. I finally put the camrea LCD screen down on a cushion and gently, yet firmly, pressed down on the lens (the outer circle part) with thumbs on each side. It immediately pressed all the way in nd I thought I’d broken it! I turned the camera on and it is LIKE NEW!! IT takes pics like it did prior to the drop. Try this before banging, if you’re scared to bang it.

  215. I had the lame lens error message restart cmaera, bang on my palm perhaps not so damaging bnut it WORKED!!! Tank you!

  216. i’ve banged my camera like 500 times against the couch, the floor, a desk a chair my hand throw it in the air, shake it push the lens in IT DOES NOT WORK :( im so saadd today is my birthday & i wanted to take picturees my lens is stuck opeen ! i hit it with my necklace going upstairs & ever since its not going in :( ! canon suucks

  217. WOOWWW after 1000 hits on the bed floor threw it down the stairs on the desk on my hand pressed the lenss so it would go in i almost wanted to smash the darn camera with a hammer cuz i was so mad it wouldnt work i hit it real hard on the lens side sticking out then on the bottom two hard hits and the lens started going in again ! i was frustrated because i tried everything & it didin’t work but be patient and keep hitting it :)

  218. i bought a Canon sx 200is and the same thing happen i just banged it with my hand and viola it works perfectly fine now

  219. I hurt my hand, my knee and dented my desk trying to get that lens to come out (nikon coolpix s550) and….woohooo!!!! it works! Just try to avoid hitting the lcd screen. I’m definitely not going to get drunk and accidentally force the lens down again. hopefully. also, sand was also a major factor!!! Thanks for this dude, I do hope you get your camera working.


  220. The banging trick works! I’ve been carrying my PowerShot SD1000 in my purse and yeah, I could have protected it better but have never had any problems with it until now…
    Googled my problem and voila, I’m seemingly not the only one with the same problem.
    Thank you so much for the advice! This entire thread is just hilarious but in a cool way!

  221. SMACKING THE SIDE OF THE CAMERA WORKED!!! We’re getting ready for our friend’s wedding and were devastated when the camera stopped working…thanks so much for the help!

  222. I had this issue and I tried smacking it hard on the desk. It started to work but I ended up having more issues with the camera. I ended up going to camerasandparts.com and they were awesome. They installed a brand new lens and totally serviced up my Canon for almost nothing. If anyone here needs help, that site is amazing and they just specialize in these powershot’s. I’m just getting ready to send in my G9 that won’t power on anymore. I had such a great experience with them and my Canon is totally perfect again.

  223. Lens stuck open on Powershot SD1200IS:

    Banged it gently against the table. Note that it only began to work again when I smacked the lens side of the camera against the table. Hitting against the sides and bottom had no results.

  224. I banged mine once on the lens side, and it fixed it! Thank you!!!!

  225. this absolutely worked! Instead of a hard surface (for fear that it wouldn’t work and then if I had to take it to the shop and it would look like I dropped it) i smacked in on the palm of my hand very hard a few times….WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! Thank you so much!!

  226. fix ya didn’t help at all, don’t bother with the whackjobs on that site. The “bang the camera” advice does nothing for me but piss me off bigtime. It’s what a bunch of frigging rednecks would do. It also doesn’t work.

  227. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so true i have a canon 2 they are sooooooo rubish i have tried everything baging the life out of it, taking ot the battery and lots more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me its so fussssstratingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  228. I originally found this webstie 4 years ago and read with amusement, empathy and sympathy the experiences of the complaining party.
    Having taken the advise of smacking my 1000 on a table top, knee, board etc. I have had many instances of having to use this technique. In all instances I have simply followed the advise of others and have been very satisfied with the results. Two experiences of sending the camera back to the company taught me in a hurry this was not cost effective, frustrating and not necessary. I now detest any recommendations and literature printed by manufacturers in regards to their product.
    For those that are new to this website, just “breath”, rap the camera and keep on taking pictures.

    Don’t worry about the manufacturer and the manual.

  229. My new SD 870 IS camera lens didnt close and I couldnt focus It was very blurry ..So I tryed the banging technique and twisted the lens It took a few tries but IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU everyone for posting this info!! My camera is completely back to normal :)))

  230. This is fantastic… I hit it really hard and it came back to life!

  231. Banged it about 10 times. Works now! Thanks all

  232. wow- it worked! We’d tried compressed air, tapping it gently, and really pounding it on a granite countertop- no go. Then I identified the gap in the lens rings and pushed HARD where the gap was largest- I figured that the camera was ruined anyways, so why not give it one last effort. When I powered it back up, the lens extended out and it now works perfectly. Hooray! Great suggestions.

  233. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!! My SD1100 IS has been sitting in my closet for about 6 months…For some reason I bought a Rebel XSi and thought, what the hell…the SD1100 is junk. Banged the hell out of it with my palm…didnt work…did it on the table and BAM! It opened! Thanks guys!

  234. how can your post be from july 30, 2010 when it’s only dec 13, 2009?

    proof of space people!?!

  235. my camera broke while on my vacation,during this time the lens suddenly jammed its self or something because it says it has a lens error. what can i do to fix it.

  236. Have Cannon G9 Powershot–lens stuck half way out. Banged hard on palm of my hand. Good Lord it worked–making odd noise when closing. Will bring my Sony too for family Christmas pictures in case Cannon gives out again. Thanks so much

  237. I didn’t believe it. But it really worked. We’ll see how long the camera works for… THANKS

  238. I banged the camera against my hand and it fixed it!!!! Thank you!

  239. Received SD750 last Christmas from my children - not used all that much. This Christmas gave up on me with Lens error - Lens stayed open and wouldn’t retract. Pushed in hard and it finally retracted but would not come out again. Could not bring myself to hit it but when I read about the cost of fixing and hassle from dealers about returning, gave it a few good hits on a magazine. The lens came out. Amazing. Thanks everyone.

  240. Even I have a SD100 Powershot that was handled very carefully for over a year. A week ago suddenly the screen went black when you switch on the camera. everything seemed to work fine including recording the clicked images with date/time on to memory card except - the image was black. After 3 bangs it started working fine. On enquiring regarding this symptom, I later found that there is an inner lense shutter that somehow failed to open everytime the lens comes out. Reason explained to me was since i keep the camera in my belt pouch for long duration, oil went into its components through sweat. Well, I keep the camera in my handbag now.

  241. OMG, i dropped my camera last night, and i got the lens error message, and my canon g9 would not open all the way or close all the way, i was so depressed. this morning i went on this site, and decided, hey if its already broken, why not bang it around to see if it works. IT DID!!!!! im so happy, i can’t believe that it worked! i pretty much dropped it twice on a hard surface, and it works!!!!!!

  242. You rock - it works! I did try to donate but the link failed ….. :) Thanks!!!

  243. I cant’ believe it, but banging on my camera fixed the problem!! Crazy!!

  244. I bought my Canon Powershot SX 100IS about a year ago. It worked fine for a year. After that it lens cover won’t open fully. Initially, I thought that it could be due to batteries and replaced them, but it didn’t help. It seems that this problem is in many models of the Canon.

  245. I had a Canon Powershot G9 that had a lens error. I was referred to www.camerasandparts.com and I wound up using them to fix it! I just got my camera back and it’s totally like new. All Serviced too and it works amazing again. That’s a great site if you have a lens error problem on a canon camera. Good luck to everyone with this problem, I’m really glad I have my canon working again :)

  246. I have a Canon PowerShot SD600. It fell on the floor while the lens was extended. I got the “lens error, restart camera” message. While reading all of these comments, I thought people were being mean and said bang the **** out of it to damage the camera because it wasn’t their camera. Well, I thought I’d have to buy a new camera because no one will fix it for cheap. I took out the battery and memory card. Charged the battery for 10 minutes then put both back in. That didn’t solve the problem so I banged it on my palm. No good. Gradually I banged it on all sides of the camera on my palm and book. But remember to pressed the power button on after each bang to see if it worked. I got mad and started banging it with the lens facing down on my palm (gradually increasing the pressure of the bang). It retracted and extended. Then I started to lose hope and banged it even harder on my palm with lens facing down. I pressed the power button and BAM! It’s fixed ^_^ It took 30 minutes of hope and banging but now I’m so happy!

  247. Unbelievable! Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS…. best camera I ever had… but after only 8 mos got the lens error message. I’ve pried it open with fingernails for a couple of months. Now upon reading this string of posts believe I have fixed the problem by pressing gently but firmly on the uneven side of the lens. Thanks so much!

  248. Hurray.. Smacking worked for us on our SD1000 canon camera..

    We have given and did a last try before buying the new camera..

    Thanks.. it is working fine now..

  249. Amazing. I had sent our Powershot SD850 back for repair 2x while it was under warranty for exactly this problem. Now it’s out of warranty and Canon wanted $129 to fix it. I rapped the camera three times against my desk and voila — no more lens problem.

  250. I banged it, and it worked! Praise God!

  251. Wow, it worked with my sd1000 digital elph! I had tried everything, battery, warm, off and on, I hit the windowsill 3 times with my camera, not too hard as I didn’t want to break it, and what do you know, it turns on and works after with no “lens error, please restart camera”

  252. sd1000 bought in summer 2009 and december same year the damn thing not turning on, wtf, it is so expensive should work for a year or so. can anyone help me please?

  253. Cant believe this. Its actually true. Just banged my powershot AS1000 to the carpeted floor and it worked. No error!!!

  254. THANK YOU! It works now. It hadn’t been working for a few days - little did I know it was such an easy fix!

  255. Thank you all soooo much! I can’t believe that beating on my G9 would actually fix the lens problem…but it did…and I am so happy!
    I don’t know how long it will last…but hey…it’s working now! :)

    Thanks Again!!!!

  256. I can tell you from experience that beating the camera is the worst thing to do. I did that and my lens worked temporarily and now the flash has gone out only a couple of weeks later weeks. Pictures were getting blurry when I developed them and now my lens error is back. I’m getting mine serviced right by a shop. There are a lot of shops out there that do great work, my friend used www.camerasandparts.com and hers came back like new again. I’m using that shop based on her perfect experience but I checked online and there are many more shops out there. Get it done right rather than to have more problems later. Take it from someone who went through this, it just makes more problems when you beat and abuse the camera.

  257. You may be right that more issues may arise now, but I was kind of at the point that I didn’t want to put out over a hundred dollars to fix the thing. I was thinking I would rather just buy a new one. So hopefully I will get some time out of it still. I hope I get more than a couple of weeks. Time will tell! I think it’s good you posted your experience….for those who are considering having theirs fixed!

  258. I also used camerasandparts.com and mine came back cleaned and serviced and as good as can be. That’s the place to get help with this, Canon has a defect in these cameras as far as I’m concerned. For those who need help with a Canon Powershot problem, go with camerasandparts.com since this is all they do and they really do it well. I am completely satisfied with the way they took care of mine.

  259. Hello,
    I have Canon PSG9 digital still camera bought a year ago and apparently few days ago it fell off the shelf giving an error”Lens error please restart the camera”. I couldn’t think of anything but panic. The warranty period was also over so i thought of giving it to servicing center rather than trying out some stunts on the camera. Now the people from the servicing center says that the lens is damaged and i need to replace it for which it will cost around $200. i dont wanna put in that much and i regret for not going through this site earlier and not trying the so called “banging”technique. Do you’ll think i should get it back from them and try the banging stuff before spending $200? I’m so confused…don’t wanna spend $200. Please help.

  260. Don’t pay $200.00 just to fix the lens. By the way, that hitting thing won’t work on a G7 or G9, that’s mostly for the smaller powershots but if it even makes it work, it’s usually temporary and it does more bad to the camera than good. Have you tried camerasandparts.com for help with this? That’s the site that most people use for problems on these powershot cameras. They have a service package on their site and it’s only $89 for everything. With that, you don’t just get the repair, they do all the servicing for the camera too and the shipping back comes included. They also do that correction for the common no power problem that sometimes comes up on these G9’s. Try that site, they’re really great if you have a canon problem. Get it back from that other place and decline their repair, that’s too much when you can get it repaired and serviced for less than half of that elsewhere. good luck

  261. Thank you guys so much!!!! I was going to buy a new camera because my lens was stuck open but then I read this, turned the camera on and banged it twice and the lens went right back in! I’m so happy right now!!!

  262. Thanx Matt and the others for your suggestion….. i did decline them to go ahead and repair it. When i got it back from them i was surprised to find it working with a single bang on its side with my hand of course :) . The lens that was earlier jammed and wouldn’t go to and fro actually started working however it still showed that lens error before i could off it completely. With lil more power on and off that lens error also disappeared and i could actually take pics from it again. But as it is said good things dont lasts long. i actually broke the shutter during that hitting but I’m glad that there was no damage to the lens as per the canon service center. I was so disappointed that these people actually quote you a huge servicing amount even without checking out the actual problem. Few days ago i found another repair shop and they said there was some screw missing inside due to which the shutter isn’t working properly. I’m waiting for a final quote from him on the pricing though. But i hope it doesn’t end at $200.

  263. Thank you It really works

  264. Thanks, totally worked.

  265. Searched numberous things trying to find a something like this site and just happened on it. Glad I did. I just purchased an A630 on ebay. Seller said only problem is lens is stuck open. As soon as I get it I’ll try your fix.

  266. I have had the lens error problem twice now. The first time I took it in to a repair shop and they relaced a gear. They said that this can be caused by a particle of dirt in the gears. A couple of months later the problem hapened again. No success with banging the camera.

  267. I got a lens error while taking a picture. The lens was still out. I tried turning the camera on and off for an hour with no luck. However, once I found out that it wasn’t going to be covered under warranty anyway, I LITERALLY banged the bottom side of it on a counter (2 or 3 times). It worked!!!! Lens went back in, camera’s back to regularly scheduled programming: taking pictures successfully!

  268. OK - got camera I ordered on ebay. It would not power up and lens was stuck out. Tried the banging trick and it turned on and took one picture. Pushed button but would not turn off right away. AFter 10 sec or so it turned off but now will not turn back on. Tried the banging again but still won’t power up. Any suggestions?

  269. Holy moly…. I tried over and over again banging it on a table, floor, and into my hand. Lo and behold i did not give up after trying and trying it did not work. But, then I smack it on that lump by the button to take a picture against a wall about three whacks(not soft and not to hard) and whalla it opened up. Thanks for the advice. It actually works.

  270. For the guy that bought that camera on ebay, you should be able to return it to the ebay seller. If you can’t, go to www.camerasandparts.com for help with this. They’re excellent if you need help on a Canon Powershot, that’s just what they do. All the best with it, try that site if you get stuck, that’s where a lot of people go for help with these Canon Powershot’s.

  271. Yes its real. it worked for me after 5 years of my SD 400 working great, just stopped today for no reason. I take it to the beach alot, so maybe there is sand in it and it just got jammed. Banging the bajingo out of it on a phone book seems to be the way to go! good luck. and i laughed out loud when it worked.

  272. My 3 year old damaged my canon SD800 lens somehow. The lens won’t go back in place or come out properly. I could still see images that it was aimed at on the screen although they were blurry due to the lens issue. I get that lens error and it shut itself down within a few seconds of trying to so anything with it. When I beat it on my palm and then banged it once on the counter it stopped showing images all together. I’ve got nothing on the screen but blackness now. So banging it seems to have made it worse. Great.

  273. WoW! I banging my Canan SD1100 IS on the desk 3 times and it totally started work again! LOL! modern technology!

  274. You are not going to believe this…I had the lens error, restart camera. I followed your tonge in cheek comment about banging the camera on the table, and now the damn thing works. I cannot believe it. Thanks!!!!!!

  275. I agree completely with the author. I had a Canon PowerShot 10.0MP Digital Camera until one day i had accidentally dropped the camera from about a foot. I also had the lens error and only had the camera for a month before it broke. Defiantly a disappointment because Ive had other cameras that are very durable except for this canon

  276. Same lens error restart camera for my canon powershot and after debating ways of repair I also stumbled upon this site. And although greatly afraid to try this method after sitting here ticked for awhile decided to bang it softly against my leg and then my hand and then the table and after repeated angles and methods it did start to open and works as it did before. And I sat in my seat jaw-dropped and amazed that this actually worked.

    Even though I believe the camera stopped working was because I had gotten water in it from some prick in a parade shooting me with his water gun and after trying to fumble with it and dry the lens while a little drunk and dropping it open….

    but Im so relieved now. and only regret not trying this before, when I wanted to take more pictures.

  277. It sounds nuts, but tapping the camera against a hard surface after hitting the power button does work. I turned a coaster upside down on my table so that I could bang on the cork side to have a little cushion. I didn’t bang on the lens. Instead I tapped down the side of the camera to the left of the screen (as though you were looking at it to take a picture).

  278. Thanks to everyone who has posted here, when the lens on my PowerShot SD870 IS got stuck extended and open, I tried banging the base of the camera against the base of my hand a few times. It worked!

  279. Ha ha ha… I was trying to gently bang and push the lens of my canon sd1000 (it had stopped working for no reason!) when I got really really mad about having bought such a worthless piece of s**t! So I slammed the fu**er down with all my might on the table! Ans then it worked! Than you for the advice everybody!

  280. My PowerShot has been banged and dropped a number of times and worked fine. But the time that it sat in the case for over a month and worked fine before that, then it gives me the lens error message. I tried all kinds of things with the lens…holding them shut, open, wiggling them back in place, taking out the batteries, banging it against my hand, whatever. NOTHING worked. My son’s birthday party was today so I tried it again for the hell of it. Nothing. Took out the batteries and put them right back in (done that a million times) and suddenly, it’s working fine again. Great! I’ve missed a ton of priceless shots because my stupid camera wasn’t working. At least it is now, so I suppose I should shut up and be happy. Now I just gotta figure out why my other, older Cannon Power Shot turns red when I take pictures sometimes. Possessed maybe?

  281. This really works! My canon powershot just stopped working with “Lens error. restart camera.” I read this page and preceded to whack it againt my desk about 20 times. Just as I was going to give up I threw it hard on my kitchen floor and when I tried to retart it worked!!

  282. Whacking did not fix my 4 day out of warranty Canon Powershot 800 lens error so I took a chance and mailed it to www.camerasandparts.com and for about $80 and two weeks turn around I have it back and it is working great. Amazing customer service with this bunch. Highly recommend them if whacking doesn’t work for you!

  283. Banging it totally worked. Amazing. Let’s see how long it lasts now…

  284. ok this is just too funny. It worked, hit if firmly on the lens side. will see how long it keeps working. Feel like I’m in a cartoon.

  285. ok I take that back, it opened twice more but that is all. so I guess I’ll be looking for a new camera, good luck all.

  286. I am laughing right now because the bang the crap out of it solution actually worked. I had tried freezing the camera, taking the battery out and replacing, and some light taps without success.

    Banging the flat side hard onto a book did the trick.

  287. March 16, 2010

    I was at my child’s art show tonight and my PowerShot SD 750 had a lens issue. I took a photo then suddenly, it went black. Essentially, the eye stayed shut. I was pissed. So I came home and read all these posts. I’ve had to return cameras to Canon before and it pains me to do so because it’s so expensive. So I gave my camera a few whacks, on all sides, and lo and behold - it works again! Unreal! Thanks to all of you for your amazing technical support.

  288. wow this just happened to my canon powershot digital elph sd1100is also. I could not get it to work , it just kept flashing restart camer, lens error. Thank God for this site!
    Now it is working after I knocked it on the side on a table!

  289. Canon sucks!! This is the SECOND time the lense on my SD1000 has gotten stuck out. It is not getting fixed by banging it. What is a better camera to buy?

  290. My SD1000 just stopped working for some reason. Even when I have it in picture review mode (not supposed to try to open the lens on powering up) I get the error. I don’t think it’s really a lens error, basically a hardware error any there is only one internal error message in the stupid machine. Anyway, smacked it about 10 times hard against my granite countertop and it did the trick. Who knows how long this will last. Looking for a better point and shoot for sure.

  291. Wow freaken WOWZER! It does work! I pounded my canon on a hard kinda of protected surface and the dang lens is going and out! Wow

  292. but then again it messes up so I guess the problem is not totally fixed :( dammit :(

  293. barely tapped it against firm surface and it worked thanks :)

  294. Happened to my two year old SD1100 and I banged it, now it’s stuck closed.

  295. Tapping! Worked first time. THX!

  296. I’m so irritated and not at the camera but at those people at cameraandparts.com. Several on here recommended that place so I sent it there thinking I’d get it back as quickly as the other, about 2 weeks they all said. Well it’s been over a month and I haven’t seen my camera yet. I can’t even get them to give me a status update on it’s repair. I sent it to them on Februrary 22nd and I see that someone else on here sent theirs on March 1st and they already have theirs back!!!! Are you kidding me??? I’m so pissed off right now. I wanted my camera back for the Easter holiday now it looks like I’ll be stuck with an awful kodak disposable. :(

  297. I just found your website as I was on the PHONE taking pictures for Ebay and dropped my camera on the wood floor (1st time). At first there were all these striated lines and I thought I was done in for. I took the battery out and it worked…but when I would shut it down, I would get lense error. I banged the camera just a little on the desk and it is FINE NOW. HOW STRANGE!! Let’s hope it stays that way but I did manage to upload the 30 pics I was taking.

  298. I fixed my daughter’s Canon A460 using the most extreme method, #7. The lens was stuck almost all the way out and I had to force it in slightly, and it clicked onto its guides and then worked fine. Thanks for the tips.


  300. I had my coat on to take my POS PowerShot SD770 IS (Elph) to some repair shop, but decided right before leaving to google my issue first. So this came up, I read through it, thought it was a pretty good gag… but having even resorted to taking a tiny screwdriver and dismembering my entire camera (INSANE, I know), I was obviously willing to try anything. I was able to miraculously reassemble my camera after dismembering it (which by the way is a really DUMB idea and you shouldn’t try it, no matter how desperate you are, unless you know what you’re doing), and it continued to give me the “Lens error, restart camera” BS message. So I picked it up and walked over to my oak table, held it so the width side closest to the lens was facing down, gave it a good solid ten whacks and BOOM! It worked! YAY!

    So it did take me quite a few whacks before it started working again, so don’t give up hope. Whack the crap outta that sucker! WOOHOO!

  301. my dads blue canon sd1100 IS was having the whole lense issue… i think it had to do with it being left in the sand in the beach after a drunken friend of mine decided it’d be funny to put sand in all of our bags.. anyways i was really upset when i came home and discovered the lens error thing and kept restarting it, having no success. my birthday is coming up and im saving up for the cheapest canon rebel, and hearing that the repair for this problem could be as much as 100 bucks scared me cuz i need every dollar from my bday for my nearly 600 dollar camera.. anyways i banged it around and now it works! i didn’t think it would but it did and i am SOOO happy! thanks for the tip :)

  302. thanks a looooooooooooooootttttttt..banging wrks

  303. HITTING WORKS! My SD1000 was opened and wouldnt close… i banged the **** out of it… and vouila :-) works just fine! Not kidiing

  304. i got a PowerShot SX120, so far the banging thing isn’t working >:’(
    one good not, dont take camera to beach.
    never works again :(

  305. Had a PS 1000 with the lens stuck out for over a year could not get it to work. I bought a SD1100 now this one has the lens stuck in. After reading the post I took the 1000 and hit it on the side as it was trying to start. IT WORKED… Thanks you

  306. I followed the advice and tapped my SD 600 on the table, pushed on the lens housing and tried to pry it out, all to no avail. Then I tapped harder, then I pounded. I was just about to give up and rapped it one more time on the bottom and PRESTO! The lens came out and it works like new. Thank you!

  307. jesus. i actually tried it and banging it against a table works! still cant believe it!

  308. OMG I bought the canon at a grage sale for $10 and not sure what was wrong with it, came home and it had the lens error msg, found this website and i thought it was a joke but I banged the camera anyway and IT WORKS!!!! best $10 I spent!!!

  309. Beat the sh*t out of it and now it works, thanks for the primitive, yet effective approach! Nate smash!

  310. well i banged the living hell outta mine and after a desperate attempt to surgically save it with a screwdriver I banged it again and i am able to see through the view finder for about three seconds before it says lens error, restart camera. The lens is now stuck out unless I push it back in manually, but at this point i am willing to do anything to save this camera

  311. I FIXED IT YEA BABY!!!!!

  312. . I have Canon SD1000 with same problem” Lens error restart camera.”

  313. i threw my camera against my closet. it’s fixed!!

  314. So I’m in Thailand with my 1 month old Canon powershot D10 and while I was taking a picture (of eating french fries with chopsticks- love it!) it just stopped working and gave me the “Lens error” line.
    I was about to bang it on the table, but didn’t want to wake up my roommates- so I literally gave the camera a light high 5 and it’s up and running.
    No Joke.
    Good luck guys!

  315. oh my god, I totally thought I was going to break my camera, but after smacking it repeatedly against my desk and palm and shaking it vigorously, it finally works again! Stupid Canon. I was just taking pictures, didn’t drop it or anything, and the lens got stuff half-extended. I probably tried to restart it 50 times all to the same squeaky sounds and eventually “lens error, restart camera.” I thought my camera was totally screwed. Thank goodness I whacked some sense into it! Don’t give up - I almost did, but I’m so glad it fixed itself. Ugh, I’m never buying a Canon again.

  316. Mine had this problem sent it to Teleplan Camera Repair and they fixed it perfectly! So happy to have my camera back!
    then my daughter broke her camera and we sent it out to them too, great job! thanks

  317. I can’t believe banging works….but it did! I have both the Olympus and a HP…both had the same problem, the lens was stuck out. I was scared to hit either of them against a table, but figured I would give it a try. Presto, a few really good hits and the Olympus is now working like it should. I had to hit the HP a lot more, but finally got the lense to retract. The HP won’t zoom, so I am going to have to read up on that and see how I can remedy the situation.
    Thank you for the crazy suggestion! It works!! :o)

  318. i was just about ready to cry when this lens trouble couldn’t be fixed. how lucky to learn about banging it to get it back! BANG BANG and this time, you’re not dead! awesome advice right here for free! thank you all so much!!! really! we can send a man to the moon but……

  319. I was on an off road ride today, and went to take my first picture with my SD1100….I got the same message, “lens error, restart camera”….which I did, over and over to no avail. I took out the battery, tried again, nothing. So I came home, charged the battery, inserted it, and same message again. I Googled the problem and yours was the first in line. I got to the message about “banging the hell out of the camera” and laughed out loud! But as I laughed, I banged the living hell out of it on my desk, and VOILA! It works! I cleaned the lens well, and now it is working all the time. I always keep my camera in a case, and sometimes in a Ziplock, also, because it is exposed to sand and dust. I guess it finally had enough!! Thanks a lot!!! I appreciate it! LOL

  320. Holy Crap it worked!!!!!!! I really didn’t think it would work! This is the second one that failed on me!!! I am gonna try it on the other.

  321. Seriously… I took the back of an axe to it, banged it on wood, a metal desk and paver stones then a small screw driver into the lens opening while pressing the on button… and nothing… even attached it to my arm and windmilled my arm for a minute… then I came in to the house frustrated and ready to give up. Showed my wife, banged it on a metal stool twice and bingo… it opened up. Not it works fine… Crazy! Keep at it until it opens.

  322. Couldn’t believe it the lens was stuck open on my sd1000 hit it hard all over then got pissed and really hit it lcd side down damn lens retracted all is good all I can say slam that bitch on the table and make a believer out of it.

  323. Wow…that totally worked and saved me from buying a new camera. Wow!

  324. So i tried all the banging tips and that did not work BUT what i did, was i slid my finger nail around the lens (like those circles around it). i followed the circle with my fingernail (maybe getting anything that was jamming it up, out) and it worked! i recommend trying this before smashing your camera to death haha

  325. It is insane how many people have this problem, including me! Look at this website and all of the others regarding this Canon problem. We have tried the banging, fingernail, pulling, prying techniques and have had no success. Now I am just angry how Canon continues to produce equipment like this and rip people off. It’s not just with one model, but many. ANGRY because I loved my camera which was a gift and ANGRY this company is taking advantage of people. I do not have an anger problem (LOL) I just don’t like Canon anymore and will never buy their merchandise!

  326. Was literally getting ready to buy a new camera and just decided to check a few web sites to see if there were any ways to fix the error restart on my sd1000 and found this, banged my camera a few times on the counter and it actually worked!!! SO happy I didnt have to go blow $300 on a new camera!!!!

  327. My Cannon PowerShot D10 underwater camera worked perfectly for nearly a year, with several dives and frequent out of water usage until yesterday when the lens error msg appeared. Google brought up this thread and I just could not believe it until reading through about a dozen early postings. Battery out and SD card out, I gave it a good slap. Karamba… “fixed”.

    Reminds me of the way TVs were “fixed” 40 years ago… but it workes

  328. I couldn’t help adding my 2 cents. I about panicked when I got the lens error message. I had just replaced my broken SD750 with a new one. I just knew I was going to be spending a chunk of money either on repair or a new camera (again). After getting so much encouragement to knock my camera good, I decided to try it. IT WORKED! I banged it on my bare hand, and I’m so excited! By the way…what’s with the post above mine? Doesn’t the date seem a little odd since today is only May 24? I’m curious - what can Anonymous tell me about how my camera will behave tomorrow? And whether Canon will improve their customer service?

  329. I have a new SD1300. My camera has been out of commission for about a month maybe. I’ve read all the responses and tried every kinda of whacking a camera could take. After getting frustrated with it I left it alone for a little while (week or two). Then I again started to bang it against a note pad of paper a few times and then I pushed/pulled on the lens a little. Then slowly but surely it returned to acting normal. My camera is only a few months old, I’m very disappointed in Canon to say the least. Don’t be discouraged people, just keep messing with it without causing major damage if that’s possible. If not try your luck sending it in.

  330. OMG - It worked. I banged it on the table as I was reading this post…and the lens closed and reopened just fine. Just a couple of knocks on the table (not super hard)…but not light. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  331. do you bang it while the camera is turned on or off?

  332. Do you bang the camera while it’s turned on or off?

  333. i thought all of this was ridiculous and must have banged my Sd600 about 30 times with no success. Then i read the post that said she turned it on first and banged before the error message came up. Tried that and the first bang had the lens retracting (it was stuck open). That is fabulous! Thank you all.

  334. banging the **** out of it actually works. do it on a hard floor with carpet…SD780IS

  335. I have a cannon Power Shot A1000 and the lens was stuck open. I thought this solution (Bang the Crap out of it) was a joke, but instead of throwing it int he trash. I banged the bottom of the camera on my palm a few times, tried the power… a little life then it jammed. I repeated it and then it worked. Been working since I did this. Amazing

  336. I banged my canon SD850 around some, but what finally worked was more targeted:

    Tap the corner with the A/V/Digital outlet 4 or 5 times. I couldn’t believe it worked(!)

  337. My Canon Powershot SD780 IS stopped working last night… I was pissed. The lens was out, fully extended, and wouldn’t go back into the camera on shutdown. I got the lens error restart message too! I didn’t trust all the “bang the camera” advice but I gave up after trying a million restarts. Since my lens was out I gently tapped it on a table and it went back in! Camera is working perfect now! Thanks so much! Weird advice that worked!

  338. Wow… I read on other pages to solve the “Lens Error” problem by banging it against something hard… I used my hand and that didn’t work - So then I hit the bottom against my glass coffee table that had one piece of paper on it. I banged it about 3 times then turned it on and… SUCCESS! the lens opened! Weird solution!

    I didn’t bang the crap out of it, just a few gentle, but frustrated, knocks. i had the entire bottom of the camera hit against the table.

  339. I too came across the dreaded “lens error, restart camera” message. My kids had been using my camera (ages 15 & 9), so I just assumed it was something they did to it. I searched the Internet for a fix & came across this page. I tried the banging thing, which didn’t work for me. My husband finally fixed it in a totally different manner. This is what he did….. He hooked his fingernail under the lens (or should I say the black plastic covering over the lens that opens & closes) & then pulled gently. He turned the camera on at the same time. The combination of the motor starting up & him pulling the lens out, fixed the problem. He said his pull was gentle & after a little tug, the motor of the camera took over & opened up the rest of the way on it’s own. Hope this helps somebody out there. BTW, my camera is a Canon Powershot SX100 IS just in case that makes any difference.

  340. haha so apparently banging your camera works!! my canon had its lens out and wouldndt go back in everytime i turned it on.. it always said lens error restart camera.. then i read sum of these reviews that said to bang your camera.. so i tried it and it absolutly worked:) wuuu im happy now

  341. I have a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS that was stuck with the lens open and would only give me some error no matter what button sequence I tried (don’t have error written down). I tried hitting it hard against the palm of my hand a few times, and that worked!!! Thanks so much y’all, I was totally ready to buy a new camera, but it’s been working now for several weeks without a single glitch. Still one of the best cameras I’ve owned!

  342. SD1400 here. Lens stuck restart error. Banging it on a mousepad on the desk worked for me.

    this will be my first and last Canon point and shoot. It takes decent pics and OK video, but the camera is less than two months old, with less than 1000 pics on it. At $250, I expect better quality equipment than buying something and having to bang on it. Buyers beware…

  343. Holy Cats, Batman, it really does work!!! I read comment after comment after comment about banging my camera. I didn’t want to do it. I

  344. You guys are amazing! Totally worked for my Canon A550. I was nervous (like everyone else), but there it is. One thing - I was not certain “how to hit it” - I ended up banging on all the different sides and back face. Hit it hard enough against a carpet floor with a 6″ “swing” (6 inches above floor to strike the ground). I had to hit it with more force than I was comfortable with.

  345. Thanks for the instructions, but beating did not worked for me (SD1100), but I’ve read about someone using his finger nails to clean it. That did not work either, but gave me an idea to use a thin cutter (don’t know the exact english word) from my cheap toolbox (55PC HOME REPAIR TOOL SET #89042) and just slide it on the two circle openings.

    Now it works again :)

    Thanks again!

  346. Cannon powershot A 480…lens error, please restart. Tried the banging trick, about 15 times on a wooden shelf, lens side down, problem fixed !!! :)

  347. Tried the “pressing the wider side of the lens gap” suggestion. Worked!

  348. Thank you for this public service. My lens suddenly would not retract on my Canon SD750 PowerShot Digital Elph and I got a lens error, restart message on the screen. Out of the blue. I did not drop it. None of the troubleshooting helped. Canon’s website offered to repair for $109. But I can buy a new camera at B & H Photo for $150. So, as a last ditch effort before buying a new camera, I banged the crap out of it on the floor. Insto, presto. The lens retracted and the camera works.

  349. omg totally worked~~~ i have a canon powershot S3 IS and i banged it flat on the counter and then it opened, then i got error and i started over again and did it again and then took the batteries out and started all over again and it totally worked and i can zoom and everything again!! sure beats the $130 they wanted to look at it!!

  350. I am totally amazed and grateful! It worked - I did get a preliminary message that said “stop smacking the crap out of me!” but I figured that was just a ploy to get me to take the camera in for repair. Thanks to all of you for your very effective advice. I did have to turn it on and smack it before the error message showed for it to be effective. Cheers.

  351. I figured the camera was done…so why not try it. The lens would not come out and the error came on every time I turned it on. So I started out hitting it gently, then I went out to the garage and tried hitting it with a rubber mallet. I tried pressing on the lens as instructed above…nothing. I hit in on the floor…nothing. Then I read about hitting in on the couch. We have a “This End Up” couch made out of Yellow Pine…hard wood. I put it in the sleeve of a sweat shirt and banged the heck out of all sides of it…small dents even…nothing. I went for “broke” and really hit it hard. WOW…it worked! The lens just came on out and I like others laughed my self silly…I guess ya just gotta do it to believe it! I feel like the priviliged few! Thanks everybody!

  352. Worked just now for my Canon SX Digital Powershot….I didn’t exactly bash it. A few solid hits with the palm of my hand and the “lens error” went away. Crazy that such an expensive camera would be repaired this way!

  353. OMG. this website just saved my life. i’m on vacation in seattle with my brother right now. and everything is beautiful. and my camera lens got stuck for some reason (i thought it was because i got sand inside and it got stuck.) so i went on this website, and read all the reviews.. and pounded the hell out of my camera on anything i found in the hotel - the office chair, the desk. and i kept doing it, and scratched at the lens with my finger nails. IT FINALLY WORKED! the front cover of the camera almost came off, so i pushed it back in and turned the camera on and yesss. THANK YOU EVERYONEEEE!!!!

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  355. I would not have believed that banging the against a hard surface would work. It did!! First I tried to counter…not too hard. Nothing happened. Shook it in the air. Nothing happened. Then I smacked it against my hand a few times and it worked. Thanks for saving me time and money!!! Give it a try. You have nothing to lose!

  356. The banging thing didn’t work for me. Actually piece came off and can’t get it back on. I am so frustrated…. Piece of crap…..Canon you suck

  357. OMG! Was so upset about my camera not working and followed your advice. I banged it twice and it started right up, who would have guessed? I am shocked but very thankful!!!
    Tina :D xo

  358. I thought this was a joke but after seeing how many people tried this method and succeeded, I tried it. It worked! What the hell? Thanks!

  359. How funny! My lens was stuck open, so I was banging my camera against my desk as this site suggested and it wasn’t working. Then I saw the comment saying to bang the lens side against a hard surface, my first attempt caused the lens to retract! IT WORKS! Certainly cheaper than sending in for repairs or buying a new one! Makes me wonder if this is what Canon does to “fix” the problem!!

  360. Banging worked for me. However, I “banged” it with only moderate force, AND I banged it on my mouse pad (not the granite countertop). I banged it squarely (not on an edge) 2-3 times on the left, 2-3 times on the right, and 2-3 times on the front (the lens was retracted). I turned it on and it worked. However, I’m pretty sure there is sand or dust in there. I think that if you can get the lens to stay out, you might be able to use a tool to grab and remove the lens and clean it, but I’m not sure about that. Otherwise, here is a website that will sell you a new lens assembly for about $55: http://www.darntoothysam.com/products/Canon-PowerShot-SD1000-Camera-OEM-Lens-Assembly.html

  361. i have a canon sd750, i dropped in the sand as i was going to take a picture. i took the camera apart cleaned it, blew air in it and when i put it together i was still getting the same error. I tried everything, so i started banging it and it was it working for me. My lense was out so i grabbed the larger lens twisted clockwise and forced shut. I banged it all over, then i started banging it face down(lens part down) turned it on and it worked again. i was very happy!!!!!

  362. Add me to the list of satisfied camera slappers! I whacked my camera hard 5 times on a hard wood floor, and it started working again. This was after several days of trying every other fix that I could find. I had nothing to lose at this point. I’m amazed! Thanks for the tip.

  363. OMG!!! While on vacation my Canon Powershot Sd1100’s lens got stuck. I think it was because I had it in a purse that snapped closed. I remember closing the purse with the camera inside and hearing a cracking noise. i freaked out and immediately checked the contents of the bag only to find everything intact. Later on that day i discovered the issue with my camera. It may not be the best camera out there anymore but i LOVE LOVE LOVE my canon. So of course I was devastated. I already knew it would cost an arm and a leg to send it in to canon. I mean why on earth would i pay 100-200 dollars to fix a 268 dollar camera?! so I suffered through the rest of my vacation camera-less using my crappy phone camera as a replacement. A month later I’m back at home and decided to google. I clicked on this website and started reading. Like everyone else i thought the banging was BS and a joke. I was scared that after beating the pulp out of my camera(i had already tried dissecting but i got scared) i would breakdown and send it in to canon only for them to tell me I was the cause of the problem and charge be more for damage resulting from banging it. So I tried banging it to no avail. then i read about pressing on the lens. i tried that, still no luck. I resorted back to banging and TADAHH it worked!!! I’m soooooooooo happy. Thank you all immensely!!!!!

  364. I was abroad in China and couldn’t use my insurance to fix my camera. The “Lens Error, Restart your camera” continued popping up EVERY time I pressed the power button. My amazing friend found this site and told me about it… I was extremely hesitant to bang and abuse my camera! :(

    I hit my camera against a desk four times, once on the three sides and the front side (lens side). It opened!! :) Ta-Da!! Lol…

    The camera now makes a small noise when I turn the power on, but I can get it fixed through my insurance once I get back home. But now, at least I can take pictures of my last month traveling. Yay!

    Thanks everyone!

  365. I was taking pictures for a time-sensitive project, and the last thing I needed was that “lens error” message. WTF?? On my own initiative, I removed the battery, card, etc, all to no avail. How am I going to take these pics I need for tonite?? Panic-stricken, I found your thread and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I had always been taught that digital cameras were like newborn babies: sensitive creatures that should never be dropped or shaken. Against my better judgement, I gently rapped the camera on the table ledge. After four raps, the lens extended and I was back in business. What have you got to lose? Try it. Thank you for these posts, all of which encouraged me to try something that I never in a zillion years would have tried.

  366. Thank You! 2nd Canon Camera in less than 6 months this happended to, on my vacation to Martha’s Vineyard this past week. Never had a problem with any of my other Canon camera’s. I love the photo quality. Finally took the plunge and banged. Got it unstuck!

  367. Dang.
    My lens stays out.
    (btw; how cool is it that on 7.26.2010 we had someone from the near future post before me here)

  368. Ha! Just tried the banging trick as my lens on the SD 770 just stayed open for no reason. Seems to have worked. A total of 8 hits seemed to do the trick.

  369. If the banging trick doesn’t work, PixelsAndSuch.com has some good recommendations on who to buy your new digital camera from.

  370. Camera stuck in extended position. Read a guy’s comment about whacking the base on the palm of his hand repeatedly. My hand’s a little sore, but I think I’ll be ok. It worked. Thanks neanderthal repair shop!

  371. Banging worked for me — your website rocks. I started here: http://camerarepair.blogspot.com/ which suggested “tapping”. That didn’t work. I then came here and was inspired by: “banging the living hell out of the thing on a hard surface” I used my hands, faced the camera down, pressed the “on” button and banged it hard on my other hand, cupped to avoid hitting the lens area directly. After 5-6 hard blows it amazingly worked and the lens now opens and closes. Rock!

    Details: Canon SD700IS. Hiking in Zion Narrows, stepped into deep water hole which got water in my camera bag, camera stopped working altogether until it dried 24hrs later, lens wouldn’t open showing error “lens error. restart camera.” After trying 20-30 times, I finally opened up the camera cover but couldn’t find any way to tweak the lens. I started shopping for a new one then searched for the error message and came here.

    Many thanks!

  372. thanks that banging did work sjoe!!!

  373. Holy S! It worked.

  374. OH MY GOSH! my Canon SD1300 ELPH would NOT open.. well it was stuck about 1/4 of the way open, for no reason, pulled it out of my bag, and it was like that. It also had the ‘lens error’ message, and was making the beeping noise. I was scared because it’s pretty new. Tried taking out the battery, that’s worked before. Didnot work. Then, saw this, and tapped it against my desk some, MIRACLE WORKER! Thanks so much! ;D

  375. I thought it was stupid to hit your camera, but it actually worked, i smacked it on my hand like 4 times, and i turned it on and it worked perfectly. just try it:)

  376. After trying several milder solutions mentioned on other web sites to fix my lens error on my Cannon SD 1000, I gave it a hard hit on the desk and the lens retracted! I was worried that I would have to purchase a new one, thanks for the great tip and for saving me some $$$$.

  377. Unbelievable. This happened to my camera over a year ago and I’ve been at a loss what to do with it (I live a long way from anywhere so taking it to a camera repair shop was really not feasible and I’m pretty computer illiterate so it never occurred to me to do any online research - until my sister suggested very recently to do so and I found this site). Took me a bunch of banging my camera on my desk but what do you know? It worked! Thank you, everyone! (Note: I do have a different camera now - not a Canon - and will unfortunately be leery of using the Canon in the future.)

  378. I nearly fell out of my chair! I was devastated when my Cannon Powershot A60 ’s lens got stuck while extended.
    I took it all apart and was stupified at opening it even further (impossible)

    Smacked a few times on the top and then the bottom and then it worked!


  379. Bashing it worked!!!

  380. Banging worked for me too with a lens that was extended - Canon 85is. So grateful as I had got a quote for £120 to have it repaired in the UK and decided it wasn’t worth it. Was just going to have to dump the camera. Banged it pretty firmly on a wooden desk top - all sides! - and managed to manoeuvre the lens back in. It makes a slight grind as I open it now, but working!! So glad I found this website!
    Thank you!!

  381. Yup. I thought this was some sort of evil scam to get a lot of suckers to break their cameras, but after trying the paper trick, blowing on it, and everything else, I figured it was time for my camera and my dining room table to meet, multiple times, in an aggressive way. And it did in fact work! Thanks guys!!!

  382. my aunt gave me the canon Powershot SX100 IS as a gift, it was over a year since the camera stopped working the lens error message keep appearing everytime i turned it on. i quit on trying to get it fixed since it would just cost me a lot more stress and just decide to buy a new one. then just now when i read this stories, i thought what the hell ill give it a try, i banged d camera on my computer table and it worked! now its ok. tnx a lot!

  383. Time for Canon to add this to the manuals.

  384. Holy crap…it worked!!!! I banged it against the palm of my hand and the lens opened!!!!:) THANKS!!!!

  385. Seriously, this is bizzare!!!!! I banged the devil out the camera and miraculously it started working again. wtf??????

  386. okay.
    So i was about to plug in the camera,
    Then all of a sudden it started doing the lens error thing
    its not my camera its my moms and its her favorite thing.
    And i started freaking out.
    then i read this and i figured alright its already broken lets just try,

  387. Same here, sudden lens camera error on Powershot 210. Some gentle banging performed by my girlfriend’s palm of her hand on the screen made it go away. Very strange indeed.

    Just 5 months so guess guarantee should have covered it, but what if this happens again in a year and this gentle banging won’t succeed anymore?

  388. After banging moderately, and shaking it, my camera lens opened, but I noticed it was sticking most of the time it tired to open and close. While protecting the lens, and in the open position, I lightly sprayed WD 40 on the oval metal surface of the lens. It now opens and closes very smoothly. Just make sure you cover the lens with a soft material. I only sprayed a small amount to both sides of the metal surface..

  389. I need some help. I have a Canon 50D with a Tamron 28-80mm lens, and I just found out this morning that the lens won’t turn when you turn it to focus it.
    I have NEVER dropped the camera or any of my lenses, so I have no idea why all of a sudden it wont turn. It should of course, turn from 28mm–80mm, but it will only turn from 70mm–80mm.
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  390. Re Nelson Tamron Zoom
    Beat it

    Dust, grit is the culprit. Vacuum running nearby the beat zone may keep it out.

  391. We have had four of these little cameras, SD200, 2 SD400s, and and IXY 8MP (brought back from Japan comparable to SD1100). My wife has broken them all, but she simply loves them and has taken 10s of thousands of pictures with them.

    The last one was the last straw. She had been relegated to using her cell phone because I could not stand to buy another one. The IXY had the lens error, and sat in a drawer for 3 months. She was threatening to buy another for a big event we had coming up so I had to do something. I was just about to see if I could take it apart when I found this site.

    HOLY CRAP!!!! One good whack on the desk and it works again.


  392. I dropped my PowerShot SD790 on linoleum with the lens out. The entire lens ended up crooked, I managed to straighten it out, but it clicked so loudly that I thought I had snapped something inside of the camera. After 30 minutes of trying to coax the lens in and out hoping it would re-learn how to do it itself, I resorted to banging it. I started off gently: shaking it and then banging on my hand. Then I went for the couch. When none of this worked, I got on my floor and banged the front of it down on the rug. BAM. It starts making the normal lens sounds. This is magic. I wouldn’t resort to slamming it on the floor right away, work your way up, but this is definitely worth a shot if you’re on your last resort.


  394. I borrowed my dad’s camera for a school project. It worked fine all day and I deleted all of my stuff then set it on his desk. I tried to go take a picture later and I got the error message/ I tried banging the camera but I’m scared of breaking it . It’s not mine you see. Just how “hard” should I bang it?

  395. Oh my god, I was totally getting that lens error for weeks. Was just about to shell out a billion dollars for a new point and shoot when I figured I’d try the bang the hell out of it technique. Totally worked!

    Thank you so much!

  396. So jealous. Miraculous bang-the-crap-out-of-your-camera method is not working for me. :( So sad.

  397. had the same thing happen — just shook it in the air (strongly) and it worked. Thanks!

  398. Canon Powershot SX 200. Thanks for the banging it on the side suggestions–it worked for me too!! :)

    In Canon’s defense, I bought a Nikon for my real estate practice that cost $2000. I still use my Powershot–pics are amazing. I also lost the camera at a golf course which was later found, but utterly beat up. I sent into Canon who restored it completely. I panicked with this latest lens error issue, but glad to finally get it working….

  399. I was in England when my Canon started showing the lens error. I was searching online and saw your comments about hitting it and thought it was a joke. Well, we did start hitting it against the wall and sure enough it works again. The funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Thanks so much!

  400. My Canon PowerShot SX200 did the same thing, but I was finishing up a trip out west - dry and dusty. I open the lens flaps manually and nailed it with compressed air, then banged it on the desk. Whaddya know! It popped open, but does make a funny noise opening and closing. This advice was incredibly helpful -

  401. You all are so funny….but you saved my alot of $$$. Banged my camera on the counter and voila…lens came out! Thanks everyone!

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