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My Biggest Complaint About My Beer In A Bag

I’m forced to have my beer in a bag when I leave the store. They won’t give me the beer unless they put it in a bag.

If I pay for it and try to grab it real quick without a bag, they grab it simultaneously and stuff it in a bag.

If I tell them I don’t won’t a bag for the beer, they tell me they have to put it in a bag. Or what? Is there a beer-in-a-bag law? If there is, somebody should ask about that at the next youtube debate.

Get over it, America. Beer is what made this country great. Well… beer and the freedom to [insert freedom lover thing here]. So why are we hiding the beer?

I don’t need a bag for cigarettes. In fact, you would probably have to ask for a bag for cigs. You don’t have to have condoms in a bag or tampons for that matter. Beer is way lower on the shouldn’t be buying / should be embarrassed about buying scale as far those bagless items are concerned.

Give me my beer. Naked. I’m proud of it. I want to show it off.

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  1. I’m betting its the loss prevention people doing this. Somewhere in their infinite wisdom I’m sure they have come up with some scenario in which if they (the bear police) can’t see whats in the bag when you hand it to a minor your buying it for then they cannot go after you and the store has prevented loss. I’m not sure its that but I bet it is some really dumb dreamed up or even it happened once idea of some self righteous (Al Gore type) intellectual wennie.

    Here’s an Idea, next time you buy bear, stand and watch them put the bear in the bag with glee and joy. when the clerk is satisfied with his/her great bagging job grab your bag of bear, and gently slip it out of the bag hand the bag to the clerk thanking him/her for bagging your bear and walk out of the store with the bear unbagged!!!

  2. “beer-in-a-bag law”
    what a great complaint

  3. Yes! This one drives me nuts. I always ask them why and they give me some dance. I think it’s an urban legend propogated by the underground nation of convenience store clerks. Contrary to the glamorous and witty (irony intended) characters portrayed in “Clerks” the reality of the convenience store world is much more like a less-ambitioned bureacratic plodder, and bureacratic plodders loves-them-some rules that don’t make sense and impose meaningless restrictions on the general citizenry.

    I take it out of the bag and leave the bag behind. Sometimes they get mad, but mostly they just glare at me.

  4. Yeah bro, I just about punched this turd at the gas station earlier. He told me I would get in trouble if I didn’t stick it in a bag…

    I have asked a cop while I was drunk if it was illegal to not have a bag, and he said just don’t be walking around with the seal broken… DUR. Thats why there are OPEN CONTAINER LAWS, because that way they can tell if you are drinking it.

  5. Oh, and when I asked the cop about it I was buying whisky, and walked out with NO bag.

  6. this country is so ****ing retarded.

    do they bag your 18 pack when you walk out with it….NO

    lets stop being sheep. tell everyone to **** OFF

  7. Yes, there is some law that REQUIRES the gas station to bag your beer. If they don’t they can get a nice hefty fine. I’ve asked plenty of clerks why that law is, none know. So just take that bag they have to do it.

    But keep asking maybe one day you’ll find the one that know then you can spread the answers to the masses

  8. Ok so Dev, can you give a citation of that law and where it exists. Is it law or is it regulation. Is it state law, federal or local?

  9. Dev is not part of the solution. ;)

  10. by the way, in Israel, where you can drink anywhere legally, the clerks ask you
    if you want your unbagged beer opened for you on the way out. And if you bring them the empty they give you a discount on the next beer. Just sayin…..

  11. I’m a wasteful enough person as it is, but this is just retarded. The bitch at the counter actually threatened to call the cops on me tonight, because I was refusing to create trash. I put the bottle half in the bag walked out of the store, set my beer on the curb, walked back in, and threw the bag back on the counter. “Now reuse that.” Grrrrrr.

  12. I am a convenience store clerk, i put beer in bags simply because most customers want it in a bag. We have asked atf and they said it is not required although most customers believe it is a law. My state law is this… There is no state law or ABC regulation that requires you to put any alcoholic beverages in a bag. At this point though its a force of habit. Perhaps the law varies by state. You do need to understand that cashiers are hit with the fines and or jail time. This is paid by them not their employers.

  13. Its as bad as some asshole wanting to buy beer and doesnt have his id. I mean u want the beer or not, then show me the ****ing id. And dont get all pissy with me just because you are over 21. I dont care, its my damn job to ask for id, and i will do it because unless you plan on paying my fine when im arrested then dont be a ****ing idiot.

  14. Uh, melissa, you’re complaining on the wrong string. Seek out the ‘asshole wanting to buy beer and doesn’t have his ID’ thread, or start your own. In the meantime, I’m going to start a new one for ‘complaint hijackers really piss me off.’


  15. Aright, here’s the skinny. Having just gotten in an argument at another store in the chain I work at (plaid plaid pantry, oregon) and having previously checked the laws at the library, courthouse, and cops that have come in, I can assure you that at least in OR, there is no law enforcing this. The paper bag is for street drinking, because the cops can’t use it for probable cause.

  16. I just ran into this at a local grocer. I usually don’t like the excess bag, but I had a teen lecture me about how they have to. I should have told her about the numerous times that the graveyard shift has neglected that ‘rule’ when I was already three sheets to the wind. Needless to say I disrobed my ‘red stripe’ and disposed of my bag in their recepticle.

  17. its a branch off of the open container law. yes, i know its not open till its open.. but they say if you dont bag it, your intent is to drink it right away, as in: drinking in public, or drinking while driving.. therefore encouraging you to drink..lol! if the bag is on it (they feel) you will take it somewhere to drink instead of right away.. i didnt write the laws! another one of the B.S. things theyve come up with..grrr. i mean if a cop sees you walking out with a bare beer, he pretty much knows what your up to.
    -yay! budwieser!

  18. I work at a convenience store and when i took the job they told me it was the law to put any beer that isnt in a box (6-packs, singles) into a bag. Otherwise its considered an open container… i even once forgot to and the customer told me he once left without a bag and was immediately arrested leaving the store… i just joke around with customers saying the bag prevents drinking and driving because its impossible to take it out of the bag…customers laugh and ive never had a problem with it

  19. Yes, we have had this annoying issue. He have come up with two plans.
    Green plan:
    When we bring our own bags we will have one specifically for alcohol.
    Well labeled of course with all our favorite booze names and snappy comments.
    On the fly-gas station beer run:
    A pen/marker kindly ask for the bag for bagging yourself and proceed to write on the bag-(with the one eye that still can focus)”BOOZE” or whatever ^sshole remark I can think of at the time- or use their pen!

  20. pardon the typo- I meant”WE came up with two plans not ‘he have come up…” man I hate that!

  21. I also work at a grocery store, and no one seems to know the answer to this. I have asked all of the managers but none of them seem to know, and since I don’t like having my head bit off everytime I am trying my damndest to find out. I was also told when starting the job that you have to bag the alcohol although I think it was only if a customer had a single bottle. Like from a 6-pack for example or a 22oz. All I’m saying is that people need to have some understanding for us clerks, cause we don’t like it anymore than you do. We’re just trying to cover our own a**es as there are some potentially large fines and possible termination from our jobs involved. Or so we’ve been told.

  22. what state are you in i am having that problem in washington and the law was repealed 20 +years ago. so im fighting it here. but im curious what other states have this problem?
    thank you

  23. I understand your pain! It is infuriating to have a clerk stand there and argue over a damn bag. However in the state of Oregon there is absolutely NO law written in to the liquor commision of Oregon. I spoke with the OLCC office in Salem and the gentleman whom I spoke with reaffirmed this! Whether it will do any good to argue with the clerks when you tell them this, who knows!


  25. I had the same thoughts and checked. At least in North Carolina and Georgia, there’s no such law - just a widely held belief that there is. Ridiculous.


  26. how bout just paying for the beer get the bag and shut up and let the cashier do the job there told to,or just stop drinking

  27. Thanks, Kat. I’ll try that. You so smart.

  28. I have been going to the same store for 15 years. I live about 1/4 mile from the store. The cashier, who has been there one year, insisted on putting my beer in the bag. She actually ripped it from my hands. I told her I was going to throw the bag away she insisted that she had to, I mentioned the owner’s name and asked why, it was just the owner’s decision. I’m kinda mad at the cashier because she ripped it out of my hand, do I not have rights? I don’t like it when they act like they are judge and jury, You got ID? You are a clerk..selling product. You are not a trained police officer nor are you part of the ATF or liquor board or anything, you are just selling product. I think it gives clerks an inflated sense of authority which they don’t derserve.

  29. The owner sold me beer today and didn’t put it in a bag, thank you. I really hate it when cashiers get an inflated sense of ego. Oh we have to live by your rules because your running the cash register? It is our money that keeps you in business. The costumer is not always right, but the costumer deserves respect. Remember that when you’re at the unemployment office wondering why you got fired.

  30. And by the way, you sell the product. Don’t look down on people because they buy a product your selling. I don’t care if you do it… or like it, your a hypocrite. Get over it, a lot of us are of European decent, we are going to drink beer. They repealed prohibition.

  31. Next time, allow the cashier to place the beer in the bag. Once it’s in your hands remove beer from bag and throw the bag on the counter. If you don’t want a confrontation just throw the bag away once outside. You’re just going to go in the woods behind the store where you live and drink it anyway.

  32. Cashier at the big A in Milton WA,I have been told for the last 15 years that it is has to be in a bag if it is 6 pack cans 6 pack bottles 4 pack wine 4 pack wine coolers 22 24 40 oz bottles and cans.I was told that this was and still is a state law in WA state!!!!! I was trained to do it that way I will continue to do it that way until THEY FIRE ME!!!!! KMMFA

  33. Good job, Aaron! Keep up the good work, just as you’ve been told to do and trained to do.

    Hey, ever notice your name is similar to Aryan? Those guys were good followers, too!

    In case you missed the irony here, let me spell it out: you’re an idiot.

  34. Oh, name games!! I love this! Ok, me next…so, Greg your name is short for Gregory which comes from the Greek, gregorius, meaning watchful. So I’m guessing you’re a peeping tom and expert at the art of being a pervert. Greeks loved sports as well so you probably love football; and when you love football, you gotta love coaching it even more. There was some dude in the news awhile back, Sandusky, I think his name was…he coached football and enjoyed popping little boys’ balloon knots. Sound familiar? No? I’m sorry…you probably can’t hear me as your are inevitably in the shower with one of your young players massaging his sphincter with your little prick after the big game.

  35. Hey, look! We caught ourselves a troll!

  36. Just got on this thread because this just happened to me in a convenience store in a tiny Nebraska town. I walked into an empty store with a massive woman eating fries and drinking Monster and her boyfriend (I guess) who was the cashier at the rear of the store. He hopped up to man the register and I bought a sixer and some other stuff, which he rung up with the speed of a sloth, so I thought there would be no bag forthcoming. I put the other items in my purse and reached out to grab my six when he started to reach for a sack. I politely told him I didn’t need it when Jabba the Hut yelled ‘Ma’am!’ from the back of the store, like her boyfriend couldn’t tell me himself and I was going to run out with it. Sorry to bring weight into it - if she’d had an ugly mole, I’d be talking about that. Unnecessary rudeness is my BIGGEST COMPLAINT and I am a sober, always polite lady trying to buy a six (I was a bartender for 15 years and respect anyone selling alcohol). She had to have been watching me like a hawk while she chewed that pork tenderloin in order to interject when she did. Anyhoo, I asked if it was a state ordinance (never heard of it, but maybe it is) and they both said yes. Huh. In the course of my research I came across this site and loved it! BTW - my vote is with GREG - he is right on!!!

  37. So…i have worked in gas stations in AZ as well as WA, in AZ it is not a requirement by law to bag single cans of beer (although we were required by the store owners) which most customers understood and seldom bitches. In WA, i am of yet not certain if there is a law of not. What i do know is that my store does not push the bag issue and neither will i. I simply ask if ud like one and let u b on ur way. Now, weather or not this may one day bite me in the @$$ i do not care to know but in 7 years it has not yet been an issue. Come to my store guys, where we don’t care to argue or lie about “laws” to our customers.

  38. THERE IS NO LAW IN THE STATE OF ARIZONA THAT REQUIRES BEER TO BE BAGGED BEFORE IT LEAVES THE STORE. NONE. ZERO. NO LAW. Any clerk who tells you otherwise is mistaken. The owners of a store might have a policy that requires it but this still does not make it a law. My job requires me to occasionally serve samples of beer or wine and to do this I had to take a training program certified by the AZ Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. Same as a bartender. This is one of the things we learned. And here is another: you can’t get a “PWI” (pedaling while intoxicated) There is no such thing. You might get a ticket for public intoxication or something of that nature, which still sucks. “Wait, no, my brother’s friend…” No. He didn’t. Never happened.

  39. I live in Arkansas which also has no law about bagging beers. But most cashiers tell me it has to be bagged. I just say, “No, it doesn’t.” and take the beer out of the bag.
    Yesterday, I told a Walmart manager guy, “Look, its just a liquid, like Milk. Get over yourself.” He insisted that bagging beer is Walmart policy. I asked why and he just said, its a policy.
    I can’t explain why this bagging issue offends me so much, but it does.
    I need to get over myself, too.

  40. I work for a convience store and when i went threw training we were NEVER told this but a guy who works with me tell people this all the time and he even argued with me saying watch and see if there was a cop outside me and the customer would be arrested i would really like to know if this “bag law” is real in the state of florida im guessing no because that just sounds STUPID

  41. I also work at a convience store, we put all of our 6-pack and singels in bags….. if you dont like it find something beeter to do then drink all the time, get a life! If your realy pissing and whining about a bag your a douche! I am pretty positive there are more important issues to whine about! And on top of that your dam beer is NOT worth my JOB!

  42. dam when I am upset I cant spell, type too fast, so before any ass tries to correct me *convenience *better *really.

  43. Sheep are not supposed to question things that don’t make sense. You shouldn’t have to be a tree hugger to realize how wasteful it is. Maybe the timber industry is behind it. Ha!

  44. Actually yes…there is a law that requires alcohol to be placed in a bag. Usually if it’s a 6 pack or less, it’s considered an “open container” and must be placed in a bag. So, your sarcasm is ignorance. It’s a law in a lot of states.

  45. Also, to MANDIE. I work in a convenience store in the state of Florida…it was drilled in my head since day 1 to bag alcohol, as were all other trainees that I worked with afterwards. You were not trained properly.

  46. To Cheryl. It’s a law in a lot of states. Taking it out of the bag and saying “no it’s not” is simply rude. You don’t work at that job, who are you to tell someone what their job is? You’re the one who should get over yourself. It’s a law that the people at the job have to do, or they risk getting fired, fined or jailed. You’re just being a dick..for what? Because you don’t feel like carrying a small bag? That’s stupid.

  47. Tom, you may not be able to get a PWI, but you can get a DUI because technically you need a drivers license to operate ANY vehicle, even skateboards. So, if a cop wanted to, he could do that.

  48. To Josie. Your complaints about their weights are unnecessary. It is a law in a lot of states to bag alcohol. Coming across this website does not mean they are wrong. In fact, this thread is pretty much entirely wrong. It IS a law.

  49. To Greg. Again, it’s a law for it to be bagged. However, your so “clever” act of slipping the beer out of the bag isn’t at all. Once the beer has been placed in the bag, then the customer may do whatever they want with it. The law is it has to be placed in a bag, once the cashier has done that, they can no longer legally be held responsible if the beer then is out of the bag. That’s on you.

  50. To Travis. No, they don’t bag the 18 pack, because it’s in a closed container. Usually 6 backs or under, are in open containers of some sort, they have to be bagged. The bigger, closed boxes are already closed.

  51. To Bobby. It is not inflated sense of ego. It is law to bag the alcohol. Bagging beer isn’t disrespecting the customer in any way. In fact, they COULD be in the “unemployment office” if they DON’T bag that alcohol.

  52. To Greg again. Since when does following the law make someone an idiot? It’s a law. The people who work in those places do it to keep their jobs and not be fined or worse. Why should we risk that simply because you don’t feel like carrying a bag? That’s moreso selfish on your part.

  53. Wow Richie, maybe you couldn’t see my entire post from your position on your high horse, but my situation had more to do with the terrible rudeness of the fat asses working at that store. And yes, I will bring up their weight because it’s my only recourse. The woman gorging herself in the back of the store started yelling at me just for reaching for my beer. I unhanded it immediately. I didn’t once argue or behave rudely to them.
    Sweetie, I know ALL about losing your job for not complying with liquor laws. I was a bartender for 15 years (a kick ass, super friendly one). There are nicer ways to treat people.
    Main thing is to follow the law without taking yourself too seriously. When a customer questions a law, might work better to roll your eyes and say, “Yeah, it’s a stupid law, but we have to do it.” That way, you don’t look like an ass with an overblown sense of his job. Lets face it, Richie, it’s not like we are working for NASA or the CIA. But thanks for letting me enjoy your highhanded little snit this morning.!

  54. Sigh….I didn’t think this was still an issue, at least in the state of Oregon. After many hours of researching this, the OLCC states that they DO NOT have any law that states that beer must be put in a bag when purchasing it Here is the “Official website” for the OLCC blog on this. www.olcc.blog.blogspot.com. This comes directly from the proverbial “horses mouth” there is no law in Oregon that requires retailers to bag alcohol. Some stores may make it their policy but that is it. And if they do they should post it where customers can see it. Nothing is more annoying than to have some snotty clerk with their hand on their hip, shoving a bag at you and quoting “it’s the law”. For that matter in the city of Sweet Home it is NOT against the law to walk around the city limits with a beer in your hand. Open containers are allowed in the city limits as long as you are not intoxicated. True story..feel free to call the local P.D. and ask. So that would kinda make the “bag law” a mute point.

  55. Just a quick note, if you have trouble with that link on the blog, just google olcc to bag or not to bag and you will find the link.

  56. Ritchie, you are a moron. That is all.

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