Random: Complainers and Their Bad Grammar
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My Biggest Complaint About Moe’s Southwest Grill in Victor New York

Moe’s food is pretty good, but the management is another story. Bi-polar bosses are allowed to call out employees on their mistakes loudly in front of customers and co-workers. You can ask them to keep it private and they are allowed to tell you no. Why? (and I quote) ‘Because the mistake you made is probably being made by others too.” So why not just put it over the loudspeaker instead of music? It’s a sweat shop with age discrimination, harassment, verbal abuse, sexual comments from managers to teenage employees and customers, swearing (loudly), demoralizing statements, humiliation, lies about raises coming and the list goes on. I was even told by my boss that the 2 owners of the restaurant wanted me gone from the first day they saw me. Do you think it’s because I’m the oldest employee there? All this for $7.50 an hour! I’m not just venting on this one. I’m going to corporate because I could save future employees.

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