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Mexican Immigrants - How Many More Can We Take | My Biggest Complaint
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Random: Tata Indicom Broadband Internet Connection - Very Bad Quality
File your complaint now

My Biggest Complaint About Mexican Immigrants - How Many More Can We Take

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Every town in America is overrun with Mexicans. They take jobs, start gangs, commit crimes, don’t learn english, crowd the roads, bring down apartment complexes and take them over, cost tax payers thousands of dollars and so on. Can’t we do something?

My biggest complaint about the whole thing is I don’t know how many more Mexicans we are going to take.

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  1. You’re right man, I’m glad to see Native American Indians finally getting together and sticking up for themselves. After we get all the Mexicans back across the border we should refocus our energy on white people.

    What? You’re not Native American? You’ve got to be sh*tting me? How in the hell could anybody but a Native American have the right to say anything like this?

  2. “tonto” means stupid.

    tonto’s comment comports with this fact.

  3. I hope a Mexican takes your job so that you can’t afford internet access any more.

  4. I think our poster is refering to illegal immigrants, but on the other hand the poster did not mention the houses these people build, the motels they clean, the businesses they start oh yeah he did he siad they take our jobs away. Native american, mexican, white, black or whatever you may happen to be and if your legally in america you should be proud and protective of your country. You should hold the belief that we need to protect our borders and our jobs and our economy for the sake of ALL of the good american citizens and residents and not open our borders for a free for all takeover.

  5. I think it’s ironic when people talk about how the “Mexicans” are taking everybody’s jobs, as if the Mexicans are taking the really good high paying jobs. My experience is that the people that usually say these sorts of things are fat lazy racist white people, who don’t have jobs because they are too lazy to work or to work hard enough to get promoted. They complain because the Mexicans are willing to take the jobs that they feel are beneath them. So they do nothing or what they do, they don’t do well. Ironic.

    When is the last time you went into a hospital, or lawyers office, or university and saw a bunch of Mexican doctors, lawyers, and professors? Whew boy, let me tell you, the last time i went to my doctors office, none of the doctors even spoke English. Phew, Congress, where are you going to find a white guy around there. Dang nappit, the problem with this country is that all the Mexicans are tenured college professors……..

  6. Actually there is a dentist in my hometown who happens to be Mexican. There are a lot of very affluent wealthy hard working educated and intelligent Mexican people. It is not only mexicans but our borders in general if we open our country as a free for all then we will have more than just problems.

    sounds like your the racisit robby! We are in America we are Americans (no matter our race) don’t like leave!

  7. [quote]Actually there is a dentist in my hometown who happens to be Mexican. There are a lot of very affluent wealthy hard working educated and intelligent Mexican people. It is not only mexicans but our borders in general if we open our country as a free for all then we will have more than just problems.

    sounds like your the racisit robby! We are in America we are Americans (no matter our race) don’t like leave![/quote]

    Are there some Mexicans that are well off? Of course there are. And there are hard working educated Latinos in most classes. The original complaint was clearly anti-Mexicans and were describing Mexicans that were much different those you or I mentioned. If you are arguing that the jobs most mexicans take are white collar ones, then I’m afraid its just not supported by the facts.

    I don’t want anybody to leave, including myself. There is a difference between dialog that supports sound immigration policy and that which is clearly racist.

  8. Ok point taken and agreed most jobs illegal immigrants are taking are not white collar jobs but hey white collar jobs are not the only Good jobs out there.

    My real argument is that I see this complaint as somewhat mispoken as anti-mexican when in reality it seems to me anit Illegal imigrant. (most of which happen to be mexican due mostly to geography). And yes people who migrat to this country illegally do take jobs and use taxpayer resources. (some of those jobs are those which our fathers and grandfathers were not too proud to do and in many cases our fathers and children are quite content with today). Yes illegals do occupy many of these jobs, yes many americans do not want to do these jobs, however many americans do hold these jobs.

    Now the real meat of the issue being a free market economy as we are in the USA these jobs are filled with the so to speak lowest bidder. This does two things it lowers cost to the business owners and may even lower final cost of products such as milk, houses etc. This increases profit for the business owners and may lower costs to consumers sounds good right? Well not allways take walmart for example if they sell so much cheaper than everyone else that everyone shops there and others go out of business then eventually everyone works for walmart and are paid what walmart wants to pay!

    Cheap is never the best, and low cost is not allways the most prosperous approach.

    (yes re-reading the original post is does appear very racist and appears to blame societal decay on a race and does fail to address the real issues and problems. which is see as highly permeable borders, and bad parenting … ok another topic…)

  9. Not all jobs done by Mexicans are cheap labor jobs. We hire Mexicans at the same rate of pay as others and we hope that all of them are legal as they show us their information and we can only hope that it is really theirs. Alot of other races don’t want to do menial work and therefore are giving the jobs over to the Mexicans. The one new law that is being passed or is passed is the one that fines the employers for hiring illegals. This one ticks me off because the Government is THE largest employer of illegals, especially in security areas. If they cannot tell by documentation that they are illegal how are we suppose to know if documents are false? I don’t have a problem with Mexicans if they are legal. But I do have a problem with a government that keeps trying to figure out a way to deal with illegals.
    The word ILLEGAL should say it all, its against the Law, so why do they have to figure out how to deal with them. Does not matter what country you are from , if illegal is in front of your name, out you go or to jail you go. How hard is that? From every service illegals have, from health care, education, Credit Cards , all of it, eventually comes back to the taxpayers in covering the costs. Forget all of this and try to wrap your brain around security, If hundreds of thousands of illegals
    can come into this country and achieve residency and drivers liscences etc, why the hell do we have a special branch called homeland security? I don”t feel real secure.

  10. You summed it up very well Dee, and I couldnt agree more.

  11. I am writing a research paper on the subject of whether illegal immigration exists. Thats right. My main argument is that the United States was founded by illegal immigrants. Have any of you over-opinionated people heard of the Wampanoag contracts that William Bradford signed in March of 1621? Why don’t you get off your fat asses and google it and get some real facts, not opinions.

  12. Have you ever heard of the word Hoax or conspiracy (michael more). It is not likely that an Indian tribe of nearly 400 years ago had the language skills to negotiate such a treaty with someone of European origin. I suppose you would rather go back to the days of bow and arrow, famine and disease.

    There are so many facts as you say get some real facts (student in high school) that need to be asertained. The real argument is not one of the 1600’s it is one of today which has nothing to do with anything 400 years ago.

    Ok so lets even assume that the USA was founded by illegal immigrants, well they overcame and now have their own body of laws which rule today. So I say it to you the current illegals must either overcome and overtake make their own laws or abide by ours.

    Oh and I ask again why are you liberal types so quick to use foul language and rhyms in your arguments?

  13. Hye yeah juju your right why do those liberal types so quickly use foul languge in their arguments and “homy” we start with the unintelligible slang.

    I suppose the alleged contract with the indians read somewhat less intelligable then my little example below….

    I homy of the first part do by the essence of this spice peace bro with the homy of the second part!

  14. do any of you know why most illegal immigrants are even here, they are here because their homes before they came the united states had no roofs or no running water. they came from nothing to the united states, breaking the law while they did it, to try and find a better life for their family. most are only here to help their familes, and most human beings would do anything for their families, at least a man would.

  15. some of this comments are so stupid…and hey ppl listen up this is the united states not america! america is the continent not this country…nwys..hey people listen up, when u say that this “mexicans” use up the taxpayers money..well guess wut! u wrong!
    ……For those people who like to assume that illegal immigrants use federal services without paying any taxes I am afraid they are very wrong, they actually pay for benefits they are not entitled to receive or some even pay for it without even know in it. I don’t know if people think that most illegal immigrants get paid cash, well it’s not true, these people get paid with checks which already get deducted for taxes, and when they go cash their checks they get charged an amount since they don’t have a bank account, so this is their way of paying taxes, but they get nothing back like I do when the government deducts my wage from each check I get.

    This are not the only ways that people pay taxes, some people even have an IRS number because they are required to get one, and they pay their taxes just like any other person in this country. Illegal immigrants contribute to the economy by buying goods and services such as, food, cars, and houses, they get haircuts, go to restaurants, and similar things. There are illegal immigrants that start their own companies, and probably go through a harder procedure to legally start one because of their status.

  16. yo, these immigrants need to go. if they close the border than that means no access what makes them special. nd yet they have the chocolate ballsto cry how they dont hav a drives liscence. well go get naturalized of get the hell out of here. ur not wanted here. if u really want to be here, then devout your life to be here. study and take the test like everyone else. just cuz ur mexican or chinese or ethiopian or w/e ur choice is, dont mean u get special privilages. so eiter deal wit the rules or get the hell out. dont make american start speakin spanish when this is our country. now im fine with the legal immigrants im proud of what they’ve dont congrats. but u guys get all the rap for the dumb ones who are actin redicuous. if we dont fix it son those bastards will over rule us. i can c it now.

  17. all immigrants need to go home, if they disagree the just shoot them who cares. nobody wants them thats y their here illegally. if somethings not done soon, i hope that all get a disease and die. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY BITCHES, GET THE HELL OUT. (i lov all registereed immigrants. thnx for everything. u tought me alot)

  18. @Juan, Yes we all know exactly why the illegals are here. Most of them yes cuz they are searching for a better life. So why not start the better life out right and legally….. Yeah they have no roofs no water no medicine in Mexico (or w/e they may be from) and look at em here. You go look at the communities occupied by these people they are the same! You give em good quality and they ruin it thats why they can’t make it their own country and is the same reason they cry here. You wanna argue this point Ill even give you one example the Mexican bologna they import this stuff unrefrigerated from unregulated factories illegally by the truck load. If this is the behavior that you think made this country great you are so sadly mistaken. This helps no one and hurt everyone.

    @Ariel Hey your right this is the USA It is also America but of course your right America encompasses much more Canada, Mexico, etc.
    Now for you saying illegals don’t consume taxpayer resources your are flat wrong! I will say to you what I say to everyone who posses a profoundly incorrect position where are your sources. (documented, verifiable sources). first lets start with what the border patrol costs us without these river crossing illegals we would have no need for the border patrol just the proposed fence is going to cost us nearly 50 billion dollars - 55k -
    Medical care these illegals seek and not pay for cost us how much? Just in california it is nearly 1 and 1/2 billion dollars and you add education, incarceration, to that it rockets off to over 10 billion.

    And guess what there is not one employer who is willing to spend the money on fines and the time in jail that deducting taxes from an illegals wage would be sure to get him. Yeah if you as an employer hire an illegal you can get in big big trouble while the illegal goes free. This is why there is not going to be any tax money reported on this guys check!


    and hello mcfly anybody home there? anyone who cashes a check without an account equally gets charged at most banks…..this is not a tax it is a fee charged for a service just like if you were to got to the laundry you think they let you wash your cloths for free just cuz you don’t have a washer at home?

    And its not the government who deducts from your check its your employer and your employer has to pay the government for the privilege of you working for him and in your name!

    IRS numbers what the hell is an IRS number?

    and yes they contribute to our economy by buying illegally imported Mexican bologna from Mexico. They send their money back to Mexico to help support their relatives back their, and have you seen the carnicerias and other specialty markets? How much of the product is from the USA? Anyway they are a long ways from making a major contribution to our economy, with the possible exception fo driving labor prices down! (which by the way is not unnecessarily good for our economy)
    and when they start their companies yeah they go thru a harder time NOT cus they are illegal and cannot start a company so they do it illegally and therefore have to follow none of the rules the rest of us do.

    Now go get your facts real ones (with real sources) not imagined ones and come back so we can have an intelligent debate.

  19. No, no……… now really:
    How can a nation (If you can call it that) who has this much natural resources be in such poverty?
    Mexi People follow their government and raise them self up against the White population in the US. They always act in packs to infiltrate and destroy civilized areas to breed and advance.
    Now I am not just making this up, if you invetigate the US Mexi border zone which is totally infested by mexis now has the economic thruput and the lowest per capita income in the US.
    At the same time mexis infiltrate major industrial metropoles

  20. @ Mark

    “IRS numbers what the hell is an IRS number?”

    hmm.. just thought you’d like to follow my link since you were so quick to judge and insult Ariel and in your attempt didnt even get all the information before throwing an angry question like the one you did out there.

    i googled IRS number and it was hardly if at all difficult to find this link. i thought you would like to read closely the last line, it will answer your question..

    oh and i think you’re to quick to draw generalizations about what illegals chose to eat. it would be ignorant to think that all they purchase are illegal imported foods and that those are the only expenses they have. it would be more ignorant to accept that though most send money back to mexico to help out their families that they do not have to spend money here on everyday expenses as Ariel mentioned. Sources are usually used when the information is largely in question. I don’t understand what is questionable about admitting that everyone, even illegals have to pay for things to survive here in the economy. Just because they are illegal you cannot assume everything they purchase is illegal and not contributing to the economy. Finally,

    “Anyway they are a long ways from making a major contribution to our economy, with the possible exception fo driving labor prices down! (which by the way is not unnecessarily good for our economy)”

    according to you? or who? where are your sources? you want to talk about sources, well then use them yourself. unless you have some notable degree in economics, i doubt you have the authority to make such judgement

  21. just thought to reply…but if u want to get sources..u might want to get official sourcers, not wikipidea…that is not necessarily correct…i didnt even bother to check it out, now i did do my research becuase i wrote a 10page paper on this subject which was my final exam. not only that but i know many, many people who are here illegally and they pay taxes just like any other person who is here legally.

  22. one more thing, when they say that these people lower the wages, its kind of hippocrate because people like to get their groceries for a low price, and why do you think groceries are sold at a price that all of us can afford? because they pay them less, now think if they did get rid of all these people, all registered immigrants and citizens would ask for higher wages which would make things more expensive.

  23. @Ana
    Ok followed your link because I do want to know what an IRS number is..

    I found. A Tax Identification Number TIN is an identifying number assigned by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service.) It can also be called an EIN (Employer Identification Number or a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number. The terms FEIN, EIN, or TIN can be used interchangeably.

    ok so where does IRS number come in here? just cuz its assigned by the irs doesn’t make it an IRS Number it is a TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number.

    Ana it sounds like you need to read a bit more carefully or take some lessons in reading comprehension becuase you took nearly everything in my post out context,

    Owell eat bologna and die of lysteriosis I don’t care! But will the mother of your children?

    @Ariel you hit on my point exactly the illegals drive labor costs down house prices literally across the board cheap labor prices bring us things much cheaper.. and yes I agree while wikipedia is a good research tool its reliability is questionable at best.

  24. @mark

    Okay whether she had the name right or not, you as well as I know that that was she was referring to “FEIN, EIN, or TIN” . If I could google, literally, “IRS number” and it directed me to this link and many others that explain these different numbers, its only obvious that this is what she meant when she wrote “IRS number”. You were trying to deny such a number and whatever she claimed that assigned number would be used for and are now trying to claim, (in correcting my directed link and loose usage of “IRS number”) that all along you meant to call her out on the incorrect label for that number.

    and there you go again, before being able to even refute the ways in which i “took out of context your statements”, you insulted me by trying to question my reading comprehension. I think you are too quick to judge others, and honestly it makes me hesitant to accept anything you have to say on the matter as you would probably be too quick to judge illegal immigrants as merely “mexicans hurting our economy” with not enough evidence or understanding.

    I really do not understand how you can claim i took your statements out of context when one of your points in writing

    “and have you seen the carnicerias and other specialty markets? How much of the product is from the USA?”

    “yes they contribute to our economy by buying illegally imported Mexican bologna from Mexico”

    is obviously stated in such a way to make the reader answer, “not much of the product is from the USA” and so they (illegals) DO NOT contribute much or even at all to the economy. your second quote is also meant to state that this is the only way they “would” contribute to the US, buying foods that really aren’t from the US so in the end they are once again proven not to be contributing to our economy…

    i didnt make remarks about your other points because, honestly, you have some reason, but I am insulted that you would make such statements, the ones I addressed, and expect me and any other reader to be ignorant and accept your claims without really thinking about what you just said. I found a few faults in your statements and instead of correcting (even clarifying) yourself you insulted me.

  25. …about the “IRS number” Ana, i did not bother research that which is why i did not know what the correct name was, but i decided to write this without researching it because i know people that pay their taxes like this, irs number was just a name that i came up with it. But hey thanks for doing the research for me, you proved that i was right…and that there is such thing. Now, im not going to insult you becuase i dont want to go down to your level and rely on insults.

  26. my earlier comment goes to mark…not ana…

  27. @Ana Ok so maybe she called it the wrong thing but no I had no idea that she was referring to a TIN or EIN, These id numbers were not developed to allow illegal aliens to pay their taxes which you would know if you had bothered to read the reference you had posted. It turns out that illegals who somehow have gotten a TIN can pay taxes (not income taxes) thru this number. An EIN is the number an employer has to have before they can legally hire employees. A TIN is a number issued to sole proprietor businesses who do not typically employee others but hire out their services as contract labor. This allows the company hiring the business to deduct the amount paid as contract labor and not as a salary. So these numbers really are misused if the context Ariel talks about them in. IRS number or whatever label you want to give them!

    Why did I not refute the out of context well quite frankly I don’t have the time to bother with it Sorry. Just as another generalization as you say I do. My writings are very concise very simple to the point (full of grammer and spelling errors) but contain a high degree of sarcasm. You have you ever heard the term illustrating absurdity by being absurd?

    How do the specifically illegal Mexican immigrants hurt our economy I think I have clearly stated above but in a nutshell they drive our prices down. When we have a group of people who either will not work (not the illegals they are some of the hardest working people on earth) or people who are willing to by choice or necessity to work for very low or lower then normal wages. This creates an inequitable distribution of wealth and creates an underclass who must use in excess public services (if they are illegals then they are illegally using these services). This make the rest of us pay for it and drives our medical cost up it drives up our taxes. Look at the Dominican republic and Haiti the same sort of problem exists with the illegal Haitians entering the Dominican.

    So Ana when something seems out of place absurd or whatnot when I write it you must take it as such. This is how you took my writings out of context.

    So if you want to pick on the fact there a handful of illegal aliens (from where ever) that are by some quirk of the system paying taxes then I have the some pass to pick on the carnicerias who’s purpose are specifically to sell Mexican products.

    The bologna is the same thing but is a truly huge problem in the USA
    Google this to learn more illegal Mexican bologna or check out this link…

    Health officials are disposing of tons of this stuff a year and it is estimated that only about 2% is ever found.

    And just one more comment concerning

    Ana said,
    “honestly it makes me hesitant to accept anything you have to say on the matter ”

    Ana, you shouldn’t accept anything anyone says as matter of fact without going out and doing your research. That is why I’m so adamant on always saying where is your source.

  28. @ mark

    I really appreciate your time to write it out the way it really was.
    I didnt mean to sound too critical or mean, but I am glad you made yourself clear and I can say that I agree with many of your points.


  29. Here are the facts behind illegal immigration:

    Most Mexicans come here to make more money and to have a better life. Don’t judge an entire nation based off of a few jerks who come here to kill, rape, and milk the system. If I were to judge America based off of what I see, I would have to call Americans lazy. Oh, and all the women are sluts as well. (Ever seen Baywatch? Now what kind of image does that show send to other nations in the world? Which, in fact, at one time, it was the most watched show in the Middle East. Yes, it is true. Look it up.)

    Mexicans pay taxes. Very few are paid under the table. They receive checks just like everybody else and pay taxes just like everybody else. Allowing them to have an ITIN number allows them to file taxes legally and be law abiding “citizens” of the United States.

    If you go against illegal immigration, then you are going against the very basis of this country. When did the Native Americans (who this land clearly belonged to before the Europeans started murdering and abusing them) ask the members of the Mayflower for papers? They should have and sent them back home if they didn’t have them. It is only fair, after all.

    Illegal immigration “is”, in fact, a business. Ever heard of privately owned prisons in the United States that receive billions of dollars a year from the government to house illegal immigrants? They encourage them to cross illegally so that they can make even more money. The illegal sits in jail for years with no trial and awaiting for deportation. The private prisons get paid for every inmate they have, so the longer they stay there, the better.

    It is not easy to obtain a visa from the mexican consulate. In order to apply, you have to pay a huge amount of pesos and risk being rejected. Instead of wasting 1,500 pesos, they cross illegally. Look around you when you see Mexican tourists - MOST of them are very wealthy who are rewarded travel visas because they are rich and the government knew they had a reason to come back to Mexico.

    The politicians DO NOT WANT to solve the illegal immigration crisis. If they did so, then they would have no platform to stand on in order to run for office. The problem hepls their political career. They all stand on their soap boxes offering to solve the problem but they never will. It is a game in which our government will always win.

    The government wants illegal immigrants so that we can pay them less. Pay a white guy $10.00 an hour but pay an illegal $8.00 an hour for the same job. Companies know that the illegal does not have enough money to hire an attorney to fight their rights. They just want food on the table.

    These are the facts of the case. Argue with them all you want to but is the way it is and, as long as the government makes money off of them, it will never change.

  30. Educate yourself about the Corrections Corporation of America:

    Also note that this place is funded by the United States Government.

  31. could not agree anymore with CollegeGal, only thing i wanted to add was to include all other illegal immigrants not only mexicans.

  32. i think that there is nothing wrong with illegal immirgrants. because we dont know what is going on in there country.and what type of problems they have.most of them have many children and dont have good jobs to support them. so they come to the u.s looking for support. they need something or someone to help them.

  33. Whos fault is it that they have many children. Good God this is why we don’t want them here cuz they don’t have the responsibility to keep it in their pants in their own country and produce kids like breading rats and can’t afford them! So lets make it the problem of the United States because these people can’t practice a little restraint and their religion forbids birth control and they just don’t want to use BC. Ok heres some help drop a plan loads of condoms on them!!!

  34. ******A lot of opinions, a lot of overreacting opinions**** I must ask the audience a question: Does any of you own your own business? If so, you would know what a “send them all bastards back” policy would do to you. For all the others, and with all due respect I ask: Do you understand now why most of the world dislike americans?. **By the way, I don’t live in the States and I am not Mexican or illegal immigrant, but if I were, I would be proud to be contributing to the society I ‘d be living in.

  35. @ mao fab yes we know our business. Yes a send them all back policy would 1. free up services for our legal citizens. 2. it would increase the cost of labor bringing back free market approach to the labor market. 3. It would reduce the influx of cheap products (houses) in the American market. 4. It would give employment to many Americans who need it. 5 It would open up new channels for people to legally immigrate here to help fill labor demands. 6. it would increase the tax bases for hour towns, cities, counties and federal government. 7. it would once and for all end the debate. 8. it would force politicians to run on issues and not try to buy votes of people here illegally by making them legal. 9. it would make this thread on my biggest complaint a lot less interesting. 10 it would send a clear message to the world America (USA) is still #1 and we will not let ourselves be overrun or overtaken. 11 it would secure our borders without question 12 because the borders would be secure it would increase the safety of our citizens and decrease the cost of our defense.

    Yes of course we understand why most of the world dislike us. Its very simple. We have what everyone else wants. Thats why they all want to come here. It is very simple if you do something have something or know something then someone will try to take it away from you. ?That is why we are hated because we have know and do what everyone wants and they know they can’t get it from us so they do the next best thing they hate us!. I other words they are jealous of what we have.

    People proud to contribute to our society is what we need, not people who are here because they can get more from our society than they can from their country of origin.

  36. @ mark
    Ignorance is bliss, someone said.. IF the 12 points you are describing are true, then ALL your problems are solved, just by getting rid of the Mexicans. RUBBISH!!, the kind of trash one would hear in CNN all day. How great America is. how everybody wants what you have. The American dream, yadda yadda yaddda.. I bet you have never been out of your own state in your life to see the real world.
    I am sorry to wake you up, but the states DOES NOT have what everybody wants. Some countries have what the US wants, rather.

    OIL my friend.

    Let me try to be explicit and describe why in my perspective, most of the world hates the US.
    (America is the continent from Argentina to Alaska, not only the US in case you did not know)
    Since Hitler invade Poland, (about 70 years ago) your volunteered Army has invaded, or bombed PANAMA, GRENADA, CUBA, HAITI, SOMALIA, SUDAN,BOSNIA, KOSOVO, SERBIA LIBYA, JAPAN, KOREA, VIET NAM, LAOS, CAMBODIA IRAK (twice) AFGHANISTAN. Let´s not forget the declared war on terrorism.. In case you did not know, the US spends more in military than the next 21 highest spending countries put together, including China, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Israel. Talk about walking with the chip on the shoulder as the saying goes…Now believing that the US is peace loving country is a bit far from the reality. I think that if the US were a man, instead of a country, he would be schizophrenic to say the least. It would be like a New York thug who has a serious fight a day believing he is a mild guy. Now that´s spoon feeding or plain denial.
    Kill a man or 2 in GW Bush´s Texas and you are put to death. Kill scores in the name of War against terrorism and nothing happens to you.
    Weapons of mass destructions used as pretext to kill innocent people. NONE FOUND. If they were found, please enlighten me… you would be the first in the world. UN´s Hans Blix came up dry. CIA´s David Kay came up dry. As well as Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair. And Mr. Bin Laden still at large…
    Reminds me of one of the great slogans of all time: “Bread and circus for the masses”
    These are facts and real problems for the world. The illegal immigration issue is just something that can be dealt with with the proper policies. Some rich countries in the world have adopted those policies and have succeeded..

  37. Any white man who’s hysterical and angry as hell about “Mexicans” taking their jobs are just as stupid as the next. White man, are you really going to go out there and pick fruit and spend 8 hours in the sun and do some other back breaking, hard labor? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You know that you’re not up to it. You’re too… proud.

    But white man, I didn’t come here to insult you. I came here to give you some advice. The real “enemy” (because throughout history, you always seem to like to have one. Remember the blacks?) you should be tremendously worried about are right under your nose. You just don’t seem them because apparently they’re the “model minority”. You welcome enjoy having these benevolent creatures because they try their damnedest to be like you. What’s that word you love? Ah yes, assimilate. Throw out your culture and adopt meatloaf, corn and potatoes. It’s sad, really. You won’t ever find Latinos pretending to be someone else to kiss ass.

    Anyway, back to my point. While you’re out picking on the poorest Mexican (because poor people suck, don’t they whitey?), the Asian is silently undermining you. Quietly taking over your communities, your REAL jobs and especially university admission slots away from little Jennifer and Johnny. Yes, that’s right. Because you’ve been busy hating Mexicans, Asians are taking over the future. An Asian Invasion some call it. Like I said, You haven’t noticed because they’re so noble, law-abiding and they like a can of Bud just like you, or at least they pretend they do so you’ll accept them. They know what’s up and know how to play you.

    It’s doesn’t matter what anyone says: We are in the land of racism and yes, we are going to get dirty and kick the other’s ass in order to get ahead culturally and be on top. But the future looks like it’s in the hands of the Asians. They’ve pulled it off masterfully. They overpopulate the best schools, have even been known to take over white communities with the best schools and most significantly are overwhelmingly the new majority in colleges and universities. Guess what folks? That education leads to the jobs of the future.

    So they next time you’re hating on Juan and Pedro, stop a moment and think about the future of you’re children. Because I kid you not, they’ll probably end up playing secretary, answering to and getting coffee for Mr. Chang, Mr. Kim and Mr. Nguyen.

  38. Never truer words were spoken Miguel…

  39. i think that all racist people have their piont but ill tell you what before columbus found this place u call yours..wll there were no white people they were these is our..we want better lifes for our children not like all of u crackhead think yall are the sh… u got paper than work stop selling weed and stop living in the streets just shut up and get a life at least were freaking trying you bunch of crackers…

  40. im a 4th generation irish citezen here it is in a nut shell with no bull ****. when my god damn family came here to work and find beter lives for ther familys, just like you damn criminal mexicans. they had to sped 2 weeks on dirty stinking bots, hang out at ellis island for three months, in **** conditons, fill out tons of grueling paper work, take months of classes and wait 3 to 10 years for there naturalazation papers,there was no such thing as damn ancor babys (of wich you all have at least 12) so why dont you ratt uneducated poverty stricken CRIMINALS , PACK UP YOUR BEAN BAGS AND GO BACK TO THE **** HOLE YOU CAME OUT OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Hey Shawn.
    You are a “4th Generation Irish citizen” right?
    What the hell is that?
    Are you Irish or American?
    Go to Ireland and everyone will regard you as American.
    BUT in your own country, you don’t feel American. That lack of identity must create the type of hate you display in your words.

    (MAO’s profanities were clipped from this)

    Do your homework. Google “Irish Great Famine” and you will find out that the tons of grueling paperwork they had to endure was the least of their problem. They were dying overthere! chewing their own shoe soles to keep their babies alive. Does Angela’s Ashes ring a bell?

    You talk about uneducated criminal rats and you cannot even spell correctly.
    Did you finish your High School? my Irish friend?

  42. the biggest problem is there total lack of direspect for this country in general. from so cal, did you hapen to cat the marches in L.A. they were all waving mexican flags, shouting reconquita, total bull **** dude they dont give a **** about the U.S.A. they just want to take advantage of what ever they think they can get for free. in the mean time trasing evey neighborhood the move in to,I.E. couches and toilets piled up on the side of the road, asimilate my ass they dont even make an attemp to speak english. lets not forget the whole point here, ILLEGAL IMIGRANTS. that mens none of them give a **** to even bother doing the right thing. think about it , its your country to do you want it looki like that country, and another thing if there so god damn proud of mexico ,wich they all are mexican flags every where, why the hell dont they jus stay over there and qut messing are hood up, we got enough problems with our own, we dont need the burden of takig care of millions of them and there hitos

  43. @ mao Yeah you see you can not argue on an intellegent level so you must use excessive profanity and attack things that really don’t matter such as typos and spelling. You mao have your share of typos/spelling errors. Should we infer from that you did not finish high school? Shawns post is more easily readable and understandable even with his spelling/typo erros than yours.

    Shawn simply is infering his ancestory is from ireland…and has been a proud USA citizens for 4 generations. How can you infer how Shawn feels in ireland or in the USA.

    Your post is purly of opinion and no facts Shawn on the other hand presents relevant facts.

    Unfortunaly the stereotype shawn presents is often too true!

  44. I must apologize about my English. It is not my fist language. It’s good to see that you toned down your rhetoric Mark. At the end this blog is about opinions, because the facts are deeply distorted by American mass media. Read my other post and you will also see unarguable facts.

  45. I think you guys are rude, stupid, and mean!! Go mexico

  46. to the above comment, you forgot to put away between go and mexico
    why in the world can’t mexico take care of themselves??
    i will tell you why.
    first they do not have any self integrity except to steal,
    they don’t have any honesty except to lie,
    in they’re country they don’t have any jobs except for the drug running,
    they don’t have any abstinence (make lots of babies).
    but they do have one thing they do well.


  47. you all are a bunch of dumb ass racists!! seriously!! how the **** to you expect a country (Mexico) whose main population is found in the slumps of poverty (because its government is corrupt and unwilling to aid its people with proper education) to succeed in life and make something of themselves? use your ****ing common sense!!!! how the hell would you have ever made anything of yourself if public education was unavailable to you???? government aid for college??? you cant choose where you’re born, so to say that the reason those people in poverty are like that is ALL their OWN fault is unreasonable and ridiculous. YOU CANT DIG YOURSELF OUT OF A HOLE!!!!

    Second, SHAWN it’s pretty damn ignorant to think that ALL MEXICANS are as you stereotyped (criminals). I’m sure you would think its inaccurate for me to categorize you as a useless drunk just because you’re of Irish descent or even your great grandparents who are Irish. obviously, I’m smarter than that, and you, too, should be smarter than to categorize all Mexicans as criminals!!!

    @Mark, once again trying to sound intelligent but failing miserably when calling out people!! “can not argue on an intellegent level” hmm…. I can’t remember the last time intelligent had three E’s. But, thats not the point. You’re extremely biased in taking some information (which is natural) but still you should wish to be open to listen to all sides when arguing! It’s not as simple as categorizing Mexicans all into one group and all other immigrants are somehow the only productive ones.

    @ Hilary- shut your mouth. that was just pointless and unnecessary.

    @Dan.That is too retarded, once again to stereotype. I dont know if I mentioned this before but my dad was a damn illegal. He freaking crossed the desert, got deported many times, but continued to try to come here to make something of himself before I was ever born. He succeeded and is now a US citizen. The process is much harder and longer than you expect. (If they want to come here to make money which they dont have, how can they pay all this money to try and become citizens and figure out all that registration process??? Its a system that works against them)
    My dad’s persistence and determination does not reflect stealing, lack of integrity, dishonesty, drugs, or sloth. He is hardworking and that work ethic has been passed on to my sisters and me. I can honestly say I am part of the more ambitious and smarter people of my class at my university. At one point, someone in your ancestry was an immigrant.Don’t be so hasty to judge immigrants and their work ethic if you know nothing more than what the racists tell you.

    @ Miguel. I enjoyed your wisdom :)

  48. oh wow. i’d like to make a HUGE apology to HILARY!!! i totally read your message wrong. :(

    that was really rude of me!!!! i thought you said “Go TO mexico” :(

  49. hey ana.. I do believe you need a reality check or something.
    you me to tell us that the people of mexico can’t change things for themselves. sounds like you are justifying the illegal immigration.
    just what part of illigal do you not understand????????????
    you are off track in alot of ways and i will explain.
    many years ago when the mexican came over in this country it was true they were hard workers and tried to change things forthemselves and had a bit more respect for the laws in this country however scince this country has been lax over the years on this very issue the illegal immigrant has taken complete advantage of the system and have found loopholes to make a hell a lot more than just better their lives such as claiming 9 kids to a household and some don’t even live in the U.S.
    They say that they are the ones that pick our crops and make our food prices go down, well the food prices are not down and if you get your nose in the books and do the math just maybe you can see the percentages of just how many work in the u.s. and i think you should also have a look on just how much money is being sent back to mexico or south of the U.S. and compare the two.
    you know, where i live all the poor dirt farmers here drive brand new expiditions, b.m.w.’s, escalades and these guy’s work in the fields and if you really can explain that one than I “REALLY” would like to know scince you are so educated.
    oh yes, you didn’t mention anything about the poverty in the u.s. and how many have lost there jobs and homes and i will bet you blame it all on bush, “am i right” and the illegals have not a thing to do with it.
    ON ANY LEVEL, so to negate all this you use your own countries desparity do justify illegal immigration.
    now you can also do your home work on the drug trade, the gang population, the crimes associated with the illegal immigration over the years compared to the 60’s and 70’s and hey you will be further educated.
    last but not least. if they come over here to make all this bucko bucks than why after they made the bucks go back to their country and live like rich people but hell if an american goes down to mexico they are at risk sometimes with thier very own lives.
    the mexican goverment should at least teach their people that if you decide to head for the U.S. than at the very least respect the laws but i don’t think thats going to happen anytime soon and as far as being a racist. “ONLY AGAINST THE ONES THAT BREAK THE LAWS”
    you know, the “DRUG DEALERS, GANG BANGERS,” OR “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS” so quit with the racist B.S. because that s##t has gotten old and besides that i have MEXICAN friends so
    you can quit the F****NG excuses.

  50. i work as a stone mason my great grandfather was a mason an so am i i work hard and make a liveing but our jobs are being sucked up by these assholes cuz they live 9 to a house so they dont have bills like me so there for they do the work for dirt we lose bids all the time

  51. Ain’t it funny, when a AMERICAN talks about a mexican than its called racism however when a mexican talks about AMERICANS than its called discriminacion.
    So if we illiminate mexican or latino from the dictionary than what would we call them…or what would they like to be called??
    how about “facist” or “extremist” afterall they are takeing control of this country without a shot. a mexican told me once,”whats your’s is mine and whats mine is mine” I guess there is some truth to that..

  52. @ Dan

    Yes I do believe that’s what I’m saying! Obviously, Dan, you don’t understand that power goes hand in hand with wealth. Let me ask you, how do you expect an poor person to move up from a blue collar job to a white collar job when they need the immediacy of a job to SURVIVE and weren’t able to finish their education?? (usual profile of illegal worker)

    I guess in a way I AM justifying it to some extent.

    Hmm. Once again you love to GENERALIZE. It’s inaccurate to say THEN illegals had hard working intentions and that in the most recent years they don’t. That’s just unreasonable. I’m not denying that SOME are taking advantage in a negative way without doing their part, but for you to say ALL is not true.

    What I’d like to know is how claiming children that don’t live here in the US helps them make “A HELL LOT MORE THAN JUST BETTER[ing] THEIR LIVES” as if government aid (even by trying to cheat it) can really be enough to help someone get wealthy (as I’m sure you are asserting).

    “Questions of class warfare aside, there is no evidence that there is a significant problem with welfare cheating. In 1991 less than 5 percent of all welfare benefits went to persons who were not entitled to them, and this figure includes errors committed by the welfare agency. (1)

    Nor are people getting rich off welfare. The two largest welfare programs are Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and food stamps. In 1992, the average yearly AFDC family payment was $4,572, and food stamps for a family of three averaged $2,469, for a total of $7,041. (2) In that year, the poverty level for a mother with two children was $11,186. (3) Thus, these two programs paid only 63 percent of the poverty level, and 74 percent of a minimum wage job. There are other welfare programs, of course, but they either pay a minuscule fraction of these two programs, or, if larger, are collected by only a small percentage of welfare recipients. The typical welfare recipient remains among the poorest members of society.”

    1. Figures provided to the 1994 Green Book, U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, by the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
    2. AFDC figures from U.S. Social Security Administration. Food Stamp figures from U.S. Department of Agriculture, “Annual Historical Review of FNS Programs” and unpublished data.

    3. . U.S. Bureau of the Census, Poverty in the United States, Series P-60, No. 185, 1993.

    Concerning crops, how much lower do you want the prices? Wal-Mart and all those other companies that exploit the illegal immigrant cannot afford to make those tomatoes and other fruits you buy at such a low price if they paid these illegal workers their overtime, their health benefits that they earned from their hard put in hours day in and day out!!! I don’t need a freaking book to see that all those people working in the fields and working in these blue collar jobs (yes, illegally HIRED BY the AMERICAN company) are not US citizens. WHO else is it that you are really convinced fills these jobs???? The American who is provided with public education, though not always decent, but better than the ones in Mexico?

    When did it become a WRONG to desire to help your family, be where they may be???? Obviously someone with the ambitious desire to make something of themselves more than likely desires to aid their family financially. Since they don’t participate in an individualistic culture like the American and instead have strong family ties, it is not unusual or a big surprise that they send money to their native country.

    If you are trying to blame the ILLEGALS for having so much money being sent back (which in the specific case you described would more than likely come from selling drugs) I’d like to remind you WHO it is that is BUYING these drugs… the AMERICAN people. I’m not too sure how that turns into an issue of being illegal more than an issue about the drugs. The drugs will find their way in one way or another.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that WHERE YOU LIVE these SPECIFIC farmers probably do receive their money from drugs as you imply, but once again it’s the AMERICANS that buy these drugs.. what exactly do you have a problem with? That someone is being offered drugs? (They’ll find themselves into the hands of the American people somehow) or that its an Illegal that gets to make all that money?

    Of course we have so much poverty!!! Who would be so ignorant as to deny this? Hell I blame any President that has not supported educational programs, poured money into the schools for the sake of the student which is the FUTURE of this nation. You wipe away poverty when you educate your citizens.

    And your concerns of Illegals ripping off the American economy should instead be directed at US officials that take advantage of their positions to make themselves and their buddies rich off a war that you, me, and our children will be paying for! (namely Bush)

    Well since you know so much about the drug trade, gang population, and crimes of illegal peoples….. enlighten me : ) (not really) but I do enjoy how you pretend to insult how “educated” I think I am.  Especially when you misspell so much. 

    Well the American is risking his or her life at the hands of CORRUPT government and drug men. That’s not to represent ALL the same people that come here and are looking for work. They are two separate groups, one which can’t make something of themselves in their own country (hard working poor) because of the second group which monopolizes and wrongly controls the wealth of that country (drug men/corrupt part of the government).

    I’m so sure the SAME government that cannot AID its OWN people and empower them would give a damn about how they treat another country.

    Hmm. That wouldn’t be racist. That would prejudice . I think you are rather racist and not only prejudice because in talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that should include the Asians and others as well but your complaints seemed aimed at the Mexican/ Latin community. I guess you have some reason, considering that’s where your experience with illegal immigrants begins.

    The only excuses I’m finding are excuses to have a reason to display hatred.

    Think about if your anger really is focused on wrongs done to this country or the Mexican-American population becoming the dominant.

    If its to the wrongs and injustices done to this country, there is SOOO much more than Illegal Immigrants to worry about, and besides this, that’s not even the place to begin.

    @ Randy

    I’m sorry about the fact that you cant have your job anymore. I’m sure they don’t enjoy living 9 to a house. Getting paid less is a sacrifice I guess they are willing to make. That sounds like two sacrifices to me. I think your anger is being wrongly directed at the OTHER HARD WORKERS like yourself instead of the employer who is not paying the job what it deserves (and this is why these jobs are being sucked up) I don’t’ see where they become assholes???

    @ Dan

    Any person with any sense knows that when RACE is related in the discrimination it is referred to as RACISM. Mexican to Americans or Americans to Mexicans (Fill in the blank Race to Fill in the blank Race) Racism falls under the umbrella of DISCRIMINATION so both are accurate, racism being more ( in this case).

    -Discrimination being treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category ( in this case, race) to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.

    -Racism being hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    I really doubt the Mexican is insulted at you defining them as Mexican. The problem is that you wrongfully smudge the “MEXICAN” name. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!!

    Haha. Some things you throw out there do your argument no good as you fail to elaborate or make any sense i.e. “facist” or “extremist” sentence. That person that told you that was not wise at all and clearly doesn’t understand the concept of private property.

  53. @ Ana Ok. I guess I will put it straight foward then on the issue.
    Lets just for once forget about isolating our border friends (Canada or mexico) and focus on the world. If everyone in the world would come to the united states out of desparity and to escape hardship than what in the world do you think would happen to the United States.
    Can you yourself explain just what would happen if every man, woman, and child in the world under hardship conditions in their own country where ever that would be would be here??. “TELL ME”
    I would like to know. also reverse it and say the same for mexico or for any country of your choosing.
    I know the answer but would like to hear it from you.
    you talk like the U.S. is some sort of refugee camp even though it is starting to look like that. there are alot of us that think diffrently.
    there will always be wars,crimes, hatred, richer, poorer, pestimists,but I for one consider myself a realist and none of the Illegal Immigrants from any country as convinced me that they are here just because they are escapeing hardship from their own country.
    If the Illegal Immigrant came to the U.S. to escape Hardship than why do they return to their country, maybe perhaps that they made enough dollar that they can retire in style, maybe to escape from the laws of this country that they have commited crimes against but for what ever reason I believe that what happens in the U.S. should be Decided by its natural born citizen of what to do about the problem.
    Also I believe that only ENGLISH should be spoken in public and not a language we not understand.
    Also would like to say that when we open our borders to Illegal Immigrants we also open our borders to other criminal elements mingleing or blending in with them under guises and for all we know the terrorist might very well be already here and in place so for the sake of security than why shouldn’t we batten down the border more than what we have..
    I also believe that if anyone comes to this country than they should not be able to send any money to another bank account to another country because we just don’t know axactly who is recieving that money, afterall the goverment made online gambleing illegal for that very same reason,
    This whole issue will never be resolved and opposite opinions will always lingure.. and there will always be mistrust.
    what is is what is and will never be changed.

  54. “Yes I do believe that’s what I’m saying! Obviously, Dan, you don’t understand that power goes hand in hand with wealth. Let me ask you, how do you expect an poor person to move up from a blue collar job to a white collar job when they need the immediacy of a job to SURVIVE and weren’t able to finish their education?? (usual profile of illegal worker)”

    This one is so simple Ana,

    Colonel Harland Sanders
    Dave Thomas
    Bill gates
    Conrad Hilton
    J. Paul Ghetty

    Just to name a few. Don’t understand then read their bios.

    I did a search and can’t find where Dan said “A HELL LOT MORE THAN JUST BETTER[ing] THEIR LIVES” Please elaborate!

    “Questions of class warfare aside, there is no evidence that there is a significant problem with welfare cheating. In 1991 less than 5 percent of all welfare benefits went to persons who were not entitled to them, and this figure includes errors committed by the welfare agency.”

    You can not accuratly state this as most of those who receive benefits illegally are never caught I know several myself (I should turn them I right).

    $7,041 yeah thats out of my pocket. I know people making far more than this from government programs and not just a few lucky folks either!

    “The typical welfare recipient remains among the poorest members of society” And so they Should!!!!

    “I don’t need a freaking book to see that all those people working in the fields and working in these blue collar jobs (yes, illegally HIRED BY the AMERICAN company) are not US citizens. WHO else is it that you are really convinced fills these jobs???? ”

    Ana for your information I, a white middle/upper class american male have myself worked in these fields. So have much of my family. So just ump right on down off your high horse on that one!

    “When did it become a WRONG to desire to help your family, be where they may be???? ” When it involes breaking the laws of your country or other countries is has been wrong as long as those laws have existed! Again Ana jump down off your high horse and join reality crime is crime no matter who commits it when or where.

    “Hell I blame any President that has not supported educational programs, poured money into the schools for the sake of the student which is the FUTURE of this nation.”

    We in the USA spend more on education today than our entire federal budget was in the 80’s. Money spent does not equal equality of education. And education alone does not eliminate poverty.

    Ana answer this one. If our country (USA) is so courrupt and our leader are so horrible and we are and manipulative then why does everyone in the world including Mexicans want to come here?

    “Think about if your anger really is focused on wrongs done to this country or the Mexican-American population becoming the dominant.”
    I really don’t care who the dominate peoples are there are lot of great mexicans etc. I however love this country and will not stand by and let it be taken over by the likes of Mexico who can not even manage a richer country than america. I like my capitilist country where the hiltons and sanders have the ability rise an empire out the trunk of thier car.

    Ana, now your seam to be pretty intelligent so surely you realize labor is a commodity. It is sold to the highest bidder by the seller and it purchased as economically as possible. When supply is high its a buyers market and they name their price. Ie. when Illegal aliens flood the country the buyers are allowed to name their price. (note with illegals it increases risk with lowered price as well). You can’t just go blame the employeer. If I can get someone to do twice the work at half the pay and do it better why would I pay double. Im sure you go to the shops and buy the most expensive bottle of milk just cuzz you think thats what is right?

    Now Ana Ill agree Dan does not seem to be too coherent in what he sometimes says he seems to be fighting the right fight.

    I will not even dignify your discussion on race/ racism/ and discrimination as it is all definition and semantics.

    I must say Ana you go to prove my point even more see your calling me out on a typo or spelling error and that is all you have. You have no intelligent conversation to refute what I say. Plain and simple if you did you would bring It. I can tell you have the forthwithall to go get it and present it.

  55. Here is something that might be worth reading and goes right along the topic of this message board.

    legalization will only spur new problems, as our experience with the 1986 immigration act should remind us. At the time, then-congressman Charles Schumer, who worked on the legislation, acknowledged that it was “a riverboat gamble,” with no certainty that it would slow down the waves of illegals. Now, of course, we know that the legislation had the opposite effect, creating the bigger problem we now have (which hasn’t stopped Senator Schumer from supporting the current legalization proposals). The legislation also swamped the Immigration and Naturalization Service with masses of fraudulent, black-market documents, so that it eventually rubber-stamped tens of thousands of dubious applications.

    If we do not legalize them, what can we do with 11 million illegals? Ship them back home? Their presence here is a fait accompli, the argument goes, and only legalization can bring them above ground, where they can assimilate. But that argument assumes that we have only two choices: to decriminalize or deport. But what happened after the first great migration suggests a third way: to end the economic incentives that keep them here. We could prompt a great remigration home if, first off, state and local governments in jurisdictions like New York and California would stop using their vast resources to aid illegal immigrants. Second, the federal government can take the tougher approach that it failed to take after the 1986 act. It can require employers to verify Social Security numbers and immigration status before hiring, so that we bar illegals from many jobs. It can deport those caught here. And it can refuse to give those who remain the same benefits as U.S. citizens. Such tough measures do work: as a recent Center for Immigration Studies report points out, when the federal government began deporting illegal Muslims after 9/11, many more illegals who knew they were likely to face more scrutiny voluntarily returned home.

    If America is ever to make immigration work for our economy again, it must reject policies shaped by advocacy groups trying to turn immigration into the next civil rights cause or by a tiny minority of businesses seeking cheap labor subsidized by the taxpayers.

    There is alot of truth and common sense to the above statement.

  56. F*** u a******!!!!!!!!!!! My bf is mexi and educated & went 2 college (n Mexico). He makes good money bcs he has common sense & has a bigger d*** than u sorry a** crackers. And no I’m not no ughly b***. I’m a I twin & very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! So go f**** urself…seems u can’t get no good paying job, white p****, etc.. Oh.& all of u poor a** honkeys, rednecks, little d****….the richest man n the world is from Mexico. If ubf. got some beef w/ my comment i’ll gladley invite u 2 express ur idiotic,NON AMERICAN, ideals 2 my bf. u got my email IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do u have a prob w/ our blk president?

  57. I really can’t believe the above person can actually eat with that mouth.
    Heather, you just are not on track on the issue.
    There are two parts to this.
    #1 legal
    #2 ILLEGAL
    Can you read and define the two?????
    If your what you call bf is legal than all is good but if not than he can leave. By the words that you use suggests Illegal but in iether case you should use more productive words to back yourself up. anger portrays guilt.
    Also a collage degree in Mexico is not the same as the degree you get in the U.S,
    If you really want to use colorful language than I certainly can give you a taste of my own….

  58. Come on wheeler.
    It sounds like you have never done or supported anything your system deems “illegal”………. Or something that is morally illegal, even though your systems labels is as “legal”. (Does 8 years of a not public elected president ring a bell?)

    Hypocrisy is the name of the game here. Let me ask you: have you smoked pot? did you inhale? have you broken the law in any way, shape or form? Of course you have (unless you are mother Teresa).

    The US feels that is ok to bomb and kill civilians in countless countries (PANAMA, GRENADA, CUBA, HAITI, SOMALIA, SUDAN,BOSNIA, KOSOVO, SERBIA LIBYA, JAPAN, KOREA, VIET NAM, LAOS, CAMBODIA IRAK (twice) AFGHANISTAN)…… But is not ok when people go to the US looking for WORK….

    You sound very articulate in your comments, are they your own or your are only copying someone else´s?……….. I believe America should worry about more important problems and leave the working immigrants alone. After all, taxes get deducted from their paychecks automatically and they are not entitled to receive any benefits. They cannot even drive a car to go to work, for heaven´s sake…..

    It reminds me Poland in the 40´s, when the Jewish people could not get out of their houses for fear they would get deported…..
    American should worry about your auto makers and the deep seated problems they are in. Maybe a look at the immigrant car companies would be worth a look…….

    If we look at the issue with a cool head and a broader perspective (not the redneck regional view), we will see that it is a world wide issue and other countries have dealt with it in a very positive way.

    in fact they don´t have it as a problem anymore, because they have applied the proper policies. Not just spoon feeding very sensitive idiosyncrasies.
    Open up your mind, travel, read and give a taste not only of your colorful language, but of the values your country thinks is made of..

    I am not “illegal”. I am not even in the US but let me tell you, for what I have seen when I have gone to your country, I would hate to be one in the US.
    Ask Mr. Obama, the son of a black immigrant. Your president. Does that bother you?

  59. MOUNT VERNON — Sixteen people were arrested today in connection with a drug ring centered in Skagit County, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

    Smugglers brought five to 10 kilos of cocaine per month into Skagit County from Mexico, authorities said. The ring also dealt in heroin.

    The arrests followed a year-long investigation.

    Law enforcement officers today seized five pounds of heroin and two pounds of cocaine during a search of five residences. Also seized were $23,000 in cash, seven vehicles and two firearms.

    Eight of the defendants have been indicted in federal court, and seven people have been detained facing either charges in Skagit County Superior Court, or immigration proceedings. One defendant likely will be processed as a juvenile.

    Four Mount Vernon men will appear today in the U.S. District Court in Seattle at 2:30 p.m.

    Those men are Alfonso Gutierrez-Orozco, 25, also know as “Saul,” Fernando Hernandez-Salazar, 20, also known as “Tino,” Joel Vasquez-Vasquez, 21, and Luis Miguel Campos-Alvarado, 18.

    Abel Orazcco-Gutierrez, 34, of Tacoma, also known as “Kalvin,” and Samuel Vaca-Garcia, 26, of Bellingham, will also appear at 2:30.

    On Friday, Jessie Smith, 26, of Sedro-Woolley, and Tammy Zorotovich, 39, of Bellingham, will appear in U.S. District Court.

    If convicted, the defendants face a minimum of 10 years in prison up to life in prison.
    My case in your face…
    I’m sure you know these folks to.
    this is what gives Immigration a bad name…
    The very same thing is happening nationwide and you tell me to open my heart.”TO THIS” !!!! Not a chance baby so ,,I,, ,,I,,

  60. I see your point. I am sure it happens everyday in your country.
    But the names could have been Joe Smith, Bob Bush and Tyrone Pappas.
    Or whatever.
    The fact is that your society NEEDS those drugs.
    Your society created drug users and if the Mexicans are selling drugs right now to people from the US, is because those drugs are needed.

    Who knows who will be selling drugs to your people next, but someone will.

    The US ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza said:

    …drug related problems in Mexico and the US would not be so high “were the United States not be the largest consumer of illicit drugs and the main suppliers of weapons to the cartels.”

    In other words my friend, the minute you stop being thirsty, no one will offer water.
    Maybe your next dealer will be Tiernan O´Neill, or Yusuf Nasser, or Ju Kim Ho. or Heather Thomas.
    One thing is for sure. Drug addict societies need drug dealers, regardless of their origin or “legal” status.

  61. lets start all over o.k. because nothing is getting anywhere but towards frustration.
    i am in no way shape or form against immigration as long as it is legit and for the right reasons. however there seems to be and correct me if i am wrong, i don’t know, maybe i am reading all the headlines from another country and not our own and i’m really may not be seeing the the crimes,drugs on my street and just halucinateing it all, I don’t know, maybe!! but in iether case what i am against and nothing will change me over it, not even the other childish, stupid insults, that anybody may say is the gangbanging, drug dealing, non appreciating fien comeing over here and poison our kids and people so they can make more money than most of us will ever see.
    that goes for any race and you know what??? i feel the same way about “WHITE GANGBANGERS TO” so swallow that one if you can..
    it just so happens that latinos and mexicans are getting a bad rep because of it. do you understand that?????
    if an immigrant can work and conduct a life in a lawful manner and live like we do and pay just as many tax’s as we do i am way all for it but if they come over and live illegaly such as 9 to a two bed apartment claiming 20 kids for extra welfare money and subsidized rent (section 8) than i am way against it. yes certain states allow this and grant it it’s our fault but doesn’t mean its right. also i do believe that the mexican bussiness owners over here in this country absolutly discriminate against the white american job seeker and i am not just talking about a few so explain that to me.if we are to share common ground than it must be met equally on both sides correct.
    “soooo do you get the big picture yet”???

  62. wheeler
    What you don´t seem to get is that the crimes and drugs in your street were not created by the immigrants. Your society as a whole created the need for those drugs and weapons. This time the Mexicans are handy to do the work. Maybe because they have been forced to live in the edge of society.
    But what about places where there is no Mexicans? Blacks, whites and yellows do the dealing. But they are “legal”.
    Get it right this time. An illegal immigrant finds a job that the “legals” like you don´t want to do.

    Cleaning toilets washing dishes, picking strawberries…

    Has to ride the bus to work because he can´t legally drive.

    Works hard (I have seen the Mexicans working hard labor side to side with Americans) 12 hrs a day.

    Payday comes and the same taxes you pay are deducted from his paycheck automatically.

    Except that he DOES NOT have the benefits you have.
    Medical, Dental, Credit, etc.
    He cannot claim subsidized rent (that´s why they live 9 to a 2 bedroom apt.
    He cannot get welfare money like the rest of lazy people who do..
    He cannot even get sick because he cannot afford it!
    WHY? because he is “illegal”. RUBISH!

    This time are the Latinos (where does that word come from anyway? from latin? Romans you mean? Italians then?)

    But next time it will be another race. As long as your society remains rotted and hypocritical the way it is, there will always be a Pancho Villa.

    Chew on this one: How do you control an angry society armed to the teeth?
    Drugs and CNN my friend.
    The great “Latino” (Roman) Emperor Nero once said, Bread and Circus…
    Ask Mr Bush.

  63. I think the poster hit the nail right on the head. Why are theese Americans defending theese people. They do cost us money, they do start bad gangs, they do drive down neighborhoods. Need proof ? Fine . There are what used to be two nice cities here in east Tn. They are now full of mexicans, crime stats are up A LOT , the city is dirty , I mean DIRTY. You cant not go to wal mart without hearing all this spanish, I think that is very rude. If you are going to live here speak english and for god sakes respect our culture. Since when is speaking the truth mean your a racist ? I am so sick of theese yuppie do gooders thinking they cleam in gods light because they support this kinda crap. I think it’s crap, thats right and if they ever allow us americans to round up illegal mexicans my truck will be loaded with them on a daily basis, your darn right. Oh and the comment about taking our jobs ? The do, My cousin applied for a job in Morristown where a friend of mine works, he has 5 years experience with a forklift and awesome job refrences. I talked to my buddy the other day and guess what they hired a mexican who HAS NEVER BEEN ON A FORKLIFT in his life but my cousin has 5 yrs experience ??????? Oh and now that facotry is full of mexicans . Makes me sick to my stomach , how sad

  64. Mao your incorrect.
    The US Government just allowcated millions of dollars for free health care for ILLEGAL MEXICANS per Fox News Associated Press, also if you are a legal mexican you can get all the health care you need. ME ? A white working american ? I lost my job in 2006 and needed desperatly to see a doctor , they asked me if I was hispanic , I said no, they said then they couldnt help me.
    Smoke your way outa that one babe.

    I have been on top and on rock botton and if u hit bottom, dont have kids and are white the government says bend over and take it where the sun dont shine. I have seen it happen with my own two eyes, but yet someone my mom works with is cuban and her and her mother and husband went and got some FARM CARD and now all their medical is paid for . My mom has to work there at the age of 64 just so she can have insurance to buy my fathers insulin. Thats the truth but Gabriella (the cuban landy) dont have to pay for medical , or her mom or her husband. You think that is ok, that is fair ? If you do , then I feel sorry for you

  65. We all know that the medical system in the US is very much rotten…. But I am certain that the immigrants had nothing to do with getting the way it is.
    I’t NOT OK that a 64 lady has to work just because she cannot afford her husband’s insulin….Most people in the world can afford insulin with just a few hour’s worth of work, just not in the US. I know that medical care in Mexico is not prohibitively expensive (ask all the US people who go there to get their medicines and care, including that 80 year old and his son).
    Don’t just blame the immigrants for your troubles (your ancestors were immigrants after all)……If anything, you guys should ask your own government why things are so crooked. Not only in the medical system, but financial, drugs, crime, unemployment etc.

    Maybe this new black president of yours, the son of a black African immigrant will finally make things right at home and abroad…we will see

  66. Well hes on an insulin pump so it takes more than a few hours of work to pay his medical. I do blame the government not the imigrants for the state of governmnet affiars pertaining to the hispanics. HOWEVER , the government is not to blame for filthy ways in which they live , the fact they ruined a nearby city. Like I said the homes were nice, the stores were nice, the parks were nice until the invasion of the Mexicans. Now I must drive to another city to shop, the parks are full of trash, the homes look awful, the stores are very dirty , I have with my own two eyes seen them in the act. Of course people again will argue that white folks can be dirty too but in all fairness the percentage is much lower. And this so called Black President ? Dont even get me started on that idiot. Yes it would take months to get money to help our suffering towns and local governments but hey he signed a bill to send millions of dollars to Gaza which they will receive in hours not months . If his color is not an issue why does everyone mention his color ? Is he African ? Hawaiian ? Is he from Kenya ? Where is he from ? What is he really ? AS soon as people started asking , his birth records were supposedly sealed ? HHmmmm I dont think he is even eligable to be president , does that bother me ? No . Does it bother he is trying to hide something ? Yes . Does the color of skin play a roll in my dislike for him ? NO Then what does u may ask . Ok he is not qualified for this job, yes is well educated but NOT IN BIG GOVERNMENT , not at all. He is wreckless and we the people will pay for it , dont argue with me now. In 3 years u may email me and we will see at that point . But lets be fair , dont hang me in town square just yet give him 3 years , those that voted for him will cringe. But again thats my opinion and unless he takes those rights away from me too I may have that opinion.

  67. I am sorry Taylor, but I think you are on the wrong forum. Look for the “I am very angry at my government” forum and discharge all your vile there.. One thing, if you are trying to make a case against the immigrants, at least make it look a bit more coherent and in context with what you are trying to state.. my 2c.. And remember, the immigrants are not responsible for all your troubles. Maybe Mr Drunk Bush?

  68. I dont get the coment about MR Bush but I dont think I ever said I liked him or agreeded with his presidency. Why is it that everyone assumes you liked Bush if you dont like Obama ? Thats stupid , I didnt like Bush at all . The Mexicans are not responsable for all my so called troubles , I was makeing a statement that most people around are too afraid to say. . I have said my peace and wont be responding back it dont matter at this point !

  69. we should just widen the border a little bit, maybe about 200 miles.
    The U.S. is just not ready to put the whole world inside it so they can prosper and run back to there own country when they have had their fill. in any case there is not of meat left on this bone meaning the U.S.
    the economy has gone belly up so i think the illegal folks should be headed back to they’re own nest where the fruit is ripe and let us recover but they won’t.. they will pick us clean until we really hit rock bottom… and then they will go back and laugh at us the way..

  70. wheeler
    do your homework and you will see that the US border was in fact way more than 200 miles wider just 2 centuries ago.. before the States robbed the land from the Mexicans in a war (does that ring a bell?)
    Texas, California, Arizona, part of Nevada were part of Mexico up until the US government stole that land..what else is new?
    maybe the Mexicans are just reclaiming what was originally theirs? apart from the drugs, guns and rotten youth that the US has created…

  71. Wheeler , Good Job speak up and I shake your hand.

    Mao , U keep blaming the US and supporting the Mexicans. Perhaps you would enjoy life better if you yourself moved to Mexico ? You sure seem to be on their side. Drugs , Guns, and rotten youth. HHHHmmm now who do u think is to blame for that, The youth for one is the parents. Theese kids are outa control and dont have much common sense. Its sad really. Computers and video games are to balme. When I was 8 yrs old I new how to handle a 4 wheeler, a dirt bike, a shot gun , a hand gun. My father taught me how to Properly handle and respect guns as they were in our home . HE taught me the difference between cartoon guns and rela guns. NEVER once would I pick up a gun unless an adult was with me. I was in boy scouts . I look around today and if we had a war, if we were attacked and forced to survive on our own the average person 25 yrs old and younger would crack, couldnt make it. I think as humans we have gone back as far as the ability to survive and think independantly. Heck all we had was Atari video games and Mom would only allow so much time then we had to go OUTSIDE TO PLAY. We would play in the woods , make stuff up , that helped our imagination, our ability to know hey , dont do this or that or u will get hurt. U send your kids out in the woods now they wind up in the Hospital and you end up in jail for neglect lol Its sad really. I personally carry a handgun with a legal permit. Os does my 66 yrs old mother and my brother, Twice it has saved my life, Once was at a public boat ramp I was fishing alone and two hispanic guys came up and thought they were gona get my truck. One went to the hospital and the other went to jail. Its time to fight back. Drugs ? Well The DEA focus’s too much on pot coming across the border , I’d rather be around about of stoned people than a bucnh of drunk people. I have never seen stoners get high and fight, shoot, rape, kill. Meth is a problem, crack is a problem, focus on that and make the ponishment worse for those that are caught. They get outa jail in 3 yrs and start up again, Make a habitual law, 2nd time u dont get outa jail. Get em off the streets. This is not cause by just mexicans ,in fact most mexicans deal in pot only. The reason why people hear by it is because its better but what they dont know is the contaminates the mexicans put in their pot can prove to be fatal. I dont know if they do it on purpose or as a filler or so its effect is better , but its scary and not right

  72. yuo know, this problem is just not only mexico but seems to ne a world wide problem however scince canada and mexico are in such close proximity that it’s very easy to come across borders and also the dif between the two is their motivation for the intrusion.
    drugs come from canada also as well as cuba but i havn’t seen canadians or cubans comeing over and liveing 9 or 10 to a single apartment and wrecking neighborhoods or travel around with a wanabe gangsta style attitude and simply disrespect the laws of the U.S.
    maybe we don’t have the resources to combat the problem or can fund the rescources that we have to have but maybe if we pull out of iraq and use those resources here on the border than the sneaky illegals will stop.
    the U.S. law enforcment is tied up so mabe there is a military solution to the problem and than we can free up the law enforcement to deal with the interior part of the U.S. and start massive deportations.
    personaly i really don’t think a wall will do any good and the minute men arn’t enough so maybe the solution is military. i don’t think that the mexican drug lord will face a apache gunship or a m 1 abrahms face to face..
    just an idea i guess..

  73. Dream on wheeler…
    That will never happen. The US government needs those drugs to keep the armed rednecks (like Taylor) at bay… Otherwise, every Tom Dick and Harry will believe that he is a Rambo and start some serious problems. Remember Columbine?
    There will be no mass deportations, just because Mexicans are needed to do the dirty jobs. period.
    There will be no military intervention because as long as you have drug addicts at home, there will be always someone to provide drugs to those addicts. Mexicans or Ukranians.

    Your problems are at home, not abroad.
    And Taylor, I do live in Mexico and I see people like you by the thousands coming and setting up cam in my town (Los Cabos).
    One difference though, I will never be a close minded xenophobic redneck like you.

  74. how about a bounty then because you know what, this is our country and not theirs. i don’t remember when we gave our country to them or maybe you can enlighten me on when we gave it to them.
    “mao” you simply are not going to win any part of the argument or discussion about illegal immigration. “just not happening”
    the mexicans have abused the american society for years and now they try to make it a human rites issue that we make it tough on them and so on. you say that we are lazy and won’t do the jobs they do, what a joke and excuse that is. its not that we don’t want to do them its that the greedy companies over here that won’t hire us to do them because of wage saveings which by the way is not saveing anything when it takes two mexicans to do the job of one white.
    and you say they do the jobs that we don’t want to do like construction, manufactureing, food processing or agriculture. better further your studies in the american version of the great books of history and that will tell you that there were alot of poor americans that would do any job that they were hired to do.
    i know that the mexican schools teach there kids first hand about american money and how top blend in, they even give them a handbook showing how to survive america.
    again show me where we gave america to the mexican. land titles, deeds, anything that we did and i will surrender this discussion but until than carry on..

  75. Mao My name is Rhett not taylor , Taylor is my last name. OK so I read both yours and Wheelers comments and this is my stand on it . Wheeler you ROCK, Mao I dont know what to say except WOW , what world are u liveing in. I am so tired of being condemed for living in the country , carying a gun , called a redneck, etc…. LEts see now I saw live photos of human AMERCIAN heads on stakes near the mexican american border , thats real nice man . They come over here take our jobs , our medicare, and then burn us at the stake. I just read on fox news the billions of dollars we spend on Illelgal Mexicans and it makes me sick, they are the angles and we are the devil . Mao you really need to do some research on this problem in US man I maen real reserach not just hersay , not just your opinion but study the facts , the financial strain illelgal Mexicans have but on our economy. And dont give me that **** that they help our economy, like wheeler said you wont win this argument. If you can not find theese real sources regarding how bad this is, how much strain this putting on us let me know . I will be more than happy to send you the links on Fox new, Associated Press, and Glenn Beck. I think it might teach you s little something that you are in dire need of learning . Wheeler , dont drop out on me now lol

  76. as long as the illegal refugees keep comeing i will always be here an where ever an opinion is needed.

  77. if mexico has any intentions of reclaiming texas or any of their original properties, my fiance and i are takin our hilbilly a$$es back to kentucky to work the mines, or going to norway where they HATE americans, but that’s where our OIL AND GAS company is headed ;)

    i won’t lie…..I HATE MEXICANS, i really don’t give a da*n how you get here, what generation it was that got here 1st, what “generation american” you are!!!!! when i apply to apt complexes, gov’t benes, HOME LOANS(OH YESSSS!), and several other options, as well as DOCTORS OFFICES(even though i pay cash or use my insurance!) that those places can’t help me because i’m not mexican, i get pi$$ed…the only mexican i like is carlos mencia, cos he’s freakin honest(well as much as you can expect him to be!)…..

    and oh yeah, if anyone wants to be a smart a** I AM A NATIVE AMERICAN, even if only 75%!!! yeah, my father is 100% my mom is like 75% so am i!!!!!

    BUUUUUUT you don’t see me out getting blood tests to prove my lineage so i can get grants and sh* even though in all freakin honesty i could use it…..but heeeeeeey, I say save it for the american indians who are FULL BLOODED with a FULL AND TRUE LINE, and still live on/raise families on reservations-even if you’re making alot in/from that casino ;)

    black people are ok(except gov’t scammers, druggers & pimps/hoes!)… fiance’s work crew is about half black, NO MEXICANS, and those men are the HARDEST workers i have EVER seen…..

    *****insert: say somethin stupid….

  78. Guys you are choking on your own saliva..
    Fact is You hate Mexicans.
    But you will have to live with them for the rest of your miserable life.
    ….even if you hate the idea….
    You hate your government, but you will have to live with it for the rest of your miserable life.
    The world hates you for obvious reasons..
    But that’s OK. just don’t get out of your little towns. ever.
    and believe me everything will be fine.
    Even when the world is evolving, there will be always rednecks like you.
    Lets just hope you guys never come out of your hiding..
    mao the mexican

  79. Well Mao we will come out of hideing and there will be Mexicans running like cock roaches when u trun on the lights in Mexico.

    Jessica , U ROCK SISTER TELL IT LIKE IT IS , BTW My grandmother was 100% cheek Indian. I agree with you 100% on everything you said. And Mao we are not miserable , I think your the Miserable one, How dare you sit there and belittle us like you , you dont even know us , you dont know how much money we make, what we do, etc…. OH OH OH I forgot your Mexican yourself, that gives you the right to think your better than everyone, the right to judge people, the right to be an over all asshole. Sorry my bad I forgot

  80. I think we are getting to the end of the mexican national book of excuses because mao is running out of answers here.
    she calls us rednecks so another words if you don’t like mexicans than you are a redneck, she calls us racist, she better get a better definition of racists and deploy that term properly because i have mexican friends also but they don’t live like the mexicans and they themselves told me that they are embarrassed by the way the mexican’s have treated this country and now that she failed to answer several questions that i asked previously tells me we are at the end of the book of excuses.
    I think that mao should also reverse the situation and lets say for instance if mexico was the dream country and the Americans were invadeing mexico for jobs , free money and benifits and was all given to us because we are americans and we were running drugs and commiting crimes down there. we would be hung literaly so get off the poor mexican crap because it doesn’t work. mexicans are poor because they choose to live the way they do and not become civilized
    and deffinitly don’t know the meaning of the word ABSTINENCE
    so you can look up that word also.
    we think diffrently in the way we grew up, think, live, and prosper.
    yes Americans do do drugs, do criminal activities, and have gang problems but the americans will handle there own and we don’t need any problems from a neighboring country to add to it. If the people from mexico can not get a grip on there very own nation than perhaps they should be the ones in hideing with there heads in the sand.
    liveing like animals is no fun but in american history we had to change things to make things better so “mao” become a scholar and read further in our history and see the diffrence between the two cultures. We don’t want to do the jobs you do and so on so on blah, blah , blah, read about the great depression, world war 1, world war 2
    the cold war, with russia, vietnam, korea, civil war, american revelution, and the current wars going on right now and tell us where and how much of a role mexico took when all that was going on. do you need photos of the americans working in little paying jobs, in food lines, homelessness, poverty, that all can be provided to you baby.
    has mexico sent troops to the gulf lately, have they provided any assistance to the needy in this country.. NOT.
    you had better distinguish who is the giver and the givee.
    regards back

  81. Hey Wheeler , Rhett here ,

    You brought up some very interesting points. Your right , where are all the Mexicans during war ? During hard times, I’ll tell where . They high tale it back to Mexico till things calm down, how shameful of them. They are scared little pussy foot beaners arent they ? We sned our troups out , our American Youth to fight for freedom , and to fight so this country can propsper and then the Mexicans come here and absorb all our medical and financial resources and give what back ? NOTHING , the illegals get paid cash so they dont contribute to the system but yet if they need medical care they take it form us. I liked everything you said wheeler. Good for you , Speak up ,

  82. screw you mao, i don’t live in a tiny town, sweetheart…..I LIVE IN FREAKING HOUSTON!!!!! faaaar cry from small, wouldn’t you say?

    here’s my reasons for feeling i’m RIGHT in saying what i say!
    1. i PAY taxes, i WORK then i BLOW my money on my OWN crap that i put into my OWN home–as in, i pour my dang money back into my own country!
    2. i’m tired of paying SS when i’ll never see it!
    3. i’m tired of paying medicare taxes, WHEN I’M NOT ELIGIBLE TO RECIEVE IT!!!!!

    i think unless you are a us citizen wiring money to a us citizen during an emergency, then our money should not be allowed to be transferred across the borders!!!

  83. oh and i forgot one thing! i say if people want to imigrate, they should be FORCED to sign up for selective reserve *OR* do no no less than 2-4 years in the military ACTIVE DUTY!!!!! at the mexican border, ever 500 ft there should be a different branch office, with a contract:

    SIGN IT OR TURN AROUND!!!!! put some damned florida gators in that river, i bet they won’t bother ;)

  84. I’m just getting warmed up here. it seems mao and her protoje’s are almost out of steam but I am ready to bring it in a serious way so stay on site and we will see what happens.
    I can’t wait for the next excuse to come about…

  85. I like your suggestion Jessica, Not only should they be forced to serve but also forced to respect our culture and for gods sake SPEAK ENGLISH , I am so sick of being at wal mart and hearing all them spics kackeling on their cell phones. Sounds like an emergency at the bull fights . Its rude , very rude. And another thing that burns my ass is you can actualy take the Florida Drivers Test all in Spanish , that seems safe seeing that all the signs are printed in English. All the public Schools on Florida have all their signs in both Spanish nad eglish, no skateboarding, bus loop signs, directions , classes, all of them. The state can not afford gas for their busses but they will spend the money to retrofit all the schools signs in spanish ? WTF is that all about .
    Wheeler , glad to see your still with us on here bubba !

  86. hey Tigers
    I am a gringo, just like you all. Born and raised in butt f**k Oregon.
    My ancestors, after they came to the US as immigrants, interbred for a number of generations, that’s why I am so thick between the ears and stupid!
    I chose to live in Mexico for reasons that you lot will never understand. obviously..
    I lived in the US and after traveling the world, I decided that the last thing I wanted to be was someone like you.
    When I called you rednecks, I meant your attitude towards life, not the back of your head.
    It does not matter if you are “Native American” (wtf is that?) white trash, or any other trash. You will only fir in your own little holes.
    the minute you come out, you will see that the world actually evolves in other places.
    one question: whats is the longest travel you have ever taken if not sent by the military? to the local hardware store?
    People like you are the ones who make real Americans feel ashamed of their own.

    Again, the Mexicans are NOT the source of your problems..The source are you, with your rotten society and hypocritical views of the world.
    Thank God the likes of you will never leave your country to contaminate the rest of the world.
    stay where you are complaining about everything.
    You will not change anything.
    You will just Whine like a little pig.

  87. Mao you are so off base its disgusting good lord. I have traveled actualy. My father too me to Ireland , we went on horse back through the country side for 8 days it was beautiful. I have also been to Europe , stayed in Holland park for a week to visit my brother who moved there for work . I have been to Alaska and also to prague , I have been to a lot of places , yes rednecks can travel too

  88. lets get this going shall we.
    do you really think that the American people will always stand by and keep feeling sorry for the poor Mexicans that drive their brand new illegally bought high end cars with the $4000.00 chrome rims on them on Friday’s through Sunday’s and then Monday through Friday afternoon they drive their piece of **** cars to the welfare office along with 20 bambino’s and claiming that they havn’t worked so they can Welch off the welfare system in more ways then you can possibly imagine and keep the American people in check forever do ya. Don’t worry we will wake up to all this and it will hurt so get the ointment ready because it will.
    Where I used to work the Mexicans are the worst drunks that I have ever seen. If they don’t get their corona “Heaven Forbid”
    Legally then they will steal it. Bunch of animals that go as far as rapeing their very own kids, lots of that going on here to. I know, I read the booking reports daily and the Mexican population in the jails is astounding. Lots of ASSAULTS, D U I’s, V C S A, Thefts and Rapes from those coyotes and the only murders were from mexicans. in fact one killed eight people. JUST A BUNCH OF ANIMALS. They should have there zippers welded shut and wear chasity belts that don’t unlock lol
    Eventually America is going to crack down on this and it just might happen sooner than you anticipate.
    in either case you can stay where you are because America doesn’t need you or the illegal Mexican here in this country in fact I do believe this country survived 100’s of years before the trillion Mexicans came over here and we still can survive without them. Another words’
    “Get the hell out of our country and if you don’t like it. Find yourself a donkey and cart and go further south. Invade South America instead because at least you are within the cultural range of things and will blend in nicely”
    and as far as border patrol, fences, I N S, I.C.E. or any other method of controlling the illegal folks from coming to a country who doesn’t need them isn’t working like it should but what we should do is mine the river banks and put Heat seeking gattlin cannons along the whole border with a small force to reload them and with a few fly overs with gun ships
    that way we can cut down the immigration enforcement that’s my idea of a good time. And we need to build a prison for them right there at the border so we don’t have to give them a free ride back. If they walked in than they certainly can walk back.

  89. here is some more dirt on the mexicans and i did verify these facts with public information and this all true.. new laws are comeing…. maybe not today but the laws will be here and when that time comes than it will be party time in the U.S. because than we can live like normal once again. read below before makeing excuses for immigration..
    1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.
    2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
    3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
    4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
    5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
    6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
    7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
    8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
    9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.
    10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.
    (There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County. )

    (All 10 of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

    Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States’ annual population growth (and over 90% of California, Florida , and New York) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

    (All 11 of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

    We are a bunch of fools for letting this continue

  90. wheeler and Taylor

    dream on buddys!
    you will never see the day when the only race in the States is yours. period.

    In order to understand the present and predict the future, one must look at the history….You were majority about a century ago…now, you are minority in places like LA..

    face it, the likes of you are going to disappear,….. no longer needed.

    the last redneck in the oval office who could protect you wrecked the country to a very sorry state instead.
    Now you have the son of a black immigrant as your president.. aren’t you lot afraid?

    Also, if 95% percent of the crimes committed in LA are by Mexicans, would it be because 95% of the population are Mexicans?
    it’s like saying all crimes in Oklahoma are committed by Okies..

    No wonder no one likes Americans in the world, not even the very people who tought you how to speak. The English.

  91. if the rat doesn’t like the trap than why does he trip it. another words if why does the mexican hate this country but keeps comeing to it.
    Oh I know because we are so stupid and have no education like the mexican does and of course we stupid americans that are so lazy and corrupt unlike the educated prospering nation of mexico with great knowledge and wealth and a well kept country like it is can’t even compete with the super power mexico.
    i guess thats why mexico has spent so much money on the iraq war its not even funny, i think mexico should pull their troops out of iraq and invest in something a little more subtle like maybe unremovable rubbers or vasectomies. because they just can’t obstain themselves from the moment.”
    NOT” look you think mexico is poor.. i think you better open those eyes alittle bit and get a bigger picture.. samolia, dafur,libia, sri lanka,
    nigeria, sudan,. and just to think the mexicans think they are so improvourished.. and i don’t see those people flocking the U.S.
    and as far as the american people getting wiped out.. BRING IT BABY and you will see how this country will take care of the great super power mexico. we’ll send you back to donky land.

  92. you know what? youre ignorant and obviously been brought up to be racist against the human race. everyone is titled to an opinion, but your just plain ignorant. i dont see anything wrong with someone looking at our country as the best way of life for their family. we are not in a mad dash to seek employment over there are we? people are people and i give gudos to anyone that risk their life and freedom to provide for their poverty struck family. you need to grow up. maybe if you ass was put in that situation ,wondering how you was going to feed your family , maybe you’d understand. dummy

  93. god damn i hate hate them mexi- kanss them lousy tricksters, hoggin up everything breathin all the white mans air, i hate’em

  94. @ Jessica

    blame your government for your bitterness, not the immigrants…they have nothing to do with your problems.
    I am sorry, but I think you are on the wrong forum. Look for the “I am very angry at my government” forum and discharge all your vile there.. .

    And remember, the immigrants are not responsible for all your troubles. Maybe Mr Drunk Bush?

  95. Mr all american and his likes better stay in the holes where they are at, because the moment the come out, they will find that the world actually evolves.
    the “breathin’ all the white mans air, i hate’em” phrase is just memorable and deep…
    I’ll try to remember that..
    did you just come up with that?
    or is the result of the interbreeding in your family for the last 10 generations?
    it is just plain brilliant..

  96. “OOP’S” I think I hit a nerve
    Sorry mao, you still didn’t win this ongoing argument!
    Here is a little something for you to read which entails a fraction of the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM that we all know today is true and if you do reply than it will be just another excuse to justify the illegal IMMIGRATION.
    Illegal immigrants are not “victims” who need us to rescue them. Yes, many are hard working and only wanting a better life as those in all countries do. However, the problem is much broader than what some media images suggest (e.g., the harvesting of crops, immigrants feeding their families, or emotional photos of parents deported from their anchor child–an extremely rare event). A significant number are single males with no families to feed. In fact, illegal immigrants know that having an anchor child greatly reduces their chances of being deported. Yet the same media is not sympathetic to American parents separated from their children when they’re caught breaking the law. In the real world, Americans have witnessed millions of illegals openly engage in undesirable activities, while enjoying special treatment that our own citizens don’t receive. Such activities include catch-and-release (a type of sanctuary status that even foreign diplomats don’t get), failure to appear in court, immigrant gangs, drug and human smuggling, violent crimes, massive identity fraud, illegal voting, driving under the influence, hit-and-run accidents and various other motor vehicle violations, tax free incomes, free social services (including housing and food stamps), free emergency room care, public school enrollments, a full range of medical services for family members due to chain migration–including elderly parents who draw on the healthcare system and maternity care for their anchor babies. As if this weren’t enough, they then wave their foreign flags in the streets of America demanding their rights, yet they don’t have the courage to demonstrate in their native countries in order to fix their own countries’ problems. Across the nation, District Attorneys routinely cut plea bargains with illegals caught in serious crimes who aren’t deported or even incarcerated, only to repeat their crimes in the future. If they agree to be deported (many times agreeing to self-deportation), they often return to the U.S. in short order. These kinds of activities are hard on the nation and its communities, yet amazingly people are expected to buy the myth that illegal immigration is somehow “good for America.” Americans must ask themselves if these are the people they want to reward with citizenship while many others have waited in line to be here legally. Americans are also learning that the 14th Amendment was not intended to give special treatment to illegal mothers and their anchor babies. Americans are becoming outraged that their leadership has allowed this amendment to be a huge magnet for illegal immigration and its associated costs.

    Are you really going to deny this????

  97. @ mao immigrants and illegal aliens you are correct are not to blame for all of our problems! They are to blame for a large portion of them and yes again your correct the/our government is to blame for allowing them to come here illegally! However, no matter how much effort we (our government) puts into keeping the illegals out they will still come and therefore are still to blame. 60% of our federal prisons are filled with illegal aliens from Mexico, not because they came here illegally by because they committed horrific crimes after they got here! The gang warfare and drug cartels are running rampant and beginning to spill across the border into the USA. I must just say thank you to President Calderon for taking a stance and beginning the good fight to clean up Mexico and as a result helping to secure the US border and reduce crime in the USA.

  98. You took the words right out of my mouth!!!! Can’t we do something about this, if you have any websites i can go to let me know, I want to move out of the United States because of them, and that is just sad, that is what they want us to do, but I just can’t take it anymore.

  99. Hey guys, I was out of the country visiting the US…Now I feel sorry for you guys even more. I am sorry to tell you that your society is rotten to the core, and when faced with serious problems, it tends to break at the weakest link (right Fedup?). My friend Mark would like to say thanks to President Calderon for starting to clean up Mexico.. The only problem is that Mexico is NOT the country to clean up. The US is the country with an insatiable appetite for drugs, according to Hillary Clinton. In other words, you guys need to start teaching real values to your children and stop breeding drug addicts and xenophobes.
    Once that happens, the US will be regarded as a good, honest country in the world again. and Mark, stop using FOX and CNN as a source for philosophy, because what they air is not reality. It is pure mass control propaganda. Now that the war on terrorism has ended and Osama Bin Laden was never caught, your government needs another enemy…….think about it…….even though your enemy is at home, you lot keep on looking for it abroad….

  100. thought you hated the rotten u.s. mao but your comment about the u.s. needing to be cleaned up more than mexico gets my goat.
    what in the world are you smoking anyway???
    all countries have corruption but in the last couple of years the focus has been on mexico, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, iran, north korea,libya, somalia, and it seems that the U.S. is dealing with huge task of makeing things better and here you are knocking the americans down. Why? because we don’t want to open our borders to anyone who wants to enter and just go about and abuse the system and violate the laws that we have. just who are you to judge us like that.
    if mexico smells so pretty and the U.S. is sooooo rotten than why the hell is their 30,000,000 illegals over here smouching,dealing,rapeing,murdering etc and why has mexico been turned into drug lords haven that is if mexico is so perfect than why,why , why, are they here. you knock the U.S. but come here
    You went way out on a limb on the comments you made.
    We don’t see to many decapitated bodies here in the U.S. but if this thing in mexico persists than i have to imagine it eventually will happen here so stop knocking democracy down for a change.
    there should be a cap on immigration in the U.S. to get the count down to acceptable levels but for now it’s out of control so drink some strong coffee and wake up.


  101. @wheeler
    point taken. All countries have corruption. If the focus has been on Mexico lately, is only because your government dos not have any other enemy (real or fictional) to fight. have you noticed that the Osama bin Laden topic does not sell very well these days? The war on terrorism was unmasked and finally put in perspective: It was a LIE and a fabrication of a cowboy ..
    All the countries that you mentioned have problems, but answer this: who asked the US for help?
    Has it cross your mind that the world does not necessarily want the lifestyle the US want to impose so frantically?
    Ask your black, son of an immigrant president to close the US borders, but also to stop sending troops to kill and rape in the name of democracy and freedom.
    Mexico is a natural passage for the drugs your society needs. That’s why you see the levels of crime rising in Mexico. It is illegal to have guns in Mexico, they come from the US.
    President Barack Obama said on a visit to Mexico on April 16, 2009: “This war (drugs) is being waged with guns purchased not here but in the United States . . . more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that lay in our shared border,”. “So we have responsibilities as well.”
    While Hillary Clinton said “America’s “insatiable demand” for illegal drugs fuelled the trade and that the US had an “inability” to stop weapons from being smuggled south.
    If the US stops its appetite for drugs, then some of your problems will go away.
    My point is: I don’t hate the US. I just cannot stand hypocrites like you.
    And please don’t tell me that the US is not the biggest consumer of illegal drugs…..

  102. Mao, My old adversary…
    I thought you went off and joined up with el chapo {:-

  103. I thought this thread was dead but you just brought it back to life.
    You really should back up what you say with fact and not something that you just dream up.
    So go ahead and climb out of your beach hut and go to the library if you have one and look up some more stories to tell. You don’t even know how wrong you are about a great many of things.
    Go ahead and call us what ever you want because we know what we are calling you.
    You know what?? You babel toooooo much!!

    You say that 100% of the weapons come from the U.S. ???????
    There’s just one problem with the 90 percent “statistic” and it’s a big one:
    It’s just not true.
    In fact, it’s not even close. The fact is, only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S.
    What’s true, an ATF spokeswoman told, in a clarification of the statistic used by her own agency’s assistant director, “is that over 90 percent of the traced firearms originate from the U.S.”
    But a large percentage of the guns recovered in Mexico do not get sent back to the U.S. for tracing, because it is obvious from their markings that they do not come from the U.S.
    “Not every weapon seized in Mexico has a serial number on it that would make it traceable, and the U.S. effort to trace weapons really only extends to weapons that have been in the U.S. market,” Matt Allen, special agent of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), told FOX News.
    More from this excellent expose from FOX:
    A Look at the Numbers
    In 2007-2008, according to ATF Special Agent William Newell, Mexico submitted 11,000 guns to the ATF for tracing. Close to 6,000 were successfully traced — and of those, 90 percent — 5,114 to be exact, according to testimony in Congress by William Hoover — were found to have come from the U.S.
    But in those same two years, according to the Mexican government, 29,000 guns were recovered at crime scenes.
    In other words, 68 percent of the guns that were recovered were never submitted for tracing. And when you weed out the roughly 6,000 guns that could not be traced from the remaining 32 percent, it means 83 percent of the guns found at crime scenes in Mexico could not be traced to the U.S.
    So, if not from the U.S., where do they come from? There are a variety of sources:
    – The Black Market. Mexico is a virtual arms bazaar, with fragmentation grenades from South Korea, AK-47s from China, and shoulder-fired rocket launchers from Spain, Israel and former Soviet bloc manufacturers.
    – Russian crime organizations. Interpol says Russian Mafia groups such as Poldolskaya and Moscow-based Solntsevskaya are actively trafficking drugs and arms in Mexico.
    - South America. During the late 1990s, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) established a clandestine arms smuggling and drug trafficking partnership with the Tijuana cartel, according to the Federal Research Division report from the Library of Congress.
    – Asia. According to a 2006 Amnesty International Report, China has provided arms to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Chinese assault weapons and Korean explosives have been recovered in Mexico.
    – The Mexican Army. More than 150,000 soldiers deserted in the last six years, according to Mexican Congressman Robert Badillo. Many took their weapons with them, including the standard issue M-16 assault rifle made in Belgium.
    – Guatemala. U.S. intelligence agencies say traffickers move immigrants, stolen cars, guns and drugs, including most of America’s cocaine, along the porous Mexican-Guatemalan border. On March 27, La Hora, a Guatemalan newspaper, reported that police seized 500 grenades and a load of AK-47s on the border. Police say the cache was transported by a Mexican drug cartel operating out of Ixcan, a border town.
    You call us racist????
    Mexico should look in the mirror. According to the Houston Chronicle’s Rachel Graves, around the turn of the 17th century, Mexico imported more African slaves than anywhere else in the New World. As a result, tens of thousands of blacks (no one knows for sure – the Mexican census does not recognize them) live in Mexico, mostly in destitute villages in its poorest states. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 blacks live in Costa Chica.

    There really is no more argument here. Americans and Illegal Mexicans have no common ground and there absolutely will be no peace until all the illegal livestock is kept south or be buried in it

  104. C’mon wheeler, you can do better than that.
    I quote your President and your Secretary of State and you shoot back with the “National Rifle Association”?
    Are you telling me that an ATF spokesman, an immigration agent, an ATF “special agent” and FOX News have more credibility than your President and your Secretary of State?

    Think about it, if we don’t want, or cannot believe what the heads of our government say , we are in a very precarious state, aren’t we?

    NRA spokespersons, firearms instructors, security advisers, policy analysts and the such don’t have the stature and caliber to be compared with Obama and Clinton. Therefore, I will not believe their creed. I think it is based on very shady agendas…
    You can go on with your lecture regarding the source of weapons used by the drug cartels. The fact remains, at least that’s the official US point. Made by your president, not by the ATF.

    We could go back to the slave trade or even more, how the “illegal” white European immigrants killed the natives of this land. But I believe that’s not really the issue at stake here…

    Forgive me if I babble (not babel) sometimes. English is not my first language ( I learn it watching FOX news from my beach hut) .
    I would like to see you debating and trying to write your concepts in a foreign language…..

  105. By the way, I don’t have to go to my local library to do my research. I have internet access on my iphone 24/7. Have you heard of them?

  106. TO mayo,
    you must go to wikipedia where facts can be changed at any time.
    Anyway, in all the blogs that have been posted, there really isn’t anything you have posted that gives the illegal any kind of right to be here in this country, all i have read was history lessons, racial and cultural rechtoric, and redneck name calling.
    you have not once said that breaking our countries immigration laws, state laws or federal laws was wrong to the illegal immigrant and again do a recheck on how american’s are treated in mexico.
    you have made no headway in your case justifying illegal entry to the U.S. “THEY ARE TRESSPASSERS”…………………………….

  107. You are right again wheeler, under the law, illegal immigrants are trespassers.

    BUT they are not the source of all your problems. The source is deep seated in the values taught by your society….

    From the very beginning I sensed a high level of xenophobia and hate towards immigrants on this thread.
    I don’t justify illegal entry to any country. Just as I don’t justify people stating that they are bigger or better based on a piece of paper or the color of the skin.
    A FACT OF LIFE IS: They are there to stay, and whether you like it or not, they will be part of your community.
    And I personally believe that Mr. Obama is going to make them legal very soon, and they will retake what was stolen from them a long time ago.
    SO get used to them.

  108. MAO, YOU ARE STILL BABBLING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! Bring something new that you think that illegal immigration, drug sales and transportation of drugs, crimes against AMERICANS, and the way of life that we as AMERICANS have led for the past 200 years is justified.
    Americans are made up of numerous countries but there is one thing that you are missing and always will miss and not understand.
    “WE ARE LEGAL” we read,write,speak, english.
    you mentioned that Obama is going to legalize all mexicans.
    Maybe so but if you think that there are hate groups now, wait till that day comes and you will see more than triple of what it is now.
    Everyday that the Illegal mexicans and drug mules come into this country and commit they’re crimes just gives the anti immigration more ground to stand on and will only make the opposition more strong.
    If the illegal mexican wants to make it here than they should not break our laws because every time they do brings they’re reputation that much lower. I have mexican friends, I have friends from peru, argintina, and even from parts of cuba, Africa, spain so this calling us redneck racist and what have you should be reserved for your facist side. We all know what is right and just but you don’t want to admit it but only create an excuse that will lead your case further south of whats at question.
    I will only ask it one more time. what is it that makes you thing that in the above statement are justified ? and don’t use America’s thirst for drugs and don’t use a history lesson. just use hard facts.
    The mexicans need to improve they’re reputation rather than bring it down..

  109. no more mexicans

  110. We don’t need mexicans as they are good for landscaping / cleaning and all that kind of work.

    Have you seen any mexican doing intelligent jobs like working in research NASA/Intel or even in IT / Computers ?. What good they are for ?. Any Brains ??.

    Mexico depends on America on everything as they don’t have their own technlogy / brain but small asian countries are way advanced.

    We don’t need mexicans as they are burden to US economy. Have you heard something like Mexican Scientist or Mexican Philosopher , Mexican Invention ( not a solar flash light ) or even a Intelligent mexican ???

    Get them Out , we don’t need those anymore .

  111. The Mexican immigrants are infiltrating our school sytems and slowing down all of our schools studies. especially the ones that dont know english. they need to first, come over here legally if at all, secondly they should have to learn english for both their sake and ours.

  112. You know what sucks. We just found out my brother has a daughter he had 20 yrs ago while in the military, and we can not get her here. it was proven by military dna testing, yet they say no. Why can we pay for all the illegals, and real citizens can not get here

  113. My comment is brief; as I have blogged a great deal on this subject. It is still disturbing to me. Immigration is a very intense issue. However; it is getting almost no Congressional attention. I respect all Immigrants;especially those from African & Jamaica that came over to work and attend school. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for them. But,do you think that it makes sense to continue pretending as if these nice, hardworking individuals are the same as some from Mexico..that have horrible attitudes (such as those in Ca.), and take the U.S. for granted. Worse than that (I wish it were a stereotype)..they start gangs, increase racist stereotypes against African American persons, and often times have no respect for anyone.’s a free country right? But, should it be..when there are being those forced to move, because of the above problems, and we can all no longer live the American ideal. Not for everyone. I believe that we have a serious problem with Immigration, and it’s not resolved soon..we are headed for a serious collision. This is the calm before the storm. Believe that. Unfortunately, Mexican Immigration should be treated the same as Cuban migration, and Immigration restrictions specifically defined for them & all Latin American countries. Better education requirements for those entering this country, and make all those people be held accountable for their actions. ..No more Mr. Nice Guy. Immigration has to be taken care of…. Now!

  114. damn its funny how peoples ignorance can block their thinking yes we are immigrant so are you unless you are native American if not your then you are a immigrant to. an we aren’t the only one s who do all those things you say you people are also in gangs, but whatever to all you who run their mouths about mexicans i fight for other races that live in poverty . those are brave people who risk everything for a better future. so i dont disrespect no one. learn some matters for those who run their mouth. i respect what you saybecause you have the right to say what you please an so do i. **** racist.

  115. Illegal immigration is destroying California ! This is
    a fact - not a racist comment . It wouldn’t matter
    if they were all blue-eyed Swedes. They don’t
    pay their way . Mentally deficient liberals in the State
    and Federal
    government have seen to it that they are not only allowed to
    live here - they receive free hospital care; free schooling
    for their kids; free books; free Aid to Dependent Children;
    free food stamps and numerous other free perks, that
    legal, tax-paying residents are then forced to pay for .
    They don’t pay their way .
    Costs for services to illegal and legal residents makes
    up HALF of the current State deficit of $ 40 BILLION
    dollars, as many of them pay NO STATE INCOME
    taxes . I believe something like 50% of all the residents
    of California pay NO State Income Tax.

    We cannot continue to give them free this and free that
    when we have as much as 25% unemployment in
    some industries and millions of legal residents out of work .
    It is totally, completely INSANE.
    There isn’t a government in the world ( including Mexico )
    that would ever do this to their own people .

  116. Mark - learn to think for yourself. Don’t parrot the propaganda
    your typical liberal professor tells you. He sounds like
    another waste of tax-payer money .

    When you are older and a tax- paying
    citizen of some bankrupt State, who has to pay twice what he should
    for hospital care - you might have another attitude .

    My husband just had his car stolen right by our back door,
    by Mexican gang members . My neighbor’s son was
    killed by a drunk illegal driver . A much loved sixteen year old honor
    student - full of so much promise .
    His family still haven’t recovered from that years later . My
    mother in law had her wallet stolen and credit cards used
    by a Mexican credit card theft ring . And on and on .
    So - cry me a river about so called American ‘ illegals’
    Maybe your professor is not aware of the fact that
    the United States was not a country in 1640?

  117. Hey, there’s no sense trying to talk reason to a Mexican. That’s like trying to teach calculus to a turnip. They just will not get it! Mexicans are mostly moraless, unethical creatures. Not just illegal aliens, all Mexicans. I guess they can’t help it though. I mean, if you come from a crooked, corrupt country like Mexico, you just can’t help but be corrupt and crooked yourself. That’s the way things get done in Mexico. Corruption runs rampant down there. If you live in Mexico and you arn’t crooked or corrupt like the other Mexicans, you will get eaten alive.
    I have personally witnessed more crime committed by Mexicans in just the past ten years than I have witnessed from all other races combined in my entire 53 years of life. That is a fact!!!I think that, right there, says enough! Mexicans are just criminals through and through. I seriously wouldn’t doubt if mexicans had a criminal gene.

  118. You want to see just why it is people hate Mexicans? Want to see two Mexican women eat ****! Literally!!!! Go look up “two girls and a cup” on uTube. That is one of the reasons people hate mexicans. They don’t seem to have a brain in their head or use any common sense. They are just a pathetic race of people.

  119. They are all gutless,sneaky,lazy trash! I just had my car totalled by an illegal(pregnant)! there;s a shock! All hispanic women are whores and have ****s the size of the grand canyon from all the fat greasy bastards they pop out every year! They expect the U.S. to hand them everything. Ship them all to Iraq! To lazy and stupid to even learn english! Get rid of each and every one of them!

  120. I’m sorry to hear about your car and I also share the same anger that you have but you know there are just a few educated and responsible Mexicans out there but just a handful so what we need to do is separate the good 100 away from the bad million.
    Arizona is on the right track with there new law they just passed which is the toughest in the nation even though it needs more frame work and expansion and if every state in the U.S. would pass laws that are similar than things might turn around for a change.
    It really pisses me off when all these so called human rights groups and Immigrants come over to this country on our soil protesting on the streets that we pay for in our tax’s’ our labor, demanding a legal right to be here while at the same time the very same people and race corrupt our streets with there drugs and crime and our tax’s and our labor supports them to live a comfortable life with medical, housing, welfare, and free what ever else and we cannot do anything about it.
    I believe that the U.S. should bring this war to them for a change starting with the border towns and cities and march forward.



  122. I guess some Mexicans do work hard-not all. But it doesn’t really matter because the work Mexicans do usually isn’t worth a damned. Yes, some do work hard, but I would never hire one to do work for me because the work they do is usually pretty ****ty. Therefore, what’s the sense in working hard if the work you do is not worth a damned! So you work hard! Big deal! What have you accomplished if you work hard yet have to do the work over again because of ****ty work you did? I have yet to see a Mexican that worked hard at a job and did that job well.

  123. we need to make our border patrol a private industry. then charge the mexican government for each one sent back, to help pay for these new jobs for Americans. most of you commenting on here have no actual example experience with the problem. I have, and still do. I’m one of 2 actual americans left in my neighborhood in Austin (fecalcity), Tx. when i say mexican, i’m talking about non-citizen. As a citizen the Mex-Americans need to police their own. I see more animosity rising against all latinos citizen and non. It’s their own fault, I’m sick and f’n tired of it and would enjoy a good war with mexico. No one will read this and those that do don’t care. So f***you my fellow AMERICANS and our geedy f****** polititions who run our corrupted f******* government, and turned this country into Sodom and Gamorrah. To rectify our problem at hand is to either remove it or destroy it. I’m picking the……………..

  124. Here’s my own “study”…Warning: these comments are not for the faint of heart… Here’s the problem: Unless you are Latino and of course, speak Spanish, you don’t have much of a chance at landing a job, not even a “menial” one. They are taken.. and will be in the future, until some changes occur. I have experienced this first hand, in my futile attempts to search for work. In addition, if you have any formal education, you can just forget it all together. Companies do not want an educated, experienced employee to work for them… all they want is someone who speaks Spanish, in order to appeal and or cater to the majority of the population, (which is Latino, where I happen to live). Companies also want individuals who are not highly educated for the simple reason that they will not be able to demand as much in salary. Not so complicated. When did you ever remember having to press “1″ just to hear instructions in English, in order to get some information from your banking institution??? Also, someone needs to go into all of these companies H.R. Dept. and confiscate all applications turned in, if they haven’t been shredded already. You will see that someone who has a Spanish surname was chosen for the job over someone who did not. Just look around, next time you are at your local store… who are the people working? Also, look at the job internet boards.. notice how many companies are not only requesting, but requiring that applicants be BILINGUAL, and they make it clear that it is SPANISH that they want.

  125. The illegal mexican likes nothing better than to crap on the U.S. and they do it in a not so legal way but as a sorrowful way to where they try to make us feel sorry for them and give them what they want but they will not say the real truth.
    How or why is our very own Government allowing this invasion go on is beyond our comprehension and all we have is theories behind it all.
    The Feds won’t do anything about it than maybe it’s time again for the population to take up arms again because for every law that is written like the great expensive wall of the U.S. there is a hole they jump through.
    Arizona is standing up but where in the world is rest? WE ARE THE ONLY ANSWER!!!!

  126. wheeler
    stop taking too much drugs my friend. Your brain is going, really.

    Your “It’s time again for the population to take up arms” has put many, many people in the shade in your country, so I would take it easier. big brother may not like that.

    just saying……

  127. I agree..This is America…these assholes are allowed to come over here deal drugs, join gangs, rob people, take our jobs. disrespect america and americans.ONLY WHITES SHOULD BE ALLOWED HERE….Our AMERICAN children cant even say the pledge of allegiance anymore..i hate niggars spics and mexicans…all are scum

  128. Hey Disne, you f**king nazi. Germany in WWII is where you belong, not here.
    Wake up you extremist fuc*. we’re here to stay. we’ll never leave.
    so get used to it.

  129. Here is what the Mexican constitution say’s regarding Immigration.

    • Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:
    - Foreigners are admitted into Mexico “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.” (Article 32)
    - Immigration officials must “ensure” that “immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents. (Article 34)
    - Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence upsets “the equilibrium of the national demographics,” when foreigners are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” when they do not behave like good citizens in their own country, when they have broken Mexican laws, and when “they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy.” (Article 37)
    - The Secretary of Governance may “suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be in the national interest.” (Article 38)
    • Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country:
    - Federal, local and municipal police must cooperate with federal immigration authorities upon request, i.e., to assist in the arrests of illegal immigrants. (Article 73)
    - A National Population Registry keeps track of “every single individual who comprises the population of the country,” and verifies each individual’s identity. (Articles 85 and 86)
    - A national Catalog of Foreigners tracks foreign tourists and immigrants (Article 87), and assigns each individual with a unique tracking number (Article 91).

    • Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:
    - Foreigners with fake immigration papers may be fined or imprisoned. (Article 116)
    - Foreigners who sign government documents “with a signature that is false or different from that which he normally uses” are subject to fine and imprisonment. (Article 116)

    • Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons:
    - Foreigners who fail to obey a deportation order are to be punished. (Article 117)
    - Foreigners who are deported from Mexico and attempt to re-enter the country without authorization can be imprisoned for up to 10 years. (Article 118)
    - Foreigners who violate the terms of their visa may be sentenced to up to six years in prison (Articles 119, 120 and 121). Foreigners who misrepresent the terms of their visa while in Mexico — such as working with out a permit — can also be imprisoned.

    • Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says,
    - “A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally.” (Article 123)
    - Foreigners with legal immigration problems may be deported from Mexico instead of being imprisoned. (Article 125)
    - Foreigners who “attempt against national sovereignty or security” will be deported. (Article 126)

    • Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law:
    - A Mexican who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison. (Article 127)
    - Shipping and airline companies that bring undocumented foreigners into Mexico will be fined. (Article 132)

    According to the Mexican constitution, All Mexicans have diamond studded balls and golden underware and are better than anyone alive.

    good for them..

  130. And your point is…..
    Mexican law can say anything. Thing is nothing is enforced. Have you read the us law Mr. Numbnuts? It’s exactly the same.

  131. The Point is Mr el cluster FuNcK is that Americans can never get away with the same things that the South of the border monkey spunk get away with so why don’t you get your head out of the dope bag and wise up that there will be a solution to all your ” I’m better than you because I’m Mexican attitude” and hopefully when that solution comes that it will put a real hurt on people like yourself you dumb Wop.

  132. Thank you for those wishe.
    The minute your people stop being drug addicts, that minute your life will change.
    Until then, you’ll have no moral authority to say a thing.

  133. Thank you for those wishe.
    The minute your people stop being drug addicts, that minute your life will change.
    Until then, you’ll have no moral authorityThank you for those wishe.
    The minute your people stop being drug addicts, that minute your life will change.


  134. It figures! A mexican with the screen name of “Loco.” Fits him, ahem,and most Mexicans, perfectly. As far as “we” drug addicts causing the criminality in Mexico: that’s about par for the thinking of a Mexican. Hell, with that logic, we can’t blame bank robbers for robbing banks. I mean, if we didn’t store all that money in one place, then bank robbers wouldn’t be going there to steal it. So I guess it really is our fault for storing all that money where it can be stolen. LOL. I mean these people can’t help themselves. They’re stupid people! They have no morals, no decency. We should understand that a Mexican can’t help himself. When he sees a way to make money through criminality, he goes for it. Mexicans can’t stop themselves; they have no morals. Isn’t that right LOCO!

  135. welcome back Jeff, it’s good to see out of your trailer once in a while.

    no matter how you slice it though, gringos are drug addicts.

    And if the Mex don’t sell drugs to you, someone else will. It was the colombians before. Who will be next? the chinese?

    how old were you the first time you did drugs? 12? 13? how old are you now?

    how many years have you been doing drugs?

    you and 300 million more in your country.

    hypocrite bigot.

    And it’s not an insult. It’s just who you are.

    your society is rotten to the core and is not better than the Mexican, so don’t think you’re better than anybody.

    go back to your trailer to watch fox and eat spam on white wonder bread buddy.
    and shag your fat cousin if she still lets you.

    cut my eyes out, I’ve seen it all…

    a drug addict, spoon fed, promiscuous fat gringo talking about morality.

  136. Look at all the drug dealers over in Mexico. Some over here in the United States hate them; myself, I kind of like them. They’re doing a valuable service for us over there in Mexico. Mexicans are exterminating Mexicans. I love it. I just love it. The only problem is that I don’t think it will keep up too much longer. Well, all good things must come to an end! Texmex, have you and Loco ever thought about moving to one of those towns in Mexico right across the border, say Ciudad Juarez. No, I don’t think we could be that lucky! Maybe we should find a way to encourage more drug addiction over here to keep the good times rolling in Mexico. Ya think?

  137. Hey jeff why don’t you answer the questions texmex asked you?
    Did you inhale?


  138. In response to your ignorant post here, which is lacking in any actual facts. I have to say that Mexicans are not here to do any of the things you listed. They are the under appreciated slaves of this capitalist system!. They work long hours with no real compensations down the road, but do they complain? no!. Thanks to Mexican immigrants you can sit at home comfortably receiving your welfare cheeks in the mail! Because believe it or not Mexican immigrants legal or not do pay taxes,otherwise the IRS does come after them. And out of those taxes comes all the money for health care, welfare, public aid, and financial aid which by the way Mexican illegal students don’t have access to!. In fact no Mexican immigrant has access to any of these things. Whoever says otherwise is misinformed. Why can’t people like you keep your comments under wraps. And investigate the actual facts instead of guiding your judgment on what you hear or see from other misinformed morons!.

  139. What do you guys think I should do about the illegal mexicans breaking into my locked/chained landscaping trailer, while I am in a clients backyard, working? I have hidden one of my workers to hide in the trailer, when he hears the chain being cut, he grabs a pipe, the door opens guess what happens to the illegal? Do you blame the owner for doing such, he has called the cops 2 times now regarding this matter, the cops can’t do much, sticks the piece of crap in jail, just for it to get out the next day, returning to his old ways. The illegal doesn’t care if he gets arrested, he is a little embarrased, but know nothing will get done, so he gets the crap beat out of him. Nobody calls the cops anymore.

  140. A pack of pit bulls can take care of it and they will Does-crime-ate and however they may **** an Illegal terd afterwards so call the cops to see if they will deport that.

  141. This to inform you of a person living and working in the United States illegally.

    The names that this person assumes are as follows:

    Gabriela Sanchez (her niece), Karla P. Durazo (her aunt), Patty Durazo (her sister),
    Julieta Sanchez (her aunt), Patty Sanchez (her sister/her niece) Rocio Sanchez (her
    sister), Mayra Viramontes (her cousin), Karen Durazo (her cousin),Kenya Durazo (her
    cousin), Karina Sanchez (her cousin).

    All of the names assumed by her can be substantiated through her facebook account
    which is under the name Gabby Sanchez.

    Her Employer (who is married to Elona Shaw) is: Dr. Larry Stark
    3201 W. Peoria Ave # A-100
    Phoenix, AZ 85029

    Her assumed Social Security # is her Aunt’s Soc. Sec. # 611-32-7757 (Karla P.
    Durazo) who actually lives in California.

    She drives a pathfinder with AZ lic. # AHT4587

    Her address is: 2220 W. Mission Ln. #1095 (which is in Larry Starks name /
    Phoenix, AZ 85017 co-signed for)

    SRP Acct # 919-863-000 (which is in Larry Starks name)

    Her Phone # 602-628-3116 (which is in Larry Starks name)

    This young woman makes it easier for other illegals to obtain medications including
    narcotics and evade citizenship tests through the Doctors office that she works in.
    Also supplying them with false identification and documentation.

    I am very concerned about the illegal activities (Document Fraud, Identity Theft,
    Conducting crimes in America) that she is involved in. Please address the above
    issues as soon as possible.

    Concerned Citizen

  142. Concerned:
    You are the perfect example why the worst regimes in history have succeeded. They put one citizen against the other. Saddam, Adolf, Batista, Pinochet, Bush, just to name a few have done this to their societies. They have convinced them that by pointing fingers, their own wrongdoings become less serious.
    Honestly, before you do this, look within, man. Look at your own children growing up doped and armed.
    Have you ever smoked pot or taken any other illegal substance? Have you ever done anything wrong at all in your life? Of course you have, you are American.
    Puking on some one else does not mean you are less sick.
    friggin gringos! you are rotten to the core. A drug addict society is rotten.

  143. Mao, go away with you and your smelly B.S., go climb in a hole and quit your Drug running because you stink.
    Half the crap you say is very dismal and the other half is B.S.
    the people who usually gets upset the most are the ones hiding something such as you. Yes you know the truth about illegal immigration and how wrong it is. your people are cowards but however barbaric at the same time. Why can’t Mexico become more of a Democratic nation with all it’s vast resources? Because it’s easier to invade and take instead of self reliance.Who’s next? Canada and the north pole! What are these so called poor Mexicans going to do when the U.S. becomes a poor nation? invade Europe or Scandinavia or maybe Australia and claim they were there first. the way the U.S. is going ,We will be poor in another 15 years. Just a thought…..

  144. Ludicrous ranger came out of his trailer!

    Mexicans invade countries now!

    The US in now being invaded!

    Go back to your hole you fonking addict. Drugs don’t let you think straight.

    Since you were born, the US has invaded:
    Greece 1947-49
    Philippines 49-53
    Albania 49-53
    Germany 50
    Iran 53
    Guatemala 53 AND 90
    Midle East 56
    Indeonesia 57
    Guyana 53
    Vietnam 50-63
    Cambodia 55-73
    Congo/Zaire 50-65
    Brazil 51-64
    Dominican 56-63
    Cuba 59-?
    Indonesia 65
    Chile 64-73
    Greece 74
    East Timor 75
    Nicaragua 78
    Grenada 79
    Panama 89
    Irak 90’s
    Afganistan 92
    Yugoslavia 99

    And the ones your fundamentalist Bush added.

    What, they don’t teach that in your schools? Or you couldn’t attend because dad wasn’t around?
    wake up idiotic dopey.

  145. Listen to this Mao character ramble on! He talks his trash about how bad our country is and how we are all drug addicts over here. Yet, we can’t keep these damned Mexicans out of our country. They just keep coming over here by the millions. They must love drug addicts. Like I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, I think Mexicans must have a criminal gene. I know they don’t have a brain in their head. And they honestly think they’re going to take back territory they say was stolen from them years ago. Hell, a Mexican couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag!! Look at the Alamo. 10 to 1 odds, and they were run off licking their wounds with their tails between their legs. And Mexicans are going to take over the Southwestern United States-territory they say was stolen from them years earlier! I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  146. Hey jeff, good to see you around here buddy. I thought we lost you in the woods for a moment.

    Listen, let me be clear about this.

    I do NOT think Mexico (or any other country) is better than the US. Unlike gringos think their country is better than the rest.

    What I DO think is that immigrants are NOT the source of your problems.

    The minute you stop your addiction, the world (being Colombians, Albanians, Mexicans…) will stop sending drugs over there for your children to use.

    Your problem is the drugs, along with other deep seated problems. So stop pointing fingers at the immigrants and solve your structural problems. Tomorrow, there won’t be a China to bail your ass out of your pseudo-Christian “democracy” financial problems.

    So much for the best country in the world.

    But to a certain point I understand your government. To control millions of armed, unhappy citizens, drugs have to be used.

  147. Mayo ,You are such a joke, Peons like your self should travel through redneck territory and preach what you say on a loud speaker but you are a coward and wouldn’t do that. You talk Americans down like all the other Mexicans do but you still come to the U.S. Your talk is cheap and ineffective so why don’t you come to the U.S. and speak your crap out loud. Americans will invite you to a blanket party as the guest of Honor.

  148. By the way mayo, I think it is you who needs to go back to school.
    Find any errors in spelling that could be corrected in your recent post’s.
    Turn your spell check on. and also I dare you to stand in the middle of Time square with a bull horn and say exactly what you have said here on this thread.. You will find your self hanging upside down with an apple in your mouth and a fork stuck in your A&&. But I do have to admit I enjoy your company,Gives me a laugh… :-)=)

  149. Just an idea but maybe we should make it law that blacks can have Mexican slaves as a token for the past misdeeds we have done to them..

  150. Why would I go to redneck land? To see hicks like you?
    No thank you. I’m fine in Cabo.

    Google it.

    You are welcome to visit when you aknowledge that the world is not only Arkansas. Just like all the Americans who live here.

    I’ll make sure you’re treated with respect.
    By the way, what’s your relation with Jeff? Is he your cousin? You seem to defend him dearly.
    I hear cousins do peculiar things in the woods.

  151. I speak 3 languages fluently my friend. I only get to practice my English when I visit the ones who tought you how to speak. England.
    And when I whip your arse in this forum.
    Besides, this iPhone’s keyboard is just too small.
    How many do you speak?
    Not even 1. I know, is hard.

  152. Yeah, Mao, we know. Your the most interesting man in the world! Why, you get to touch the artwork when you go into museums. Your the life of parties you have never attended! If you were to punch us in the face, we would have to fight off the strong urge to thank you. Why, you drink Dos Equis! LOL.

  153. You could also do it jeff, if you stopped being such a closed minded, flag waving dumb hick.
    Forget dos equis man, that’s piss. It’s like bud light.
    Try Baja Brewing Company. They have good beer.
    locally made by a very intelligent American who lives here.

    anyway. I think I’m barking to the wrong tree here.


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  155. Illegal immigrants (Mexicans) are a real problem in So Ca. Our state is bankrupt but these illegals use the ER’s at trauma centers like Dr’s offices with no insurance & the hospitals are going bankrupt. They run in gangs & rob & kill. They also lie to get jobs illegally with fake identity cards. If Ca doesn’t get their illegal problem under control it will ruin this once beautiful state.

  156. They don’t want us to be prejudice, so I will hug an illegal mexican when….I am self employed, I am insured, workmans comp, licensing, went to school, pay my taxes…..I go bid on a job, so do they but the illegal mexican’s bid the jobs for a lot less because they don’t have to pay for any of the above that I have to have to be in business. I am prejudice and I am going to stay that way…they are seriously hurting our business. My son in law has a landscaping business the illegal mexican’s has taken so much of his equipment, his insurance is terrible. And I am not suppose to be prejudice, I hate them with a passion. If it is so bad in Mexico, the women keeps kicking these things out, knowing there are not jobs down there, they sneak in hurting us? piss on them.

  157. They just want free stuff and we give it to them and they call us racist at the same time, We even let them ruin our economy and they still call us racists, and than they wonder why we are so bitter towards them.
    Just remember one thing though, All things have it’s up’s and down’s even though the illegal immigrants have the assumption that they can take completely take advantage of our society by using skin color,language,and pity and that assumption has worked up to this point that there will be a tipping point somewhere down the road and the Immigration problem that we have will be in complete reverse.

  158. Hello, Neat post. There is an issue with your site in internet explorer, may check this? IE nonetheless is the market chief and a large element of other folks will omit your wonderful writing due to this problem.

  159. @Esta Vanstee) That’s because you are Mexican and don’t know nada about nada and obviously not sucking up enough welfare money to get educated to use the net. Come back when you are educated.

  160. Hi i am in a area where before whites would not let any blacks in now my town is turnig mexican it did not take .I am amazaed at how fast they are having kids we had to stop taking them at the hopitals be cause could not handle the load to much are they trying to take over our counry to make it look over crowded like theirs ,or are they planning a futur war help me understand my town has to many cant breath

  161. What is wrong with birth control do they have aproblem with it ,every mexican female i pass in my town is with child you have people that what a baby but cant afford it .OH not all mexicans work i see them hanging out the windows all the time and it is a lot of men i see them driving a round and the stay in the wic office welfare office and out front sitting all the time and i see lots and lots of kids and the girls look so very young help

  162. The kid sthe have should not be alltamatic citizans we should stop that it is to easy for them to stay give them no tax payers benifits like welfare and wic and housing .My town is so crowed housing and food went sky high ,you need three jobs or else you cant afford it it is so sad i hate it our town has no mayor all they do is cater to the mexicans in our town and boy do the land lords the allys nothing but trash and tires.I cannot take the over crowdedness please help obama we need you

  163. To judy and jeff all these illgals talk out the side of their neck if they have such a problem with us then they need to round up the kids and go back to their lovly country i can not take no more it is just to many my town is swamped with them there are new ones i never seen before i am scared what is happening why is this happening i what it to stop and no more drugs in our country please lord you got to stop them.LORD WE NEED YOUR HELP.

  164. And yes every one should speak english it is the us .Speak your language in the house if you want.I think there is going to be a civil war because thats why they are baby making so much ,i could be wrong

  165. The real problem with all immigration is what the illegal immigrants wants and needs are and the wants and needs of our federal Government.
    With both wanting illegal immigration in the U.S. spells certain disaster in the future but both sides do not care as along as the true American citizen foots the bill.
    Think about it, How much Tax dollars alone are spent on each single illegal immigrant in the country whether they are on Welfare, residing in prison or simply gassing up a car they stole to get to the welfare office and with about 50,000,000 in the U.S. adds up to what our deficit amount would be.
    When states independently try to enforce immigration laws that are written and were passed by the than administrations and blocked by the now administration, one has to think if there isn’t some kind of package deal the fed’s are getting from Mexico because Mexico cannot get grip on their on population and economy, The U.S. has become the welfare sanctuary of the world.
    This thing about Americans taking the land away from the Mexicans is kind of misunderstood also. They don’t come here for land, Most come for free stuff, Sure they hear it all the time from others to come to the U.S. and live for free, Free money, Cars, Houses, retirement,medical, Schools, Heck they don’t even have to insure the cars they drive and we don’t dare do anything to them for fear of lawsuits and reprisals so illegal immigration is not about land, It’s about American Money. Always has been.
    Anchor babies, What a subject to get on. It is common knowledge that the Latino culture breed like rabbits and I really feel sorry for all those babies that don’t understand what is happening but when the bill of rights and the constitution was written that everyone who is born in America shall enjoy legal citizenship was written in reality for the blacks but that’s another legal issue, The question is, when an illegal immigrant who is in this country and gives birth, Does the baby become legal? The Constitution and bill of rights should only apply to legal Citizens of America only,
    I have nothing whatsoever against anyone because of their race as long as they are legal and bide by the laws of our nation but what is happening now is gut wrenching and will only make things worse as long as it continues.

  166. I’m just asking, when I hear ignorant white men screaming like the little baby at the grocery store about immigration it really makes me laugh, because who were the original illegal immigrants? lol was it caucasians?? if I’m correct the norwegians hit north america long before ole chris columbus did? listen to the few white men “THESE WHINNING LITTLE BRATS” if you don’t like illegal immigrants then go back to where ever your roots came from LOL I’m african american I don’t care who comes into this country as long as their solid citizens who cares?? I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of cry baby white men bitching!! DAMN you clowns are pissed about EVERYTHING!!! take a chill pill, just because MOST of you have that bozo hair loss style happening to you around 40 years of age and the typical 3 inch penis thing white men are famous for, JUST live with it!!! it’s mother nature cursing your whining asses for being jerks LOL

  167. Mr knight4444, You have definitely missed the train and walking to a parked bus on the issue at hand, This is not even about immigration in certain respect, It’s about what we are giving the illegal immigrants, Sure you might say that we come from all over the world but the very bottom line is that The Tax payer “if you understand that combination of words” are tired of footing for everything illegal immigrants are leeching and not paying anything back.
    They might have been here first but the American buck is what they are after. I am soooo tired of immigrants saying they were here first but which economy do they thirst on. Even if we all were on the other side of the planet or even on another planet, Illegal immigrants would find a way to suck off us.
    And about the penis thing, lol, White men can keep it in their pants instead of lugging it around in wheel barrel, lol,lol, and our thoughts don’t come from there.

  168. Listen you should ask yourself this question how did I know you were a WHITE MALE? just a good guess?? no buddy I’m a 51 year old african american male born here in america and I’ve heard this same old bullsh,t from the same old group of people, WHITE MALES. you clowns have owned this country since day one, everything has been stacked in your favor, why don’t you use some common sense or common understand. NOPE you rather cry about ”how rough you have it” LOL lets look at the white mans role throughout american history shall we?? slavery of blacks, womens rights, american indians lied to and slaughtered, jews harassed for religious beliefs, ect ect my point is when a group cries wolf all the time who really wants to hear that sh,t??? in the 50’s and 80’s it was the russians and communism, that these same scary american white males were afraid of, most of these idiots didn’t even know the definition of communism lol, now it’s muslims, because every knows they’re all terrorist out to kill americans, right? now it’s black people on welfareoh my god, those black people are destroying this country by sucking up all the welfare cheese!! LOL now it’s mexicans illegally getting in the country and STEALING MY JOB!!!! oh my god, first off mr. white guy if businesses would stop hiring illegal immigrants maybe they wouldn’t cross the board, but mr. white guy doesn’t want to talk about that, do you? listen white guy your either a republican or a tea party clown or libertarian, either way your focus is misguided. see your republican masters love to beat the sh,t out of poor people so clowns like you can find something to be angry, afraid, rabbit about, you really should stop pointing fingers at people, how do you know your clan didn’t come to america illegally? you want to bitch about your hard earned tax dollars then you should be screaming about how ronald wilson reagan took america from the number one credit nation in the world to damn near the number one debt nation in the world, cry wolf now mr. white guy lol

  169. two points really quick, people who listen to that racist jackass rush limbaugh, or fox news LOL NEWS RIGHT? propaganda , do yourself a favor start using the brain GOD gave you. Research your masters teachings, use common damn sense! stop being used by these media feed ass clowns, because when you bring their beliefs or their corporate sponsored propaganda BS to someone who studies history, science, religion, you won’t embarrass yourself. damn even a low level moron should be able to figure no illegal immigrant is taking your job billybob, unless your hayseed ass is picking fruit or vegetables in somebodies fields, or mowing someones lawn, by the way probably at below minimum wages, and about welfare ???? have you ever tied to get food stamps archie bunker???? it’s harder than hell!! they make you jump through soooooooooooo many hoops THATS IF YOU QUALIFY it usually isn’t worth it jimbob. How do I know? I use to work for the department of social services yeah welfare jethro. so stop foaming at the mouth johnboy even if some illegal immigrant got food stamps its helping fuel the economy stupid, image biilyjoe if welfare were cut off, there would be a lot of farmers filing for bankruptcy. see your tea party idiots didn’t explain that to you huh?? LOL

  170. I don’t care if you call me red neck, tom boy john boy or what ever, I can come back at you with all kinds of vile racist stuff but I am not going to lower myself to your standards which from what I have read, It’s pretty bad, Back to the point, This whole issue is so out of hand that it needs control. There are no controls in place, So what is your idea on the problem, I think I pay enough in tax’s and my kids insurance so play my part but do these friends of yours, the illegal immigrants, DO THEY PAY BACK IN SOME FORM , of what we hand to them.
    No, I am not your back of the woods boy in anyway and give me a better detail on how they are helping our economy?, I am not arguing and certainly not aggressive as you are. let us all here it from you..

  171. my god your wimpy, you think I’m aggressive?? listen sweetheart I strongly suggest that never, I repeat NEVER get on you tube, those people will have you seeing your therapist 6 times a week lol listen friend your not interested in any damn solution, you just want to play the victim, the poor hard working WASP that is being taken advantage of. Stop grow up! life isn’t always fair, even if this insane whining your doing was justified WHICH IT CERTAINLY ISN”T just stop. grow up. your so ridiculous you didn’t even read my two post other than me having some humor with you, damn dude relax. your so brainwashed that you really believe your tax dollars are funding hoards of illegal immigrants!! wow your focus is unreal!! the usa budget for welfare is between 10 to 12% but wait, that includes social security — federal employee retirement — unemployment insurance — food stamps — federal housing for low income, now sir I don’t call all of that your traditional quote unquote WELFARE but there it is 10 to 12% my your ignorant, people like you just love to create monsters and start crying, stopping illegal immigrants are the least of your problems sir, you need to grow a pair. this is planet earth sir it’s not YOUR version of utopia. why the hell don’t you get this upset at the usa giving WELFARE to major oil companies ???? HUH ? EXXON- BP- or tax free churches!! oh thats because big daddy rush limbaugh don’t program you to care RIGHT? republicans the dumbest CULT on earth, oh by the way for the other people reading my post to blaze562 he doesn’t comprehend any of what I’m saying he’s lost and needs a hug, any takers?? NO sorry blaze562 you’ll have to cry to your therapist monday I hope the therapist is hispanic LOL come man laugh a little

  172. You did it, you answered the 1,000,000 dollar question, You have no answer and since you still want to take up the racist tone again than maybe you should buddy up in the cotton fields with all your illegal friends and hold hands and have a sing along until one of them does a crime on you. It is a good thing your not working for the welfare office because anybody who is white would definitely get denied even if they did qualify.
    good bye

  173. your in for big surprise bubby I don’t know any illegal immigrants first off and my girlfriend is caucasian, sorry to burst your bubble sir, you know what you should do? if illegal immigrants gets your panties in such a twist then do what rush limbaugh tells black people all the time,, LEAVE go back to your own country you jackass damn your stupid! you voted for mccain and palin didn’t you?!! you loser lol by the way my girlfriend thinks your GAY I said that’s an insult!!!! GAY men are usually smarter than this little fairy bye bye johnboy or bettysue LOL

  174. see ladies and gentlemen this is why rational thinking people call republicans idiots blaze562 honestly thinks in his distorted mind he proved a point, by repeatedly asking me the same dumb ass question over and over again. a human being with a normal brain would have read my responses a come to the conclusion that I don’t think illegal immigrants are as destructive as he thinks. but our resident idiot thinks he scored points became I didn’t give him a solution to his imaginary problem. lol but notice everybody blaze562 never addresses my points on corporate WELFARE- notice how angry, mad, pissed off he gets because he believes illegal immigrants are robbing him blind, but blaze562 doesn’t give a damn about multi billion dollar corporations getting his hard earned tax dollars, funny huh this is your typical republican, stupid all day long, he has ZERO problem with EXXON ripping him off, but blaze562 is livid about some illegal immigrant robbing the system. another conservative exposed as a fool see this is what fox news RIGHT LOL I mean fox propaganda does to they’re idiot sheep bah bah no COMMON sense only misguided hate

  175. because trying to talk with conservatives would make an angel curse, republicans use non sense and have such a rotten personality you just want to call them what most of them are, half ass thinking clowns, I’m liberal but I don’t have patience for wanna be macho, tough ass, john wayne bozo republicans, you know the type always talking smack when their in a crowd of their bubbles or have a gun, yeah republicans real men NOT

  176. Republicans, Democrats and public assistance. What does that have anything to do with the topic at hand? Both are self centered spoon fed idiots. Illegal immigrants are NOT the source of your problems. Your greedy government is. Immigrants have to pay taxes just like you do. They get deducted from their paychecks before they even cash them. The difference is that they are not entitled to any public assistance. So stop blaming them for your problems. Blame your corporate pigs and their corrupt lobbying.

  177. mao the topic is about ”illegal immigrants” I agree with you the usa has a long way to go with serving up justice, the major problem is whining cry baby usa citizens always bitching about someone stealing their piece of pie. well when they think it’s some poor person then they’re all manic! but if it’s a billion dollar corporation stealing from them they’re TOTALLY happy with that, insane fox propaganda has blinded these FOOLS!

  178. I am very offended by this “stupidity”. I have worked in this country for almost 10 years as a Marketing expert on many towns and cities of America. I cannot say how grateful I am of all the things this great nation has given me, but i cannot belive the amount of hate there is in this country. It makes me sad to see how “white” people atempt to discourage hard working Latinos including myself. We did not came here to take your jobs away, we came here for finacial opportunity, That is something we unfortunately do not have in our countries of origin. This land was build by immigrants and now suddenly”whites” want to get rid of all the Mexicans. I am surprised to see the amount of ignorance there still is in this nation as well.

  179. @Alex.
    You are absolutely correct that immigrants built this land, But they did not build this nation or economy, and you are absolutely correct that this country has “given” you your deepest desires but you fail to mention what the illegal immigration has given this country in return of our generosity.
    Yep, you got it, outside of the cheapest labor you can find on the planet, Absolutely nothing except for having a helping hand in bringing our economy down so you really shouldn’t be offended but feel proud to be part of that.

  180. and @ mao

    Did you say immigrants are not entitled to any public assistance,
    please confirm that statement, not only do they get public assistance but they also can drive uninsured vehicles a without drivers license and still collect welfare so please enlighten us on that statement.

  181. just because we are mexicans doesnt mean we are difrent from you . and we do take your jobs because we work even harder and im proud to be IMMIGRANT and a mexican and stop all tat raises sh*t

  182. Please forgive most of these ignorant, hateful racist individuals, they’re mostly WHITE- MALE- REPUBLICANS that love to imagine their lilly white utopia is being ruined by anything other than WASP. Oh by the way all you anti immigration cry babies
    I’m NOT HISPANIC myself! I was born in this country 51 years ago sorry to bust your bubble guys!

  183. I’ve got only one thing to say to knight4444—–YOUR DISGUSTING!!!

  184. Jeffrey grow up! of all the outright FILTH on this topic calling immigrants all types of racist comments you chose to say I’m disgusting?? Your obviously not very bright and you must feel upset because my uptake on the average racist is WHITE- MALE AND REPUBLICAN. you must be guilty buddy!! how was that disgusting???????? Are you stupid? you tell me jeff describe what the typical person looks like thats spewing anti immigrants??? black people? hispanic people? asian people? NOPE what group is next??

  185. @ stupid ignorant Knight4444
    Anti Americans such as yourself should be barred from this country,
    You don’t like Americans than leave the U.S. tard. You can only fricken think of crap against Americans. Go talk to a proctologist and
    ask him to identify where the sounds you make and where they are coming from because you screwball need some therapy. I’ll bet you bend over every night for Reuben Navarette and take it all in right.
    I hope an illegal Mexican drops one on you idiot.

    knight4444 cross’s the river,
    poor and broke,
    Take bus,
    see employment folk.
    Nice man treat me good in there,
    Say I need
    go see Welfare.
    Welfare say,
    ‘You come no more,
    We send cash
    right to your door.’
    Welfare checks,
    they make you wealthy,
    it keep you healthy!
    By and by,
    Got plenty money,
    Thanks to you,
    TAXPAYER dummy.
    Write to friends
    in motherland,
    Tell them
    ‘come, fast as you can’
    They come in buses
    and Ford trucks,
    I buy big house
    with welfare bucks.
    They come here,
    we live together,
    More welfare checks,
    it gets better!
    Fourteen families,
    they moving in,
    But neighbor’s patience
    wearing thin.
    Finally, white guy
    moves away,
    I buy his house,
    and then I say,
    ‘Find more aliens
    for house to rent.’
    In my yard
    I put a tent.
    Send for family
    they just trash,
    But they, too,
    draw welfare cash!
    Everything is
    very good,
    Soon we own
    whole neighborhood.
    We have hobby
    it called breeding,
    Welfare pay
    for baby feeding..
    Kids need dentist?
    Wife need pills?
    We get free!
    We got no bills!
    TAXPAYER crazy!
    He pay all year,
    To keep welfare
    running here.
    We think America
    darn good place!
    Too darn good
    for white man race.
    If they no like us,
    they can go,
    Got lots of room
    in Mexico

  186. Hello racist pig! how are you? your poor trailer park trash BOY! go fly your confederate flag asshole

  187. knight4444 Bend over so i can properly fly and display it while you are picking up your food stamp card off the ground and your false teeth.
    America is not a place for you, See ya on the border when you make the big splash or does crap float.

  188. Typical sorry ass neo nazi bastard! you worthless nascar watching, tobacco spitting, cousin ****ing, sheep molesting, straw hat wearing, hee haw watching, confederate flag waving, buck tooth, hillbilly, pick up truck buying, never taking a BATH, long haired freak! your unemployed sissy ass still living with your mommy, Oh I guess your all those things I called your 3 inch cock looking girly ass is blaming immigrants for that too?? No asshole you were born that way!! BITCH! LOL

  189. I don’t really read your stupid hillbilly **** but I think you were talking about somebody ‘bending over” wow! your a faggot neo nazi lol Hey bitch boy keep that homo **** to yourself! the gay nazi your pathetic hitler would be so disappointed!! now goose step your gay ass outta here you must be from texas bettysue steers and queers

  190. Hey gay nazi guy I blocked all incoming crap from you, I don’t mind your vulgar rants but I don’t appreciate all your gay language, WOW A GAY NAZI!! enjoy yourself bettysue LOL BYE

  191. I’ll tell you flat out-I can’t stand mexicans. They are the most despicable nationality of people I have ever seen in my life. They’re criminals, through and through. I have had my home burglarized three times by a Mexican. I have been robbed twice by Mexicans-at gunpoint. I have witnessed 5 hit-n-runs by brown-skinned people (I can’t say they were Mexican, but they most likely were). I have had road rage directed at me by Mexicans. Rage that I didn’t do a thing to cause. I have even caught a Mexican masturbating out in the open behind my house. I have caught mexicans shoplifting in stores at least three or four times. Even on the internet there was a video on U-tube of two Mexican girls eating what–each others human waste–just so they could get notoriety on the internet. How disgusting is that to say the least. I could go on and on. The fact is Mexico and Mexicans are a disgusting country and nationality of people. I don’t want people like that over here in this great country. Mexicans only give a damn about themselves; they only know what they want and they don’t care how they have to get it. As I said, they’re criminal! I will never have anything to do with another Mexican as long as I live, and I will never patronize one. To hell with them all!!!

  192. I couldn’t agree more Jeff but than there are things like this knight4444 above that is hung like a horse and lay’s around eating Twinkies all day and hangs is dirty underwear out the window to scare the rats off, and at the same time taking it in the pie hole from some illegal spic that he adores so much. He calls us a bunch of vile racist crap which he doesn’t understand the meaning of racist. All Americans want is the illegal immigrants to get the hell out of the U.S. so the legal ones can live a more productive life however here comes knight4444 that calls us racist names. Well here’s a word for knight4444, Go to hell along with all that white excrement that is dripping from the side of your mouth.

  193. ehhhh, Knight4444 is an idiot anyways!

  194. all you racists make me sick, really! if you dont like it then go back to where your pappy came from. im also thinking you all are the wet backs, after all you crossed the atlantic either in a boat or swiming.
    i my self am half italiano and mexicano and guess what, the mexican side of me is lighter!!!! a hole lot of you people here arnt worried of illigals at all its mexicans your after!!!! why not mention any one else in the world thats illigal here. P.S. put down your emails down, lot of you talk the talk and just hide behind the internet!

  195. your so right in so many ways redneck. euros brought deaseses and was one of a hitler affect by throwing a sick white guy and sicken and kill the majoraty of the native population in america. first the spanish did it and then the english etc. followed and then said “wow free land” i want the parcel at the beach. talk about mass murder!!!! i could go on and on, but these cockasions are so forgetfull when they want. oh and let me let all you racists in a little secret,,, while your putting all the attention to the mexicans, you better worrie about having a little african grandson becouse of all the crap on TV (who manages TV, cus you say black 10,000 times on tv and it makes weak minded people go out andd buy a black rat) and the big one “united states turning into china”. and the big one,,,,,,,,,has a mexican ever blown up a car or a building NNNNNNNooooooo, just work. and yes their are bad apples, but their are bad apples in all people. i can go on and on…

  196. I think all of you should be ashamed to call yourselves American, white, black, Hispanic and whatever else you claim to be. What you are not is mature. Can’t we finally unite as Americans without all this racist name calling? We elected the first black President in 2008. I think we’ve put the racist junk behind jeans by calling Republicans names you are calling the very people who called for your freedom Mr. Knight. Abraham Lincoln a Republican president signed the emancipation proclamation and a very respected African American Republican Reverend led the civil rights movement. Gave his life for it. There are many African American tea pastures. You proclaim to know so much because you are 51? Where does your loyalty truly lie? You saying Honest Abe and Dr Martin Luther King Jr were racist? I think they would be very disappointed in you sir. Its funny the KKK was started by the democrats but they have indoctrinated you to control you. Really how ignorant can one be of their heritage? If you really knew the truth about the democrats and their underlying agenda you would be profusely apologizing for judging an entire party you don’t eve understand.

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  199. @cabby is your typical trailer redneck idiot!! I see why your ”GREAT WHITE DOPE” got kicked to the curb by Obama!! America has spoken the gop sucks!!

  200. @JEFF calls me disgusting?? try reading that FILTH he threw up here and make your own judgements!! I find it hilarious WHITE RACIST can spew their FILTH and hardly anybody says anything but let someone shine a spotlight on WHITE RACIST and many NOT ALL caucasians will jump on the one telling the truth!! unreal

  201. @CARRIE you’re clueless! your rush limbaugh talking point about ‘THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FREED THE SLAVES” is irrelevant!! I know exactly why Lincoln FREED THE SLAVES!! you obviously don’t!! why don’t you read his biography like I did!!??? point two the republican party of 1865 haven’t ANYTHING in common with the republican party of today!! PROOF??? name ONE piece of legislation the republican party has put forth for the working man???? the last thing any republican has remotely tried to do for ANY minority was 1964!! you need to educate yourself before you decide to foolishly attempt to school ANYBODY!! And @CARRIE why don’t you EDUCATE yourself on the SOUTHERN STRATEGY!! when the republican party took all those WHITE RACIST DIXIECRATS Lyndon Johnson (DEMOCRAT) gave up on during the civil rights movement!! your lack of political history is laughable!! NOW go educate yourself

  202. @CARRIE you’re a funny person! do I know the history of the republican party?? LMAO YES!! I do I know the history of the democratic party also!! I know the history of the Whig party too! do you??? yeah right lol if I’m correct Lincoln actually was involved with the Whig party before becoming president. you’re a clueless individual!! LMAO I truly see why the republican party is dying and have gotten their ASSES kicked two straight elections by over 13 MILLION VOTES and lost EVERY swing state other than N.C. in 2012 your party is dying accept it!! the WHITE republican base is getting SMALLER (GO GOOGLE) republican white base the numbers are LAUGHABLE! well you republicans can always count on UTAH LOL

  203. @Knight4444,
    Just how long are you going to ride that scooter, You speak like you hate not only the white people but all people that are not of your race.
    Does some one really have to throw a rock to knock you out of your tree?
    Looking at what every one is talking about and offering your racist conjecture is not the answer to anyone’s problems so maybe you should really think about what kind of solution is to be made instead of your hate
    of the world.

  204. You jumped on the internet to say that? get a life lol and being that my wife is caucasian and I hire caucasian for my business you might wanna shut up! I don’t hate white people I only responded to this site because the only group I ever hear bitching about immigration are WHITE republicans now if that makes me sound racist in their narrow world then so be it! you’re a idiot for calling me a racist! then you completely IGNORE the overt anti hispanic rants on this site! you’re a fool!

  205. I see “La Cucaracha” has returned!

  206. LMAO @jeff don’t worry you can say EVERY and ANY racial slur in the book about non whites and magically NO one on this site will hold you accountable! but let me tell the TRUTH about many white republicans and EVERYBODY chimes in! lol isn’t that funny? @jeff you’re simply put an asshole! it has nothing to do with your race it’s something in you’re genes! see after generations of your family being involved in incest produces creatures like you have a nice day @jeff I pitty individuals like you! see creatures like you and your party are the reason the gop got bitched slapped TWO straight elections! how many votes did Rommy lose by @jeff? oh OVER 5 MILLION votes! LMAO

  207. WRONG! I don’t have anything against anyone but Mexicans. Mexicans are nothing but criminals. They are their own worst enemy! They lack morals and ethics. And they’re not too intelligent to boot. That is why Mexico is considered a third-world country. A criminal third-world country. This is what I’ve seen in my lifetime-not heard, but seen with my own two eyes. Illegal aliens come over here and just disrespect our country. Well, if they don’t like it, then why don’t they get the **** out. That’s a Mexican for you! They’re a dime a dozen. Think I’m lying. Just go to Utube and look up “Illegal Mexicans Protesting.” Here, I’ll do it for you:
    Feast your eyes on some trash! Yes sir, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see they’re trash. I don’t want to live around them, period.

  208. Hello hicks! how are you faring with the fact that your society is rotten to the core? A 20 yr old terrorist killing 20 kids! cancer is eating your society from within. Columbine, virginia tech, Oregon Mall, kip kinkel etc etc. And youre concerned abput Mexicans? Worry about your own druggie and putrid youth instead! And get a job. If you can. Cheers from sunny Cabo trashy friends!

  209. But I would be willing to bet you 10 to 1 that your in this putrid little country called the United States of America instead of that great, little, sunny Cabo, Aren’t you. And I bet they can’t get your ass out of this country. You want to talk about all the killings. The man who killed all of those children had a mental problem so say his family. The Mexican drug dealers in Mexico kill ten times that-every single day-and they are sane. Criminals to the core. It’s no wonder you Cockroaches want to violate American law to sneak over here. If you stay in Mexico you just may wind up dead; and by your own kind! Mexicans are criminal through and through. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again. Mexicans are criminals!!!

  210. @Mao very well said!! see trailer trash worthiness hillbillies like @jeff and point out bad behavior of a few non whites and lable an ENTIRE race! but can’t see how many white americans are a cancer to america!! see @Mao people like @jeff are in denile!!! their racism has made them FOOLS!! I NEVER said all whites are evil!! NEVER in fact I believe most caucasians are decent individuals just like all nationalities! the problem is too many ignorant ass jerks like @jeff get the attention! but @Mao have you noticed when I comment about SOME of our rude racist white folks here they MESSAGE me with BS calling me a racist! but don’t say one DAMN word about people like @jeff????? that’s funny huh?????

  211. @jeff you’re mentally ill!! the best thing to do with trash like you is to ignore you! you should concentrate what little bit of intelligenceyou have into figuring out your own race!! america is evolving and people are going to start accepting each other as human beings! People like you are a dying breed!! just like your republican party!! @jeff get some professional psychiatric attention ok please

  212. Oh no, my friend. I wouldn’t move to the States even if I got paid. I got children and I’d never bring them up the “American” way. Are you kidding me? expose them to foul and decaying people like you? drugs at 12 and killing in the army at 17? There are many places in the world I’d move to before the US. Mexicans are only supplying your insatiable need for drugs. It was the Colombians some time ago. As long as you have a drug addict society, there will always be people supplying those drugs. And don’t hide that 20 yr old behind mental insanity. He is the perfect example of what your society is all about. No values, just money, killing and greed. Despicable! No wonder I see more gringos moving to Cabo everyday. I hope we don’t get your sort here. ever.

  213. @Mao like anything else in life there is good and bad the USA isn’t much different it’s unfortunate that many americans are as STUPID as @jeff and are as ignorant as many of the people posting their BS opinions here also! what’s funny about dumb asses like @jeff and many of the people posting stuff here don’t even know their own american history!!! many dumb asses like @jeff believe that white people were here since day one!! LMAO no!! it was stolen from native north american indians!! if people ACTUALLY read how the west was won they’d be DISGUSTED!!! truly disgusted!!!!

  214. @Mao LMAO you are so right!!! our own government brings drugs into the USA LMAO Ronald Wilson Reagan and OIliver North were DRUG DEALERS!!! LOL for you ignorant americans it was called Iran/Contra!! the drug lords in South America depend on many americans being DRUG ADDICTS!! the USA is one big fraud!! a nation of hypocrites!! Now @Mao watch all the hate from these clowns on my truthful post! WATCH!! see in my country if you tell the truth you become the enemy!! LOL

  215. Why do Mexicans run when they commit a crime? first of all That boy that Mao deemed as a terrorist didn’t run and second of all Mao better give that kid another definition other than terrorist because terrorists die for a cause, This kid didn’t die for any cause except for his personal desires and third, Americans really don’t like talking about these kinds of things when it involves little kids so show some respect.
    Mao should be able to come up with an excuse for all the Immigrant criminal crime sprees that his happening in Mexico and America,
    Here’s one in Topeka Kansas, “David Edward Tiscareno” Look him up!
    What is his excuse? The fact is is that Mao thinks that Americans are soooo evil and all the immigrants are all little angels, Well, They’re not but if they keep riding that same scooter that they have been on than they will be… Why is that they goose step their way into this country and than later on they smoothly make snail tracks back into Mexico,
    Most of the time it’s after they break an american law also why do Mexicans not respect Americans in Mexico, There is an American Marine being held in a Mexican prison and is being used for extortion but they treat him like a dog in the mean time. Why shouldn’t we treat the immigrants the same way?? Immigrants have no respect at all except for they’re own desires.

  216. @sundancer you’re really are a filthy uneducated little primate!! your comments are typical of the hopeful small numbers of angry stupid racist white male loud mouth nut joib!! but don’t worry because NO ONE will correct you on this site but me and Mao! BTW you disgusting pile of human waste I’m not hispanic!! I don’t have one hispanic in my family!! I’m just a rational human being that calls out creatures like you and @jeff!! and by the way if you can’t curb your racist hate you can always take you’re ass back too Europe!

  217. Who is this Knight4444? Needs to learn some spelling or crawl back into his massa’s plantation for some education but before you do, please take your clappy A$$ back to the shower and wash that crust off your underwear because it stinks up the net. If you don’t have any kind of reasoning than get off this blog and find the blog that is titled “I hate doze white folk” or I need to find a boat bound for Africa,
    If you really stir things up than this will get a lot worse but in the mean time kiss my dog’s @$$ chump……..

  218. Any return comments will be laughed at because I laugh at you and Mao.. Butt buddies forever but who sleeps on the wet spot.

  219. Once again slimy filthy right wing assholes like @sundancer jumps their racist asses on the internet to spead they’re KKK ideas! @sundancer is more than likely a poorly educated southern white trailer trash male! not a man! a male! see pathetic hicks like this are scared SH*TLESS that america is changing! its becoming browner and white trash hillbillies bitches like him are pissed off because HIS white american male dominated world is fading away LMAO @sundancer is a dying breed! a rotting stinking dying breed!! @sundancer see pieces of SH*T like you is the main reason your white women developed female liberation in the 1960’s because even your women are sick of sorry ass sissy boys like you!

  220. LMAO what’s hilarious about pathetic creatures like @sundancer and his boyfriend @jeff! is these internet ”tough guys” only talk their BS on the internet! NEVER to anybody’s face! why? because filth like them are typically lame weak cowards!! I laugh at internet ”tough guys” all the time! @sundancer you’re a freighted little girl! be a FU*KING MAN and talk your KKK crap to the people you hate! No little bitches like you NEVER find the ballls to do that! LMAO

  221. @sundancer take you’re worthless pathetic ass back to your favorite site “STORMFRONT” where racist punk ass white trash like you stroke each other with racist hate. I feel sorry for mentally ill cowards like you! your racist white america is going bye bye bitch! so you just keep having babies by your cousin and teach those ”kids” your hate! stupid ass dillbilly lol

  222. This is hilarious, I love getting to these guy’s. No wonder Chicago is going under, Look at all the interracial mixed breeds that we have up there, I’m sorry but it’s mostly the blacks causing that problem.
    They are the only breed up there that hunts in packs and it takes all of them to jump on one skinny white guy but when they are by themselves they run just like mom ma taught them, Like a chicken, just like knight4444, he is real bold with words and calls us all names but he doesn’t know what to do with himself except go on an internet safari.You know I have black,Mexican, Indian and Chinese friends and they don’t call me racist because i’m not but this clown Knight4444 and Mao both are of the racist kind because they direct they’re anger at white people, I really would rather direct mine just at them and thats the diffrence….. chow folks…

  223. Our resident buck tooth backwoods hillbilly is the face of type white racist scum! he wonders why civilized people laugh at his wet dog smelling rear end! heres why Jethro you’re a dinosaur a brainless country bumpkin southern trash loud mouth! Your so called black, mexican ect ect friends are a fantasy! everybody reading the racist BS you’re sissy ass posted here proves you have nothing but pale faced **** kicker buddies!!! I guess you must not share your racist feelings with your non white friends LMAO URRRR YOUR IMAGINARY FRIENDS!! hey @sundancer I mean Jethro how about letting your so called non white friends read your racist comments here?? yeah bitch! enough said! go back to your trailer and watch some nascar or WWF wrestling! you better keep your hillbilly ass in the south boy! you bring that racist crap up north you’re going to get some proper manners! you got it Jethro! bottom line Jethro I’ve wasted too much time on a fool! now go get yer ”wife” and make some babies I mean COUSIN, later asshole

  224. Sundancer1222, you can tell that Mao and Knight4444 are most likely both mentally and physically deficient! Neither can substantiate an argument or support one with any proof. In fact, just about all they engage in is name calling. People usually do that when they have no supporting evidence in favor of their proposition. These boys are angry, and they know they have no evidence to back up their argument, so all they can do is to try to abase, or belittle, the person. They’ll learn as they get older.

  225. America behold the ramblings of a dying breed called racist white guy! see most caucasians I believe are decent thoughtful people but unfortunately many white males especially white males from the south and southwest and rural outbacks are the problem!! See these racist are still fighting the civil war in their rank gin soaked 3rd grade brain! that why the assholes typically hang a confederate flag on their beat up old pickup truck! LOL see these fools are upset that they aren’t ruling everything and everybody like their grand pappy did! where they treated their women like property not even wanting them to vote!! and not get an education! yeah the barefoot and pregnant deal!! see little racist white boys like @jeff and her boyfriend @sundancrer know that any women with an IQ over 20 wouldn’t have ANYTHING to with do with them! The USA is getting more diverse and that scares your white racist male!! all you need to do is read their racist nonsense on the internet! especially ’stormfront” lol but it’s all good @jeff and @sundancer because your women typically have don’t have ANY problem dumping trash like you for a good decent black or hispanic male! LMAO if I had a nickel for every white woman I’ve talked or dated complaining about typically racist white guy and why they typically don’t date within their race I’d be a millionaire!!! have a nice life @jeff and @sundancer!! LMAO

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