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My Biggest Complaint About Men’s Bathing Suit Liners

And the point is . . . ?

Bathing suit manufacturers and fashionistas around the world, please come forward and justify men’s bathing suit liners. If you can’t justify them, at least point me in the right direction as to what in the hell you’re thinking.

I’m fortunate enough to live next to the beach. Step into any legitimate surf shop and you can’t find a bathing suit with these horrible hair nets in them. I’ll point out that this is a picture of a men’s bathing suit by Mossimo purchased at Target. To complicate matters, you can go into those same legimate surf shops and purchase many other bathing suits by Mossimo without these horrible inserts.

Mossimo started out as a surf clothing company and then tried to sell stylish clothing to the masses. Somewhere along the line they started putting fish nets in their suits. Does this mean the mass of inlanders prefer bathing suit liners?

I’m not some kind of free balling militant, I wear jockey underwear. I like to have some gumption when I’m walking around in normal clothes and, yes, loose underwear bothers me, too. I definitely don’t like boxers. But I can’t imagine constraining my manliness in a pair of trunks when I’m walking around on the beach.

Frankly, I can’t figure out what in the world the men’s bathing suit liner is supposed to accomplish.

Do tell.

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  1. Agreed. It’s not like that mesh material is keeping my ball-soil out of the pool, nor is it keeping sea salt and chlorine from eroding my sensitive testicles and peri-anal region. I don’t really find the lining uncomfortable while in the water, however once out of the water I notice a serious wedgie situation, and when pulling my trunks down, the lining is still crammed in my ass. The only purpose the lining serves for me is to help distinguish between my running shorts and my bathing trunks. When i discovered board shorts I was most pleased to find them lining-less, however they’re a bit too long in my opinion. At least they don’t cram my asscrack.

  2. They stop your balls and thighs from getting a rash when you’re surfing.

  3. Louie said:

    [quote]They stop your balls and thighs from getting a rash when you’re surfing.[/quote]

    Louie, Louie . . . please. You will never find a bathing suit liner in any legitimate surf shop. You will never find a bathing suit liner in any major brand of legitimate surf trunks. You couldn’t be “wronger”, as they say inland.

    Having surfed for the better part of 25 years, and never suffered ball rash from surfing, nor ever having known any fellow surfers who suffered ball rash from surfing, again, I have to say it . . . you couldn’t be wronger.

    The complaint makes it abundantly clear, that you will only find these things in land lubber suits.

  4. Educate me…so my suit should not have a liner…I should wear underwear under my suit?

    I guess I prefer having the liner…

  5. dw17 said:

    [quote]Educate me…so my suit should not have a liner…I should wear underwear under my suit?[/quote]
    Don’t wear a damn thing under your suit! Trunks are all you need. Do women have anything under their bikinis? Cut the liner right out. Never wear underwear, that’s worse than the liner. You’ll be a lot happier.

  6. The liner is there so that when you gents sit down, as you are prone to do with your legs spread, the girls and kids around you don’t get a sneak peak of your pee-rivate parts.

  7. I have to agree, those liners are the pits. Personally, that’s what I like about Speedos, when you sit the leg openings stay tight to your legs and no one gets a sneak peek. Unfortunately, for some reason, people associate Speedos with being gay, hence very few guys wear them. As for myself, I wear a square cut bathing suit that Undergear sells, unfortunately, it comes with one of those damn liners, which after a few washings seems to stretch out and doesn’t give any support. What I did is cut it out, and now I wear a mens thong under it. Not only does it conseal the boys if I’m sitting, but it’s more comfortable than a damn Jock Strap, yet gives ample support. Give it a try!

  8. WHOA! John! TMI man. T…M…I. I have made some board shorts for myself and use a pair of lycra shorts (similar to biking shorts without the padding) as a liner. No rash and plenty of support.

  9. I love shorts without lining in it, the thinner the cloth the better it is. I am a swimmer and the thicker the short the more weight u carry i wear a high cut thin shifoon short and men should not me shy……….
    i would love to be without short if thats one of the options.

  10. The stuff sold at big box stores isn’t aimed at surfers but people who wish to look like surfers.

    Here in Northern California where the water is 45 degrees Fahrenheit year ’round, actual surfers wear wet suits and beachcombers wear surf trunks. It’s about style. For any sort of real swimming, loose and baggy clothing is detrimental no matter what the water temp. Loose stuff drags. Board shorts are worn loose for mobility and long so the wind doesn’t blow the pant leg up and expose the privates to the world.

    Some people seem to be under the impression that board shorts are swimsuits. They’re not.

  11. the mesh in swim/surf shorts is there so when you get out of the water the shorts material doesn’t cling to your skin and show the world the profile of your tackle, also, if you wear light colored shorts it stops them going transparant against your skin. I know from experience and a light blue pair of hurley board shorts, my wife was not amused.

  12. I got a cool pair of board short looking trunks but they had a liner in it that actually held air, so you had pontoons in your pants when you went in the water. Solution, rip em–the air bubbles out as soon as you hit the water. I still like the suit, I wear it a lot, its white so whats left of the liner does help from showing a bit too much. Mesh liners are horrible. I hate having sand catch in liners. Speedos are the best for bodysurfing.

  13. Dudes the dumb liners are like a fishing net and you dick and balls like a fish caught in them. Those things don’t help with keeping thing modest or supported. Probably some lesbian designer who hates men came up with that lame design.

    Please lets ditch the liners. I’m fine with letting my boys swing free, hang, bob and flop all over the place in my board shorts when I wear them. When I end up with a pair with the lining I simply cut it out.

  14. I own about 300 Speedo suits , some took a year or more to find
    the first thing I do as soon as I get them home is cut out the liner!
    Why not sport a bigger buldge? Give it s shot you will notice a big difference.

  15. 300 speedo suits?
    Who collects speedos?!?

    Liners suck, end of discussion.


  17. I own 5 pairs of board shorts only cuz they look cool for the beach. None of them have liners though. If you’re not wearing underwear or a liner under your board shorts…dude what are you thinking? When you come out of the water the shorts stick to your package like glue. Lighter coloured fabrics when wet and sticking to said package become somewhat see-through. I use Utico Mesh undies under my board shorts. They prevent both problems and are WAY WAY more comfy than the cheap built in liners of most swim trunks plus they dry real quick. Seems to me the liners are supposed to be there out of respect for others and to provide you with some support…

  18. I just wanted to say that I collect speedos too, I think there are alot of us out there, though I don’t just collect them I also wear them, I am so happy I will be moving to a beach area soon, and once I do that I will be wearing nothing but speedos pretty much all the time. I want to even get a job as a scuba instructor or dive master, then i can work in speedos too if I want to. Now that would be the life, no more dress clothes for me.

  19. Yo Bros!

    those liners can save you….its a great place to hide your stuff in during a routine traffic stop or if you get into trouble with those sharks. Stuff a gun or a mac 10z or maybe a 9mm in those shorts and rest assure that nothing is going to come falling out. Surf all day and sling that spear gun out for those man-eaters approaching your junk too close. I got a liner suit. its chain linked bitches.

  20. Board shorts are way to long, do you see women surfers wearing them.even though unlined. they are way to long. I like many others prefer a suit that is fast drying, but breathe able, mesh in Construction, without the fish like liner, most men who are circunsized,are getting the heads of their penis, scratched, or in some cases cut by the sharp edges. IE; J.C. Penny & others. the days of wearing a jock strap or jockeys are gone. Men like to dress loose, espeially at the beach.

  21. Dude, wear Speedos. They will solve the problems you are talking about.

    Maybe someday people here in the USA will syop being so uptight and realize that not all men who wear Speedos are gay, foreign or old.

  22. The only reason I found this was because I bought my husband some board shorts & he complained that there was NO lining! He said be doesn’t like the idea of showing the world his package when he gets out of the water…he says it just keeps things a little “neater” up there! I was surprised that most of you men don’t seem to care about this- or either that maybe you all have the same thing going on as my 2 year old son!

  23. Your husband is the one that has a insecurity problem with the way he looks down there! Or maby he has nothing to show ?!!
    Thats why most of us guys dont care as you put it . We like to show off our man hood . Its no different than you wemen showing off your boobs or FAT chicks who wear thight as hell jeans !!!! That is sick as hell but you dont seem to bothered by it when a woman does it .
    Besides you cant tell me tha a well built guy showing a nice buldg wouidnt make you take a second look? Or do you just think thats so grose !!!! I

  24. I wear a speedo every year to the beach and I try to frequent a beach at least three times during the year. I am not fat, I’m not athletic. I’m neither young or old but middle-aged. Every lady I’ve been to the beach or pool with has always preferred this style of swimsuit on me.

    I’ve never been into fashion. Remember “sagging”? There were two teens walking around with pants at least four sizes too big and had on “hoodies” and it was in the middle of July! It was “cool”, not practical.

    If shorts were a little shorter, say half way up the thigh then they would be better suited for beach wear. But these days they come down to the knee and then have to be pulled up because the weight of the water pulls them down.

    To each his own. Some are slaves to fashion, others are free to choose.

  25. I like the liner, and I’m looking for mesh underwear to wear under board shorts. The Unico and others have solid panels in front which defeats the purpose of quick-drying liners.
    Any ideas?

  26. Our community parks system just published the rules for swimming in the community pools. One requirement is that all swimwear must have liners. I can’t imagine why unless it is to keep the 15 year old boys’ boners under control.

  27. Bob wrote: “Our community parks system just published the rules for swimming in the community pools. One requirement is that all swimwear must have liners. I can’t imagine why unless it is to keep the 15 year old boys’ boners under control.”

    Well Bob, for a little over 1500 years, the League of Morons (religious zealot nutjobs) have been the ruling faction in the west. They believe that their super-friend in the sky created all things but their purportedly perfect super-friend made a few mistakes and the parts below the belt on humans are dirty and evil.
    Yes Bob, that’s pretty much the reason.

  28. So i have a problem, i really dont want to have my package show all the time…. and everything i do alway just make it that it pops out maybe cus i get cold or somethin ya know and ya just see a huge buldge, well im still in high school and i dont wall all my class mates to see all that, so i need to know what will actually help it say down, cus if i just wear underwear it seems to just ride up and do the same thing i dont know how to strap myself down and keep it down without haveing to stick my hand down my pants every 4 mins help please, quick

  29. Joie what the hell ? If you got a nice package then dont be afraid to let it show ! The only people that have a problem with it are the guys that have small ones ! Dont Take crap from other people . Its not like your chasing them around shacking it about ! Just be yor self besides if your known as the guy that has a nice frount bumper it WILL some day pay off !
    Good luck Mike Columbus OH

  30. They keep the fish out. duh

  31. Keep the fish out ? When was the last time you took a shower ?

  32. I have the same issue as Joie. Average size penis but when I have been in water it shrinks and sticks out. It is then very apparent. I am good when there is no shrinkage, small and pointy when there is shrinkage. When I am wearing a liner, I have to re-arrange the junk each time I get out of the water. It’s the same with the liners as none seem to keep my dick down the centre?

    Boxers underneath are my best option as of now because it adds some weight to the front which keeps everything down.I do hate having to dry out two separate pieces of clothing though everytime I finish. I’ve also been the victim of some weird looks when the boxers peak over the top.

    Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  33. OMG I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! Whenever i get bathing suits with those retarded, unnecessary netting in them, i cut it all off and just put boxers under my bathing suit when i go swimming because i CANNOT STAND the feeling of that netting on my stuff down there, its ridiculous and retarded and REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE! -_-

  34. I came here looking for a reason that men’s swimwear comes with liners — i just cut the liner out of a pair of shorts — and I can’t find a justification for it anywhere on the internet!

  35. liners scrspe the **** out of your dick

  36. My 5 year old son just had a “swim trunk liner incident” last night after we got back from a day at the pool. He was sitting down and suddenly got up and said he needed to take his shorts off. Started to pull them off and realized he was “stuck”. Apparently, part of the skin from his penis had slipped into what I would consider a miniscule hole in the mesh and swelled just enough so it didn’t slip back out. I had to cut off his shorts and he was screaming and crying because of the pain and he wouldn’t let me touch him to try to finish cutting away the mesh. I had to take him to the emergency room and it took them an hour to cut away and cut away a that stupid mesh until they finally got it off him. No permanent damage.
    We’re cutting off the mesh in all his damned swimsuits going forward. T

  37. wow that would suck balls. i dislike liners but i feel they make it so when i stand up out of the pool it makes it so my junk dosnt bluge forward ;)

  38. Liners do cause a swimsuit not to stretch and fit properly. Especially the pouch area where you need the stretch for a comfortable fit. That’s why I customize all my swimwear with or without liners. Which ever selection a guy prefers. But believe it or not, Most guys order without a liner. You can check out my swim and underwear at buffedbod.com. Where everything is custom made to your choices.

  39. I cannot stand the mesh liners. It scratched the tip of my dick and makes the hair on me balls grab into it. I shave down there around not bald but to keep a clean atmosphere. it really looks great. So the hair on my balls and the peri. area grabs the linning. I do not like my balls stuffed and crammed in the linning. I like to wear a Speedo under all my bathing suits. It helps mainain the direstion of my penis when I get out of the pool. I actually do not need to grab the front of my swimsuit in front of my penis area and pull it away from my skin so it does not show the shape. Although I have a great penis size, nice package I’ve been told. Just a little insecure about myself. Love the Speedos.

  40. Liners suck. They’re loose, they get bunched up, and they’re uncomfortable. Granted, for the guys who are modest, the liners do provide that second layer of protection to prevent the world from seeing whatever it is down there that you don’t want us to see, but for the rest of us who are comfortable with our bodies, the liners just have to go.

    I wear AussieBum bikinis and square cuts and Hollister trunks. The AussieBums are usually not lined, and their Web site provides a “Sheer Rating” for many of their swimsuits as full disclosure to customers prior to their purchase. However, the Hollisters come with a lining that I cut out immediately. Heck, even for the timid guys out there, the Hollister fly sufficiently covers anything that you may want to shield from the world even in the white trunks! Ditch the liner!

  41. Well said ! Ditch the liner .

  42. I cannot stand the liners in mens swimsuits. They rub the tip of my penis raw. I hate how the hair on my ballsack stick to them. The shaft of my penis gets all caught up in the mesh while swimg and rough palying in the pool or especially in the ocean it makes it a raw, rash mess. I wear Speedos under my swimsuits. It holds the penis in place and the hair on my balls are not pulled and warn raw by that damn liner. Also when I get out of the water I am not worried how the front of my swimsuit looks and the shape of where my penis is. Sometimes it looks as if you can see the whole shape and size of the penis in liner swimsuits.Try cutting the liners out and buy a speedo. The speedo dries quick so the package dose not feel all moist and sticky. Plus you have the speedo on for when you need to rinse off and stand in the shower at the pool, or beach side.

  43. I love to wear speedos because they provide the support, they do not drag as much air and water, and they do not chafe, and I do not have to rearrange myself.

    Speedos are not indecent or gay or gross, they are form fitting just like women’s swimming suits!

  44. Ken I could not have said it better my self .

  45. i dont really like the netting either. it makes my balls itch. because of this i only wear tight speedos so i dont need netting, no one sees, and they look hot. sadly people give me alot of hanging wedgies on flagpoles and pretty much anythin elsy and whenever i go to jump in a pool, someoine grabs my speedo. also every time i go to the beach or a pool, i end up leaving with a gift rap wedgie

  46. I bought and wore a particular pair this past month. The first time I wore them as undershorts to the pool and had no problems till I left. “Things” started to sting like a rash….
    I figured it was the chlorine.
    Then last night I went swimming again, and now I have broken skin/rash on my satchel.
    I am in pain. I again thought about the chlorine, but then I realized that it was the mesh liner. I never wore mesh liners until this year and every time I’ve had problems with my beans.
    The topic came up with my brother in law. I was waking funny and he asked, “What the hell man?”
    He confirmed it, he said hes got the same problem.
    Im in pain. This sucks. Im cutting them out.

  47. I always cut the liners out of mine and when my mom is not around opt for the much more practical and comfortable speedo. I once got a cut from on of those liners and it hurt like hell! Unfourtunally shorts will “tentpole” at some awkward times which is why I prefer speedos.

  48. i have a question… are there some boardshorts with the net thing?

  49. Men, I came on this site to find something out about the difference between mens Trunks & Swim Shorts. Your explanations Made My Day!!!!!!!
    I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Your comments and explanations were the BOMB. I did find my answer and a LOT MORE INFO!!!!! LOL.
    Thanks so much for the GREAT READ. I will be buying my husband the right swim gear now.

  50. I agree! I think it’s hilarious that this simple issue has generated so much discussion.

    It seems almost unanimous that anyone who is willing to make their opinion known here is against liners. Regardless of whether we buy board shorts and cut out the liners, unlined shorts, or bikini or square cut designs, none of us want the damned liners. They serve no comfort, health, sanitary, or modesty purpose.

    Swimsuit designers should take note!

  51. Well I want them and like them, they are ace. I look for liners in most shorts I buy, in fact I wish trousers had them too!

    I feel supported and secure and do not have to wear underwear, which is pointless when you are in the water anyway. If anything they should tighten/shorten them up a bit so my crotch gets even better support, or maybe have the option of soft, medium and hard support for the real men around here (like me)… jeez why you guys all so mad at the things? I love ‘em - bring em’ on!

  52. Well said dude, liners rock oo

  53. IMO, mesh liners are for support and have the added benefit of helping a bit to obscure the outline of your genitals when you get out of the pool. Do they do a great job at either? No. In my experience mesh liners are too loose and I think should fit tighter like briefs. If I swam more often I would invest in a Speedo to go under the trunks. I think that’s a much better idea than wearing underwear, which to me both looks gross and uncomfortable. Since I swim infrequently, I settle for trunks with a liner . . . I just dislike the climbing out of the pool part where I have to quickly pull the trunk away from me since it outlines everything so well.

    In conclusion, I agree with the previous poster, if anything they should be more substantial and provide more support.

    And please no kids with boxers under swim shorts at the pool!

  54. i have a large package but medium body so medium swim shorts fit best but the liner makes me feel like im auditioning for the nut cracker quit litterally so i must concare ditch the linning every one has to learn about the birds and the bees so dont worry about people seeing your manhood as for the milf mentioned in one of the posts let her see and get her number if she is fit as it might just make your day

  55. Well, as a wife of someone who has had his cut genitals literally bloody from the liner and a mother of someone who insists on wearing underwear under his bathing suit so he doesn’t get cut, it seems to me that swim suit designers could put the liners in, but line THEM on the inside with underwear material OR under the mesh build in a speedo like part that would keep the suit from attaching itself to private areas and showing too much but not scratch sensitive areas. I can’t believe that designers don’t do this. I thought my husband and son were the only ones with this problem but it seems that many have it.

  56. My only question is who on earth are the evil fiends who design a bathing suit liner that always itch like hell when you sit in it for more than 10 minutes?

    It has to be some angry woman!

  57. I’m 32 and recently bought my first pair of board shorts from Patagonia. Wow. I thought it was strange at first that they didn’t have a liner but I’m so glad they don’t. I love them for 2 reasons and will never wear a liner or underwear under my swim trunks again. After you get out of the water less material means they dry faster and free ballin’ feels free. It’s nice. I only wish I had learned this secret years ago! Great post!

  58. Liners are terrible. I only wore my swim trunks in the ocean, and would get terrible rashes on my genitals. I initially thought I was having a reaction to the salt water. I saw this website, and tossed them. I got board shorts and the tight swim pants (spandex-like) that you’re supposed to wear under the board shorts. The conclusion: Rash is gone, and the board shorts and swim pants are more comfortable and supportive.

  59. I ditched my linner when I was at school. I cut them out everytime.
    I only swim in thin nylon shorts now. It feels much better. Even the white boardshorts had a linner and I cut it out. Ok they are a little more seethru but nobody has ever said anything. I think if you got it show it. So I do.
    More and more people are swimming in the sea and my local pool in linner free stuff now.
    I even swim in the sea in full lenth track pants sometimes and nobody says anything.just proves nobody gives a damn what you look like.

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