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My Biggest Complaint About Lesbians Who Dig Lesbians That Look Like Men

I understand the concept of lesbians being attracted to women, but not if that woman dresses, acts and sounds like a man. If you’re a lesbian who is only attracted to that sort of lesbian, let’s get something straight here. You’re not a lesbian.

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  1. Lesbians Who Dig Lesbians That Look Like Men are total hypocrites.


    They suffer from penis-fright.

  2. I must be a lsbo since I love women

  3. ok, so iv established that theirs lesbians and thers Dykes.

    Lesbians, usually attractive.
    dykes, manlier than your average guy… but still a girl for some reason.

  4. OP: Are you a lesbian? If not, then you clearly don’t get it, so stfu. But, I’m only a bisexual woman, so my interest in manly women could also just be interest in both men and lady parts at the same time.
    2nd Comment: Why the heck are you on here? Go away.
    3rd Comment: Want some free grammar lessons? I’m an English teacher part-time. Lesbians are not ‘usually attractive’ unless you want to group all girls as such. Lesbians can be hot, ugly, in between, whatever they want. Just because you have disgusting lesbian fantasies as all men do, since two girls, who are clearly superior to your neanderthal level of evolutionary intellect, must fascinate and perplex you. I know, girls are a lot better than you and your tiny, pathetic little genitalia, but please, we don’t like you fantasising about our intimate moments. At least, the real leabians and bisexuals don’t. And not all dykes are manlier than men. I know some pretty manly guys. And some skeezy ones like you.

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