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My Biggest Complaint About Kinko’s Stupidity

Let me just start by saying this site is a great idea, I have read several of the complaints and found it hysterical.

Today I went to Kinko’s to pick up some training manuals for my next new hire class at work, I get all the way back to the office and realize they are messed up. I called the store because there is an entire chapter missing from half of them (but my bill of course does not reflect that). I talked to this YOUNG kid who basically said oops. OOOPS! What the H*LL. I worked hard on these, and just wanted Kinko’s to print them. How hard can it be to hit print and punch some holes and put in a binder????????? My daughter could have done a better job!

Maybe they could hire my daughter to be the assistant manager, she is right about the age of the rest of the kids in here, isn’t 6 the newt 18?

Ok, so now what? I can take them back over there and hope they come back right or I can just print the missing chapters and chalk it up to experience. Either way i am going to loose another hour of my day.

Sigh…………….There has to be a better answer!

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  1. Lesson 1: Never leave Kinko’s without proofing the product. And while you’re in there, toss a couple of insults at the staff.

  2. DBlock said:

    [quote]…And while you’re in there, toss a couple of insults at the staff.[/quote]
    Hahahaha thats hilarious!

    I do most of my own printing… so…

  3. They refuesd to give me some faxes that I had them reciecve and costed me a lot of money in delays, low life losers trying to act like they have a successful careers.

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