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My Biggest Complaint About Kinko’s Employees

My latest experience with Kinko’s went as follows:

I enter the store, I am the only customer there and there are two employees behind the counter staring closely at their computer screens. One is a manager exchanging instant messages with someone. The other is the subordinate. I see them each glance at me while I arrive at the counter and wait to be acknowledged. They both go back to doing whatever they’re doing.

I’m standing there about 10 more seconds and the subordinate finally gets up and lets out an exhausted sigh. At this point I go deep inside my mind searching for the answer to the question “why do I keep coming back here?” And I’m reminded that the answer is obvious, “because I don’t own a decent printer”.

So when the subordinate meets me at the desk, he doesn’t begin the conversation. I’ve dealt with him before so I didn’t expect anything more. He’s a tall, goofy, slow young man. So I take the initiative because I don’t wanna stand there all day.

I place my CD on the counter and tell him very clearly, “I have 6 full color TIFF files on this disc and I’d like to have them each printed on standard stock 8.5 x 11in paper.” Boom, I told him all he needs to know. He should have absolutely no questions. He takes the CD from me and pops it in his computer. He proceeds to stare at his screen for a very long time.

Now usually with Kinko’s, I drop my stuff off and get a phonecall to come and pick it up. First they check out your stuff before they tell you what they’re going to do, and so I figured that’s what he was doing here. I had to figure this because he doesn’t communicate the information I’d like to know. So I stick around and after about 3 minutes of him staring at my files he says, “you have 6 files on here.”

I reply, “Yeah, I know.”

“You want me to print them all?”



I hate Kinko’s.

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  1. next time go to mimeo.com they are so much better and you can do it all from your computer, now if you want it back the next day the shipping is a little pricey. Just plan ahead and it will be way cheaper to ship and will actually compare to stinkos oops I meant Kinkos, and with SOOOOOOO much less hassle and errors.

  2. what I need from Kinko’s is the same day or next day product. And it’s local as hell. There’s one within 10 minutes of my house and if I’m in the city, New York has so many of them. Also, if I don’t like the product, I give it back to them, they redo it or whatever and I only pay for the one that I take out of the store.

  3. You should still check them out. They are pretty cool and seriously such a better option! They even offer a free trial so you can check it out the first time for free. Do you think Kinko’s would ever do that?!? My son’t friend worked at Kinko’s for a couple weeks last summer, they made $8.50 an hour! No wonders they stink so bad, they don’t invest in the employees! I do all i can NOT to have to go there.

  4. Yeah, I worked at Kinkos for 2 years.
    Longest two years of my life.
    You hate kinkos?
    Trust me, the guy behind the counter hated you more.
    (Mostly cause he made 8.50 an hour to be the whipping boy for poor designers)

  5. Kinkoid, your point rings true. I shouldn’t have expected him to be enthusiastic about his job. But the thing is, if you don’t like where you’re at, you need to start moving forward. Myself, for instance, I hate my current job and I’m making moves (tiny moves, but moves nonetheless) to progress forward and be happier with myself. I’ve worked at Circuit City, and now I work at the front desk of a hotel, I feel for people who are stuck in dead-end jobs because they are paid simply to be where they are for 8 hours, rather than being paid to do something that they’re good at and love. But I have no empathy for someone who is going to simply accept a dead-end as their path. So if I appear to be ridiculing this person, it’s because I can’t respect someone who won’t respect himself.

    On the other hand, he asked me a question that I had already answered for him when I first spoke. So it was absolutely ridiculous to hear him ask me that.

    I’m not sure if you’re defending that guy or not. I just thought I’d cover all my bases in case you were. If you can offer more insight about Kinko’s, I would greatly appreciate it. You must’ve met a hundred wannabe-designers like myself in the two year sentence you spent at Kinko’s.

  6. I must say, I’m an assistant manager for a very productive FedEx Kinko’s, and I hate it as well. But not because of the hundreds of wanna be designers. Oh no… It’s the fact that we get payed a fraction of what our customers make, and our job is to save them from getting fired by doing the stuff they should’ve done instead of being lazy and waiting till the last minute. But that’s one of the many reasons this company continues to grow.

    Lazy may not be the case for all customers. Plenty of jobs are paying less and less but expecting more and more. Some of our customers are just very overworked and would rather spend some time with their family on the weekend instead of preparing his/her
    booklets for their presentation on Monday @ 9am.

    The two employees working in this store were wrong for not getting with you or at least greeting you when you approached the counter. A simple “Be with you shortly, Sir.” would be enough. Because let’s face it. FedEx Kinko’s is way more than just a copy shop today. The two employees could have had a just gotten a verbal thrashing from a customer that was on the way to pick up some copies that they urgently needed. To which the customer didn’t set up a proper bleed or needed a million changes to the file be fore it could be printed. Just to name a few… But like I said, all they had to do was acknowledge the fact that you were there.

    I don’t defend him but I wish people would take a minute to just look at it from our point of view. Everyday I am happy to wake and have a job to go to, yet and still, it’s kinda hard to smile when you get treated like trash.

  7. I just resigned from Fedexkinko’s. Currently, I am enrolling in college full time. I agree with what Jimmy Dean says, but I don’t really blame the customers for the work environment at Kinko’s. Lets face it, most Kinko’s stores are way understaffed for the level of customer intervention which is required to serve the customers. Basically, each employee could spend a minimum of 10 minutes for each customer that enters the store. The stores are not adequately staffed to handle the volume of customers of a major hub. And look at the employee turnover rate? From most of the customer complaints that I have read, I have to wonder how long that employee has been at Kinko’s? I bet a lot of the confused employees are guys and gals who have been at the store less than six months and haven’t been adequately trained on pre-flight, otp, or on the copy business in general.

    After reviewing my 2.5 years at Kinko’s, I see lack of proper training and poor scheduling for employees as the two major issues that causes poor employee moral. I am sure that all stores are different, but I worked at three separate stores and found the same complaints in each store.

  8. I m on my 6 month at fedex kinkos and still not sure how to to alot of things but I do my best. I believe that people should be more appreciative for what others are doing for them. Cause i sure everyone at one time or another has no clue what they are doing. Not to make excusses just realize you as a customer are not the only person that needs help. And for the record we are suppose to repeat what you want us to do so that it is done correctly so repeating info is policy.

  9. I started at Kinko’s on 2004 and I am still there right now, though I was lucky enough to have my own department which does solely signs and banners, but I feel the pain that customers have to put up with and the Kinko’s employee has to deal with every single day.

    To people who are customers, we are trying our best to help you all out, but this is Kinko’s not McDonald. It’s not as easy as ordering supersized number one or a happy meal with extra fries. 80% of our jobs are custom jobs and the company do not train us on that sort of things. We are on our own. They just provide us the tools to help our customers. So please be patient and help us help you! Also please consider this that we are not just a printing shop, we does packing, shipping both local and international, FedEx package trackings, we handles faxes, signs and displays, office supplies, computer consulting, graphic designing, email service, customer/phone consulting, and alot more but the company pays us very little to do all that. It seems like a dead-end job but we work there because it’s stable and still pays higher than other retail stores.

    Customers probably wonder why don’t we hire more employees? Back in the day when an employee gives two weeks notice, the company would hire a new replacement person during that the two week, but that’s not how it works at Kinkos. It could take a month or two before we can hire an employee. We have to go through background check, drug test, personality test, and finally training which would take almost a month to complete. So our job is not simple as standing all day and press the green button at the copy manchine.

    If you think our job is easy, think again. We have to always be on our feet and our minds have to be sharp and pay attention to every single copy. When there is something wrong with the customer files, we try our best to fix it, and I know almost always, we fixed them behind your back and we don’t even charge customers for it. So if you have a tiff file that is 1200dpi and all you wanted was 8.5×11 and our printer only prints 600dpi max. You are actually making our job alot harder. One, it takes about 10-15 mins to spool a 200+mb file to our print server. Two, it takes another 5-10 mins for the printer to process the file and finally print it. Three, big files on the CD takes very long time to open. Four, three files on the CD + spooling and printing time = hella long.

    Please understand, I’m not bashing customers. I’m just showing you (customers) how things work. Things that customer don’t see before we can bring the your prints over to you.

  10. I worked at kinko’s for 7 years, and the second fedex took over they went down hill. First thing they did was give everyone a major pay cut, and tell us that they had to because fed ex had to be reimbursed for buying Kinkos. Then moral went down, seasoned employees quit and were replaced by 8:00 an hour part time employees, known as greeters, that were- to be polite- englishly challenged. For some strange reason, even though the new employees were absolutly no replacement for the seasoned employees that left, the customers expected the same level of service. When they did not receive it, they treated the employees like garbage…

    I would conservatively say that 10% of the people hired would not make it through their first week.

    And then they would give the employees that were at the top of their pay level nickle and dime wage increases. Litterally.

    To be a good kinko’s employee you have to know more then the customer knows about what ever program they are using.
    Illustrator, photoshop, indesign, word, excel, powerpoint, visio, autocad, acrobat….Do you know all of these programs? Then you wouldn’t make a good employee,,,

    They also need to understand basic networking, and machine maintenance. Everything is digital, and if a press and a computer aren’t communicating your job isn’t printed.

    And the finishing, binding, drilling, cutting, mounting…

    but you can’t find people that have that skill set and pay them a wage of 11.00 to 12.00 per hour.

    So you get what you get.

  11. There isn’t any training on Illustrator, photoshop, indesign, word, excel, powerpoint, visio, autocad, acrobat, so how is a new employee suppose to know more than a designer coming in to print off a poster for an interview? Those online courses have been deleted from the online training and replaced with Office Tiger.

  12. I see a lot of customers coming in with there fancy iPhone but they don’t know how to do a fax or make copies. I find that very amusing.

  13. i make 11 - 12 an hour at kinkos i have been there four and a half years an i have to say i give some of the best customer service to all my customers that come in. now im not saying i love to do it but i sure get paid a good amount to do it. and ill do it. and ill admit i have some days where its like “sigh” another customer with the same thing again just like everyday.

    one thing that i can determine from this story is you say he puts the cd in and stared at it for a good while …

    i know that when i get a customer with a cd and i place it in the computer our computers take a good minute or so just to recognize the cd and then it lets me click the cd drive to open it and view the contents of the file.

    second thing i see in the story that i always have an issue with is, you said you walked in and told the kinkoid exactly what you wanted and in the end he either didn’t listen or forgot. for all you know he was balancing three other costumers in his head before you walked in. we receive orders threw email, and internet site all the time. not to mention what orders were already tooke for the day that we have to work on and process. sorry if we don’t catch it the first time but i always tell a customer let me take a look at the files first before we determine what needs to be done because you said you had six files for all he knows its six twenty page files … and he has to consider binding or slip sheet options.

    ill agree with you that he should have communicated better but when i started retail i was quiet shy and didn’t know much of what the customer wanted to hear … it sounds like perhaps something else occurred in your day to set your mood before you walked in but you needed someone to blame or direct your frustrations to. i get that all the time too.

  14. 1 Kinkoid, 1Costcoid and 1OfficeMaxoid were hired by an owner of a print and design firm in Seattle, WA. The owner pad $600 each for them to take classes for design applications with Adobe and trained each individual how to pre-flight, mount, finish, cut, drill, bind etc. They have landed some major accounts and still provide excellent service everyday. The owner pays them minimum wage, $8.07. Those guys are very very very knowledgeable and have been known to save customers time and money on projects. fedexkinko has forgotten that, customers make the business. The shop is called Pacific Highway Print and Design. Located in Federal Way, WA

  15. Ok, my explaination of the above from experience as an employee. You walk into a Kinkos and you are the only person there. (There are busy periods and there are slow periods so it is quite possible it was extremely busy just before you got there. It is also quite probable that there was no counter person on duty - just a manager and a subordinate doing production and counter. Mind you, 2 people is very understaffed for the huge volume of work Kinkos employees are expected to produce. They were both probably in the middle of sorting out complicated orders on the computer and that is very hard to do with constant interuptions. I have a similar attitude sometimes when I have to do counter because the more I do counter the less production I can do and since production is my job and counter is not I am held responsible when jobs are late - not when customers are impatient. But many times there isnt a designated counter person. Him staring at the screen for 3 minutes is easy to explain. It takes about 3 minutes for our old computers to open a cd. His attitude to you is inexcusable however. He should not have been rude to you and he definately should have initiated the conversation - but maybe he was just burnt out from the job. Or maybe he really had no idea what he was doing - the company does tend to hire people who have no computer skills or common sense from time to time. But by no means is the job easy - you need very good computer skills to do this job and you need to be able to multitask to the max! You also need to have very good problem solving abilities because customers come in with all kinds of crazy requests and we have to fulfill them all. We are not all idiots.

  16. I have noticed that alot of customers do not appreciate Kinko’s at all…yet keep coming.I had a customer tell me that Kinko’s only hired high school drop outs and minorities. Honestly all i could do is smile and say, “you have a nice day now”. We are underpayed ofcourse but think about it this way. We get payed (for example) 12 dollars per hour to press the start button on a printer, do to the lack of knowledge, and lazyness from these “high class”, degree holders, company CEO’s etc.

  17. Kinkoid, THANK YOU!!!! I will try that print shop in Federal Way in the morning.

    I went in to the Kinko’s in Seattle tonight and the guy was a complete idiot. Yes, I said idiot. He was “training” someone else and she was really nice, but he was NO HELP at all.

    I gave him my CD to print 1 copy each of three programs (1 page, front and back) will fill effects. He looked at the print preview and it looked so nice. He printed it from one printer and it printed a bunch of stripes (nothing like the preview). I advised him politely that I had some booklets (about 16 pages or so, front and back) for my brother some months back and had him go to Kinko’s to get a professional printing job…one that looked like the print preview. And he did, which was great, because he came out with a beautiful product. I called my brother on my cell phone and asked if he remembered what the guy in Kinko’s did. He didn’t know, but said he pulled up the print preview and changed something about the print options. He also said it didn’t take the guy long because it had something to do with the print options. He did what he had to do and printed the professional product I designed as professionally as I designed it. I was so impressed that for this smaller job, I went to the same Kinko’s.

    Not only did the guy not have a clue. He didn’t even TRY to fix it. He pulled up the Print Preview with the screen towards me, told me to figure it out and let him know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN, he ACTUALLY WALKED AWAY FROM THE COUNTER and started doing something else!!! It didn’t register at first, but once he was gone, feet from me pretending to do something else for a few minutes, I asked him, “Do you mind if I try because it’s late and I have to go?” He replied, “No because if you do something to damage the computer…” I told him that I understood that and asked if HE could come and try. He walked back to the counter, stared at me for a good 10 seconds, didn’t make a move in the system AT ALL and THEN said, “What you got is what you got. That’s it.” I asked him if he was serious and still polite at this point, reminded him that Kinko’s has performed this same job before on a much grander scale and did a wonderful job. And then I said, “I didn’t imagine it. Kinko’s did a great job.” He THEN says, “You can imagine whatever you want. What you got is what it is.” I said, “Wow. You’re very unprofessional and flip. I’ll come back in the morning and deal with someone who likely knows what he’s doing.” He then yelled, just get out of my store and put his finger in my face. I asked him not to do that again and that I’d be happy to leave if he’d give me back my CD, and then I said, “There’s nothing worse that a person who will not just simply say, ‘I don’t know…’ The professional thing to do, Sir, would be to admit that you just have no clue how to fix this and request that I come back in the morning and apologize for the inconvenience. I would’ve understood that.” I guess hearing that he doesn’t know what he’s doing really pissed him off because he put his finger in my face again and yelled at me to leave the store or he would CALL THE POLICE!!!!! I asked him again not to put his finger in my face and to just give me back my product so I COULD leave!!!! He picked up the phone, called the police, saying that he had a customer refusing to leave his store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Wow. I told him I’m not afraid of the police because I’m not a criminal and haven’t done anything wrong and then I yelled, “You’re missing something still. GIVE ME MY DISK SO I *CAN* LEAVE! And calm down…you don’t know what you’re doing. I get it. Ask for some trainng, but just give me my disk.” He pulled out my disk, handed it to me with one hand and THEN put the other FINGER in my hand and yelled at me AGAIN, “You need to get out!!!”

    Okay, can anyone tell me how going in to get a simple front and back professional print of 1 page turned into THIS?

    I’m going back in the morning to talk to a manager and to file a formal complaint…right after I go to the print shop that Kinkoid recommended.

  18. I meant that he put his other finger in my face, not my hand.

    Not very much gets me angry, but that finger in the face thing and telling me go figure it out and let me know was something else. And then calling the police as if I’m a criminal when HE’S the one spitting out the disrespect by the truckloads was like ‘wow’. I have been in the service industry for a very long time and I have never and would never treat customers like that. Plus, it’s dangerous to have people working in customer service who can’t utter the words, “I don’t know.” *I* should figure it out???? Which one of us works at Kinko’s? I went to Kinko’s for a SERVICE that IT offers for goodness sake. But I should figure out how you should do YOUR job???? I’m still like ‘wow’. I called my brother and he was like, “You’re kidding. Yeah, he just didn’t know what he was doing because when I went in there, the guy handled it…quickly and professionally. He just KNEW.”

    And in the future, I will NEVER use Kinko’s again and I’ll refer anyone I know to another print shop after I’ve verified it’s good. I guess it’s a toss up when you go to Kinko’s. My time is valuable to me so I can’t risk the ‘I might get good service today or I might not’ reasoning…especially not when I’m giving you MY money. I will never take another chance on Kinko’s. Never.

  19. Oh, and did I leave out the part where I stood there for about 3 minutes (I had my cellphone sitting on the counter so I could see the time) and he never even recognized me. I had to say, “Excuse me, Sir…” before he got up. …just horrible service from start to finish. Horrible.

  20. It’s too bad that you have received such poor service. It sounds like a real nightmare.
    I am a Center Manager for FedEx Kinko’s (FedEx Office) and have been for 4 years now.
    At the same time that our jobs have been made more complex by the demands placed upon us by our corporate they have drastically tightened our available $ for payroll. The result has been that we have substantially fewer man-hours available to help our customers with their projects. In fact, we have very little time to spend on any given project, regardless of the customer’s need.
    With the economy in it’s current state, each of us are dealing with less and less service everywhere we go. People are being laid off, positions are eliminated through attritian. This results in longer lines at the grocery store or gas station because there are fewer open cash registers. We can’t find anyone when we have a question at the home-improvement store. Then the people with whom we finally interact are stretched too thin and are often abused and overstressed. Some are like a tightly-stretched guitar string about to snap. In a perfect world these are the people we’d like to be sure aren’t representing us. Unfortunately, with the pressure many of us are under, people you would never have thought they would be “that mean guy” become that very person.
    My opinion is that what we’re missing is a basic element of respect and courtesy. It seems to be happening at all level of our society-especially in the workplace. Companies have little or no respect or understanding for their employees. These employess carry this attitude into the interactions they have with other employees and customers, and many of the customers (unfortunately) provoke this behavior by treating the human being in front of them as if they are simply a tool. Or, at it’s worst, customers may treat that person to their anger, frustration and even scorn.
    A good example of this is when you dine at a full-service restaurant. If your waitress does not provide service at the level to which you would expect, but (if you bothered to look) you can plainly see that person is running between too many tables. Thanks to being responsible for more than they can reasonably manage she is working much harder than she should have to. To add insult to injury, she is likely to receive less money left as a tip by diners who received less than excellent service. It is extreemly unlikely the waitress CHOSE to be placed into this situation. But she’ll be the one to pay for it.
    There are many issues to consider in this scenario, but perhaps the main issue is the question of how you, as the patron, will respond.
    My strategy is to always try to be pleasant with everyone. I always start out with eye contact and a smile. Even just checking out at a Walmart. I find that I almost never receive poor customer service, once face-to-face with the person. In fact, they will often go overboard to assist me.
    I find that this is true when practiced in reverse as well.
    When difficult, angry, or stressed customers are treated with respect
    they usually respond in kind, often leaving my store relieved of some part of their burden.
    I’d suggest to anyone that you would do well to consider yourself responsible for 90% of the attitude (good or bad) you’ll encounter in each interaction you have with your fellow man-be that at home, work, a copy shop, grocery store, church, etc.

  21. I completely agree with the last statement. I have been with the company for 5 years myself. I deliver outstanding customer service all the time to customers. The level and knowledge that I feel that I have for the company is incredible for the lack of pay and respect that I receive from management and corporate. Customers come in like they own the place. Every customer that comes in is pretty much a new boss for us. We have to figure out what they want at times with them not even knowing what they want. I am getting off track here. 2 cases happend to me provided by the customer with in 2 days. I had a customer that I was able to do some huge job for requiring me to come in 3hrs before the store open to finish. I go to ring him up and I am like thank you sir have a wonderful day. He paused for a min. He looks up at me and said don’t ever call me sir again being quite rude. I grew up calling 10 year olds sir when I am delivering service of any kind. The next day after that eating away at me I was off the clock about to go home, with my coat on and a customer asks me for help. So what do I do. Out of respect I help him. His junk floppy disk didn’t open on any of our computers. I tried everything in plain view. Letting him know what was going on. I said sorry bud I can’t get this floppy disk to work but if you would like to email us the file I can have it waiting for you by the time you come back. He snatches the disk out of my hand and yells at me for calling him bud. Pretty much screaming at me. The a**hole was asking for my boss and everything.. So YAY customers are always fun. You never know what you are going to get out of them. Most of the time people think if they dream of it we can do it. Oh and no one expects to pay for anything anymore either. I always use the analogy of cars. I have customers that ask me how much if we do it compared to them doing it in self service. Well its cheaper in self service (not by much at all) they want me to do it for them while they sit down at a pc. Oh I don’t know how to scan show me how to do it. After the 3rd one I am like ok you can do it. The lady said why. I said its like me going to a mechanic telling him that I need an alternator installed on my car and I tell them I don’t want to pay that much show me how to do it instead. Which means do it for me. The bottom line is this. The company doesn’t empower or embrace the employees at all. Half the times now we have 1 or 2 people to deal with many jobs and Counter Consultation. There is so many crazys that come into our work as well wanting stuff done. It is a very rough industry to be in. We have no constancy what so ever through out the company for employees as well. The company hires outside management then to promote with in. So you will get a manager that use to run a JC Pennys in a store that doesn’t have a clue on how to work software or anything. The employees train their manager till the manager cant take it anymore and starts hiding doing quote, unquote sales calls or other things to not be in the store. Letting the employees pickup the manager hassles as well. Sorry I had to give you a different side of the coin. To finish it… I had a customer that was like you love your job and your so happy here. My daughter use to work for max and she use to get awful customers all the time. I smiled and I said to the lady we get the same customers they get. My thing is this. If I am having a bad day and bring it to the counter people get the attitude from me and could walkout treating someone else like garbage I try to hold it in the best I can and let it out at home. That works the same for customers on any level at any store. I would say 3 out of 10 don’t care about good customer service at other places now. But the other 70 percent is busting their rear to make your experience well.

  22. I’m currently employed at Fed Ex office and most of us try really hard to meet your needs BUT it’s hard when the customer doesn’t always know what their needs are. I’m thankful to have a job in this tough economy. The person before me is right–your boss changes with each customer that walks in the door. Problem is…self service MEANS self service. It does NOT mean toss your things at the person behind the counter and expect them to do it all for you. I’d be more than happy to help you utilize a copier or whatever you would like but I don’t want to do it for you because despite what you think self service means it doesn’t mean abuse the person behind the counter. Now, that being said….as far as if you don’t like your job find another one. I was lucky enough to find this one in this economy. I greet everyone with a smile. I don’t sigh. I don’t show my aggravation with you but I do wish you would do the same. I’m sorry you’re in a hurry. You should have left earlier. Hopefully one day when you come in here I won’t be here anymore but until then–deal with me because I sure as hell have to deal with you.
    Most customers are a pleasure. Those who think they own you just because they are making a few copies are just plain wrong. Oh and PS….pay for your stuff before you leave. The laminates, the multi purpose paper ARE NOT FREE!

  23. I have become all to aware of the lack of service at Kinko’s but I had what seemed to be a VERY simple job. Laminate a small piece of paper which was my temporary drivers licenses as I had just taken the test, I needed to be off to California in a week and had some interviews lined up; so best to protect this valuable little piece of paper. The guy brings me back the laminated paper only its completely black telling me “hmm looks like thats the wrong paper for this process”. To say I am PISSED is a gross understatement, no apology from the guy who screwed my plans for the whole month (yeah I went to the DMV and dont you know it there is nothing they can do). Why in the hell are they unaware as to the type of god damn paper that can and cannot be laminated it there freggin business to know. The genius manager holds up the black laminated paper and can muster no more then a “huh you cant even see it” wow are these employees all of special needs or what! KINKO’S SUCKS!!!!!!!

  24. I apologize Rachelle but your comment shows stupidity on your side mostly. If you read your license card it says do not laminate. I don’t believe it is the workers fault. If you used common sense you’d still have your card.

  25. Rachelle, if you had looked at the laminating machine (which is usually in SELF-SERVICE), it would have told you not to laminate your card. Your card probably told you not to laminate it. I’m sure the reason why the person behind the counter said nothing was that he assume you could read and read that you couldn’t laminate the thing in the first place.

    You see, most customers (like yourself) seem to think you’re way more intelligent that those of us “poor schmucks” behind the counter, so why shouldn’t we treat you like you should have the native intelligence to know better than to laminate a piece of paper that was obviously printed thermally.

  26. To the OP:

    First of all, if you think you can just “drop off” your CD and expect prints to magically appear when you return, you are sadly mistaken.

    As part of your customer service experience at FXO, it is part of our JOB to check your files before you leave (to make sure there are no errors, conflicts with our computer, etc.).

    It is part of our JOB to confirm your instructions verbally, to ensure there are no mis-communications. I’m noticing he didn’t ask you whether they were in color or black and white, which is something ELSE he should have asked, just to make sure you knew that black and white is 3 time less expensive than color.

    You’re very lucky that you weren’t made to wait LONGER while we entered the job in our system to give you the price like we are SUPPOSED to do.

    You’re extremely lucky that you weren’t made to wait even LONGER while he made you look at a proof copy of your order, which is something else we are SUPPOSED to do. And you’re extremely blessed that he didn’t make you sign a proof approval form, like he was SUPPOSED to do.

    You see, dropping off a copy job at a quality place isn’t like magic; it should take a few extra minutes of confirmation and consultation to make sure that you are satisfied with your final product. Because you know what? If you aren’t satisfied with your final product, for whatever reason that poor schmuck behind the counter could actually lose his job.

  27. Basically I see both sides. Working at a Fedex Office sucks, so why wouldn’t going there suck? Customers come in with an attitude something attune to going to a dentist and expecting not to have bleeding gums and a strange aftertaste on the flip-side. Workers want more better pay and more opportunity for advancement.

    Print is dead. The world has gone digital. My own FedEx Office has seen a 50% decrease in sales (at least). I don’t give a **** though-this job (as far as I’m concerned) is good for two things; 1) Health Insurance for my family 2) College reimbursement money 3) Sedintaryness 4) Free books from project gutenburg (not the ****ty what color is my parachute ****) /pictures/business gadgets of all sorts/printing for mother****ing everything–(if management thinks we don’t rip this place new assholes everyday in terms of the **** we get away with…and I’ve been at it for years…then they’re sitting on their thumbs up ****s creek riding on they’re laurels, and this river don’t lead to Aintry. Burn FedEx Burn!

  28. I work grave yard at a Kinkos in the east bay area of california. I do enjoy my job. I have alot of really nice customers come in and alot of really rude customers who are stressed out come in. Yeah I do get yelled at sometimes by some poor dude who is on some sort of schedule. But you know I can understand because my job consists of lots of time constrants.

    When I first started I was a retail consultant. I did that for three months while I went to school then I went to nights (Still going to school during the day). When I switched I was trainned for two days in the area of production and using photoshop and so forth. Basically I learned enough to do a very horriable job. But you know I kept trying to do better everyday. And now I can push out more production then any surronding store.

    I tend to be really nice to everyone. I mean hey its like 2 in the morning why ruin a perfect day? I don’t care if you come in and yell because you are stressed, Thats what I am here for. I do get some really bad files that look like crap to begin with but I know just enough to make it look half way decent.

    I’ve read some of these horror stories of other kinkos, and I am very appauld. My center manager would hang me by a role of laminate if I ever treated a customer bad. Sure I am not perfect and I have gotten smart with a customer or two but you know I am only human, Sometimes rude people just suck. I can see customers frustrations with Kinkos. Example there is a neighboring kinkos that I will not name but I get customers from them who walk in mad as can be. Furious that the other kinkos employees are so rude and unhelpful. All I can do is tell them “I am really sorry about that, But your here now with me so let’s get to the business.” 99% of the time the customer will leave happy as can be and I will see them again and again and again.

    Sure sometimes I don’t know what in the hell I am doing. I am not going to lie. But I present it in a way that the customer feels confident that I do know what I am doing and I usualy can figure it out or call another 24 kinkos for support.

    But the thing that gets me, I work alone. Yes 1 deep. Sometimes I get a line of 4 or 5 people who want stuff printed. I try as hard as I can to push thru each customer giving my 110%. I don’t see why you are so special as to get extra care and attention from me when there are 3 other people inline behind you and I am already helping a customer. Yell at me all you want throw a fit. I will even help you call my manager. I will help you when I get to you you know?

    So to sum up this rant the customers are human, and the kinkoids are human. We are not perfect. Try to give the benefiet of the doubt. Like i’ve came to work 20 minutes after I got back from a 2 hour motorcycle ride to see my grandma pass away and went straight to work because I had too. Was I happy that day?? Not really but I had enough customers who where polite and understood hey this guy just went thru some horriable things I might just take it easy on him. You know you never know what kind of day that kinkoid or customer had.

    So I hope you guys understand my A.D.D. rant here. Customers just take it easy on us. This job isn’t as easy as it seems when a kinkoid is green. I felt overwhelmed ALOT. But now I have learned to just chill out and relaxe and go with the flow of things.

    So if your in the east bay and need something printed feel free to come on by! We’re by DVC!

  29. This appears to be an isolated case. Why didn’t you take it up with the manager instead, or his district manager. Besides, making a big deal about 6 color prints and calling people “retatrds” is just the kind of thing that is wrong with this country. A bunch of coddled momma - do- everything for me citizens. You gotta show respect to earn it. Why dont you go down to Best Buy and buy yourself a colour laser printer?

  30. dude your retarded. the reason we ask you all those questions is b/c we get dumb ass people everyday that don’t know what the hell they want. In order to “serve” you better we must ask all the dumb questions to make sure thats what you want!!!! There has been plenty of times that customers have come in and not explained **** and get mad at us when the job is wrong. Also another reason we ask you questions is to “upsell” to make more money which is a part of business dumbass!!!!!

  31. I went to Kinko’s on Rochester Rd. in Troy, Michigan this morning with some old baby photos of my 31 year old son who needed them for a recognition dinner in his honor. They were taken at a closed photographic studio over thirty years ago. The assistant manager refused to allow me to use their computer/scanner because of copyright laws. She told me to go through the photographic studio, even though I told her it was out of business and no one could sue Kinko’s. The customer behind me in line confirmed that it was out of business. Like a broken record, the assistant manager kept repeating, “I will not break the law for you.” I found it interesting that she did not recommend that I FEDEX the photos to my son overnight. That way, she would have solved my problem and made money for the store. I guess the people that work there really are as stupid as the previous posts indicate. Too bad.

  32. If you had not asked for help with the scanner, the assistant Manager would not have been put in the position of saying “no!” Next time just go to the self-serve area and use the scanner, that way you get what you want and the AM is not put in a position of breaking copyright law.

    If you had been a secret shopper and were setting the AM up, that poor AM would have been written up and run through the mill for helping you scan your photo. That has happened, and Fedex Office does send out secret shoppers to set up its employees. A Fedex Office person cannot help you with copyrighted material, but you are always free to do your own thing using the self-serve machines.

    That isn’t to much to ask?

  33. Well Fedex Kinkos In the Orlando & North florida district is a “Good Ole Boys ” Only club , They offer no real time to train ,they get rid of the good managers but seem to hold on to the ones with strrrraaaannnnggge moral practices . Stripping the stores of good personel to fill those stupid compact cars (no offence CC folks ) negatively impacting the customer service in the stores already established .Fedex Office has some great stores and some great employees .Now they have us going door to door begging for work whats next? Not to mention some of the dumbest Higher management folks on the planet the DM is a total phony trying to act like Mr Rogers.And a senior center mgr who drinks so much ..they can use him to launch a space shuttle with his breath alone ..but of course they’ll never fire him ..just the good managers.Fedex kinkos will soon be exstinct.

  34. I worked at Kinko’s, in between jobs at larger print houses, for about 18 months. (It was, and still is, a horrible time for the print industry. I’m in a different field now) It was hell. Now, I will agree that there are people there who should not be behind the counter taking these orders, let alone running the machines. But there are also some very skilled workers there. As skilled as any of the other people I’ve worked with at offset houses, binderies and other printers.

    The big difference in what makes Kinko’s hell is two things: The corporate mentality and the customers.

    The corporate mentality is insane. I’ve never worked for a company that tried so hard to indoctrinate it’s employees… and I’ve worked for Japanese companies. They also will look for any excuse to let you know that you are performing poorly. Review after review I was denied a measly raise because of one non-issue after another. They will literally watch security tapes to see how you work when there are no managers around. I always thought that if the work gets done on time and the customer is happy, that should be the end of it. Nope. Spend too much time talking to a coworker when the machine is running? No raise. You should be cleaning. Only run two jobs at once instead of three (even though there’s time) to avoid screwing something up? No raise. You should be running all machines at full capacity all the time. The corporates at Kinko’s are insane. Only perfect employees get raises, and nobody is perfect. They can find a fault in anybody.

    Now, as for the customers: A lot of them are in a rush or have a huge problem looming over their head. They don’t need Kinko’s. There’s a copy machine at the office, and it does color! So why are they here? Because they SCREWED UP. Before I got off the front line and started working graveyard shift (just to avoid the customer nightmares) I would say that these people were probably half of my customers. The rest were either wanna-be designers who don’t know anything about print standards (thanks for the 72dpi RGB JPEG dude, but no I can’t blow that up to 11×17) or scrapbooking moms. They are angry when they come in the door. Angry that they have to pay for something they can get for free at the office. Angry that they screwed up and can’t blame anybody else. Angry that their job security is now in the hands of some drop out (in their minds) and who do they take it out on? The Kinko’s employee.

    When you explain to most people why you can’t copy an original that has black text on a red background, they get it… when you try to explain it to the jack ass that’s already in a bad mood, he freaks out. It crushes your soul after a while. Most people don’t have the mental fortitude to put up with working the Kinko’s counter for too long without becoming cynical and jaded. Some people deal with it by finding another job (which is not easy with Kinko’s on your resume. trust me) and others just resign themselves to their fate and keep working at Evil K. It is hands down the worst job I’ve ever had. It took me a long time to get out.

  35. I work at FedEx Office currently ( I am finishing my college degree this semester and going straight into law school, we are not all stupid) I am sorry you had a poor experience but if you look at what we deal with all day you would understand it. We deal with professionals; grown adults with good jobs who cannot for all of their education handle the most mundane of tasks i.e. faxing, logging onto the interweb, pressing the giant green button that says copy on the machines.
    These “adults” rely on us to pick up the pieces of their failed projects at two am and get mad because we cannot…these are the stegasauruses who got thier feet stuck in tar..they deserve to fail and let someone better suited to handling simple tasks have thier job. But, I digress. Just greet us at the counter politely and we will usually do the same. But talk down to us, yell at us, take out your frustrations on us in any way and we will STONEWALL you. It’s you who needs us to save your job… we’ll get by w/o your 15$ copy job. B/C as Chappelle put it eloquently “Why do we treat customers this way? Because F*ck ‘em that’s why.”

    Your local copy monkey

  36. every time I walk into my local Kinkos to get b/w 16×20 or larger prints, it turns into a sh*t storm…. nobody knows how to do it and they all are rude. Only one time, one person knew how to work the computer.
    I hate Kinkos too.

  37. […] After I got back to the campus empty handed, I did some research and I realized I wasn’t the only one who had suffered bad service. A website called “My Biggest Complaint” had a section aptly named Kinko‚Äôs Employees | My Biggest Complaint. […]

  38. I work for FedExoffice (kinkos) and things will never change. The corporate apparatus in Dallas makes it very very hard for employees to do their job effectively becasue of sooo much redtape and mind numbing redunant systems and processes. This company talks alot but does not put its words into action. They have very little regard for its employees and doesnt trust or respect its emp[loyees yet expects it in return. Fedexoffice won’t tell the truth it will lie before it lets people kinow whats really happening but the majority of its employess 75-80% are bitter and hate there job. They disagree with the direction and management style. The biggest enemy that employees have is its own corporate supervisors. The competiton and customers take a back seat to the amount of problems created by our own corporation.

  39. I don’t have any problem with Kinkos/FedEx at all. I went into a southern Colorado Springs facility (my first time ever using Kinkos/FedEx) with a 22 x 28 b/w photo I had enhanced in Photoshop for an upcoming wedding (size of the original included a large area of white space around it for guest signatures), and they did a superb job printing/mounting it. In fact, the two gentlemen who worked the job anxiously awaited my arrival to see if it was completed to my satisfaction. I was thrilled…absolutely perfect! It really made me feel good to know they took pride in their work and were concerned about my satisfaction. Those two gentlemen are assets to their facility.

  40. As an employee for 3 years and a person who provides above average customer service and hates my job with a passion, I can only say to all customers who are complaining, why don’t you take your business somewhere else? I promise you that there are plenty of situations that cause us to act the way we do, mostly lack of training and lack of pay, like others have stated. This is not going to change any time soon. So to all my “regular” customers (as in, those who come in over and over again and will not listen to anything we say and end up disappointed every time), I wish you would never come back. You are dismissed. Goodbye. Go find out if Staples or Office Max can satisfy your printing/shipping needs. I hope they do. Maybe then I’ll be inspired to finish school faster and go into my career. A win/win.

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