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My Biggest Complaint About Jealous Women Coworkers

Wow, reading all these posts really hit home with me. For the longest time I could not figure out why friends and coworkers (all females by the way) would distance themselves from me.
I am a somewhat naive person believing in hard work and also sharing successes. Never would I have thought that people can be so cold and downright dangerous in their jealousy towards me.

I can deal with jealous friends, I usually cut those so called friendships out of my life. Of course I have found that I have hardly any friends anymore due to my having to battle their jealousy towards me.

But my real troubles are at work. It all started with jealous women coworkers and that jealousy doubled when I began to move up in my job and became more sucessfull. Not all women coworkers are jealous but the ladies that are try to hurt me every day. They ignore me on purpose, do not greet back, send nasty glares and just stare at me in hateful ways. I can not believe how low these women go to hurt me. Whenever they notice a mistake I have made they go straight to management and report me and try to get me into trouble. They have even gone so low to form a group and Email to my boss that I am not doing a good job. I have printed these Emails and I have kept them for evidence.

This has now snowballed to the point that management at my job, after hearing the numerous complaints of my jealous coworkers to reprimand me. I am a very hard worker and I even continue to be friendly with all these bullies. Sadly, all of management is female and they seem to look at me as trouble. I am now being exposed for little mistakes and even reprimanded for small things that have no bearing on the quality of my work. I am the highest performer in this business, very sucessful at what I do and now I am facing a group of jealous coworkers and managers alike that are now willing to cooperate to bully me and to intimidate me and get me out of the workplace. It is amazing for me to watch these women, as they are very obvious in their task trying to eliminate me. Often as I walk in the door of my work one of these women is already waiting for me ready to harass me before I even begin working. I am facing a jealousy campaign against me.

That being said, my life is far from perfect. I am middle aged, recently divorced and trying to cope with paying the bills like everyone else. That even makes it hurt worse that people are trying to take me down like this and never have I done anything to hurt them and I just can not understand it. I am a person who will go straight to work and I am proud of my work. I am a very hard worker and I love my customers in this business.
Sadly, my sucess is one of the things these women, including my managers, must be jealous of. I always try to bend over backwards to please them, only to be met with additional criticism. I have even noticed that they are now moving in on several of my products in this company and they are trying to sabotage my work by either not ordering work products that I need or to plainly remove some of my products from inventory alltogether. This is a new low for them. How does one fight this? It is impossible.

I am a hard worker, and heaven forbid I do happen to be attractive too. Oh my god, that is a lethal combination, because no matter what position these women are in my company they do not like me for those reasons alone. I am not confrontational at all and I prefer to do my work and stay out of their way. But they always find me and they always try to tear me down. I don’t know how to deal with this negativity but now I know that I am not alone and that helps so much. But what can one do with this kind of information? There has got to be a way to fight the jealous bully behavior of females? I would never ever behave in the way these women do. Aren’t they ashamed at all? How can they live with themselves? How do these women sleep at night?

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  1. I totally understand you as I am in the same boat, At times I feel why do I always have to prove myself, a small mistake is over exaggerated. I don’t even what I have done. I am nice to everyone,sincere hard working person, keep to myself yet nobody want to be my friend, I wonder sometimes atleast one person has to see through the lies. I have often thought how can they go to bed doing bad stuff. The good part is I am happily married, it hurts that I am not welcome by my colleagues but I don’t have to bring it home. I also have a good boss who knows to put these women into their place. She is smart knows how to get the best of everyone. I have come to understand it’s best to ignore jeolous people and concentrate on your work. Nobody can take that it is all black and white.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about this. I worked in “corporate America” for the last 16 years and have had my share of problems too and it is disgusting.

    You do not deserve this treatment at all. Have you considered going to HR to discuss the situation? I don’t think you can continue on in the current environment the way it is going. I would either bring it to the attention of HR or immediately start looking for a new job.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I am very sorry to hear you are going through all of these life changes and having to deal with such horrible people at work.

  3. I do not believe in quitting because then you are enabling these mean women, instead challenge them by doing what you do best ie concentrate on work and ignore them. At some point they have to give up or quit themselves because they could not win bulling you.Where ever you go there are these mean women or even men. You got to stand up for yourself. What I really want to know is if you supect somebody trying to sabotage you then how to handle that, you cannot go to HR because you don’t have facts. I would like to catch these people in the act by getting outside help.Is this a possibility?

  4. Surekha -I totally see your point, but for me it just isn’t worth all of the negative energy.

    I never ever gave up (despite many very difficult situations), but it takes a toll on you. In this woman’s situation, it just is not good when “everyone” is against you. You can’t win.

    I’d be curious to learn more about the other side of the story (as there are always 2)….perhaps we could learn more about the situation to better understand why all of these women are being so awful.

    I just think the chances of this happening somewhere else (to the extent it is here) are low….just is a bad fit all around.

  5. I am in a similar situation. I have been on the job and my boss and manager have come to me and asked me to help. We are barely making the bottom line and I have lots of experience in my profession. I am capable of what they are asking me but the ladies in the office that have been there for years are spending time playing pety games. I feel if they would take that energy and apply it to the success of the office we would all be in a win situation.

  6. After reading your story I feel so good that I am not alone. This is exactly what I go through. Its so weird because I thought something was wrong with me. Especially about not ordering your supplies or hiding them, trying to make you look bad. Girlfriend, just try to hang in there and ignore it. Don’t go to HR though. There really isn’t any help just try to be civil and maybe someone cuter will get hired and they’ll target her.

  7. Keep everything documented that happens to cover yourself. Such as who was around you when it happened, date, time…what was said. When people are out to hurt you in this manner you can not give them anything to go and say..”well she said this to me…” Negative comments are easier to believe for some people when they can not understand the concept of honest hard work to be successful. If you have access to a computer..send your self e-mails and save them with your evidence. Print them out. They will have the date and times on it. Lies can not always be backed up, simply because they are LIES. These co-workers will fall in thier own ditches hard. The truth is easier to remember, a lie will need other lies to back it up which will eventually cause these co-workers their own troubles.

    This is a form a of harrassment you are going through. Once you have enough evidence to fall on, it is up to management to do their job right too. I totally understand what you are going through, for this is something that I experience as well. For you are working, doing what you are paid to do while these other co-workers are being lazy enough to where they have time on their hands to cause trouble. And if management would take this into consideration how this group of co-workers were able to come up with such non-sense about you…what were they doing regarding the work load that they were assigned to do? Are they getting their work done? I bet you no, and they would lie and say that they did and back each other up.

  8. I know exactly how you feel!!! Because I’m experiencing the same thing! I’m really sorry for what’s happening to you. I would like to know what to do as well.

    To make matters worse, one of my jealousy co-workers is my boss’ wife!!! Because my boss and MD are men, the women suck up to them, so when I made a complaint about the bullying, the mangers just don’t believe me! I had enough this bull$hit, I’m applying for other jobs.

    You sound a bright, nice person, I really hope things work out for you, perhaps new employment is a good idea.

  9. This is considered “Status Blind Harassment” and unfortunaetly is not illegal, though there are some lawyers working on outlawing it such behavior in the workplace. A non-legal term for this is bullying and if many people are bullying it is called “Mobbing”.

  10. Keep your heads up. when you are favored by God and others such as your Boss and his Boss, such as myself, people will be envious of you. I have recently got a promotion. I always work hard, help others and go that extra mile. Well, because of this, people have even came to my desk and ask “How in the hell can you do two jobs?” I replied..” I am only helping out”. If I were in my 20’s or 30’s I would have replied differently such as “why in the f..k do you need to know? But I am older and wiser now. I was training a new employee who was having difficulty learning my old job. She is smart, but can be lazy, and purposely acts like she doesn’t know so see if I will go ahead and do the work for her…but I won’t.

    Because of my success now other employees are jealous and sometimes try to make jokes or belittle me to make me feel inferior, but I know it is because they are mad that I got promoted. I am just going to let Management announce it. I think the word is already out, though!!! Who cares, You and I deserve promotions and other good things in life because you and I have the skills, experience and have always worked hard at all of my jobs in life….Never, let anyone take your joy away…smile and go about your day..I just smile and hum a nice song and keep keeping on. Hold yor heads up high and ignore those fools.

  11. When a woman is feeling like other co-workers are jealous of her, a lot of the time they are not jealous. They just may not like you. Maybe you walk around and give an impression that you’re something special, but they don’t agree that you are. I can honestly say that I am not jealous of anyone I work with or anyone I’m in class with. There are a few women that I just don’t mesh with and it has nothing to do with personal accomplishments or appearance. So, don’t assume women are jeaous of you. Unless you look like Miranda Kerr, maybe they shun you because you ARE doing a poor job!

  12. Alexia, you are probably one of those jealous women. You sound like it. Whenever people, specifically women, say things like “she acts like she’s so special” or “she thinks she’s all that,” I immediately know that the person saying that is the one who thinks that particularly person is “so special” or “all that” and it makes that catty, jealous woman feel bad to think another woman is “so special,” so she begins her campaign to bring the woman down, instead of a campaign to bring her own self up. I am pretty sure you are probably a jealous person, Alexia. To the original poster, this happened to me. I was the youngest woman in the office, and I would get praise and the other women would immediately say something negative. They were so pathetic but they really messed me up. I mean, bad. Thankfully, the Lord has showed me favor and I ended up in an amazing program. The Lord will really take care of you. In the year since I’ve been gone from there, one of them died, another one left and the others are stuck there with each other, which is hell enough.

  13. I too, am a victim of coworkers harassment. These harassment are subtle and on the DL. I help out other departments when my dept. isn’t busy and it creates havoc. I suppose it makes them look bad for playing suduko all day long. I just believe in working for the money I receive, but I have been told they don’t like me because it makes them look bad.

  14. Ladies, or shall I say Allies! We are targeted by bullies like Alexia because we are ethical, principled, hard-working, compassionate and more than likely, people-pleasers. And… if you happen to be smart and attractive, you really become a target!
    Oh, I’ve seen it all! If you thought you were out of grade-school or middle school, think again. I have been the target of bullying and mobbing everywhere I have been employed — from the military, to industry to government civil service. I’ve read a lot on this type of behavior as I wanted to understand why I continued to be a target for downright evil women terrorists. Terrorists is just what they are.
    I know you have all seen it, except Alexia. These women put on a front to management and others that they are such good-doers and profess they are Christians, while secretly recruiting more members to the terrorist group. They walk by you and start whispering or stop talking and start laughing. They don’t greet you when you speak to them. They ignore you or don’t acknowledge you if you need to go to them for assistance (even though the assistance you need is part of the job for which they get paid). They fabricate defamatory stories and tell all who will listen. They sneer, roll their eyes, laugh out loud, snort, etc. when they pass you.
    Does anyone even believe you when you try to express what your experiencing? The trauma induced by these insecure and often times ugly, fat women is unbelievable. Oh, yes! I’m pissed off about you all getting the bullying treatment just as much as I’m angered by what has happened to me. Yet, I’ve also had many sleepless, tearful nights. I have had panic attacks, fearing what these bullies would scheme up to harass, embarrass or humiliate me.
    No one believes you, even your best friend. People treat you like you are paranoid or mentally ill when you regurgitate your traumatic experiences as a target.
    I know this — going to HR or going to management actually makes it worse. You are looked at as the “problem.” After all, it’s easier to get rid of one person that a whole gang.” Statistics have shown that most employees do nothing to help the target and actually start looking for reasons to get rid of the “problem child.” Most often, the victim has to leave the place of employment to experience any reprieve, sacrificing tenure, retirement benefits, etc.
    There needs to be a law passed to protect people like us from people like them. There are no consequences for this behavior which is why it continues. Plus, it is so hard to prove as these terrorists are smart enough not to behave inappropriately in front of anyone. If you are walking with a friend, they will smile or say hello to the friend (but not you). Your friend sees nothing wrong and says she thinks they always seem “friendly.”
    As you can tell, this subject hits home. I am in my late 40s, 5′ll and relatively thin. I wouldn’t say I’m that great looking, but I have a low self-esteem, so I never think I look good. However, I end up being a threat to some tyrannical bitch everywhere I go.
    If you are like me, you don’t like conflict. You treat others with dignity and respect and you go out of your way not to be mean to others. Most people, especially men, like you, right! You work harder than most and are very ethical (I am always the last person to leave work wherever I go, putting in 12-14 hours to meet the goals of the organization).
    The terrorists hate that you work hard and people like you. They can’t attack your work ethic (although they try to and pray for the moment they catch coming in late or doing anything personal at work). If they can’t catch you in this type of behavior (this is my case as I don’t surf the internet, take or make personal phone calls or stand around talking or visiting while at work), they set out to defame you by telling everyone who will listen whatever it is that they say to cause people to judge you and then shun without ever having had an unpleasant experience with you.
    The only solution around this is to have your own business and then hire those people who have the same governing values and principles as you do. It has been my experience for years now that integrity, honesty and hard work are not respected in the workforce. Do you know why? Because we set the bar higher — we make the rest of them look like losers. We are not self-centered. It’s not all about us and what our employer can do for US! We believe in being a value-add to our employer and our satisfaction comes from being instrumental in the success of the organization.
    These terrorists are political players. We are not good at politics. They fear us and are intimidated. We remind them of what they should be doing or how they should be acting. We are a slap in the face! They hate us for no reason other than we are BETTER than they are. We are 180 degrees their opposite — for this, we can be especially proud.
    As a repetitive victim of this crime, I would like nothing better than to be instrumental in getting a law passed which will be enforced that will help those targeted and bullied like we have been.
    It is really shameful that people are so terribly mean and will target someone who has never done anything to harm them. Emotional scars from this treatment never go away. If I could hurt them as much as they hurt me, the Lord as my witness, I would do it!
    Sorry for the tangent. May you all find peace and serenity.

  15. Wow Sam, it is like you are my double!!! I swear I come home to my husband every night complaining about how women at work behave towards me. It is really pathetic! I dress very well and wear heels almost everyday. It is unbelievable, as they say, that I can wear high heels to work everyday. I have always dressed very professionally, in every job that I have had. I catch it all from those vipers, and yes, some are fat, all are ugly to me because of how they treat me. I get complimented all the time- mostly in front of them and they cannot handle it. What is very sad, though- is some of them pretend to befriend me and they have spread rumors among each other, that I am having an affair at work. I know they have done this, but I cannot prove it and I don’t want to cause a stink about it because I don’t want to be a part of the rumor-spreading. I keep my head up and I am very confident and they hate it. Some are older by about 8 years and some are younger, the thing that kills them most, is most people think that I am 15 years younger than I really am. They don’t care that I am married, they are intimidated by me and will say or do anything to keep a positive image of me out of people’s minds. It is horrible and I wish that I can catch them red-handed at their games.

  16. Up until I read all these comments I thought what am I doing wrong, I made my husband read it too because he always told me I am pushing my colleagues buttons.I am especially drawn to the post written by Michelle on 01/27/10. It reads as follows

    This is considered “Status Blind Harassment” and unfortunaetly is not illegal, though there are some lawyers working on outlawing it such behavior in the workplace. A non-legal term for this is bullying and if many people are bullying it is called “Mobbing”.

    I am experiencing more of a ‘Mobbing’ and I wish to get involved in a group who are working to put these people in their place. I know what each one is doing, one of them even has her brother involved aka fake bodyguard. These people are have done this before they are not amateurs in the game. Because they are so in it together they have allies to cover their backs even it means they have taken a day off. Like I heard one time I told my boss I was not there so it is not me.
    I am a fighter, I want to put an end to this so people can work harmoniously. we all have talents, capitivate on that instead of trying to shine by bringing someone down by false allegations.

  17. This is happening to me too!!!! It has nearly driven me crazy!! To make matters worse I relocated from another country to the US. Left family and friends behind all to be treated like crap day in and day out. I just want to do my job!! I do it, but people keep telling the supervisor I don’t help! It is nuts! The more I try to do better the worse it seems to get! My poor boyfriend hears about it every day. I had to start going to councelling to give him and us a break. I suspect jealousy is part of it and low esteem on their part. Trying to bring others down cuz they really feel like crap about themselves. But it is awful to bare the brunt of their insecurities. If they just did their job it would be great! I hear all of you and you are not alone! I am so relieved to know that I’m not…stay strong!! The more they are talking and acting stupid means you are probably making them more jealous…(haha!!!)

  18. Thankfully, they don’t get under my skin. I think at the end of the it’s them you can’t sleep because they are getting closer and closer of being exposed/ caught. I am watching and collecting data……… What I really want to do is form a organisation to fight this at work place. I am reading and researching, maybe some day it will become a law and such people will be punished.

  19. Alexis, you are a jealous person. Sounds like you can’t handle it when the spotlight is not on you. Grow up! Some women are better looking and more talented then you will ever be, HATER!

  20. If you DO find a way to fight jealous bitchy females at the office, please let me know! You’re story sounds just like mine. Maybe someone could start a Facebook page on “Hard Working Women Against Insecure, Bitchy Women In the Office”! LOL!

  21. Oh, and another thing: it’s funny how they can act like your “friend” until you get a promotion or get commended by upper management on a good idea you suggested, etc. My way of handling these bitches is to be very direct and confrontational when they act bitchy. i.e., Sue isn’t speaking to me so at the copy machine, I go up to her and very sweetly say, “Are you OK? You seem down!” Betty is rolling her eyes at me and right in front of everyone, I gently ask, “Betty? Is everything OK? Did I do something to offend you? My God, if I did, puhleeze tell me!” In both scenarios, their responses are “Oh…uhhh…no…everything’s OK” and they get uncomfortable. I hold these types ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. Maybe if the bitches of the world were questioned everytime something slithered off their forked tongues, it might make a difference.

  22. Thank you Sam! I have been telling myself the same thing about jealousy, but it’s still hard to function sometimes when you know someone is out to get you. My biggest fault is that I refuse to take anyone’s crap. Where I work - now for only two years - that makes me a f****n bitch. So, the special ones can cry to the boss and get what they want, but if I even speak a little of being fair, I’m a “cry baby”. All I want is fairness in the workplace, that the work be evenly divided among the women. I don’t think I’m dealing with jealousy, it’s more that I had something to do with change in our workplace. People who did very little work now have to do their fair share. So I deal with the eye rolls, whispers, gossip about an affair with my work partner, you get the picture. You have reinforced my belief that I’m not a bad person for standing up for myself and I don’t deserve to even waste my time or energy on people who have nothing better to do than waste their time hating me. They must be pretty bored with their own lives. Good luck to all of you and even though it’s hard, ignore it as best you can.

  23. Don’t take this personal, but I find it hard to believe that every woman at your work is jealous of you. You keep repeating that you are a hardworker, but you don’t exactly mention how you are accomplishing this. Maybe you are making a lot of mistakes in your job, and they end up having to clean up after you. I spent a lot of time and effort training a coworker, who six months later still does not know how to do her job. Every time I go to her with a mistake that she has made and tell her how to do it properly (for the tenth time) she responds by saying “Oh! I didn’t know that.” She pisses me off so much and I have lost all of my patience her. I think my boss thinks I didn’t train her properly, because every time she makes a mistake she just says that she didn’t know. She is making me look bad. I emphasize that I’m not JEALOUS of her, I just don’t like her because of her lack of initiative and attitude towards her job. Having said that, maybe you should re-evaluate your actions at work. Maybe your coworkers don’t like you because you are making their jobs harder.

  24. Kerri, I have seen both sides, maybe in your case she is not as smart. But there are also women who don’t know how to train others,they maybe good at their job but teaching is not their cup of tea. eg: few years ago I had a part time job at a clothing distribution center, I worked for a year or less and decided to quit,my boss told me to train someone on my last two days.She was so impressed with the way I trained she told me she didn’t know I was good trainer.When I was new with my current job I too had to take a lot of insults to get my answer but I didn’t care, My goal was to become successful.I knew my job, all I needed was to know the system. Having said that women can be very spiteful. The best thing to do is just keep working and talk when talked to or when needed. Do the right thing,don’t try to be like them just ignore. There was a time I felt I needed to fight this to make it a law, then I started watching Dr.Charles Stanley,in one of his surmons he had mentioned how people had tried to bring him down during his earlier days when he was a upcoming preacher and how he overcame that.I also listen time to time to Tony Robbins and read about successful people.For every action there is a consequence when the time is right.Nobody can get away if they did something wrong. Watch dateline ‘I almost got away’ or ‘America’s Most Wanted’. Small or big it will catch up with you.

  25. Good Morning all , im new to this site just stumbled upon this because im dealing with what alot of you are dealing with now . Im the type of person who likes to be in a very positive place .. i’m not stating that im always positive but i would rather get along with my co-workers than to come in every other day facing attitudes. I hate that any of us are going through these situations because of peoples insecurities . For example i come in the office and i constantly get ignored by these two young ladies , one of which i trained and she is new .. and also is sleeping with my supervisor (FACT ) but who really cares? as a matter of fact when she first got here she told me that her and my supervisor had a discussion and he wanted me to train her because i was the most professional in the dept. (mind you there is only 3 of us in the office so go figure . So i trained her and got her up to par , kept her informed and was sure to never speak badly of the other girl in the office ..who has been reprmanded several times and is actuallly on her last leg due to her constantly being late or loud and unprofessional. About a year later she has completely turned on me .. i never take any co worker as a friend but i try to help and im nice , and not in an ass kissing type of way , but now suddenly i come in , in the morning and speak to each person as i always have and say “How are you all doing ladies “? and it’s just a response such as GOOD ..and going to get lunch and just being excluded in many ways . I never advocate the gossiping or talking to anyone about how anyone acts, but the Supervisor (her cut buddy ) pretty much gave her the low down on each one of us (according to her ) ! To help you all understand a little better i work at a jail so the environment is not really up to par as far as professionalism is concerned . I get called the little white girl or the yellow girl and all kinds of suttle comments . So now that the new girl has chosen to judge me because im light skinned , or alot of the guys talk to me she leans towards the girl that is less pretty .. neither of the girls are that attractive , but hell who cares ? You can be pretty as hell and have a stinking personality and that would make you ugly . I have recently started praying and we all know that pray or are spritual that GOD will make your enemy your footstool .. heck im mad because i even care .. I think the new girl regrets that she has told me alot of her personal business and it bothers her ..but it stays with me . I just come to work do my job and keep to myself now .. i will speak and just pray. Jealousy makes no sense to me . Im the type of person that i will give it to you hard if you mess with me .. one day she made a comment about something i had on, or made a comment about my hair and so i told her . Wow you don’t even have kids and have dents or cottage cheese in your behind , have taken things off of my desk and i cornered her with the door closed and told her to never touch anything on my desk i respect her.. so i can be harsh when pissed off , which can at times be intimidating because i know how i can get when pissed off . I could reallly go on and on , and i know to some it sounds petty , but what pisses me off so bad is im trying to work on myself and be careful how i handle things in my life (spiriturally ) and it’s not working for me yet ,because everyday i want to smack the heck out of those two for doing the little small things that they do and say to me . None of us can help the way that GOD has made us and i know enough about the girls to know that they are extremely miserable and i have happiness in my life . My home life is great and my fiance’ just says ignore them , but it is so hard because im such a friendly person that has the ability to get along with anyone, but i don’t take stuff off of anyone , so this is a struggle and it really hurts my feelings @ times because i do love people .

  26. I cannot tell you how reading all of the different comments has helped me. While I recognize that there may be 2 sides to every story, I so feel for anyone who has to undergo bullying, unfair treatment, poor performance reviews, and all manner of underhanded treatment. Recently, I received a review that was not me at all. It devastated me to the point that I got very depressed and even considered counseling. I lost some of my hours and they were given to a very flighty competitive person who knows how to play dirty and who worked for my boss right before me. The point is that when one is not in the power seat there is little that can be done. Going to HR or upper management is not the answer, either, because you cannot fight a sick political climate or tell your story to ignorant, non-caring people. I went through the correct communication channels and it made me feel worse and more hopeless. So, talking to others only helps if you have topnotch, aware management to talk to. You cannot really talk to a friend unless they have suffered the same treatment. You end up looking like a whiner or a loser, when in actuality you are not. I am attractive, intelligent, try to do the right thing, and a hard worker. I’ll never understand bosses or co-workers, who are so insecure that they try to bring you down. What I try and do is remember employers who truly valued me in the past and what they said about me in their performance reviews. You have to be really tough to survive people who try and sabbatoge you, and sometimes your emotional health is more important and you need to look for a new job, (tough and not always practical in this economy), but your health must come first. I know I bear scars, as I keep replaying things. I get along well with people, but my female boss ( severely blindsided me and I just keep asking why? I hear she has unfairly gotten rid of others before me. I so want to thank you for this website. Hearing what others have experienced has helped me.

  27. I agree with you girls, but hang in tight. I am going thru the same crap..these girls or boys for that matter who want to pull us down are the most ugly looking, non-performing, and cheap people who definitely do not have any thing better to look forward to in their own lives…so enjoy the celebrity status and remember we can’t stoop to their lowly levels but there is no need to feel threathened about this as well…these women or men are just damn losers in their and their only accomplishment is that they are our enemies..or else who would even give them a second look..right!!

  28. Oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you. My recommendation would be to leave. Even though every workplace has this nonsense taking place, some have a lot less then others. This toxic environment will only bring you down and possibly affect your health with the stress it creates. I wish women like this could be punished.

    I myself am going through a situation where this lady that’s a little older then me, an attractive lady but very vain, lives to be admired by others, is totally jealous and threatened by me even though I’ve always been kind and try to stay out of her way. Our jobs don’t compete with one another so I don’t get why she cares if I exist in the building or not. She took the only friend I had at work away (very deliberate move on her behalf), I guess it wasn’t much of a friend if it was that easy and she’s made snarky remarks aimed at me in emails. She snubs me, never says good morning and has never been grateful for the things I’ve done for her - even driving her to destinations. I’m blown away…she is truly the nastiest person I’ve met in a long time. My ‘old’ friend defends her and has her head in the sand, taking this lady’s side.

    My goal is to get enough freelance clients built up to leave the corporate world, as everywhere I’ve gone I’ve endured difficult women and I’m through with it. I get along fine with people if they don’t perceive me as a threat to their image or job, status, etc. which is the case when you’re just the freelance worker :).

    It’s a shame women don’t support each other more in a world where men still get the majority of the large high paying roles.

    On a side note, sometimes even I can dislike a manager that’s female if they display an ‘ugly’ side. There is one girl I know that is in her 20’s, was given a management role and flaunted her successes and credentials to everyone the first week she started. It comes across as really poor and unfortunatley for me, I probably won’t bother trying to get to know her better after that, as modesty, no matter how talented you are, is a virtue.

  29. I KNEW ALL ALONG THIS kind of bullying is being done at my job, but i will ignore it but now that i am back in colledge, and moving up in life, I have become angry, knowing my manager is a bitch and tow faced, unprofessional nurse who hate the world…so the little people who mob with her indirectly are of the same mind and soul, but i am spanish white kind and giving bring in donuts ect. while they never invite to order lunch with them.. so what i only twice a week there working for jobcrops, and they are full time wellness worker hateing on the trainee.. i see the compliance rules are not followed and gossip is the main meal of the full dayn, heck give my mind a break , isn;t there better things in life…I mentall exclude myself because i just don;t sit around al day waiting for a traniee all day to come in for a tampon or headach pill , a chusion ass job.. but it is secrectly getto environmement… I DON;T KNOW IF IT IS because i.m not there race but im beginning to think so.. anyways i decided to continue to ignore those ape like bitches and hurry and finish school so i can move on… THANK JUST NEED TO VENT.. GLAD im not the only one………>>>>

  30. First I want to say that I am sincerely saddend that there is so much of this crap going on out there. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you and I wish for you to find some peace in what I leave here. I am going through my own hell too very simular to what you are dealing with…. and I could go on forever but after all the dust has settled from the sh*t storm we are all in, here is what I have learned. Management doesnt help, ever! They dont care about the crap that goes on below them. And the sad thing is that these issues are everywhere. Look how many of us are in pain and miserable. I am looking for another job but I am feeling blessed to have this one. I have turned to prayer and feng shui (dont laugh) to give me more inspiration and keep pushing forward. I am striving to find the beauty in every day, and I appreciate it even more when I am away from the office and back in my safe cocoon of peace where I am in control. Try to find a way to empower yourself. You are beautiful people, and you do not deserve this. You will overcome, and you will be so much better from the experience. I also know I am not perfect. I have come to terms where I have made mistakes with this group that I work with. But I also see the whole picture now of where management is not doing thier jobs either. Today television networks make money on throwing a group of people in a room and give them a task to do with no leadership. We are set up to fail all the time ladies, we just cant let that happen! Protect yourself, find your strength and do something everyday to remind yourself that you are amazing to care as much as you do, and want fairness and equallity. I wish for you all for better days to come! God Bless and success!

  31. I completely understand, I have my upper management ignoring me, I am not in the “Cool Girls Clique” and discovered a co-worker is a backstabbing/behind kisser. My place of employment feels like I am back in high school and I refuse to relive that life again. I cannot even talk to my direct manager about issues I have with a project or just everyday life in confidence. I discovered that my manager has a big mouth, after finding out what I told her, was told to another co-worker, who has no business knowing and has nothing to do with my team. I do not trust anyone where I work anymore. I am just buying time to find a new job and leave. It really hurts because I left the company, only to come back and to go through this crap, with women.

    When I was looking for projects to have more work, I asked my manager and my request fell on deaf ears. I wanted to work for another project manager but she did not have room for me and I knew that, which was cool with me. I informed my manager that I really wanted to cultivate my skill in the business case analysis type of work, the first project I really enjoyed working . Instead, I build queries, oh fun. I really loathe this work but I am making do with what I have to work. I have even volunteered for proposal work, now who in their right mind would want to volunteer for that…I did. I was still turned down. I realized the reason why I was rehired, my connection to former clients and my ability to acquire information but I stopped providing anything information that is not related to my current project. I refuse to contact my former clients at work. I only talk to them when I am at home away from work. I just pray that I find another job where I do not have to deal with this high school behavior.

  32. Hi
    I have been quietly searching for people who experience this!!! I’ve spoken to many attractive women but I always went off feeling like I’m self centered or ‘concieted’. I have been experiencing this since I’m a little girl! I thought I was ugly and stupid. Some of my teachers treatedme bad. My first real set of friends treated me real bad. I don’t have a friend that I can go out with. Only phone friends. Through my teen and young adult years I always was made to feel guilty like I didn’t have any right to make myself look nice. So I dressed down really bad in order to socialize. Up to this day I am not married. Men play lots of games. People in my family have tried every time to sabotage every relationship I’ve been in. Including making a scene where I am made to look selfish or stupid to setting things up to have
    a family member ‘come on’ to my date.
    Recently I went back to school. I got all A’s except for one female teacher who graded me at a 55% at best for any work I did. And I couldn’t fight it. I decided not to make waves. During that time I was working with a bunch of straight up savages who set it up so I could miss a crucial meeting. Shortly after that a girl started trouble with me. The same bullying! When I called her on it (quietly) SHE literally made a scene!!! I think that the boss was taking her side because he was sleeping with her. I was mobbed by the whole crew because the boss hired me because I was very successful at what I do and his business would profit. He payed me more because I had to travel. I think (know) he was part of it because he was looking for a reason to get rid of me now that he didn’t need me anymore. When you are good and have the nerve to be good looking, women are envious and try to accuse you of wanting thier not so good looking husband. The fact men are attracted to you doesn’t mean that you are attracted to every man but that’s how you are treated. Some say it’s because of the clothes you wear. Well no, I see many many women wearing much more provocative clothes than I do. Those same bullying women try to out dress me in my throw on clothes. And some men are triffling. They tried to use you to make their partner jealous. They try to come on to you and if you don’t respond the way they want they start to harrass
    you. I’ve had to leave situations like that too.

  33. I read all this in tears. I just went through all this in the workplace recently. I just can’t understand WHY people don’t befriend me. I’m a great worker, compassionate, willing to help out, but when we walk to lunch together, no one ever walks with me. I started staying behind to warm up my lunch in the office microwave before heading down. I am embarrassed and hurt.
    When I started the job, I knew some seemed jealous that I caught on so quickly and my boss praised me in front of others. I have gained and am heavier, but still attractive and always dressed more professional than others, but it made me feel better.
    While I feel some coworkers liked me and even envied me, they never really became a “friend”. Coworkers wouldn’t say hello to me and made subtle inuendos at me. I finally could take no more and quit. This experience had made me fear to work anywhere again cause I can never win with these types of people. No one gave me a goodbye card, outing, nothing. I was humiliated.
    Thanks sooo much for everyone sharing. I don’t feel so all alone. Hopefully I will gain some social confidence in the future. I avoid most people now and am beginning to seek counseling.

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