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My Biggest Complaint About Ignorant Speaking At Work

I have all these Afro-American coworkers who, despite the professional atmosphere we require to do business, insist on speaking like Maury Povich guests during a paternity test.

No racism intended, but how do you convince strangers to accept your services as superior when you sound like an ex-convict? This goes for anyone who speaks like a fool, but in my case it my coworkers who happen to be Black.

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  1. Granted, i don’t prefer that form of speech where I’m working, but where do you work? Most respectable businesses will catch this sort of behavior at the interview and never ever let it in.

  2. Are you saying these people are speaking “without knowledge” or are you saying your co-workers speak with poor grammar, diction and pronunciation?

    For example, let’s say you meant your co-workers speak with poor grammar and are difficult for customers or clients to understand. That’s not speaking ignorantly. That’s just speaking poorly.

    Now let’s say a racist white guy brands his co-workers as being guilty of “ignorant speaking” when he really meant his co-workers speak poorly. In that case, the racist white guy would be speaking ignorantly because he would be speaking about something of which he had no knowledge, namely the correct definition of the word “ignorant”.

    Just an example but do you see the diff?

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