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My Biggest Complaint About HGTV No More Design Shows

Im so pissed off seeing all the house hunters and home buyer shows for the past 1 year..What happened to Vern Yip’s divine design,Kim’s Myles of style and all other zillions of designer shows?I stopped watching HGTV because of that.I agree that colour macho man does come sometimes…but thats it!!I didnt even watch a decent show of last year’s design star winner!!!
oh please save us from some headache..and reduce the hunting..please more focus on designing!!!!

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  1. The shows were cancelled due to the huge econic downfall. People would rather just try and keep their homes ratehr than design them but hey, thanks for listening.

  2. Vern is a judge on Design Star. I’m glad his show was cancelled. His designs are all the same and I HATE how he tackles every room he designs, if it’s dark make it light, if it’s light make it dark. If it’s exposed brick paint it. If it’s painted strip the paint off to expose the beauty of the brick. Sickening!!! Good Riddance. Divine Design was Candace Olsen. HGTV is a GREAT network as is DIY. They are just changing their programming from time to time to keep it fresh.


  4. OK, here’s a rant for you. Presumably the big shots at HGTV know what they’re doing. Presumably. Everybody knows (or should know) that, from the network’s BUSINESS point of view, it’s all about getting your targeted viewers—the ones who will buy the products the sponsors are advertising. That said, HGTV is realistically snagging viewers who are TOTALLY out in Fantasyland—the metrosexuals and vicarious thrills set who stay at home in their apartments with their cats and sip instant flavored coffees while watching shows about young rich couples buying (and renovating before they even move in) expensive houses that they (the viewer) will NEVER be able to buy even IF mortgage rates go to less than zero and Obama personally hands them the keys. HGTV routinely presents young couples who have a “budget” for their FIRST HOUSE of, oh, $300,000 or $500,000 or MORE. Do YOU know anybody like that? Not only that, but the prospective “owners” also routinely turn up their noses at such trash as carpet, laminate flooring, white appliances, formica countertops and anything less than travertine marble. These ‘regular folks—just like you” buyers frequently pronounce the property they’re being shown as “gut jobs” requiring a total renovation. The buyers on the REAL ESTATE end up in debt up to their eyeballs. These show are about the buzz, the high of the purchase and NOT about the REALITY of homeownership. One hiccup in their job and these buyers are moving back in with Dad and Mom. It’s no wonder the housing market crashed. And speaking of renovations, how widespread is the phenomenon in YOUR circle of acquaintances of spending $50,000 on a BATHROOM redo or $75,000 to $120,000 spiffing up your open concept great room? I submit that there aren’t very many people who can do this. In 2008, the MEDIAN FAMILY INCOME in the United States was——$52,029 (this is data from the US Census Bureau). The AVERAGE person cannot watch almost any show on HGTV and think, “Hey, we can do something like that. Let me jot down that advertiser’s 800 number.” HGTV is pitching to the tip of the iceberg in terms of income demographics. It’s just fantasy for the vast majority of even occasional viewers. For the average person, it is even difficult to get “tips” from the few design shows that are aired. To save time, here’s what the RECURRING MESSAGE is: if it’s white, paint it a color—-the wilder the better. If it’s a color, neutralize it—some kind of beige, or sage green. Declutter. Fresh fruit makes a GREAT accent piece. And by all means, install rare, exotic (read:expensive)hardwood floors (no laminate), granite countertops (or possibly quartz–whatever costs more) and don’t forget to junk the perfectly good white enameled appliances in order to pay a premium price for the unpainted, stainless INDUSTRIAL models. Hint: these tips from the “Experts” are “designed to sell” PRODUCTS. And they will send you into the poor house—or forclosure when your option arm loan resets— if you get sucked into buying this stuff. In a nutshell: whatever you’ve GOT, you need the OTHER thing because your place/stuff is OUTDATED. How could you possibly live in such squalor? The HGTV “Expert” Designers are—for the most part—-A JOKE. Getting ready to sell? Paint the wallpaper? (a NIGHTMARE for the buyer). Peel and Stick tiles? (Looks ‘just like’ real tile. Really?) Rearrange the furniture? (to create the ‘illusion’ of ‘more space’, empty the room of everything except a chair and an end table.) Declutter. (by which we mean get rid of all the crap the other shows told you were ‘must haves’.) Some of the Experts have built a career out of these simple commonsense ideas of 1. clean up the grunge. 2. declutter. 3. lost the wacky colors. I don’t know about you, but the “designers’ themselves get on my last nerve. Vern Yip was an AMAZING disigner if you think Granny Smith apples are good ‘design inspiration’ and wall sconce candles are the epitome of class and distinction. Bromstad is in hog heaven in Miami–where they never saw a neon color that wasn’t incredible. Bromstad likes everything that either furry or shiny. Candace Olsen will turn your basement into the Versailles Palace—if you can afford it. I forget the others. I used to almost have a stroke awatching that old show “My House Is Worth What?” Before the market tanked that show was the crack cocaine of Real Estate TV. The bimbo hostess would just swoon when the “appraiser” would tell the homeowner that they’d just “made” $250,000 “profit” in the two days that they’d owned the house. Why doesn’t HGTV bring that show back? The “NEW REALITY”: “Well, if I were to list your house TODAY, I would LIST it for $X. However it would SELL for about HALF of what you’re asking. You’ll lose all your equity—if you had any to start with—and you’ll have to bring money to the table to get out from under this turkey. Don’t forget to put down the peel-and-stick tile.” Now THAT would be entertainment.

  5. I stopped watching HGTV because it’s BORING! They recycle the same shows over and over under different titles with a different face hosting. The worst shows were a) the ones where cheap peel & stick tile and a bucket of paint were the solution to every design problem and b) where wealthy couples spent $50 -$100K remodeling the kitchen.

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