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My Biggest Complaint About Guys Who Can’t Hit the Friggin TOILET!

Come on, you’re standing right next to it!

I’m a guy, and I don’t get this. Every time I go to use our office men’s room toilet, there’s a puddle of urine in the front.

How do you miss a target that big? Seriously, I can hit that thing squarely drunk and standing on my head. It’s work, you’re sober (hopefully), and yet…

To make matters more perplexing, there are two urinals in this restroom, so the only reason to be using that toilet is for “number two.” That means you guys are SITTING, and STILL manage to MISS THE TOILET.

I’m scratching my head about how that’s possible. You’re human beings, not dogs. Pee goes IN the toilet, not on the side or down the front. Sheesh!

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  1. When I saw this title, immediately I thought a female had written it. I was so glad to see this was written by a male that I’ve got to add my support to the cause.

    The worst part for me is a urinal that has a puddle in front of it that becomes a moat. You cannot pee in the urinal yourself unless you step in the puddle and ruin your shoes or stand at a safe distance and try to launch your shot from dry land.

    Obviously trying to arc across the puddle to save your shoes is likely to add to the problem because, as with all target sports, the degree of difficulty of hitting the target increases exponentially as you move away from the target.

  2. There was another post that made you seem like a girl. I’m confused?! Or are you gay (not meant to be derogatory)?

  3. It’s only pee. Mostly water. No big deal.

  4. If you cant aim yer not holding it right Lmao!

  5. Its ONLY pee…you are just gross!! I bet you dont wash your hands after you pee either do you??? Ugh!!!

  6. If you cant get it in the toilet maybe you should piss sitting down. Weirdo.

  7. Simple solution - post a sign:

    “We aim to keep this place clean. Your aim will help.”

    In other words, this is not like the inside of a trailer.

  8. The messes left for someone else to clean up are evidence of pure laziness.

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