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My Biggest Complaint About Guyliner And Emo Hair

Emo Cuts And Eyeliner For Guys - Stop!

This has to Stop.

The DoubleViking link below explains why, but in short, males wearing eyeliner is no longer badass. And guys with hair styled to well, i dunno, make it difficult to see and is the complete opposite of “long hair” … wtf is the point? Look different? NO, every other “emo” out there has the same damn cut.

Being trendy to not be trendy … yea, that’s brill.


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  1. Bro, you and me need to hang out. We’ll go into a Hot Topic store, drop trou’ and take a big steamy dump on the store counter. Trends and fads don’t stand up to the long-lasting classiness of angry complainers pooping in shopping malls. I’m gonna go ahead and let these little brats “express themselves”, but one day they’re going to have to grow up and be men, and, god forbid, fathers too. You can’t raise a child on this stuff. Hair gel, make-up, pants that don’t fit. It’s a damn travesty.

  2. hehe, very true. I would love to see their faces when they looked back as adults and think to themselves, “what the hell was I so pissed/introverted about”.

    Or more likely it will be, “what the hell was I PRETENDING to be so pissed/introverted about”.

    I know people grow up and sometimes fall into trends, but to fall into an emo one which just seems to contradict the purpose of the lifestyle itself is ridiculous. . .

  3. The contradiction occurred when marketing professionals saw the potential in this emo stuff and turned it into a style. Then all of the kids who wanted to be like the originators of emo had access to this style when stores like Hot Topic appeared. Fashion magazines, MTV (the devil) and other outlets incorporated this stuff into their look making it more and more popular and the theme of it was still “let’s be different” even though its nature had become to copy the person ahead of you.

    I’m sure that the first two emo people successfully made themselves stand out but they drowned in their own tears 8 years ago.

  4. dudes w/emo hair and who wear eyeliner r hottttt! i love em’!

  5. I think we should just let the emo people be. If they’re pretending to be something they’re not THEN you can go **** on whatever you want but if they’re just going through a phase, let them. People grow, people change, and they learn from their past.

  6. tu moy bonito!!!!

  7. yu moy bonito!!!!!!!!

  8. srry!!! i ment: tu moy bonito!!!!!

  9. i think dude emo eyeliner and emo cuts are so sexy ^-^

    leave ‘em they way they are

    RoCk on emo and emo LoVeRs

  10. im emo so what we are what we are leave us alone we did nuthi 2 u we dont call preppy ppl or jocks freaks

    Lalala emos world Lalala

  11. If you dont like guys doing this then tell them not to do it. Try and make them listen to you. If they dont-then just stop trying to change what ppl do to their bodies. Let people live life and try to not change them once theyve chosen a style. Its stupid just hearing about changing ppl who you dont even know. I dont know how i got on this website but I was called emo by my friends today and wanted to know what the heck it was. And if this is emo then whatever

  12. ehh…. more whining. Not surprised since we’re talking Emo though.

    Nobody says ‘emo’ people don’t have the right to dress/act ‘emo’. We (just me and DBlock so far) just think it’s a lame trend. Hell, i went though some short lived lame trends when i was younger and like me, i don’t doubt many ‘Emo’ people will look back on it the same way i do. It’s just a natural part of growing up.

  13. don’t let your mascara run with all that crying.

  14. u know we dont cry all the time we have a reason to be emo o u above me^^^^^ shut the frieak up dude u know nuthin of emos its called depression and vrybody gets it sometimes

  15. hey i agree with that dude that ppl do fall into trends or do things to be kool but ppl just needs to be ‘emselfs for once im goddam u never find a dude now that is truely ‘emselfs they all have to be emo or kool get a life followin the crowd isnt cool o more

    ~~~~~~~~peace ppl~~~~~~~~~

  16. people should just like leave people alone, its stupid, i actually have depression, and the way i dress and look is “emo” (eyeliner, tight clothes, yadda yadda) and i cant go to school without either being called gay, or loser, or watever. i just dress this way because it feels comfortable, and i have to deal with being made fun of by guys every friggin day, just because of it…..IT HURTS!
    yeah, some people do dress emo for no appearent reason and that even pisses me off, cause then i get made fun of and called a “poser” and **** like that. dont make fun or get mad at them for it, its pointless, it just makes them feel even worse then they did before.
    sorry if none of you agree with me, but its my opinion

  17. being emo is awesome. the style is comfortable and teh hair cut is asy to deal with

  18. hey people say that their kool but if u really think bout it we all are really the same wither or not ur deppresed or not and yes i do have deppresion to it doesnt make me kool or lame im ie to everybody and have lots of friends who are kool and inbetween soooooo yeeeeahhhhhh dont really care anymore use to be goth and use t e emo

    yeahhhh i cant spell 4 s*i*

    RoCk On DuDeS

  19. you are so stupid im not emo but the nguys that wear liner are all hot if you got a problem with it go talk to them not the whole world you loser!!!!!!1

  20. oh and i agree i love all the emo kids hair you need to let them go trough their phases and if they are not doing any thing wrong leave them alone

  21. i think that if you think you can dress the way you do then we can dress the way we do. if its acceptable for society to be pulled in on the latet fashion shouldnt we induldge ourselves to they way we want to be. and yall say were not being uniuqe,well if thats the case neither are you. i think everyones uniuqe…..not because of the way we dress but because of the way we are. so think about theat for a minute. and anyways even if we did dress totaly different everyone else would do it to…thats how styles get started.

  22. ok wats so wrong with emo’s! personally tall guys in tight pants eye liner and sexy emo hair is soo ****in sexy!!! thats the way they express them self we dont nagg on u about how u dress so dont nag on us cuz we have a diffrent way of expressing our selves…our style rox

    i love all u other emo’s out there you guys rock

  23. Yea, I just read all of the comments on this page. I didn’t mean to access this site, but it caught my eye.I used to be emo when I didn’t even know the meaning of emo. I’m not saying I’m unique or anything, but I’m not acting. Yea I’ll admit I used to do it for attention, but that was me as a stupid kid, now I’m different. I have respect for people who are depressed and people who cut to take the pain away, not to show off their scars. ( yea, I’ve cut before because people say that it helps, but it didn’t help me, so I quit)
    I don’t see whats so wrong with guys wearing eyeliner and tight pants, yea I think its hott, seeing their little tushes, but dblock or whoever the furck you are, you are just stereotyping people. Just because a person wears those things doesn’t mean their emo. Why do you dress the way you do? Yea, I’ve seen you with your little pink silky undees, I’m just playin, but dude, they’re their bodies, and your body is yours. They don’t attack you for the way you dress, so don’t attack them. You’re just anti-gay or you’re jealous that all us hott chicks are attracted to the emo-style-wearing-people and you “don’t want to conform to this conformist society”. I think you should stop trying to meke people stop dressing like this because for one you’re too furcking coward to confront them about it and for two, people like you are one of the reasons I dress “emo”, because it pisses you off. So go get some or something, bet your panties out of the tight wad they’re in.

  24. I love how all the anti-emo comments are all written with pretty good grammar and spelling, and the emo comments are filled with crappy IM chat speak (it’s not even 1337).

    Anyways, honestly I hate emo, but less for the people and more for the fact that the music sucks. The funny thing about it though is that it’s a cycle; fans begin to act emo, then get made fun of for acting emo, which only fuels their sense of self-pity, making them act even more emo. And it’s not even like they’re anti-establishment, or DIY, or anything that other punk movements were about. They are by definition just a bunch of whiners.

  25. dude u guys r totally right i mean wtf is up with emos? everyone at my school is emo. its like eveyone is trying to be different in the same exact ****ing way!!! why dont they get just get some courage and be themselves and stop trying to impress everyone else!!!

  26. You have every right to criticize the style known as “emo” but you have to take into consideration the fact that all styles are exactly the same on every person from prep to redneck. You only pick on emo guys with eyeliner cause u know theyre hot and they get laid more often than you do and ur very jealous. Oh, and i personally like shopping at hot topic and i dont think guys in eyeliner are gay in fact theyre hot. (most of them) Anyhow, if your gonna criticize emo kids then maybe you should take a look in the mirror and ask yourself about the style your sporting. And google it, you will find hundreds of pictures of people dressing and acting exactly like you do. So there, and if you dont like what we look like then simply look away instead of wasting your time creating this article thats just gonna piss people off and get you comments like this. So, do yourself a favor, get ur pasty ass out of that basement ur living in and get a life and stop ridiculing other people cause u dont look as good as them.

  27. Not to mention that as long as people have been trying to “just be themselves” and “different that the rest of society” its basically impossible to be different. I mean, whatever youre gonna wear, and i am talking to u little jennie, there are a thousand other people out there doing the exact same thing and ur really not as different and special as you think you are. Ur just another mimic, just like very other person in existance. You, me, the creater of this article, everyone.

  28. @Just a Ghost,

    I was going to say nice to meet you, but you seem to know everything about me the “creator of this article” and everyone else who has comment. We are of course all pasty because we’re all Caucasian and of course we all live in our Mom’s basements. I just can’t figure out why you needed to state the obvious. I mean, it’s obvious i’m an ugly bastard and never get laid but if i put on Guyliner i’d getting ass at whim.

    Alright, enough with the sarcasm. Sorry but i felt you deserved it. I have to disagree with every single person is mimicking the style of another person. I can’t even name my “style”. I just dress comfortably for the occasion, whether it work, bar, concert, club show, sporting event, casual… whatever the occasion. Sure, i have my favorite colors and preferred fitting, but there is no exclusivity. Back in the day, as i’ve already mentioned previously, i’d go to rock/metal shows weekly here in Boston so i would “dress the part” to a certain degree but no to the extreme. I would agree there that i was a mimic to a degree, but not entirely. Times change and while i still go to shows i’ll dress to what i feel is appropriate and comfortable.

    So you have a preferred style you are into — good for you i have no problem with it, though you seem to think you do. In all honesty, i tend to be attracted to chicks with tats’ and piercings. The emo/guyliner thing only tweaks me because it was once a style of manliness and has now become an effeminate attitude in general with the “emo” trend.

    Anywhen, no hate. Just a better explaination .. i guess.

  29. not to be a bitch but you say eyeliner is a purely a feminine product? Do you know that makeup was origianally worn by men? It gradually made its way to women. Believe it or not even a nerd can rock the emo guyliner and hair swoosh. Im emo and i never once claimed to be original, but i cant help but swoon when even a geek does the hair swoosh and even though some people cant rock eyeliner, most can. Just do me a favor, if your gonna rip on emo guys and guyliner, then rip on all the other styles as well cause the emos catch enough **** as it is.

  30. After all, you sound like an intelligent person, you must understand how i feel?

  31. I think you’ve misunderstood again. I never said eyeliner is solely a product for females. In fact as the article i referred to in my original, men wearing eyeliner used to be badass. My feeling now is the attitude that generally goes along with guyliner (and the fact that it has the name “guyliner”) and being “emo” is rather effeminate.

    It’s just my personal opinion and we obviously disagree. That said, i have no problem if someone want to rock the emo style. It just not for me and is just the marketing fad that followed “Goth” and most people will grow out of it. And as i’ve said, i went through semi-fad’s myself. It’s all a part of growing up.

  32. i guess, but we still dont need the bad wrap. What makes u so bitter towards guys in eyeliner anyhow?

  33. I’m not bitter… it’s a lame fad and for the most part just an act that people eventually grow out of.

  34. i LUV emo guys. they r so hawtt, especially my peeps from mcr fob and p!atd[but only sum guys can work the tight pants].i luv the emo style, it rox my sox. im an outcast(dam proud too) and it pisses me off but gives me an odd sense of pride when i walk by a sumone and notice they r looking at me like im gonna stab them or like theyre thinking “o, that poor sad thing. i wish i could help her but she would bite my head off. i’ll ignore her and maybe she’ll just go away.” idonno y i like the style, i guess that it suits my personality. but acting emo becuz the cool ppl u know are doing it is stupid cuz then ur not different or original, ur just copying ppl. but if u wanna b cool that bad then i guess i dont care. but dissing emo ppl only encourages us, so the ppl against emo ppl should just shut the f* up cuz its a lost cause.

    fg & pr forever, baybeeee!!

  35. Ok, now seriously, get over the whole ‘emo’ thing


    if a guy wants 2 get his hair styled n wear eyeliner, thats his decision, he isnt doing it so people like dblock n d dub can bitch about it on the internet.
    the fact that u even bitch about it on the world wide web is pathetic enough as it is let alone replying 2 other peoples responses.

    Its not ur place 2 critisise n dictate others. Im sure people probly think the way u dress is hideous n stupid 2.

    Or r u so lame peope in ur own area code wont listen 2 u so u HAVE 2 revert 2 the internet.
    Go back 2 looking up cheap, trashy porn bcoz ur clearly over ur head in this matter.

  36. haha. just the name of this website makes me life. Why do you just complain about everything? nobody really cares. and the whole “emo” thing. “emo” is a genre of music. Yeah, people have made it into a stereotype, but that doesnt mean you can just go around bagging people out because of what they look/dress like. its just mean. i get called emo all the time. but i know im not. because honestly, theres no such thing. yes, some people may have depression, which is actually an illness, not just feeling sad. but so what?! that doesnt make them “emo” oh and if you want to bag a stereotype, you cant really just target the so called emo’s. you’d have to bag them all. because all stereotypes are stupid.. just because your hairs in front of your face, doesnt mean your emo. just the same as standing in a garage, doesnt make you a car. stereotyping is lame. and those who think its “cool” being emo or whatever.. you guys need a reality check. plus everyone goes through phases. its a part of life. :)
    peace out.

  37. you are a dumbass.
    guys that wear eyyliner and girl pants are ****ing hot!
    just because you dont understand them.
    you making fun of them.
    so give it up.
    emos never did anything to you b4.

  38. well sure but like i am emo and yes a girl but emo ppl get **** all the time but now if everyone is emo how can the ppl that wan t to be diffrent be different be different if its 5% real emos and 95% pozers unless u feel real pain and hated by all cut and burn u are not a real emo u are justs a normal person buying main stream clothes cozs u wanna be like every one else and by the way emo ppl are disserpearing everywhere now only the real emos will stay the same all the rests will **** off and be normal again till a new sub-culture comes in so they can feel different again even if there not SAD TO SAY BUT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE NORMAL.

  39. stfu! you dont speak about them if you arent friends with them.looks&apperiance dont make a person.

  40. “looks&apperiance dont make a person.”

    Regardless, it would be nice if the emo crowd would practice spelling and grammar. Maybe a complete sentence here and there. Sentences typically begin with capital letters. U is a letter, it’s not a word. I could keep going.

    One day, you will grow up and you’ll need to be able to read and write in real English. Although it may seem like it to you, the whole world isn’t a text message. If you start practicing now, you might be ready for college in a few years. This is your big chance. The comment blank is waiting.


  42. “Regardless, it would be nice if the emo crowd would practice spelling and grammar.”

    Wow. You address the subject as if emo people are the only ones who do it. You should take in account the other people who do it also. This is another thing wear if you are going to address one group then you have to tell it to all of them.

    If you are going to say that to anyone, it should be most people on the internet. They are plenty of people who type that way. You know, some can’t type very fast when they type propperly. So they type in shorthand to make their typing faster. And if you get what they’er saying then why does it matter. Sure, I could understand them needing to type propper when its a report of job application and all. But if it’s a stupid blog then why the hell should it even be a problem.

    Another thing, how can you say it about all if you’re going by what you’ve seen on this website? Have you actually went out and did a survey to see how many emo people actually type like that? If you have, great for you. I’m glad you have nothing better to do then find faults in people. And just so you know, I am an emo type person. I don’t classify myself as an emo, I’m Just who I am. And I type both ways. There, I’ll go ahead and get you started in your survey.

  43. I will go ahead and point this out before anyone tries to use it against me. In my first comment I said I was an emo. Then in my second I contradicted myself.

    Just too let all the dumbass people who would want to use that against me know, I find it easier to just say I’m emo rather than go off saying what I am. I mean which would you rather say to someone you don’t know over the internet, I’m me or I’m emo.

    I’m emo gives them a more general idea of what you’re like. If I said I’m me, then they more than likely asks, “and that is?”. Then I would have to go through all the things I do and wear, etc. So, just felt the need to clarify that before there’s some retarded comment on how I contradicted myself.

  44. I agree with this bieng a stupid topic to talk about. I don’t think it really maters. I wouldn’t call my self emo but I have a few emo friends and they all like differen’t things, dress differen’t ways, and are totaly different. I think your alot of people only look at the posers as a repersentation of the whole group.

  45. My name is accualy spelled Hallie but what ever.

  46. Casandra Lee wrote:

    “N wat dos typn lyk dis hav 2 do wit nethin’?
    who cares how ppl type, if u cant understand it tell them!!! dont bag it out over the internet!”

    Do all emos type and speak this way? If so, I am really impressed. How do they understand each other? The repetitive use of the f-bomb as a modifier is equally impressive.

  47. You know, not ALL emo people type like that. And so what if most do? It’s just so that they can type faster. And seriously, it’s not exclusive JUST for emo people. I’m willing to bet that people who aren’t emo do the same exact things, especially when they’re talking to their friends, or responding to some weirdo who thinks that just because they don’t like a certain style no one should. I don’t think your even trying to change the people your insulting, just trying to make them feel bad for acting or dressing a certain way. WHICH, by the way, isn’t working because you’re just pissing them off. So, seriously, everyone commenting should probably just stfu because it’s not working for either emo people or the people who dislike them. And, yes, I have been called ‘emo’ lots of times, but personally I would probably classify myself as ‘punk’.

  48. ?? what Mr Squeaky?
    what is an f-bomb?
    sorry if i’m not familiar with your lingo

  49. Casandra,

    I’m confident that you’re familiar with it. But if not…….

    A F-Bomb is a widely accepted part of our vernacular. I chose it as a substitute for the explicative because the explicative is generally not in favor on this website and would have been filtered by the site. I would not have used it, except for the fact that had to make a point.

    BTW, Dan Grrrl took note and used grammar that everybody can understand. Thanks. It makes it much easier to have an intelligent conversation about things.

  50. wow, well u talk like a dictionary but thanku

    N go Dan Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll!!!!

    i still think this site is completely retarded. W

  51. you guys should just leave em alone. so what if they look like that or whatever your complaining about. you seriously need to grow up and ignore them if you hate them so much. preps are basically the same. they all have their hair the same way and they all wear the same brand of clothes. just **** off and leave them alone.

  52. I think ur right so many people are trying to fite in and i think you should just wear what you want and say and do what you want and not care what people think of you beacuse i dont

  53. Emo’s don’t know who they are. They just think it’s cool to b called that

  54. I guess it’s just a way of life that i’ll never understand

  55. they have theairown way of life and theair own thoughts

  56. well emo started as a genre. noramlly they dont call themselves it or so theyd be called posers. those who are “emo” are generally nice, a bit dramatic yes, but cool. maybe if some people would get to know more theyd show their feelings more than hiding it until its so consuming you end up somewhere you dont want to be. but hey, its ur oppinion on what to think of them and everyone is entitled to it. just because they look different doesnt mean they really ARE different, i mean, they’re still people.

  57. Hey you kid who calls themselves emo SSSSSSSHHHHHHHhhhuuuuttttuuuuppp!

  58. ur gay

  59. I dont gudje people but i dont agree with the meaning or what some people tell me about emo people!!!!!!!

  60. ahh leave him alone… hes allowed to call himself w/e he wants.

  61. no ur GAY!!

  62. a lot of people dont understand those who are emo. just leave em be and they wont bug you

  63. Dont make fun of emos

  64. I’m gettin my dress for cupid’s ball either saturday or tomorrow yeah! TIMMY ha ha he’s cool though

  65. I no im not saying anything mean but im just saying thats not my style! They are still people i no that!

  66. ohk kara… thats tootally off subject and emo kid ur pretty cool

  67. EMO is not me I don’t believe in it and I believe it is one form of sin idoling satin or lucipher

  68. shut up ur being GAY!!!! :) LOL

  69. wow kara… thats being unjust. not only is it mean, its insulting.

  70. So come down!

  71. I can believe what i want! Sorry dnt be so mean and judgemental

  72. dont make fun of those kind

  73. If you see a guy wearing eye liner, it doesn’t automatically make him emo. It doesn’t make him gay, either. Most likely it means that he is into theatre and has to wear stage makeup for his career. So evryone who is afraid of their own shadow & the shadows under actor’s eyes shoul start being a little more sensitive and considerate.

  74. Wow. Some of you guys are being mean. Just because someone dresses emo doesn’t make them emo. It might mean they are (in some cases), but in most cases people just like the style, they’re not really trying to follow anybody. And as far as worshiping the devil, that’s more like a gothic thing, I think. And not all goth people do that, either.

  75. Oh, and just so everyone knows, as far as me classifying people as ‘emo’ or ‘goth’ or ‘punk’, I don’t, normally, I just use the terms for things (like this complaint) as a generalization.

  76. Gayliner an emo hair cuts are GAY!

  77. just because you wear your hair like an “emo” and wear the style doesnt mean that you are depressed and that you go home and cut yourself. maybe you just like the style, or like the chicks that like the style. but what your wearing or how you wear your hair doesnt change who you are.

  78. so there were a few comments, that are a little misguided. First of all emo is just a newer name for the same scene that has just evolved. In 1978, Robert Smith started the Cure, an ‘emotinal punk’ band, when the 70’s rock, glam and punk were ultimatley dead. Also in the same time frame, around the begging of the 80’s, Rites of Spring, and Fugazi were starting a more ‘emotional’ sound to punk/hardcore music. Guys were wearing eyeliner long before any of this for various reasons, but it was becomming more prevalent in different musical scenes, other then just glam. I think that Robert Smith, who still wears eyeliner at the age of fifty, would argue that he could raise a child just fine, and that his success in music would not be the only way to financial support another human. Furthermore, I dont see how, putting makeup on ones eyes, has anything to do with raising a child, I find that more crackheads in this country are raising several crack babies, and that seems worse to me then a little bit of eyemakeup. Furthermore, Emo kids are not wearing makeup and cutting their hair to be different. They are doing it so they all look the same, together, in their circle, AWAY from yours. It’s not a point to be an outsider, but to feal together as a collective, again, not being asssociated with other groups of kids. You say they all cut their hair the same, well go to a university and tell me every other jock/buffer does not all have the same short military style hair cut, and all the hippie/dave matthews lovers dont have either long shaggy hair or short wannabe skater cuts? Are you seriously that misguided, that you believe that these are all fads? Bottom line, there will always be the same groups of the social makeup, this is how it has always been. This is because society deems it neccessary to group people together so that they feal safe in their own group, and can put down other groups so they feal more important. If you actually look at what the ‘emo’ kids follow, its anaracy, and the fact that age, and race and faith only divides people.

  79. if ppl dont like emos well oh well but u cant change ppl they can change if they want. one of u ppl said that the r into the trend well u r rite i have a friend who dresses emo but she isnt. i am emo i do cut myself and if u have a prblem wit that to bad ITS NOT UR LIFE. just cause guys put on eyeliner doesnt mean they r punk goth emo or gay they can put it on for looks. most girls i know thay think that is sexy and i think it is 2. if they r gaygood 4 them but y do u want to change the word cause there is prbly a thousand emos i would love 2 c u change them. well guess wat u cant there is a reson y pl dress or cut themsevles. theperson who started this website is retarted if he hinks he can change emos cause u cant. and by the way I ****IN LOVE EMOS AND IF U HAVE A PRBLEM WIT DAT CALL ME @ (520)901-0225 OR LEAVE ME AN EMAIL @ EMO_GURLIE_21@HOTMAIL.COM

  80. i think if guy want to use liner its hot, hell i wear eyeliner, and feel good about it, and now wear my hair long, falls over my eye lots of people think look like a girl, and that is a turn on feel good when they say that. today started wearing out lipstick, and now into color nail polish who does it hurt, like when people cant tell if i am a girl or boy

  81. Before I start, let me fess up that I am a old school Goth, from back when that was cool. I’m a visual art student, and in the script I wrote, my head character is Goth. After I filmed and showed a few pieces to people, every one told me he looks emo.
    all I knew about emo was that those guys can attend a twelve hour rock show, and leave with the same hairstyle they came with. So, I did some research on this “emo” crap and found this site and read every comment.
    I never knew teenager could be so full of crap! Emo is like the innocent form of Goth, but they’re probably gonna leave me some nasty comments about that statement. Kids turned punk into a pansy rock genre with the likes of Simple Plan and Avril. Now they did the same to Goth.
    Some one should tell these emo kids that the time for fashion statement that shock people has been over for a while now. It went out a long with Marilyn Manson. He was the last one to shock people with what he wore. Before him there was Alice, and Bowie and Sid. People who really made a statement with there clothes, but oh yeah, they were actual in the public eye, creating music history, so they’re statements counted for something.
    I hate it when kids act like society and the world owes them something. I wear leather, dye my hair black and wear black make up, but people still respect me ’cause they know I’m not doing it too piss them off. Oh, plus, no one’s scared of you, dears, you’re just kids in make up like me and my friends were. Difference, is, we actually got **** from the cops everytime vandalism went down in our town, even if we didn’t do it. And no, it wasn’t the black make up, long hair and the studded jewellery, it was because we all sped through town on motorbikes, causeing ****.
    So, technically, we owe society something. A few new windows and paint jobs not done by spray cans.
    How hardcore do emo kids look now?
    Any way, even Goth was a fad, I mean the wanna be vamps were enetrtaining, but it was overall lame. If you actuall sit down and do research you’ll find Goths were Germain barbarians and building styles before it was a “sub-culture”.
    The only time clothing statements mattered was in the hippy era and maybe the Punks, both groups who have hardly any good qualities. (I got lots of respect for them any way, they really risks their lives dressing like that. Stupid, but brave.)
    But “emo” and “scremo”???
    What point are you emo people trying to make? That you wanna be hardcore but you’re a bit to afraid to get the piercings and the glued mohawk won’t suit your face?
    Oh, and another thing I can admit about our bike goth look: We all look the same. So do you guys. Every emo kid looks like the next and they look like Jared Leto in need of a face lift.
    (No disrespect to Jared, the man can act and sing.)
    And noting against eyeliner on guys. I mean Johnny Depp rocks eyeliner, and Gerard Way, and some of my friends. Everything against Emo who stole Goth and made it softcore.
    But I do have something against all this name dropping, I see people throwing up MCR all over the place. Dudes, check up on your hero, Gerard Way isn’t emo, and actually said it more than once. He’s an artist with albums and a graphic novel out. He doesn’t need to hide behind some fad.
    And also against the emo kids who took this poor guys comments about how he doesn’t like guyliner and made it into a human rights issue. He didn’t ask you to stop popping your over the counter pain pills for your self created depression. (BTW get a blood test to see if your brain chemicals are inbalanced, that how you know you’re really depro.)
    You should be thanking him …You guys seem to love telling us how much the world hates you. You want to be so misunderstood and wronged and he’s feeding your need. Think about that next time you steal your mommy’s make up.
    Oh, and thank you for enlighting me. I now know my lead role should drastically change. Maybe I’ll even make him a gangsta rapper, just to avoid any emo descriptions. I didn’t know you could dislike a fad so much after a week’s research.
    Sorry I wrote a ****ing article, but I was pissed after reading so many hours worth of emo blogs. ****, I can get a year’s prozac perscriptions now.
    I can’t wait to check back and see what the emo kiddies said. Oh, and if tyou think I’m old and out dated, I just turned 20. I’m just a person who have actual opinions that are really my own.

    Alexis. .

  82. wow alexis sure is upset, poor thing read all the emo, now there is a person who must have lots of time on her? or his” hands, try get a life, you live yours we will live ours, anyways love emo kisses to you all, your hot hair, make up and fun people

  83. First off, I’d like to say that I do have depression, and I have been affected by it for a long time, but that’s not something I like to tell people about myself (which is why I don’t want the name I chose on here to reflect me in any way), I would just like to add that so you can understand where I’m coming from when I say things about depression.

    Awhile ago I had wanted to be emo, but the thing that stopped me from changing my style was that I didn’t want to be more of an outcast than I was already. At my school, people like me get **** for anything big we do. And changing your style is considered big. So I dropped the whole emo thing, and I had a long time to think about it. No offense to anyone emo, but the style struck me as poser-ish for some reason. Not because there were other styles like it before, but acting troubled when you really weren’t bugged me. And that’s what I knew most people were doing. People did think I was trying to be emo, and they still think that. And I have emo friends, and they’re super cool, I just don’t like the connotation that came along with the style ‘emo’, and I don’t really want people to connect that to me. I didn’t want people to think I was trying to act depressed when they thought I wasn’t, and I didn’t want people to think I was depressed. And I know I tend to not like people who I know are acting depressed to get attention. Apparently at least 10% of people actually are depressed, and some of those people decide they like the emo style. And I don’t have anything against those people. And some people aren’t depressed and they don’t try to make people think that they are, and they like the emo style. I don’t have anything against them either. It’s the people that want to act depressed when they aren’t and they try to make a point by sticking out by dressing like what everyone says is ‘different’ are people the who bug me. Personally I love emo hair and clothes, but, because of what I think people would decide about me if I wore emo clothes, I don’t really want to wear it, because I am effected by how people treat me. And if I had decided to go ‘emo’, people would have thought I trying to be something I wasn’t to be cool.

    So I really have nothing against the emo style, just the wannabe-type emo people. I think the only thing that really ruined it were the people who decided they wanted to be cool, and started writing things that sounded deep to them, and other people, but ultimately it really had no meaning at all. I like things that actually are deep and stuff, and I feel proud whenever I say something that sounds normal to me and my friends say its really deep (and they know exactly what it means and why I said it).

    I like this complaint, because I have read things on here, and commented about them, and some people actually do have really good, convincing opinions that made me change a lot of things I thought. Saying people shouldn’t post anymore is kind of stupid, because the people saying that are trying to convince other people that read it that they shouldn’t try to explain why they think what they think. People have been able to change my opinion because I am very open-minded (well, I think) and I’m sure I’ve made at least one person think about their views on the emo style.

    Well, I hope, at least.

    And also, if you think you have untreated depression issues, DO NOT resort to illegal drugs, you might end up becoming worse than before you tried them. And if you think you truly do have depression issues or you know someone who is depressed you NEED to talk to someone who can help.

    Not trying to sound uncool. Been going through stuff, had experiences.

    Off topic a lot, no one cares. (And if you do, tough.)


  84. u know what? all of u should just leave us emos alone, k? its our way of dealing with **** and u cant control that… its called freedom of self expression!!!!!!! and btw emo boys r sexi, all of u guys here r just jealous that they get all the attention from girls. and the eyeliner makes them even more sexi!!!! u dont see us dissing u preppy pieces of **** and having a big enough obsession over the topic that we go and make a ****ing website blog thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  86. hell now been emo look for almost a year, some the looks i get, lots dont know if girl or guy and love it that way, it a turn on for me and i think for them too, get over it to each his/hier own get a life

  87. I think wearing guyliner is just fine, and the hair is better. I go for the spike in back, long in front style, because it express’s me. I know I don’t wear it to be “trendy”, as you unjustly accuse, I just wear it cuz it’s me. you don’t like it that is your problem not mine.

  88. Oh God! why do you people keep judging people by how they dress! Who the hell started with the anti-emo crap! What do you have against us? For every ****ing thing you judge us! because their pants are tight because the guys wear eyeliner even because we sometimes get depressed and cut ourselves. Well guess what not every emo dresses like that or cuts themselves.just so you know emo stands for emotional so offcourse we get depressed.no we dont whine we are asking for help because we are going through tough **** right now. i mean dont judge us by how we dress judge us by who we are. I mean yeah there some ****ing emo posers that have no reason to be depressed so they make the real emos look bad.so get over yourself and stop whinning im serious you guys are the ones that are whining not us! oh boo hoo emos are gay!! get over it bitches ( ****ing emo haters)


    “Before I start, let me fess up that I am a old school Goth, from back when that was cool.”






  90. you’re being really really stupid, to be honest i think you’re just mad because chicks digg the emo style that some guys seem to have, and you dont agree with it, thats not their fault, so why dont you go and take your big pile of steamy **** and drop it on your head.

  91. Ok.. for all of you guys out there who have a problem w/ the way other guys dress or decide to style themselves.. first of all..does it bother you b/c they don’t look the way you think they should..Does anybody complain b/c your d-ck is smaller than normal and you waste your time complaining about other dudes manner of dressing. Why are you concerned about “other guys”.. does it make you angry b/c they don’t turn you on by wearing a style more appealing to you?? then maybe your confused about your own sexuality>?? Heres a suggestion.. if your such a man as you say you are…then quit worrying about other guys..and worry about the way your g/f dresses..or if you don’t have a g/f, then go get you a blow up doll and dress her the any way you find suitable!!

  92. People look.. what’s up with all the hate¿?
    why is it that ‘emos’ are suddenly target?
    i betchu that more than half here hate homos too.
    okai so maybe they have problems ..mentally
    or they just want to look into what’s in
    either way
    its just a phase
    and dont gimme some hate about it.. bcuz im openminded
    dont come to me saying ****

    bcuz i bet you more than a billion bucks a piece that all of you at least had ONE silly phase you went through that when youlook back you say ‘wtf was i thinkin’

    they’re not makin you be emo
    so you both can exist with your diffrent opinions
    just please dont talk **** aobut other people
    they’re humans too and half feelings..some morethan others

    hope i can inspire at least one person…makes a diffrence to think for yourself than for what your crowds believe in.

  93. HEY all u ppl who think they r kool by sayin sh*t bot emo should stop writing stuff and shove it up ur big fat a**!! i hope that u r seeing that im mad!! wow that was fun but 2 let u no this is not a joke and im not stupid ( all me friends and ppl say im am b/c they r jealy of my looks. im 2 cute!! lol heehee) bac 2 wat i was sayin- they choose their way of life and ya’ll choose urs . ohh and all u preps out there, let me tell u that emos r soo HOT!!! guys and girls in all!! and im a chik! srry emos but im a prep but i have no prob wit ya”ll my EX- boy friend was sorta emo he didnt cut… 4 wat i no!! he had the whole thing going wit his hair and everything!! he was soo sexxie .hey that means im single write bac all u hot guys.(emo or not)!!

  94. No! They’re ****ing hot! Leave ‘em alone!

    IT’S COMPLEX. You just can’t understand it..

  95. hey girl.. tonnya r u talkin 2 me or r u commenting on some other person?

  96. Guy’s with eyeliner and the emo hairstyles may be hot but they are posers they dont get what it’s about and why it started in the first place. Theyr are to many posers and it’s tured The word Emo into a Label ment for people that wear black and wear eyeliner. they have ruined the hole meaning.

  97. HEY SHAWN!

    (Couldn’t your parents spell “Sean”?)

    If you haven’t noticed, every sub culture changes every year, and meant I was what was considered goth, about 5 years ago. And I take pity on you, because it seems that at 20 I’ve had more life experience than you did at 32.
    What I meant with old school, is that it’s how I was raised. My father was an old school biker. I grew up listening classic rock while leaning to fix motocycles.
    My dad wore black, so I did. Kids in town started calling me goth and satanist,
    All my friends who went goth with me, aren’t goth anymore, cause it’s a phase and it became a conformaty.
    Hope you like your answer, Shawn.
    And emo is hardly three years old. I’ve done my research, cause that’s what I do.
    To comfort you, the people I spoke to included record producers, magazine editors and music critics, all well into their 30’s and even 50’s. Emo 20 years old? They didn’t think so. The most interesting was the session guitarist, he can play anything, and emo doesn’t even exist in his universe.

    So how many of you emo fags get’s their facts staight before posting a comment? Or are emo’s above reseach too?
    Wait, let me guess, soceity will disregard any proof of your emo religion because everyone hates you, and no one will give you the time of day? So what’s the point?

  98. hey ppl, ive only just found all this,nd probably wont read it again.. but im emo, people make fun of me cos of it too, but you have your style just like us, Chav,Gangster,Skater,Goth,Mosher etc..

    what makes emo more redicolous than the rest?

    theyre all silly in their own little ways,
    the stupid lables themselvs are

    yet we’re all people

    some make fun of me cos im emo
    but at the end of the day they just need to grow up,theyre all just
    stupid lables/trends
    and they ALL have one that can be stuck to them.

    its our own choice weather or not to follow them or not

    not the choice of others

    the way i look on it is

    “you can be what you want, i dont care, respect me ,i’ll respect you, but if you give me crap expect it back your way cos tbh i really dont give two F*****G S***S what anyone thinks of me, i am who i want to be and thers nothing you will ever do about it.”

    im not changing for anyone, so dont bother expecting me too
    and stop being childish with all the crap you throw at “emo’s” sooner or later it all goes back your way in some shape or form weather you know it or not..

    now if you dont mind im off to get pissed with my mates

    tra peeps.

  99. Being Emo is just an excuse to dress like a ****ing fag. You see all those guys with their hair covering one of their eyes walking around looking like some faggot ass butt pirate.

  100. I think you should leave the emo kids alone. They don’t bother anyone. I have the hair. Gave up the eyeliner. Listen to the music. But all you ghetto kids and rednecks who think their cool making fun of people who dress differently than you and don’t like the same music. God forbid we have a variety of people on his planet. You guys who bash people and ask “why aren’t they like us” are starting to turn into nazis. You people want one kind of clique but it doesn’t work like that. This world has to have different trends to make each individual unique. I listen to rap. I listen to screamo. I work on pickups and watch drag races. You people don’t ****ing get that if its someones choice to be emo then you can’t change that. Its like trying to tell me I can’t date my gf. You sick f***s who want to be cool. Well let me tell yu. Half the kids I know who make fun of me and my friends who dress like me are on the football team with hopes of being professional athletes but their repeating the 9th grade for a 3rd time. So that goes to show how f***ing retarded you people must be to let yourselfs turn into nazi’s and try to press your ideas of what is right and wrong.

    All I’m saying is that all you people who bash lesbians, gays, emos, nerds, whatever. Lay the f*** off. I look back at my last school year and yeah I got picked on, but I didn’t care. It was my choice to wear the stuff. Besides, if you’d rather waste your time picking the kid who dresses in black and wears eyeliner instead of doing something with your life… you must be one loneyl person to have to start s*** like that.

    Yeah, i’ll grow up. I’ll be an adult with a mortgage and a car payment and bringing the kid to school, but you know what? If it makes me feel good I’m gonna do it anyway. I plan on keeping my har the way it is. I plan on wearing band shirts from hottopic. I plan on going t concerts and clubs. I plan on all of that.

    So you kids who are classified as emo, havefuun. Don’t listen to what other people have to say badly about you. Its not worth your time. And for you bashers out there. If you got a problem, keep it to yourself cuz making fun of people for it won’t do anything but cause more s*** for you.

    To my emo/scene friends. I bid you farewell! :D

  101. in reply to .. “mick”

    you say we dress like fags, but what does that make you dress like?

    just cos in your opinion we look like fags dont mean that evrybody is what you think

    for example

    in my eyes your a F*****G P***K who needs to grow up,but im sure ur mum disagrees

    seee we all have our opinions,but just grow the F***K up.

  102. Emos are ****ing gay

    nerds are even cooler than emos

    hey emo people why r u crying over ur parents not caring

    at least u have parents the kid the southern cal doesnt have a dad the kid in afganistan doesnt have a mom and the kid in iraq is dead so shut the **** up

  103. okay now this person up here yea ur ****ing gay how thw hell did we go from talking about emo haters to a kid in afganistan who doesnt hav a mom i mean i hav sympathy for him and yea that must suck but wtf i mean nerds arent cooler i hav friends who r nerds but i rather b friends wit emos than the other way around and yes i am emo so i dont really care about that kid cuz he isnt me

  104. i ment borderline nerds

  105. Lmao.

    But dude, nerds are cool. You’re thinkin about geeks. Or dorks.

    And emos are cool, too. As long as they’re not posers.

    Also, real emos shouldn’t be criticized, cause they’re either considered emo cause they like the style or they really are depressed. And by criticizing emos, your giving the posers what they want.

    So unless you have a valid point, it’s best not to say anything.

    Lol, cause WAY too many people on here just said stupid ****.

    Lmao. No offense.

  106. I don’t really see what the big deal is. If people just stopped being so brutally and -disgustingly- judgemental of others then there wouldn’t be any reason for posts like this. Who really gives a rats ass what someone else does to there own body? I’m a guy and I wear eyeliner because I -like- it…..then again I also wear nail polish and -can- pass for a girl….not that I really like that little fact, ah-ha. I don’t have the so-called “emo” hair though….don’t really see the point in hiding half of my face since I’m already a klutz without the added hazard of hair covering one of my eyes. x3. Really, though, what does it matter what someone else does? I don’t go around bashing the people that call me “emo” …or more frequently “Fairy”. I have friends who would be in the “Prep” and “Jock” categories and we get along fine. If people would -grow up- and stop acting like they’re still in middle school maybe the world wouldn’t suck so much. It’s just too damn immature and ….pathetic, really, if you think about it. You should judge people by their personalities, not by how they look…..even if some guys do look damn sexy in eyeliner….or eye shadow in my case xD;

  107. ok ppl
    i think that this site has no meaning wat so ever.
    like wat do u ppl care bout the way ppl dress or if
    they put guyliner. if u think that is gay. fine think that\
    but rlly they are just being who they are. i am not a judgemental
    person so i could care less wat ppl do. i just think that ppl
    who think that being emo is gay or wearing
    guyliner is gay well u r too. get a flipping life
    no body gives a dam wat u think un less they are gay
    so leave emos alone

  108. Haha, reading the comments on this is very entertaining.

    All you little “emo” turds reading this crap… get used to the criticism. Everyone gets criticised. Just because you’re conformist doesn’t mean you’ll pass under the radar.

    Oh, and I do like the grammar of those who post with names that include the word emo. (For example: “no body gives a dam wat u think un less…”) They don’t teach you how to write in school for no reason, my friends. (;

  109. im with ya man i got long hair ‘n’ evry 1 sept my friends take tha piss i think eye liner cool hell we should were wat we want let evry 1 else figer out ther own style.

  110. o ‘n’ amander **** off i think thay got a job open at the whor house.

  111. o ‘n’ look ther 2 kinds of ppl chavs and emo’s and i emo now think bout this we emo’s jus mind our own bisness n don’t bother any 1 but chavs go rond n take tha piss n try 2 start fights we don’t do any of that crap and chavs think thay “gangster” but achaly thay jus wana b’s and i no som 1 gona try 2 piss all over this coment but that what i belive so ther u go any 1 with me?

  112. emo is a label. if your sad it dosnt mean your emo. if guys wear eye line its cus they like how it looks not cus they wana cut them self or are really sad. i no alot of people that look emo and are the happiest people ever. plus guys who wear chick pants and eyeliner are ****ING HOTT!!!

  113. God, yes.

    Guys wearing chick pants = easier to check out.

  114. Emos are the closest things to fags,

    they cry all day and write about how sorry they are for themselves, plus they are guys whering women pants, emo people are like french people whiney and no one likes them except themselves

  115. Gremo,
    Heh. Thanks for the job suggestion. I’ll be sure to look into it.

    But I was just saying alot of people who call themselves emo whine about that crap. If you wear what you like then why do you give a flying screw about people who don’t like it? Don’t complain about being criticized, you’re asking for it.. I mean, yeah, I understand some people just can’t tune it out. But if you can’t take the **** why do you wear that stuff?

    I also like how you’re practically cyber-punching me. (:

  116. dude chill the **** out
    im emo/scene but im not a fag
    i dont wear eyeliner and i agree with you on that but the hair is awesome
    and i dont think you have any friends or can get a gf you fag

  117. Did you get the above post or do I have to write it in emo?

    I’d try but I was in a school where they taught us to use actual words (those you can find in a dictionary, emo kid, how about opening one?)

    But if the full sentences are a lillte hard, just ask your mommy to help you, after she applied your make up for you.

    L8r, Emo Kids. Ill B back 2 check ur post. Till then ppl!

    Learn to write before posting something on the net where any one can read it. Your grammar is hilarious!

  118. Emo’s are the cause of war in the middle east.
    Na but seriously, i dont see how making yourself more femanin by wearing beauty products (Guyliner) and paying good money to have your hair styled in such a fashion that it blinds you in one eye makes you proud of yourself.

  119. Emo guys are the closest thing to women,
    They are all queers, they all cry bout stupid ****, and they use womens beauty stuff for themselves

  120. If I was emo, I’d obviously have a reason for being emo that was justifiable, probably like most emo people do. Like maybe they like the style, or they can relate to what emo means.

    It’s a new stereotype, and some people fit in with it.

    And freak, dude, there are a lot of homophobes on here…

  121. Im not homophobic.
    IM pansexual :]
    People who arent straight can be really good friends.
    and they’re mostly nice.
    Unless you give this sh*t

  122. Nah, man, everybody’s like ‘emos are fags,’ and I’m just thinkin ‘So?’

    But the emos I know are only bi or straight, so yeah, that’s a bad generalization.


  123. why do people give a **** its not there lives i get called emo i have emo hair and i hang round “emo’s” but im not emo, im not orignal but who cares the clothes are cool and comfortable and so what if its a fad if the people like it good for them and i dont have bad grammer

  124. dude even if im called emo its just how i feel like dressing and yes i wear eyeliner and have black hair….but i dont cry and i would kick your ass in person. i work out, play football, im straight, and i like fighting. its not cool to make fun of people and judge them on appearences. your probably just some angry poser who got turned down by the emo crowd and laughed at for trying to hard!

  125. Every single emo twit is a quheer. you’re all sad because your ipods don’t work anymore, or your towel is not dry for your next shower, get a life you losers, go look at what’s happening in Iraq or Darfur, than you can be as emo as you want. All you spoiled MTV watching Faggits out there don’t know the meaning of depression, or what is like to be hungry, raped, or even seeing your family killed while you’re forced to watch. Grow up you jerkohffs

  126. begeezus. All of this hype over a style. Yeah, I admit I’m really not in favor of this whole, I’ve got depression so I want to announce it to the world subtly. In addition to that there are those kids who thirst for attention so they decide to change thier clothes and start cutting themselves and then they ultimatly turn into a statistical depression(or social malfunction case). Its an irritating cry wolf, especially when these kids, not all of them emo, but hey you guys are the ones showing the numbers here, whine whine whine about, oh thier parents are mean (they wont let you go out because ya got an “F”) or your friends don’t want you around anymore (maybe if you’de stop complaining over how terrible your life is to them…and yeah I watched it happen to many) stop, think, maybe instead of looking for pity you might want to see if you were maybe offending or hurting someone.

    As for the tight pants. Guess what, it’s found in other styles too. Not just Emo. Skaters wear them, moshers wear them, scene kids wear them, even some icons in hip-hop wear them as well. Heres a hint, learn to tailor them, and guys, we don’t want to see your love handles. For the skinnier ones, okay, you might pull them off, but thats why I said tailor them, your wearing girls jeans so they are baggier in the butt, giving you this lovely….diaper look. (OOOH yeah, that’ll totally get the ladies) The hairsyle…hmm, well honestly it’s getting a little boring to look at all the fa-reeking time. Emo has become such a pop-culture self-detremental scene that it is sickening.
    What happened to labels based on beliefs? Now its just some sort of style.
    Emo now is a look, I used to think it was kids who were proud of themselves because they cut. Now its more of a group of kids who dress a certain way and are proud of being cutters.

    Whatever happened to it being a genre as well. Suddenly christian metal, Metal, grindcore, pop, indie, and everything in between has become “emo music” WTC?

  127. These people are not going to look back when they are adults and think “what was I so intraverted and angry about about?”

    They are going to look back and think “God I looked like an idiot!”

    Mark my word.

  128. Wow, look at all these kids posting this crap. “I’m emo lol” Sure you are. Grow a pair, since we can tell you don’t have any from those tight jeans you wear. Stop crying, cutting, and listening to crappy music.

  129. That’s one of the good things about tight pants, though.

  130. You people make me laugh. Remember the eighties? Every generation expresses themselves…They won’t look back and say, God I was in idiot, it will just be a time in their life when they had their own thing, and if anything, have a good laugh. The hippies had it in the sixties, the faded jeans and concert t-shirts in the seventies, extreme colors, peg leg jeans, and junk jewelry in the eighties…and the most depressing generation, the grunge look…Get over yourselves people, its a time in their lives…Maybe you should try and get yourselves one—it can be a lot of fun…

  131. No.

    I’m pretty sure they will view themselves as idiots.

    How could they not.

  132. look i realy don’t know wot the problem is with it just were not the “norm” we have to get critisized that’s not right yes maybe were asking for it but don’t meen we should get it and we arn’t any strager than those who go round robing old ladys werein trackys all day u no who im talkin bout. and wot’s all this crap about “emo” kid’s crying all day n cuting them selvs iv never done that that’s just a selct handful of wana b’s trying to be emo or truly upset people.

  133. Wow………. I don’t know how old you are mezy-boi………. but I would say your education has failed you.

  134. good lord. Nobody is ‘normal’. True preppy is less common than emo. How often do you see people are you (what… middle/jr.high) school walking around in golfing shorts, a pastel Lacoste polo and a pale yellow cardigan draped around their shoulders?

    If you’re basing it off Hollister and Abercrombie, you’re an idiot. And Emo is just as common as whatever that ’style’ is. Don’t tell yourself that you are different and that ‘all of us other people’ just don’t understand you and your dark emotions. Grow up, throw away your black hair dye and eyeliner and be your own NATURAL person. Then you’ll truly be different.

  135. ok seriously u guys are idiots im not emo but i wear black skinnys i hve black hair but thats natural i dont have a emo hair cut and i listen to techno but i still get called emo my friends are a bit but hey who gives
    Ddub u loser u put up a complaint on a internet site about this that is so lame what is even the point

  136. ok first off can all u f***ing emo haters shut the f*** up??? emo guys are f****ing hot and they aren’t gay for dressing like that!!!! they do it because they have been through alot ,like me, when they were younger that i bet you could never relate to in your life!!!!! most of them got beat by their parents and s*** like that most of there life and they are so much f***ing stronger to have gone through that and still be here!!!! unlike you who would probably start crying to your mom after getting slapped across the face a few times!!!!! we’ve been through alot more than you ever will in poor mother f***ing lives!!!! so just leave us the f*** alone becuase we don’t talk s*** on youlike this and it p***es me off that people like you always do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Emo guys are HOT! long hair, eyeliner on guys, etc that make them look like girls just makes them look hotter. maybe im strange but I really like the look of guys that look like girls…
    If people have issues with guys looking like girls then maybe they are just insecure about their own sexuality.

    In my opinion, in current culture and fashion people wear what they want to wear - some are expressing themselves that way and others just like the clothes/makeup/looks they get. It doesnt matter.

    Questioning why people dress emo is like asking why people wear t-shirts in the winter, the answer is almost always going to ‘because I feel like it’

    People who have issues with other people should get a life. Stop judging other. Stop trying to change others and just be.

  138. wow i love huge arguement going on hear why can’t people just acept it. Evryone is differant not always on the out side though those of you who think that one type of person is strange you are the strange one would you rather people dressed like you because if you do then your thinking like hitler. and yes fel free to threten me to discredit my intelligence but i won’t even dignify it with a responce

  139. hey i like guyliner on some guyz like jared leto of 30 seconds to mars. his emo hair and guyliner get him into my fave band list cus hez so outragously adorable seriously i only like 2 of thire songz and hez not as gud a singer as adam gontier of three days grace but hez so damn hot i had to put him in as my faves!!!!! i love one of the songz thoi called the kill. yea but i like hot topic too so leave it alone or i will find u!!!!!!!!!

  140. This is very stupid, I honestly hate being tagged as the emo / scene / goth / punk/ skater , and so on “kid”
    Im normal as is everyone else who sports this style ,
    Im sorry but its who i am ,
    My back and random coloured hair ,
    My black and neon colourd eyeliner,
    My skinny jeans that honestly are so comfy .
    And my band T’s
    + my lip peircing and steached ears ,
    Whats the point in complaining about my style , I have my freedom taken away everywhere , at school im not aloud to wear my makeup freely , I truthfuly believe we should all be free to express ourselfs and not be made fun of for it . People call me alot of names for it , I’m not emo sure i have my rough times. I don’t cut . It’s just my style it’s how I feel I was made to dress and act . Im sorry if you don’t approve over that . You can have your veiws as will I have mine . I believe everyone can think freely even if it isnt what I like . It works both ways . I’m a very easy going , out going very very very happy person . It’s just my style . Boy’s who wear eyeliner just like it , its not fair to be sexest and say its anything diffrent from girls . The only true diffrence is girls and guys have diffrent “parts” . Everyone should be able to live in peace and accept eachother for who they are . Thank you for taking the time to read my outlook on this . Have a nice day

  141. This is stupid, let people do what they want to do. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

  142. Oh dear God in Heaven.

    “mezy-boi”, you don’t have to proclaim “and yes fel free to threten me to discredit my intelligence but i won’t even dignify it with a responce”

    You have already dignified it with a response. “It” being my apparent dead on presumption of your intelligence.

    I’ll give you a moment here to let that sink in or let you get your dictionary and try to make some sense of the strange, rather large words I’m using here.

    And by the way, those odd little markings in my writing are called “punctuation”.

    Look that up while you’re at it you sniveling whelp.

  143. wow this is still going on!?. people hgive it a break already. jesus,. do any of you people have lifes!!!! how do “emo” people bother you, all we do is be ourselfs sorry for being true. but really you died and made you ruler of all genre of people. i mean really. who cares bout the way someone dresses, or acts?? its not your problem its their parents. so grow the hell up and leave people alone! i hate that people like you. (not all of you) have to cry and b.itch bout other people. people have lifes and like im certain thtat they dont want people like ypu(again not all of you) in it because no body wants to hear how you think. keep it yourself. peace out you little ****ers -LiSa “the suicide beauty”

  144. oh my god
    leave the emo guys alone !
    i cant get over them !
    heres a tip
    if you want to get a girl, GO EMO !
    girls looove long hair, guyliner, and skinnys !

  145. Screw all of you. Leave people be the way they freaking want to be. All of this hating is stupid. Were ALL different and if somebody is pretending to be something they’re not, then it’s their freaking problem, don’t make it all huge and big by saying oh I think emos dumb and all of that just shut up and keep it to your self. You’re dying every second you live and you’re over here talking mess about emos……(nice dude, way to sound all big and bad by talking s**t about other people)

  146. I think emo boys are cute. I think hung-up, stuck-up white Anglo-Saxon Protestants (aka WASPS) are boring, hateful, stubborn, stodgy, and cold. It;s okay for you to wear what you want, but if others don;t fall in line with what you wear, then it is they who are despicable.
    Emo doesn’t always mean *gay* but don’t all churches spew hatred against gays day after day? Nice people, huh?

    Oh and many WASPS and other religious haters can’t spell, either, because they say they have no interest beyond their bibles. They are spoon-fed what they are told to believe by their ministers and never question what they are told.

  147. I don’t see the problem…i like emo boyz xD

  148. scratch what i said…i like emo boyz and people should be able to express themselves in there own way. LEAVE EMOS ALONE!!!!!

  149. ppl need to shut up cuz if ppl wanna dress the way they wanna then let them do it. I dress “emo” (thight clothes arm warmers and shirt and emo hair

  150. It’s all in my name down there.. yeah, you’re a fag xx.Pxx. I hope you get ran over by a bus (and you probably do too, life is just so hard isn’t it?)

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