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My Biggest Complaint About Gay Albus Dumbledore

No, I’m not bashing gays. I’m not bashing gay wizards either.

I am bashing writers who think having mysterious, questionably gay characters in children’s books does anything for plot or storyline whatsoever.

So Albus Dumbledore is gay. I don’t care, but I didn’t need to know that. Neither did anybody else really. It doesn’t do anything for the story except confuse it. This doesn’t fill in the blanks for me. Dumbldore being gay isn’t exactly the same as finding out how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader.

What is an official announcement by J.K. Rowling that Dumbledore is gay going to do for gay people? Or wizards for that matter? Will it make more people feel more comfortable about being gay because an imaginary wizard who is the head master of a school for witches has been finally outed? Will it open more doors for gay wizards in business?

I’m thinking no. To the contary, I think it actually reinforces the whole gay = fairy stereotype.

Now if Hagrad was gay, that’d be a different story.

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  1. are there any black people in these books? any jews? any steamy romance scenes? JK Boring hasn’t given me a reason to buy one of these books yet.

  2. She didn’t say he was gay to sell more books, or to make herself seem better for having a gay character. Someone asked her in an interview if Dumbledore ever had a girlfriend, and she just replied that he has not, he was gay.

    End of story, Thank you.

    BTW DBlock. There are black characters (Dean, Anglina) I don’t know of any Jewish ones, but there are some snogging (kissing) scenes in the later books. They are far from boring. The first few are a little tame and good for kids, the last 3 or 4 are quite dark and very good.

  3. Sara is right. Rowling wasnt trying to start anything she was simply answering a question and correcting parts of the new screenplay….granted, I perhaps would have just said “no, he never had a girlfriend or he never fell in love” just to avoid all this crazy stuff getting blown out of proportion, but the question was something along the lines of ’since dumbledore thought that love was the greatest power, did he ever fall in love blah blah blah’ and i suppose Rowling thought it was better to just be truthful.

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