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My Biggest Complaint About Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo

Garnier Fructis Fortifying ShampooMrs. Bacca recently switched the Bacca household from our old tried and true to Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo. I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that we were getting 33% more . . . hold a minute, I just looked at the label again and it looks like we’re not even getting “33% more for free”, we’re just getting “33% more”. Whatever. The label is not my biggest complaint about the product.

My biggest complaint about Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo is that this stuff just cakes on your scalp. All week I’ve felt like I’ve had bugs crawling on my scalp. I itch my scalp and the shampoo just peels off.

I should have known this would happen because this shampoo is one of those totally unnatural foaming kinds of shampoo. The smallest dab of the shampoo can expand to cover your entire scalp as soon as you start to lather. It takes several washings to get the initial burst of suds from your hair.

After a little reading on the label I think I’ve identified the culprit. This batch of Fructis is part of something called “The Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine System of Shampoo”. An integral part of this system seems to be something called “Anti-Frizz Serum”.

I don’t want serums in my shampoo. Take your serums somewhere else.

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo is horrible. Do not buy it unless you are trying to create a pseudo protective covering of psoriasis like scales on your hair and scalp.

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  1. I hear ya brother! Another product not to buy is Clairol Natural Instincts haircolor. It is anything but natural and my hair which was below my shoulders broke off and I had to end up cutting it.

  2. I can’t believe I thought the whole line of Sleek N Shine Products would work. I have 5 containers of worthless products.

  3. I had the same problem. But it took me a long time before i realized it was the shampoo ruining my scalp. It started with the light itching but no flakes and then my scalp would have hot spots. I would literally put ice on it. Anytime i scratched it hurt so bad. I actually started loosing hair badly. My hair was getting so thin i was so scared. I ended up at a scalp specialist and they tried the cortozone cream, steriod shots. they were only short fixes. Some of the medicnes would cause acne like sores on my scalp. It was like the medcine was too strong but helped with the itching. i finally used Ecurine Cream piled it thick on my scalp at nights and that seemed to really help. It finally dawned on me that it might be my shampoo so i totally threw it out. And used other products for about year with no problems what so ever. Until last week, i remebered loving how i really like that shampoo and thought maybe it wasnt the shampoo after all so i bought it and my scalp has been itching like crazy. Im throwing that stuff out for good. Great product of how soft it makes your hair but it ruins my scalp. I must be Allergic to something in it, i guess. i sure hope noone else has the same problems. My mom uses that shampoo with no problems.

  4. I have just used this product and the smell, odour, fumes or whatever you want to call it - makes me cough. It is a gel and when applied looks like skin peeling before you have even been in the sun.

    Anyone who normally wears reading glasses shouldn’t purchase this product without reading the back first. There in the smallest of print are the words “do not use on the face”.

    Lets face it - sun tan cream users always cover their face first.

  5. I have the same problems as Leigh has but figured it out sooner. It all started about 2 weeks after I bought the shampoo that the bumps and itching started on my scalp, then the hives started to go beyond my scalp and all over my neck and torso. I was talking to a co-worker about my hives and she said she had the same bumps on her head, and also a rash on her shoulder area, and guess what…yes she uses the same shampoo and conditioner. After reading these coments I know that we are not the only two out there that have had problems. I think I’m going organic.

  6. now im not taking tha piss or nothin coz i c ya point and i don’t use this stuff so it is probaly **** but don’t ya c what uv desended in 2 talkin bout shampoo i mean it a wird topic.

  7. I started using Garnier Fructis about a month ago; been getting sores on my head and my scalp is completely tender to the touch - did not know it was the shampoo until searching online to confirm it. I am so buying a different shampoo that is mild and won’t cause sores. :( Bummed

  8. I am really disappointed i cannot believe that my hair turned darker. it was light blonde before i had apply a barbie blonde and my hair was already blonde i was just touching up the roots so i decided to just finish the rest and i applied it as directed in the box and when i went to rinse my hair. my hair not only was it a really dark brown but it was green i would never recommend this product to anyone it is a peace of garbage.

  9. I recent started hanging out with a girl who has sensitive skin and after 2 backubs that ended in hives both times, I started wondering what it was that was causing it. I asked her if she knew of anything specific that had caused hives before and if she had ever used Grarnier. She immediately said that she had used it once and that it made her scalp burn and itch badly. Needless to say it was in the trash about 30 seconds later, along with the conditioner.

    It was making me loose my hair a bit too but for the most part I hadn’t worried about that because my hair is way to thick anyway.

    Time to switch to Mane and Tale.

  10. Seriously, it took me 2 days to get the build up out of my hair. I washed it with this horrible crappy shampoo and it ended up even dirtier! I swear by organic shampoo - any kind as long as it’s organic - or shampoo with no chemicals. They should take this crap off the market!

  11. Hmm! Its not just the Garnier sleek and shine its the whole range! I was using the one for Dry hair first because my ends were getting dry. I got this terrible build up after a week and my hair looked dirty even when i washed it. THEN i tried the body and volume one because i also have fine hair. The first night my scalp got itchy but i thought it was maybe because it was dry and didn’t condition. Tonight its so itchy i cant sleep. Its that same chicken pox itchy feeling all over my scalp. this time i used the conditioner too. It did however give my hair body. I have hot spots also just like Leigh mentioned. I say stay away from the whole Garnier range. Its cheap and nasty if you ask me.

  12. I was using Garnier Sleek & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner and started to notice my shoulders and upper arms breaking out with acne like bumps all over. The were itchy and sometimes painfulk and I could not figure out why. One day it hit me that my very long hair is always in contact with my shoulders and arms. I discontinued use and within a week everything cleared up and I’ve not had the same problem since. Reading up on it I am seeing reports of a faoming ingredient that is used by Garnier because it’s cheap which can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Nice Garnier…how much money are you saving from using a substandard foaming agent compared to the numbers of people who will no longer use your products???

  13. I was using Garnier shampoos too and my scalp and hair would itch immediately after I shampooed my hair, didn’t think it was the shampoo though til reading these comments…I also used the haircolor, which is suppose to be a permanent color, used Lt. Ash Brown, shampooed with a color-treated shampoo/conditioner, not Garnier, and my color has faded already as well as the gray roots showing…I thought Garnier was a good product, guess not…way overrated…

  14. my scalp also got this itchy feeling after uaing garnier fructis oil repair system.after the first use itself.it has been 4 months n my scalp is itching as if there is some bacteria or some insects crawling on my scalp .and especially on these particular areas.ive scratched it so much but it doesnt go away.plz help me and tell me wot to do .wot is this allergy or germs or wot.plz email me on ahmerwali@hotmail.com and gve me solution

  15. I have been using the Fructis normal new formula B3 and B6 shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks. My scalp started itching then i got hot itchy rashes over the rest of my body. I read the ingredients and it lists niacinamide (B3) which does cause skin rashes. So I wondered if anyone else is suffering from this. I have stopped using them now so hopefully it will go away soon.

  16. I can’t imagine all the problems people are having with this shampoo; I am using the Color Shield with no problem whatsoever.
    However, I do have the 40 oz. bottle and have a real problem hanging onto it. It’s too slippery and there is no place that indents where you can hang onto the large bottle How about a better bottle design?

  17. A.F give it time. I used the shampoo & conditioner for years bragging about how i loved it and now i cant use it all. Hopefully, this doesnt happen to you but keep these comments in mind if you do start to notice anything. Good luck.

  18. I have never had problems with it and i have used it for a long time! but i do what everyone is ’sposta do, change your shampoo… build up can happen with ANY shampoo that is why you should have more than one kind and switch it up a little… that will help a ton

  19. well i am having a problem right now with it i just started using the sleek and shine conditioner and about 4 days later i started getting like these pimple like things in my hair in the back of my head i didnt know what was going on! i never had that problem with a conditioner before but im pretty sure it is this product?? it didnt start until i used it! so im sure thats it dont buy this product it isnt good!

  20. Interesting–and quite startling–comments. I used Fructis Fortifying Shampoo with B3 & B6, also apricot oil, for the first time early this afternoon. I haven’t had the itching or the other reactions, but I absolutely couldn’t rinse it out; felt like I had put on way too much conditioner. I thoughtg perhaps this was one of those shampoo/conditioner combinations, but it wasn’t. Then I wondered whether I was supposed to just skip the conditioner.

    Sounds like Fructos has lost it! Used to be a very good product. Have anyone written them?

  21. I’ve been using fructis for a loooong time!Only now I realised the burning sensation in the head, after washing it, was “normal” with fructis shampoo. I would spend entire weeks with a strange sensation in the scalp, I think this led me to have some seizures… I will try organics and see what happens

  22. Funny I just googled Fructis complaint and here it is … Mine is the Fructis Style hairspray … with fruit micro-waxes … Only they aren’t that micro … I’ve literally been trying to pull globs of gum off my scalp and out of my hair for ten days now … No, I didn’t use too much or not as directed … you cannot get it out of your hair … would be interested in others’ experiences … Thanx, MJ

  23. I bought a triple pack of Garnier Fructis Nutri repair. Used it for a few days. My head was getting so itchy with ‘wild bugs’, a stopped and used La Roche Posay Kerium, that cured it. Last Friday I used Garnier again, head was driving me nuts again. On Saturday I got my hair cut, different salon shampoo. Yesterday Garnier again, and then finally the light bulb came on! All the Garnier’s gone in the bin, and it can stay there along with the Pantene!!

  24. I freakin hate this crap.It always makes me feel like i have bugs in my hair during class.But I make my mom check me for lice all the time and i never have it.I think tresseme is the best thing out there,THIS STUFF MAKES YOUR HAIR FELL DIRTIER THEN IT ALREADY WAS. I HATE THIS STUFF


  25. I have complaint for garnier fortifying shampoo my hail becomes so rough and dry originally my hair was so smooth and shiny but now it is being so rough………………. This product is so bad

  26. Garnier has ruined my hair, scalp, and life. After using Garnier I got severe itching with rashes on my scalp so much so that I lost a lot of hair and got bald spots at the places of rashes.

    Please ladies, never ever touch this shampoo. It’s better to use your body wash on your hair than using this shampoo! :(

  27. It takes me forever to wash out the shampoo! And the anti friz system soo does not work. My hair is just as frizzy as it was before and even drier. Also, ever since I started using it, my head started to itch like crazy and pimples started to break out on my hair line.. I told my mom and she said she had the same problem! I want my money back. This shampoo was supposed to make my hair better, not worse :(

  28. The only Fructis shampoo/conditioner that is really good is the ‘Shine Burst’ series, and - naturally - they discontinued it. (Supposedly for low sales)


  30. i just read all of these comments. i use the Sleek and Shine shampoo, conditioner, and anti-frizz serum. i am really scared. the horrible effect hasn’t worked on my scalp yet but i am aware it will.

  31. Extending my comment above - I was detected with infections of the scalp. It started after using Garnier Shampoo. I had got severe pimples/boils on the scalp and then it just went on getting worse. I believe Garnier’s moisturizer and conditioner formula leaves some crappy build-ups on your scalp which makes it vulnerable to infections (due to accumulated dirt).

    I am on antibiotics right now because it got detected after several months. But to try clearing it at an early stage do the following — get a natural cleanser like “shakakai” used in Indian continent (if you can’t get that, just get a clarifying shampoo). Wash your hair off with that and then apply tea tree oil (if using full strength then dilute it in some base oil like olive or coconut oil. You should not use full strength tea tree oil directly on scalp). You can also apply pure “aloe vera gel” to calm the scalp.

    If this doesn’t help in 1-2 weeks, go see a dermatologist immediately, to save any further damage.

    @Rachel: why are you waiting for the bug to catch you? Throw Garnier in trash immediately.

    Hair is one of prime cosmetic factors for a woman, you do not want to mess with it at any cost.

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  33. I only use fructis and my hair is awesome! I have really long and thick hair and its usually really unmanagable but when I use the system I can totally tame it. I have NEVER had any of the problems listed above. They sound really bad, but I really think they might have water pressure problems. Or maybe their hair is really fine/thin anyway and they need to use a shampoo that is designed for it. As for taking my shampoo off the market you all need to keep that to yourselves because I LOVE it!!!!

  34. P.S. I’ve used this shampoo since I was old enough to go buy it for myself close to ten years NEVER HAD A PROBLEM BUT GORGEOUS HAIR THAT PEOPLE CAN’T HELP BUT RUN THEIR FINGERS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi i read your post on my biggest complaint and i dont know what to tell you to do except call a lawyer after four years of suffering i have finally decided to see if i can make a case ,i am the son a hairdresser so i have never used cheap dime store products in my life i uasally use tigi bed head have for like 12 years but one day my mom brought this **** home and i only used it ONCE ,after using it my scalp started to burn and after the whole thing scabbed over ,i have never had dry scalp or even 1 flake of dandruf in my entire life ,now i cant even go out in public because my scalp crusts over with thick dead dry skin and is so itchy and tight ill go insane if i dont scratch it or peel the dead skin off in sheets but it comes right back!!! comes off in peices the size of quaters sometimes ,my hair is constantly covered in flakes and im too embarrased to go out in public ,if i do i have to spend hours in the mirror picking off the layers of dead scalp then removing it from my hair only to have it come back hours later ,this **** has completely ruined my life i used to work in a resturant but cant hold a job now because of the fact it takes hours to get my hair flake free and my scalp free of the dead skin helmut,and that only lasts a few hours before it starts to crust over again ,your the first person i have seen a post from that seems to have a similar ongoing issue ,this has been going on for 4 years with me and i have tried everything to get rid of the problem to no avail and i only used it once or twice and then went back to my regular shampoo and sometimes organic shampoo with tea tree oil i was hoping there was a class action lawsuit, but the only class action suit against them i could find had to do with false advertising about it str8ning your hair ,anyway good luck
    maybe we could find other people this has happened to and a good lawyer and start a class action suit p.s. anyone who uses any cheap drugstore hair product is crazy,maybe treesemeis ok if you really cant afford salon product

  36. I tried the fortifying length and strength line and it worked great

  37. I have used Fructis shampoo and conditioner (usually the normal version) for years and never had any problems, in fact, it suits my long, curly, quite coarse, and now dyed greying hair in a way that even expensive shampoos don’t. I have tried Molton Brown, Redken, TiGi but Fructis works best. But now I am experiencing problems finding a stockist. Maybe a lot of people are allergic to pectin?

  38. I used this product for…3 years until I started getting build up, my head itched so bad to the point where it would bleed.
    So I switched to Dove and haven’t had that problem since….
    Until I decided to dye my hair and the only product they had for colored hair was the Garnier so I thought….maybe it was the weather and my scalp was just really dry…
    Nope! The first freaking day I used it…I got build up. Not to mention my hair was greasy the next day.
    This product may smell FANTASTIC….but it sucks when it comes to actually cleaning your hair.


    I had a reaction to this same shampoo a few years ago, but tried it again last week with a trial size bottle because I was traveling and thought that maybe I was wrong before to have been suspicious of it. I KNOW it was this shampoo because almost immediately I noticed that I had a tender, red bumpy rash developing behind my right ear and on my ear. I took some benedryl and I treated it with some over the counter hydrocortazone cream and a gentle shampoo replacement and the rash fortunately went away completely in a few days It was awful though! And I know it could only have been that awful Garnier Fructis shampoo sample I used for 2-3 days. So there is definitely something in this shampoo that causes problems to people such as myself who have sensitive skin. I usually however can use any shampoo I want without a problem, I think the only other brand that I have ever been similarly bothered by has been Head & Shoulders or Pert Plus several years ago, which maybe had the same bad ingredients perhaps.

    I should mention though that my dad loves this garnier fructis shampoo….in fact it is the only one he buys! So, for some it is really bad and for others they think its great. My sister also used it last week and apparently had no issues. So just beware of it.

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