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My Biggest Complaint About Food Servers With an Opinion

The cafeteria at work serves the worst food on Earth, but that’s another complaint. It’s the servers there who piss me off the most right now, and here’s why:

You’re serving 5 different things. I will point to the ones I want and you will serve them to me. You wanna make a suggestion? Fine. Make a friggin’ suggestion, but don’t roll your eyes and be all disappointed in me when I disagree with your suggestion. I didn’t ask for your advice. I don’ t care which dish you think is the best. They all suck anyway. And you know what? You’re a ****ing food server. 80% of your day is spent digging a spoon into this slop, hovering over the fumes of vile cafeteria food, and you can’t even pronounce Chicken Cordon Bleu. So why the hell would you be so shocked when I choose not to follow your suggestion?

And why do you look so angry when I opt to avoid the brown, cold, overcooked cauliflower that’s been sitting in the same tray for the past 4 hours? You think I just don’t like vegetables? I love vegetables. I also love not sh*tting my pants at work.

Oh, and one more thing, if you’re gonna choose to not wear the gloves that are REQUIRED for a job like yours, please do not scoop up the pasta dangling from the side of my plate with your filthy bare hands to put it with the rest of me food.

yeah. thanks.

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  1. Dude, be careful with this. When I was in the Army, you basically had to have someone on the chow line to point you in the right direction. If you didn’t have someone on the other side of the line that you could trust telling you what was good, what had been spit in, what had been dropped on the floor or what was old as hell, you couldn’t be sure about what you were eating.

    I feel your pain but at the same time, things could get bad if you piss these people of power off. Yes, chow line workers are “people of power”. Anyone who has access to your food out of your direct line of sight can be dangerous.

  2. Bring your lunch, and just remember not all food service workers are like what you are describing. Instead, say that some workers you have encountered are that way.

  3. M, I’m talking about the food servers in my workplace cafeteria. In no way did I claim that all food servers are this way. If you’re gonna comment on my complaint, make sure you read it carefully. And don’t come here to give me a lesson in morals and ethics because that contradicts this website in a major way.

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