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My Biggest Complaint About Employees With Facial Piercings

Guess who’s not getting a job here?

Sure, there is a time for rebellion. You’re young. Grow your hair long, shave it off. I don’t care. Puncture that beautiful mug, get a tatto across your forehead that says “Whore”. It’s your life, screw it up.

But don’t think for a second I have to employ you when you have, as a dear friend of mine describes it, “Sh*t in your face.”

And woe unto the business that doth employ the pinhead. It would be tough to find a better way to say, “We can’t find anyone else to work here… sorry, this is the best we can do.”

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  1. You said as well as anyone can. Just those who think they need another hole in their head cuz thier brains can’t easily leak out the ones given at birth. Specially in food service how repulsive are you who have tats and peircings sticking out of your head. Another one is obese people specially in food service (how wise a businessman who uses the obese to turn off his customers from eating his food in ample quanities). There are many employers who require tattoos be covered umm on the face thats hard to do!

    Oh and by the way don’t poke your eye out with your cigar!

  2. Three reasons I don’t shop at Whole Foods.

    1. High prices (I understand high quality, but there is a happy medium at a lower price)
    2. I can’t find anything ( The layout seems odd to me, but maybe I am freaked out by #3)
    3. Facial Piercings

  3. i’m happy to finally fully agree with you on something, Bossman. Facial piercings are dangling silver billboards that read “I make poor life decisions”. Image is incredibly important to a company and the employees create that image. If you stretched out your earlobes wide enough that I can fit my finger through them, you are not a desireable representation of a business. It’s good to be different, but it’s even better to do it without looking like an attention whore.

  4. @Dblock, I’m starting to think you would fit well over in human resources.

  5. I’m pretty much in agreement with this, too. Choices do have consequences, and while I agree with a person’s freedom to pierce his/her face, it doesn’t make it a good career move.

  6. I can’t stand having to try and talk to someone at a store who’s got a ring hanging off their lip, or off their eyebrow, or even worse, some hideous tattoo across their neck. Its detracting, if not disgusting.

  7. I think it was Dennis Miller who first brought this up. “Let’s see, what can I possibly do to make myself LESS employable!”

  8. I don’t use drugs, rarely drink, I have a respectable job, and will be keeping it for a long time to come.

    I also have facial piercings.

    I’m a locksmith, I travel to customer’s houses and places of business to repair locks and secure their assets. Neither my boss, or my customers, have a problem with my facial piercings.


    Because I’m clean, punctual, friendly and I’m good at my job.

    No doubt all of the people who posted above me know plenty of people, male and female, with pierced ears. Some of you probably even employ these people.

    You must also consider that people in many cultures have been practicing piercing for centuries for various cultural and religious reasons. nobody here has the right to judge anybody for their reasons for doing such things.

    A little concurrence never hurt anybody.

    Neither has a facial piercing.

  9. Ickday said:

    You must also consider that people in many cultures have been practicing piercing for centuries for various cultural and religious reasons. nobody here has the right to judge anybody for their reasons for doing such things.

    Agreed, nobody should make judgment for someone’s looks; however, the post is not talking about judgment, the post is talking about hiring someone for a job and a judgment of sorts is the right of any employer hiring someone.

    Don’t give me the “culture” argument and don’t give me the “religious” argument. I’m thinking 99% of the dudes and dudettes getting their tounges pierced and their eyebrows gouged don’t know sh-it about cultural or religious reasons for doing something like that.

    And while we’re at it… what cultures and what religions influenced your decision to pierce your face?

  10. Wow. I’m shocked at some of the bias and bigotry displayed here. Jewelery is something that humans have used to decorate themselves for thousands of years. We still do it today. Many of us wear bracelets, necklaces, or have our ears, noses, eyebrows, lips, etc pierced. Body decorations can be very classy in my personal opinion. I like my many body piercings, and consider them sophisticated. I like this form of decoration. If you don’t want to wear jewelry yourself, that’s fine too. Don’t wear any. However, you shouldn’t attack others for doing so.

    And re: Mark, Whole foods does not allow facial piercings other than on the ears and a stud in the nose. All others must be retained.

    Please, have a lovely and open-minded day.

  11. Oops. Make that “Re: DW17″. Sorry, Mark.

  12. RedneckTech
    (I think it was Dennis Miller who first brought this up. “Let’s see, what can I possibly do to make myself LESS employable!”)

    You know i find it very interesting that u say that considering i have worked in retail since i was 14 and some of the worst people i have hired have been people who have thought like that in fact most of the people that i have met with facial piercings have been great workers and great with people at the age of 49 i em now i tattoo artist and i have been for 8 years and to say that some one is “”LESS employable”’ is like saying some one who has a elongated neck( being from india) cant be employed

  13. also it is discrimanating to make such claims just as u cant say ( im not going to hire u because u smoke or because of the color of there skin how stupid are u to say you are less likely to hire some one because of what u think they should or should not do to there own body’s you as employers should consider every thing but the color of there skin, whether they have tattoos or piercings

  14. the ignorance is KILLING me. you all sound like my father. (with the exception of the last few posts, of course)

  15. Facial piercings are artistic.

  16. I am apalled by the opinions displayed on here.

    I understand that piercings are a choice one makes, and that, yes, it is something employers are going to consider. Appearance is very important in making a good first impression.

    What I am disgusted by is that you people are willing to make such generalities and stereotypes. You would not accuse all people of [insert race here] stupid. Well, this seems to be precisely what you are doing here. As someone intelligently pointed out, people with pierced ears are widely employed. In fact, ear-piercing is often done to babies. This is something that has become widely accepted in our culture. There is no difference between ear piercings and facial piercings except the fact that facial piercings have not become as culturally accepted.

    They will be.

    Somehow, I doubt that your repulsion at piercings stems from the appearance of the piercings themselves. Rather, it probably stems from your disgust of something you see as aberrant.

    I suggest you people open your minds a little bit.

    Appearance is important to a company, but piercings do not change the qualities of the person. If someone is the most qualified for the job, then it should not matter what they decide to do. As an employer, you have the ability to discuss this with them and find a compromise - like removing piercings at work. Yes, you can remove them, you know! They are not welded to the person!

    Please, stop living in utter ignorance.

    By the way, unpierced people aren’t the only ones who have knowledge of culture and religion. Stop stereotyping.

  17. I love my piercing and will never take it out. People are ignorant. I don’t make fun of you because your wearing a shirt that I may not like or you dyed your hair a different colour. That is your personal choice and people should respect that. Why don’t we quit saying “first impressions are everything” and change that to “lets get to know someone for who they really are and look deeper than outer appearances.” I did not get my piercing to be rebellious or to “screw up my life” as your friend called it. I got it cuz it represents an important time in my life. When I look at it in the mirror I smile because it reminds me of where I’ve been and where I’ve come to. I dont refer to it as “s*it on my face” It’s a beautiful piece of me that I would never want to give up. So great, go ahead and say that people with facial piercings and tattoos won’t find jobs but I’ll give you hundreds of people who have found wonderful good paying jobs. Just because your an ignorant close-minded person doesn’t mean everyone else is, so don’t speak on behalf of them. Thank you

  18. I can not believe how close-minded you people are. I am disgusted at the thoughtless comments that some of the people have made here. You give no solid evidence of how piercings make people “make poor life decisions” as DBlock put it.

    You disgust me, all of you who can’t use your puny excuses of brains for one second to actually break free from your tight-ass uniformed, pre-determined, drone like thoughts and “ways of life” to realize that just because someone decides to get a piercing that it does NOT, IN ANY WAY, mean that said person is unintelligent and unable to sustain a functional job.

    I also applaud those of you who spoke against this ridiculous post. This type of posting just shows how incongruous (look it up) and, frankly, ignorant you people really are.

    And about the random, pointless comment about the obese people working in restaurant….I hope God has mercy on your soul. I don’t understand how people like you can survive in a world like this, you heartless bastard.

  19. I believe that the biases being passed here are very childish. It is of equivalence to being racist, or sexist. Just because somebody enjoys expressing themselves in a different way then you may, does not mean that they are any less qualified for doing the job than you are. I have twenty man made holes in my body. No, my brain is not “leaking” out of them, and though I have had some trouble being hired, my bosses have always felt badly about judging me before giving me a chance to show them my above average abilities.
    You ignorant assholes.

  20. First lets get something straightened out here! Some of you are saying this is like discriminating against skin color. Well what you stick thru you lip or paint into the skin of your forehead is a choice, sex, race, skin color, national origin etc. are not choices they are facts that you are stuck with. So there is clearly not any similarity in discriminating against one for his choices vs. that which is beyond his control. Some of you go as far as to say if you’re the most qualified for the job then your piercing or tattoos should not matter. Well surprise if your tattooed up one side and down the other and work in a restaurant in the front line service you turn me off eating at that restaurant and therefore are less qualified than someone who has no visible tattoos or piercing. Likewise if your teeth are rotting out.

    Now as for wise life choices, let explore this a bit further. Piercing let just take the of the tongue for now. There are many maladies which can occur from a pierced tongue such as gingivitis and broken/chipped teeth. I don’t know about you but I want to keep my chompers fully intact as long as possible tongue piercing not really a wise choice in my book. And how about he waitress who has a tongue piercing and sprays you with saliva as a result as she takes your order. Yeah It has happened even to me! Now for tattoos the ink for these colorful skin designs is made of some pretty nefarious things at times. Some of the brighter colors have a large amount of ground plastic and brighter colors may even be somewhat metallic. Well you say so what. That’s until you have to have an MRI and half your face burns off because of the metallic/magnetic pigments your decided to inject under you skin.

    I happen to know one of the best tattoo artists in the world. He is #1 award winning artist at this time. (want to know who he is look it as said by someone else earlier). Well this guy tattoos professionals from all walks of life and from many different countries as I said he is one of the best. He told me if you come to his shop and ask for a tattoo of barbed wire around your arm your grandfather better have invented barbed wire. This fellow has most of his body covered in tattoos and says he regrets most of them. He turns away many people every day who want to get tattoos for silly or foolish reasons and this fellow does not want to be a part of the regret. He once told me those spinner you know the rims that keep spinning they are pretty cool well at least you may think so in your youth or right now but years from know you may think how stupid you were to have spent all this money on this stupid fad that everybody thinks is really stupid now. Then he pulls up his shirt sleeve and say says what if that spinner were right here for the rest of your life? Kinda makes ya think huh?

    As for you Becca with what you think are big words incongruous you really think we all have to look it up? If you yourself had a clue what the word means then you would certainly feel embarrassed about using it in the context you have used it. As those who step outside the norm those who stray from what is commonly accepted practices are those who are incongruous. And today in almost every jurisdiction in the USA employers have the right to terminate or refuse employment to those who do not behave in a manner consistent with the work environment they are seeking employment or are employed. For example do you really think any tattoo shop would hire a tattoo artist who has no tattoos himself no matter how good an artist he is? Some goes with the machine shop not hiring he who has huge chains dangling from his chin which may get caught in the machinery, Or he/she who has a hideous image painted under the skin of his face is unlikely to be hired to work where he greets the public unless there is specific reasons for that such as front gate at a haunted house.

    Bottom line here is the life choices you make dictates who you will be and dictates how you will be perceived by the outside world. There is a time and a place for everything If you don’t want to be rejected from most customer service jobs don’t do things to limit your chances ie getting a tattoo on your face.

    As for obese people serving me my food, I may be alone on this one but I certainly I am less interested when my server is fat! (also a choice)

  21. Well, Mark. You may have made some good points. I don’t know. Why? Because I don’t listen to people who can’t form grammatically sound sentences. You just make yourself look like an idiot, especially when trying to argue the linguistic abilities of those before you - oh yeah, and if you had looked it up you would have found incongruous to mean “out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming” which actually does make sense in the context Becca used it in. Go back to school.

  22. ok my bad so I have a little more of a life than you and don’t really have the time to go back and proof my postings on a site with people who cannot intelligently argue a point. Oh well, believe what my must, I will not be hiring you anytime soon I’m sure.

    And yeah, looks like you almost got the definition of incongruous correct. Those who are out of place, ie tattoos on the face of a customer service rep are indeed incongruous and yes Becca’s use of this word is out of place and in itself incongruous!

    Oh and Genevieve how pray tell do you listen to the written word? If you really want to pick apart at petty specifics we can all do it right?

    Perhaps you should have paid more attention in class today instead of texting your friends all day!

  23. Yes, actually. If one person decides to start “picking apart at petty specifics” then it opens it up to everyone. I believe you’ll find that you began this in correcting Becca’s use of the word incongruous.

    As for your hiring me, which is rather irrelevant, I highly doubt that you would find anything disagreeable about employing me if you ever met me. I don’t have piercings or tattoos, I dress conservatively, and I respect my employers. If you jumped to conclusions that are not in accordance with these facts, that is not my problem.

    Now, as for that part that really matters, your original post did make some good points. You will find that I acknowledged in my original post that tattoos and piercings are personal decisions and that the individual should make them with the consequences in mind. However, employers should be looking at the personal qualities of the individual first, and appearance second. If the person is truly the best for the position, then the employer should address the issue of appearance at that point.

    As for your points regarding health concerns, while they are valid points, they are rather irrelevant to the issue at hand. If people want to put their health at risk (and people do - take smoking, as another example) then that is their choice, and not the concern of the employer.

    Lastly, you seem to make the assumption that the positions being discussed are solely customer service or positions in which the employee is highly in contact with the clients. What is your opinion on hiring people with tattoos or piercings for positions in which the employee is not as visible to the clientele?

    (As a final note, although it’s completely unimportant, I don’t “text” my friends. I don’t own a cellphone and when I am in class I don’t have a computer at hand.)

  24. @Genevieve, first I must say thanks for somewhat intelligible discussion. As for Becca’s use of the word incongruous it certainly should not be interpreted as picking at petty specifics. She directed the word as a descriptor for those posting. In so doing she made a huge mistake or at least a huge metaphor in her word choice while making it a valid discussion. A petty specific such as “listening to the written word” has no bearing on the topic of discussion.

    Ok so on to the real meat of the discussion here. You said “However, employers should be looking at the personal qualities of the individual first”. It is just like, if you walk into a job interview stinking to high heaven wearing rags for cloths, you had better bring with you some real wit to overcome. Same goes with the piercing and tattoos, wear them but you had better compensate. My point with the medical issues associated with tattoos and piercing was illustrative to the fact these are poor life choices. Being poor life choices the employer judges your judgment and does not hire you! They are poor life choices for many other reasons medical and otherwise and yes the fact that some see these acts as “aberrant” is another. Take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of tattoos where, when and how. Military yes respectable yes, akin to the drunken sailor brings a bad connotation. The prevalence of tattooing in the prison system is overwhelming perhaps where much of the aberrations come from. Perhaps the general stereotype of a tattooed person is that of blue collar, dirty and otherwise of lower social economic standing. Today this is hardly a truism but on the same token you do not see too many professionals with tattoos and piercing visible to their clients, patients or customers.

    Now as for piercing of the ear vs. facial piercing, there is a huge and dramatic difference. The ear is composed mostly of cartilage and has a very low supply of blood. This makes this area very innocuous when conducting an invasive procedure upon it, such as peircing. The tongue, lip, cheek, eyebrow belly button and other commonly selected areas for piercing is soft tissue highly profuse with blood. The healing time for ears can be a few days where some of these other parts can take up 6 months or even a year to heal properly and exposes the recipient to much pain, swelling and infection risk.

    Yes I agree people take risks with their health all the time. Smoking is another one where employers can and do terminate people as a result. There was even a recent case where an employer terminated in mass people who smoke even when not at work. Yes they fired people who never ever smoked at work but smoked on their own time away from work. Stated reason to lower the health care benefits package cost. I believe this one was fought in court and I’m unsure of who prevailed. They can also argue smokers cause more lost work time due to sick leave. The point here is it can and has been done.

    Good for you and another example of a petty specific.
    “(As a final note, although it’s completely unimportant, I don’t “text” my friends. I don’t own a cellphone[sic] and when I am in class I don’t have a computer at hand.)”
    “And woe unto the business that doth employ the pinhead. It would be tough to find a better way to say, “We can’t find anyone else to work here… sorry, this is the best we can do.””

    Customer service or not the original post as quoted above is about employment of those with tattoos and piercing.

  25. I got a piercing myself a few weeks ago, and it did nothing to help me. First of all i get this disgusting hole in my nose - and for like a week-and-a-half it looked great, but it soon got like really infected. Also, like the day after i got it, some lady complained about it to my employer, and they let me go, because i was still on my 90-day probation! Is that fair? Then some jocks at school kicked my ass for being “emo” as they call it, and of course my mom flips out. I mean, i got in one little fight, and my mom gets scared; tells me i’m moving in with my auntie and uncle in bel-air! So i whistled for a cab, and when it came near, the license plate said fresh, and there was dice in the mirror. Well, if i could see anything, it’s that this cab was rare, but i thought “Oh, man, forget it - Yo-ho! The Bel-air!”.

  26. Thanks for the testimonial RickAnon. Just goes to show this post has credibility wheather or not right or wrong. The mainstream of people still at this day do not like this abberant behavoir and you are reducing your chances at success in life unless you have the extreme talant of the rock stars and sports stars who get thier body art. In most juristictions performing body art on a minor (assuming you are as your moms reaction) is illegal without parental consent.

    (and yes genevieve this little post has grotesque mispellings and poor gramer kudos to you!)

  27. I hope you realize you just got bel-aired, Mark. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go here: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/w/will+smith/fresh+prince+of+belair_20146970.html

    That post wasn’t serious at all.

  28. So genevieve? Are you saying you have personal knowledge that the above post is “untrue”. Many kids talk in riddles and lyrics of song. Guess they can’t think for themsleves owell. The testimonial given above true or not for he who gave it certainly it is true for many many people. An example my dental hygenist told me her husband went and got a tattoo on his arm. The next day at work his employer told him he just made the choice to wear long sleeve shirts for the rest of his career. Ok in the winter but the hot hot summers here not so good. My tattoo artist friend tells me stories of all the nose peircings he has to litterally dig out of puss filled infections for those who went to a low quality shop without proper knowledge.

    And yes genevieve, I am quite aware of the theme song for the show fresh prince of Bell air. So I guess this is where I cry sobing uncontrollably whimpering and sighing at the stupidity I have shown in not knowing a dupe…. Well like I said its not a dupe even if the author is lying he speeks for the many who have the same experience.
    so yes it was serious
    oh no
    Ive been duped
    oh what shall I do now?

  29. Wow. Of all the immature comments that have been made on this thread (including my own), that takes the cake. Bravo, Mark. Bravo.

    And on that note, I’m going to end this discussion. Nice ‘conversing’ with you, Mark. Goodbye.

  30. Oh yummy cake I love cake (actually I don’t) but since I have it might as well make the most of it. I guess you show your age and lack of hummor. Yeah and I really like your validation technique of referencing your own immaturity almost had me convienced.

    its actually called satire not imaturity.

    Again perhaps you should have paid attention in class instead of ploting your next mybiggestcomplaint post favoring the incongruous, or what ever you would call them.

  31. Actually, Mark, i can and will attest to the fact that the above comment is not only untrue, but that it was made solely to make you look like an idiot - or as those of us well versed in the ways of the internet would put it, to “troll” you; and while this isn’t necessarily the best use of my time, it produced considerable humor at your expense, otherwise known as “lulz”. Basically, Mark, you are one of the most talented foot-in-mouth artists I’ve ever encountered. And your idea of satire is very weak; the entire idea behind satire is to mock something in a witty and lighthearted way, so unless you were attempting to lampoon yourself, you failed miserably (or as the internet prefers, an “Epic Fail”). My advice to you is to stop posting on the internet because you’re simply going to encounter people like genevieve and myself who are far superior to you intellectually, and promptly make an ass of yourself trying to debate us. Consider this a rare moment of kindness from the internet hate machine.

    Remember these words, friend and you’ll have a much easier time on the internet:

    United as one, divided by zero; we are anonymous, we are legion; we do not forgive, we do not forget - expect us.


  32. Wow, the ignorance of the majority of comments on this site is deplorable. It is interesting to me that individuals get so angry about a form of self expression that is essentially harmless, unintrusive and-in my perspective-of artistic inclination: how about all of you ignorant people focus your mental efforts on something legitimately worthy of discussion and, dare I say it, socially relevant? Just a thought. If there is one thing I am positive of, it is that those who are so swift to judge often do so because of heightened personal insecurity. Often, if they were truly happy, these people would be focusing on the virtues of one’s character instead of superficial entities that speak to nothing of one’s personality. Perhaps all of you judgemental people should start to focus on volunteering in the local community, enhancing one’s education, directing one’s voice toward actual global injustice: all of which I do, with-heaven forbid-a facial piercing. The only thing that can be said to you ridiculous people is ‘get a life’.

  33. Wow, Rickannon I’m so impressed by your intrinsic knowledge of the internet, had I only known what a lutz was I might have been able to save my face. You are so thoroughly versed in internet ese you must even know Al Gore personally, after all he did invent the internet. I really do love how you put the anthropomorphic feel on the internet!

    Now since you obviously did not pay enough attention in your Jr. High Class today here sir is the definition of satire as given by wikipedia.

    “Satire is strictly a literary genre, although it is found in the graphic and performing arts as well as the printed word. In satire, human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, or other methods, ideally with an intent to bring about improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humor in itself so much as an often quite angry attack on something the author strongly disapproves, using the weapon of wit.

    A very common, almost defining feature of satire is its strong vein of irony or sarcasm, but parody, burlesque, exaggeration, juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing. The essential point, however, is that “in satire, irony is militant”[2]. This “militant irony” (or sarcasm) often professes to approve the very things the satirist actually wishes to attack.”

    Source wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire

    You say “the entire idea behind satire is to mock something in a witty and lighthearted way” Where may I ask is the lighthearted way in the irony, sarcasm, anger, disapproval, and militant attitudes in real satire?

    Now sir (umm satire again) who is the foot in mouth artist?

    If you really want to sound intelligent instead of sound like a little kid loose the slang (yeah I said slang) and speak intelligently about facts not made up stories. Present yourself with sources and referrals which can be verified don’t just make up definitions to fit what you want the word to mean! Then maybe someone will actually take you seriously.

    Remember these words, friend and you’ll have a much easier time in life:

    He who laughs last laughs best…………

    Thanks for playing !

  34. I think that people should not judje someone according his/her appearance!It’s not fair!But well sometimes it’s hard for someone to trust another person who has pearcings on his/her face and a lot of tattoos taht look even discussting,and eassume him/her in his business!!!!!!believe me it’s very complicated!!

  35. Sofaki, you got it right but when someone chooses to look a certain way then you are not judging their looks you are judging their choices.

  36. Bossman i think that is your own opinion and yes you are intitled to it, but if they want to get a tattoo or a piercing, its not your decision, not your body, not your say, so what if you have to look at it? Do you really think they care? You are the smallest of they’re worries in a fast past world. Our world is growing, and the development of things like facial piercings is aswell, and no matter what you think it is going to progress, and there is nothing that anyone can do, people will do what makes them happy, and you shouldnt bitch about something like that. & another thing, facial piercings arent dangling things on someones face that say “I make poor life decisions”, they make the decisions that make them happy, how is that a bad decision? If it makes you happy with yourself? Look at our world, no one gives a flying **** as to what other people think about them anymore, because in the end, everyone is different, and everyone has different aspects. So enough of this complaining! This thread is pointless, its over the interent for christ sakes. If you have a severe problem with this, go hide in your own home and never leave the house, simple you will never have to look at another human bieng with a facial piercing. Hermit. I myself have facial piercings, #1 i didnt get fired from my job, #2 i have worked there for 2 months now with facial piercings, and no one has complained, #3 its your attitude, not the facial piercing that gets you fired.
    & to be honest, i have the one of the supposidly scariest facial piercings. & nothing has changed drastically in my life, exept for the fact that i love my piercings! & im happy with myself.

  37. sorry guys! forgot to tell this straight up to you bossman, dont think that just because they want to be employed that they come to you because you are the highest in all career fields, because you arent, your company ( as to what ever it is ) is a minor split in they’re side, so what if you dont hire them? All they have to do, is walk across the street to the next company, no biggy on they’re part.

  38. agreed with sofaki

  39. What cracks me up is the person who says they won’t shop at Whole Foods because they’re worried some of the staff might have facial piercings.

    Wow. I’m not one to harp overmuch on being ‘judgmental’ or ‘closed-minded’, but damn.

    Regarding the religious/cultural angle. While obviously most whitebread middle American teenagers aren’t getting piercings for religious reasons, nose studs are about equivalent to pierced ears in Indian culture. I went to a predominantly South Asian high school (in the USA), and the administration decided to allow nose studs precisely because, culturally, half the student body (and their parents) didn’t see it as “extreme” but as part of their culture.

    Also, regarding employability — I have friends who are CPAs, attorneys, veterinarians, etc. who have nose rings and other conservative facial piercings. My doctor has her nose pierced. Welcome to the 21st century, guys.

  40. I think it is amazing that so many of you can sit there and judge people like that. I myself do not have anything pierced and I doubt that will change, but I would never make a decision about someone’s work ethic or character based on something like that. That is absolutely shameful. Imagine if standards of dress never changed. We would all be thought of in a different light. These are modern forms of self expression that should be received as such. Just like choice of music and activity. I feel sorry for you people who waste YOUR time worrying about OTHER PEOPLE’S choice. You all should travel more…

  41. Hey Gary, I think you hit the point right on with what you said if is a form a self expression, so is pointless vandelism so are many other things. That in fact is why a judgment is passed on people who express oneself no matter what the mode of self expression. Im just saying life is really hard enough without doing things likd poking holes in your face to reduce your chances even more. Kinda like a multimillinoer friend of mine once said and were talking about facial hair here something very changable. He said that very few people look good with facial hair and it is a distraction thats why many attorneys and psychotherapists wear facial hair to take the attention off of themselves. He said some peole may look good with a mustache but if paul bunnion walks in and sits down beside you it will probably be a turnoff. He said he would never let a few onces of hair keep him from the success he desires.

    Just some food for thought!

  42. Ok ok ok… So people with piercings are devil worshiping and down right evil people! NO I THINK NOT! I am a hair stylist and I have been asked to take my piercings out for a job and I won’t! What some people don’t understand is that when you get them .. Your in a certain state in you life. My piercings remind me of my healing process! I love them and they make me who I am! My friends and family all accept me for who I am, this are my thoughts not yours, all I have is my monroe and my nose. But till this day I won’t take them out for anyone! Have a great day!

  43. Well I’m not sure anyone with facial piercings would want to work for someone as stupid as you.

    Get documented scientific proof that piercings or tattoos decrease one’s intelligence/ability to preform at a job and then I might consider what you have to say.

    I hope you children (or you grandchildren, your opinion makes you sound like a fossil) turn out to be metal heads.

  44. Whoa now back up a minute Anonymous. Nobody here has really said that people with tattoos and facial piercings are less intelligent or have any reduced ability. It has only been said that this behavoir reduces ones chances in life to gain the most with the least effort. Nobody walks down the street and says hey that guy would look really good with a bar thru his nose! There are however, plenty of people who walk down the street see the guy with a bar thru his nose and say that is not attractive (to be polite with the wording). Quite to the contrary there are many people with tattoos and piercings who are very intelligent and very hard workers. Its only public perception we are talking about here.

    It is however, people who pop off with the vile hatred, name calling and ill wishes for his fellow are the ones with the real problems.

  45. I think this is very immature. I have two piercings on my face; nose and monroe. I don’t think they’re trashy, and I don’t think you should be labeled for it. Its a way to express who you are. It’s cool to have your opinion, but I really don’t think people should be treated differently or looked at differently because unlike some people, we have the guts to show who we really are. (:

  46. Bethany,

    Wear a three peice suite walk down the street. Then wear the cloths you would use to paint your house. Treated any differntly between the two outfits? You bet you are. Same thing here. What you wear, wheather its metal in your face or silk ties and 3 peice suites it does not change who you are it may change how you feel about yourself and it definatly changes how people preceive you.

    Now as for your piercings and what they really represent they are

    Egocentric (A form of immaturity in which)
    You are self-centered and selfish. You have little regard for others and you are preoccupied with your ideas, feelings and symptoms. You deeply believe that you are somehow special. You demand constant attention, respect and sympathy.

  47. I find myself drawn to people with tattoos and piercings so as to avoid ignorantly bigoted ones such as the primary poster and subsequent ‘tards.

    I’ve no facial piercings myself as it seems a little like adding an extra Achiles heel or set of testicles to your head, but I DO find people with visible markings or shrapnel to be much more trustworthy.

  48. It’s appalling that you cannot see past a facial piercing or two. To some people piercing is much more than just a piece of metal to adorn a face, its a life statement, and not one that says - “I make poor life choices” or “i’ve screwed up my life” You really should open up your minds a little. How can a piece of metal offend you? I am in no doubt that you will employ those with ear piercings, which I feel is overly hypocritical. I have facial piercings and have gotten jobs easily. I’ve even been allowed to keep them in whilst at work, and I received compliments and questions from customers who were genuinely intrigued. By posting this kind of garbage I’m pretty sure you are going to ruin things for those who may potentially employ those with piercings, but may think twice after reading your rant. You shouldn’t be so judgmental of what you clearly do not understand. This piece offends me.

  49. A facial piercing has not effect on an employee’s ability to perform a task. It is merely there for a spiritual or aesthetic reason. Body modifications become more popular every year, I alone know at least 20 people with piercing, those people probably know 20 more and so on. Companies will eventually be forced to accept it because there are so many people with them, including you.

  50. “Body modifications become more popular every year, I alone know at least 20 people with piercing, those people probably know 20 more and so on. Companies will eventually be forced to accept it because there are so many people with them, including you.”

    In the meantime, good luck finding a job. You’ll have a great career after social structure, workplace culture, dress codes, and client expectations, change. In the meantime, many people with facial piercings will be compromising their income, benefits, career potential, and retirement. If you can make that work for you, great, but people who are considering getting (or have) facial piercings should really consider the consequences and how it will impact them.

  51. My biggest problem with the whole facial piercing thing is that people who “want” facial piercings that I talk to can never accept the fact that “I” don’t like them personally and that I think it is unattractive.

    The facially pierced want / expect me to accept them with the piercings in their face but yet absolutely refuse to accept my opinion that I DON’T LIKE IT!

    Seems like the folks who want it done to their faces have a huge double standard of, “accept me for my choices but screw your opinion on the whole thing”.

    I mean seriously, I have LOST friends over the argument because I dont agree with it. This is Foo Bar if you ask me. And now my girlfriend wants a lip ring and I am trying to tell her I don’t like it. Yup! You guessed it, she can’t accept my opinion, yet I have to deal with her attitude on the whole thing.

    I love my girlfriend the way she is, a hoop in her lip will make it harder for me to kiss her (she disagrees) and I don’t think it will do a DAMN thing for her future.

    Bottom line… I am guessing and rather certain that the facially pierced will never accept ME because I don’t agree with the logic of a CIVILIZED society piercing their faces. I like PEOPLE not jewelry!

    I find it extremely frustrating talking to someone who likes facial piercings. It always turns into an argument and they ALWAYS end up claiming I am an asshole because I don’t agree with it.

    Since when am I the wierd one for not wanting me or my loved ones and friends to butcher their faces?

    If you knew why other civilizations pierced their faces you would see that FOR THE MOST part it was to instill fear in their enemies.

    I don’t care if you pierce your face. I never will. I woulnt treat you any differently if you did pierce your face, but for the love of God and all that is holy… I am not a bad person because I don’t agree with you, nor am I closed minded or shallow.

    This is so frustrating for me because I feel like I am the odd one out in the whole argument when the other party is just SO GOSH DARN STUBBORN ABOUT THE WHOLE THING!

    FFS! Will I lose my girlfriend who I love dearly because I don’t like piercings? Would that be right? I have already lost friends over it so I know how far the argument can go.

    I just don’t think I should feel bad for HAVING AN OPINION yet the other party always makes me feel like I have done something wrong for not agreeing with facial piercings.


    Im out’ … lataz’

  52. I do not currently have a facial piercing, but I’m trying to convince my mother to let me get one. I do understand that facial piercings will affect the way people look at me, but I do not think they should hold me back from advancing my future. My piercings will say nothing about my character or responsibility so I don’t see why they matter.
    And those of you saying that they show poor decision making have no proof. I’m looking very deeply into the effects that a piercing could have on me healty-wise. I’m fully aware of the effects it could have and how to counter them. I understand if you do not like the way they look, but it is our choice to wear them.
    I see no difference between facial piercings and make up. Would you base your decision to hire someone on whether or not they wear makeup? I highly doubt it. Facial piercings have the same concept. They are used as decoration.
    And I do know about historical and culturaly reasons for facial piercings. I don’t claim to be an expert on it, but I know enough. For example, in India, nose rings were thought to help with child birth because the area is associated with female reproductive organs. So you saying that because I’m only 15, I won’t know about the cultural reasons behind facial piercings have no foundation.
    And on another note, Mark, you asked for pro-piercing people to provide credible sources like you did. However, your source was not credible. Wikipedia is easily edited; therefore, cannot be used as a source.
    Back to the main topic though. I am still in high school, and I want a facial piercing. I’m the top student in my grade and I’m very active in school. I take part in clubs and academic programs. I don’t see how a facial piercing would hinder that. I’m mature and responsible. I am an officer in the club Youth Activist Coalition, and I have a job as manager of a local band. In no way should a facial piercing affect how people percieve me as a person. I should have the chance to prove my capabilities before being judged due to a hole in my skin.
    Facial piercings are not offencive, they are a choice and a form of self-expression. I would never try to get someone to get a piercing just because I like them. And I wouldn’t look at them differently because they don’t have a piercing. I feel that I deserve the same respect.

  53. I find this taboo about peircings in the workplace laughable, or at least I would if it didn’t mean people losing out on good jobs because they have a nose stud! Not to mention the hassle teenagers get for it in schools (excluding safety issue in sports/DT obviously).

    I’m just amazed by so many comments stating it is vomit-inducing and pretentious. It’s a piercing, 5 year old girls have them!

    I’m just amazed in the 21st century its not legally protected. In my small business, I have several members of staff with facial peircings, and as long as they keep them clean by H&S standards its none of my business! Its such a small thing and yet its treated like the plague!

    As mentioned I know its a choice rather being born with it, but does THAT make a difference? If you hire a post-op Transexual and she gets sexually harassed, is it her fault for choosing to become a woman? You may find that a high convoluted arguement but then the arguement against piercings is hardly based in fact or hard data.

    If someone complained about my employees PERSONAL CHOICES I’d call them a bigoted moron and throw them out. I’m amazed that while racial equality, woman’s rights, gay rights all become part of the workplace, something so trivial as a piercing is consider upsetting to a workplace enviroment.

    And by the way Im a 47 year old ex-Sergeant who has never had and never wish to have a tatoo or piercing.

  54. Well, I’m a little late on adding my 2 cents but that’s obviously not going to stop me.
    I’m sorry that you’re a middle management yuppie with minimal education and a penchant for whining. I’m sure that the productivity level of a person with a facial piercing is much lower than their less pierced counterpart because the choice to “sow wild oats” is better left to spending money on expensive cars and other status symbols.
    God knows I’ve only reached a modicum of success by conforming. I have no qualms with the fact that indeed, I must look a certain way in order to be properly received, however I resent the perpetuation of this ridiculous stereotype.
    We cannot regulate taste in fashion or any of the other ways to judge a book by its cover so we ought not get a little angry when someone has made the decision to wear a simple piece of jewelry. . .it’s no different than the secretary who shows VPL’s at all times (which is offensive to me) or the unfortunate mop of faux hair that many men seem to be sporting on their heads.
    Hey pot, this is kettle. . .stop calling me black!

  55. Well, late for my comments on this, but i just had to butt in it.

    I am a female graduate, currently applying for jobs. I have double lip piercings, tongue and my nostril pierced on my face. These however I can quite easily take out for job interviews and during the working hours as I’m one of the few that don’t heal over that fast.

    The Op and genevieve really disgusted me on here, and quite frankly genevieve’s lack of knowledge on the health risks of piercings is rather uneducated.

    Ear piercings take longer to heal than oral piercings, eh? I have a few (retired) standard lobe piercings, and a couple of cartilidge piercings knocking around in my ears. Well let’s just say, the cartildge piercings took 4x as long to heal than any of the oral piercings. See, the mouth has bacteria which heals wounds efficiently (my tongue and the 4 times total i have had my lip pierced have all healed within 2 weeks). Matched with appropriate oral care and a *proper* professional piercer, the chances of an oral piercing getting infected is incredibly low.
    Ears on the other hand…. Oh dear Lord where do I start. Ear Lobe piercings are generally done in a shopping mall with a piercing gun. You do realise that these piercing guns *cannot* be adequately sterlised? You do realise that the studs are blunt and can damage tissue? You do realise that because of the bluntness of the studs this can potenially mean the piercings take longer to heal.
    Match that with a facial piercing from a professional piercer, who uses a new needle everytime, I know what I’d rather take. A ‘alcohol’ wipe is not enough to sterlise equipment, I’m incredibly sorry to break this to you.
    And while piercings may not be to your taste, why can’t they be to someone elses. The problem in our society is that everyone are sheep and follow a ‘guildline’ of appropriate behaviour.
    Same goes with males with long hair. So the male combs his hair neatly into a ponytail/plait for the interview and is still told to get a haircut? Why the hell. It’s like telling a woman with short hair to get hair extentions. But she’s not.
    In your post you said how race, sex, etc shouldn’t be judged as it can’t be changed. however in guidelines there is not discrimination allowed for religion either. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion - but surely someone with piercings shouldn’t be discriminated on.
    Seriously. Close-minded people do my head in. I have had successful jobs in the past, where i was allowed to wear all my piercings in stud form - and did the best anyone could of done in the job. Just because I have piercings does not mean I am less educated than you, trust me, I did my homework when getting my piercings done, and some of my ear piercings solve for acupunctural point stimulation - meaning that since i had one of them and it healed, I’ve had a lot less migranes. If one starts, I just need to triddle with it and it helps the pain. this was on careful guideance by my acupuncturist.
    I also my husband and my 1 year old daughter, and I’m a good mom, or so I’m told.
    Piercings didn’t f*** up my life, but they sure did the ops ;)

  56. Um, genevieve here. That wasn’t me, that was mark who was talking about piercing health.

  57. Well whatever, Myabe he should of done some reading then ;). I was fairly tired when i wrote that, it was 2am in the morning where i live, so apologies.

  58. So because I choose to have something you dont have, my skills and education are immediately useless and irrelavent. Let me tell you…if I try to get a job,and I am the most qualified for that job,and dont get it because I have a couple peircings, I am going to sue for discrimination.
    I do not choose to get my peircings to be an “attention w*ore.” I do it because I enjoy it, it gives me an avenue to talk to people that others wouldnt.(Like people who are fixated on the ugliness of piercings). This is starting to sound alot like what happened in WW2. We cant hire you because of your faith. Sorry. You are wearing a star on your clothes…your undesirable. See how ridicoulous that is?

  59. I would love to see you sue for not getting a job due to your piercings. Guess what you will loose! Piercings are not a protected status in the USA. That which is a protected status goes something like this, race, religion, sex, marital status (even sexual orientation in some venues) but not peircing status. This is what most peole fail to understand. In the USA most locations are employee at will states. This essentially means I can hire whoever I want not descriminating on those protected classes, and I can fire you whenever I want without even giving you a reason. I could fire you becuase I don’t like the color of shirt you wore yesterday.

    @Sonshine, hey refreash me a bit here what really did happen in WWII I thought it was about the germans invading france and killing those without blond hair and blue eyes and jews etc.

    Stay tuned more to come.

  60. Ok, this is ridiculous! I would love to ask someone why they got their ears pierced. Or, wait, better yet lets have men ask women why they wear makeup or dye their hair. Well, as an educated woman, I have a couple facial piercings, and I have them for the same reason I wear makeup. There was no rebellion or whatever you want to call it. Everyone is different. Some men find my piercings attractive, some don’t. Just like some men prefer blondes over brunettes or blue eyes to brown. When it comes to the workplace, I know when to take the jewelry out and leave it at home. However, I wish I didn’t have to do that. It saddens me that there are people that can’t look past a little diamond on my face and really look at me, but i understand that this is an unfortunate issue in today’s society. I do believe that there are many people out there that get piercings for the wrong reasons (some of which have been mentioned), but I am not one of them.

  61. @ Lindsay,

    Just like many men wear business suits, you really think they wear them because they are comfortable? Nope sorry they are not comfortable the same reason you can’t wear your piercings at certain jobs and in certain places. Because you are looking out for your own best interest. If I had my choice I would wear baggy shorts flip flops and loose T-shirt all the time. However, our society says you will be more successful in the $4000.00 suit so guess what I wear on those hot summer days?

  62. I have two facial piercings. I have more than one tattoo. I also have my dream job. I graduated from college with a degree in journalism. I then moved to Cleveland and interned with a well known music magazine. After my internship ended, they asked me to stay. I’ve been on the Warped Tour all summer doing exactly what it is I love to do. Guess what? I don’t have to take my piercings out. I don’t have to cover my tattoos. Sure, the majority of people who want to be successful aren’t as fortunate. However, there are some of us who are lucky. Thank goodness my employer isn’t as close minded as most of you. I suppose that I’m lucky enough to have gotten a job where tattoos and piercings are part of the lifestyle.

    I will also say that when trying to prove a point, make sure your words are spelled correctly. It makes your opinion more valuable to others.

    For example: loose and lose are two completely different words, Mark. The first time I read loose instead of lose, I disregarded it. Then I saw it again. Come on, now.

  63. First I must congratulations to you Jess on your dream job. As you may find out in the future that job may not really be your future dream job. You my do something really silly and confuse the words lose and loose and get fired from you so quote dream job. All I’m really trying to say here is that it is a wise decision to keep your options open to the future. What if rock or music industry suddenly becomes anti-tattoo and anti-piercing. Stranger things have happened. You, jess are lucky to be in a field which accepts if not demands your lifestyle. Again I have no complaint about your lifestyle just continuing the discussion of the common acceptance of such lifestyle.

    Now for your comment on the loose. I will fess up here my spelling, grammar etc. is not so great on my posts sorry I haven’t the time to go back and proof read meticulously correcting myself. However, I did indeed use the correct word and correct spelling. I prefer a loose fitting T-shirt as opposed to a tight fitting T-shirt.

    the terms are as follows:

    The words loose and lose are mixed up in writing; for some reason, many people write loose when they really mean lose. But there’s no reason to lose your mind worrying about this, just lose the extra o!


    Loose is an adjective, the opposite of tight or contained.

    My shoes are loose

    I have a loose tooth

    There’s a dog running loose in the street


    Lose is a verb that means to suffer the loss of, to miss.

    I win! You lose!

    Don’t lose your keys

    I never lose bets

    Now as a journalism Major and one working in the writing industry I would think you would have worked this one out by now!

    Finally I really don’t think I’m going to change any opinions here on this forum.

  64. mark: “I would love to see you sue for not getting a job due to your piercings. Guess what you will loose!”

    You did use it correctly in the post before your last. But not the one before that. You lose jobs, not loose them. I appreciate that you are not bothering to check your writing here because you feel it’s not worth it, but if that’s the case, then don’t incorrectly defend yourself.

  65. OK jenn, As I said I don’t really have or take the time to correct my spelling/writing on this forum and I fess up to that. Sorry I didn’t realize I had used the loose term in the previous post I didn’t look that far back. Owell, tis (means: this is. Yeah I know its called slang) getting a git off topic.

    So back to the topic OK as for piercing and tattoo health. First I must say to Clare my knowledge of pricing health is quite good and you need to do some research before talking. Second I must say to Clare You are correct most ear piercings are done in the mall with no regulation and sterilization and yes alcohol is not enough to sterilize piercing equipment. Why then is this allowed. Mostly it is the large lobby the “ear piercing” industry has. They influence the regulators to avoid regulation this portion of the industry. Why would then the regulators listen to the lobby? Well firstly and foremost the ear piercing gun uses a new stud each time which is virtually sterile. The Ear is composed mostly of cartilage (got that one right Clare) which has an extremely low profusion of blood. Yeah the cartilage will not heal, but we first define healing. The cartilage means no blood so no blood bourne pathogens. Relative safety fair! Would I let my kids get ear pierced in the mall.. NO I wouldn’t. Again kudos to Clare who realizes the quality of a good piercer.

    OK now to define healing. You can define it in two ways. 1. a piercing make a wound and in the absence of the jewelry will heal up to replicate the body without that wound. This means the hole for the piercing is sealed up. This is not indeed the healing I am referring to. 2. In the presence of jewelry the wound (or hole) can not heal over to replicate the body as it was before the wound was created. (hence, the term body modification). So the body will close the wound best it can growing new tissue (scar tissue) around the jewelry until it achieves a closed state. This is an unnatural healing process. Kinda like an oyster making a pearl to preclude a foreign body inside it. A healed (or properly healed) piercing will have a very low incidence of hole closure however will eventually close to replicate the original body.

    OK now with healing defined we can continue to discuss the topic of piercing health.
    Clare “See, the mouth has bacteria which heals wounds efficiently”

    Sorry Clare but you are profoundly incorrect here. Bacteria does not heal wounds nor do they promote healing of wounds. Perhaps what you are talking about is the fact that the mouth is very good environment for bacterial growth and therefore consists of high numbers of ‘normal flora’ (natural harmless bacteria) which compete against pathogenic bacteria reducing the chance of infection. Is what heals a wound is directly related to the blood supply pro fused into the wound area. You see the blood brings to the wound the proper nutrients for the cells around the wound to use in creating new cells to be a part of the new tissue generated (scar tissue).

    Healing can take up to a year in some peircings with some people. A typical wound will heal in 7 days, a typcall surgery will heal within 30 days. A pericing or body modification due many factors can take up to a year to heal. Now again diferent people respond differnetly to wounds and heal at different rates. Cleanliness and proper care is indeed key to preventing infection. If the pericing was done in a manner which introduces pathogens it could become infected even with proper aftercare and cleaning.

    Now as far a studs damaging tissue umm yeah point taken and agreed, However, the hypo needle used by professional piercers also damage tissue they in fact remove tissue volume.

    OK and Clare do you realize since we’re on the topic of mall piercing not being good (I agree here) many mall piercers think they can use their gun to Peirce noses and cheaks etc. This creates a whole new set of problems.

    OK so you talk about the hair being a deterrent from getting the job, and so is facial piercings. You know if you walk into an interview most people are going to think nice good looking person when visiting with he who has the standard haircut (no facial hair) and no facial piercings. However, he who set off the medal detector on his way in due to the facial piercings or he who wears a hat to cover his long hair or he with the bushy mustache will quickly be noticed. If the interviewer is turned off by it then you have just lost your chance. Again my point is keep yourself in the best possible position for your own personal success. If your boss or interviewer really liked nose piercings you can always get one latter but, once you walk in in with a hog ring in your nose taking it out is not likely to change the opinion of your interviewer.

  66. I think you’ll full of it.
    My nose, tongue and eyebrow being pierced means I make poor life decisions?

    Wow. I’m 21 (newly turned) I own my house, own my car, have my degree and am practicing Financial Advisor (so yea that means I have a few college degrees ^_~)

    So you mean to tell me if I showed up and said I wanted to work here, you’d tell me no just because of a little metal in my face?

    Wow, didnt your mother ever tell you not to judge the book before you’ve read it?

    Hmmm…I smell a law suit. Sounds like descrimination to me!

  67. Just a heads up.

    Body modification is protected and if you do not hire someone because of it, it is ILLEGAL.

    It falls under the catagory of RELIGIOUS expression. Which for all of you non-college congraduates means….PROTECTED.

    Your dress code can state what kind of JEWELRY is or isnt appropriate but cannot determine whether or not the hole can be there.

  68. Nose piercing was first recorded in the Middle East aproximately 4,000 years ago, it is mentioned in The Bible in Genesis 24:22 Abraham requested his oldest servant to find a wife for his son Isaac, the servant found Rebekah, and one of the gifts he gave her was a “golden earring” the original Hebrew word used was Shanf, which also translates as “nose-ring”.

    Tongue piercing was practised in a ritual form by the ancient Aztecs, Mayas of Central America and the Haida, Kwakiutul, and Tlinglit tribes of the American Northwest. The tongue was pierced to draw blood to propitiate the gods, and to create an altered state of consciousness so that the priest or shaman could communicate with the gods.

    Among the ancient Aztecs and Mayans labret piercing was reserved for male members of the higher castes, they wore beautiful labrets fashioned from pure gold in the shape of serpents, golden labrets with stones inset and ones of jade or obsidion (labret in Aztec “Tentetl”). The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, and the Inuit peoples of northern Canada and Alaska wore labrets fahioned from walrus ivory, abalone shell, bone, obsidian, and wood.

    The piercing of the septum is probably the second most common piercing among primitive peoples after ear piercing, it’s even more common than nostril piercing. It’s probably so popular for the same reasons as nose piercing, with the added attraction that the piercing can be stretched and large pieces of jewellery can be inserted, i.e. pig’s tusks, pieces of bone, feathers, pieces of wood, etc.

    The septum piercing is particularly prevalent among warrior cultures, this probably has to do with the fact that large tusks through the septum give the face a fierce appearance. The use of septum tusks is very prevalent in Irian Jaya, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, pig’s tusks being the most popular. Among the Asmat tribe of Irian Jaya the most prestigous septum tusk is the “Otsj” this is a large bone plug, which can be as thick as 25mm. They are usually made of the leg bones of a pig, but occasionally they are made from the Tibia bone of an enemy slain in battle.

    The Septum piercing was beloved by the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Incas. They wore a variety of jewellery, but jade and gold were the most popular because of their religous associations. The modern day Cuna Indians of Panama continue this practice by wearing thick pure gold rings in their septum.

    The piercing is also popular in India, Nepal, and Tibet, a pendant “Bulak” is worn, and some examples are so large as to prevent the person being able to eat, the jewellery has to be lifted up during meals. In Rajasthan in Himachal Pradesh these Bulak are particularly elaborate, and extremely large.

    Septum piercing was widely practised by many North American Indian tribes, the name of the Nez Perc, tribe of Washington state, stem from their practice of piercing the septum, Nez Perc, is French for Nose Pierced, and was given to the tribe by the French fur traders. Australian aboriginals pierced the septum and passed a long stick or bone through the piercing to flatten the nose, they believed a flat nose to be the most desireable.

    (Navel piercing is a modern invention and has never been recorded in primitive cultures, but if your employees are working where that part of the body is visible the person is probably working for tips and most likely has a stage name which means piercings should be the least of your worries)

  69. Mark -
    You stated that one should walk down the street in a three piece suit and then in “normal attire”. Allow me to put this before you.
    I’m 21, High School Diploma (no college) I have a back piece of a rose garden which extends into my forearms. I have my tongue pierced, my nose piece and 13 holes in each ear along with my navel. I have purple and blue streaks in my blonde hair and work as the head teller at QC Financial.
    My husband is 25 has his law degree, no tattoos, no piercings, and only wears suits. No jeans. No T-shirts, yet he’s been unemployeed for a year.

    By your logic, why do I have a job if I make such “poor decisions”, and why does such an upstanding gentleman get pushed to the side?

  70. OK, Nicole, head teller at a bank? In my book that is the ultimate frustration standing around counting other peoples money all day? Well If you enjoy it that is great! As for your husband I would guess there are some ambition problems there. Perhaps his association with you the body modified is keeping him back. Anyway as we have discussed many times here in this thread there are certainly more than physical (tattoos etc.) that make people attractive to employers.

    Blythe, You are correct if (usually not) the tattoo or piercing is of a religious nature. Your employers cannot discriminate on you based on your religion, but they do not necessarily have to allow you to express your religion at work and in fact if he does he could be liable to other workers who are not of the religion being expressed. So no your employer cannot fire you based on the religion you choose to practice or for that matter refuse to hire (impossible to prove) based on your religion. However, They can and often times do force you to cover tattoos or remove piercings. They may also forbid eccentric styles such are purple hair. Wright or wrong thats the way it is. Employers have an excessive amount of control over their employees often times even dictating what they can and cannot do in off time.

    “Wow. I’m 21 (newly turned) I own my house, own my car, have my degree and am practicing Financial Advisor (so yea that means I have a few college degrees ^_~)”

    WOW! Hope I am highly impressed. Does this mean you have mortgage or is your mortgage paid? You till own your house even if you have a mortgage. OK so let break it down a bit. assuming your not some kind of prodigy your graduated high school at 18 this means you began matriculation at college at 18 and graduated in 3 years with what you say are multiple degrees? College education + living expenses about 50K conservative estimate, house in most cities about 150K (of course depends on the house), and a car assuming a new car thats 20K….so this is 220k you have acquired in 3 years of young life? So you would have us beleiving you are making on average $73,000 to $100,000 right out of high school? So no that does not mean I would not hire you, on the contrary upon providing proof of what you say I would even consider you as my financial advisor. However, I sincerely doubt what you say is true. Your house is more likely a 20K house or one you obtained for pennies on the dollar, at tax or foreclosure sale and your car is a $200 bomb. And the degrees your speak of is a an associate degree from a community college and a few certificate courses provided by one your employers.. So in this case is no I would not hire you. In other words what you say has little or no value in judging you as a financial adviser! My philosophy about financial advisers is they must have already done what I want them to show me how to do. Guess What? I have found no financial adviser who meets these qualifications.

    Oh and Hope, thank you so much for your history of piercings, it is very informative. It also illustrates that fact that I do not want to be any of the people you discuss in your article.

    Anyway if you have your “visible” pericings and tattoos and have your dream job and never want to progress any further or have your progression all lined out and know your choices will not affect your progression, I say great, fantastic, wonderful. I am very happy for you, and your profound abilities. As for the rest of us I’m just saying we must make the most of what we have and do everything in our power to be as successful as possible. Is it impossible to succeed with tattoos and piercings? No! Take Dennis Rodman for example. We are again also talking about profound abilities. I’m just saying for the rest of us keep that tattoos and pericings covered and not eccentric, keep fit and trim, avoid bad habits, avoid public situations which could produce embarrassment, wear nice clean cloths, wear suits when appropriate and overall present the best possible image of yourself as possible. As a good “wealthy” friend of mine once said I may not be the best looking in the group but I’m always looking my best in the group!

  71. Ok, did anyone notice that there are more comments defending the allowence of tattoos & piercings than comments against?..I have facial piercings & tattoos myself, & i love them, I’m 17 & I guess as some of you said, I’ve “screwed up my life”…I’m a teenager, that’s kind of what we do. I did not get my piercings for religious reasons, I got them because I like them, they make me who I am, some may not understand that though. My friends who have just recently met me always say ” I could never imagine you without them, they’re a part of you.”

    Now with all this talk about how people with piercings or tattoos shouldn’t be allowed work scares me incredibly, I want to get a good job & I want to have a good life, but why do I have to change myself for those things?

    I get looks everyday walking on the street minding my own buisness, that’s fine, look at me, take a good look, cause I’m one of the many intelligent & independent people you all are insulting & rejecting..my piercings do not make me incapable of anything, they make me look different..everyone looks different.

    Telling someone they can’t work for you because they have piercings is the most judgemental thing anyone can ever say, it doesn’t make someone unable to do the job, it just makes them stand out a bit more..& since when was that a bad thing? Everyone wants to be unique, be their own person, people without piercings have thoughs rights without other judging or ridiculing, so why can’t the people with piercings have the same?

    Long ago, the slaves fought for their rights to be accepted, they were black & concidered different,concidered as a lower class of people..is that what we’ve come back to?

  72. Hmm, this is a very interesting topic and I have read the answers and the debates amongst a lot of people and I must say that I understand both arguments.

    Mark states that comparing getting a piercing or a tattoo to race or sex is not the same because one is a choice and one is not. I must say that I agree totally with that point. You really can’t compare the two concepts. I do agree that mamy jobs will not let a person progress or won’t hire a person for a certain position because of facial piercings or tattoos. It is what it is…

    However, I have to disagree with Mark that facial piercings have anything to do with making bad choices or messing up one’s life. First of all, it amazes me at how quick people are to judge others based on something as small as a nosering. What does a person having a stud in their nose have to do with what kind of person they are?

    Mark, you mentioned that you went to a resturaunt and a young lady that was serving you with a tongue ring spit on you. Do you REALLY think her tongue ring had something to do with her spitting on you? LOL, tongue rings don’t make people have access spit in their mouths, or cause gingivitis, who told you that? How do I know? I have a tongue ring of course. Mine is clear so others can’t see it because I don’t have mine for decoration. Mine is because playing with it helps me to relieve stress. I don’t smoke, i rarely drink…so its a form of a stress reliever to me. I have beautiful teeth and I don’t spit on people. So I’m still a bit confused as to where you got your information from.

    Which brings me to my next point. People that smoke. That’s a poor life decision. Yet companies have designated areas make for people to go and smoke on their breaks and lunches. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not downing anybody that smokes, so don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way. But how is a person who smokes a better candidate for a job that someone with a nosering? Why is it accepted for a person to go and smoke then to have a double set of earrings? Smoking is an “unwise” choice too, right? Hmmm

    Bottom line is, you don’t know what a persons reasons are for doing certain things. Just because one person is “repulsed” by someone with a nose ring should keep them from having a job? Okay, what if a person has a dyed their hair black…a very suttle color…and it looks a HOT mess on them and I am repulsed by it…LOL. That’s a choice, right? Should they not have a job? Or what if someone makes the decision to eat a food that breaks their skin out…and someone is repulsed by it? Things happen…nobody is perfect…i’m pretty sure we have all had someone look at us like “Oh my God” before (although most of those looks are because I’m such a beautiful individual..ut u get what i’m sayin…LOL just kidding).

    So no, Mark, I don’t agree that an employer should discriminate against the candidate just because they choose to express themselves in that way. I believe there is a classy way to do any and everything. Yes, I have a tongue ring and a nose ring, however, my nose ring is very small and my tongue is clear and can’t be seen (unless you are staring in my mouth).

    Nevertheless, I do agree that if you want to progress in your company, then you should do what you need to do in order to do so. If your company is very professional and doesn’t allow certain tattoos or whatever to show…then find fashionable ways to cover them up. Bottom line is if you are working for someone else, then you have to suck up your pride and abide by their rules. If you work for someone who doesn’t mind the piercings and the tattoos, great. But if you work somewhere that isn’t as open minded…u have to go with what they tell you…or seek a career change…..But never let anybody tell you not to be YOU. Its all a matter of what a person (employer OR employee) is willing to deal with. Thanks for reading!! MUAH!!

  73. Shawnee,

    First I never stated that an employer should select against those with tats and piercings. I said that they DO! Right or Wrong that is how it is. If you want the most options available to you then don’t do something like get a tattoo on your face which cannot be concealed easily!

    Now let me explain one more thing. Most people who employee others are those type of people who will not or do not do things which will adversely affect their success. This means most of these folks (like it or not) will not hire you with your facial piercings or tattoos to work the front lines where his wealthy clients will have the chance of being turned off or offended by you. Now I’m not saying the client will be turned off by your tattoos or piercings but your employer is not going to give him the chance. Just a little more perspective from the employers side.

    I also agree with you shawnee…”never let anybody tell you not to be YOU.” Now if who you want to be is who you are great! Think about it would you rather be wealthy successfull and piercing free. Would you rather live in the projects. Your CHOICES will dictate who you are. The person you will be 5 years from today is directly related to the people you associate with and the books you read. If yo want be successful then hook up with those you want to be like and follow what they do. Hey if they have tattoos and facial piercings more power to them and Id suggest asking them who they affect how they got to where they are at?

  74. Mark, please stfu. Your attempt at being a condescencing asshole is thwarted by your inability to spell or use proper grammar. It’s painful watching someone make as big a fool of themselves as you have. I sincerely hope you really aren’t anyone’s HR manager because you’ll run that company into the ground. Now THAT’S a poor life decision, hiring you to hire other people when you can’t even construct a proper sentence or spell those vocab words you try to use to talk down to people properly. And stop bull****ting about all these ‘friends’ you have as a means to back up your ‘point’. You stated recently that people are who they associate with in so many words so I seriously doubt you have a ‘tatto artist friend’ as those individuals are usually heavily modified & you can’t even stand the sight of a nose stud. Stop flip flopping too. Either you agree or you disagree. Don’t straddle the line to try to reap credability.

  75. Anyway (& I have to use 2 because I’m on my mobile & it limits me) the new argument brought up by someone is that a modified person demonstrates a person who has made poor life decisions. No, not at all as most choices are made by that person as they pertain to that individual & their own well being. If a half-sleeve or a septum play into that, then so be it. Selfish? Hardly. No one else has your back in this world as far as your happiness goes so **** it. However, I do believe that most modifications demonstrate poor foresight. I saw a girl on the bus the other day & she had a tattoo under her eye. I briefly wondered why she would do that as that means she has virtually made herself unemployable. Kudos to her for doing what she wants, but she should have thought about how it would affect her ability to make a living. My bf has a similar dillemma with one of his many arm tattoos extending down tothe the back of his hand. He can’t conceal it but he’s fine with that as his goal was to stay away from

  76. (cont) retail jobs & the like in the first place. But I suppose what we’re really talking about here is piercings. I just got a lipring a week ago & work through a staffing agency. I’ve been lucky enough to find work thus far that’ll allow me to have a silver hoop through my lip but that’ll soon run out. I feel for the people who have fresh facial piercings that are not safe to take out or they’ll close but for the people on here bitching who’ve had theirs done for years…just remove them. You can put them back in when you’re off the clock. It’s the same as wearing a uniform. I’m not agreeing with the asswipes who go as far as to insult people who have body mods & call them disgusting instead of simply disagreeing with the practice (of course not. my lip is the 5th of many more to come) but if you can afford to, remove your jewelry for work if it’s against the rules. Fact of the matter is we live in a time where we have to conform slightly in order to survive. There are people who don’t accept our chosen

  77. (cont) art form & that’s cool as they’ll be dead in a few years from all the stress they put on themselves worrying about what others choose to do in life. But for now we have to follow ‘their rules’ in order to make it. Piercings for me myself personally, I should have thought about how I would find work before putting a hole through my lip. :) I love it to death, have wanted it for years, but unfortunately due to who this world is currently run by I’m going to be persecuted & judged for it. I could give a **** less what anyone has to say about my character because of it outside of work but as far as trying to support myself, it WILL affect things & I should have taken that into consideration. lol just a long-winded thought.

  78. Davehm, FYI you obviously have not read this post as I have stated numerous times I don’t give **** about spelling on this forum. I do have a friend in the #1 rated tattoo artist in the US Look him up I’m sure you will be quickly able to find him.

    Anyway, Yes I do hire and fire people and not at the direction of anyone else. It seems those posting here are the 16 -20something crowd who know everything anyway. So hope do well at whatever it is you want to do. I have contributed to this post more than my time allows and it must end. I just hope there a few people out their who put their lives and their success at a Higher degree than a few ounces of hair, a few lines of ink or some shrapnel in the face!

    good bye and
    Thanks for playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. YAY MARK IS GONE! This is the best news I’ve read all week,

  80. well, i really dont know who you think you are. just because a prson has tattoos or peircings does not make them any less of a person than people without, and i do work at a reastaurant where about 8 out of 10 people who work there have peircings and or tattoos, and this reastaurant has outstanding buissiiness, and grows more and more everyday, and might i add, the majority of our customers come in from weathy buissinesses and hospitals close by, it makes me sick to see just how narrow minded, and judgemental people can be. this is 2008 people, things change, and if you have a problem with people just because they dont look like you, than your the ones with the real problems here, people have the right and the freedom of expression , and the choice to do that any way they desire, and they shouldnt be judged by that, havent you ever heard the saying “dont judge a book by its cover?” there are thousands upon thousands of people that are highly successful with piercings and tattoos.

  81. Yeah maybe ya’ll shouldn’t be judged by your cover but you are. guess what with the financial crisis looming overhead jobs will be less and less available and guess what when you made the choice to deface your body your less and less likely to get the job. Have you ever seen anybody denied a job for NOT having a tattoo? (I haven’t) Have you ever seen someone denied a job for having a visible tattoo? (I have).

  82. Mark: Cop-out. Running away because you got argued down. So what if you don’t care about spelling on these forums? If you spelled well enough to begin with, proper grammar should come easily. It affects the ability for your argument to be taken seriously when you can’t even articulate your point like you graduated 6th grade.

  83. I have to answer this one. No cop-out; no running away. You simply have to argue based on grammar/spelling and typos leading this post off topic. Why, because you have no intelligence, knowledge or basis to debate on fact. No, I certainly have not been argued down. Sit in a pen full of pigs and try to convince them that rutting their nose in the dirt is not a good thing. There is not much success in convincing them. Why you ask? Well the pigs just don’t have much intelligence and they debate back with nothing more than grunts and snorts, much like you have. Now what do you do with the pigs to keep them from rutting? You stick a ring through its nose. My leaving this thread has to do only with my desire not to waste my time debating with those who can not or will not understand simple logic (Yeah, the pigs).

    Oh and by the way as I have invited others to do keep this thread on topic if you want to launch a personal attack on me, start a new thread. You can even call it my biggest complaint about Mark!!!

  84. mark: why did you return if so superior to us pigs then? if the debate is a waste of time to you why come back? why not just let us pigs rut? & i did throw my two cents in about this issue but first i had to address your debate skils because you don’t have any. & uh, no thanks on joining your little fan club. my beef is with you here. i don’t know you from a can of paint & that’s pretty mucch the point most of us freaks are trying to make here: you don’t know us either. stfu before judging a book by it’s cover. & learn how to debate without sound like a retard. those grammatical mistake DO count if you’re as passionate about the issue as i think you are by your constant pressance…(as a refresher, oh wise great important one, i DID agree that some body mods show poor forsight. that’s about as far as we sync up. you’re on your own with calling a chick with a nose stud a monstrosity).

  85. lol! i’m not offendedj mark. however, you seem to be. :)

  86. Why, becuase the comments you made are no longer a debate about peircings it is a personal attack on the debater. Your comments are off topic, has no place on this thread, compleatly uncalled for, shows your lack of character.

    It would apear davehm that you took very little time in typing out your reply and even less time thinking about your reply. Your, spelling, grammer, style, and prose are lacking significantly. You say you do not know me from a can of paint, however you transpose your views of my opinion like we’re age old buddies.

    Like I said keep the post on topic as the site rules require and if you want to bash me bring it on start your I my biggest complaint about mark.

  87. mark- well look who suddenly became a english major! lol. i’m on my mobile. no i’m not going to capitalize everything. i don’t give a **** if it bothers you. you understood me well enough did you not? look who’s resorting to personal attacks now. once again, i’m not offended but you seem to be. me ‘transposing as if we were old friends’ (or whatever you said) was sarcasm. read up on it. it runs rampant on the internet. as far as staying on topic, if you could read, you’d see i’ve addressed the topic. you would appear to be the one with the ego, not us pierced folk. you seem to think this topic is aout you. :/

  88. also, mark: you still REALLY have no place trying to correct anyone on their grammar or ‘prose’. your punctuation in that last post was atrocious. now BACK ON TOPIC (since mark is slow & needs me to reiterate my point several times. hopefully this will be the last! hopefully he’ll use his poor under-developed brain to comprehend this): some body modifications show poor forsight on the wearers part. people with body mods that can be taken out or hidden in accordance to their work guidelines should do so becuase that’s just the type of world we live in. you must conform slighty to survive. however, don’t condemn people with body modifications. you can be a dumb un-modded asshole too (like mark).

  89. Oh, so grammer, spelling and the like isn’t so important then is it. No sir, my posts on this thread are completely on topic until now. Now if I were offended then do you really think I would invite, a my biggest complaint about mark post? Like I said it is those who are unable to follow simple logic who must resort to other means to debate a topic. Stick to the facts of the topic. Furthermore, there is no personal attack on you or anyone else it simply stay on topic and don’t make excusses for what you accuse in others!

    You davehm have made this topic about me. And I quote your davehm “my beef is with you here.” See you don’t agree entrily with me so you have a problem with me not with what I say.

    If you really believe the can of paint comment you made was sarcasm you trully need some more english lessons, as sarcasm is defined as….

    “Sarcasm is stating the opposite of an intended meaning especially in order to sneeringly, slyly, jest or mock a person, situation or thing. It is strongly associated with irony, with some definitions classifying it as a type of verbal irony intended to insult or wound. Sarcasm can also be used in a humorous or jesting way depending on the intent of the person speaking.”

    So if you are really using sarcasm then you are saying you truly do know me very well. Or maybe you have intiment realtionships with cans of paint and know them very well making you know now me.

    I actually beleive the word your looking for is analogy.

  90. mark: for 1, my beef is with you here in this thread, as in your conduct & means of expressing your opinion. i could care less what you’ve said elsewhere so my means of addressing you stays in this thread. for 2, the grammar matters because you’re trying to insult people with your ‘intellect’ & doing a horrible job. yes, you are. for 3, you have indeed attacked several people in this thread personally, including myself. but like i said, i’m not offended. but again, you seem to be. :) yes, you’ve stayed on topic but you don’t seem too keen on letting my words run off you like water on a duck, hence dragging the topic back to focus on you. if it doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t reply. butt hurt much? for 4, no retard. the can of paint comment was not sarcasm. nor is it an analogy for that matter. the sarcasm i was refering to was calling you great, wise & (lol) intelligent. i see we were not on the same page but what else is new? for 4, why the **** are you still ‘debating’ with my pig ass? :)

  91. 1. Yeah your beef is with me not the facts of tattoo and priercings, (your off topic)
    2. The grammer does not matter as you have demonstrated…. I never have tried to insult anyone if you feel that way then perhaps you do have an intellect problem!!
    3. Any personal attach you may preceive from my postings simply are rebutal to pesonal attacks upon myself.
    4. Ok point taken about the sarcasm but this likewise shows your inability to follow simple logic.

    why do I continue to reply I just think it is truly funny how you keep coming back with more and more attack on me. You are the one who says “if it doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t reply. ” But seem to keep replying hmm. I guess you are lying when you say you are not offended. sorry I offended you.

    Oh and yes the can of paint comment you made was if not sarcasm was definatly and analogy!

    and your second 4 (yeah should be 5 need I say more) Lets your the one who said your a pig not me. My statement was general and not directed to anyone specific on this forum. If the shoe fits I guess.

    Now lets see if you reply, as if you feel you do not care!

  92. 1. Yeah your beef is with me not the facts of tattoo and priercings, (your off topic)
    2. The grammer does not matter as you have demonstrated…. I never have tried to insult anyone if you feel that way then perhaps you do have an intellect problem!!
    3. Any personal attack you may preceive from my postings simply are rebutal to pesonal attacks upon myself.
    4. Ok point taken about the sarcasm but this likewise shows your inability to follow simple logic.

    why do I continue to reply I just think it is truly funny how you keep coming back with more and more attack on me. You are the one who says “if it doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t reply. ” But you seem to keep replying hmm. I guess you are lying when you say you are not offended. sorry if I offended you.

    Oh and yes the can of paint comment you made was, if not sarcasm, was definatly and analogy!

    and your second 4 (yeah should be 5 need I say more) your the one who said your a pig not me. My statement was general and not directed to anyone specific on this forum. If the shoe fits I guess. Maybe Im building a case to sue for libel.

    Now lets see if you reply, as if you feel you do not care!

  93. mark: my beef is with YOU in this thread based on the COMMENTS you have made. why did i have to spell that out for you? oh, nevermind. that’s obvious. fine, screw grammar. just make sure from now on that when you try to condescend you don’t sound worse than the person you’re insulting. it just makes you look like an ass (HR manager. lol as if). as for myself continuing to reply this is some fun on a friday afternoon. i have nothing better to do & you keep addressing me. why wouldn’t i reply? don’t your questions need answers? lol @ you trying to use reverse psychology! to cite just a few instances, telling me i ‘lack character’ or intellect IS a personal attack so you can drop that bull**** ‘i haven’t attacked anyone’ rhetoric right now. what’s your ultimate goal here anyway? we can go back & forth all day. i’ll still think you’re an idiot. i’ve already stated my stance on the topic & your opinion several times. i even agreed with you to an extent. what is it you’re trying to achieve? & why are you such

  94. rebuttals huh? those aren’t really necessary. i call you names because i truly believe you are those things as it pertains to this forum…& i like that it gets under your skin (hence your need to send rebuttals). oh, & typos, grammar slips, etc…i’m on my mobile (as stated previously). it acts up when i try to load sites that aren’t mobile formatted so i can’t always do a quick scan of what i’ve written, but whatever, excuses, excuses. :) however, you don’t really have one of those…except being mentally handicapped in which case i suppose i should give you a break, you tiny, yet amusing, person you.

  95. Well now see I amuse you! lol Ain’t that special?

  96. indeed you do, & if you want to take it as special…go ahead. it’s just funny how much time you’re wasting. time you’ll never get back & probably didn’t have to spare bickering with some faceless stranger about something so trivial. :) does my opinion matter to you that much? nah, didn’t think so. but your actions completely contradict your words.

  97. ah now look what ya went and did. You got your mind all twisted up and confused. Does your opinion matter to me or does it not? Isnt it cool to act one way and speak another hmm could I possibly be a politician?

    and I must say kudos to you you got this abosolutly correct!

    “it’s just funny how much time you’re wasting. time you’ll never get back & probably didn’t have to spare bickering with some faceless stranger about something so trivial.”

    chock it all up to entertainment I suppose!

  98. oh and do you even know what prose means? it seems you have place your usage completely out of context.

    owell just more amusment!!! for ya’ll.

  99. what do believe i’m confused on? let me take a crack at clarifying what i think it is (i seem to be doing a lot of that today for your sake): you would say my opinion doesn’t matter to you but the fact that you continue to reply undermines that statement. is that better? & yeah, i will chock it up to entertainment on my part (it is obviously so, if you can read…aw shoot. sometimes i forget who i’m talking to). it’s fun for me & educational (as far as the type of people that apparently exist in this world), although i don’t know what you get out of it. *shrug* you should totaly look into being a politician! you have all the right qualities! stupid being a prominant one of course. ^_^ also, if you’re trying to say my faceless stranger comment applies to myself as well, not nearly as much as it applies to you. you’re a white male in his 30s, an HR manager (which i still can’t believe), mentally disabled. i suppose you think i’m a white male in his early 20s, unemployed, riddled with mods. wrong.

  100. ah excuse my arrogance! *pulls head out of ass* yeah, it was up there. at least i can admit it. :) back on topic: *waits for people to weigh in on employees with piercings*

  101. define prose for me. you’re pretty good at copying & pasting so hop to it. then tell me how i used it out of context, specifically. quote me and tear the sentence apart since you’re so adamant about the grammar issue even though now it’s been dropped (gauntlets up or down? make up your mind, flip flopper!). you see, the difference between a debate & an argument is being able to back your **** up. so do that for me without being snarky for once and i’ll grant you the same courtesy. one last thing though: were you NOT just complaining a few posts back about dragging this thread off topic? how hypocritical of you to perpetuate it’s decay. anyhow…go.

  102. FYI I am not not any of which you have suggested except a white male. No Im not an HR manager. I never said i am an HR manager; I mearly said I do hire and fire people. FYI I am not a politician but have played a large part in writting regulation for the body art industry. No I don’t wish to argue or debate grammer, spelling or typing! It is when you call someone on what you in turn do with excess then make excusses for your failures I will call you on it!

    As for what you are I could care less. The only two things which can logically follow from your posting on this thread is that your are either a homosexual male or that you are a female for some reason using a nic normally reserved for males.

    If you want to know what my inferred impression is from your charater and style on this thread here it is. This is my guess. You are a 16- 25 year old female riding a bus in some nebulous city to and from highschool, college or a dead end job. You believe your dead end job at say starbucks (or somewhere the like) is the save all end all. Likewise you believe your education makes you or will make you superior to a degree that mistakes you make today will be forgiven in the future. If you vote it will not be for McCain and probably will not be for obama but some 3rd rank such as the green party.You have 5 peircings at least one in the lip and you desire to get many more. You are a humble sort that pretty much follows the rules but you don’t mind cutting loose on the weekends. You have a very low self esteem and feel better about yourself whenever someone speaks to you for any reason. Your words on this forum seem to echo the images of who you are much more than those of many! Faceless yeah but you know those reading this forum probably know you better than most of your friends.

  103. mark: i never said you were a politician. your reading comprehension skills fail you once more. as for your shoddy analysis, incorrect most counts. to correct you would be irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. i don’t really have **** to prove to you about anything. i am interested in how you came to the low self-esteem conclusion though. i’m under the impression that most of your analysis was a cheap shot meant to bruise my ego (ha! this is the ****ing internet you twit!), but that intrigues me because you seem to fancy yourself smart enough to do psyche analysis. if it has anything to do with the name calling, i do it because i know it gets to you (hence why you do it back) :) oh, and i supposed i guessed your age range too low. sheesh. that explains a lot and i am definitely relieved.

  104. I never said u said I was a politician your logic skill fail you, just clearifying the facts. The image I get of you is what you are most likely relaying to everyone else so thats who u are here. I do not name call u back and who reading comp is suffing? U name call cuz plain and simple you have low self image and a very profound lack of character.

    Yeah ain’t that the buety of the net you can be whoever you want until u fall over ur own feet. See tomarrow I can be a 16 yr old girl and the next day I can be a freak like u, as u may call urself.

    have a great weekend!!

  105. oh, and way to cop out again. if you don’t want to discuss grammar anymore, stop bringing it up. fact of the matter is i’m on my mobile & i still do better at this than you. & you have a keyboard. lol, why don’t you use those sharp eyes and stop putting in extra letters where they don’t belong in your own posts? :)

  106. you said ‘fyi, i never said i was a politician’ indicating you thought i said you were. your last post is pretty irrelevent & riddled with…i don’t even know what to call it. ‘and who reading comp surfing?’ what? wtf? lol! as i said in my very first post, just stop. it’s so very painful. i think you’re the one with the low-self esteem. that’s why you spend so much time here despite trying to convince me how superior you are to me. i believe you’re the one who gets happy when people talk to you, which would explain why this has gone on so long. it’s ok. get in the gym & lose some weight so you can reach that stick lodged in your ass. pull it out & maybe people in real life will like you so you don’t have to spend so much time online taking vengence. image, smimage. i guess if you want you can keep battling with me with that picture in your head so you can feel like somewhat of a success. whatever makes you feel like you’re worth the ****s you take hon.

  107. lol & i told you why i name call so you wouldn’t have to hurt yourself trying to figure it out. silly man! the internet is not for character. you’ve illustrated that all too clearly. also, the little insight about the piercings…not at all clever as i stated that info myself. :)


  109. i would jut like 2 wonder who becca is because i have a friend who is called becca and u sounded like her i havent heard from her in a while

  110. Damned right!
    stretched ear lobes, **** stuck in lips and noses and eyelids, metal clicking against your teeth from a chunk of metal stuck in your tongue, it all screams LOSER!
    I am all for different, I am all for doing what you want.
    Myself I’m covered in Tattoos, all my ink however ends at my wrists, above where a shirt covers at the wrist, none on head or neck or face or hands. No cute ****, no fad ****, I thought about each tat for months before getting it inked, and each one was custom, not some crap picked off a wall in a drunken stooper. I had my ears pierced years ago, many holes in both ears. I dont wear ear rings anymore, have not had one in since the 90’s. but I was never dumb enough to stick **** in my face, nor to ever stretch my ears out so I could fit a ****ing spark plug in one.

  111. The difference between those with piercings and those without is that those with piercings don’t sit around on the internet getting incensed about other people’s life choices. As a matter of fact, I’d venture to say that they’re happy and you people obviously are not.

  112. Hey, I work at Starbucks, and my nose is pierced. Also, it was a preexisting condition to my employment. a.k.a. I was hired with it in. I was hired five minutes into my interview, as well. I also love my job, I’ve been there for 16 months, and I’ve had three raises.

    Do not diss the nostril piercing of luck.

    p.s. I’m just working there ’til I go to college, so please, refrain from insinuating that I am a dropout.

  113. Do you know what the difference between people with tattos and/or piercings is from the ones that dont have any?

    Those with dont exclude the ones without.

  114. There was some previous talk about sueing because you didnt get a job because of a piercing. So I did some research.
    Call some law firms.
    Talked to people.
    Guess what!

    “Having a piercing is part of my religion” said the educated duck
    “what is your religion” asked the pig
    “PWP” replied the duck
    “People with piercings!” answered the duck. Well the pig looked rather confused and said “thats not a real religion!” the duck laughed.
    “Doesnt matter. What ever I chose to believe is my choice. Its part of my rights, and you cant take those away from me.”

    Moral of the story. No matter what the reason the piercing is there– and if you chose to NOT hire someone who is qualified because of that piece of metal in their face you can be sued, and you WILL lose.

    Its in the constitution!

  115. First, let me say that as a realist, when I see someone with significant (not sedate) facial tattoos and piercings, I always wonder if there will come a day when they will regret their PERMANENT decision to disfigure themselves (by society’s standards, the ones most of us, like it or not, are expected to live by in order to achieve anything). There’s a guy in my neighborhood with a spiderweb tattooed over his entire face, for example, and I just shake my head, wondering if one day he will be 38 and sitting in his crappy job with the traveling carnival, bemoaning his self-induced (at 19, on what he will likely remember as a ‘whim’) plight.

    That having been said, I don’t get all angry at the guy, nor would I care about his appearance if I were a customer getting a cup of coffee from him or whatever. I’m simply curious as to how it’s affected his life thus far and especially the future — and having been 19 myself once (and done a lot of stupid things, though thankfully at that point permanently altering one’s face was pretty much limited to nosejobs), I potentially feel sorry for the middle-aged guy he will one day be.

    But that’s not the same as intolerance. What the hell is it about people that makes everyone so viciously determined to tell everyone else how to live? Seems to me that this is what’s wrong with this country — everybody has a strong opinion on everyone else’s particular preferences, and they aren’t shy about angrily making it known. Tattoos? Piercings? If it’s not you or your kid, why do you care? Gay marriage? Why do you care? Why do you need to convert everyone to your religion, or your ideology, or your own self-righteous sense of aesthetics?

    And yeah, I know the original issue was about hiring someone to essentially represent your company to the public. In that case, certainly do what works for you — my issue here is with the anger, the visceral loathing one senses in a lot of these comments. It’s a symptom of something very ugly in this culture — much uglier than tattoos or facial piercings.

    Live and let live, I say — and get the **** over it.

  116. Oh, and to the poster who implied that employers can be sued for discrimination over piercings and such, well, technically anybody can sue anybody for anything — the question is whether they can win. I’m no lawyer, and I couldn’t say whether someone would have a case or not.

    But your claim of religious protection under the Constitution is rather laughable, because, well, as it should be OBVIOUS to anyone who runs around spouting off about the Constitution, that document serves to protect people from the GOVERNMENT, not from private business.

    One could argue, given the absurd level of corruption in business these days (or at least Big Business), that we perhaps need an additional Constitution for the commercial sector that essentially enforces what are normally called ETHICS.

    But the one drafted 230+ years ago was all about Governmental intrusion in people’s lives, NOT people’s intrusion into EACH OTHER’S lives. This is a critical point that seems completely lost on much of the electorate these days.


  117. mark,
    A) get a life
    B) you keep saying “oh sorry i don’t have time to make sure my sentences are grammatically correct and my spelling is perfect, i have a life other than these posts”, yet you seem to find the time to correct everyone else. Huh, ok.
    C) people should be allowed to express themselves however they want, i have no facial piercings yet, but plan on getting them, I plan on being successful too.

  118. Shut up. All of you.

    Frankly, the thing I am most surprised about is the existence of useless weblogs that stir up useless arguments that will not matter in 50 years when social standards, standards, and opinions change, like they do every half century or so.

    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but when you decide to insult others for expressing their ideas, you cross the line.

    State your opinion respectfully, get the **** off this page, and live your own life.

  119. wow you ****ing assholes!
    I have piercings and I worked in the food industry for a long ass time
    and heres something to know!
    we do wash our hands
    we dont touch our faces then touch your food
    … and if someone has an infection then from my experience they wont touch it anyways! cause that will make it worse!
    you people make me sick!
    Have a ****ing open mind
    the world is changing and one day, very soon
    you will be the only closed minded ****s left!
    so dont be such assholes to people with different values and beliefs
    … I hope you get hit by a bus, and you know what
    dont **** with the people who make your food!
    =D cause trust we have more power then you think!

    **** you and die!

  120. All you people have issues. I agree… there are some piercings that are definitely appalling when you are trying to eat… but I have a nose ring and I work at Cracker Barrel!!!! They are the least lax out of most restaurants I’ve ever worked for. Given… I take my nose ring out every time I step into that place… But that doesn’t make me a whore… or anything else… I am not a highschool dropout or a last choice…Many people put their applications in. I am a junior at a university with great grades and intentions on going on in life. My nose ring has yet to cause me trouble… Like I said… I take it out at work… and I don’t believe that having my nose ring in during my free time is ruining my life.

  121. I am completely appalled by this. But many people feel differently about tattoos and piercings than I do. They are merely a form of self expression. Just because one decides to get tattooed or pierced does not mean they are screwing up their life. Now a days, tattoos are reversible and piercings can be taken out. They just need time to heal over and then they will be unnoticeable.

    Also, all people with tattoos and piercings are not “pinheads.” Believe it or not, some of us are rather intelligent. People just look at us and classify us freaks without getting to know us what so ever.

    So, before you go bashing ALL people with tattoos and piercings, maybe you should go out of your way to meet some of these people. You may end up realizing that they are good people as well.

  122. so why dont we spend a bit more time trying to understand one another

  123. Half of you people on here make me SICK. Just because someone is different than you, it doesnt make them gross or less employable.

    You sound like bitter old hags.
    Simply put, if you dont like the facial piercings or tattoos a cashier or someone of that sort has, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Dont get online and rave about it and look close-minded. I have piercings, and I work in the public. And to be truthful, I dont give a crap what people think about how I like to express myself. Im not out to make every grandparent in America happy.

  124. Also I am only working there until i start college, Im not a dropout.

  125. People like the ones who were the first to comment, make me lose a lot of faith in the human race. How can you people be so stupid. I die my hair pink, green ,blue or purple all the time, I wear fashioned clothes and I also have my lip eyebrow and nose pierced. I ahve been working very hard since I was 13, I always went to work on time and did all the things a good work was supposed to do. ONly one problem. I don’t think or even act that way most people are suppost to. I question things people tell me. The rest of you just do. Your told taht facil peircing make people losers becuase they are diffrent. So you blindly agree. I know taht my spelling and grammer are not good. But i also know taht i am ten times smarter then you are. First impressions are only important if you are too lazy to get to know taht other person. So you may see me walking down the street with **** on my face, a no good loser with no life and I look at you as anouther person who happily gives of there self. Just so they don’t have to think. As much as I hate you guys, I pity you. All humans have so much potenatil to be so much more then follwers, but there to lazy. I will have a buisness one day, and to tell you the truth I would probly prefer hiring someone with pink hair over someone taht looks like a good worker in normal america’s eyes. But I would look at the work they have done and listen to them before I make my desion. I could say so much more but since i can’t type and you guys are too stupid.(not the ones who have no problem with bing diffrent) I just leave you alone.

  126. First impressions ARE important. But if one chooses to live a life judging others BASED simply on first impressions, one will miss out a lot on meeting great new people.

  127. Um..wow. I read through this and was amazed at how this turned out. I was just happy when the pissing contest was over between mark and davehm.

    I understand the rules at workplaces that do not allow piercings and other body modifications but I think it is wrong to assume that these people make bad choices from having jewelry on there face. I am in medical school right now and I do have piercings I have been given a lab assistant job while in school with the choice to take out the piercings. I had the interview with all piercings in view.

    Choosing to not hire someone in an interview due to a piercing is not fair. You should give them the choice to either take it out and accept the job or to choose to keep the piercing and not take the job.

    I understand it is a statement of the person to have these body modifications just as mine are a statement, it is almost impossible to bipass all of the discrimination within the world today. If you truly want to be successful you may have to conform slightly…but that does not mean you give up everything you are.

    This also goes for you too mark. I understand your position in this topic but you too will most likely have to conform with the changing society we live in.

  128. I have just came across these comments myself and was amazed at the things being sad here. I am a very educated young woman with facial piercings and a neck tattoo. I currently work for the federal goverment, the judge actually. When interviewed for this job I did not conversate about the percings and tats but I did go to the interview with them showing. I would have retained my piercings if they had asked me too. But for the tat on my neck, its black. I have long hair which covers it most of the time. I love my job but in all honest I love being happy and being myself and that means my piercings and tats and more of them. They hired me because I was qualified for the job. They have never asked me to hide these things.

    When I see the Judge or someone higher up in their position I feel like I might make them uncomfortable by them seeing the way that I look. I do come dress for the job, in a suit and high heels so that I do look professional. I just dont fit in with them. As much as I enjoy my job though I am now seeking new employment and not because of the face that they have confronted me about these things but because they have personally casted me out.

    I do feel like its a terrible thing that people cannot except each other as the way there are and when they look at the work you have prepared that they say what you have done not the one who has prepared it. Alot of cultures do still pierce and not just the face but here it is not accepted. No one here can honeslty say that they have their tats and piercings because of their culture I am sure but because they may like the look or something or thats them expressing themselves and personalities. Just like the employers have the freedom of choice so do we. I agree with Samantha to on this too that if you are qualified for the job ou should be given the optin to remove them or cover them up.

    Lastly, it is a shame that a person would hire a less educated or experienced person over one who was qualified with a piercing that is a scarifice that they will pay for in the future.

  129. I know this is an old post but this shows how narrow minded the older generation is.
    I’m 19 and the majority of us have facial piercings, its the new fad, get used to it.

  130. There is absolutely nothing wrong with piercings or tattoos. I’ve seen several remarks on people getting infections etc from various artists and parlors well that is the individuals fault for not doing to research on the particular place they were going to.

    Piercings have been a symbol of how rich, religious, and powerful some body was and is now becoming a fashion symbol of our youth. Just because 60 years ago it was what all the junkies did while they were in jail, doesn’t mean that’s what it represents today. Let me ask you this, when you’re hiring someone do you ask if they are a Christian? Do you ask if they’re Buddhist? No. You don’t judge them by what religion they are. You say by someone wearing piercings you are judging them on life decisions… religion across the world is the BIGGEST life decision anyone can make. Yet you don’t see people hiring people based off religious beliefs. Just because the majority of older AMERICANS are stereotypical and severely conservative and narrow minded doesn’t mean anything is wrong with piercings. Basing this off stereotypes which is what you guys seem to be doing with the piercings… majority of Christians are the ones against piercings and tattoos, so assuming you are, the bible says God is the only one with the authority to judge.

    Yes, with every tattoo may come a regret later on in life, but so do several other choices in life. Some people may belong to a certain religion for their whole life and spend all their time serving whom ever their god may be. At the end of their life maybe they will convert to another religion and realize “wow I wasted all this time”. That doesn’t mean they should regret it. Tattoos become a part of who you are and its a way of expressing your youth. So what if when your 60 years old if you have a tattoo marked on your body that you don’t want any more. I’m sure you’ll have wrinkles and aging spots that you don’t want either. Everyone is so set on preparing for the future. Let me ask you this… what do you plan to do with all your money, all your retirement funds, if you die before you get to use it? What will you being doing on your cruise with your wife when your 70 years old? Do you think you will be swimming with all the kids? No. You’ll be sitting on a lawn chair watching the sun rises and sun sets. So why not enjoy your youth and do what you want to do?

  131. I have five ear piercings (two in my lobes and one in the cartiledge of my upper right ear). I also now have a lip piercing on the right side of my lower lip. I have no intention of working with food so don’t jump on me just yet.

    I am still in high school, I am the Executive Officer of my NJROTC unit (which means I am the second highest this school year just in case your small mindedness doesn’t understand that) I also am the captain of our Color Guard team and actively participate in our Drill team, Air rifle team, and Academic team. I read at a college level which is something compared to the actual low lifes at my school. I scored high on a national academic test covering material I wasn’t even learning at the time when I was just a freshmen in 2007. And that year I also attended the Governor of Illinois’ inauguration.

    I am NOT a low-life and I’m very offended. I understand about the appearance but I have a clear plastic “bar” that’s just about invisible when it’s in. You’ll have to focus closely on me to spot it. I use it every time I’m in my JROTC uniform, whether I am performing Color Guard for organizations or my school, or just wearing it on the required day each week. I still get scored 100 out of 100 on our uniform inspection on those days thank you very much. My instructor has been saying I’m impeccable since my first year

    Open your mind to people with piercings. Because I am very certain that I am NOT a low life so far as far as I know.

  132. Well Tabitha, come back and talk with us when you’ve been in the actual military, not the girl scouts. JROTC is nothing no matter what the cadre tell you.

    As to the morons saying that you can be sued for not hiring somebody due to their piercings: good luck with that. Bring me one cited court decision that supports hit. Hint: there aren’t any. Piercings are not religion, nor are they an immutable attribute such as race or sex. Piercings and tats are your completely idiotic choice to try to differentiate your pathetic selves. You can be different.. just like everybody else. LMAO!

    Lastly, where I work we simply do not tell an applicant as to why they weren’t hired. We don’t have to. In their packet is a small form with a check next to “Was not select: other”. Nice and vague. And you’ll never see the form anyway; all you’ll get is a rejection letter.

  133. I ask myself why piercings bother me so much, and I think it comes down to one thing: body mutilation. I find the whole concept disturbing, nauseating even. Why would someone knowingly mutilate their own beautiful body? Put holes in it? And scars?

    If I ignore my distaste for piercings in general, I’ll have to say that some piercings are easier to accept than others.

    On your earlobes is ok. Why? Because its not on your face. Also, earlobes are artistically more harmonious, if you will, as a place to put something. The lobe is a natural place for something to accent it, or to dangle. Earrings add to your silhouette, and they don’t get in the way when you’re talking with someone, unlike facial piercings.

    Higher up on the ear, and its not so good. There’s less room up there, and the mounting hardware is more visible, more distracting. Ear bars are the worst. Now you’re really emphasizing the *pierced* aspect of the decoration, instead of the ornamental aspects. Its like you got impaled by something.

    As for facial piercings, all of them are really gross. Especially the lip and cheek ones. Just thinking of having some destructive hole in my my mouth makes me shiver. That’s something I’d go to the hospital to get fixed. Immediately! Your face is the most emotionally expressive part of your being, and I think that’s also why I don’t like facial piercings. They add machinery to something that shouldn’t have any. They shine and glint at me, like some kind of mutant cold sores.

    And even if I ignore all of that, then aesthetically most facial piercing are not harmonious. The eyebrow ones make no sense, they just kind of stick out there, like someone randomly snagged you with a fishing hook. The lip ones just get in the way, and are always jiggling when you talk. Very distracting and annoying. The nose ones are perhaps better, maybe because the nose is more like your earlobes. But when I see those little studs on the side of someones nose I just want to flick them off, like its a piece of food stuck on you or something.

    Tongue piercings are the least comprehensible to me. It physically gets in the way, and actually decreases the functionality of that organ. Harder to talk, harder to eat, to lick, to taste. I mean, its about the same as ramming a steel bolt through your hand, or your dick even. Why would you do that? You’re basically handicapping yourself.

    I’ll be very interested to see how long this fad lasts. Like shoulder pads. Or big hair. Or Tammy Faye makeup. Oh. Wait. Was that ever a fad? Some things you just can’t figure.

  134. Wow. This all seems very silly to me. I did not think that people were still so close-minded about others decisions about their own appearance. I personally think it is great when people use physical changes as a means of self-expression. And I think that it is plain dumb that many are placing all people with facial piercings in one category of “poor life choice” making people. I will admit: some people with facial piercings are stupid, but so are some people without them. So what the heck is the difference here? I personally do not have facial piercings but I do have dreadlocks (which I clean as often as you clean your hair. so, no. I am not dirty) and tattoos, though my tattoos are hidden (mainly because they are very important and personal to me and i dont feel like i need to show them off. getting them was a very important time in my life that i believe is still going on and i am sure many people with facial piercings feel the same). Do i make poor life choices because i chose to merely look different? heck no. as for military concerns, my friend is in the military and he does have a piercing. the tongue web. does that mean he cannot do his job as well as he did prior to the piercing? heck no.
    yes. having dreadlocks is a choice. yes. having tattoos is a choice. just like having facial piercings is a choice. but they are personal choices that should not interfere with a persons ability to thrive in the work place. if i sent my resume to an employer, i’m sure that they would hire me according to my college education, my volunteer work and abroad programs, and my prior job experience. after an interview, their decision for hiring me should not be made because of my appearance of being a young woman with or without sh+t in my face. so please, just keep an open mind next time you see a person who looks different, you do not know their story and you should not judge them merely because you do not understand their choices. they are still people and should be treated equally.

  135. Just because people have facial piercings DOES NOT mean that they are nasty or horrible people. I know many of people with them and most of them are alot nicer and kinder then people without them. I am sixteen and i have 3 in my ears my nose and my tounge….does that mean im nasty to??? Cuzz im not i clean my self i h\get great grades…….

  136. I was heavily pierced because I worked as a professional body piercer for a few years. Now, looking for a job, I have had to remove many of my piercings, mostly because they were more than just a few rings in my ears. However, the removal of my piercings was my own choice, to try and get employers to consider me. This is saddening, because I should not have to change my appearance to get a job, but it’s true.
    I am also heavily tattooed. Nothing offensive, no symbols, just artwork. I am also an artist, so I enjoy having artwork being displayed on my arms and body. The only words I have are “KILL FOR IT” and “DIE FOR IT”. These I got to symbolize my dedication to the canadian forces. The IT of course being freedom and my family.
    I have had the talk many times about how I shouldn’t “ruin” my appearance with tattoos and whatever else, but it is my choice. I’m not stupid for having ink. Piercings don’t make me any less intelligent. I excelled in school, and do my best in everything I do. My tattoos do not make me any different or any less than anyone else. Everyone is equal. I don’t care if you are rich and think you are above me, because your not. I use my brain and am just as intelligent, if not more so, and the average person.
    It sucks that the world judges based on appearances, but I don’t mind. People who don’t care to learn who I am don’t deserve to.

  137. I think it’s a personal choice on how you look and has nothing to do with people messing up their lives or making poor choices. It would be nice if people would just take a look around and change with the times with out being so ignorant.

    At 25 I’ve had my lip and nose pierced for over 10 years now. I currently have 4 larger tattoos. One even covers my chest and is rarely hidden.

    Whether you think I am gross or ridiculous and making poor choices I’ve held managerial jobs since I was 21. I don’t party or do drugs. I’ve taken in my 3 year old nephew to live with me and I’m going to be attending school next fall for child and youth counseling.

    A person chooses their path not their appearance. It’s all too easy to label everything these days.

  138. Wow. I have snakebites and gauged ears. I’d guess you’d find it hilarious that i work at a daycare and all the kids adore me. Let’s make the argument that skinny people are less likely to get hired.
    I joke I joke :]

  139. I have snake bites and all blue hair. I plan on getting more piercings and a tattoo as soon I turn 18 and my hair is only going to change to other bright colors. I don’t do it for attention, I’m actually a very shy person (no one believes that when they see me) I’m 16 and have been working at a restaurant since I was 14. I don’t understand the problem people have with piercings. I’ve never had a customer who complained about my hair or lip rings. They’re not going to cause anyone else to be harmed or make them sick. A lot people have made jokes about them, but as long as you know how to laugh with them there’s no problem. The only people that have ever said anything to my boss about them was an older guy I worked with. They definitely don’t make you stupid and don’t ruin your life.

  140. I don’t think that people with piercings or tatts are bad people. In a strange way I kind of admire their sureness in knowing what they want. However, I just know that I would really rather not look at those piercings. The people are fine, but the piercings are distracting, and detracting too. I think piercings and tatts take away from a person’s natural beauty.

    Jeanette, I mean no disrespect, but I have to wonder what your parents were thinking when they let you get those piercings at the age of 15. For young people the school years are the time when we are at our most impressionable. If the current fashion is to put holes in yourself, does that mean I should let my child do this? I don’t think so. If they still want to do this when they are 18 then go for it, but not one day sooner. And even then I would plead with them not to.

    Jennifer, I’m fine with blue hair, or whatever color you pick. I think its cool. But facial piercings are very different. If you don’t do this for attention, then I’m curious why you do? What does it mean to you personally? And by the way, I would never complain to a person about their piercings, and I expect most people wouldn’t either. That would be rude. But, just because people are nice enough not to complain doesn’t mean that those piercings don’t make them uncomfortable.

    Throughout this long posting, many people with piercings have asked why other people have problems with piercings. There’s a very simple answer to that: you’re putting holes in your bodies, and in places that are impossible to avoid looking at. You’re basically forcing us to look at these mutilations.

    Would you cut the tip of your nose off it that were the fashion of the day? Would you split your tongue like snake? Would you drill visible holes in the fronts of your teeth? Would you sew one of your eyes shut? Or take one of them out? For the sake of fashion?

  141. I honestly don’t understand how a lot of you are saying that piercings are permanent.
    They are not.
    At their worst, they are semi-permanent.
    They can always be removed.

    Tattoos, however, are quite permanent.
    It is more painful to get them removed than put on.
    It is also a lot more expensive (in many cases.)
    So please tell me why it is that piercings are so horrible?
    I think they are the lesser of two “evils”.
    I put evils in quotes because they are affecting no one but the person who decides to get them.
    They might offend someone. They might affect someones chances at getting a super conservative job.
    If the person getting the mods has really thought about the consequences of their actions..I don’t see what the issue is. Those of us going into creative fields know exactly what we should or should not do.
    More importantly, most of the people who get piercings and tattoos are in creative fields. We are highly imaginative and inventive people.

    Some fields don’t allow it…I will not deny that. It is the responsibility of the individual to determine whether or not their body modifications will prevent them from getting hired.

  142. To those of you who are complaining about people who choose to pierce or tatto themselves, you all are ignorantand and a sad excuse for human beings. People have been piercing and tattoing for decades and it is in many countries a symbol of beauty and intelect. You are all stereotyping on the American belief and general assumption that people who pierce or tattoo are for some reason of a lower inteligence and are less of a human or disgusting or someother bull**** belief. You are truly the filth of this world, the ones who walk around oblivious to the real truths, the ones who plaster themselves with patriotic beliefs, or materialistic ideals. You say that we, the ones who pierce and tattoo are disgusting and immoral, yet you come in to our places of employment, where we work and serve you and bitch and moan about something that bothers you like a piercing. Well you bother me with your pounds of Loreal makeup which only makes you look like the next bickering woman, or your ideals which you HAVE to throw in our faces. Tell me how Jesus doesn’t love me anymore because i have a tattoo and i will personally **** your order up just in spite. I won’t continue with this because i could go on for hours with no real outcome, but i figured that maybe if you can bitch about our style, i should and would bitch about your conforming combustible lifestyle. You truly are the reason that this world is going to **** so fast.

  143. Ok ive been reading most of the posts and really im intrigued at the varying opinions. Frankly i just want to say my peace and be gone.
    I have had my ears pierced most of my life. I got my first done when i was 7 and then another when i was 13. I had a 3rd stud at 14 but because i played football it had to be removed and it closed and i just didnt bother getting it repierced. since i was about 16 i have been stretchin my lobe out on my first hole and it is now at a 2 gauge. i didnt do it cuz i thought it would make people talk about it or because it made me different. i have honestly stretched it for my own personal enjoyment. I also have my nipple pierced and i have 6 rather large tattoos. got my first one at 16. i always keep my tats covered simply because they are for my enjoyment. From 16 to 22 i was an assistant manager for a fast food chain that specializes in butterburgers. i always removed my piercings while at work, kept my hair cut short, and my facial hair trimmed real nice, all because thats what they wanted me to do. And thats fine it was expected. if you dont expect to have to cover your tats and remove your piercings then you too naive. upon leaving i let my hair grow out, ive grown a beard and my studs never come out. i look like a typical rocknrolla wannabe drug addict. Now i have never touched a drug in my life. I moved out on my own and bought a trailer and a car all by myself at the age of 17 and have been supporting myself since i was 15. but i understand that people look at you not at who you are. its to be expected. i currently work for a university as a cook and im pretty popular with the staff and the students. i also have a second job as a pizza maker in a corporate general store/gas station. Now upon being hired at this store i was told i did not have to remove my earings. all my tats are covered so thats not a worry. the manager has tats on his fore arms.ok stage is set. the DM comes in one day and i am instructed that i have to remove my earings. When i questioned why, he replied that it was because it was unsanitary. I have my sanitation licence so at that i laughed. I am also considered a state employee at my full time job and its not unsanitary there. After i expressed this he changed his story and said it was unprofessional. what about the General manager with his tats? changed the story again. its just against the company standards. now im one of two men that work at this individual gas station and im the only one with piercings. so i asked about the women. Nope its only the men that cant where earings. explain this to me? how exactly is that right? i dont even work out in the public view. I just dont know how exactly im to react to this outrage. if i wasnt a man i could wear my earings?? btw im a married white male mid 20 with one son. where is the justice?

  144. @yosoyeldiablo999

    I feel your pain. I have had several similar experiences. In grade school I was told that I could not wear a hat. When I asked why a girl in the class was able to wear a hat the teacher responded “…because it goes with her outfit.”

    I too have been pierced (ears only) for many years and have, as a result, had to fight with many conservative employers about equality. Of course in EVERY circumstance, the “no earrings” rule only applied to males. In most cases, once they realized what an asset I was to the company, they stopped bothering me. Its understandable for a business to do what is necessary, within reason, to maximize profits. This often includes hiring discrimination. If earrings and tattoos means less business, well, you gotta worry about keeping food on the table before concerning yourself with your employee’s rights to freedom of expression in YOUR business. I understand that

    I simply refuse to work for any company that does not allow me to wear my earrings to work. Does this limit my career choices? Sure. Is it worth it? To me it is. Depends on whether or not you value your freedom of personal expression over financial gain. I’m not a materialistic person and I don’t have a family to feed so its an easy choice for me.

  145. Mark all I have to say is you can judge a person by the way they treat their enimies and the way you are treating some of the people in this chat is ridiculous.

    I have a nose piercing and 14 others in my ears. I’m planning on getting a lip or cheek piercing in the near future. There is nothing regrettable about what I’ve done. The only reason people have this stereotype is because some pierced people don’t take care of their body as much as others do. There are still many unpierced people out there that are trashy, dirty, and uneducated in certain fields but does that make them better than pierced people? This is outrageous. Mark, so are you responses.

    You think you have one up or outdone everyone in this chat? Do you sit at home all day refreshing this page and then google-ing your ideas to get(what looks like) and educated response? I’m sorry if looking smart on a discussion board make you feel like you’re getting places in life but going by your standards Kat Von D is the scum of the earth and I’m sorry bud, but I don’t think you’re nearly as sucessful as her.

  146. I am 26 I am married I have a college education and I have a full time job where I make a decent living. I also happen to have 3 facial piercings, septum, lip, and my smiley. I also have a surface piercing my nape….My point is I have a great job, people can either choose to respect me or not by my outer appearance but I do not judge anyone on theirs, when I go into a store or out to a movie or out to a restaurant I do not stand there and say to myself or others, man that old ladies shirt is hideous, I bet she is horrible to talk to or jezz I would never associate myself with that man he has a gold chain around his neck. The reason being is because judging people by their outer appearance is shallow and narrow minded. Some day the younger generation will rule this planet and I do believe we are or accepting and tolerant to new ideas of self expression, this is not your grandmas world anymore so get used to people having facial piercings I think you will be seeing a lot more of it. Open your mind and your heart peace comes only with acceptance.

  147. Facial piercings vs. employability is the major deterrent used by “intolerant” employers.

    What one has to realize is that those who hire the majority of creative and self expressive people have done so in the past when employees are either working in the service sector (the first to experience lay offs) or when employees are hard to acquire because of poor pay scales.

    In this economic down turn, self expression will be the last criteria that any employer will appreciate. They will optimize their work force to try and survive.

    Augmentation to ones body may provide one with instant gratification: whether it be breast implants, lipo suction, tatoos or piercings. They all are a short sighted means to improve the outward look as opposed to developing one’s personality.

    My advice to anyone who contemplates altering their body to be creative and show individualism should focus not on themselves, but rather the world around them. The world needs your creativeness to go beyond how you look.

    Cultures have traditionally maintained their own social mores and views on beauty. It is great to experiment, but in the end, we, too have socially accepted standards. It’s not wrong, it is just reality.

  148. “In this economic down turn, self expression will be the last criteria that any employer will appreciate. They will optimize their work force to try and survive.”

    Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Enjoy your piercings, because with all other things being equal, you’ll get to enjoy them at home on unemployment. For the majority of jobs, the person with facial piercings won’t be offered the job.

  149. Mark is just a slave to societies definition of normal and an ignorant sheep. Probably was made fun of by people with piercings or tattoos and harbors a deep resentment for them. Don’t listen to him as I’m sure he’ll take his life one day because of his inability to be interesting.

  150. I’m not getting myself in this bull again but PHB, I have a ring through my lip and my fiance (who doesn’t have a single piercing himself and didn’t even like the idea of me getting it just how you are) still tells me he does not even feel it. And while it was a ‘bit’ uncomfortable when it was just done (my earrings were umcomfortable too while healing) I easily managed.

    And the thing is he didn’t want me to get it at first but the first thing with anybody is to respect what they want and so he did. And behold! he liked it the moment he saw it. What I’m trying to go for is that if you really loved her you’d accept everything about her, if you don’t, then yes, you should lose her. My fiance still proposed to me and everything after I got it done and he really doesn’t like piercings just like you.

    I’m no expert in anything but that’s just my experience with my piercing with my love.

  151. You people are ridiculous, we are living in the twenty first century now,and just because times have chaged since the era you have lived in, does not mean you people have the right to criticize how todays society decides on expressing themselves. So for all of the primitive people out there still living in the stone age, go back to your boring lives and quit worrying about our generation.

  152. okay well i have a job as a vet and i have double nostril rings,snake bites,and my dimples pierced,and gauges,and im still making good desisions and im not an “attention whore” it called freedm of speech!

  153. Wow. Mark really is an idiot.

    I’d like to have a face to face discussion with him.

    Oh well he’s gone. I made my opinion on this back in 07 and it still stands, and by the way, i still have my job!

    I still get emails saying people have replied to this, good to see more people are on my side than when i started!

  154. Mark, For someone who is well off and brags about not hiring those who are more artistically expressive, you have alot of time on your hands to reply to these comments and such. My geuss is that you aren’t so well off and may be lonely and attention seeking. Maybe you should go get back to your “important” amazing job and stay in your single minded time period while our generation also known as your future gets all tatted and pierced up. I hope when your old and wrinkly (which probably isn’t far off) you get an obese tattooed pierced individual to take care of yourself and maybe you’ll change your mind…just a thought

  155. I’m intelligent. I’m pretty. I have a facial piercing.
    I also have a future despite your beliefs.
    Most employers value things like grammar and the ability to speak well. Obviously you are not one of those employers.

  156. I don’t know who the admin for this blog is or who wrote this post but it’s right on. I get a kick out of all these kiddies who want to pretend that having all these piercings is just ”OK”

    Only two types of people would think like that; kids and middle aged people who have been drunk or on drugs for 20 years and never grew up. Man, now that I’m older it’s SO EASY to see how naive kids are. I swear, the idealism and utopia these kids think the world is is completely hysterical.

    Kids listen up and listen good: In this world people judge. Your future employers judge you by how you look. Period! Don’t like it? Don’t believe it? Too bad! It’s true. Unfair? Tough, its true. Discriminatory? Yes and it happens.

    Piercings are a sign of immaturity. When you’ve completely matured and grown into your true self you’ll stop piercing yourself. Piercing and tattooing is just a way to dress yourself up according to how you think your peers would approve. That’s all it is. Kids stuff.

    Now watch, some kid will get on here and say, “I’m 46 years old, the ceo of a major corporation and I HAVE PIERCINGS!” LMAO!!!! LMAO!!!

  157. wow, this post has been around for TWO YEARS… by far one of the best threads i have ever seen.

    dave said: I simply refuse to work for any company that does not allow me to wear my earrings to work. Does this limit my career choices? Sure. Is it worth it? To me it is. Depends on whether or not you value your freedom of personal expression over financial gain. I’m not a materialistic person and I don’t have a family to feed so its an easy choice for me.

    this is the truth, point blank period. piercings and tattoos all come down to personal choices, and if a person feels that their piercings and tattoos are worth the limitations put on them by society (because there will be limitations), then they will make it work.

    I am a college graduate with nine tattoos and six piercings, along with a retired tongue piercing. in the years that i have been working i have been an assistant librarian, a counselor in a college admissions office, a clerical assistant, a store manager for the estee lauder company, a personal assistant to the vice-president of a production company, a head server at an upscale restaraunt on capitol hill… all with my tattoos and my piercings.

    i was able to achieve those jobs because i am intelligent and presented myself well at the interview and in the office. while they may have been hesitant at first, over time, my jobs DID NOT CARE about my body modifications because i proved myself to be a worthwhile employee. any employer that refuses to compromise with me over my appearance when my work is good does not deserve to have me as an employee. even my mother has a very visible tattoo on her hand and has been employed at the washington post for over ten years.

    while first impressions do matter, the kind of close-minded stereotyping going on in this thread is what CAUSES the problem. employers are much more open-minded than you think, if you are exceptional in every other way besides your piercings. all of you naysayers should catch up on that before you give your harsh and judgemental opinions.

    and to leo@san blas panama: for someone who sees how naive kids are now that theyre older, youre post, especially the obnoxious LMAO’s at the end, read like that of a third grader. why dont you grow up.

  158. Leo etc etc, I’ve read all these posts with interest and can I just inform you I’m a 37 year old who will not stop having tattoos, and I’ve also got a couple more piercings planned. Soooo narrow-minded and absurd, if you don’t like it, don’t look, you’re just staid and jealous…tell you what, come to Camden it would open your eyes and your mind, then again probably not LMAO!!! LMAO!!!
    What people choose to do with their bodies is up to them, bigot boy!

  159. After reading most of this post, I’d like to thank all those who stand/stood up for the pierced population. I myself have a ring in my nose, two rings in one cartilege, and one in each lobe. I also have a mohawk! I also have three tattoos. (Go figure) You know what all of this represents to me? Being a damned individual.

    I have training in Collision Repair and Custom Paint/Airbrush, but there’s not many jobs like that around where I live. So yea, finding a job’s tough. I can understand not wanting an employee to MESS WITH FOOD with a loose facial piercing, (nose stud) that can easily fall out.But why not give that person, if they have a great attitude and smile, a cashier only job? Beats the hell outta me!

    Self-expression means this to me and some of my friends:
    “Making my own decisions and not being judged because of them. I like my piercing/tattoo/hair color/clothing/ect. because I LIKE THEM. I may get wierd looks, but if I feel good, so what?”

    It’s truly sad the people have to argue on the internet over something so trivial as this. Employers should be opened minded. If an applicant has a piercing, but qualified for the job, ask them to remove it during work hours, or put a clear spacer in. Sure the hole might be there, but not the jewelry.

    I’ll probably end up making it possible to remove my nose ring to avoid all the drama. I’ll get a job, take it out during hours, and put it in as i walk through the door. Problem solved…

    And too all those who believe that piercings are disgusting, keep your opinion to yourself. I think 3 piece suits are pointless wastes of money. Success should be gauged by attitude, skill, and drive, not appearance, or wealth….

    Thanks again, those who support the body arts!

  160. Let me start this by saying that I think piercings and tattoos are beautiful. I admire the confidence a person has to go against the grain and do something for their own reasons. I have modified my own appearance and I will be the first to admit piercings and tattoos do hurt, but that is merely minutes of pain for a lifetime of pleasure. Sure some people get stupid tattoos, and if you actually approach them they will probably be the first to say “yeah, this tattoo was stupid but that doesnt mean i regret it.” Piercings and tattoos arent just about the outcome, you remember that experience for the rest of your life. And not everybody has to approve. My own mother took a while. She told me that if I got and piercings near my mouth she would personally remove them (which i understand. she does work in the dental field.) Concerning my tattoo, she told me if i got it before i turned 18, she would kick me out (this i argued over for a while since she personally took my sister to get a tat when she was only 17 because she PASSED SUMMER SCHOOL.. meanwhile the straight A student cant get one?!?) I digress. As a college student, majoring in Bio with an organismal concentration, I see so many other students with body mods around campus and I have never heard anybody complain. Times are changing and individuality is beautiful. Don’t let body mods keep people from their goals. My own being to help endangered species and fight poaching, finning, whaling. I could go on and on about the anthropogenic endangerment of species. oh yes, the list goes on.
    Body mods are external. Get to know the person before you judge them. And btw, I have been hired twice with body mods and have never heard a single complaint.

  161. You people need to get a ****ing grip on life. Who are you to say these people with tattoos and piercings are low life screw-ups? I myself have both my ears stretched and one lip piercing and yet I work for a major airline company making 200k a year. My tattoos hold many symbolic meanings and I thought them through for a long time before I went through with getting them. Piercings and tattoos have gone back since before Jesus Christ ever existed and they will keep living until the end of time. Of course there is going to be stupid young people getting these body modifications without thinking them through but that is just the way the world works. It’s human nature to make stupid decisions every now and then. So before you go judging people and calling them stupid for doing the things they believe in, just keep your ****ing mouth shut

  162. Just by scanning over some of these comments, I’m quite surprised at how people look at facial piercings. Me, I have no problem with them. Also, if I go to a store and the employee that’s helping me has piercings, I could care less. The funny thing is that –not sure who said it– some one left a comment saying that you’re basicly trying to bring attention to yourself by getting a facial piercing. I have to disagree with that. There are many people out there that have piercings and didn’t want to bring any attention among themselves. Some people simply get them because it’s an art. So, in summary, with this complaint because even though the way you look is a huge thing when trying to get a job, it’s not the only thing. That’s what a resume is for. Nowhere in a resume have I seen anyone put ‘I have facial piercings’. Therefore, it’s obviously irrelevant to them.

  163. Actually, when you are walking through a resturant, or in a grocery store, or at a job interview, and you have a tattoo or a facial piercing, it states that you are indepentent of the thoughts of shallow pigs around you and @ssholes who believe that everyone and everything in the world has to fit into their suburban way of life black and white no gray areas that they have been programed to accept. The fact that it repulses is common, but it gives you no right to judge. A facial piercing is hard to judge and usually is just decoration, like a bunch of rings on your fingers or a fancy blouse you pay $350 dollars for in a bad economy because “You just have to have it!”

    Honestly, If someone has a tattoo on their forehead that says whore, or scumbag, then yes, you can bet that person is probably wasting their life and is useless to society. But what if someone put the star of david on there forehead and they were Jewish? Or if they were Christian and they put John 3:16? Thats an example of faith and bravery to express it. You can’t judge someone who wants to decorate the body God gave them by putting their religious belief on there. Or what about if you served in the army, and you get a tattoo on your chest of a set of wings because you were a paratrooper? Well, is that acceptable so long as its on the chest where it can be covered up, but not if its on the neck or the face where it can be seen? Sounds to me like this complaint is just because you feel they are to ‘radical’ for you to accept. I work with a girl who works on a food line, she has a pierced nose. She takes the piercing out when she works the line to make sandwiches and serve soup for people, and they are none the wiser. Honestly, I would be more worried about the small bits of DNA that fall into people’s food when she makes it without the ring in than when she wheres it and its clean and cared for and looks alright. I guess this is all a matter of OPEN MINDEDNESS and opinion

  164. I am wondering how this:

    (im not sure if that is the actual picture or just the link… but it is a single, 16 gage vertical lebret)

    should stop me from getting a job? it is neat, and the only thing on my face… And, I got it knowing what jobs I could no longer get and knowing that more than likely I didnt want to work for suck closed minded people anyway! and knowing that if a job was worth it I would put a retainer in.
    I also think it is childish and immature to pass judgement on someone bc they have piercings! You think they are stupid bc they have piercings and tattoos?? Well I was in the USMC for military intel, having someone retire 2 weeks early to get me the job i wanted bc it was full. I passed on a few academic scholarships to join the marines, so someone somewhere thought I was smart, and worth while, and they gave me a chance, piercings and all, while I was in no one said anything about my tattoos or the fact that I put my piercings back in on my time off, why?? bc I did my job and I did it well! I have seen plenty of people come into my mothers company looking to get hired with NO tattoos or piercings and be the laziest, most horrible employees she has ever had where some of her best employees have a nose stud or a tattoo of their sons name on their wrist…

    On to another subject:

    My tattoos on my wrist that say: carpe diem, since when does seize the day stop someone from getting a job? or when ppl ask me to cover them with band-aids, yes they are that small that a band-aid covers them, you are telling me you want customers to think your employees tried to kill themselves instead of decided to have a “keep a good attiaude” reminder put on them??? That is something I will never understand!

  165. Mark, while I do not believe that discriminating against people who have piercings is the equivalent of racism or sexism, I do believe that it is the same as discriminating against someone who is muslim and wears a hijab or who is a sikh and wears a turban. Religion is a choice. So is piercing yourself. As much as you may disagree, both modifying one’s body and practicing a religion have a lot to do with beliefs. People who pierce themselves believe it will enrich their lives, and that is in large part, a reason why people practice certain religions. I doubt this will change your mind, since you seem pretty firmly set in your bigotry, and for all I know you might hate people of other religions, but I just thought you might see the similarity.

    As for your tattoo artist friend, I know many of us grown weary of our chosen professions and wish to change fields. He seems to have become disenchanted with it and should probably contemplate a career move. I don’t think that he’s qualified to judge how well-thought-out someone else’s tattoo idea is, and if he is, maybe he should switch over to mind-reading so as not to waste his incredible gift.

  166. Wow, this is hilarious. Your ignorance is just what the world needs. I have my septum pierced along with my eyebrow. I have 2 piercings in each ear and I plan to get more. Some how this means I am less able to do a job than others? Hmmm that’s pretty funny considering that I am passing Calculus with a 93 during my senior year of high school, which most people don’t do in there entire life. I have an average vocabulary but my math skills are somewhat astounding. I can understand not allowing a piercing or tattoo to be shown at work, but actually not hiring someone because they look different than you? That is simply pathetic. Not all people do it to rebel; I sure didn’t. I like how it looks, I like how it makes me feel about myself. Heh, I guess the world needs people like you. It makes me realize how great of a person I am. I wouldn’t deny you a job because you are different than me, just as long as you have the proficient skills to get the job done. You probably would have never guessed that I could build computers by the time I was 13, or that I have never failed a class, nor have I been late to work or called in sick when I wasn’t actually sick. My managers say I do the job better than most and I was indeed a fast learner as I had stated. I haven’t had a single customer complain about their order [Yes, I work in a fast food joint. That will change in September though when I start college]. To be honest, I think I could do your job better than you given the amount of training you had. Most people with facial piercings or tattoos will actually try harder than your average worker just so they can prove you wrong. I wish very horrid things upon you and your family my friend. I hope one day all the ignorant people like yourself are washed away from this great planet. Much love.

  167. why would holes and jewelry in one’s ear be any more unsightly than in one’s nose? it’s 2009 people.. i was raised to not judge people by their looks, and to judge them based on if they are a good person or not. is it more socially acceptable to be a rapist but not have piercings and tattoos, or to be a good law-abiding person with some body modifications? based on what a lot of people seem to be posting, they would rather have the rapist who looks respectable live next door rather than one of us “freaks”.

    i also agree with Mark who posted above me.. i do try harder at work because i have piercings, because i try to disprove the stereotype.

    and on a final note… were people who first started to pierce their ears in medieval times (or whevener the tradition started, as i’m really not sure) looked upon with disgust the way some people look at “us” now??

    i no longer have faith in humanity or a just world

  168. To who ever posted this in the first place : **** your mom for giving birth to such ignorance.

  169. i want to know why if i have a few facial piercings, long hair and earrings, i am not talking about facial tattoos and other visible marks that cannot be hidden, but i can hide all of my piercings and esily move my hair out of my face, i would love to be given an answer besides that i am a stipid kid or something along those lines, this is my definiton of beauty and if you dont like it you can look away and give us the expected tolerence of adults, instead of blind ignorance

  170. Wow. There isn’t much I can say to describe this ignorance. First of all, not all facial piercings or tattoos are used as a form of rebellion. People get them because they like to wear them…just like earings, which most people (especially women) have. How is getting one’s ears pierced any better than putting a ring any where else? I’ll answer that for you: IT ISN’T! Second of all, don’t you think you should be paying more attention to a person’s personality and character rather than their fashion sense? I’m pretty sure it’s more important in the long run. Another thing you should keep in mind is that my generation is getting ready to be the one’s who run things. It’s our turn to be the adults, employees, business owners, even presidents; and guess what, the whole “piercing/tattoo.long hair thing” is MOST POPULAR with us - which means you better get used to looking at exactly what it is you’re bashing because I garauntee you it most places will be okay with it in the near future. It’s mind blowing to know that people actually judge a person by facial piercings. That shows how ignorant, stubborn, and bad of a person you are. And as far as religious views on the matter….technically if you’re a Christian, your body is a temple, and piercings and tattoos aren’t suppossed to be worn. However, neither is makeup, nail polish, or anything like that. Also, every sin is equal, which means if you’ve ever sinned at all in your life, you have no honest right to tell someone they can’t work for you becuase of that. I currently work in fast food, and I have ear rings, ear gauges, a nose ring, and soon to be 2 lip rings…..and guess what….no body cares! Even my managers have tattoos and piercings. Here’s a good bt of advice for you on this subject: Just get over it. Look beyond that if you don’t like it. I’m a very intelligent person, and I love people, and I go to church, and I love to volunteer and help others, and I love to give to charity, and I’m a tallented writer and musician, and I do not drink or smoke, and I work hard at everythingI do, and I’m strong, and I’m wise (well, there’s always room for impovement), and I’m very passionate about life in general and all that I do with it. Are you telling me that I’m a bad person or that I don’t deserve a job just because I have facial piercings? Come on, only God can judge a person. And even if you aren’t religious, just be happy that there is another person in the world that would rather do more good than anything, even with facial piercings!

  171. Your opinion is your opinion, but having piercings in my face has not shot down my employment chances at all. I have over 20 piercings in my face and have yet to be turned down for a job. Currently I work 2 jobs and haven’t gotten a complaint about my piercings. Also, I work with the public so people get to see my piercings all day, but instead they are smart enough to see my personality unlike people like you.

  172. You would think, that with facial peircings being a part of our culture (and many other cultures in the world for a LONG time), that being in the good ol’ FREE US of frickin’ A people could wear them AND (get ready for this) NOT be complete losers or slackers or whatever you friggin corporate controled anal retentive bigots think they all are merely for expressing themselves in a style that suits them. Grow up. All people are different, and you facists who copy and paste a corporate face over your own are defacing yourselves more than the people with peircings because at least they are expressing THEMSELVES and not some corporate ideology. Facial peircings do not MAKE someone a sloth or a BAD person who makes BAD decisions. Get over it.

  173. This is SICK ; like i have my cheeks pierced & its sad people are non excepting , im VERY Intellegent; & just becuhs i pierced my face doesnt mean im less qualified for anything , or that its a bad choice , cuhs im proud that im brave enough to get them done , & people like you need to know how to be more excepting CUHS everyone is getting tatted & PIERCED hunn ; LIVE WITH IT BITCH!! cuz it aint going away !

  174. Well I was searching the web for information on piercings & found this. It gave me quite the laugh. I have my naval pierced & it hasn’t stopped me from getting a job, well my employers don’t know it exists. It’s none of their business. I have been questioned as to weather I have a tongue ring at past places (I don’t) and reminded it was against company policy. I let them know I didn’t care :o) I now also have my ears pierced twice in each ear & have had no complaints. There are people I work with who do seminars & have nose rings, lip rings, and etc. They are highly dependable, sociable, and intelligent people. They have never judged me negatively. People need to be open minded. What I do to my body is my business. If you don’t like it, look the other way. If you were to share your opinion with me out on the street I’d tell you where to stick your opinion. And if I were denied a job simply because I had a facial piercing without being given the option to remove it or cover it up, your ass would be taken to court. :o) I’m glad the organization I work in does not judge people like that. I have been there over 2 years now. The woman with the nose ring has been with her organization & involved with ours for over 10 years & she is highly respected. There are many other individuals with tattoos (some I do not like) but they do well at their jobs and are respected. I respect their right to do as they wish to their bodies. We are adults, we have the right. Oh, and I won’t be coming back for further reading on this subject here. I just wanted to waste a few minutes of my time & get a few laughs. Then I was so moved by the idiots, I thought to share my own thoughts on the subject matter.

  175. I don’t have facial piercings; however, I don’t believe that an individual who does have facial piercings is necesarily a pinhead. At my business we employ those who are best for the job according to their resume and interview, leaving appearance out of the equation.

  176. I think it’s totally wrong to judge people based on their peircings. I work at an ice cream place, and i have my nose peirced. My boss makes me cover it up with a bandaid. It is stupid to think that piercing and tattoos are just a rebellious thing. My nose stud is tiny, it is hardly even noticable from more than a few feet away. I think it’s sophisticated. Peircings are also part of some religions. I think people should just worry about their own body. A little bit of metal isn’t hurting you. Be nice to us, we’re the ones serving your food and **** ;]

  177. I work at a pizza store and have my nose pierced and a tattoo of the word joy and a butterfly on my wrist. I am the most presentable employee we have. I have no problems with my co-workers who are covered in tattoos on their arms or have a piercing or two, and neither do our customers. tattoos and piercings are a way to express ourselves. I did not rebel when i got either my piercing or tattoo, my ring is a stud which u can barely see unless your in my face and my tattoo i can hide with a long sleeved shirt or a sweat band, though i don’t have to. i guess everyone has their opinions, but don’t call me a whore or an attention seeker cause i’m not. it’s people like you who sit on your pedal stole and judge everyone that has a problem with it.

  178. Seriously an employer has no right to tell their employees how to look.
    That’s pure and utter bull****. Wear your facial piercings and tattoos with pride wee warriors and tell your nark of a boss to **** off!

  179. Haha you guys are ridiculous, the only reason piercings are looked down upon are because of peoples close minded up bringing. Over time facial/body piercing will be accepted, because all of you close minded people are going to die someday, I’m an awesome employee and just because i have two little holes in my ears and two in my lip doesn’t effect my work ability and I often find that my piercings are a conversation piece with customers… even the older ones who want to understand because their grand kids are wanting them, if people would stop being so close minded and hiring people with piercings then it wouldn’t be a big deal because people wouldn’t focus on it. But I do agree with the facial tattoos, that’s a dumb choice if you don’t have a career in line because unlike piercings tattoos are permanent. But I’m done here, continue with your immature comments, sad to believe that some of you are adults… makes me laugh.

  180. This is idiotic! Tattoos and piercings do not make any less qualified and no one should be discriminated against because of them!

  181. I just have one thing to say to all you people who are against Piercings and tattos at work. whats wrong with them? i myself have my lip piercedd its very small. And yeah I am young im only 19. I work the same as i used to work with out it. Im still a good worker i do my job. nothing about me has changed. just the fact that my boss is an even more bigger jerk now. I always show up on time, im a hard worker, i do my job, im neat, im a clean person, im always dressed well. How is a lip piercing not letting me do my job? I think some people just need to open up and live a liitle. Just saying!!

  182. Just sayin’….. funny how all of those defending the tat and piercings are those defending themselves. Saying how it has not affected their employment and talking ’bout how smart they are, etc. maybe some un-tatted un-pierced people would like to defend the tatted and pierced….Just sayin’

  183. It’s alright. As the generations that cannot understand or accept modern changes die off, the youth that is fighting for the personal expression of their bodies/lives/whatever will take over in their places. Then the next generation will come up with something new for everyone to bitch about and the cycle will repeat. We are all bigots in the end.

    On a personal note:
    I’ve been more disturbed by a person with a (surgically fixed) hair lip serving me food than a person with a properly taken care of piercing. People with acne disturb me more than a properly taken care of piercing. I can think of many things that would turn me off to a person before a piercing or tattoos at that.

    If you take care of your temple, a few decorations here and there on your lawn isn’t going to bother a lot of people.

  184. I am 19 years old, I work at a well-known fast food restaurant, and I have my nose pierced. I was hired here at the age of 17, without my nose piercing. When I turned 18, I got the nose piercing I’d been dying to get for years. The first thing my manager told me about my piercing was that it either had to be taken out or covered up with a Band-Aid while I was clocked in. At first, it didn’t bother me, although I felt a little ridiculous with a little round Band-Aid of the side of my nose, but after a while, I started contemplating why it had to go unseen. I don’t have to cover up my ear piercings, so why my nose? People have gone to lengths to tell me that facial piercings aren’t allowed in the food industry because they can easily fall into the food, contaminating everything. Understandable. But what people don’t realize is that I wear a corkscrew nose ring the majority of the time. There is NO possible way this thing is falling out of my nose unless I twist and pull on it. And to be quite honest, people comment more on the fact that I have a ridiculous Band-Aid on the side of my nose more often than the fact that there’s a small nose piercing unfortunately hiding under it. Shouldn’t they be more worried about a Band-Aid that could easily fall off my nose into their food than my nose ring that clearly is not going anywhere?

    And, excuse me, but just because my nose is pierced does not mean that I’m a “pinhead” or that “my brains are going to fall out” of the hole in my nose. I didn’t get my nose pierced so that I could be labeled an “attention whore” or a “loser”. I am anything but. I got my nose pierced because that’s what I wanted to do. No religious reasons, no rebelling. Simply because it’s what I wanted. I graduating with honors in the top 25 students at my high school. I was active in many clubs and sports. I am very responsible for my age. After my first year of college at a highly known Big 10 university, I’ve seen so much diversity. The majority of girls on campus have their nose pierced and nowhere on campus or the surrounding area have denied girls and guys alike jobs simply because they have facial piercings.

    And about my occupation in the future.. I’m going to school to become a radiologist. I’m sure that facial piercings aren’t allowed in the hospital, but if that’s the case, that’s fine! I don’t plan on having this piercing for the rest of my life. But for right now, its who I am. My roommates have told me that they wouldn’t be able to picture me without my nose piercing. Its a part of who I am at this point in my life,. And I am happy with who I am! So stop judging me for my personal decisions. It has NO affect on my work ability or my intelligence level. And it clearly has no affect on you, besides the fact that people are shown your true character through your critical judgment.

  185. It all boils down to this … in our culture is a piercing going to hurt your chances at a career in (insert field here).

    Some jobs have no problems with facial piercings. Other jobs have huge problems with tattoos and piercings. It’s sad that our culture dictates a lot of who you are on looks. Considering most corporate places of business have disgruntled employees who (with or without piercings/tattoos) hate their jobs and give the company a bad reputation.

    Look at Wal-Mart. Unhappy employees who set a standard for terrible service (I know, I used to work there) even through good service. No training. No motivation. And fear that your job could be lost at any moment. They don’t “allow” piercings … though they just use that as a standard to fire those they do not like. I have no piercings, but most everyone at Wal-Mart did. Lips, Nose, Eyebrows, etc. and none of them were fired … unless wal-mart management decided they didn’t like a specific person. Then, the best reason to fire them … oh, They have a piercing.

    Personally, I understand a business wants someone with a specific look … but at the same time I do believe it’s not a smart business decision to base who you hire simply off of looks. I mean, think about serial killers … they all looked quite normal.

    Bottom line … pierce yourself if you want, you can probably still get a job at some point. But, don’t be surprised if Generic Corporation Inc doesn’t hire you because your face looks like a lightning accident waiting to happen.

    Much love,


  186. I just went into a Chipotle restaurant a while ago and there were two people serving, a relatively clean cut man and a young woman with at least a half dozen piercings hanging from her mouth and nose. Are these people kidding? I just walked out with the two of them staring at me like I’m crazy. I will never go to a Chipotle again. It’s getting to the point that you can’t go anywhere.

  187. Why would you leave somewhere just because someone pierced themselves? I mean … that’s pretty lame. Who cares? That’s comparable to racism. The only difference being someone pierces themselves, it’s a choice … and race is not of choice. Still, that last statement is quite dumb and sad. Let others ruin your good time, it’s no sweat off my back.

    You, Dave, say good riddance to that business … well, honestly, I would say good riddance to you. It’s your right to leave for whatever reason, and it’s their right to not care. Free country. Not status quo country. Sorry that not all people can meet the standard/average/normal/boring appearance you want for no other reason than comfort.

    I will say this, though, to cover all aspects … people who get pierced and do not take care of their piercings … there’s no need to put them in the publics view. Plus, a fresh piercing will puss … so, I understand being disgusted by piercings. And, Dave, if you’re disgusted by them then that’s your deal. But, it’s a free country (for now), so you can go anywhere you want. It’s just a matter of what freedoms you’re willing to “put up” with in order to maintain your own freedom to hate said freedoms.

    I think I rambled. lol.


  188. PPS
    I have no tattoos or piercings and I also don’t care if my waitress has a thousand tattoos and a million piercings (though that might be odd). There really is nothing wrong with either. But, it does make it harder to get certain jobs.

    Remember when long hair used to be a problem? It’s not anymore. One day piercings won’t be a problem. Just how it goes.

  189. I am wondering when beige will go out of fashion, when workers will be judged by capabilities, and when did Mark become Ms Manners?

    Do you think that businesses that pride themselves on being “edgy” will care if you chose not to shop there due to tattoos or piercings on their employees…I doubt it.
    So…heres one for ya..I have several tats…but you will never have to hire me….i own my own business…man those folks with tats n piercings sure are dumb

  190. Re: “Three reasons I don’t shop at Whole Foods”

    Actually, WF doesn’t allow facial piercings. You can have a tattoo of a facial piercing on your face, but you can’t have an actual piercing. It’s pretty absurd!

    That said, I love my facial piercings! If you don’t want any, that’s fine. I don’t like khaki pants. I think they look horrible. Yet some places I shop make their employees wear khaki pants! To each his or her own.

  191. I offered a comment about my feelings on the subject where restaurants are concerned. I guess this subject is a joke to those who post here. If you ask most people over 50, they will generally agree that this is a form of self mutilation that is intended to provoke a shock response. These people are screaming for attention.
    It’s been put fourth as a rebuttal that beige khakis are just as disgusting and provocative. Is this a joke or is the poster that stupid? Whatever the case, facial peircings are a gross expression of a persons individuality and represent a potential serious health hazard. Any one who decides that looking like a circus freak is more important than any practical considerations like customer relations is just asking for trouble. In addition is the clinical fact that there is the higher hepatitis risk among those who practice piercing and tatoos. This is a very contagious disease and the c type is incurable. Just because our society has lost all sense of moral restraint doesn’t mean you have the right to inflict your own brand of perversion on normal healthy people.
    You want to do this, fine. Enjoy. But like it or not, most folks are put off by your choices of adornment and you are losing customers. If that’s ok with your boss then so be it.

  192. I definitely agree with most of the comments above saying that people should not be judged by their facial piercings. Here’s the “but”: I used to work at a food place and there were a lot of employees with facial piercings but some of them couldn’t keep their hands off of the piercing! That’s what I don’t like. Have it, fine, I get the appeal. I once had a facial piercing but took it out because it wasn’t healing correctly and way too high maintenance for my liking. If you do have facial piercings and work in a food place, please keep your hands off of the piercing and face, at least wash your hands afterward. Their piercings never affected how the customers acted towards them, though.

    As for tattoos (yes i know this has nothing to do with original post but brought up in comments):
    I have tattoos visible through my work scrubs and not a single patient has said anything nasty or complained. My boss has even asked me about them and thought they were nice because he actually took the time to ask what they were about. However, if I had piercings where my tattoos were (which would definitely be weird) then I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly. I digress…

    Dblock: “If you stretched out your earlobes wide enough that I can fit my finger through them, you are not a desireable representation of a business.”
    I have stretched lobes (yes, wide enough that my finger can fit through them) and I’ve never had a complaint. My boss has even given me a promotion and I handle patients and clients firsthand. Obviously the holes in my ears do not affect the quality of my representation of the hospital to the patients.
    So back to the topic. As long as the piercing is clean and the pierced employee doesn’t pick at it, I don’t see a problem.

  193. “If you ask most people over 50, they will generally agree that this is a form of self mutilation that is intended to provoke a shock response.”

    You know, this point is only half correct … I mean, yeah, some people do things for shock value. Some jump buildings on motor cycles … there is a value in shock value. But, alas, it’s sad that some people get piercings to rebel against parents/authority, etc. I’ve never gotten a piercing because I never wanted one. I know people who actually wanted a facial piercing … and they got it. Plus, in this day and age it’s not “shocking” at all.

    As for the “self mutilation” thing … it’s an opinion from people born in the 50’s and 60’s who were teens in the late 60’s and early 70’s listening to Hendrix, The Beatles and trippin’ Acid … every generation has their marking, and piercings (though they’ve been around a long time) have become more common and honestly they’re not as damaging as drugs.

    And aren’t there more problems in the world? You know, like how they’re trying to open the boarders? Or the mandatory military training for citizens 18 to 25 (which I watched on CNN, scared the **** out of me) … here we are debating piercings … which has no real importance in the world. It’s just a nit picky fight that nobody can win because everybody can make a valid point.


  194. To Chelsea,

    I agree with you that it is gross when people pick at their facial piercings while working, which is why I don’t do it. I’m the one who works at the fast food place and I don’t pick at my nose piercing unless I’m cleaning it, something I would never do while at my job. Not only is it unsanitary for the company, but it is unsanitary for my piercing due to the amount of grease in the restaurant. I take perfectly good care of my piercing. It is as healthy as it could ever be. But yet, the issue is that I still have to cover it up with a Band-Aid at work. It really upsets me and irritates me to no end. Why can’t I put in a clear spacer so that I can take my nose piercing out and the hole doesn’t have to close up?!

    Is there anyone else who thinks that a clear facial spacer/stud is more sanitary than a Band-Aid? Or am I just crazy?

  195. I agree that a clear or flesh tone retainers are more sanitary and aesthetically pleasing than the those large gross looking band-aids some/most jobs require their employees to wear. I’ve had many jobs and I’ve decided to stop asking them before or during the interview if they are okay with facial piercings and see if they notice my retainers and guess what, I’ve gotten each job since then. Eventually they do notice but by that time they see how much of a professional hard worker I am and don’t care about my clear facial jewelry. I have yet to have a customer notice my retainers as well. I currently have a job with a global company working with all the suite and tie CEO’s in big business and I have four facial piercing and they’ll never know that I have them unless they catch me on my days off. :)

  196. Well, Mark, i really doubt after reading what you said that I, or anyone really, would want to be employed by such an ignorant, close minded, and hateful person as yourself.
    Actually, I don’t think “my kind” will have a problem not being hired by people like you, ever.
    Usually (not always) people who chose to add art to our blank canvas of a body like to work for people who don’t seem like the type to out source our jobs to korean children for 5 cents a day. You know what? A lot of the time we start our own very successful businesses that don’t like hiring people with such horrible attitudes towards self expression.
    When you’re 16 and you sneak out and get your nose peirced- that’s rebellion. When you wait until you’re 18 and you’ve been planning a tattoo for a while now, that’s self expression. So don’t pull the whole “you crazy kids and your rebellion!!!!!” card on us because it’s not about that anymore. It’s not the 30’s, respectable people wear jeans.
    So yes, most of us are “different” we’re artists but we also cross over into your troops, your marines. Would you turn down a Marine back from Iraq, three kids and a wife to support because he had a tattoo? He was working for your freedom before, but is he now not good enough to work at your insurance company( don’t get too upset, i have no idea what kind of business you own, i’m just using this thing called “a hypothetical situation” to get a point across)?
    Whether you like it or not, you haters of art, there are a lot of intelligent, highly qualified people out here with tattoos and piercing.

    If you frown upon us because our choice to be artistically free, then you are the most stifled, miserable person i never care to meet.

    thank you, i won’t be back, so save your asinine retort.

    Also- “lulz” not “lutz” it’s not salt and vinegar chips it’s laughter.

    on a side note, if you think it’s a gross choice to pierce and tattoo then you should cross fat people off your people to employ too. It’s their choice to eat that twinkly thus, making them unsightly and unemployable by your standards for only hiring people who are easy on the eyes.


  198. I really dont understand what the extreme problem is here, I am a business professional at the largest retail chain and I have tatoos, and Im salary! Narrow minded individuals who have commented on this site really need to re-evaluate they’re own situations, how many of you are introverts, perverts, and just plain freaks yourself? Is there something your hiding in your closets? The day of June and Ward Cleaver are over, and when refering to obese people serving you you should be ashamed of yourself and take a look in the mirror you are obviously SHALLOW! Oh and by the way I am married 19 years same man, a mother of an eighteen year old, college educated, and yes crazy as hell!

  199. I have 4 piercings and 1 tattoo. 2 of the piercings are stretched ear lobes (5/8″) and my other 2 are in my bottom lip on the left side. I have never ONCE been turned down from a job, as a guy, I had hair that was much longer than what you would consider normal, I had a job working at corporate target for a time, I have worked in a kitchen at a bar, and anywhere I apply for a job, I get it, because I don’t let the stigma that my modifications will hold me back. Honestly, it isn’t a big deal. It is in relation to getting a haircut, you have short hair? I have long hair. Some girls buzz all of their hair off, some have hair down to the small of their back. The way that it makes sense to me, is if someone is clean, and well kept, should it matter if they have pieces of metal embedded in their body? I don’t think so. I understand that certain places, for example, American Eagle, would not be a good place to have piercings outside of ears because it just isn’t there style. I get that. But to tell me that I cant work at a gas station, or any small job like that, because I have something in my lip is ridiculously absurd. I scored a 35 on my act, I am accepted to one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world, and I have accomplished many things that are VERY out of the norm for a tattooed pierced person. There is no stereo type. I could be the opposite of all of you, and say just because you don’t have piercings, I think your disgusting. Ridiculous right? It is your choice to not have them, my choice to. Well how can you say one is correct, or one is right, its all just silly anyway. I really find the fact that people generalize tattoos, and piercings with being idiotic, sloth-like, drug-induced, and std infested. I laugh at all of that. But there are so many people that think that. What I enjoy most about my personal appearance is that when I have the chance to show someone my intelligence, and surprise them, making them realize I am not what they think that I am, that is my biggest reward for my piercings. I am very into Rubiks cubes, and if I am playing with it, people will never believe I can solve it, but I am with a friend 9/10 times that doesn’t have piercings, and they all believe he can. Why? Is it possible for you to explain that to me? I don’t think so. I don’t really care because I am only worried about myself. Another good point is that I know a very gifted and intelligent kid, who is a very promising doctor, he is going to be a neural-psychiatrist. He has piercings, he has long hair, he wears non-baggy clothing, and he has tattoos. But all the schools here are clamoring over him, and giving him tuition, grants, and cupcakes, because they know what matters is his mind. Think about that for a bit. Would you turn down an amazing life changing product, if you knew it was engineered by someone who had tattoos and piercings? Would you go so far as to refuse it outright because of his life choices? No, so why should it matter. Again, I understand that there are certain environments that are not proper for piercings, and I am aware that yes it will be a limitation because it is not considered to be professional, just like tennis shoes at most offices. But you can not discriminate an entire group because of a small life choice. If I can understand all of this, and I am some “troubled terrible teenager” then why are adults the ones that are flipping out and causing all of the problems. I wish one of you guys lived here in Denver, Colorado, so I could show you just how wrong you are making your assumptions about the pierced peoples.

  200. To add to what I said, I LOVE working, I enjoy it so much, and I appreciate every day I am given the capability of helping people accomplish things that better the world, be it a hamburger and fries, or working on particle physics and discerning whether or not the big bang is true using the Large Hadron Collider.

  201. I completely disagree, your so much of a conservative asswh*le to realize that just because you have facial piercings or tattoos makes you a bad person or not smart nor successful. how does a piercing or a mark on your body completely change your point of view. maybe there was a specific reason? you wont ever know or understand unless it is you. maybe you should try broadening your horizons and stop being closed minded and one sided.

  202. I cannot even believe the close minded individuals who have written this. I was finally happy to see some of those who responded who are actually living in the current era.

    People, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some of the smartest people you will ever meet, are also outwardly unique. Self expression is healthy, regardless if it’s a tattoo or a piercings, or a haircut that 1000 other cookie cutter individuals have. Not everyone wants to be the same as everyone else, and ink in your skin and metal in your body has nothing to do with your performance at a job, period.

    I myself do work in one of those “hide your individuality” jobs. I wear bandaids and gloves and skin tone plugs in my ears to cover my modifications. I feel these items are less appealing to look at then my ink, metal and stretched ears. I have over 50 tattoos, gauged ears, multiple facial and ear piercings, and have worked as a Customs broker for 8 years. See, the modifications to my body have nothing to do with my ability to do my job, and to do it well.

    So it’s time for some of you close minded people to pull your heads out of a lower hole in your body that God gave you, and quit being so judgemental.

  203. To Brittany

    I completely agree. I would much rather look at piercings than the bandaids that cover them up. I love piercings and I would even rather see the jewelry than flesh-toned whatever that goes in the piercings (I just don’t see the point of those, myself). As long as the pierced employee does not touch the piercing! (I mean..in the food industry you aren’t allowed to touch your face/hair without washing your hands directly afterwards.) Regardless if their is a piercing there or not, I just don’t want co-workers/employees to be picking at their skin.

  204. WOW!!!! So because I have piercings in my face you wouldn’t hire me? I have my nose, septum, lip, labret, my tongue is done twice. I also have a few in my ears. My piercings are my way of expressing myself. I also have a few tattoos.
    I am a 25 year old mother to six wonderful children and a little one on the way! I graduated high school and I am enrolled in college. I am not trashy looking. I do not drink and have NEVER in my life done any drugs! I have never even smoked a cigarette or pot before!!
    But hey, it’s okay don’t hire me at your business! Fine by me! I work in a daycare taking care of your child all day while you are an ass to people that don’t “look” like you and are not good enough to work for you! But funny.. I’m good enough to take care of your child all day!! Thankfully you haven’t rubbed off on your child yet and your child doesn’t judge the way I look!
    Do you deny people because they are fat or ugly?

  205. How dare you guys generally talk about people with facial piercings as disgusting, and that we obviously make poor decisions for doing this, and that we know nothing about culture because we have piercings. Yes this post was only talking about hiring ppl with piercings, but the ppl who have posted here made it a personal attack on anyone who chooses to express themselves through piercing or tattoos. How can you generalize someone for a piercing? Do you not know anyone who ever had a piercing? I have 2 lip piercings and an eyebrow ring and one tat, I have had my current job for 3 years, dont do drugs, pay my bills, I do everything that “normal ppl do” I just am happy enough with who I am that I choose to express myself any way I want. You ppl should be ashamed of yourselves, go put on your suit and look like everyone else and talk crap about the ppl who are different and therefore more interesting than you are

  206. For those upset about not being able to get a job from some people and organizations due to having facial piercings: I agree it’s a poor yardstick for judging you, but the fact that they do this may be a blessing in disguise, when you think about it. Do you really want to work for someone who judges you based so much on your appearance? It seems like that right there would be a major mismatch of values. Personally I’d much rather hold out for a job from an employer who values good work more so than a corporate dress code. Your piercings may actually be serving as a filter to help you discern where you’re most likely to be happy and successful working.

    Take it from me: I’ve been denied work for reasons that are not only myopic but actually very petty and juvenile (such as befriending another employee who pulled in too many valuable sales to be fired, but whom the boss didn’t like personally) or altogether illegal (because my religion is not a popular one in this area). I could have sued both companies, but I didn’t bother. I was relieved to get away from the kindergarten antics of the increasingly conflict-ridden work environment I lost, and I really wouldn’t have wanted to work with people who consider me subhuman due to my faith anyway.

    As if that weren’t enough, jobs with people who don’t respect you usually keep you poor anyway. It wasn’t until I walked away from quasi-corporate America that I found people who would treat me and *pay me* like a human being rather than a trained animal, even if I pray to a different god than they do when the computer suddenly starts screeching and gives me the blue screen of death. Holding out for this was scary because it took a very long time to find my niche, but I did it. I have faith that you will too!

  207. This post makes me very sad for some of the population. I guess what some of you don’t realize is your kids are the ones with the piercings and tattoos.. and we’re gonna be the ones in charge. We’re gonna be CEO of some company. We’re gonna be owning our own business, and even President. And just doing what makes up happy. I guess that’s hard for some of the older generation or even for some of the closed off ignorant people around. But in this day and age we don’t have to follow a strict guideline to life.

    Myself. I am 27 and a very successful Artist. Tattoo artist.. yes. I own my own shop and I make more money then my parents do. I am happily married to the man I’ve been with for 11 years. Getting myself through my internship I worked as a receptionist in a corporate office with facial piercings.

    The world is changing.. excepting it or not. But being as ignorant as some of you are, you won’t or haven’t gotten too far. And for that I’m sorry.

  208. **** you people who think us with piercings and tattoos are repulsive.
    nobody is making you look at us. we dont care to look at you’re ugly normal selves. tattoos and piercings are a right of individuality, and if you dont accept that, **** OFF.=)

  209. Ok I have been working in retail for the past 6 years. When I walked into my interview I had my eye brow pierced and my lip double pierced. The manager looked at me and said your hired. He said the piercings dont mean anything to me just stay clean cut like you are and work hard. Plus you are the most quilified for the job. I worked every section of that store and have been given many complements for my great service. So before everyone starts bad mouthing how im a pin cushion how bout you open up your eyes and stop bing so judgmental about every little thing. It is a piece of metal and it seperates me from all the other clones that society wants.

  210. Wow I was looking for information on places that are piercing friendly and found this blog started by someone who is obviously intolerant. I have two lip piercings but I too keep myself clean wash my hair everyday and I’m one of the hardest workers you will ever see. I’m 21 but I’ve never touched drugs in my life and never will. I don’t drink or plan on wasting my life away neither do I smoke. I’m a responsible wife and loving person all around. Did you ever consider that I feel ugly without my body modified? It’s the same as a woman wearing makeup or a man shaving his facial hair. Come on it helps accentuate my appearance not inhibit it. I love myself and my body I treat it well and would never do anything to hurt myself. Someone discriminating against tattoos and piercings might as well discriminate against women and for the matter probably is racist too. Maybe the creator off this blog should go join the nazis in hell. I’m keeping my piercings despite your protests.

  211. I cannot believe how shallow some of you people are… i do not do drugs. i do not drink. i do not cheat on my boyfriend. i am attending a university. i have a full ride scholarship. and i start my new job in an office soon. o and i have three tattoos. and because of that last detail you’re telling me you would never hire me, despite any knowledge or experience i might have or how much money i could make you? it is not tattoos nor facial piercings that reveal who i am. but these posts and comment show exactly who you are. and you are not someone i would ever even consider working for.

  212. I agree to veer away from hiring someone with distracting piercings and tattoos, but if the tattoo is not visible or in clear sight then I don’t see a problem with it. Nor do I see a problem with a subtle piercing. It is all about how a person presents themselves not just physically but the “presence” they carry with them. I know just as many good people with piercings as without, same goes for the people I could care less for. For example if you went to a restaurant and your server had a simple nose piercing/eye brow piercing, and maybe a small tattoo on the BACK of their neck (that you would basically have to be creepily staring at your server to notice) but were very friendly, attentive, and gave you all around good service you would have NO complaints about their choice of expression, would you? Now if they were a terrible server I’m sure you would add their piercing and tattoo into your complaint list, considering that you even paid enough attention to your server to notice they had them, and whatever they performed poorly on. I personally have my nose pierced and three tattoos all of which are not visible when wearing a t-shirt, shorts/pants, and tennis shoes. I have a bubbly, personable personality, get along with just about anyone, and am not afraid to jump in and get the job done. I bet THAT is why I got my job, and wasn’t turned away.

  213. Oh and agreeing with Tabitha when I say this; if tattoos and piercings were really a terrible way to alter your body, then maybe we should start turning people away from jobs who have altered their bodies with a lipo suction or breast implant too.

  214. this is bull****

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